Tuesday, 6 December 2016


"Finally," Brenda sighed. Another late night at the 
office was behind her. And the project was finished. 
She was relieved, and happy to go home. She'd sleep in 
a little tomorrow, to celebrate. She glanced at the 
clock. 12:30 AM. How did it get so late? She picked up 
the phone and called her husband.

"Hi, babe," came his sleepy response.

"I'm done. On my way home."

"Oh, good. Wow, look at the time. Be careful, I worry 
about you out by yourself so late."

"I'm fine, John," she replied. "I only have to go to 
the garage and get my car."

"I know, but you never know. Just keep an eye out."

"Okay, promise. See you soon. Love you!"

"Love you, too," said John, and hung up.

Brenda dropped her phone in her purse and walked out 
of the office, locking it behind her. The building was 
mostly dark, with a few lights on to make the halls 
navigable. She rode the elevator to the lobby. The 
night guard was apparently on his rounds.

Stepping out in the street, the Venezuelan humidity 
slammed her in the face. A sheen of sweat sprang up 
almost immediately. What did we do before air 
conditioning? She wondered. The garage was just across 
the street. Brenda was thankful for that. She usually 
wore heels to the office because she felt more dressed 
that way. The short dress was for comfort, so much 
cooler in the heat than any kind of pants.

There was of course no traffic.

Crossing the street, she considered the elevator. She 
usually took the stairs, just for the exercise. She 
also didn't trust this elevator, it having gotten 
stuck with her in it before. It was late. No telling 
how long it would be for any help to arrive if she got 
stuck again. The stairs it is.

Her car was on the third floor. Not a long climb, and 
easy for her. She was very fit, and worked out 
regularly. She was glad no one was behind her though.

Her car was the only one on the floor. She was so 
tired, and looking forward to getting home. Maybe that 
was why she didn't hear anything. She was about to 
unlock her car when a hand covered her mouth from 
behind. Something sharp pressed against her throat. 
"Don't scream. Don't fight," hissed a man's voice.

Brenda froze. Oh my gawd!

The man pulled her wrists behind her back, uncovering 
her mouth.

"You bastard," she snarled, "leave me alone!"

Her hair was yanked hard, and the man showed her the 
big knife he held. "I'm telling you, if you utter 
another word, I will carve you up! I will make you so 
hideous no one will ever look at you again." He gave 
her hair another painful yank. Then she felt something 
wrapped around her wrists, tying them behind her.

She heard a tearing sound. Then silver duct tape went 
over her mouth. The man stayed carefully behind her.

Then he was forcing her to lean over the hood of her 

"What a hot piece you are. My lucky day," he growled 
again. Her purse was set on the hood next to her head. 
The man was rifling her purse. He looked at her 
Driver's License. "Oh, that's a nice neighborhood," he 
whispered maliciously. "I may have to come visit some 

Damnit, he knows where I live now!

"Oh, who's this?" He was looking through her phone 
now. "Hubby? What a shame if I had to pay him a visit. 
You wouldn't want anything to happen to him, now would 
you?" He dropped the phone back in her purse.

He placed the knife on the hood, in front of her face. 
He yanked her head back by the hair and growled in her 
ear, "Now listen. This is how it's going to be. I am 
gonna fuck that fine ass of yours. I am gonna enjoy 
it. And you are gonna keep quiet. You won't tell 
anyone. If you do, I know where you live. Accidents 
happen to people all the time. Understand?'

Brenda's eyes were full of tears now. There was 
nothing she could do. Sobbing, she nodded once.

"Aren't you a good little slut."

The man was leaning on her, making her bend completely 
over the hood of her car. She felt him lift her skirt. 
This CANNOT be happening!

It was terrifying to be so helpless.

She heard him fumbling with his belt, dropping his 

Then she felt him pulling on her panties. She saw him 
pick up the knife, and then her panties were cut. 
Brenda wanted to struggle, but knew it was useless. 
There was no one to help. The place was deserted. She 
didn't even think there were security cameras. She was 
at the mercy of a merciless thug.

Rough fingers started probing her sex. She wanted to 

"Mmmm, what a sexy box you got, whore. I bet you get 
fucked a lot, don't you?"

He continued to probe, and Brenda did her best to be 

He yanked her hair, "Hey, slut. I asked you a 

Brenda nodded, thinking that's what she needed to do. 
"I knew it. I bet you fuck forty bums a week, you 
worthless slut."

It was totally humiliating, being degraded like this.

The fingers were still probing. Damnit just fuck me 
and get it over with!

He was caressing her clit now. Brenda tried to ignore 
it. Tried to go elsewhere in her mind. Let this be 
over. Let it be someone else it's happening too.

He continued on her clit. And she felt herself 
moistening. NO!

But there was no doubt about it. His playing with her 
clit was drawing a response from her body, regardless 
of her true desires. And now realizing it was 
happening, she couldn't take her mind off the finger 
on her clit.

She felt him slip a finger in her. Easily. She was 
already very wet.

She tried to suppress a shudder. She tried to tell 
herself that it was a shudder of revulsion. The shiver 
up her spine denied her that lie. She didn't want it 
to feel good.

The finger was sliding in and out of her, curling 
forward, rubbing her G spot. She was getting wetter by 
the moment. She concentrated hard on not moaning. The 
harder she tried not to, the more she felt what that 
finger was doing.

"MMmmmmmmm," finally escaped from her.

"Whore," the man hissed. "Fucking cheap whore in fancy 
clothes with a fancy car. I knew what you were the 
minute I spotted you."

She whimpered. She wanted not to feel what she was 
feeling. But every degradation, every insult, was 
arousing her. She tried to deny it. I can't be turned 
on by this! Oh, fuck!

She wished the thug would just rape her. She didn't 
want him playing with her. Yet he continued his play.

His finger, now drenched and slippery from her juice, 
slipped out of her pussy. He began rubbing up toward 
her asshole. She shivered.

"In the ass, huh? That's where you want it, right? In 
the ass? Whore?"

He pulled her hair again. Brenda nodded, knowing more 
abuse would be coming if she didn't agree.

"I thought so. Whores love it in their ass."

She heard him spitting. And then the finger was 
probing her ass. Slowly entering her. She moaned. I 
hate this! I don't want it! But it was no use. Her 
body was betraying her. 

The finger withdrew, and was replaced by what she knew 
was his cockhead. 


It started pressing, relentlessly, into her, trying to 
squeeze past her clenched sphincter.

And she pressed back. Despite her horror, her body now 
desired it. She pressed back on his cockhead. Her 
sphincter finally relaxed, and it popped in her. She 
would have screamed but for the tape over her mouth. 
He started pumping in her, deeper each thrust. And she 
rocked back to meet each thrust. His hands were now on 
her hips, as he drove himself into her ass.

"That's it, slut. Fuck me back. God, you're a whore. 
Just a cheap cum dump." He slapped her ass hard, 
stinging her, making her moan through her taped mouth.

Brenda's tears were flowing. Betrayed by her body. 
Betrayed by her lustful nature. She felt most of all 
that she betrayed John Her rapist had nothing to fear. 
She could never tell John. She would not be able to 
hide from him that she became aroused. That she – oh 
my gawd I'm going to cum!

Her body started shuddering, and then the waves of an 
intense orgasm shook her to her core. Her pussy was 
running a river of her cum down her legs, while the 
animal with his cock in her ass laughed at her.

"Fucking whore, I knew you'd love this the minute I 
laid eyes on you. You got that look, fucking tramp."

As the waves subsided, Brenda could feel nothing but 
shame. No, no one would ever hear of this.

Yet he was still ass raping her, and her pussy still 
tingled. She wished she had a hand free. To rub her 
clit. No! No I don't! But there was no denying it. She 
wanted to rub her clit. So badly.

The thug was breathing hard now. She sensed he was 
getting close, and the thought that he would soon be 
flooding her ass with his cum caused her to moan 
again, and then she was cumming harder than the first 

She could feel her pussy clenching, her ass clenching, 
gripping his cock. He was too close apparently to 
degrade her for cumming again. And then in just a 
moment he slammed into her deeply, holding in her, and 
she knew he was shooting his load in her. She moaned 
again at the thought.

And then he pulled out. He showed her the knife again. 
"I'm going to cut you loose. You are not going to 
move. You will count to 1000, and then you can take 
that tape off. You won't tell anyone. You know what 
will happen if you do. Understand?"

Brenda nodded again. And she meant it.

He cut the bindings on her wrists. She stayed very 
still. She heard him buckle his pants. Then he gave 
her ass another slap, and muttered, "I may want that 
again. I'll be watching." And then he walked off. She 
heard his footsteps recede, and then he was going down 
the stairs.

Brenda lay across the hood of her car a very long 
time. Ashamed. Deeply ashamed. She couldn't admit that 
it was the most she'd ever been aroused in her life.

She quietly pulled the tape from her mouth, not 
noticing the pain.

Cum was running from her ass now. She stood, and 
pulled off her ruined panties. She cleaned herself as 
best she could, and stuffed them in her purse. The 
drive home was long and lonely, leaving her to her 

John met her at the door. He immediately sensed 
something was wrong. "Hey, love, you look terrible!"

"It's just stress," she lied. "And the long nights. 
It's all finished now, though. It'll be better." She 
gave him a weak smile, hoping he couldn't read the 
lie. "I just need a hot shower and bed, OK?"

"Sure babe," he said, giving her a hug. She almost 
shuddered at his touch. She didn't know why. Was it 
shame? Was she still aroused?

She made her way to the bathroom and closed the door. 
She stripped, and then pulled her panties from her 
purse. She hid the mess in the hamper, and climbed 
into the shower. She scrubbed herself raw, trying to 
remove the stain, but at the same time remembering. 
The water was beginning to run cold as she finished, 
she'd been so long at it. 

Wrapping a towel around her, she found John in bed, 
waiting for her. She crawled in with him, naked, and 
snuggled to him. She needed John, needed his touch, 
needed to reaffirm her love, her physical love, to 
him. Soon she was giving him a loving blowjob, 
repeating to herself as she sucked and licked and 
fondled that John's was the only cock that pleased 

She sucked him until he came in her mouth. She sucked 
and swallowed every drop, seeking absolution from him. 
Making penance. She fell asleep curled up to him.

John lay holding his beautiful wife. Her back was too 
him now, and he stroked her long brown hair, caressed 
her hip. When her breathing was slow and deep, he 
slipped quietly from the bed, and went to the 

John checked his private email. It was there. He 
clicked the return, authorizing the payment. Then he 
clicked on the attachment. The video came up, and with 
it, John's cock hardened instantly. "Don't scream. 
Don't fight," hissed a man's voice.

Monday, 5 December 2016


Namaku Salmiah. Aku seorang guru. Di kampung aku lebih dikenali dengan panggilan Cikgu Miah. Aku ingin menceritakan satu pengalaman hitam yang berlaku ke atas diriku sejak enam bulan yang lalu dan berterusan hingga kini. Ianya berlaku kerana kesilapanku sendiri.

Kisahnya begini: kira-kira enam bulan yang lalu aku mendengar cerita yang suamiku ada menjalinkan hubungan dengan seorang guru di sekolahnya. Suamiku seorang guru di sekolah menengah di kampungku. Dia berkelulusan ijazah dari universiti tempatan sedangkan aku cuma guru maktab sahaja. Aku tanpa usul periksa terus mempercayai cerita tersebut. Aku cuma terbayangkan nasib dua anakku yang masih kecil itu. Akupun boleh tahan juga dari segi rupa dan bentuk badan kerana kedua-dua anakku menyusu botol. Cuma biasalah lelaki walau secantik manapun isterinya, tetap akan terpikat dengan orang lain, fikir hatiku.

Diam-diam aku telah pergi kerumah seorang bomoh yang pernah aku dengar ceritanya dari rakan-rakanku di sekolah. Aku pergi tanpa pengetahuan sesiapa walaupun teman karibku. Pak Itam adalah seorang bomoh yang tinggal di kampung seberang, jadi tentulah orang-orang kampungku tidak akan tahu rahsia aku berjumpa dengannya. Di situlah bermulanya titik hitam dalam hidupku hingga ke hari ini. Aku masih ingat lagi apabila Pak Itam mengatakan bahawa suamiku telah terkena buatan orang dan menyuruh aku meminum air penawar untuk mengelakkan dari terkena sihir wanita tersebut. Selepas kira-kira lima minit meminum air penawar tersebut kepala aku menjadi ringan dan perasaan ghairah yang tidak dapat dibendung melanda secara tiba-tiba.

Pak Itam kemudian mengarahkan aku berbaring menelentang di atas tikar mengkuang di ruang tamu rumahnya dan mula membacakan sesuatu yang tidak aku fahami dan menghembus berulang kali ke seluruh badanku. Saat itu aku masih lengkap berpakaian baju kebarung untuk kesekolah pada petangnya. Selepas aku berasa agak khayal dan antara lena dan terjaga aku merasakan tangan Pak Itam bermain-main di butang baju kebarungku. Aku tidak berdaya berbuat apa-apa melainkan berasa ghairah yang amat sangat dan amat memerlukan belaian lelaki. Kedua-dua buah dadaku terasa amat tegang di bawah braku. Putingku terasa menonjol, dan celah kemaluanku terasa hangat dan mula becak. Aku dapat merasakan Pak Itam mengangkat kepalaku ke atas bantal sambil membetulkan tudungku dan seterusnya menanggalkan pakaianku satu persatu.

Setelah aku berbaring tanpa sebarang pakaian kecuali tudungku, Pak itam mula menjilat bahagian dadaku dahulu seterusnya mengulum puting tetekku dengan rakus. Ketika itu aku terasa amat berat untuk membuka mata.

Setelah aku mendapat sedikit tenaga semula aku berasa sangat ghairah dan kemaluanku sudah mula banjir. Aku berdaya menggerakkan tanganku dan terus mencapai kepala Pak Itan yang sedang berada dicelah kelengkangku. Aku menekan-nekan kepala Pak Itam dengan agak kuat supaya jilatannya lidahnya masuk lebih dalam lagi. Aku mengerang sambil membuka mataku yang lama terpejam. Alangkah terkejutnya aku apabila aku membuka mata aku terlihat dalam samar-samar itu dua lembaga lain sedang duduk bersila menghadap aku dan memandangku dengan mata yang tidak berkedip.

" Cikgu" tegur seorang lelaki yang masih belum aku kenali duduk di sebelah kanan badanku yang telanjang bulat. Setelah aku amat-amati barulah aku kenal, "Leman" detik hatiku. Leman adalah anak Pak Semail tukang kebun sekolahku yang baru sahaja habis peperiksaan SPMnya. Aku agak kelam-kabut dan malu. Aku cuba meronta untuk melepaskan diri dari genggaman Pak Itam.

Menyedari yang aku telah sedarkan diri Pak Itam mengangkat kepalanya dari celah kelangkangku dan bersuara. " Tak apa Cikgu, diorang berdua ni anak murid saya" ujarnya sambil jarinya mengulit-ulit sambil menggosok kemaluanku yang basah bencah.

Sebelah lagi tangannya digunakan untuk menolak semula kepalaku ke bantal. Aku seperti orang yang sudah kena pukau terus baring semula dan membesarkan kangkanganku tanpa di suruh. Aku memejamkan mata semula. Pak Itam mengangkat kedua-dua kakiku dan diletakkanya ke atas bahunya. Apabila dia menegakkan bahunya punggungku juga ternaik sekali. Pak Itam mula menjilat semula bibir cipapku dengan rakus dan terus di jilat sehingga keruang antara cipap dan duburku. Apabila lidahnya yang basah itu tiba di bibir duburku terasa sesuatu yang menggelikan berlegar-legar di situ. Aku merasa kegelian serta nikmat yang amat sangat.

"Leman, Kau pergi ambil minyak putih di hujung katil, kau Ramli, ambil kemenyan dan bekasnya sekali di hujung tu." Arah Pak Itam kepada kedua-dua anak muridnya. Aku tersentak dan terus membuka mata.

" Cikgu ni rawatan pertama, duduk ya." Arah Pak Itam kepada aku.

Aku seperti lembu dicucuk hidung terus mengikut arahan PakItam. Aku duduk sambil sebelah tangan menutup buah dadaku yang tegang dan sebelah lagi ku capai pakaianku yang berterabur untuk menutup bahagian kemaluanku yang terdedah. Setelah mencapai kain kebarungku ku tutupi bahagian pinggang ke bawah dan kemudian membetulkan tudungku untuk menutupi buah dada.

Setelah barang-barang yang diminta tersedia dihadapan Pak Itam beliau menerangkan kaedah rawatan sambil kedua-dua muridnya malu-malu mencuri pandang kearah dadaku yang dilitupi tudung tetapi berbalam-balam kelihatan di bawah tudung tersebut.

" Ni saya nak bagitahu ada sihir yang dah terkena bahagian-bahagian tertentu dibadan Cikgu, punggung Cikgu dah terkena penutup nafsu dan perlu dibuang." Aku cuma angguk.

"Sekarang Cikgu sila meniarap" aku memandang tepat kearah Pak itam dan kemudian pandanganku beralih kepada Leman dan Ramli.

" Tak apa diorang ni belajar, kenalah tengok" balas Pak Itam seakan-akan mengerti perasaanku.

Akupun terus meniarap di atas tikar mengkuang itu. Pak Itam menarik kain baju kebarungku lalu dilempar ke sisi. Pelahan-lahan dia mengurut punggungku yang pejal putih berisi dengan minyak yang di ambil Leman. Aku berasa khayal semula, punggungku terkemut-kemut menahan kesedapan lumuran minyak Pak Itam. Kemudianku rasakan tangan Pak Itam menarik bahagian pinggangku keatas seakan-akan menyuruh aku menonggeng dalam keadaan meniarap tersebut. Aku memandang kearah Pak itam yang duduk disebalah kiri punggungku.

" Ha angkat punggung" jelasnya seakan memahami. Aku menurut kemahuannya. Sekarang aku berada dalam posisi meniarap, muka dan dada di atas tikar sambil punggungku terangkat ke atas.Pak Itam menolak kedua-dua kakiku agar berjauhan dan mula melumurkan minyak ke celah-celah bahagian rekahan punggungku yang terbuka. Tanpa dapat dikawal satu erangan kesedapan terkeluar dari mulutku. Pak Itam menambahkan lagi minyak ditangannya dan mula bermain di bibir duburku. Aku meramas bantal kesedapan.Sambil itu jarinya cuba menyucuk lubang duburku. "Jangan kemut biarkan sahaja" terdengar suara Pak Itam yang terlekat di rongga.

Aku cuba merilekskan otot duburku dan menakjubkan jari Pak Itam yang licin berminyak dengan mudah masuk sehingga ke pangkal. Setelah berjaya memasukkan jarinya Pak Itam mula menggerakkan jarinya keluar masuk lubang duburku. Aku cuba membuka mataku yang kuyu kerana kesedapan untuk melihat Leman dan Ramli yang sedang membetulkan sesuatu di dalam seluar mereka. Aku berasa satu macam keseronokan pula melihat mereka sedang memerhatikan aku berubat.

Setelah perjalanan jari Pak Itam lancar keluar masuk duburku dia mula berdiri dibelakangku sambil jarinya masih terbenam kemas dalam duburku. Aku memandang Pak Itam yang sekarang menyingkap kain pelikatnya ke atas dan terhunuslah pedangnya yang panjang dan bengkok ke atas itu.

"Bbbbuat apa ni Pak cik"

"Jangan risau ni nak buang sihir" katanya sambil melumur minyak ke padangnya yang agak besar bagi seorang yang kurus dan agak rendah. Selesai berkata-kata Pak Itam menarik jarinya keluar dan terus menusuk pedangnya ke lubang duburku.

"ARRrgggghhggh" Aku terjerit kengiluan sambil mengangkat kepala dan dadaku keatas.

"Jangan kemut teran sikit" arah Pak Itam yang sedang merenggangkan daging punggungku. Setelah aku meneran sedikit hampir separuh pedang Pak Itam terbenam ke dalam duburku. Aku melihat Leman dan Ramli sedang meramas sesuatu di dalam seluar masing-masing. Setelah berjaya memasukkan setengah zakarnya Pak itam menariknya kelaur semula dan memasukkan kembali sehingga semua zakarnya masuk kedalam rongga duburku. Dia berhenti disitu.

" Sekarang Cikgu merangkak keliling bara kemenyan ni tiga kali" arahnya sambil zakarnya terbenam kemas dalam duburku.

Aku sekarang seakan-akan binatang berjalan merangkak sambil zakar Pak Itam masih tertanan kemas dalam duburku.Pak Itam mengikutku bergerak sambil memegang pinggangku. Kedua-dua murid Pak Itam telah mengeluarkan zakar masing-masing sambil melancap. Aku berasa sangat malu tetapi terlalu nikmat. Zakar Pak Itam terasa berdenyut-denyut dalam duburku. Aku terbayang wajah suamiku seakan-akan sedang memerhatikan tingkah lakuku yang sama seperti binatang itu.

Sambil aku merangkak sesekali Pak Itam menarik senjatanya keluar dan menujah dengan ganas. Setiap kali menerima tujahan Pak Itam setiap kali itulah aku mengerang kesedapan. Setelah selesai tiga pusingan Pak Itam menyuruh aku berhenti dan mula melakukan pergerakan tujahan dengan laju. Sebelah tangan memegang pinggang dan sebelah lagi menarik tudungku kebelakang seperti peserta rodeo.

Aku menurut gerakan Pak Itam sambil menggayak-ayakkan punggungku keatas dan kebawah. Tiba-tibaku rasakan sesuatu yang panas mengalir dalam rongga duburku. Banyak sekaliku rasakan cecair tersebut. Aku memainkan kelentitku dengan jariku sendiri sambil Tok Itam merapatkan badannya memeluk aku dari belakang. Tiba-tiba sisi sebelah kiri pinggangku pula terasa panas dan basah, Leman rupanya terpancut.

Ramli merapatkan zakarnya yang berwarna unggu ke sisi buah dadaku dan terpancut membasahi hujung putingku. Aku terus mengemut-ngemut zakar Pak Itam dan bekerja keras untuk mencapai klimaks. "Arghhhhhhhrgh" Aku klimaks sambil tertiarap di atas tikar mengkuang. Pak Itam segera mencabut zakarnya dan melumurkan cairan yang melekat dizakarnya ke atas punggungku.

"Jangan basuh ni sampailah waktu maghrib' Katanya sambil melondehkan kain pelikatnya. Aku masih lagi tertiarap dengan tudung kepalaku sudah terlondeh hingga ke leher. Aku merasakan bibir duburku sudah longgar dan berusaha mengemut untuk meneutralkannya semula. Setelah itu aku bangun dan mencapai pakaianku yang bersepah satu persatu.

Setelah mengenakan pakaian dan bersedia untuk pulang setelah dimalukan begitu rupa, Pak Itam berpesan. " Pagi besok datang lagi, bawa sedikit beras bakar". Aku seperti orang bodoh mencapai beg sekolahku dan terus menuruni tangga rumah Pak itam.

Sunday, 4 December 2016


Glory loves black cock. Married to her husband Danny for 
eleven years. They met straight out of college. Plans to 
start a family were held back until Danny finally got 
the position he wanted at his job. He’s making good 
money now and his wife was ready to start a family. 
That’s until Danny found out he couldn’t conceive a 
child. After longs talks about adoption they finally 
forgot about having children after a couple years.

Danny’s boss was invited to dinner one evening. Mr. 
Blackwell is a middle aged black man. Danny was kind of 
turned on when he noticed his boss flirting with his 
wife. Danny invited his boss over for dinner a few more 
times watching his wife get cozier with his boss each 
time he came over. 

Finally, Danny confronted Glory about the way she was 
coming on to his bosses advances and ask her if she was 
turned on by this black man. She finally confessed to 
her husband that she always wondered what it would feel 
like having a big black cock inside her pussy. Danny and 
Glory fantasized about her fucking his black boss for 
the next several months. Danny even went out and bought 
a big black fake cock for his wife to play with.

Glory decided to take it one step further when the boss 
was invited for dinner once again. As they sat of the 
sofa, the boss started resting his hand on Gloria’s 
thigh. A few minutes later and they were locked in a 
heated passionate kiss when Danny went out into the 
kitchen to mix new drinks.

Glory winked at Danny when he returned and he knew that 
Glory wanted to fuck his boss. Danny being a gentleman 
pretended he was going to check on something in the 
garage as his wife continued to seduce his boss on the 
living room sofa. When Danny returned he found the sofa 
empty. He slowly walked up the steps to the second floor 
to find his lovely wife embraced in a hot passionate 
kiss while seated on the edge of their bed.

Her blouse was loose and she was unbuttoning his bosses 
shirt. Danny’s cock got hard as he watched the scene. 
Danny paced the hallway for a couple minutes and peeked 
back into the room only to see his boss sucking on one 
of Gloria’s hard nipples. Her head was tilted back and 
she held her hand on his bosses head as a moan of 
passion escaped her lips. 

Danny could hardly take in what he saw and turned away 
from the room again. He poked his hand inside his pants 
looking down at the floor almost afraid to look back 
inside their bedroom. When he did he got the shock of 
his life. Glory was down on her knees wearing just her 
heels, garter belt and stockings sucking on his bosses 
black cock. Danny’s eyes widened when he saw how long 
and thick his bosses cock was. Glory was sucking him 
like a whore in heat cupping those huge massive black 
balls in her dainty little hands as she devoured that 
long black stick.

Danny stroked his cock trying to imagine what it must 
have felt like getting his cock sucked by a married 
white woman. Danny watched the action and turned away 
again to stroke his meat so they wouldn’t hear him in 
the hallway. Danny didn’t want to cum yet so he stopped 
playing with himself and poked his head around the 
corner of the doorway again.

Glory was on the bed now getting her pussy licked by his 
boss. Her legs up high in the air as his boss tickled 
her clit with his tongue. Danny could see that massive 
black cock throbbing below waiting for the moment it 
would find its way between Gloria’s pink married pussy 

Danny’s cock was pressed against the material of his 
pants as he listened to his wife’s groans. His boss took 
his time to get her worked up and started moving upward 
until his cock was positioned between Gloria’s thighs. 
Danny watched as his boss held Gloria’s legs back and 
slipped his thick cock head between the crack of her wet 
pussy lips.

He watched as his boss teased her a few times before 
inserting his cock between her pussy causing Glory’s 
body to tense up from the pressure of having such a huge 
object stuck inside her pussy. 

Danny kept watching as his boss continued to slice 
deeper inside her pussy until he couldn’t go any further 
inside. That giant ball sack was resting on the cheeks 
of her ass while he waited for Gloria to get accustomed 
to his size. He then started to withdrawal than lunged 
back inside making those large black balls slap against 
her married white ass.

Danny watched as his wife held onto her black lover 
digging her long nails into his bosses bare back. She 
was screaming with passion as his boss picked up the 
speed. A few minutes later Danny heard Gloria scream out 
her first orgasm as his boss covered her mouth with his 
thick black lips. They remained locked in that heated 
kiss until Gloria had another orgasm. This time his boss 
came too sending his thick white hot potent sperm deep 
inside his wife’s fertile belly.

Danny watched as they lay there kissing with that huge 
black cock plugging up her pussy keeping all that potent 
sperm locked inside her belly. Her legs were still 
pushed back as his boss continued kissing his lovely 
blonde wife. His boss remained hard as rock as he 
flipped Gloria over on top of him. She started to ride 
his cock while trails of hot cum leaked out around his 
bosses massive pole. 

Gloria leaned down and locked lips with his boss as she 
rode his cock. It was a site to see as Danny stroked his 
much smaller cock until he came splashing his cum 
against the hallway wall. He peeked back inside the 
bedroom and saw that his boss begin to cum again. He 
watched as his boss held onto Gloria’s white ass as he 
sent another hot milky load of sperm deep inside her 

Gloria sat on his boss kissing his face before finally 
climbing off. Danny decided he better head down stairs 
and waited for his wife and boss to come back down. 
Danny waited almost twenty minutes when his boss walked 
back into the room saying. “You have a really nice place 
here. Your wife was just showing me around.”

Did he expect Danny to buy into that one? Well. For 
whatever reason his boss tried to brush off what just 
happened. Danny felt his boss was just trying to be 
polite. Gloria walked down the stairs a few minutes 
later. She was dressed and had combed her hair and 
reapplied her lipstick. She walked over and sat down 
next to Danny’s boss smiling at him as she took hold of 
his hand.

“Danny? Would you please get us a new drink? I think Mr. 
Blackwell finished the last one.”

Danny confronted Gloria after his boss left and she 
confessed that she lead Mr. Blackwell up to their room. 

Danny wanted to fuck but Gloria was too sore. Danny got 
hard again when Gloria came to bed still smelling like 
she just got fucked. She did give him a blow job 
swallowing his hot cum before they fell asleep that 

It wasn’t until four weeks later that Gloria found out 
she was pregnant. They invited Mr. Blackwell over for 
dinner and told him that she might be pregnant with his 
child. He promised Danny that he’d take care of 
everything if the baby was born mixed. College fund was 
started the following week. Gloria gave birth to a 
healthy baby boy. Yes. He looked like his father, Mr. 
Blackwell and already had a fairly size dick for a 
little guy

Saturday, 3 December 2016


Ketika perjalanan pulang dari Kota Bahru ke Pulau Pinang, melalui Lebuhraya Timur Barat. Selepas melalui jambatan Empangan Tasik Banding. Kelihatan sebuah kereta mercedes putih berhenti di bahu
jalan. Apabila saja kereta ku hampir melintasi, seoarang wanita melambai tangan seperti dalam kecemasan. Aku perlahankan kereta dan berhenti di tepi bahu jalan. "Encik boleh tolong? tayar kereta saya pancit. Jelas wanita itu, belum pun sempat aku bertanya. "Boleh, ada toolnya?" Tanya ku inginkan kepastian. Dari dalam bonet aku keluarkan tool, tanpa banyak soal aku tukarkan tayar yang pancit itu dengan tayar spare. "OK, siap." kata ku.

"Nama saya Julia". Kami bersalaman. "Saya Yus.Yusri" Halus tangannya. Dari tas tangan dihulurnya RM 50 kepada ku. "Tak payahlah puan Julia, saya tolong ikhlas." Puan Julia sendirian nak ke mana." sambung ku lagi. "Saya dari Pekan Grik tadi, kawan saya tunggu di Rest House sana tu." Dia menuding jari ke arah jabatan Tasik Banding yang ku lalui tadi. "Ini kad saya, ada masa telefonlah." Dia bergerak ke keretanya. "Terima kasih atas pertolongan" sambi tersenyum, manis senyumannya. "OK, Encik Yusri sehingga jumpa lagi." Keretenya bergerak meninggalkan aku.
Sebelum menghidupkan injin kereta, aku membelek kad yang diberikan tadi. Julia Raof, Pengarah Urusan.... Lia Beutique House Production. Damansara Utama. Lengkap nombor telefon pejabat dan rumah. Patutlahlah fesyen pakaiannya macam mak datin. Orangnya masih boleh tahan, masih kiut miut lagi. Mungkin usianya sekitar 35 ke 40 tahun. Terbayang raut wajahnya teringat aku penyanyi Sahara Yakob, tapi bodynya kurus sikit tak temban macam penyanyi itu. Dadanya bidang, Punggungnya.... ahh dia isteri orang. aku mematikan khayalan.
Kesibukan tugasku sebagai ajen barangan jualan lansung, kesana-kemari mempermosikan produk syarikat, terlupa aku perihal puan Julia. Sehingga syarikat memilih aku hadir keseminar di Kuala Lumpr. Untuk ke Kuala Lumpru aku memilih menaiki bas. Kereta ku tinggalkan, lagi pun aku bukannya faham sangat selok belok jalan di Kuala Lumpur ni. Sampai di Pudu Raya jam 5 pagi, masih awal. Aku lepak dulu atas bangku di Pudu Raya. Jam 6.30 pagi aku call rumah Puan Julia dengan handphone yang aku bawa. Harap-harap ada jawapan. "Hello, Rumah Puan Julia?" "Iya, Datin belum bangun." Suara perempuan loghat Indo. "Saya Yusri dari Penang." "Apa sih, mau saya kejutkan Datin." OK. OK. nanti saya call balik. bye" Aku matikan punat handphone. Mak Datin rupanya.
Aku ke gerai bersarapan ala kadar. Lepak semula di bangku. Nak ke Hotel tempat seminar. Pendaftaran jam 2 petang. Lambat lagi. Tepat jam 8 aku call semula. Pangilan ku dijawab. "Hello," Lembutnya suara. "Hello, saya Yusri dari Penang," "Bila sampai?" "Pagi ini." "Datang seminar, seminggu." "Di Sharmila Hotel.' "Menginap di mana?" "Tak tahu lagi." "Sekarang di Pudu Raya datang dengan bas ekspres." "Ya, saya tungu." Puan (Datin) Julia mempelawa aku ke rumahnya. Lebih kurang 45 minit kemudian Datin Julia sampai dengan memandu kancil warna hijau metlik.
"Hai Yusri! Wah makin hansem sekarang." Apa khabar orang Penang. "Datin apa khabar." tanya ku balas. "Iss. tak perlu berdatin - datin panggil Ju sudah cukup." Wajahnya cantik disolek , bertambah
anggun dengan kebaya labuh yang dipakainya ramping dipiggang. "Yusri dah sarapan?" "Sudah." Kata ku. "Ok, kita ke rumah saya," Dalam perjalanan tak banyak yang kami bual.
Kancil yang dipandu Datin Julia membelok masuk ke rumah banglow dua tingkat, "Silakan masuk. Rumah orang bujang." Aku kurang faham dengan maksud percakapan Datin Julia tadi, Timbul rasa nak tanya, tapi ku pendamkan saja. "Yusri boleh tinggal di sini sehingga habis seminar." Itu pun kalau Yusri sudi." Tersenyum aku dengan dengan pelawaan Datin Julia. Baik hatinya.
Pembantu rumahnya sibuk mengangkat beg aku dibawa masuk. "Kenalkan ini Ritni." Kami bersalaman. "Saya Yusri" "Saya Ritni" "Yusri duduk dulu, nanti Ritni siapkan bilik." "Tak payah susah-susah Datin." "Tetamu istemewa, mistilah layanannya juga istemewa." Lagi aku tak faham. "Yusri saya dah terlewat nak ke office, saya pergi dulu. Jangan segan Ritni akan temankan." Datin Julia berlalu hilang dengan kereta kancilnya. Dari penjelasan Ritni tahulah aku, Datin Julia Janda tak punyai anak, mandul.
Siap mandi, aku berpakaian dan Ritni call teksi untuk aku ke tempat pendaftaran seminar. Seminar tamat jam 5 petang. Sekali lagi aku dapatkan taksi untuk pulang ke rumah Datin Julia. Bertuah badan dapat menumpang di rumah Mak Datin, kaya pula tu. Ritni menunggu di pintu, sambut aku pulang, "Selamat kembali Cik Yusri, udah pulang iya, bagaimana sukses hari ini."
Lembut tuturkata Ritni. Di capainya beg aku dan dibawa masuk. Aku ikut dari belakang, waduh-waduh bontotnya menonggek bila berjalan, Baju yang dipakainya agak jarang nampak coli berwarna kelabu di dalamnya. Cantik Ritni petang ini umurnya sebaya umur ku 30 tahun, Aku duduk di sofa. "Datin, mana, belum balik?" Aku memulakan perbualan. "Hari ini kelewatan katanya, ada meeting, mungkin jam 10 nanti Datin pulang." Ritni memberi penjelasan.
Aku minum apa yang ada di atas, meja terus ke bilik yang disediakan untuk ku di tingkat atas. Mandi dan aku sarungkan kain pelikat. Di rak TV, tersusun banyak vcd, aku capai satu, kulitnya dihiasi gambar perempuan bogel sampul bertulis tiga kali X. Aku on vcd. Adegan sex. Pelakunnya satu wanita dengan dua lelaki. Satu sedang menghentak batangnya kedalam lubang pantat pelakun wanita menonggeng, satu lagi batangnya dikulum dan dijilat pelakun wanita, Terasa mekar batang ku. Bila batang disorong tarik dalam lubang pantat, pelakun wanita merengek aaaaaa.....aaaaaaa.
Batang ku terus menegang, menolak kain yang aku pakai. Rengektan makin kuat dari pelakun wanita bila satu batang menerjah lubang pantat dan satu lagi menerjah lubang buntut. Tiba tiba Pintu bilik aku diketuk dari luar. Cepat-cepat akan matikan vcd. Ritni masuk, aku tersenyum. "Suara tv nya amat kuat sih." Filem apa yang Cik Yusri nonton." "Filem blue." Kata ku terus terang. "Ritni mahu tonton."
Ahh. malu. ngak mahu Ritni."Mana bisa tonton bersama lelaki." Ritni takut Datin marah ke?". tanya ku menduga. Batang ku masih menegang, keras.
"Tidak ahh, Datin juga menontonnya." " Oh, gitu." Kalau Ritni ngak mahu, OK, maafkan saya." "OK, lah, cuma sebentar aje." Vcd dimainkan semula. Kami berdua duduk di sofa. Ritni senyum kepada ku bila melihat pelakun lelaki membenamkan batangnya yang besar dan panjang itu ke dalam lubang pantat yang ternganga. Menerjah masuk hingga kepangkal. Suara dari pelakun wanita merengek berterusan aaaa... aaaaa..... aaaaa berirama. Aku lihat Ritni gelisah, aku rapat tubuh ku kepadanya, dia juga memberi respon, Badan kami bersentuhan, Batang ku terus menegang, Tangan mula menjalar ke buah dada Ritni, aku ramas perlahan, Ritni tidak membantah.
Aku kucup muluthya, lidah ku masuk ke dalam mulut Ritni, dikulum dan dinyonyoknya ldah ku. Mata Ritni layu, kegairahan. Butang bajunya aku tanggal satu persatu dan dibantu oleh Rikni. Kain sarungnya aku lodeh ke bawah. Seluar dalam terlurut bersama kain sarungnya. Aku membelai bulu pantatnya hitam nipis dengan tapak tangan terus ke bawah, bibir pantatnya aku mainkan dengan jari. kelabu kemerahan. Ritni memejam matanya rapat, Nafasnya kencang.
Adegan vcd hilang terus. Kelangkang Ritni dibuka luas, nampak alur lubang pantatnya terbuka sedikit. Dengan lidah aku jilat bibir pantat dan bergerak antara rekahan beralur mencari biji kelentik, Tersentuh saja lidah di hujung kelentik terangkat punggung Ritni, " Bang Yusri..... aaaaaa.... Ritni tak tahan deh" Aku kulum dan nyonyok kelentik, Bang Yus..... cepat masukan bang. Ritni ngak tahan lagi.
Aku ambil posisi, kaki Ritni ku angkat ke bahu, batang ku betul-betul berada di antara rekahan dua bibirnya. Air pantat Ritni semakin banyak. Lubang pantat Ritni ternganga menunggu batang ku masuk.
Sekali tekan terus bolos. Punggung Ritni terangkat. Rengekkannya semakin kuat. "Bang Yusri...!. Teruskanlah...!" Aku pun benamkan batang ku habis semuanya. Ritni menggolek punggungnya mengikut sorong tarik batang ku. Terasa batang ku digerip lubang pantatnya. Aku hampir ke kemuncak, ayunan ku semakin laju, rengekkan Ritni berterusan aaaaaaaaaa....... Batang ku memuntahkan air putih pekat ke dalam lubang pantat Rikni. Nikmatnya lubang pantat minah indon
ini. Aku terkulai di sebelah Ritni. Entah bila Ritni keluar dari bilik dan entah bila Datin Julia balik aku pun dah tak sedar lagi.
Hari kedua seminar ku tamat agak lewat, aku sampai di rumah Datin Julia hampir pukul 8 malam. Datin sudah menunggu aku untuk makan malam bersama. Setelah aku tukar pakai dan dan pakai kain sarung pelikat, berbaju T turun ke ruang tamu makan malam bersama Datin, aku dan Ritni. Selesai makan aku duduk di sofa, Ritni dengan tugasnya mengemas meja makan dan Dati Julia naik ke biliknya. Ritni datang duduk di sofa bersama aku bila tugasnya sudah beres.
Bergerak ke rak tv pasang vcd hindustan dan kembali semula bersama ku di sofa. Datin turun ke ruang tamu dengan pakain tidurnya. Nipis dan jarang, nampak susuk tubuhnya tanpa memakai coli, cepat-cepat aku menoleh ke arah lain, apabila dia pandang ke arah ku. aku takut dia perasan aku sedang merenung tubuhnya. Datin senyum pada ku. Aku senyum balas, sempat aku mencuri pandang buah dada Datin masih tegang.
"Rit, Hindustan tak sesuailah. Tukar yang lain." Ritni senyum mengerti, lantas mencubit paha ku. Adoii, aku menahan sakit yang dicubit Ritni. "Yusri nak tengok filem apa. " Tanya Datin lembut. "Heavy movie" kata ku. Ritni naik ke tingkat atas dan turun dengan di tangannya satu vcd. Vcd pun dimainkan. Ritni duduk di sebelah ku. Tepat sekali vcd blue sedang dimainkan . Pelakun lelaki Negro dan pelakun wanita berkulit putih.
Adegan bermula dengan batang butuh lelaki Negro sedang dikulum. Datin yang di sebelah aku diam sahaja. matanya terus ke vcd yang sedang di,mainkan. Sekarang giliran pantan dijilat dan dinyonyok lelaki Negro, pelakun wanita merengek aaaaaaaaa.....aaaaaa apabila lidah lelaki Negro menjilat bibir pantat.
Tangan merayap kelangkang Ritni, Rikni membiarkan. Tangannya juga menggosok batang sudah menegang dari luar. Datin semakin hampit dengan ku. Sengaja aku sentuhkan bahu ku dengan bahu nya. Datin merapatkan badan dan bersentuhan dengan ku.
Adegan vcd, lelaki Negro telah pun benamkan batang butuh nya ke dalam lubang pantat diterjah hingga batangnya yang panjang itu masuk habis. Mata Datin masih tertumpu ke adegan pelakun vcd. Ritni sudah bertindak garang, batang ku sudah dikulumnya. Aku masukan tangan ku ke dalam baju tidur Datin, tangan bergerak ke celah kelangkangnya. Tiada reaksi bantahan, dibiarkan tangan ku terus bergerak mencari sasaran. Datin tak pakai seluar dalam. aku terus membelai pantat Datin dengan tapak tangan. Tundun menonjol kehadapan.
Sekarang muka betul-betul berada di celah kelangkang Datin. Lidah ku membelah rekahan antara dua bibir pantat Datin yang agak tebal tapi lembut. Kali ini Datin merengek halus, "Teruskan Yus.... sedapnya. Datin bersuara. Ritni masih mengulum batang ku. aku biarkan Ritni kulum puas. Dari lubang pantat Datin lidah menjelajah ke biji kelentiknya meruncing panjang. Datin dalam keadaan posisi terbaring atas sofa, kepala lentuk kebawah, pahanya terbuka luas memudahkan aku memasukan lidah ke dalam lubang pantatnya. Aku cuit kiri kanan dinding lubang pantat. Please Yus, dah tak tahan ni.
Aku ubah posisi, sekarang pantat Ritni pula aku jilat. Dengan hujung lidah aku cuit-cuit biji kelentiknya. "Aaaaaaa...... aaaaaaaa". Ritni mengerang. Datin ambil alih peranan Ritni .Batang butuh ku dikulum dan dinyonyok. Terangkat punggung ku menahan kesedapan. Pantat Ritni terua aku nyonyok, sedut, jilit dan memperbagaikan sentuhan. Punggung Ritni terangkat beberapa kali.
"Yus masukan... Ritni ngak tahan". Aku biarkan Ritni meminta batang ku. Datin mencangkung di atas ku. Batang ku dibawa ke lubang pantatnya. Dari atas Datin tekan sehingga batang ku kesemuanya berada dalam lubang Datin. Sedapnya lubang pantat Datin. Licin dan sempit di dalam. Punggung Datin bergerak turun naik menelan batang butuh ku. Ritni mengangkang di atas muka ku, aku jilat pantat Ritni dari bawah. Kedua-duanya mengerang kenikmatan.
Ritni dan Datin bertukar posisi. Sekarang lubang pantat Ritni pula menelan batang butuh ku, Datin memegang pinggang Ritni membantu punggung Ritni naik turun. Kedua-dua lubang pantat dah merasa batang butuh ku. Posisi berubah lagi. Kali ini kedua-duanya menonggeng di sofa. Aku mulakan membenam batang butuh ke lubang pantat Datin dulu, Alornya sudah banyak air.
"Yus... please, Tekan kuat, aaaaahhhh..... uhuhhuhhuhh". Datin mengerang lagi, Aku beralih pula ke lubang pantat Ritni, menonggek menanti batng butuh ku masuk. Aku sorong tarik beberapa kali terasa
sudah sampai ke muncaknya, Aku cabut dan aku benamkan pulak dalam lubang pantat Datin, aku dah tak tahan lagi. Air putih pekat terpancut dalam lubang pantat Datin, Punggung Datin bergoyang-goyang. "Aduh sedapnya Yus.." Batang ku masih tersepit dalam lubang pantat Datin.
Ritni menarik keluar dan di masukkan ke dalam mulutnya dinyonyok batang ku yang belendir itu. Aku memejam mata menahan ngilu. Datin tersandar di atas sofa. Ritni memandang ku tersenyum puas dan aku terlentang di atas lantai. Begitulah tiap-tiap malam aku melayani kedua-duanya sekaligus selama seminggu.
Sudah seminggu aku berada di ibukota mengikuti seminar. Bererti sudah seminggu jugalah aku menginap di rumah Datin Julia. Rumah Datin Julia sudah jadi macam rumah aku sendiri. Siangnya aku hadir ke seminar dan malamnya aku bermalam di rumah Datin Julia. Makan minum aku akan dilayan dengan sempurna. Hubungan aku dengan Rikni orang gaji Datin Julia, yang berasal dari Sumatera, Indonesia, bagaikan isteri kedua aku. Sepertimana kisah dalam siri pertama dulu , aku terpaksa melayani kehendak sex kedua- dua wanita ini. Datin Julia dan Rikni bagaikan wanita bermadu, dan
aku suami pinjaman mereka. Hubungan kami bertiga bertambah intim dan mesera. Bermula dengan adegan kami pada hari pertama dan kedua yang berlangsung di sofa ruang tetamu. Berterusan untuk hari-hari yang seterusnya. Tapi adegan kami untuk seterusnya bertukar ke bilik tidur Datin Julia Bilik tidur Datin telah menjadi bilik tidur untuk kami bertiga. Rikni, Datin dan Aku sering tidur bersama. Sikap Datin Julia begitu open minded. Tiada cemburu diantara dia dengan Rikni, walaupun Rikni hanya oarang gajinya. Aku respect sikap Datin ini.
Hari Sabtu petang, adalah hari terakhir seminar, sebelum pulang ke rumah Datin, aku berhasrat ke terminal Pudu Raya untuk dapatkan tiket bas perjalanan balik ke Pulau Pinang. Aku mundar mandir di
depan lobi hotel, menunggu bellboy membuat panggilan mendapatkan teksi ke terminal Pudu Raya. Belum pun sempat budak bellboy menghubungi stesyen perkidmatan teksi, Datin Julia sudah tercegat di porch hotel.
"Haii.. Sayang, seminar you habis pukul berapa tadi?" Sapa Datin Julia dengan manja.
"Hai.. Ju... habis 15 minit yang lepas." Aku membalas sapaan Datin Julia.
Hubungan aku dengan Datin Julia semakin intim dan mesera, bagaikan pasangan kekasih. Datin Julia mengubah panggilan kepada aku. Kekadang memanggil aku dengan panggilan sayang, kekadang pula dengan panggilan Yus. Begitulah kemeseraan kami. Aku senang dengan panggilan ini. Penampilan Datin Julia sememangnya tampak anggun dan menawan, walaupun sudah berumur 37 tahun, dengan solekan dan fesyen pakaiannya, menampakkan dirinya lebih muda daripada umurnya . Budak bellboy tersenyum melihat telatah kami, apabila Datin Julia menghampiri aku dan memeluk pinggang ku serta membetulkan tali leher aku.
"Yus dah minum." "Mmmh sudah." jawab ku ringkas.
Harum sekali ferfume yang dipakainya "Ayang jadi balik Penang malam ni?" "Iya." Jawab ku spotan. "Boleh tak Ayang tangguh sehingga besok, esok ajelah Ayang balik, boleh kan?"
Ini yang aku tak tahan ni, suara manja Datin Ju membuatkan aku mengiyakan saja, aku sekadar mengangguk kepala tanda setuju. Lantas aku mengarahkan budak bellman minta dia batalkan tempahan teksi. "Ok. Man, kensel, tak payah call teksi." " I dah ada kereta." "Terima kasih Man." Datin Julia ke counter bellboy dan dihulurkan tip RM10. "Thanks." Balas Man budak bellboy. Aku pimpin tangan Datin Julia menuju ke kereta.
"Yus , you pula yang drive." Suara Datin Julia manja. "I tak mahulah Ju, i bukannya faham sangat jalan di KL ni." Aku menolak lembut,
"Alaa, Ju kan ada di sebelah. nanti Ju guidelah." "Please Ju i tak biasa, Ju ajelah yang drive, please......." Aku separuh merayu sambil mencuit mesera hidungnya dengan jari. Datin Julia akur,
menghidupkan injin kereta, kenakan giar bergerak perlahan meninggalkan porch hotel.
Setelah kereta bergerak 1 km , Datin Julia bertanya kepada ku. "Yus nak balik rumah atau nak ikut Ju?" "Terserah" Jawab ku spotan. Kereta bergerak ke hadapan, sampai di satu simpang, kereta membelok masuk ke jalan sahala dan berhenti di hadapan sebuah apartmen. "Kita nak ke rumah siapa Ju? " Aku bertanya inginkan kepastian. "Ayang, kita singgah sekejap di sini, Rikni dah lama menunggu kita di tingkat atas."
"Ini Apartmen Ju." Datin Julia memberi penerangan. "Ju sewakan untuk orang." "Baru semalam dikosongkan." "Jadi Ju datang ni nak bantu Rikni bersihkan apartmen dan pastikan jika ada yang perlu
dibaiki." "Bertuahnya si jantan yang dapat miliki Mak Datin ni. Beutique ada, banglo ada, apartmen ada." Aku bersuara perlahan separuh dengar.
"You cakap apa tadi Yus?" Datin Julia bertanya, apabila melihat aku bercakap sendirian. "Tak ada apa, cuma kalau i dapat sewa di sini tentu hebat sekali." Aku mengalih tumpuan. Dalam lif, Datin Julia
memeluk pinggangku dari belakang, buah dadanya menonjal lembut terhimpit di belakang ku.
Batang ku sudah mekar, menegang. Aku berpusing dan memeluk Datin Julia secara berhadapan. Aku kucup bibirnya. Dia menolak lembut. " Ayang jangan di sini, kita dalam lif ni, nanti nampak dek orang,
baru padan muka." Katanya sambil ketawa kecil. Aku cuma tersenyum.
Sampai di tingkat sepuluh, Datin Julia mengetuk pintu, Rikni menyambut kedatangan kami. Cantik Rikni dengan maxi singkat dan baju sendat diparas pusat yang dipakainya. Seperti biasa Rikni
menanggalkan tali leher yang aku pakai, sambil memeluk pinggang ku manja, tangan kanan aku memeluk pinggang Datin Julia beriringan melangkah masuk ke ruang tamu. Keadaan di dalam rumah telah siap dibersihkan, peralatan perabutnya tersusun rapi. Kebanyakan jenama import dari luar negeri.
"Bang Yus dan Kak Ju duduk istirehat duluan iya, sebentar Rik bawakan minumnya." Rikni berlalu pergi ke ruang dapur. Aku dan Datin duduk di sofa sambil menunggu minuman. Di sebelah rak sofa terdapat bakul sampah, di dalamnya ada surat khabar dan majalah yang telah dibuang. Rikni datang dengan dulang minuman. Kami bertiga minum bersama. "Siapa penyewa apartmen ini, Ju?"
Aku memulakan perbualan. "Penyewa apartmen ni yang lepas ke?" "Yalah penyewa yang baru keluar dari rumah ni lah Ju" Aku sekadar nak tahu. "Ju rasa Yus pun kenal orangnya, recording artis. penyanyi dangdut yang seksi tu, sewa bersama pelakun filem yang sedang top sekarang ni, pelakun heroian." Datin Julia bangun dari sofa diringi Rikni bergerak masuk ke dalam bilik sebelah.
Dari dalam bakul sampah aku capai satu majalah yang telah dibuang. Majalah untuk dewasa, majalah sex. Aku belik gambar yang dimuatkan di dalamnya. Tertera gambar aksi wanita sedang below job replika batang lelaki dan ganbar yang satu lagi aksi wanita sedang memasukan replika batang butuh ke dalam lubang pantatnya. Batang ku mulai mekar menegang. Sedang aku membelek helaian gambar dalam majalah, terkejut aku dengan panggilan Datin Julia. "Yus, meh tolong Ju sekejap." Aku bangun dari sofa bersama majalah di tangan dan bergerak mendapatkan Datin Julia.
"Tolong Rik suis on aircon bilik ni." Pinta Datin Julia sebaik sahaja melihat aku melangkah masuk. "Butang suisnya ngak mahu di picik, keras. ngak mahu lolos." Sambung Rikni, tangan kanannya diangkat ke atas menekan punat suis aircon. Aku merenung bahagian pusat Rikni yang terdedah pada pandangan. Putih mulus. pusatnya melengkuk ke dalam.
"Bang Yus, matanya melerek ke mana sih?" "Tolongi Rik." Rayu Rikni apabila menyedari tumpuan mata ku arah pusatnya yang terdedah. Datin Julia duduk menyilang kaki sambil membersih plastik penutup lampu tidur, memandang ku dengan senyuman yang menggoda. Pahanya yang putih gebu terserlah apabila kain ketat yang dipakainya terbelah di belakang. Aku sekadar menelan air lior.
Majalah yang aku bawa tadi aku letakan di atas meja lampu tidur. Terus membetulkan switch aircon. "Siap. Aircon sudah berfungsi dengan baik. Rik, mana upahnya?" Aku memacing suasana. Rikni dengan spotan memeluk dan mencium bibir ku. Aku membalas ciuman dengan mengucup bibir Rikni. Tangan ku menjalar ke belakang di belakang Rikni terus ke bawah hingga ke punggung Rikni. Tangan kanan aku usap punggung Rikni dan yang kiri aku gosok lembut di celah kelakangnya.
"Kot di sini, bang Yus?" Pelukkan kami terlerai, apabila Datin Julia bergerak menghampiri kami bersama majalah yang aku bawa masuk tadi. "Rik. kamu lihat ni." Sambil menunjuk gambar wanita dengan aksi yang aku lihat tadi. "Kot yang tiruan, kenapa ngak dipanggil bang Yus, bang Yus kan bisa membantu." Komen Rikni, apabila terpandang aksi tersebut. Aku tersenyum bungkam.
Rikni memandang ku penuh bermakna, dipegangnya tangan ku mengajak duduk di tepi birai katil. "Kak Ju, bagaimana sih? Mahu jadi penuntun?" Begitulah akrabnya hubungan kedua wanita ini. Datin Julia masih tercegat membelek majalah yang ada di tangannya. Rikni bangun semula mendapatkan Datin Julia. Rikni dan Datin Julia sudah berada di sisi ku. Kami bertiga berdiri di tepi katil. Rikni di sebelah kiri ku dan Datin Julia di kanan ku.
Dengan spotan Rikni menanggalkan pakaian Datin Julia . Datin Julia tidak membantah, malah turut membantu. Kini Datin Julia hanya dibalut pakaian dalam. Montok buah dada mak datin ni. Disebalik
seluar dalam Datin yang nipis itu kelihatan warna kehitaman bulu pantatnya. Batang ku terus menegang. Aku rapatkan badan aku dengan Datin Julia. Datin pula menanggalkan pakaian ku. Aku turut membantu. Kami masih lagi berdiri di tepi katil. Bibir Datin Julia aku kucup mesera. Matanya kuyu dan layu keghairahan.
Datin Julia memberi respon balas. Lidah ku dikulum dan dihisap ke dalam mulutnya. Rikni membongkok dan melurut seluar dalam ku ke bawah. Dipegangnya batang ku, dibawa ke mulutnya, dijilat dengan hujung lidah, seperti menjilat ice cream. keseluruhan kepanjangan batang ku kini berada di dalam mulut Rikni.
"Mmmmh mmmmm." Nada yang keluar dari mulut Rikni serentak keluar masuk batang ku ke dalam mulutnya. Nyonyotan dan isapan berterusan. Batang butuh ku menjadi sasaran mulutnya. Terasa enak yang tidak terhingga apabila setuhan bibirnya mengulum batang butuh ku . Sekali sekala hujung lidahnya mencuit-cuit lubang kecil tengah di kepala takuk ku. Aku bertahan daripada muntah terlalu awal. Rikni dengan aktiviti below jobnya.
Datin Julia sekarang ini berkeadaan baring terlentang di atas katil dengan kedua kakinya berjuntai ke bawah. Aku melurut seluar dalamnya dan Datin Julia mengangkat punggungnya memberi laluan seluar
dalamnya di tanggalkan. Terserlah pantatnya yang menonjol tembam. Kedua bibirnya agak tebal sedikit melindungi hujung kelentiknya yang berwarna pink. Aku merapatkan muka ku betul-betul di celah kelangkangnya.
Bibir pantatnya aku jilat dari bawah ke atas. Datin Julia merengek "Ahaaaaaa, aaaaaaaa, aaaaaa. nikmatnya Yus...teruskan yus." Aku sentuh lidah ku kiri dan kanan rongka pantatnya. Pantat Datin
sudah banyak air, aroma dari bau air pantatnya aku tak pedulikan lagi. Rengekannya berterusan "Aaaaaaaaaa, aaaaaaaa. " Setiap kali aku lidah ku menyentuh biji kelentiknya, terangkat punggung Datin Julia. Rengekan suaranya semakin kuat apabila aku menghisap biji kelentiknya. "Aaaaaaaaaaaa. aaaaaaaaa. aaaaaaa ummhhhhhhh. ummmhhh. Yus.. Ju dah tak tahan ni.." Hampir 15 minit adegan oral sex, jilat menjilat pantat Datin Julia ini.
Datin sudah tak tahan lagi, sudah sampai klimaknya. Rambut ku di pegang dan di tarik. "ohhh... oohh Yus, teruskan Yus.. Aaaaaaaaa ummmhhhhh aaahhhhhh."Datin Julia meregek semakin kuat. Aku
pelbagaikan sentuhan lidah dan jilatan diperhebatkan. Punggung Datin Julia terangkat-rangkat beberapa kali.
Posisi bertukar, Kami bertiga sudah berada di atas katil. Aku baring terlentang di atas tilam. Rikni duduk bertinggung di hujung kepala ku. Pantatnya dapat ku lihat dengan jelas. Dengan posisi yang
sebegitu bibir pantat Rikni ternganga, betul-betul didepan mata ku. Bibir pantatnya beralun nipis tetapi bersih. Kelentiknya runcing di hujung. Lubang pantatnya hitam merah-kemerahan. Sudah pun kelihatan
basah. Aku mendongak menjilat pantatnya. Apabila saja lidah ku menerjah masuk kelubang pantatnya, Rikni merengek-rengek kecil.
"Aaaaa. aaaa aaaa. Enaknya bang Yusri .... ngak usah berhenti bang .... Bang Yus, Rik ngak tahan sih..." Rengekan semakin kuat lagi bila lidah ku mencuit dan menjilat biji kelentiknya. "Bang bang Aaaaauuuuuuuu. aaaaaaaaau." Datin Julia juga sepertimana Rikni, posisi mencangkung di atas badan ku. Batang ku yang keras menegak berukuran 6 1/2 inci ini, betul-betul berada antara rekahan
bibir pantat Datin Julia. Tunggu untuk menerjah masuk ke dalam lubang pantat Datin Julia yang sudah ternganga. Datin memegang batang ku dan membawanya ke permukaan lubang pantatnya. Menekan dari atas, lubang pantatnya menelan batang ku hingga ke pangkal.
"Ohh... Yus... sedapnya...." Sehingga bibir pantatnya bertemu dengan pangkal batang ku. Nikmatnya lubang pantat mak datin ni tak terkata, terasa ketat di dalamnya. Punggung Datin Julia ke atas ke
bawah menghenjut batang butuh ku. "Yus.... sedapnya Yus, ohh... sedapnya yus.... ohhh yus.. aaaaaaa.aaaa. aaaaaaa," mengiringi setiap kali lubang pantatnya menelan kepanjangan batang ku.
Rengekan "aaaaaaaaaa. uuuuhhhhhh aaaaaaaaa. aaaaaaaa."berselang seli antara Datin Julia dan Rikni. Pantat Datin menelan batang butuh ku, pantat Rikni pula menerima jilatan ku. Kedua-duanya merasa kenikmatan bersama dan serentak. Adegan ini berterusan agak lama juga.
Aku dah tak tahan lagi, merasai kenikmatan lubang pantat mak datin ini. Melihat reaksi ku yang hampir klimak, Datin Julia meminta Rikni pula berada di posisinya. Kali ini giliran lubang pantat Rikni pula menelan batang butuh ku. Batang ku menerjah masuk ke lubang pantat minah indon ini. Bolos dan lincin dengan air pantat Rikni yang semakin banyak. Bulu ku sudah basah keseluruhannya. "Enak nya bang Yus...bang banggg aaaaaaaa.. aaaa.. aaaaa." rengekan Rikni mengikut irama sorong tarik dari atas ke bawah. "Bang Yus.. airnya lepaskan di dalam iya, bangggg....... aaaa... aaaa... aaaaaa...."
Datin Julia bergerak ke arah posisi 69, buntutnya menghala ke muka ku dalam keadaan menonggeng. Punggungnya di angkat ke atas, tetek dan mukanya di sembam atas perut dan pinggang ku. Pantat dan lubang duburnya nampak jelas daripada belakang. Dengan menggunakan dua jari, aku sorong tarik masukan jari ke dalam lubang pantat Datin Julia.
"Yus ... teruskan Yus..... kuat lagi Yus... aaa.. aaa.. aaaaaaa.." Kedua-duanya merengek serentak, aaaaaaa.... aaa... aaaaaaaa... aaaaaaaa.. Henjutan Rikni semakin kuat turun naik. Lubang pantat
Rikni menelan batang butuh ku, dalam masa yang sama lubang pantat Datin Julia mnerima sorong tarik dua jari ku.
Aku dah tak nak tahan lagi. Kini giliran aku pula, "aaaaaahhhh....... uuhhhh....... kedua tangan ku menekan tilam, menolak naik punggung ke atas memberi ruang kepada batang butuh ku rapat serapatnya ke dalam lubang pantat Rikni, air putih pekat aku terpancut ke dalam lubang pantat Rikni, Rikni sambut dengan rengekan yang cukup hebat "aaaaaaa. aaaaaa.. bang Yusss..ohhh ooohhh..banggg Yus.."
Batang ku masih lagi berada di dalam pantat Rikni menghabiskan saki baki pancutan. Beberapa ketika kemudian Rikni bangun dari posisinya berkongsi dengan Datin Julia menjilat dan mengulum batang butuh ku. Terasa ngilu bila bersentuhan dengan lidah mereka berdua.
Aku, Rikni dan Datin Julia masing-masing terlentang kepenatan di atas katil. Kami bertiga masih dalam keadaan berbogel. "Rik. sudah puas kamu." Aku bersuara meminta kepastian "Iya bang Yus " Balas Rikni tersenyum.
"Bang Yus bagaimana sih?" " Waduh enak sekali. Rik."
"Yus, " Datin Julia bersuara manja. "Ayang tinggal aje di sini ye. Ju harap Yus tak keberatan. Ju dah mulai menyayangi diri you, Yus. Tapi tak tahulah pula perasaan Yus bagaimana." Luahan perasaan
Datin membuatkan aku serba salah.
"Rik kamu bagaimana sih?" Aku meminta pandangan Rikni.
"Iya, Rik juga sama dengan Kak Ju. Sudah pasti Rik sayangkan Abang Yus. Terima aja deh." Ujar Rikni kepada ku.
"Ok, bisa di atur, tapi dengan syarat besok Rik dan Ju misti ikut Yus ke Penang." Aku memberi persetujuan. Datin Julia mengukir senyum, bangun dan meninggalkan aku dan Rikni yang masih di atas katil. Dicapainya tuala untuk membalut tubuhnya yang masih belum berpakaian.

Melalui handphone Datin Julia menekan punat nombor untuk membuat call. Dari perbualannya dia minta di hantar kereta mercedes putihnya

Friday, 2 December 2016


I had been married for five years when an event took 
place that would change my life forever. At the time my 
wife Jill, was twenty seven years old. She was then and 
still is a beautiful woman. On the small side, she is 
about five four, 105 pounds, blonde hair blue eyes. She 
has the most perfect double D tits you have ever seen 
and ass that is so firm you could bounce a nickel off 
of it.

Our relationship was great and I had no reason to 
belief that Jill had ever or would ever cheat on me. 
One night we decided to go out to the club and enjoy a 
few drinks. Jill has never been able to hold her liquor 
well and on more than one occasion I have had to carry 
her from the car to bed, where on more than one 
occasion I have taken that opportunity to do things 
with her that she would not have entirely been willing 
to do otherwise.

On this night Jill and I got ready to go to a club. 
Jill liked to dress sexy when we went out and tonight 
was no exception to that. She had a short black mini 
skirt and a tight as hell top. The whole outfit showed 
off every curve and crevasse on her body, and I must 
admit that I loved it when she dressed like this.

We got to the club around ten o'clock and the place was 
pretty busy. As usual it was one girl for every five 
guys. This worked out fine for me because I had mine 
and I did not like to dance, so Jill had her pick of 
dance partners and I could just sit back, drink and 
enjoy the views. We found a table and Jill sat down 
while I ran to the bar to get our first round. I placed 
our order and told the bartender to send a waitress 
over with our drinks when they were ready.

I returned to the table and sat next to my wife. "Quite 
busy tonight," I commented. "It sure is," Jill answered 
back, "I won't have any problem finding a dance partner 
tonight. "Or three," I smiled and said back confident 
that she would not be bugging me to dance.

Our drinks came and I told the waitress to go ahead and 
bring us two more rounds and keep checking back. I was 
a beer drinker and Jill liked her wine. We easily had 
our first drinks down before the waitress came back 
with our next order. As busy as it was I had her just 
bring a picture for me and a bottle for Jill. A couple 
drinks later Jill told me that she was ready to dance 
and was off to the dance floor. Jill never took the 
incentive; she just went out on the floor and dance by 
herself, but never for long. Someone always came to her 
to fill the dance partner role.

After about four songs and four more drinks Jill came 
back to the table and sat down, grabbed her next glass 
and began to sip. "Having fun?" I asked.

"Oh yes, I am really tipsy though, but that makes it 
that much more fun," she said, "and more fun for both 
of us when we get home." 

"I am ready when you are," I said with a grin. With 
that she finished her drink and got up from her chair. 
"I am heading out for more," she said and she walked 
back to the dance floor. I noticed that the same two 
guys had been dancing with Jill most of the evening and 
Jill was having a great time. Jill brought them both 
back to the table and introduced them to me. Doug and 
Dave were their names and they said that they both 
worked for the same sales firm and were in town for the 

Doug was about six foot four and build very well. He 
did not give the appearance of a sales man but more of 
a carpenter or someone who works with their hands. Dave 
was of average size and build and fit the salesman 
look. Dave and I were actually built similar and he was 
wearing a blue shirt and dark slacks, similar to mine.

All four of us sat at the table talking and drinking 
when Dave asked to be excused to the restroom. Dave 
left the three of us and we continued to chat away. A 
few minutes went by and I felt the need to use the 
restroom also. As I got up to go Jill also said she was 
going. Doug said he would hold the table and Jill and I 
walked to the hall that leads to the restrooms. There 
was a line to the ladies room as always so I left Jill 
there and went on into the men's room only to find a 
shorter line inside.

It took almost ten minutes to get through the lines and 
headed back out toward the table. As I left the hall I 
looked out and saw only Doug sitting there. I could not 
see Jill on the dance floor so I returned back down the 
hall. I looked at the restroom line for the ladies room 
and noticed the woman that was in front of Jill was 
still about three back from the door. 

I thought that maybe something was wrong so I started 
heading to her to ask about my wife. That's when I 
noticed the third door in the hall. The sign said 
"Private, Do not enter." But was slightly open. I bent 
to peek inside and could hear noises coming from 

As I got closer I could tell with out a doubt that 
someone was having some really good sex in there. I 
stuck my head inside the doorway. The room was dark and 
I could only see the shapes of the couple inside. The 
woman was lying on a large desk with her legs spread 
wide getting fucked by. That is when I recognized the 
woman's voice and she was telling the man to fuck her. 

It was Jill, my wife, and the man that she was fucking 
sounded a lot like the stranger we had just met, Dave. 
Dave was fucking my wife in the storage closet of a 
bar. And fucking her hard. As he plowed his cock into 
her over and over again she moaned and screamed with 
pleasure. She loved every second of her fucking and I 
was getting more and more pissed.

I thought about breaking in on them but decided to just 
head back to the table and wait. A few minutes go by 
and Dave comes out of the hall and comes over the 
table, grabbed the beer picture, and pours himself a 
drink. I thought the nerve of this guy, fucking my 
wife, drinking my beer, but I just sat there and sipped 
mine. A few more minutes went by and my drunken slut of 
a wife came staggering from the hall and planted her 
ass in the chair right next to mine. She leaned in 
close to me and whispered in my ear, "I love you." 

"What the fuck," I thought, and I was even more pissed. 
I excused myself and heading back to the restroom to 
think this out before I killed someone. After about 
five minutes to myself I thought about what had 
happened. That's when Dave came into the room. I walked 
right up to him and said, "Was she good for you?" Dave 
turned white as a ghost.

"It was an accident," he said in a panic," I didn't 
mean too fuck her. I didn't even know it was her until 
after." Dave continued his story. "I walked out of the 
restroom and started heading back to the table when I 
passed the door in the hall. As soon as I got close to 
it a hand came out and grabbed my arm. I let her pull 
me in the room but I could not see well at all. 

"The next thing I know my pants are being un-done and I 
am getting my dick sucked. As my eyes adjusted I could 
start to see her better and could tell she was totally 
hot. Before long we were fucking. It was not until just 
now that I put two and two together. I am so sorry man, 
I am so sorry."

I just stood there taking in Dave's story. Dave asked 
what he could do to make it up to me. So I quickly came 
up with a great plan to teach her to control her 
alcohol. "Here's what I want Dave," I said to him, "and 
this is how I want it…."

I returned to the table and sat down with Doug and my 
wife, Dave was a few seconds behind me and he sat down 
too. We all had another round when Dave announced that 
he was ready to call it a night and told Doug that they 
needed go. Both Doug and Jill were disappointed and the 
two men headed for the door. Jill was sad that she had 
lost her dance partner, and her fuck partner probably, 
and had herself another drink. "I am tired to baby," I 
said, "lets get going." Jill agreed and we headed out 
the door.

The cab dropped us off and Jill could barely walk from 
to the front door. We made our way inside and Jill said 
that she wanted to take a shower. We went up stairs to 
into the shower we went. The shower was large enough 
for both of us, four of five actually, and it felt 
really good. Jill washed herself and a few times I had 
to help her from not slipping. 

We got out and dried off. Jill sat on the bed with her 
hair up in a towel and her bathrobe on. I went the 
liquored cabinet and poured us both a drink, this time 
a hard drink. I gave her hers and said "bottoms ups." 
She was just drunk enough to down that glass so I fed 
her another, and another, until she could barely keep 
her eyes open. Then finally she fell back into the bed 
sound asleep.

It was at this point where the payback begins. I knew 
she was out, and I know that she would not be waking up 
anytime soon. I walked over to the window and looked 
out to the street. There, in the darkness, a mid sized 
rental sedan was parked. I waved and two figures 
stepped out of the car. I went downstairs and opened 
the front door just as Doug and Dave were about to 

"Well," I said.

Dave answered back, "We are good to go. How about the 
little wife?"

"Oh she is as ready as she is going to be and I am sure 
she will stay that way for quite a while so we can 
enjoy the whole night." I replied with an evil smirk.

The three of us headed up stairs to find Jill exactly 
where I had left her. I asked for Doug's help and we 
pulled her up flat on the bed, removed her robe and 
towel to expose her nakedness. Jill lay there all 
sprawled out with pussy and tits for all to see. The 
three of us enjoyed a drink while we stood over her and 

"Ok," I said, "here's the deal. Dave, you fucked my 
wife tonight. I'm sure that you enjoyed it; I know I do 
when I fuck her, but here's the thing. She needs to be 
taught a lesson and I've enlisted you and your buddy 
here to help me do it. The lesson I am going to teach 
her is that she is a fucking slut whore and she is 
going to be treated like one. She's to be fucked 
everyway to Sunday. No holes bard, if you know what I 
mean. Before you ask, yes she's on the pill."

With that, I set my drink down and began to take off my 
cloths. I told the two of them to do the same. After 
removing my cloths I took a look around at the 
competition. Dave, the wife fucker, was almost the 
exact build as I was. Of average height and weight, and 
his cock, hard of course, was about that same as mine 
too. It was around seven inches and a little thicker 
than average. Doug on the other hand was a completely 
different story. 

This man was huge, in all ways. Besides being build 
like a football star he has a cock that made me want to 
get on my knees and declare that I was not worthy. It 
was at least ten inches long and a good inch and a half 
bigger around than both mine and Dave's. I smiled 
thinking how that was going to stretch her out tonight.

I declared that I was going first. I got the flavored 
lube from the drawer and proceeded to put it on my 
cock. I lifted my wife's legs apart and began to stab 
my cock toward her cunt. Finding the sweet spot I dove 
forward and with one motion and buried my cock deep 
inside her and I began to fuck away. As I was pumping 
her, Dave and Doug headed to ether side of the bed. 

Doug stood next to the bed by my wife's face, his cock 
just dangling in front of her lips and Dave, on his 
knees, began to crawl opposite of him. Doug reached 
down and set his dick on my wife's mouth, at which 
point she let out a soft moan and opened her mouth 
slightly. Doug began to slowly stick his cock into her 
mouth while he played with one of her tits.

Dave lay down next to Jill and began to suck her other 
tit. He licked and nibbled, and even bit her nipple a 
few times pulling it away and letting it snap back. All 
the while he stroked his cock. Then, to my complete 
surprise and amazement, Dave shifted away from Jill's 
tit and moved up to her mouth where Doug was moving his 
cock around. Dave opened wide and Doug proceeded to 
remove his cock from my wife's mouth, and he placed in 
to Dave's. Dave shifted forward and engulfed Doug's 
massive cock. I stopped and looked up. Doug said to me, 
"Oh, didn't Dave mention this?"

"No, Dave didn't," I thought to myself, "but this is 
quite the twist." I began fucking away on Jill like she 
was a sex doll just laying there for my pleasure. With 
the new added twist my excitement level rose greatly 
and in just a few minutes I was dumping the first load 
of cum deep inside her pussy. I pulled out of her and 
watched as a little bit of my cum escaped her. 

Dave announced that he would like to go next and moved 
down to my wife's crotch. He stuck his face into her 
and began to lick her. I could clearly see that he was 
eating my cum out of her not missing a drop he even 
lapped up what landed on the bed. He then repositioned 
him self and stuck his dick inside of her and began 
pumping away. I was instantly hard again and began to 
play with myself.

Doug walked around the bed and stood at my feet. Not 
sure about what was going to happen or if I even wanted 
it to Doug began to crawl toward me. Before I could 
decide what to do Doug took my cock in his hand and 
buried it into his mouth. He took me all the way in and 
I could feel the back of his throat as he proceeded to 
give me the best blow job I have every had. Dave fucked 
away and Doug sucked away. 

All I could do was lay there and take it all in. Jill 
was moaning slightly in her drunken passed out state 
and but that barely distracted me from Mr. Hoover 
sucking my cock. Dave then grunted and stiffened. He 
buried himself deep into my wife and shuddered a little 
and he pumping his cum into her. Finally he collapsed 
onto her, caught his breath and pulled his dick out. 
This time more cum came out of her. It was a mixture of 
my cum, now frothy, and his cum oozing out and onto the 

Now freshly fucked and wet as can be Doug was going to 
take his turn. I could not wait to see the massive cock 
go into my wife. Doug reached to her crotch, rubbed her 
a little, gathered up some cum and rubbed it on his 
cock. After lubing up good he gathered up a little more 
and tasted it. Doug positioned the helmet of his dick 
at Jill's cunt and slowly pushed forward. I put my face 
about a foot away in order get the best view I could. 

To my surprise her pussy lips spread as he pushed in 
and before long his cock was in her. He continued to 
push deeper in and as he did I could see, and hear cum 
being pushed out of her. I had never tasted cum before 
so I stuck my tongue out and bent my head forwarded. I 
put my tongue on my wife's clit and licked a little. I 
enjoyed what I tasted and went back for a little more. 

This time my tongue brushed against Doug's cock. I 
lapped up around her pussy as Doug moved his cock 
around. I could not help myself at this point licking 
his cock in order to get more cum. I backed off and 
watched as Doug put his dick, balls deep, into my wife. 
I would not have believed that she could take that 
whole cock.

As Doug pumped away into my wife and moved up to suck 
on her tits a little. That's when Dave started handling 
my dick. I looked down and he was stroking me. His face 
was near my cock and I spread my legs a little. He 
began to blow me. Better than Doug, Dave sucked my cock 
like a master. 

I lay on my back, closed my eyes and just enjoyed 
myself. Then I felt something cold against my asshole. 
I didn't want to open my eyes because I was afraid I 
would make Dave stop whatever it was he was doing. I 
could feel Dave working his finger around my ass and 
the coldness was the lubricant. Soon Dave was pressing 
against my back door with his finger. I relaxed and let 
him. It was amazing. 

Soon Dave had two fingers and then a third inside of 
me. I began to squirm a little and he finger fucked my 
virgin ass as he sucked on my dick. Then I heard Doug 
grunt and say he was about to cum. He slowed, got 
tense, and ripped his dick from Jill's sloppy gash. He 
then began jacking off on her stomach. A huge load of 
cum shot out of his dick and landed across her stomach 
and chest. His next pump was increasable. 

At least a tablespoon of cum shot from his dick and 
landed with a thump on Jill's face. Some just above her 
mouth, on her nose and in a puddle near her eye. Four 
or maybe even five more squirts of cum and Doug was 
emptied. I could not believe my eyes.

Dave at this point got off of me went between Jill's 
legs and began to eat Doug's cum out of her. I 
contemplated for a moment and I too began to lick 
Doug's cum from my wife. I started at her face and 
licked. I sucked the cum from around her eye first and 
proceeded me way down her face lapping up another man's 
cum and swallowing it. 

I could not believe what I was doing, but it was so 
good. I made my way to her tits where a good amount had 
ended up and just as I was cleaning one of her nipple 
Doug stuck a finger in my ass and worked me a little. 
Dave and I finished eating Doug's cum and I went to eat 
some more from my wife's, now gaping wide, pussy.

After getting my fill I straddled Jill and began 
fucking her. I was surprised that she had tightened a 
bit already and her pussy felt so good and wet. As I 
was fucking away stabbing my cock into my very used 
wife I felt a hand near my asshole again. Wanting to 
get finger fucked again I bent forward, pushed my cock 
deep into Jill and stuck my ass up at the same time. 
Only this time it was not a finger, it was Dave's cock. 
I grunted and tensed a bit and Dave stuck his very 
lubed, very hard, dick right into my ass. I let out a 
breath as he broke past the muscle and slid his dick in 
me. It felt wonderful. 

Dave began thrusting himself into my backside and as he 
did the movement caused my cock to move into and out of 
Jill. Dave's fucking of me was directly causing me to 
fuck her. It was the best feeling I have ever 
experienced. This continued on for what seemed like 
eternity when Dave said he was about to cum. As I felt 
Dave's hot juices fill my cavity I came inside of Jill. 
We both collapse on top of my wife and rolled to the 
side. My cum oozed from Jill and Dave's cum oozed from 

I was existed but Doug turned me to the side and begin 
to eat the cum from my ass. I pushed it out and he 
received it gratefully. When done he ate the cum from 
Jill's cunt and proceeded to fuck her again.

This went on for hours. We all fucked Jill at least 
four or five times that night. Jill and I both got 
fucked in the ass by both Dave and Doug. When we could 
not cum another drop Doug picked up Jill and we all 
went to the shower. We washed her clean and cleaned 
ourselves. We put her to bed and I saw them both to the 
door. I was sure to get their information so that I 
could call upon them again.

The next morning I woke to find an empty bed. My wife 
was not there and I was surprised at this. I went down 
stairs and found her in the kitchen just finishing 
breakfast. "Good morning baby," she said to me with a 
smile. "I had a great time last night; I don't even 
remember coming home."

"You know," she said, "you were amazing last night. I 
am so sore we must have fucked all night long." She 
looked at me and continued, "I don't remember it 
though. I sure wish I did." Jill then sat down across 
from me. "I remember we did it in the store room at the 
bar. That was increasable. I caught you just as you 
came out of the restroom and fucked you like crazy. 

"The rest of the night is a blur though."

Thursday, 1 December 2016


Aku nak ke JB minggu depan, tolonglah tengok-tengokkan isteri dan anak aku tu" ujar Salim semasa kami sama-sama tengah membasuh kereta minggu lepas.
"Eh, kau nak ke sana buat apa dan berapa lama?" tanya ku.

"Ada kursus pulak, dan lama, seminggu…. Kena berpuasalah aku….." jawab Salim.

"Tak boleh bawa Mimi kerana kursus berkumpulan dan hanya asrama disediakan. Nak hantar balik kampung tak ada masa pulak, lagi pun Amir tu kecil sangat lagi untuk naik bas. Mimi tak tahu lagi dan aku sengaja tak mahu beritahu dia, nanti dia paksa hantar dia balik kampung semula pulak" tambahnya lagi.

"Insyaallah" jawab aku.

Mimi tu isteri Salim yang cantik dan mempunyai bentuk badan yang menggiurkan. Dia baru sahaja melahirkan anak sulung mereka Amir kira-kira tiga bulan yang lalu dan Mimi baru sahaja kembali dari kampung selepas pantang. Sejak balik selepas melahirkan anak ini, Mimi semakin cantik dan buah dadanya semakin besar memandangkan ia mengandungi susu. Kadang-kadang tu, bila melihat Mimi menyiram pokok bunga dengan memakai T-shirt dan kain batik, rasa nak meramas aja buah dadanya yang besar itu.Siap sahaja membasuh kereta, aku segera masuk untuk mandi kerana isteri aku hendak pergi shopping di Jaya Jusco. Semasa sedang bersiram, otak aku mula berfikir. Ini peluang baik ni, kucing dah nak pergi. Baik aku plan strategik punya untuk memasang pukat.

Hari itu semasa shopping, aku ikut sahaja kehendak isteri aku. Banyak juga dia membeli belah, untuk menghias pelamin persandingan adiknya cuti sekolah akan datang katanya. Memang sudah menjadi resam keluarga Siti, isteriku akan jadi tukang gubah hantaran dan pelamin jika ahli keluarganya mengadakan majlis perkahwinan. Bakat dah ada, tak payah nak upah-upah sebab harganya bukan lah murah.Plan sudah diatur dan pada Jumaat petang, aku mengajak Siti dan anak-anak aku yang dua orang tu untuk pulang ke kampungnya seperti setiap bulan kerana Sabtu pertama ialah hari bercuti. Lagipun, rumah ibubapa Siti bukannya jauh sangat dengan Kuala Lumpur, di Raub sahaja. Pada petang Ahad, aku bersiap-siap untuk pulang ke Kuala Lumpur.

"Betul ke tak apa kalau Siti tinggal di sini?" tanya Siti tak percaya.

"Tak apa….. lagi pun abang tengok banyak persiapan belum dibuat…. Kesian Mak dan Ayah nak buat sendirian. Bakal pengantin pun tak balik tolong Mak dan Ayah…. " jawab ku

"Abang tak apa ke… nanti siapa nak masak untuk abang?" tanyanya lagi.

"Alah… abang makan dekat kedai aja…. Kedai kan banyak dekat-dekat rumah kita tu… Nanti Jumaat depan abang balik sebab Sabtu depan cuti lagi dan majlis tu hari Ahad kan?" tanya ku.

"Okaylah macam tu…. Abang selalu bawa handphone kalau berjalan, okay?" pesan Siti lagi

."Okay…okay…" jawab ku dan mulakan perjalanan pulang…..

Lalu sahaja rumah tol Gombak, hati aku mula berdebar-debar. Rileks…rileks…aku menenangkan diri sendiri. Masuk sahaja pagar rumah, aku ternampak kereta Salim di depan rumahnya.

"Eh tak jadi pergi ke" tanya hati ku kecewa. Rumah kami ialah rumah sewa dua pintu di Ampang, di tepi bukit dan mempunyai kawasan dan pagar yang sama. Rumah itu mempunyai dua bilik dan satu bilik air yang mana adalah bersebelahan. Pintu belakangnya juga bersebelahan dan kerana kami secocok berjiran, ruang belakang kami gunakan bersama untuk menyidai kain dan menyimpan barang-barang. Memandangkan jam dah pukul 10.00 malam dan kereta Salim dah masuk parking, aku pun menguncikan pintu pagar dan masuk ke rumah. Masuk sahaja rumah, aku menelefon isteri aku memberitahunya bahawa aku telah sampai dengan selamatnya. Aku rilek-rilek dan menonton televisyen. Entah bila aku tertidur, aku tak tahu.

Aku tersedar bila terdengar suara bayi menangis dan jam menunjukkan jam 9.30 pagi. Terlajak tidur lagi aku hari ini… Mungkin kepenatan driving semalam sebab jalan jam teruk. Aku menelefon ofis dan memberitahu yang aku MC hari ini, nanti aku pergilah cari MC kat mana-mana. Aku bangun, mandi dan membuka pintu dan tingkap rumah kerana tahu-tahu ajalah, rumah kayu, gelap gelita di dalam walaupun matahari dah tegak di langit. Aku ternampak kereta Salim masih ada di depan rumahnya.

"Agaknya Salim tak bawa kereta kot" tanya hatiku.

Sedang aku membancuh minuman di dapur, Mimi keluar dari rumah untuk menyidai kain. Aku menyapanya ajak minum.

"Minumlah…. Mimi dah minum tadi…" jawabnya sambil membongkok mengambil kain dari baldi… dan menonjolkan punggungnya yang gebu itu

."Abang Salim mana, tak kerja ke dia hari ini?" tanyaku untuk kepastian.

"Abang Salim pergi JB pagi-pagi tadi lagi. Entahlah, pergi kursus katanya….." dengan slang Kelantan Mimi menjawab manja.

"Lama ke Abang Salim pergi.???" Aku buat-buat bertanya

."Seminggu …." jawabnya pendik.

"Eh Kak Siti dan budak-budak mana? Senyap aja…" tanya Mimi pula.

"Kak Siti kau tinggal di kampung, menyiapkan persiapan terakhir untuk adiknya nak kahwin…"

"Abis abang tinggal seorang ke, budak-budak pun tinggal juga ke? Tanyanya bertalu-talu.

"Nak buat macamana…. Pengantin tak kisah, terpaksalah kakak tolong Mak dan Ayah…" terangku.

"Jadi tinggallah kita berdua aja …." aku mengusik Mimi.

"Eish abang ni…. nakallah…..Abang tak kerja ke hari ini?" tanya Mimi

."Tak, terbangun lewat sangat tadi, malulah nak masuk lewat…" terang ku.

"Ooooh… Mimi masuk dulu ye abang, Amir menangis tu, belum mandi lagi…

"Okay…" jawabku.

Aku pun mengambil cawan air kopiku dan roti sekeping dan berlalu ke ruang tamu. Aku teringat VCD blue yang aku beli dan belum kesempatan nak tengok kerana anak-anak. Maklumlah, tak kan nak tengok depan anak-anak…Cerita VCD tu mengisahkan seorang gadis yang sedang mencari kerja dan menggadaikan badannya untuk mendapatkan jawatan tersebut seperti cerita-cerita blue biasa tu. Sambil-sambil menonton tu, aku memegang adik aku yang dah bangun dari tidurnya tapi aku tak nak muntahkannya lagi kerana ada adik tembam yang ingin aku lapah di sebelah rumah. Aku cuma usap perlahan-lahan di dalam kain pelikatku.
Hampir habis cerita itu aku terdengar tangisan si Amir lagi. Kenapa pula budak itu….. Aku bangun dan mengunci pintu hadapan rumahku dan terus ke pintu dapur. Aku menjengah ke sebelah dan tidak nampak pun Mimi di dapur. Aku tutup pintu dapurku dan memasuki rumah Salim dari dapur

."Mimi… Mimi…" panggil ku

."Ha..Abang, Mimi di sini….. Entah kenapa Amir meragam ni….." terdengar jawapan Mimi dicelah-celah tangisan Amir dari ruang tamu.

Aku pun mengikut suara tersebut dan menuju ke ruang tamu. Terkejut aku melihat Mimi sedang menyusukan Amir dan separuh teteknya terserlah walaupun kepala Amir melindung puting teteknya. Mimi tidak pun cuba untuk menyembunyikan teteknya walaupun sedar kehadiran ku. Adik ku yang memang dah bangun tidur itu tiba-tiba tegang melihatkan pangkal t*t*k kiri Mimi.

"Sorrylah Abang, Amir ni nak tidur tapi meragam… Macam ni lah biasanya kalau nak tidur… Eh, duduklah dulu Abang" pelawa Mimi. Aku cepat-cepat duduk di sofa bertentangan Mimi sebelum dia perasan adik aku tegak berdiri."Abang duduk dulu ya…Mimi letak Amir dalam kotnya" Mimi bangun dan menghala ke bilik tidurnya. Sempat juga aku mengintai t*t*k Mimi tapi dia cepat menyembunyikannya.

"Abang fikir apa tu?" Wati tiba-tiba bertanya kepadaku.

Aku tak sedar bila Wati keluar dari biliknya."Mana Amir? Dah tidur ke?"

"Dah….sekejap aja dia dah tidur. Itu yang kadang-kadang tak tahan…." keluh Wati.

"Kenapa?" tanyaku.

"Ye lah… dia menyusu sikit aja… sekejap-sekejap. Tetek Wati masih penuh susu tapi dia dah tak mahu… Sakit rasanya bila susu bengkak…." terang Wati.

Ada chan untuk mengena perangkap nampaknya….

"Abang tolong nak?….. Dulu Kak Siti kau macam tu juga setiap kali selepas bersalin. Lepas Abang tolongkannya, dah No problem lepas tu" jawab ku.

"Eh macamana..?? Kalau boleh Wati nak juga Abang tolong" jawab Wati manja.

"Mari sini, duduk sebelah Abang…" aku menunjukkan tempat di sebelahku.Wati pun bangun dan merapati ku dan duduk bersebelahanku di sofa panjangnya. Dia menoleh kepadaku.

Aku pun meletakkan tanganku di atas bahunya dan berkata…"Abang tolong hisapkan susu yang baki tu supaya tak rasa sakit lagi, itu aja caranya…" terang ku.

"Eish…. Abang ni nakallah" sambil menampar pehaku dengan manjanya.

"Mana boleh macam tu….kalau Abang Salim tahu, mampus Wati kena sembelih…"

"Kalau tak beritahu, mana Abang Salim akan tahu…. Kak Siti kau pun bukannya ada" terang ku sambil jariku memicit-micit bahu Wati.
"Dulu Kak Siti pun Abang buat macam tu" terang ku padanya.

"Eh, malulah…" Wati melekapkan mukanya ke dadaku.

"Eh ini petanda baik ni…" fikirku.

Aku mula memicit belakang bahu Wati dan aku dapati Wati tidak memakai bra di bawah T-shirtnya. Tanganku mula meraba belakang Wati dan sesekali mencuit tepi tetek Wati. Terasa Wati mengeraskan badannya menahan geli.Tiba-tiba Wati mengangkat mukanya dan berkata
"Okay kita try, kalau teknik abang boleh menolong…. Wati tak tahan sakit ni…." Jelasnya
"Kat dalam bilik lah abang, malu sebab terang sangat kat sini," kata Wati.

Kami pun bangun dan menghala ke bilik tidurnya. Pertama kali aku memasuki biliknya, cantik dan kemas. Aku ternampak Amir tidur dalam kotnya. Cahaya dari ruang tamu sahaja yang menerangi bilik tersebut. Aku pun membaringkan Wati di atas katil beralaskan dua biji bantal supaya tinggi sedikit. Aku duduk disebelahnya dan tiba-tiba Wati memegang tangan ku dan dia membawa tanganku ke dalam T-shirtnya. Aku merasa kulitnya yang gebu dan aku mula meraba. Aku rasa panas.Kemudian aku ramas bertalu-talu tetek Wati itu dan dapat merasakan ada air susu yang mengalir dari putingnya. Aku baru nak menyelak T-shirt Wati tapi Wati segera bangun dan menanggalkannya.

"Senang," jelasnya.

Maka tersembullah dua gunung idamanku selama ini. Jariku mula menyukat nyukat di serata pelusuk tetek Wati. Ternyata tetek Wati memang besar seperti yang selalu aku lihat dan cukup istimewa untuk merangsang nafsu lelaki. Tanganku mengusap-usap teteknya dan puting teteknya ku gentel. Aku angkat kepala ku untuk menyonyot teteknya. Terasa air panas memancut ke dalam mulutku dan aku terus telan. Aku dah biasa menghisap air susu tetek isteriku dan rasanya sama sahaja, panas, masam sikit dan sedap. Aku menyonyot sebelah sambil mengusap-usap yang sebelah lagi. Puas menyonyot sebelah hingga kering, aku beraleh kepada tetek yang sebelah lagi sambil menggentel puting yang tadi. Puas menggentel aku mengusap pula. Teteknya menjadi tegang.

Mulut Wati hanya mendengus, "Us us us us us" sepanjang perlakuan ku.

Walaupun teteknya besar, tapi susunya tidaklah banyak seperti yang Wati adukan padaku. Sehingga kering kedua-dua belah teteknya, Wati masih mengelus kesedapan dan memegang kepalaku ke teteknya sambil menarik tangan ku ke teteknya yang sebelah lagi.Sekali-sekala aku dengar Wati menarik nafas panjang. Bunyi nafasnya juga bertambah kuat. Nafas ku juga begitu. Aku pun mula memberanikan diri lalu melonggarkan kain batik Wati. Wati tidak menghalang, dia hanya mendengus kesedapan. Tangan ku mula menjalar masuk, melalui getah seluar dalamnya dan merasa tundun cipapnya yang tembam dan menerokai persekitaran cipapnya yang berbulu itu. Perlahan lahan ku usapi bulu cipap Wati yang halus dan jarang itu. Kemudian aku memanjangkan usapan untuk mencapai juntaian kelentit Wati. Aku rasa sedap, kelentit Wati lebih panjang dan keras dari Siti. Sambil itu jari hantu ku meraba masuk ke dalam lubang pukinya. Ternyata ianya sudah berlendir dan basah.

"Arrgh…argh…Abang… jangan……. Oh..oh.. sedapnyer…." Wati merengek…

.Jari aku masih lagi membuat pergerakan turun naik dengan lembut di cipap Wati. Aku rasa seluar dalam Wati telah basah di kawasan alur kemaluannya.. Kemudian aku menekan-nekan ke dalam alur cipapnya dengan jariku. Wati menikmati rasa ghairah yang amat sangat. Semakin lama semakin tidak tertahan Wati aku buatnya. Kain Wati aku longgarkan dan kemudian aku lucutkan dan diikuti dengan seluar dalamnya yang berwarna pink itu aku lucutkan.Mata Wati aku lihat terpejam sambil bibirnya yang munggil itu merengek kesedapan. Aku mengalih mulutku dari tetek Wati dan aku lihat Wati membukakan matanya seperti tertanya-tanya. Aku merapatkan bibir ku ke bibir Wati dan mula mengucupnya sekuat hatiku. Mula-mula Wati menarik bibirnya tapi aku kuatkan diri dan mula menjolok mulut Wati dengan lidahku. Wati akhirnya mengalah dan mula melawan lidahku sambil mengucup bibirku dengan rakusnya. Tak sangka gadis yang comel lote dari Kelantan ini berahi juga nafsu seksnya.Tangan aku mula menguak dan mengangkangkan kedua peha Wati yang gebu itu sambil masih memainkan kelentitnya yang keras. Aku hairan kenapa tiada halangan dari Wati tapi itu juga memberikan aku keberanian untuk bertindak seterusnya. Aku mula mengucup Wati dari bibir, berhenti seketika di kedua teteknya dan terus menghala ke tundunya yang tembam itu.Aku menjilat tundunnya dan menciumi seluruh cipap Wati di bibir luar sehinggalah menggunakan lidahku untuk menerokai lurah dan lubang cipap Wati yang wangi itu. Dada aku begitu kencang berkocak bila melihat seluruh tubuh Wati yang putih gebu melepak. Aku mengangkat kedua lutut Wati ke atas dan mengangkangkannya. Aku sembamkan semula muka aku ke cipap Wati yang tembam tu.... Mula-mula aku jilat kat tundun… Lepas tu turun sikit sampai ke lurah cipapnya.

Bila aku jilat aja bibir lurah tu, secara automatik punggung Wati terangkat dan mengerang kesedapan

"Arghhh arghhh arghhhhh....!!!".Aku kemudiannya bukak bibir cipap Wati dan aku jilat dengan rakusnya…

"Urghh uurghhhh....!! ....... Sedapnyaaa Abangggg" antara keluar dengan tidak sahaja ayat tu dari mulut Wati.

Aku masokkan lidah aku dalam lubang cipap Wati dan aku kisar dekat dalam… Air yang keluar bukan mainlah banyaknyer. Walau pun rasa payau-payau sikit tapi aku hirup kering… Memang sedap dan memberangsangkan dan ditambah gerangan yang keluar dari mulut Wati.

"Arrkkkkkkkk!!" tetiba Wati menjerit kecil bila aku gigit biji kelentit dia. Aku jilat aku gigit… Aku jilat aku gigit… Butuh aku dah membasahkan cadar katil dengan air mani.

"Abang….. jom la… Wati dah tak tahan ni" pinta Wati.Aku terus menjilat cipap Wati. Aku rasa aku belum puas lagi. Memang menjilat ni favourite aku cuma kadang-kadang sahaja Siti berikan kerana dia tak tahan geli.Selagi aku tak puas aku tak berenti menjilat.

"Abang…. Abang… pleasseeee … .. Wati tak boleh bertahan lagi niiii" kata Wati dengan begitu manja.Sekali lagi rasa ghairah yang tidak bisa aku gambarkan dengan kata-kata menjalar di seluruh tubuhku.Permainan jilat menjilat ini agak lama, dan Wati puas mendesus dan menegang kerana mencapai klimaks tapi aku tetap meneruskannya. Wati tidak banyak menjerit, hanya mengeliat dan mengerang kesedapan sahaja kerana mungkin bimbang Amir akan terjaga dan adengan ranjang ini terpaksa diberhentikan. Aku merenggangkan kepala dan lidahku dari kemaluan Wati dan membetulkan adikku di celah kedua belah peha Wati di mulut pantatnya. Sekali lagi kami bercium dan memberikan Wati harum bau cipapnya. Wati memasukkan lidahnya ke dalam mulutku. Sedap dan nikmat aku rasakan. Aku pun bangun melutut. batang butuh aku yang begitu menegang aku geselkan pada biji kelentit Wati.

"Oohhhhhh....!!! Masukkan Abang…. now plzzz" teriak Wati.Aku mula menikamkan batang adikku yang keras dan besar ke sana sini, mencari lubang nikmat Wati.Kepala zakar ku masuk betul-betul pada sasarannya. Secara perlahan-lahan bibir cipap Wati aku kuakkan dengan kepala zakarku. Terasa sempit sekali walaupun Wati baru sahaja melahirkan anak melaluinya. Penjagaan tradisional yang diamalkan olehnya nyata berkesan untuk memulihkan lubang cipapnya kembali sempit seperti anak dara. Air pelicin Wati membasahi kemaluanku namun begitu ketat kurasakan…dan itulah kenikmatan yang aku inginkan. Lain dengan Siti, setelah melahirkan anak yang kedua, lubang cipap Siti masih sedap tapi sedikit longgar.

"Zzupppp......!!!" dengan sekali henjut sahaja batang zakar aku dah separuh masok."Oohhhh......!!!" kedengaran dari suara Wati menggeluh.Zakarku semakin jauh menerokai lubang cipap Wati dan akhirnya pangkal kemaluan kami bertaup rapat…terasa zakarku telah suntuk dengan rapat sekali.
"Sedapnyer Abang….. Besar sungguh adik Abang…..… Kena slow-slow sikit eh…" kata Wati.

"Okay, Abang buat perlahan-lahan" jawab aku.…Wati membuka kangkangnya dengan lebih luas dan aku mula sorong tarik sampai santak ke bibir cipap Wati. Aku meniarap atas badan Wati tapi disokong dengan kedua-dua siku aku agar tak terlalu membebankan Wati. Aku mula sorong tarik batang aku ke dalam dan keluar.

"Abang...... adik Abang ni besar dan panjang lah…... Tak macam Abang Salim punya" tiba-tiba Wati berbisik kat telinga aku.Aku hanya tersenyum sahaja. Punggung aku masih lagi menggepam. Kali ni lebih laju sikit sebab aku rasa ada kelicinan pada lubang cipap Wati. Mungkin air dia dah banyak keluar agaknya sebab aku rasa bulu-bulu di zakar aku dah basah berlendir-lendir dan melekit-lekit.Dah puas cara meniarap, aku pusingkan Wati buat cara doggy pulak. Wati tidak membantah. Dia angkat punggung menaik tinggi sikit. Aku sendiri heran macam mana geram aku boleh melebih bila main dengan Wati ini. Sedangkan dengan bini aku pon aku tak jilat lubang jubur dia. Mungkin disebabkan keputihan kulit Wati berbanding bini aku yg menyebabkan berahi aku menggila. Ahhh....!!! tak kisah lah tu semua. Janji aku dapat lepaskan geram aku tuh…Aku pun masokkan batang aku ke cipap Wati dari belakang. Fuhhhh....!!! Lagi ketat rupanya main ikut belakang niii. Namun aku dapat juga masukkan seluruh batang dalam cipap Wati. Aku tak pernah buat doggy style dengan isteri aku kerana dia suka dari hadapan. Buat begini rasa macam bergigi-gigi dinding cipap Wati. Itu yg menambahkan rasa ngilu lagi kepala butuh aku.

"Aaahhhh aaahhhhh....!!! Sedap Abang… Masukkan lagi Abangggg… Masukkan sedalam yang abang boleh…" pinta Wati. Ermmm....!! Nampaknya dia dah boleh tahan dengan kebesaran batang zakar aku ni. Aku pun hayun dengan lebih laju lagi sampai berbunyi cuppp cuppp cuppp....!!! Peha aku belaga dengan punggung Wati… Aku tengok Wati meramas tetek kanannya… Semakin membengkaklah tetek tu dan dah mula mengeluarkan susu semula….Kemudian kami bertukar posisi. Aku menelentang pulak dan Wati naik di atas aku. Wati pegang batang aku dengan tangan kiri dia memasukkan dalam lubang cipap dia. Diturunkan punggungnya perlahan-lahan sehingga tenggelam keseluruhan batang sakti aku. Kini tiba pulak giliran aku untuk berehat dan Wati pula yang memainkan peranan sebagai juragan melayari bahtera.Aku rasa macam nak terpancut bila Wati menggelekkan bontotnya. Cepat-cepat aku tahan peha dia.Wati ketawa kecil.

"Kenapa Abang… Geli sangat ke?" Wati bertanya.

"A'ah… Abang takut terpancutlah… Abang tak puas lagi ni… Wati jangan hayun laju sangat laa" kata aku.

Wati tersenyum manja sambil aku meramas dan menggentil puting tetek, Wati terus memainkan peranan dia. Kali ni dia menolak kedepan dan kebelakang kemudian menghenjut ke atas dan ke bawah. Cipap dia semakin berlendir kerana banyak sangat menggeluarkan air. Entah berapa kali dia capai climax aku pun tak tau lah…. Kami bertukar posisi semula selepas Wati mencapai klimaksnya yang entah ke berapa. Dia penat dan mahu bertukar posisi. Kali ini aku di atas dan mulakan semula menyorong tarik batang ku. Hampir 20 minit aku menyorong tarik batang aku di dalam kemaluannya dan tiba masanya aku hendak pancutkan air mani aku.Tiba-tiba Wati mengerang dan aku rasa badan Wati mengejang sekali lagi. Kali ini nafasnya juga kencang dan kepala nya bergoyang ke kiri-kanan. Aku tahu Wati dah tak tahan. Tapi aku terus menyorong tarik butuh aku dalam cipap Wati. Wati semakin macam teransang. Puki Wati semakin becak dan melengas. Mata Wati pejam rapat dan mukanya berkerut seperti menahan suatu keperitan. Suaranya melongoh. Pelukannya keras. Nafas Wati semakin kencang. Sah Wati dah sampai puncaknya dan mulut Wati yang kecil itu ternganga terutama bila aku tarik batangku keluar. Teteknya ku ramas dan ulit dan putingnya aku gentel. Tangan kiri ku turun ke bawah danmenggentel kelentitnya.

Dia merengek keras…!! "Ummnnnghhh..!! ........ " Wati melenguhh.Aku percepatkan henjutan ku. Memang waktu itu ku rasa kesedapan yang terhingga.Ku tanya Wati,

"Sedapppp…??"Dia tidak menjawab, cuma mengeluh, melongoh umpama menyatakan…

"Yaaaa…!!".Henjutan ku semakin hebat. Seluruh tubuh Wati aku peluk kuat......sambil kakinya memeluk kuat badan aku. Kemudian tiba-tiba dia menggelepar seperti ayam liar dipegang...!! Aku tahu dia sedang mencapai klimaksnya. Aku masih bertahan, walaupun cuma sedikit lagi. Secara tiba desakan air mani ku hampir bersemburan.Tambahan pula Wati menggeliat dan punggungnya bergoyang ke kiri ke kanan. Kami saling berpautan. Waktu itu aku henjut dan tusuk seluruh batang aku habis, berdecit-decit pukinya. Lendirnya banyak dan seluruh tenaga ku merangkul tubuh Wati. Aku terus tekan dan tekan dalam-dalam. Air mani ku pun rasa nak memancut. Aku terus menghenjut. Aku pun dah tak tahan juga. Aku pun memancut semua air mani aku ke dalam cipapnya. Dia hanya berdesis kesedapan apabila air mani aku bertakung didalam kemaluannya. Aku menghembuskan nafas kelegaan.Kami sama-sama mencapai klimaks. Kami sungguh-sungguh merasa nikmat. Tubuh Wati masih belum aku lepaskan. batang ku masih terbenam dan aku rasa dalam saluran kemaluan ku mengalir air mani. Aku biarkan. Mulut kami berkucupan. Sesekali aku ramas tetek Wati. Kemudian aku menjongkok dan menghisap puting teteknya. Sementara itu aku terus menghenjut batang ku keluar masuk, walaupun semakin lemah. Bila aku tarik, Wati melenguh. Kemudian aku tusuk semula. Aku tengok Wati tergapai-gapai. Aku peluk dia kemas-kemas.

"Wati puas?" aku tanya.Dia menganggguk.

"Sedap?" tanya ku.Dia senyum.Bibirnya merah kena sedutan kucupan ku. Makin nampak kejelitaan Wati. Kami masih bersatu tubuh dan batangku masih di dalam faraj Wati. Aku rasa batang ku sudah makin lemah. Perlahan-lahan aku cabut. Aku tengok air mani ku mengalir keluar dari celah lubang cipapnya. Aku menggentelkankan puting tetek Wati semula.

"Dah hilang sakit tadi?" aku bertanya.

"Sekarang hilang…… tapi nanti sakit semula…." jawab Wati manja.Kami tersenyum.Aku biarkan Wati baring tanpa seurat benang dan kami berdua telanjang ibarat suami isteri yang baru lepas bercengkerama. Kami berpelukan sambil memain-mainkan putting tetek Wati, aku yang kiri dan Wati menggentelkan yang kanan.Dalam berdakapan itu, aku bisikan,
"Wati betul puas?" Wati menjawab,

"Mhhhh…Anu abang besar, masakan tak puas….

"Kami pun terlelap…..Kami dikejutkan oleh suara Amir menangis. Wati bergegas bangun, berkemban dengan kain batiknya dan mengangkat Amir. Jam di dinding menunjukkan jam 12.00 tengahari. Aku segera bangun dan memakai kain pelikat dan T-shirt ku. Aku keluar bilik dan melihat Wati sedang menyusukan Amir. Kain batiknya dilondehkan dan kedua-dua teteknya tersembul megah, satu puting dalam mulut Amir dan yang satu terdedah. Putingnya keras dan panjang seinci, mungkin kerana seronok aku memerhatikan atau mungkin seronok setelah apa yang baru dilakukan. Aku duduk disebelah Wati dan mula menggentelkan puting teteknya. Wati memandangku dan tersenyum sambil mengelus kesedapan.

"Abang nyonyot yang sebelah sini, boleh?" tanyaku mengusik. "Abang haus ni…."

"Janganlah bang, tengok Amir ni tak cukup susu sebab habis dah abang hisap tadi…. Tak sempat buat susu baru….. Tapi nanti kalau ada lebih, Wati panggil Abang, okay…." sambung Wati dengan manja.

"Tak apa…. Abang bergurau aja…." jawab ku.

"Wati nak makan apa, Abang nak keluar cari makan sekejap…Abang belikan…" tanya ku.

"Kalau nak ikutkan hati nak makan hot-dog Abang…… tapi tak ada tenaga pulak nanti… Abang cari nasi pun bolehlah….."

"Okay, Abang balik dulu…" aku mengucup dahi Wati sambil memicit puting teteknya sekali lagi. Geram betul aku di buatnya melihatkan Wati separuh bogel di ruang tamunya itu.Aku pun bangun dan pulang ke rumahku melalui pintu belakang. Plan aku dah mengena. Nasib baik badan dapatlah aku melapah tubuh monggel Wati untuk seminggu. Isteriku tak ada dan suaminya out-station.