Wednesday, 24 August 2016


Sometimes when I get a bit horny I like to write about 
one of my sexual encounters. This is one of those 
times. Of course I even get hornier when I write about 
it, so hopefully you will have the same experience as 
you read this story.

I am a married white woman and at the time was 40 years 
of age. A mature white wife, as they say. I was working 
in a large store at the time. I knew when I first met 
Tony I was drawn to him by some mystical power and as 
time passed he seemed to be attracted to me as well. 
Tony was a young, handsome, muscular, black guy with 
very black skin and a beautiful smile that showed his 
pearly white teeth. His eyes danced and twinkled in a 
very sexy manner. As time passed, I found myself day 
dreaming about he and I being lovers. Of course I knew 
that I was older and he was surely attracted to the 
younger, sexy, and more attractive women. We often 
talked in the lunchroom about different things. One day 
he mentioned that he would like to have some little 
extra jobs to make some more money. He mentioned yard 
work, painting, and general things that he might do. I 
kept that in mind as I pondered the thought of him 
doing some things around our house. My husband (Paul) 
had rather be fishing or golfing than mowing the lawn, 
or painting, or washing the cars. 

My thought process was working trying to determine if 
Tony would be interested in doing my lawn, hummmmm, 
well, maybe my husband would be happy for him to do 
some things in order to free him to do some of the 
things he enjoyed. Perhaps Tony might just like to help 
my hubby's wife, hubby had not been taking care of her 
very well lately. I felt a warm tingle in my thighs as 
I thought of Tony and him having his way with a white 
wife, after all, most black men want to get into a 
white wife's panties as a matter of bragging rights 
among their brothers. I became obsessed with the idea 
and one day asked my husband if it would be OK for Tony 
to do our yard on Saturday's so he could have more time 
fishing or golfing as I knew how much he enjoyed them. 
(I was thinking of how I would be enjoying my Saturdays 
doing what I love, if it worked out).

Paul said, "Gee Honey, that is a great idea. I could 
use the time to relax and do some enjoyable things 
after a hard weeks work. Sure get Tony to help around 
here if he wants to. He could help us a lot I am sure. 
Of course you could relax some as well."

At lunch the next day, I said to Tony in a quite voice, 
"How would you like to do some things for me on 

I did not realize how it sounded but Tony got a slight 
grin on his face and leaned over the table toward me 
and said in a low voice, Sure, Brenda, I am available 
for anything you need."

I blushed and said, "Oh Tony, I mean for money."

"Well, he said, "If you insist," and chuckled. 

"Tony stop it now. Do you want to do our yard work? 
Paul likes to play golf or fish on Saturday so we could 
use the help."

"Sure! I could use the extra money," as he grinned and 
looked me with his dancing mischievous eyes, reaching 
under the table and squeezed my leg as he got up to go 
back to work. "See you Saturday, Brenda."

I was speechless as I nodded approval, still feeling 
his touch as my loins warmed and I took a deep breath 
wondering if he really wanted me or was I reading too 
much into his teasing words. 

Now I had a few days to plan my moves for Saturday. If 
he wanted me I was going to make sure that he did not 
miss any signals on my part. How to act, what to say, 
what to wear etc were all in my mind as I thought of 

That evening, I showered and as I toweled off, I looked 
into the mirror and saw my 5 foot 9 inch frame as I 
turned and looked at my still perky 36-c breast 
wondering if Tony would like what he saw. I knew that I 
was 40 but I still had a nice firm body. I ran my 
fingers through my black pubic hair as I thought of how 
Tony would feel the moisture and spread my lips, that 
is, if he wanted to... I was day dreaming about this 
hard bodied young stud thinking of how eager to breed a 
white wife he would be... yes I would submit to his 
sexual needs and take him like a bitch in heat. Yes my 
young stud, while the main dog is away, this old bitch 
will let the young stud dog breed her. 


Saturday came and Paul departed with a kiss on the 
cheek and said, "If Tony does a good job, have him 
back. Have a good day and see you later this evening."

"OK, Darling. Have a good time. I will keep a check on 
Tony's work."

Tony came as planned and got the mower out of the 
garage and went to work. As planned, I had on my sun 
top showing some nice milky white cleavage, and some 
clinging knit bottoms without panties, that showed my 
nice round butt and shapely legs. I watched as Tony 
mowed without his shirt on, his muscles rippling under 
his jet-black skin. I looked at his chest covered in 
kinky hair, as he started to sweat making his body look 
like polished ebony. I was thinking of how I would like 
to walk up to him and run my hand all over that body 
and perhaps get a feel of his butt. I knew my juices 
were already starting to flow. 

Taking a pitcher of ice water out to the patio, I 
called to Tony to take a break and have some ice water. 
He come over and sat at the table, and as he sipped, I 
noticed his eyes moving up and down my body as if to 
say, "Damn woman, I want to get some of your ass."

I found my self smiling and asked Tony, "I was just 
wondering, Tony, at my age if I am still attractive? 
You know how women are. They are always concerned about 
keeping their youth."

"Brenda, you really are a sexy woman I must say. You 
sure turn a lot of heads at work. I must admit that you 
have an affect on me."

"Oh, Tony, Cut it out now. I just wanted some 
reassurance. You know I am married, well, it is nice to 
have a young man tell you these things, it is good for 
a woman's ego," as I giggled. 

"You are a very sexy woman in my book. I know I would 
never have a chance with you, being black and all, and 
you being married, but if I had the chance, well, I 
could be influenced, if you know what I mean."

I giggled again, and said, "Tony, you are making me 
feel like a teenager. You need not be concerned about 
being black as if I had the chance I would not hesitate 
to rub that black body on mine, of course I know, well 
you know, oh, damn it Tony, uhhhhh!"

"Brenda, I think I better finish my work here before I 
get carried away and I go too far, well you know what I 

"Go ahead and finish the yard work and I will have you 
some more ice water," as I smiled and gave him a peck 
on the cheek. As I rose up, I notice that his eyes 
traveled to my crotch, which make me aware that I was 
wet down there. It was obvious and I was sure he had 
not missed it.

I sat in the house and watch every move that Tony made, 
getting more and more horny by the minute. I wanted his 
black ass and I was certain that he wanted my white 

Tony finished and put the mower in the garage and came 
into the breakfast nook and accepted the cold water I 
offered him.

"When you finish your water, I have you a bath ready in 
the whirlpool tub," I informed him.

I directed Tony to the bathroom and waited until I 
heard him get into the tub, then I entered and walked 
over to the tub and asked, "Room for one more?"

To that Tony smiled replied, "Sure, come on in!"

As Tony watched, I slowly removed my sun top, then my 
shorts, standing for a moment as Tony looked intently 
at my body and mumbled, "Damn, you are a hot momma. 
Come to yo sugar."

I stepped into the tub and we immediately went to each 
other frantically exploring each other's bodies. I 
moved my hand to his crotch and captured his now erect 
manhood, which told me that his mind was already 
planning to get him some white wife ass. I knew that he 
was not going to have to beg me, as I was shaking all 
over with anticipation of having that hard black pole 
in my sweet honey pot. I felt like a teenager again, 
about to loose her cherry to a horny young impatient 
stud. I knew I was a 40-year-old married woman but I 
could not help but feel like a teen again. 

We got out and toweled each other off, then Tony pulled 
me to him in a lovers embrace, parting my lips and 
running his tongue into my mouth as I eagerly accepted 
my young admirers advances. 

I whispered to my young black lover, "Yo Momma is ready 
to take care of her baby." Let's move to the other 
room. We moved to the bedroom where I had the covers 
pulled down revealing white satin sheets. We both 
lunged together in a lovers embrace, as we pulled each 
other tighter and tighter.  I could tell that Tony was 
totally aroused as his hard cock was pushing hard 
against my pelvic region knocking on my door asking to 

Tony then moved down trailing kisses until he reached 
my clit where he circled it with his tongue. He slurped 
my juices, which were now flowing like a fountain. He 
was driving me crazy with his tongue as it circled and 
plunged in and out and licked my juices over and over 
again. He moved his manhood around to be over my mouth 
as I cuddled his black balls and licked the slowly 
seeping nectar from his cock head. He moaned and 
trusted into my mouth almost chocking me. As I caressed 
his balls in their sack, I knew that I would make him 
empty them into my white womb very soon.

Tony then moved above me as I opened my legs as a 
welcome sign as he used his black cock to party my wet 
lips and entered my waiting white hole. His lips met my 
eager lips as he plunged deeper and deeper into my 
husband's private playground. I knew that I was giving 
his wife's white ass to a young black stud.

"Oh Tony, Baby, I'm all yours. Take me. I want you 
Baby. I need you."

"Yes, I'm going to take care of my Momma. I'm so 
fucking hot for your white married ass. I'm going to 
make you my white bitch." 

Tony was not pumping deep and hard as I eagerly met 
every stroke with sheer horny lust. I wanted this young 
black stud. I was giving him all I had and he was 
giving me all he had. We were now sweating and slipping 
as we clung to each other trying to not miss a stroke. 
I could feel his fully loaded black stud balls knocking 
on my back door telling me that they were going to 
explode in me. My womb was now starting to contract in 
anticipation of the final moment when my young black 
stud would shoot his load deep inside me. 

I could tell we were both on the edge as I dug my nails 
into Tony's buttocks and screamed out, now sugar, now, 
Momma is going off."

To this, Tony thrust deep and hard and stiffened as I 
felt his cock pulsating pumping his black seed deep 
inside my womb as the cervix tightened around his pole 
keeping every drop as his black balls emptied into me. 
I was now shaking, and then I relaxed as we slumped 
into each other's arms gasping for air knowing that we 
both had exploded in harmony. Tony laid on top for a 
few minutes as his manhood deflated, then he slip off 
and we laid side by side in each others arms without 
saying a word giving each other a little kiss now and 
then and caressing each other as two spent lovers would 
do, drifting into sleep. 

We must have gone into a deep sleep as I awoke to 
notice that it was mid afternoon and Paul would be home 
soon. I looked over at Tony and admired the young 
handsome black man, knowing that I had been up to the 
task and had busted his black balls good. Even his 
deflated manhood was beautiful, as it lay limp in a 
patch of kinky black hair, matted in juices form both 
of us.

I woke Tony with a kiss on the cheek and a whisper that 
it was time to get up and out before my husband found 
us together like this. Tony smiled and said, "Yes 
Momma. Anything you say," and laughed. "I sure wish I 
had me a hot Momma like you".

I replied, "My young black stud, You now have my 
husband's hot Momma any time you want her, well at 
least when he is not looking... You know, it is like 
the pack of dogs, when the Alpha dog is not looking, 
the young stud dogs get some of the momma dogs ass."

We both laughed and Tony dressed and kissed me and as 
he left he pinched my ass and said, "Keep it hot for me 
Momma. Yo young black stud will return."

Need I say that I reported to Paul that Tony's work was 
outstanding and that I invited him back to take care of 
everything again? 

Tuesday, 23 August 2016


Hari senin kemarin saat itu tanggal 30 November 2015 sekitar pukul 3 sore wantu malaysia, setelah berkunjung di salah satu tempat PM Malaysia di teruskan rombongan kami intirahat di Darby park yang letaknya di kuala lumpur letaknya dekat dengan menara kembar yang cukup terkenal di dunia.

Aku mendapat kunci kamar yang mana terletak dilantai 20 menempati kelas exsekutif yang memiliki 2 kamar, dimana ada ruang tamu, dan ruang dapurnya, yang anehnya aku di kamar sendirian kenapa tidak dijadikan satu saja suapaya tempat tidurnya tidak kosong.

Sekitar pukul 16.15, bell di kamarku berdering. Ternyata dari pemandu kami yang orang Pakistan untuk mengingatkan agar 15 menit lagi berkumpul di lobby hotel untuk bersiap-siap pergi pesiar ke KLCC yang terletak di bawah menara kembar Petronas, ke Menara Kuala Lumpur dan terakhir ke Genting Highland, dimana di lokasi dengan ketinggian sekitar 5.350 kaki itu juga terdapat kasino nomor dua terbesar di Asia.

Namun aku menyampaikan kepada pemandu itu dan juga kepada pimpinan rombongan, bahwa aku ingin istirahat saja di kamar, sekaligus menyatakan bahwa aku juga hendak ke China Town setelah magrib untuk membeli ole-ole buat teman-teman di kantor sepulang dari Malaysia nantinya. Akhirnya mereka mengerti dan meninggalkan aku sendiri di kamar.

Sepeninggalan teman-teman yang telah pergi shopping ke KLCC, untuk menghilangkan jenuh aku lalu menghidupkan VCD player yang ada di ruang tamu dengan memutar kepingan VCD “Tourism Malaysia” yang diberikan pihak penyelenggara seminar di The Puteri Pan Pasific Hotel di Johor Baru, beberapa hari lalu,

Sambil tidur-tiduran di atas sofa yang cukup lebar dan empuk. Mungkin karena capek setelah seharian mutar-mutar di Putrajaya, tak terasa aku tertidur dan baru terbangun ketika bell di kamarku berbunyi.

Aku melihat jam, ternyata sudah pukul 18.45. Siapa pula yang datang? Teman-teman kembali nanti paling juga subuh karena memang ada diantara mereka yang ingin berjudi di Genting.

Dengan bermalas-malasan dan setelah merapikan baju kaos yang aku pakai, aku buka juga pintu kamarku. Sesaat aku terkaget dan seperti tidak percaya melihat orang yang berdiri di hadapanku.

“Lara..?” hanya itu yang bisa aku ucapkan sambil mengucek-ucek kelopak mataku.

“Kamu jahat. Kenapa kamu tidak memberitahuku jika kamu datang ke Malaysia? Bahkan ketika kamu sudah berada di Kuala Lumpur pun, kamu masih tetap tidak meneleponku,”

cewek itu berceloteh terus sambil mendorong tubuhku ke dalam dengan tangan memukul dadaku.

“Aku bukannya sengaja untuk tidak meneleponmu. Tapi sungguh, nomor telepon kamu hilang ketika aku mengganti kartu halloku dengan navigator 64kb yang dikeluarkan Telkomsel. Aku ganti kartu,

Karena aku ingin mengaktifkan mobile banking, sementara memori untuk menyimpang nomor telepon di kartu baru itu tidak cukup untuk 250 nama seperti pada kartu lama.

Aku baru tahu nomor kamu tidak ada di kartuku, setelah mau menelpon kamu ketika hendak berangkat ke Malaysia seminggu lalu,” ujarku menerangkan, sambil membelai rambutnya yang direbonding.

Oh ya, Lara adalah pacarku orang Malaysia dan kini berusia sekitar 23 tahun yang bekerja di salah satu perusahaan swasta cukup besar di negara jiran itu, yang ku kenal ketika dalam perjalanan dengan pesawat Silk Air menuju kota “P” dari Singapora.

Dan selama di kota “P” aku selalu menemaninya kemana pergi, dan bahkan sempat beberapa kali tidur bersama. Lara yang bertubuh seksi dan sintal dengan tinggi sekitar 168 cm berkulit putih dan mirip artis Eddies Adellia.

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Pinggangnya ramping, pinggul padat berisi dan payudara yang montok serta padat dengan ukuran bra 36B. Dan setiap aku ke Malaysia atau dia ke kotaku, pastilah tidak pernah terlewatkan bagi kami berdua untuk bercinta.

Ketika aku tanyakan dari mana dia tahu kalau aku sedang di Kuala Lumpur dan menginap di PNB Darby Park, ia menyatakan tahu dari teman-temanku. Waktu dia sedang duduk-duduk di salah satu kafe di KLCC sepulang dari kerja, dan kebetulan melihat teman-temanku yang pakai kokarde “Mega FAM” bertuliskan dari kota “P”, dan menguping teman-temanku bercerita, dan ia mendengar namaku ikut disebut-sebut.

Waktu itu, feelingnya langsung mengatakan bahwa nama Sanhan yang disebut-sebut itu pastilah aku, sehingga ia memberanikan diri bertanya pada salah seorang temanku, dimana aku berada, setelah sebelumnya ia menyatakan bahwa ia mengenal aku.

Akhirnya teman-temanku mengatakan bahwa aku sedang istirahat di hotel, dan ketika ia datang ke hotel tempat aku menginap, ia tanyakan namaku dan receptions hotel lalu memberi nomor kamarku.

“Syukurlah kamu bisa menemukan aku. Kamu tahu kenapa aku tidak mau gabung dengan teman-teman ke Genting? Itu karena aku punya rencana untuk datang ke rumahmu malam ini,” ujarku menjelaskan.

“Iya ke..,” rajuknya dalam logat Malaysia.

“Sure..!” jawabku pasti, sambil merengkuh pundaknya sehingga ia berada dalam pelukanku.

“Aku sungguh merindukanmu, Lara,” rayuku.

“Aku juga, makanya aku datang ke tempatmu,” balasnya.

“Kamu mau menemaniku disini malam ini kan?” tanyaku.

Lara menganggukkan kepalanya. Namun ia menyatakan bahwa ia harus menelepon temannya satu apartemen bersebelahan kamar untuk memberitahu, untuk memberitahu jika ia tidak pulang malam ini.

Karena tidak tahan lagi menahan rasa rindu yang memuncak serta keinginan untuk mereguk kenikmatan tubuhnya yang sensual dan sudah hampir satu tahun tidak aku cicipi itu.

Kulihat Lara yang baru saja menelepon temannya itu sedang asyik menikmati siaran TV3 sambil menyandarkan tubuhnya dengan santai di sofa yang berukuran cukup panjang dan lebar itu. Aku mendekat dan langsung mengecup keningnya. Ia menengadah, dan ciumanku terus merambat turun ke bibirnya yang sensual.

“Ah..,” desahnya tertahan.

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Ciumanku terus menjalar ke belakang telinganya dan terus ke lehernya yang jenjang. Sementara tanganku mulai menjalar mencari dua bukit kenyal yang montok dan selalu menantang itu. Kulihat ia mulai menggelinjang-gelinjang sambil merasakan nikmat permainan yang aku berikan.

Perlahan-lahan tapi pasti, aku mulai membuka baju kaos yang dipakainya, dan melanjutkan dengan membuka celana jeans ketat yang melekat di tubuhnya. Sehingga terlihat ia hanya menggunakan bra warna hitam yang serasi dengan celana dalamnya yang juga berwarna hitam.

Sementara bibirku, tetap bermain di bibirnya yang ranum. Kemudian tangan kananku mulai mencari pengait bra yang dipakainya dan melepasnya.

Bibirku langsung beraksi mengulum puting susunya yang sudah mulai mengeras. Sekali-sekali aku gigit puting susunya yang berwarna coklat itu, sehingga ia terdengar mengerang. Sementara tangan kananku, terus merambat turun dan mulai memelorotkan celana dalamnya.

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Sesaat tanganku berhenti di gundukan daging di sela pangkal pahanya yang ditumbuhi bulu-bulu hitam lebat dan tertata rapi.

“Honey, please..!” rengeknya sambil berusaha membuka kaos singlet yang kupakai.

Kemudian dengan rakusnya iapun mulai menjilati dan menghisap puting susuku yang ditumbuhi bulu-bulu. Aku tergelinjang, dan seketika nafsuku semakin memuncak. Ia semakin bergelora dan terus menjilati tubuhku hingga ke bawah. Karena terhalang celana pendek yang kupakai, iapun lalu memelorotkannya, sehingga aku menjadi telanjang bulat seperti dirinya. Penisku terlihat mengacung dengan gagahnya ke atas.

“Oh..,” desahnya sambil menjilati seluruh batang penisku.

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Tak cukup sampai disitu, ia lalu berusaha mengulum seluruh batang penisku. Namun karena tersekat di kerongkongannya, hanya sebagian saja yang bisa dikulum dan diisapnya, sehingga membuat aku kegelian dan semakin terangsang.

Kemudian aku coba mengambil alih inisiatif dengan menarik tubuhnya ke atas serta menyandarkannya di sofa, dan kemudian aku mulai lagi menjilati dan menghisap puting payudaranya. Hisapanku lalu pindah ke bibir, ke telinga dan leher, sehingga membuatnya makin terangsang dengan hebat.

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Ciuman lalu aku teruskan ke bawah, dan bermain-main sebentar di sekitar pusarnya. Kemudian bibirku terus merambat ke bawah, dan mendapatkan vaginanya yang berbulu lebat itu sudah mulai dibasahi cairan kental.

Setelah kakinya aku angka dan bulu-bulu yang menutupi lubang vaginanya aku sibakkan, aku mulai menjilat clitorisnya dengan lidahku. Lara semakin menggelinjang menahan nikmat, sehingga setelah hampir lima menit lidahku bermain di lubang vaginanya, akhirnya aku lihat Lara berkelenjotan dan mengangkat tinggi pinggulnya dan terdengar teriakan tertahan.

“Oh, honey. Aku tak tahan lagi. Aku.. mau.. keluar..!’ teriaknya.

Tak lama kemudian aku melihat cukup banyak cairan kental menyembur dari lubang vaginanya. Sementara aku lalu menghentikan jilatan untuk memberikannya kesempatan menikmati orgasmenya yang pertama itu. Kemudian, dengan rakus aku jilati semua cairan yang keluar dari vaginanya itu.

“Ah, honey. Apa yang aku impikan selama satu tahun ini untuk bercinta kembali denganmu, akhirnya menjadi kenyataan,” katanya.

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“Aku juga sayang, si kecil ini sudah lama berontak untuk bisa bersemayam di goa milikmu yang hangat itu,” balasku sambil mencium mesra bibirnya.

Ciumanku itu dibalas Lara dengan hangat. Kembali permainan lidah yang luar biasa terjadi. Sementara tangan kananku sibuk meremas dengan lembut dua bukit kembarnya yang sangat menantang itu.

Lalu perlahan dan tanpa melepaskan ciuman bibir, aku bopong Lara ke dalam kamar dengan tetap membiarkan kaca jendela tidak ditutup gorden, sehingga menambah nuansa tersendiri dalam permainan seks kami.

Baru saja Lara aku rebahkan di ranjang, tiba-tiba ia bangkit dan mendorongku hingga tertelentang. Ia terlihat ingin mengambil inisiatif menyerang dengan menciumi seluruh bagian tubuhku dengan ganasnya.

Akibatnya, penis aku yang sejak tadi sudah mengeras itu, sudah tidak sabaran lagi untuk bisa menyeruak ke dalam lubang kenikmatan Lara. Pada saat Lara asyik melumat bibirku, secara diam-diam “si kecil” aku arahkan tepat di lubang vaginanya.

“Ah, terus sayang..,” desahnya.

Sementara aku mengangkat pinggul agar penisku bisa masuk, Lara juga ikut membantu dengan menekan pinggulnya. Secara perlahan-lahan, penisku mulai dapat memasuki liang vagina Lara yang masih terasa sempit karena selalu dirawat dengan baik. Bless..! Semua batang penisku amblas masuk hingga dapat kurasakan menyentuh dasar vaginanya.

“Oh, terus honey. Enaakk..!” desahnya.Cerpen Sex

Karena aku merasakan goyangnya mulai mengendur karena lelah berada di atas, akhirnya aku mengambil inisiatif membalikkan tubuhnya hingga telentang, dengan penisku tetap berada di dalam vaginanya.

Secara perlahan, aku mulai menggoyang pinggul untuk memaju mundurkan penisku di vaginanya, sementara lidahku tetap saling kait mengait dengan lidahnya. Kemudian lidahku merambat turun ke dadanya dan menghisap puting susunya yang mengeras,

Sementara aku tetap mempertahankan intensitas goyangan di pinggulku. Akibatnya, Lara terlihat sudah tidak bisa menahan seranganku, karena aku rasakan pinggulnya mulai diangkat dan kakinya mengejang.

“Oh, honey. Aku tak tahan lagi dan mau.. ke.. luar..'” erangnya.

“Tahan dulu sayang, kita keluarkan sama-sama,” ujarku tertahan.

Aku akhirnya aku tidak bisa menahan desakan di pangkal penisku yang terasa menghentak-hentak hendak menghantam vagina Lara. Dan dalam hitungan detik, akhirnya aku muntahkan seluruh sperma yang ada di penisku, sementara Lara juga kurasakan mengeluarkan lendir di vaginanya yang terasa hangat oleh batang penisku.

“Oh, aku benar-benar puas Sanhan. Aku ingin kamu masih di KL agak beberapa hari lagi,” ujarnya sambil mengecup bibirku mesra.

“Bagaimana ya, tiketku tak bisa diundur karena sudah diprogram oleh penyelenggara Mega FAM. Aku harus pulang ke Indonesia pagi besok,” jawabku hati-hati.

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“Pokoknya serahkan saja tiket itu padaku, aku yang akan mengaturnya. Kalaupun tiket pesawatmu tidak bisa di undur, biarkan saja, nanti aku ganti dengan tiket baru untuk kembali ke Indonesia hari Kamis tanggal 29 Januari,” katanya sambil mengelus dadaku yang sedikit berbulu. Aku menyatakan setuju, sehingga kulihat ia tersenyum karena merasa senang.

Dan menjelang pagi, kami sempat melakukan “pertarungan” sengit itu hingga empat kali, sehingga aku lihat Lara benar-benar terpuaskan oleh permainanku yang katanya sangat dahsyat itu. Ia juga berjanji untuk minta izin kepada atasannya selama 3 hari untuk menemaniku selama berada di Kuala Lumpur, sekaligus untuk melampiaskan nafsu syahwatnya yang juga sangat dahsyat itu.

Lara kembali ke apartemennya sekitar jam 04.30 untuk bersiap-siap pergi kerja, dan sekitar pukul 05.30 aku dibangunkan teman-teman untuk bersiap-siap menuju KLIA untuk seterusnya kembali ke kotaku. Namun kepada teman-teman aku sampaikan,

Bahwa aku masih akan tinggal di Kuala Lumpur hingga tanggal 29 Januari, karena ada sedikit urusan. Tentang tiket pesawatku yang tidak bisa diundur keberangkatannya, aku katakan sudah ada yang mengaturnya, sehingga teman-temanku dapat memahaminya.

Salam manis untuk Marwah dan juga Sella, semoga puas membaca kisah cintaku dengan cewek Malaysia. Pesanku, “don’t wait until tomorrow, what can you do to do”.–

Monday, 22 August 2016


The sound of the doorbell startled her, she was not 
expecting anybody. He was in his thirties, tall and well 
built and she knew from his short haircut that he was 
from the Military. He had a couple of parcels in his 
hand and he smiled at her as she stood looking blankly 
at him. "Pete asked me to drop these by." He said.

Pete was her husband and he was currently serving 
overseas. "Th-thanks," she responded as she stretched 
out a hand.

"There is a letter as well; Pete said you may want to 
read it in my presence," he told her.

She looked suspiciously at him again but invited him in. 
"My name is Steve, by the way." He told her holding out 
his hand.

She struggled momentarily with the parcels before 
putting them down on the kitchen table and took his hand 
and gave it a limp squeeze. "Beth," she said.

"Yes I know," he replied. "Pete talks a lot about you."

She saw him smiling and felt his eyes penetrating her. 
She knew the look of lust when she saw it. Nervously she 
turned away and picked up the sealed envelope.

My Darling,

Missing you as always. I love you, you know that don't 

I hope you like the pressies. I got them from the PX 
Store here. I know you like Chocolates and I also know 
how much you like silk stockings. Put them on and send 
me a picture please.

There is also another present for you, if you wish to 
take it. His name is Steve. I know we have often talked 
about it in the past, you fucking another man and I know 
you are missing sex as much as I am. It is okay with me 
if you want to sleep with him. He's a good bloke, 
divorced and like me horny as hell. He's been out here a 
bit longer than me so he will be champing at the bit.

I have been frank with him and told him your likes and 
dislikes so he has been primed. He is not averse to 
dishing out a spanking to naughty girls either and he 
says he can be quite dominant in bed. I have checked him 
out in the showers and I don't think you will be 
disappointed as far as that is concerned.

So darling, it's all down to you. Don't feel pressurised 
to do anything you don't want to. Yes, I would love you 
to fuck him and hear all about it afterwards; even maybe 
get a pic or two, but it's up to you. He will understand 
if you want to say 'no'. So will I.

Anyway I will let you get on with your decision. Chat to 
you tomorrow night with our scheduled call.

I love you



Beth didn't know what to say. She clung on to the letter 
and read it over again. She felt embarrassed more than 
anything else, standing there with a complete stranger 
who had been sent to fuck her. "It's okay if you want to 
say 'no'." He told her.

"Yes. I mean no. I mean thanks." She replied in her 
state of confusion.

He smiled at her. "Pete's put you on the spot hasn't 

She nodded.

"Well before you throw me out he did say there would be 
a cold beer waiting for me in the fridge and I could 
really do with one."

She glanced at the fridge freezer standing in the 
corner. Yes, there were beers in there that he had 
bought just before he went off. She went and took a can 
and handed it over to him. He said nothing as he pulled 
back the tab and lifted it to his lips. She watched as 
he gulped down almost the whole contents. "That is 
good." He exclaimed. "You don't know how long I have 
waited to do that." He told her, before finishing it 

She smiled at him.

"Just two things, well three things, left to do now." He 
told her as he handed her the empty can.

"Three more beers?" She asked with a laugh.

"No." He told her with a smile. "A soak in a hot bath 
and a lie down in a soft bed."

She noted that he only said two things. She didn't need 
to ask what the third thing was.

"Pete did say I could take a bath here if it was okay 
with you." He told her, putting her on the spot again.

Beth was still reeling from the fact that Pete had 
actually sent him to have sex with her. She didn't want 
to. Well she did want sex; she was desperate for it. It 
had been three months now; three months of fingers and 
three months of her trusted vibrator. But what she 
really wanted was a cock; she was desperate for cock. 
Not this way though.

Steve was still waiting for her answer.

"W-well if Pete has okayed it then..."

"Are you sure?" He asked.

She wasn't sure; she was confused but she nodded.

She knew the hot and hard conditions that these men 
worked under. She felt sorry for him. She told him that 
she would go and run a bath for him and he asked her if 
it was okay if he brought his kit bag in from the car. 
She felt awkward again. He must have come prepared to 
stay the night with her. She felt that she could hardly 
refuse him and she agreed. A couple of minutes later he 
found his way to her bedroom, where the en-suite 
bathroom was. He put his bag down on the floor by the 

"The bath is running." She told him nervously. "I will 
go and get some towels for you."

By the time she came back he was already stepping out of 
his boxer shorts. She felt embarrassed at his nakedness 
and even more so when her eyes lingered longer than they 
should have on his cock. Yes, he was quite big.

"Hope I haven't embarrassed you." He told her as he took 
the towels from her nervous hands. "You get used to 
being naked around other people in our line of work."

She said nothing as he walked into the bathroom.

"I could murder another beer." He told her with a smile.

He was lying back in the water when she reappeared 
again. "You'll never know just how good this feels." He 
told her.

"Yes, Pete is always saying that is one thing he 
misses." She told him as she handed him the can.

 For a brief moment their hands touched as he took it 
from her. It was too brief even to measure but all the 
same it was a touch. Naked flesh against naked flesh. 
She glanced down at the soapy water and noticed the 
effect it was having on him. His cock was standing erect 
out and it's bulbous head poking above the water line.

"Thank you." He told her.

She knew that he knew that he had seen the look on her 
face; that look of lust. She felt embarrassed again and 
made her excuse to leave him too it. Beth knew that 
staying any longer would probably mean her getting in as 
well. He gave her a smile as she left.

It was fifteen minutes later when he called out her name 
and she went back up stairs to find him sitting on her 
bed. He had dried himself and had a towel around his 
waist. "Is it okay if I have a lie down?" He asked her. 
"Pete said it would be okay."

She knew that she should say 'no'. She knew that should 
tell him to go but she couldn't bring herself to do it. 
She wanted him. "Yes." She told him.

Suddenly his hand reached out and took hold of hers; 
gently but firmly he took hold of it and looked her in 
the eyes. "I know that it is embarrassing for you but 
your husband has asked me to fuck you."

She nodded. "Yes I know," she said softly trying to 
avoid his gaze.

"But first I would like to take your panties down and 
give you a spanking before fucking you." He told her. 
"And I think you would like that too wouldn't you Beth?"

She turned away and tried to pull her hand away.

"It's no use being in denial Beth," he said. "I know all 
about you. Pete and I have talked for hours and hours 
about you. I know exactly what you want and you know 
what I need Beth, don't you."

She said nothing.

As quickly as he had taken her hand he let it go again 
but both of his hands reached quickly out for the side 
of her skirt. He was so quick that her buttons were 
already undone before she could do anything. "It's no 
use struggling Beth." He told her as her skirt started 
to slide down to the ground.

It had hardly touched the floor when he hands were on 
the waistband of her white panties. "That's a good 
girl," he said, as he slid them over her hips.

Moments later she found herself standing in front of him 
naked from the waist down.

"Now Beth," he said. "Pete tells me you have been a very 
naughty girl. A very dirty girl was well." He added as 
his fingers touched her mound.

She said nothing as she stood there and let him stroke 
her mound.

"I am very disappointed though Beth." He suddenly told 

"Disappointed? Why?"

"Pete told me you shaved your cunt. He used to tell me 
how smooth it was and how pretty it looked without hair. 
I so love to see shaved cunt and I was so looking 
forward to seeing yours." He told her as he ran his 
fingers through her tight curls.

"S-sorry." She found herself saying apologetically. "I 
was letting it grow back until he came home again."

It suddenly dawned on her that she was discussing 
intimate parts of her body with a complete stranger and 
she began to feel embarrassed.

"I want it shaved off now Beth." He told her.

She looked down at him. His eyes were piercing and there 
was a serious look on her face. She knew she should be 
telling him to go but she could not help herself from 
following his orders. "Sorry. Yes." She told him.

Moments later she was in the bathroom with one foot 
resting on the edge of the bath soaping her mound ready 
for the razor. As she ran the razor blade across herself 
she noticed he was standing there watching her. She 
looked up at him and her eyes fell on the thick brown 
leather belt in his hand. It was doubled and gripped 
tightly ready for use. It looked threatening and so did 
his cock. It was fully erect now, long and thick with 
veins bulging. It looked angry. She felt her legs wobble 
as she realised it was for her; it was waiting for her; 
waiting to get inside her; waiting to penetrate her 

"Don't be long," he said.

He was rushing her now; there was desperation ion his 
voice. She gulped as she continued to strip her mound of 
all hair. No man had wanted her like this before. She 
felt afraid; wondering what exactly was in store for 
her. Was he just going to fuck her or was he going to 
beat her and fuck her? Her legs wobbled again not just 
in fear but also with sexual excitement.

He stood watching her for over five minutes; watching 
her remove every shred of hair. When she had rinsed 
herself down with the shower hose he came up to her and 
examined her for himself. His fingers ran over her mound 
and then between her swollen lips. "That will do," he 
said. "Now get your top off and get in the bedroom."

It had been a long time since Pete had ordered her to 
her bed to fuck her; she had been so excited then. She 
was more excited now. This was not Pete; this was not 
her husband but a man she had met less than half an hour 

He was waiting by the edge of the bed when she came back 
into the room; standing there at her husband's side of 
the bed waiting with the belt in his hand and his cock 
firmly erect. She stood in front of him with her head 
slightly bowed as he spoke. He was much taller than her 
and she felt so small in his presence. "You know I have 
to thrash you don't you Beth?"

"Yes," she responded softly, still not looking up at 

"Six strokes of the belt for being a dirty and 
disobedient girl," he said. "And then you are going to 
open your legs nice and wide for me Beth, just like a 
whore, so I can fuck you."

"Yes," she sighed as she felt her legs giving away 

"Bend over the bed Beth."

She brushed past him to lie across the bed and his cock 
touched her; touched her side; touched her flesh. She 
wanted to take it in her hand; she wanted to caress it; 
wanted to kneel and take it in her mouth. She wanted to 
worship it but instead she did as he had ordered and lay 
on her stomach across the bed with her legs dangling 
over the side and feet touching the floor.

She had done this before for Pete; lain across the bed 
for him to spank her; lain across the bed for a few 
slaps of his hand on the soft flesh of her bottom. She 
had loved every moment of it; loved the pain and the 
humiliation of it all but this was going to be 
different. She knew that. This would not be soft hand 
slaps; this would be hard strokes of the belt; hard and 
painful strokes, hard humiliating strokes as a prelude 
to being fucked like a whore.

He knelt on the edge of the bed with one knee and placed 
his left hand on the centre of her back to hold her down 
firmly. She glanced up at the dressing table mirror just 
in time to see his raised hand bring the belt firmly 
down on her bottom. She cried out; she yelled; she 
sobbed and she pleaded with each stroke but he did not 
stop. He did not hold back; he gave her six hard strokes 
of his leather belt.

Her bottom stung and she sobbed but she still turned 
over when he had finished and opened her legs wide for 
him. As he positioned himself between her thighs she 
looked up at him and swore. "Bastard!" She yelled.

He said nothing but smiled; smiled as he pushed the huge 
bulbous head of his cock against her cunt lips and 
smiled again as he gave a heavy thrust of his hips. Beth 
cried out and found herself automatically wrapping her 
arms around his shoulders and her thighs around his 
waist. She had never felt anything so long and thick 
inside her before but it did not hurt her; Beth had been 
well lubricated even before she had rolled over on her 
back for him.

Their fuck was fast and furious; he wasn't interested in 
her satisfaction; he wasn't interested in waiting to 
ensure she came as well; he couldn't care less whether 
she climaxed or not. Steve reached under her bottom with 
his hands and pulled her tightly against him and began 
to pound away at her.

But Beth did also not want a long drawn out fuck; she 
wanted to feel his thick manhood satisfying itself 
inside her. She had her legs wrapped around a beast; a 
beast who had just beaten her; a beast who had called 
her a whore; a beast who was treating her as an object 
of self-satisfaction. Her pleasure alone would have been 
sufficient in just that but when he kept calling her a 
whore and telling her to move her ass as his pounding 
got heavier and faster she was ready for him. As he gave 
one long groan as his cum gushed from him deep inside 
her she climaxed.

It was some time later before she managed to compose 
herself and get her breath back. She lay with her head 
resting on his shoulder, a thigh intertwined with his 
and her arm around waist. She could not remember the 
last time she had ever felt this satisfied. She could 
still feel her bottom stinging; she could still sense 
the stretching of her vagina but she could also feel his 
cum oozing from her. She felt like a woman again; she 
felt like a woman who had at long last been satisfied by 
a man.

"I wasn't too rough on you was I?" He asked her quietly.

She looked up at him and smiled. "Was that roughness?" 
She asked him as she kissed him.

He smiled.

"It was just what I needed thank you." She told him as 
she settled back against his strong shoulders.

"I have waited a long time for that," he said. "A fuck I 

"Well I hope you are not going to leave it at that." She 

"Well I was hoping to stay the night and come back again 
on my last night of leave." He told her.

Beth felt disappointed.

"You have somewhere else to go?" She asked.

"Well I was planning to see my parents for a few days 
but Pete and I only agreed to two nights."

She ran her hand down to his groin. He was wet and 
sticky from their juices but she felt his soft flesh 
beginning to stir. "And in between seeing your parents?"

"See a few mates," he replied. "Not really thought about 

She continued to stroke him and he continued to stiffen. 
"Thought you might really like to help Pete out and look 
after me properly." She said as she reached up and 
kissed him.

He returned her kiss and his cock stiffened even more. 
"I would love to." He told her. "But we agreed on just 
two nights."

He was fully erect now and ready to fuck again and she 
mounted him. She sank down upon his cock filling herself 
once again, stretching her vagina once more. "Well if 
that's the best you can do." She whispered in his ear 
before kissing him.

"I do want more but..." he responded.

She began to move slowly up and down on his manhood. 
"Just two nights of fucking me when you could be fucking 
me for a whole fortnight," she whispered. "Two weeks of 
having your own personal whore instead of two nights." 
She added as she kissed him.

He groaned and thrust into her letting her know he was 
succumbing to her invitation. "I am sure that you could 
teach me such a lot as well," she said softly as she 
increased her rhythm. "You are so much bigger than Pete; 
so much better than him and I bet you could show me lots 

He groaned again and began to meet her thrusts. "That's 
it Steve fill your pussy; fill your cunt."

"Yes! yes!" He called out as she moved up and down on 

She kissed him as they surrendered themselves to each 
other and continued long into a session of mutual 


Steve was still there the following night when Pete 
called. They were sat up in bed together relaxing after 
another long session of sex.

"Did you get your pressies?" He asked her nervously.

"Hmmm. Thank you darling," she said. "I am actually 
wearing them now."

"Ooooooh!" he replied.

"And Steve?"

"Yes." She replied. "He is the best present ever."


"Yes. He is still here." She told him.

There was silence for a moment. "We... we, agreed on 
just the first and last nights." He told her.

"Yes I know Darling," she replied as she reached with 
her free hand and took hold of Steve's erection. "But I 
thought it was such a shame to leave so early."

Pete was silent again for a moment. "Is he there now?"

"Yes," she said. "Right beside me in bed."

His sigh was quite audible.

"Well it is something we have talked about isn't it?" 
She said to him.

"Yes I know but..."

"He will have lots to tell you about when he gets back 
and I will soon have some pictures for you." She told 

"What sort of pictures?" He asked, already knowing what 
he was likely to get.

"Well I thought one of me in those nice stockings you 
bought for me and a very special one for you." She 

"A special one?"

"You will see later tonight when I email it to your 
mobile." She told him.

There was a long silence before he spoke again. "I-I... 
look forward to it."

Half an hour later she lay back on her bed with her 
thighs apart. Steve's dog tags were resting on her mound 
and his cum was slowly trickling from her freshly fucked 
pussy. Steve held her mobile phone in his hand adjusting 
and focusing its camera on her open thighs. "Say 
cheese," he said.

Beth giggled from behind the pillow that covered her 
head as the camera clicked away.

Sunday, 21 August 2016


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Malam minggu ia menginap dan tidak ada kejadian yg spesial kecuali kami mengobrol sampai malam dan ia menyiapkan makanan/minumanku. Sampai saat itu belum terlintas apa2 dalam pikiranku. Namun ketika ia selesai mencuci piring dan melintas di depanku yaitu antara aku dan televisi yg sedang aku tonton ia berhenti untuk melihat acara televisi sejenak.

Saat itu aku melihat silhuote tubuhnya di balik daster katunnya yang agak tipis diterobos cahaya monitor televisi. Saat itulah pikiranku mulai mengkhayalkan yang tidak2. Maklum aku jauh dari istri dan kalau ngesekspun dengan orang lain juga kadang2 (aku pernah ngeseks dengan PSK yg agak elit dan beberapa mahasiswi tapi frekuensinya jarang krn biaya tinggi).

Saat itu ia saya suruh duduk dekat saya utk nonton TV bersama2. Kami pun ngobrol ngalor ngidul sampai malam dan ia pun pamit utk tidur.

Malam Seninnya juga tidak terjadi apa2 kecuali saat ngobrol sudah mulai bersifat pribadi tentang masalah-masalahnya seperti anaknya yg perlu uang sekolah dan lainnya. Aku katakan bahwa aku akan bantu sedikit keuangannya dan iapun berterima kasih berkali2 dan mengatakan sangat berhutang budi padaku.

Senin paginya ia kuantar ke balai pelatihan tersebut dan dengan membawakan kopernya saya ikut masuk ke kamarnya yang mestinya bisa untuk 6 orang. Dengan menginapnya ia di sana, maka buyarlah angan2 erotisku pd dirinya dan akupun terus ke kantorku utk kerja seperti biasa.

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Namun pada sore hari aku menerima telpon yang ternyata dari nenek mudaku tersebut. Ia mengatakan bahwa agak ragu2 menginap di balai pelatihan tersebut krn ternyata semua teman2 perempuannya tidak menginap di situ, tapi di rumah familinya masing2 yg ada di kota ini sehingga di kamar yg cukup utk 6 orang itu ia tinggal sendiri kecuali jam istirahat siang baru beberapa rekan perempuannya ikut istirahat di situ.

Dgn bersemangat aku menawarkan ia menginap di rumah lagi sambil melontarkan kekhawatiranku kalau ia sendiri di situ (sekedar akting). Ia terima tawaranku dan aku berjanji akan menjemput dia sepulang kantor.

Akhirnya iapun menginap di rumahku dan rencananya akan sampai sebulan sampai pelatihan selesai. Angan2ku kembali melambung namun aku masih tdk berani apa2 mengingat penampilannya yg sdh sangat keibuan, kedudukannya dalam kekerabatan kami yg terhitung nenek saya, dan sehari2nya kalau keluar rumah pakai kerudung (tapi bukan jilbab).

Aku betul2 memeras otak namun tdk pernah ketemu bagaimana cara bisa menyetubuhinya tanpa ada resiko penolakan. Aku sedikit melakukan pendekatan yg halus. Sekedar utk memberi perhatian dan sedikit akal bulus sempat aku belikan ia baju dan daster.

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Utk daster aku pilihkan ia yg cenderung tipis dan model you can see. Hampir setiap malam ia aku ajak keluar makan malam atau belanja (walupun pernah ia sekali menolak dgn alasan capek). Kalau ada kesempatan aku kadang2 mendempetkan badanku ke badannya bila lagi jalan kaki bersama atau duduk makan berdua di rumah makan.

Aku juga sering keluar kamar mandi (kamar mandi di rumahku ada di luar kamar tidur) dgn hanya melilitkan handuk di badan. Selain itu aku juga kadang menyapa dan memujinyaa sambil memegang salah satu atau kedua pundaknya bila ia memasak sarapan pagi di dapur.

Dari semua itu saya belum bisa menangkap apakah responnya positif terhadap aku. Dan setelah hampir 1 minggu, yaitu pada hari Sabtu pagi iapun pamit pulang ke kotanya untuk menengok anaknya yg agak sakit dan akan kembali minggu malamnya. Iapun pulang dan aku yg sendirian di rumah akhirnya juga keluar kota ke kota kelahiranku yg jaraknya cuma 1 jam dr kota tinggalku utk main2 dgn teman2 masa SMAku serta silaturahmi ke rumah orang tuaku.

Saat bertemu teman2 lamaku aku agak banyak minum bir dan waktu tidurku agak kurang. Sore menjelang Maghirib akupun pulang ke kota di mana aku tinggal, terlintas sebuah rencana utk menggauli nenek mudaku yg saya perkirakan akan lebih duluan sampai di rumahku (ia kukasihkan kunci duplikat rumah utk antisipasi seandainya aku tdk ada dirumah bila ia datang).

Sayapun sampai di rumah dan memang benar ia sudah ada di rumah. Ia bertanya kepadaku kenapa aku pucat dan keringatan dan saat ia pegang dahi dan tanganku ia bilang agak hangat (mugkin krn pengaruh begadang).

Aku hanya berkomentar bhw aku mau cerita tapi tdk enak dan minta agar malam ini makan malam di rumah saja krn aku tdk enak badan. Ia tdk keberatan dan tanya aku mau makan apa, aku bilang aku cuma mau makan indomie telur dan iapun setuju. Seperti kebiasaannya ia selalu buatkan aku kopi dan teh utk dirinya, tak terkecuali malam itu.

Melihat aku masih pucat ia menawarkan obat flu tapi aku bilang aku tdk flu dan tdk bisa cerita sambil pergi dengan pura2 sempoyongan ke kamarku dan bilang aku mau istirahat. Aku masuk kamar dan membuka baju dan berbaring di tempat tidur dgn hanya pakai celana pendek.

Iapun menyusulku ke kamarku dan dgn iba bertanya kenapa dan apa yg bisa ia bantu. Dalam hatiku aku mulai tersenyum dan mulai melihat suatu peluang.

Ia bahkan menawarkan utk memijat atau mengerik punggungku, tapi aku mau langsung ke sasaran saja dengan mempersiapkan sebuah cerita rekayasa.

Akhirnya aku menatap ia dan menanyakan apakah ia mau tau kenapa aku begini dan mau menolong saya. Ia segera menjawab bahwa ia akan senang sekali bisa menolong saya krn saya sudah banyak membantunya.

Iapun kusuruh duduk di tempat tidur dan dengan memasang mimik serius dan memelas sambil memegang salah satu tangannya akupun bercerita. Aku karang cerita bhw aku baru saja kumpul2 sama teman2ku waktu ke luar kota tadi sore.Cerpen Sex

Terus ada salah satu temanku yg bawa obat perangsang yg aku kira adalah obat suplemen penyegar badan. Karena tdk tau, obat itu aku minum dan skrg efeknya jadi begini di mana aku kepingin ML dgn perempuan.

Aku karang cerita bhw bila tdk tersalur itu akan membahayakan kesehatanku sementara istriku tdk ada di sini. Aku juga mengarang cerita bhw aku sudah mengupayakan onani tapi tdk berhasil dan tdk mungkin aku mencari PSK krn tdk biasa. Aku katakan bhw dgn terpaksa dan berat hati aku mengajak ia bersedia utk ML denganku utk kepentingan kesehatanku.

Mendengar ceritaku ia terdiam dan menundukkan wajahnya, tapi salah satu tangannya tetap kupegang sambil kubelai dengan lembut.

Melihat itu, aku lanjutkan dgn berkata bhw kalau ia tdk bersedia agar tdk usah memaksakan diri dan aku mohon maaf dgn sikapku krn ini pengaruh obat perangsang yg terminum olehku.

Selain itu kusampaikan bahwa biarlah kutanggung akibat kesalahan minum obat tersebut dan aku katakan lagi bhw aku sadar kalau permintaanku itu tdk pantas tapi aku tdk bisa melihat jalan keluar lain sambil minta ia memikirkan solusi selain yg kutawarkan.

Ia tetap diam, namun kurasakan bhw nafasnya mulai memburu dan dengan lirih ia berkata apa aku benar2 mau ML sama dia padahal ia merasa ia sudah agak tua, tdk terlalu cantik, agak sedikit gemuk dan berasal dari kampung.

Aku jawab bahwa ia masih menarik, namun yg penting aku harus menyalurkan hasratku. Ia diam lagi dan aku duduk dikasur sambil tanganku merangkul dan membelai pundaknya yg terbuka karena dasternya model you can see.

Kulitnya terasa masih halus dan sedikit kuremas pundaknya yg agak lunak dagingnya. Mukanya pucat dan bersemu merah berganti2, ia juga terlihat gelisah.

Sedikit lama situasi seperti itu terjadi tapi aku tdk tau entah berapa lama, sampai aku mengulang pertanyaanku kembali (walaupun aku sudah yakin ia tdk akan menolak) dan akhirnya ada suara pelan dan lirih dari mulutnya.

Aku tdk tau apa yg ia katakan tapi instingku mengatakan itu tanda persetujuan dan dengan pelan aku dekatkan mukaku ke wajahnya. Mula2 aku cium dahinya, setelah itu mulutku menuju pipinya. Ia hanya memejamkan mata, namun gerakan wajahnya yg sedikit maju sudah menjadi isyarat bhw ia tdk keberatan.

Sedikit lama aku mencium kedua pipinya dan aku sejenak mencium hidungnya (di situ kurasakan desah nafasnya agak memburu) lalu akhirnya aku mencium bibirnya yg sudah agak terbuka sejak tadi. Sambil melakukan itu kedua tanganku juga beraksi dengan halus.

Tangan kananku merangkulnya melewati belakang kepalanya kadang di bahu kanannya dan kadang di tengkuknya di belakang rambutnya yg terurai. Sedang tangan kiriku merangkul punggungnya dan mengusap paha kanannya secara bergantian.

Ciuman bibir mulai kuintensifkan dengan memasukan lidahku ke mulutnya. Ia gelagapan namun tangan kananku memegang tengkuknya untuk meredam gerakan kepalanya. Ternyata ia tidak biasa dicium dgn memasukan lidah ke mulut yg kelak baru saya ketahui belakangan.

Tangan kiriku terus bergerilya, aku menarik bagian bawah dasternya yg ia duduki agar tangan kiriku bisa masuk ke sela2 antara daster dan punggungnya. Berhasil, tanganku mengusap punggungnya yg halus namun masih kurasakan tali BH nya di situ.

Dengan pelan2 kubuka tali BH nya. Terasa ada sedikit perlawanan dari dia dengan menggerak2an punggungnya sedikit. Iapun hampir melepaskan mulutnya dari mulutku. Namun bibirku terus mengunci bibirnnya dan tugas tangan kiriku membuka pengait BH nya dibelakan sudah terlaksana.

Tangan kananku langsung berpindah dengan menyelinap di balik daster bagian depan dan menuju BH nya yg sudah terbuka. Aku biarkan BH tsb dan tangan kananku menyelinap di antara BH dan payudaranya.

Aku elus2 dan cubit2 pelan payudara di sekitar putingnya beberapa saat sebelum akhirnya menuju puting sampai akhirnya payudara yang memang sudah tidak terlalu kencang tapi cukup besar itu kuremas2 bergantian kiri dan kanan.

Saat itu mulutnya menggigit bibirku, aku terkaget2, dan dengan cepat kutanggalkan daster dan BHnya dan ia kutelentangkan dikasurku. Ia rebah di kasurku dengan hanya mengenakan celana dalam yg sudah tua dan sedikit lubangnya di bagian selangkangannya.

Aku langsung menggumulinya dengan mulutku langsung menuju mulutnya. Ia sempat melenguhkan suara yg sepertinya menyebut namaku.

Aku tidak peduli. Mulutku bergeser ke lehernya dan kudengar ia berkata dgn tidak jelas …. ?aduh kenapa kita jadi begini??.

Aku tdk peduli dan mulutkupun bergeser ke payudaranya secara bergantion. Akhirnya suaranya yg awalnya seperti keberatan menjadi berganti dengan lenguhan dan desahan yg lirih.

Aku bangkit dr badannya sejenak utk melepaskan celanaku sampai akupun telanjang bulat. Kulihat ia sedikit kaget dan matanya terbuka melihatku seolah2 tak rela aku melepaskan tubuhnya. Namun secepat kilat setelah aku telanjang bulat aku kembali menggumulinya dan melumat bibirnya habis2an.

Kedua tanganku merangkulnya dengan memegang erat bahu dan belakang kepalanya. Kupeluk ia erat2 dan iapun membalas ciuman bibirku dengan hangat bahkan liar. Matanya terpejam dan kedua tangannyapun memeluk diriku dan kadang megusap punggungku.

Mulutku beralih ke payudaranya. Sekarang aku baru bisa melihat jelas bentuk payudara dan tubuhnya yg lain. Memang bukan bentuk yg ideal sebagaimana umumnya diceritakan di cerita2 saru lainnya. Payudaranya memang besar (aku tidak tau ukurannya) tapi sedikit turun dan tdk kencang.

Tubuhnya masih proporsional walaupun cenderung gemuk dengan adanya lipatan2 lemak di pinggangnya dan perut yg kendur karena bekas melahirkan (mungkin), namun kulitnya begitu halus. Mulutku lalu melumat puting payudaranya yg kiri dan tangan kiriku meremas payudara yg kanan.

Sedang tangan kananku bergerilya ke selangkangannya dan mengusap2 bagian yg masih terbungkus celana dalam tersebut.

Jari2 tanganku menemukan lubang pada robekan celana dalamnya yg sudah tua sehingga jari2ku tsb bisa mengakses ke bagian selangkangannya yang mulai lembab pd rambutnya yg kurasakan cukup lebat.

Jari2 kananku memainkan klitorisnya dan kadang2 kumasukkan ke dalam lubangnya sambil menggesaek2annya. Kurasakan desahan dan lenguhannya sedikit lebih keras menceracau. Sekilas kulihat kepalanya bergoyang ke kiri dan ke kanan dengan pelan tapi mulai liar.

Tangan kirinya dia angkat sehingga jarinya ada didekat telinga kirinya sambil meremas2 seprai dan ujung bantal tidak karuan. Tangan kanannya mengusap kepala dan menarik2 rambutku.

Akupun mulai tdk bisa menahan diri lagi karena penisku sudah berdiri tegak sejak tadi. Ukuran penisku biasa2 saja (sebetulnya aku agak heran dgn ceritaa erotis yg bilang sampai 20 cm, aku tdk pernah mengukur sendiri).

Kutarik celana dalamnya sampai lepas. Kemudian aku melepaskan tubuhnya dan mengambil posisi di antara dua pahanya.

Waktu kulepas tubuhnya sejenak tadi ia sempat tersetak dan matanya terbuka seolah2 bertanya kenapa. Tapi begitu melihat aku sudah dalam posisi siap mengeksekusi dirinya iapun mulai memejamkan matanya lagi.Cerpen Sex

Sambil kuremas2 payudaranya sebelum memasukan rudalku ke liangnya aku sedikit berbasa basi dan menanyakan apa ia ikhlas aku setubuhi malam ini. Dengan lirih ia mempersilakan dan bibirnya sedikit tersenyum.

Kedua tangannya menarik badanku dan akupun mulai memasukkan penisku ke lubangnya. Walaupun sudah lembab dan ia pernah melahirkan, ternayata aku tdk bisa langsunga memasukkan penisku. Sampai2 tangan wanita yg telah lama menjanda dan kehidupan sehari2nya begitu kolot ini ikut membantu mengarahkan rudalku ke lubangnya.

Rupanya nafsunya sudah membuat ia terlupa. Di luar terdengar hujan mulai turun dengan lebat menambah liarnya suasana di kamarku dan pintu kamarku masih terbuka krn aku yakin tdk ada siapa2 lagi di rumah tipe 60 milik orang tuaku ini.

Ujung rudalku mencoba merangsek kelubangnya scr pelan2 dgn gerakan maju mundur dan kadang2 berputar di area mulut lubangnya. Tidak terlalu lama rudalku mulai menembus liang senggamanya. Kepalanya bergerak ke kiri dan kanan.

Matanya merem dan kadang setengah terbuka. Tangannya ke sana kemari kadang meremas seprai dan ujung bantal, kadang meremas rambutku dan kadang mengusap punggung dan bahkan mencakar punggung atau dadaku.

Pinggulnya kadang menyentak maju menuju rudalku seolah2 sangat ingin agar rudalku segera masuk. Akhirnya rudalku yg sudah masuk sepertiganya ke liang senggamanya kucabut tiba2. Terlihat ia kaget dan membuka matanya.

Ia memanggil namaku dengan suara yg sudah dikuasai birahi dan bertanya ada apa. Namun sebelum selesai pertanyaannya aku langsung dengan cepat dan sedikit tekanan menghujamkan rudalku ke liangnya yg walaupun sedikit seret tapi akhirnya bisa masuk seluruhnya ke dalam lubangnya dan aku memeluknya dengan mukaku begitu dekat dengan mukanya sambil menatap wajahnya yg penuh kepasrahan namun juga dikuasai birahi yg kuat.

Ia tersentak dan melenguh keras ………….. aaaaaaaahh …. sejenak aku mendiamkannya dengan posisi seperti itu. Ia mencoba menggerakkan pinggulnya maju dan mundur dengan ruang gerak yg terbatas.

Aku pun mulai menggerakkan pinggulku ke belakang dan ke depan dengan gerakan pelan tapi pasti. Tanganku mulai mempermainkan kedua payudaranya dengan liar. Ia menceracau dan terus mendesah dan pinggulnya mencoba utk membawa diriku menggoyangnya lebih cepat lagi.

Entah beberapa kali namaku ia sebut. Ia juga menceracau ia sayang dan mencintaiku. Dan aku yg sudah terbawa gelombang birahipun tidak memanggil ia ?bibi? lagi (ia sebetulnya terhitung nenekku, namun krn usianya tdk terlalu tua maka ia sering dipanggil bibi). Ya … dalam keadaan birahi tsb aku juga kadang menceracau memanggil namanya saja. Seperti tdk ada perbedaan usia dan kedudukan di antara kami.

Entah berapa lama aku menggoyangnya dengan gerakan yang sedang2 saja, tiba2 kedua tangannya merangkul tubuhku utk lebih merapat dengan dia. Aku pun melepaskan payudaranya dan juga akan merangkul tubuhnya.

Kurasakan betapa lunak dan empuk tubuhnya yg agak gemuk dan memang sudah tidak terlalu sexy itu ketika kudekap. Semua bagian tubuhnya tidak ada yg kencang lagi.

Namun kelunakan tubuhnya dan kehalusan kulitnya ditambah pertemuan dan gesekan antara kulit dadaku dgn kedua payudaranya membawa sensasi yg luar biasa bagi diriku. Irama gerakan pinggulku dan pinggulnya tetap stabil.

Tiba2 ia mendesah dengan suara yg agak berbeda dan kedua matanya memejam rapat2. Ia mempererat dekapannya dan mengangkat pinggulnya agar selangkangannya lebih rapat dengan selangkanganku.

Setelah itu kedua kakinya mencoba mengkait kedua kakiku. Gerakan bibir dan raut mukanya menunjukan kelelahan tercampur dengan kenikmatan yg amat sangat. Rupanya ia sudah orgasme. Ia membuka matanya dan wajahnya ia dekatkan ke wajahku sambil bibirnya terbuka dan memperlihatkan isyarat utk minta aku cium.

Bibirkupun menyambar bibirnya dan saling melumat. Ketika lidahku masuk kemulutnya, ternyata ia sudah bisa mengimbangi walaupun dengan terengah2.

Terbayang reaksinya waktu orgasme tadi maka gairahku menjadi meningkat. Walaupun tau ia sudah orgasme beberapa saat setelah itu aku mulai meningkatkan kecepatan irama gerakan pinggulku utk membawa rudalku menghujam2 liang senggamanya.

Walaupun sambil berciuman aku tetap mempercepat gerakan pinggulku. Awalnya pinggulnya mencoba mengikuti gerakan pinggulku. Namun tiba2 ia melepaskan mulutku dan kepalanya bergerak kekiri dan diam dengan posisi miring ke kiri sehingga aku hanya bisa mencium pipi kanannya.

Matanya merem melek. Dekapan tangannya ketubuhkupun ia lepaskan dan ia angkat ke atas sehingga jari2 kedua tangannya hanya meremas2 seprai di atas kepalanya. Kedua kakinya berubah gerakan menjadi mengangkang dengan seluas2nya.

Aku jadi mempecepat gerakan pinggulku. Bahkan gerakan rudalku menjadi lebih ganas yaitu saat aku memundurkan pinggulku maka rudal keluar seluruhnya sampai di depan mulut liang senggamanya namun secepat kilat masuk lagi ke dalam lubangnya dan begitu seterusnya namun tdk pernah meleset.

Tangan kiriku kembali meraba payu daranya dan kadang2 ke klitorisnya. Ia menceracau dan kali ini tidak menyebut namaku namun berkali bilang ?aduh …. ampun … sayang …? atau ?kasian aku sayang? dan bahkan ia bilang sudah tidak tahan lagi. Namun aku tau ia terbawa kenikmatan yg luar biasa yang sekian tahun tidak pernah ia rasakan. Malam dingin dan AC di kamarku tdk bisa menahan keluarnya keringat di tubuh kami.

Tiba2 kembali ia melenguh, kali ini lebih keras dan mulutnya maju mencari bibirku. Ya, ia kembali orgasme. Aku tidak menghiraukan mulutnya namun lebih berkosentrasi utk mempercepat gerakan pantatku sambil aku putar.

Putus asa ia mencoba mencium bibirku ia rebah kembali, namun pd saat itu akupun mencapai puncaknya dan rudalku menyemburkan sperma yang banyak ke liang senggamanya. Sementara liang senggamanya berdenyut menerima sperma hangatku.

Aku terkulai di atas tubuhnya dengan rudalku masih di dalam liang senggamanya. Kami berpelkan dgn sangat erat seolah2 tubuh kami ingin menjadi satu. Kami berciuman dan saling membelai.

Berkali2 kami saling mengucapkan sayang. Iapun mengungkapkan betapa bahagianya ia krn selain bisa menolongku menyalurkan libidoku, juga ia merasa terpuaskan kebutuhan yang tdk pernah ia rasakan sekian tahu.

Apalagi ketika setelah itu ia semapat bercerita betapa almarhum suaminya begitu kolot dalam bercinta dan sekedar mengeluarkan sperma saja. Ia baru tau bahwa bercinta dengan laki2 dapat lebih nikmat dibanding yg pernah ia rasakan.

Kami tertidur sambil berpelukan. Paginya ketika terbangun jam 8 pagi kami bercinta lagi dengan sebelumnya menelpon ke tempat diklatnya utk memberitahukan bahwa ia tdk enak badan. Ia adalah tipe wanina yg juga agak kolot.Cerpen Sex

Beberapa variasi ia lakukan dgn kikuk. Ia sering tdk bersedia bila vaginanya aku oral dgn alasan tdk sampai hati melihat aku yg banyak menolongnya mengoral vaginanya. Tapi ia mau mengoral penisku kadang2. Biasanya ia mau kalau ia sudah tdk bisa mengimbangi permainanku sedang aku masih mau bercinta.

Selama sebulan ia tinggal di rumahku dan kami sudah seperti suami istri …. bahkan percintaan kami sering lebih panas. 2 hari setelah percintaan kami yg pertama aku malah sempat mengantar ia ke dokter utk pasang spiral agar tdk terjadi hal2 yg tdk diinginkan.

Hal yg kusuka darinya adalah ia ternyata pandai menyembunyikan hubungan kami. Jadi bila ada tamu atau famili datang ke rumahku, sikap kami biasa2 saja.

Memang aku sempat mendoktrin dia bhw hubungan kami ini adalah hubungan terlarang, namun krn awalnya menolongku maka tdk apa2 dilanjutkan krn ia harus mengerti dgn kebutuhanku sbg laki2 drpd aku kena penyakit bercinta di luaran maka ia tdk perlu tanggung2 menolongku.

Selain itu hal yg kusukai dr dia adalah sikapnya yg berbakti kepadaku bila kami berdua saja. Hampir semua permintaanku mau ia terima selama ia anggap permainan normal. Ia bilang itu ia lakukan krn aku banyak menolongnya.

Kadang2 aku memutarkan kaset video BF utk memperlihatkan beberapa variasi padanya. Aku bahkan sempat melakukan penetrasi di anusnya. Sebetulnya kesediaannya utk disodomi itu dilakukan dgn terpaksa krn pd saat kami melakukan foreplay ternyata ia menstruasi.

Melihat aku sudah di puncak birahi ia mencoba melakukannya dengan tangan dan mulut tapi tdk berhasil krn ia mmg tdk terlalu lihay. Akhirnya dengan dibantu hand body cream maka anusnya lah yg jadi sasaranku.

Sebetulnya aku kasian juga melihat ia menitikan airmata waktu aku mulai menusukan rudalku ke anusnya. Tapi karena aku sudah berada di ujung kenikmatan maka aku tetap melakukannya.

Krn di rumah hanya kami berdua maka kami melakukannya di mana saja, bisa di kamar mandi, bisa di depan TV, dan lainnya.

Hal yg paling mengesankan adalah suatu hari pada saat saya pulang jam istirahat siang, ternyata iapun baru pulang juga utk istirahat di rumah krn ada informasi instrukturnya akan datang terlambat sekitar setengah atau satu jam.

Baca Juga Cerita Sex Tetangga Binal

Mendengar penyampaiannya itu aku langsung mutup pintu rumah dan menyergapnya. Aku baringkan ia di atas hambal di ruang tengah depan TV. Ia gelagapan dan berteriak2 senang sambil berpura2 protes.

Aku hanya menurunkan celana tidak sampai lepas dan iapun cuma kusingkapkan rok panjangnya dan melepaskan celana dalamnya. Baju PNS nya hanya kubuka kancingnya dan menarik BHnya ke atas. Kerudungnya aku biarkan terpasang.

Sehingga kamu bercinta dgn tdk sepenuhnya telanjang. Mungkin krn agak tegang permainan kami menjadi lebih lama dr permainan biasanya. Akhirnya kami istirahat di rumah dengan hanya makan nasi dan telur dadar krn waktu istirahat tersita utk bercinta.

Pada saat ia kembali ke kotanya kami masih berhubungan sebulan 3-4 kali dalam sebulan. Namun setelah aku pindah ke kota lain hubungan kami jadi sangat jarang. Terakhir ia menikah lagi dengan seorang duda yang usianya 7 tahun lebih tua dari dia.

Itupun ia terima setelah aku yg mendorong utk menerimanya wkt ia menceritakan bhw ada orang yg mau melamarnya.

Demikianlah ceritaku. Sebetulnya sampai saat ia bersuamipun aku tau kalau aku datang kepada dirinya dan ia punya waktu maka ia akan bersedia melayaniku. Tunggu kisah selanjutnya dariku semoga tidak ada yang tersinggung dalam ceritaku diatas tadi.–

Saturday, 20 August 2016


It's funny how life's little opportunities present 
themselves, my best sexual opportunity of my life came 
out of the blue one night with an eleven o'clock 
telephone call from my son who was working away from 
home in France for a month.

Tim's mother and I split up when Tim was quite young 
and divorced several years ago, the last three years 
have been very dry for me sexually, you get very few 
opportunities once you're past fifty to get new 

My son was married to Sian, a petite little auburn 
haired woman of twenty five, when I first met Sian, Tim 
was 27, he had picked Sian up from school, she was 
under five foot tall, totally flat-chested and looked 
around thirteen or even younger, I couldn't believe it 
when Tim told me that she was actually seventeen. 

They married two years later and they had their first 
baby exactly nine months after their wedding, little 
Isabella, a little sweetie, her birth caused a massive 
change in Sian, she went from a thirty-two – a cup to a 
thirty-four – D in just nine months, Laura came along 
two years to the day after Isabella followed by William 
two years and three weeks after Laura, so they had a 
perfect little family although when William was fifteen 
months old Tim told me they were trying for another 
son, "Just to balance the family up!"

While Tim was working away he got into the habit of 
phoning Sian and the kids every night when he got in 
from work, it was eight o'clock in France so Seven 
o'clock in the UK, he got to say a few words to the 
girls before they went to bed and then a very short 
chat to Sian, well that was until the night in 

Tim phoned me at eleven o'clock at night, he had phoned 
Sian as usual but she had told him that the girls were 
already in bed sleeping, Tim caught a hint of 
excitement in Sian's voice which worried him slightly, 
well worried him enough to make him break his usual 
habit and phone back an hour later, he got no reply, so 
he phoned again an hour later and then again after 
another hour. Eventually he phoned me because he was a 
little worried, he told me where he kept a spare key 
and asked me to make the thirty-mile journey to his 
house to check if everything was OK.

I arrived just before midnight, Sian's car was parked 
too close to the end of the drive, if I had pulled in 
behind her my estate car would have blocked half of the 
pavement, not that too many people would be walking 
past after midnight but I decided to play it safe and 
put my car in the side street a few yards away. I 
knocked the door and rang the bell, there was a light 
on in the hallway which lit up the front door, there 
was no response. 

I made my way to the back of the house, knocked at the 
back door, again no response; I found the hidden key 
and let myself in through the back door. I checked the 
children's bedrooms, all the bed's were empty, I went 
to Sian and Tim's bedroom, again no one there, the 
light from the hall showed that the dressing table was 
covered in make-up, there were skimpy dresses hanging 
up on the back of the wardrobe door as if Sian was 
deciding what to wear, I made my way to the living 
room, I was about to ring Tim and tell him the house 
was empty when a set of car headlights lit up the dark 

I watched Sian stagger from the passenger side of the 
car, she was obviously drunk, staggering in five inch 
heals, I caught my breath, she wore a stunning little 
black cocktail dress, very low, square-cut front and 
about seven inches above her knee, with the bright red 
lipstick and blue eye shadow, I could see the tops of 
the hold-up stockings showing below the hem of her 
dress even when she was standing up straight. I was 
about to go and meet her at the front door until I saw 
the man step out of the drivers side of the car, he was 
over six foot tall, African or Afro-caribbean, he met 
her at the front door just as she dropped her keys, 
they kissed passionately before Sian stooped down to 
pick up her keys, I took the opportunity to change 

I moved quickly and quietly into the bedroom that Sian 
and Tim usually shared together, I closed the curtains 
and sat on the windowsill, I just hoped that Sian 
didn't remember leaving her curtains open when she went 
out, then a thought struck me, what if they didn't come 
into the bedroom, she may not have wanted to defile her 
marital bed with the man who had to bend down to get 
through the low doorways in my son's cottage.

I heard the argument. 

"I've changed the bed linen in here!" 

"No way, I don't want to do it in a single bed and all 
those stuffed toys will put me off!" 

"Well, how about the living room then?" 

"No way baby, you have a nice comfortable bed in there, 
come on!" 

They entered the bedroom. 

"Remember, you promised to use a condom, I'm just 
starting my dangerous period so I can't do it without!" 

"Just use the morning after pill tomorrow, I have a box 
full in my car!" 

"I can't do that, my husband and I are trying for 
another baby at the moment, you have to use a condom!"

"That dog won't hunt, I don't ruin my pleasure with an 
overcoat, my way or no way!"

I opened the curtain a fraction, Sian was already 
naked, it wasn't as if she had a lot on to start with, 
just the dress, a black lacy thong, the hold-ups and 
shoes, she still had on the hold up-s and shoes but for 
the rest she was totally naked, the black guy was just 
pulling his trousers down, he didn't so much have a 
cock as a flagpole down the front of his pants.

I waited for him to cover Sian's body with his own, he 
was aiming his cock at the promised land when I stepped 
out into the room. I was holding my mobile phone up to 
my eye and as soon as I stepped out into the room I 
pressed the camera button, the camera made a satisfying 
click-whir sound, the picture was perfect, petite 
alabaster coloured Sian covered by a coal black giant 
of a man.

In the ensuing confusion I managed to evict the naked 
black man, throwing his trousers and shirt out after 
him. When I returned to Sian's bedroom she had pulled 
on a dressing gown.

"Oh no, it's too late for that, get that dressing gown 
off right now!"

Sian looked confused, I turned the camera screen 
towards her.

"What do you think Tim will say to this?"

Sian looked very worried, even more worried when I 
started to flick through the contacts and Tim's number 
came up on the screen.

"You wouldn't, it'd destroy your son's family if he saw 

"Your family too, your cushy life here, it's up to you, 
all I want is what you were about to give to that 
nigger for free, and it won't matter if I get you 
pregnant, it will all be in the family as it were!"

I waited with my finger resting on the dial button.

"Well, what's the answer?"

Sian slipped the dressing gown off of her shoulders and 
was once again naked. I pressed the call button on my 

"Nothing to worry about Tim, just the phone pulled out 
of the wall socket, I'm going to get my head down on 
your sofa and go home in the morning!"

I turned the phone off and stripped naked; I made Sian 
suck my cock until I filled her mouth with cum, not 
that I particularly liked getting a blow job but it 
proved that Sian would do whatever it took to keep me 
happy. It also took the edge off of my appetite; it 
would mean that I would hold off my climax longer and 
have more fun inside of my daughter-in-law. 

As soon as I started to fuck Sian her breasts started 
to leak milk, Sian was still breastfeeding William even 
though he was fifteen months old, it turned out that 
she had been breast feeding constantly for five years, 
breaking one child of the breast only when the next was 
ready to go on it, her nipples were like leather but 
were also incredibly sensitive, when I started to 
suckle against her, drinking her milk, she went wild 
and began climaxing wildly almost tipping me over into 
my own climax before I was quite ready.

I needn't have worried too much though, after I finally 
climaxed, filling her pussy to the limit with my sperm 
she started sucking me again to get me back to full 
hardness ready for another go round. We fucked five 
times before I had to go back to my home town to work.


Over the next few weeks I fucked Sian about a hundred 
times, by the time Tim finished his French contract 
Sian was pregnant, she didn't tell Tim right away, she 
needed to fuck him a few times first, she left it a 
month before she told him, during that month. Every 
time my son Tim spent a night away from home I popped 
in to keep Sian from straying outside the family, 
Isabella, Laura and William also love having me around 
too, I even moved just around the corner from them all 
so I could be right there on the doorstep.

Sian told Tim that Victor was a month premature but Tim 
didn't believe her, he told me that he suspected 
something and I persuaded him to send of DNA samples of 
Victor and him, the results were as I expected, my DNA 
and Tim's was too close to show Tim that he wasn't the 

We're all living relatively happily now, Sian had a 
fifth baby, mine again, even though I'm almost thirty 
years older than Tim Sian much prefers to have sex with 
me than Tim and she is wearing me out, I'm sure that 
she will fuck me to death but what a way to go!

Friday, 19 August 2016


Selama suaminya tugas belajar di luar negeri maka
sekarang Deti Supandi harus mengendarai mobilnya sendiri
ke kantornya, sementara anaknya dititipkan kepada ibunya

yang tinggal tidak jauh dari kantornya. Sudah lebih dari
3 bulan suaminya tidak memberi kabar, ini membuat
kekuatiran bagi Deti, pernah ia menelpon tapi suaminya
sibuk kuliah.
Suatu hari mobil Deti mogok disaat karyawan lain sudah
pulang, untunglah Parno yang bertugas sebagai satpam
belum pulang dan atas bantuan Parno maka mobil Deti bisa

Suatu sore saat akan pulang, Parno menumpang di mobil
Deti, dan karena telah kenal baik maka Deti memberi
tumpangan padanya. Rumah Parno agak jauh juga di
pinggiran kota dan harus melewati tol.

Selama di perjalanan hati Parno berdebar-debar karena
sudah lama ia ingin dekat dengan Deti tapi belum ada
waktu bagi Deti, sambil berkelakar Parno memberanikan
diri untuk memegang paha Deti yang saat itu cuma memakai
rok yan! g tidak terlalu panjang. Deti agak tersentak,
maklum sambil menyetir ia dikejutkan oleh ulah Parno

“Eeeh… apa-apaan nich, kok gitu Noo.” kata Deti.
“Maaf Deti, saya sudah lama naksir kamu tapi gimana
lagi..” jawab Parno.
Deti memperlambat laju mobilnya dan menghentikan di
pinggir jalan itu dan marah kepada Parno.
“Parno… kalo gitu.. kamu turun saja di sini!” ancam
“Jangan begitu dong Dett.. saya tau kamu pasti butuh
laki-laki untuk mengisi kesepian kamu selama
ditinggalkan suamimu, kan suamimu jauh?” jawab Parno,
“Saya bersedia aja kalo kamu membutuhkan saya.” timpal

Memang ada benarnya juga perkataan Parno itu. Deti
berpikir. Tapi haruskah ia berselingkuh sedangkan
suaminya saat ini jauh? secara fisik Deti memang masih
cantik dan berumur 30 tahun, disaat libido seksnya
sangat butuh pelampiasan, meskipun sudah punya anak
berumur 3 tahun, ia masih cantik, seksi ditunjang dengan
kulit yang putih.

Memang akhir-akhir ini ia se! ring uring-uringan jikalau
nafsunya memuncak, akhirnya ia membiarkan Parno memegang
tangan dan meraba lubang sorganya, lalu meremas pahanya
serta mulutnya mengulum bibir tipisnya itu. Deti hanya
diam menunggu apa yang akan di lakukan Parno, akan
tetapi Parno sadar ia sedang berada di jalan, dengan
cepat ia mengambil alih stir mobil Deti dan melanjutkan
perjalanan ke rumahnya.

Sesampainya di rumah Parno yang sepi di kawasan
sawangan, Deti lalu dibawa ke kamarnya yang kosong dan
jorok, maklum sebagai satpam ia tidak sempat
bersih-bersih. Deti hanya diam menunggu dan membiarkan
Parno berkuasa atas dirinya. Parno membuka kemeja
dinasnya dan kembali mencium bibir Deti yang sudah
menanti untuk dikulum, dari bibir terus beralih ke leher
Deti yang jenjang, sementara tangan Parno sibuk meremas
payudara Deti yang terbungkus blus putih itu. Ia
menemukan dua bukit kembar Deti dan meremasnya, dengan
buas Parno membuka paksa blus Deti sehingga kelihatan
dada mulus yang ditutupi BH pi! nk Deti, sambil
menciumnya Parno berusaha membuka pengikat BH itu.
Sempat terlihat olehnya ukuran BH Deti yang 34B, namun
nafsu keduanya telah menguasai mereka.

Deti membalas perlakuan Parno itu dengan membuka celana
panjang Parno sehingga batang kemaluan Parno yang
panjang dan hitam itu terlihat ditutupi oleh CD warna
merah. Sambil membuka CD Parno, Deti terus meremas
batang kemaluan yang panjang itu dan ia membandingkan
dengan milik suaminya yang ukurannya tidak sepanjang dan
sebesar punya Parno.

Deti kemudian mengulumnya sehingga tidak muat di
mulutnya tapi ia berusaha untuk terus mengulumnya.
Sementara Parno asyik dengan menggigit payudara putih
itu dengan rakus dan posisi mereka saat itu membentuk
69. Parno mengorek-ngorek liang kewanitaan Deti dan
menjilat klitorisnya, ini membuat Deti tidak kuat untuk
bertahan dan ia langsung klimaks karena Parno pandai
membuat emosi Deti melambung. Sedangkan Parno belum juga
mencapai klimaks, maka ia memaksa Deti untuk te! rus
memperkuat tarikan mulutnya pada batang kejantanannya.

Kira-kira 10 menit kemudian, Parno menumpahkan air
maninya di mulut Deti, ini membuatnya kembali
bersemangat untuk kembali mengulang permainan. Bagaimana
pun Parno masih penasaran ingin mencoba liang kewanitaan
Deti yang merah jambu itu. Deti keberatan sebab ia tidak
mau hamil kalau Parno memasukkan batang kemaluannya, ia
hanya mau melakukan oral seks saja.

Parno terus berusaha untuk membangkitkan nafsu Deti
dengan kata-kata dan cumbuan, akhirnya Deti kembali
terbangkit birahinya dan Parno meletakkan bantalnya di
pinggul Deti supaya ia leluasa untuk memasuki tubuh
Deti, lalu dengan mesra Parno melebarkan paha Deti
dengan memegang kedua kaki jenjang itu dan membukanya
sehingga kelihatan isi kemaluan Deti yang di dalamnya
ada sejumput daging yang kalau dikorek-korek akan
menambah kenikmatan bersenggama. Kemudian dengan sedikit
dipaksakan karena Deti tidak bersedia, akhirnya dia
tidak bisa melarang namun Par! no harus mengeluarkan air
maninya di luar. Parno setuju dan dengan susah payah
batang kemaluan Parno itu masuk ke liang kewanitaan Deti
dengan sedikit meleset dan Deti sempat terpekik karena
sakit saat batang kejantanan Parno menembus liang
senggamanya yang masih sempit itu namun Parno terus saja
memaju-mundurkan batang kemaluannya.CerpenSex

Kira-kira 20 menit Parno berusaha untuk memuaskan Deti,
sedang Deti telah tiga kali mengalami orgasme namun bagi
Parno masih belum terasa, baru pada menit ke 20 ia
menumpahkan spermanya di dalam liang kewanitaan Deti
sebanyak-banyaknya, ia lupa dan saat itu yang ada dalam
dirinya hanya untuk kepuasan. Deti baru ingat, ia amat
takut hamil apalagi Parno tidaklah sepadan dengannya
serta jauh dibawah suaminya tapi karena ia telah mampu
memberikan kepuasan kepadanya Deti cuma bersiap-siap
untuk meminum pil anti hamil yang ia simpan di rumahnya.
Dengan sedikit tertatih-tatih, Deti mengenakan blus dan
rok kerjanya karena jam telah menunjukkan pukul! 12:00
malam, maka ia buru-buru pulang, ia lupa memakai CD dan
BH-nya maklum ia takut terlambat sampai di rumah, Deti
cuma sempat menelepon ibunya karena malam ini ia tidak
bisa menjemput putrinya, ia cuma ingin ke rumahnya saja.

Sesampainya di rumah, Deti langsung mandi dan tidur.
Masih terbayang olehnya kebuasan Parno saat
menggagahinya mulai dari caranya memegang kakinya dan
membuka pahanya sehingga ia merasa sensasi kepuasannya
telah disirami oleh Parno. Ia masih melihat adanya jejak
tangan Parno di paha putihnya saat Parno menggigit
pahanya karena gemas.

Setelah kejadian itu, hampir disetiap kesempatan Deti
selalu didesak oleh Parno untuk bersenggama baik di
rumah Parno maupun di rumah Deti. Kalau Deti tidak mau
maka Parno akan membongkar skandalnya dengan Deti karena
ia selalu memperlihatkan CD dan BH Deti yang tertinggal
saat ia bersenggama dan pada CD itu ada noda spermanya
dan cairan kewanitaan Deti, maklum saat itu ia sempat
mengelap spermanya di mulut ! rahim Deti. Deti tidak
bisa berbuat apa-apa sebab ia memang butuh belaian dan
cumbuan laki-laki, apalagi laki-laki tersebut sangat
perkasa hingga memberinya kenikmatan yang tidak pernah
diperolehnya dari suaminya.

Thursday, 18 August 2016


Before we even got married I knew Brad loved it when I 
wore sexy or see through things when we went out, but 
after we got married he wanted me to go to the next 
level. Even on our honeymoon he had me pretend to be 
sleeping and call room service up and order something 
just to get it delivered to our room. It started with me 
nude with a sheet covering everything except casually 
exposing my lower body, like a leg and part of my naked 

Brad really got a trill watching the young guys they 
sent to our room as they tried to get an eyeful with him 
noticing. And by the pool he would have me undo the 
straps to my top and open it to the point that if you 
walked behind me you could see my tits right down to my 
nipples. Not that I have huge tits or anything, they're 
34B's but with nipples that my husband calls eye-putter-

After we got home and went back to work he got me to 
wear loose tops with shelf-style bras so my tits would 
be on display if you cared to look that close. After my 
boss saw me dressed like that he asked me if I would 
like to move to his floor with a raise as well. 

We needed the money so I took him up on his offer. The 
other women were calling me a slut and a bitch and even 
a cunt, with some saying it to my face. I just laughed 
at them and told them if they had a body like mind 
they'd probably show it of like I did.

My husband said my skirts needed to be shorter and I 
needed to start wearing hose instead of pantyhose, which 
was okay with me, I always hated pantyhose anyway. Plus 
now my boss has me take dictation and he always wants me 
there with him to do it. He has me sit in front of his 
desk in a chair that makes my ass sore so I move around 
a lot and I'm sure he gets a eye full. 

Now my husband wants me to wear see-through panties or 
no panties at all. I said I would try it out with his 
friends coming over on Friday night to play poker and 
see how it went. That got me going. I couldn't think 
about nothing else for the rest of the week.

When poker night came around I was wearing a new tiny 
mini skirt with black hose and with no panties and a 
loose tank-top, with no bra at all. I felt so 
deliciously slutty.

The game started at 8 o'clock and by 10, four of my 
husband's friends had their hands up my skirt far enough 
to feel my bare ass and one of them, the one I was 
attracted to the most, was rubbing my pussy lips with 
his fingers and then sucking them clean, looking into y 
eyes as he did that. Man, was I ever getting wet! Five 
guys other than my husband telling me how hot I was and 
I'm eating it all up.

By the end of the poker game two more of them had run 
one or more fingers up and down my pussy slit several 
times and I was so horny that after they left I grabbed 
my husband Brad and threw him on the couch and fucked 
his brains out, riding him like a cowgirl at a rodeo.

After we'd fucked ourselves out, he said, "I dare you to 
wear that to work on Monday. But I bet you'll chicken 

I asked, "What if I do and my boss tries to get in my 

He just laughed, saying, "That's up to you isn't it. 
Maybe he'll give you another raise."


The next morning. As I leave for work 30 minutes after 
Brad does, he isn't sure what I'll wear, so I took him 
up on the dare and wore a nicer top, but the same tiny 
skirt and black hose with no panties, just my shaved 
pussy for him to see. 

I no sooner got to my desk than he was there saying he 
had a few letters to send out. So I grabbed my pen and 
pad and followed him into his office. I started in a 
very businesslike way, but when I moved on the chair and 
my legs opened a bit - for just a second - he couldn't 
remember what he was saying, and had to ask me to read 
back what he had said. 

It was all I could do to keep from laughing at him and 
the look on his face was priceless. 

By the time the letters were done and I took them back 
in for him to sign, I was getting very horny. As I stood 
there watching him sign the letters I was almost 
dripping wet and as I put the letters down he asked me 
to come around his desk because he said that I had a 
typo he wanted to show me. 

Now there's no need for me to come around his desk but 
he asked so I did, and he was right I had a wrong letter 
in one word so I said I would retype it. Then he said 
for me to wait and he would check the other 16 pages in 
case I needed to fix another ones as well. 

As I stood beside him his hand next to me went down to 
his leg and slowly moved over towards me, then up my 
leg. I didn't say a word and when he got to my ass he 
massaged my cheeks softly, which was turning me on even 
more. Then when his hand went part way down my leg, I 
knew I should stop him, but I was way too horny for that 
by then. 

He began to slowly rub the inside of my thigh just above 
my hose then slowly moved up to my very wet pussy. By 
then he'd laid the letters aside and was intent on 
exploring me as I stood there, with my eyes closed, 
breathing hard. He was rubbing my pussy lips and then my 
clit and I almost passed out from the orgasm I had just 
from one touch on my clit. 

I came all over his fingers and when I finally opened my 
eyes again he was smiling at me and then went back to 
work with his fingers again. Just as I was on the edge 
of cumming again he stopped and stood up, pushing me 
forward over his deck and I head his fly being unzipped 
and his pants dropping.

I was finding it hard to catch my breath, then suddenly 
he pushed the biggest cock I'd ever had in me from 
behind. Just one push and I was coming again like crazy, 
moaning with pleasure as he nailed me. And it wasn't 
long before the room started spinning around and I 
blacked out! I'd ever cum that hard in all my life 

I wasn't out for very long because when I came to he was 
still fucking the shit out of me, forcing me to have one 
long orgasmic event, until I thought I was going to pass 
out again. 

Finally I begged, "No more! No more!" That's when pulled 
out and pushed  down to knees and put his huge cock to 
my lips to be sucked. 

I have never tasted myself before, but I was so crazed 
by then that liked the taste of my pussy on his cock. He 
then grabbed hands folds of my hair pushing about half 
his cock into my mouth and part way down my throat! I 
have ever been able to deep-throat Brad before, but he 
was fucking my throat with almost all his cock now and 
there was nothing I could do about it. My arms were 
flailing around as I tried to breath between thrusts. 

I was getting scared that I might die with that cock 
down my throat but he let me breathe just enough and 
pulled back so just the head of his cock as in my mouth 
as he started shooting off. He was spurting his hot 
cream into my mouth and down my throat. That was also a 
first for me, I had never my husband cum in my mouth 
before, but here was my boss shooting a huge load into 
my mouth and down my throat. 

As I swallowed, I found I didn't really hate the taste, 
it was kind of salty and a little bitter, but not too 
bad after all.


When I got home that night, Brad was already in and as I 
walked through the door he grabbed my skirt and pulled 
it over my hips, seeing that I had no panties on. "I 
didn't think you'd have the guts to do it, but you did. 
Good girl!" As he dropped to his knees and started 
eating me out. 

I hadn't been a good girl and I was hoping that I'd 
cleaned up enough so he wouldn't know that I'd been 
totally fucked by my boss for 4 hours before he let me 
up. But he didn't seem to notice anything, so I guess I 
got away with fucking my bosses huge cock, art least 
this time. 

As I started cumming in my husband's mouth, all I could 
think about was my boss's huge throbbing cock going deep 
into my pussy, doing things to me that I'd never had 
done to me before. When Brad got back up after making me 
cum, he said, "C'mon, we're going to Bob's Restaurant 
for dinner." 

I knew why he wanted to go there, they have big plate 
glass windows with chairs facing the street and with the 
tiny skirt I had on, anyone would be able to see my 
pussy from that angle. But after what I'd done at work, 
this seemed like a small thing to me.

Anyway, when we got there, Brad said for me to sit 
almost in the middle of the window and he would order 
for us. When he sat down beside me he saw a young kid 
trying to see up my skirt, so he told me to uncross my 
legs and give him a good show. "You'll make his whole 
year I bet," he teased.

Normally I wouldn't do something like that, especially 
to a kid, but I was feeling strange, almost numb, so as 
I uncrossed my legs and opened them fairly wide. His 
eyes got really big, making me laugh at the look on his 
face. When began to eat our meals he asked if my boss 
had seen up my skirt or down my top. I said - guiltily - 
I didn't think he'd seen anything much. How do I tell my 
husband that I fucked my boss every which way and was 
falling in love with his huge beautiful cock.


After dinner and maybe 15 guys and a few women had seen 
up my skirt, and most had stopped to get an eyeful 
before moving on, one even blew me a kiss, we went to 
the mall and just walk around. We went up and down the 
stairs flashing my pussy at anyone who looked up at the 
right time. It was then that Brad saw these boots in the 
window of a shoe store. "Come on," he said, "you have to 
try them on."

These boots would go half way between my knee and pussy. 
I instantly knew what he had in mind and I was beginning 
to breath faster. He'd seen a young sales clerk who 
maybe 19 or so and super handsome, all tan and muscles. 
Brad told him I wanted to try on the boots they had in 
the window. So the sales guy had me sit down and Brad 
told him to measure my feet because we weren't sure 
about size.

You could have knocked the sale clerk over with a 
feather, when I put my foot into the measurer my mini 
dress rode up and he got a full pussy shot, one that 
only he could see. He looked up at me, then down at my 
pussy and then back at my face again. Then he went about 
the business of fitting me for the boots, but he really 
only had eyes from my pussy as I moved he would smile 
and hold my bare foot, lovingly, or so it seemed to me.

The first size he tried was way to big so he went down 2 
sizes and he had to straddle my leg to pull them on and 
I noticed I had lifted my leg high enough to give him a 
great sustained view of my pussy. His face was kind of 
turning pink when I put my other foot on his rear to 
balance myself from falling over. That's when I felt his 
swollen cock against my leg as it pressed into me 
through the material of his pants.

He let out a groan and turned beet red. I think he'd cum 
in his pants. Men! He grabbed the top edge of the boot I 
was trying on and pull it up my leg. When he got it all 
the way up his hand was on the inside of my leg and then 
slipped the rest of the way up and a couple of fingers 
touched my bare pussy briefly. He sold the boots to me 
for under wholesale pricing.

Brad was amused at his discomfort, but I don't think he 
had a clue that the clerk had turned me on...