Tuesday, 1 November 2016


The music was blaring as Earl took another swig of his 
mixed drink. He had no idea where his partner had 
disappeared for the last hour. Knowing how Clyde was, 
he was probably out trying to pick up a date for the 

Earl caught a glimpse of the dark haired woman again as 
she briskly walked past his stool at the bar. He barely 
caught a peek at her large breasts swaying but he got a 
very good look at the way her hips swayed as he watched 
her disappear into the woman's lounge.

Earl motioned to the bartender to get another drink and 
turned back toward the rest room as he waited and 
watched for that gorgeous woman to come back his way.

He could still see the vision of her full round cheeks 
swayed above those beautiful long sleek legs as she 
strutted by him moments ago. She resembled his wife to 
a tee the way she was when they were married ten years 

Janice had gained a lot of weight and Earl was always 
nagging her about her appearance. Earl took a swig of 
his new drink as he remembered the day when he moved 
out of the house.

That was sixteen months ago and he hadn't seen her 
since. They talked on the phone a couple times but 
never got a chance to get together. 

Early moved to Miami soon after moving out of their 
house in Tampa and started an advertising firm with his 
old army buddy, Clyde. He couldn't even remember all 
the reasons why he moved out other then the fact that 
they were having financial problems at the time and 
Early didn't like the fact that Janice wasn't taking 
care of herself at the time.

The last time they spoke on the phone, Janice wanted 
him to come back home and start over again. Earl still 
loved her dearly and he knew she loved him but Earl had 
gotten the business started and found it very difficult 
to try and move it back to Tampa.

Earl remembered telling her he needed more time to get 
his business stabilized before he considered coming 
back home. She told him she was doing great selling 
real estate and was working on changing her life.

Earl caught the glimpse of the dark haired woman again. 
She was strutting her way toward his stool and Earl was 
getting ready to stop her when she came near. She was 
wearing a tight gold dress and Early could see those 
huge melons swaying as she walked his way.

Here she comes. Let her get a few steps closer and stop 
her. Yes. Early reached out with his arm to stop her 
and she starred his why and smiled.

Earl smiled back. "Janice? Is that you?"

"Earl? I didn't expect to see you here!"

Janice stepped closer as Earl got off the stool and 
gave her a hug. He stepped back and glanced down at her 
low cut dress and saw that half her breasts were 
displayed to the patrons of the lounge.

"You look absolutely gorgeous, Janice. What happen?"

Janice playfully spun around in a circle giving Earl a 
good look at her figure. 

"You like?"

"I can' believe you look so good! What happen? What 
have you been doing?"

Janice let out a girlish giggle as she reached out and 
held Earl's arms. 

"I've been working out with my friends for the last 
several months and I've been eating right and working 
pretty hard."

Earl kept looking at her figure with a wide grin on his 

"Janice. I think you look beautiful. I can't remember 
seeing you look this good since our wedding day."

Janice smiled then gave him a quick look over from head 
to toe.

"Your looking pretty handsome yourself tonight. What 
are you doing here? Are you alone?"

Earl shook his head and smiled. "Of coarse I'm here 
alone. Except my business partner is running around 
here someplace."

"Is he the man you told me about?"

"Yeah, he's the one. He's probably out trying to pick 
up somebody tonight. He's been single now for two years 
and he's getting a little antsy."

Janice laughed. "I know the feeling."

Earl kept starring at her and didn't want to let her 
go. "Why don't you join me for a drink?"

Janice peered across the club as she nervously looked 
back at Earl. "I'm with a group of friends right now 
and we are celebrating our weight loss tonight. Sort of 
a little women's' group and I don't want to keep them 
waiting too long."

Earl laughed. "How long are you going to be in town? 
I'd like to get together with you so we can talk."

Janice smiled before replying, "We'll be here until 
Monday. I'm free tomorrow afternoon if you want to meet 
for lunch."

Earl smiled knowing she was interested in speaking to 
him. "Why don't I give you a call around ten tomorrow 
and we'll setup a place. I know this nice little place 
in South Beach we can go to."

Janice gave Earl another hug and kissed his cheek. 
"Honey, I have to go before they wonder where I went. I 
have your number and I'll call you if I don't hear from 
you by ten."

Earl smiled at Janice as she walked away and turned 
around and smiled back before strutting back to her 
friends. Earl kept watching her ass swaying in the 
tight dress until she disappeared out of sight among 
the crowd of people that were on the dance floor.

He did catch a glimpse of her thong beneath the thin 
gold material of her dress as she was walking away. 
Earl also noticed that she wasn't wearing her wedding 
rings tonight. He felt uncomfortable about the lack of 
the symbolic none presents of her wedding band more 
than anything tonight.

Earl sat back down on his stool and reached around with 
his right hand and felt his wedding band which hadn't 
left his finger since their separation begun. Earl then 
turned around on his stool and glanced toward the dark 
area of the huge club trying to look over the group of 
people out on the dance floor. 

All Earl could think about was his gorgeous wife with 
her dark eyes and long dark hair and her beautiful pale 
skin tucked into that pretty dress tonight. Earl hadn't 
seen her wearing high heels shoes with such a long 
spike since they dated in college.

Earl took another swig of his drink debating if he 
should walk to the opposite end of the club and try to 
get another peek at his wife. Maybe it wasn't such a 
good idea if she were out with her friends right now. 
Maybe she didn't want to explain anything about their 
separation and ruin a good night out with the girls.

Clyde made an appearance a few minutes later all 
cheerful and happy as he laid his arm on Earl's 

"Earl, why aren't you out there dancing with one of 
those good looking babes tonight?"

Clyde held his arm on his friend's shoulder and twisted 
him around on his stool as they peered out at the dance 
floor together. Earl twisted his head around to stare 
up at the well dressed handsome black man.

"Your not going to tell me you hit gold out there 
tonight, are you?"

Clyde laughed as he moved his hand down along Earl's 
back and rubbed it as he cheerfully replied.

"That's why I cam over here to speak to you about. I 
just wanted to give you a head's up in case I bring her 
back to our suite tonight. I wouldn't want you to be 
surprised if you saw a strange woman in the middle of 
the night."

Earl laughed. "Is this woman that strange that you have 
to give me warning about?"

"No, I don't think so. It's just that she hasn't had 
any dick in a long time and is horny as they come right 

Earl laughed as he thought about something he knew 
about Clyde. "Maybe I should warn her about you! I 
remember seeing that huge black sausage you have 
hanging between your legs."

Clyde laughed. "I do remember the remarks you made down 
at the racket club that afternoon when we were in the 
shower room."

Clyde appeared anxious as he patted Earl on the 
shoulder. "Listen. I better get back to her table 
before she changes her mind. I'll catch you in the 

"OK, Clyde. Just don't knock the bottom out it tonight. 
I might want to get a little sleep."

Clyde laughed as he walked away from Earl across the 
dance floor and disappeared into the dark club.

Earl took a bottle back to their suite and turned on 
the television then shut the door between his room and 
Clyde's. He lay on the bed watching a movie until he 
just about fell asleep when the door opened and Clyde 
came walking into the room with his shirt off.

"I don't suppose that you have any condoms packed in 
your suitcase, do you?"

Earl starred up at his buddy with a smile. "I'm really 
sorry, Clyde, I wasn't expecting to get that lucky this 

Clyde looked disappointed as he starred at Earl. "I 
guess I'll just tell her I had a vasectomy or 

Earl smiled and pointed his finger at his friend. "You 
better watch it!"

A few seconds later and Clyde was gone. Earl switched 
off the television and fluffed the pillow and turned 
out the light.

Earl heard them talking and laughing for the next few 
minutes until it absolutely went silent in the other 
room. It did bother Earl a little that his friend was 
getting pussy and he wasn't. 

His dick was hard as he lay on his back wondering what 
his friend Clyde was doing with his new found lover. 
Maybe he scared her off when he couldn't provide any 
condoms or perhaps she took one look at his massive 
cock and decided she couldn't accommodate such a weapon 
inside her.

Earl's curiosity was getting the best of him so he 
crawled out of bed and walked over to the door and 
slowly turned the handle until the door was able to 
move. Earl had to walk into the tiny hallway that 
divided their rooms.

He was in luck! The door to Clyde's room was ajar and 
Earl saw a light on in the room. He eased himself 
slowly down the short hallway until he was standing 
outside the door and slowly eased forward until he saw 
Clyde's feet near the edge of the bed. 

Earl took a chance and gave the door a little push so 
it slipped open a little further giving Earl a better 
view of what was going on. 

They were lying on their side in a sixty-nine position. 
Clyde's face was buried between the woman's legs. Her 
back was turned toward Earl and all he could see was 
her dark hair. 

One of her legs was propped up over Clyde's shoulder. 
She was still wearing her high heels. Earl saw Clyde's 
head moving furiously in her crotch. He knew his buddy 
was giving her a good tongue job in preparation for 
what was to come.

She was moaning as her hips moved with Clyde's tongue. 
Her head was rocking back and forth which made Earl 
think she was licking the head of that big black cock.

Whoever the woman was, she was very attractive from 
what Earl could see. The next thing Earl saw was the 
woman's body as it began to shake violently as her 
moans became louder until she finally screamed out in a 
loud voice.

"UH...God...Yes...Baby... I'm Cumming!"

She moaned out loud as if she were in pain than 
whimpered. "Oh...Clyde...It feels so good, baby."

Earl watched as Clyde raised his head and stroked her 
thigh and starred down at the woman. 

"Are you ready for that black dick, baby?"

"Oh...God...Yes... Clyde. I'm ready for it now, baby."

Earl moved away from the door as they twisted around on 
the bed. He was trying to be careful not to be caught 
and waited a few seconds until they switched into 

Earl eased near the door again and peered inside and 
saw Clyde's body which dwarfed the attractive woman 
straddling above her. She was just opening her legs and 
Earl could see that huge black salami pointed straight 
out and resting on her white belly.

Clyde was positioned her legs back with his arms until 
he had her pinned where he wanted them. Clyde began 
sliding his massive cock along the smooth white skin of 
his nervous white victim. 

Earl saw her hands clutching his arms and appeared to 
be starring up into his eyes with mercy as he rocked 
his body back and forth until he moved back allowing 
his big cock to drop down in front of her wet pussy 

She knew what he wanted and instinctively dropped her 
hand down between her thighs and took hold of the thick 
shaft and positioned it at the entrance of her pussy.

She whimpered, "Please, honey. Be gentle until I can 
stretch a little."

Clyde didn't answer her verbally but Earl could see his 
friend rocking gently until the head popped inside her. 
Earl saw her body stiffen as she let out a yelp. Clyde 
worked his body until his cock began slipping inside 
the woman.

Earl saw her raise her hand against his belly for a 
moment as to try and ease his entry until her pussy got 
accustomed to his size. He could barely see her face in 
the dim light but saw her long well manicured nails 
sticking into Clyde's skin as she tried to hold him 
back from ramming his cock inside her.

Clyde raised her legs up until they rested over his 
shoulders making her eyes bulge out in fear that he 
would ram his thick cock inside her. Clyde kept his 
gentle motions with her to assure her that he wouldn't 
hurt her.

Clyde leaned down and kissed her lips as his body began 
to sway as he pushed himself further inside her pussy. 
The wet sound of their passionate kiss filled the room 
while she moaned into his mouth as he started to fuck 
her in a steady motion.

Clyde lowered himself down on top of her and allowed 
her legs to move away off his shoulders as she moved 
them around and locked them around his ass. Her hands 
were rubbing his back as her breath became more rapid.

Earl could see her long manicured finger nails dig into 
the black man's skin above her as Clyde moved his hips 
from side to side.

Earl was excited beyond belief as he made a bold move 
and got down on his hands and knees and started to 
crawl into the room toward the foot of the bed. He kept 
down low until he thought it was safe and slowly raised 
himself enough to see over the mattress.

Earl was only a couple feet away from the vision that 
filled his eyes. He was watching that huge black cock 
as it sliced into the woman's tight pussy. Her pussy 
seemed stretched beyond its capacity.

Her pussy lips seemed as if they were stretched out and 
clasping the big cock that was tight inside her.

She started to whimper again, "Oh my god Clyde, I've 
never felt so full in my life! You're so big and 
gentle, baby." 

Earl had the best view in the house. This was better 
then watching any porno flick he ever saw. He'd always 
been aroused watching interracial sex but never thought 
he'd get to watch in person. 

To his amazement, Clyde began chanting to his white 

"Tell me, baby. Do you like that big black cock inside 

She was moaning and making little noises like an 
injured kitten and finally whimpered, "Yes. I love your 
cock inside me. It's been so long since I've had anyone 
inside me and never this big."

She whimpered a little then added, "You're so good."

The wet sound of Clyde's cock slicing into her wet 
pussy filled the room as Earl got comfortable on the 
floor near the edge of the bed. Earl turned his head 
when his hand touching something on the floor.

It was her purse! Earl moved his eyes further across 
the floor and saw her dress dangling from a chair. Earl 
began to wonder when he saw the gold dress and studied 
the material for a moment until he realized it was made 
like the one Janice was wearing at the club tonight.

The sound of the mattress began to get louder as Clyde 
began pushing into the woman with more force now. Earl 
took hold of the purse and gently opened the flap and 
looked inside. He saw her wallet inside and gently 
pulled it out as he glanced back at the bed. 

He turned his head back and took both hands to open the 
wallet and saw her driver's license. Earl just about 
had a heart attack at that moment when he read the name 
and saw the face. It was Janice! 

Earl started to panic as he closed the wallet and put 
it back inside the purse and carefully put it on the 
floor where he found it. His heart was racing and his 
arms began to shack as he tried to figure out what he 
was going to do next.

Earl thought about standing up and pulling Clyde off 
his wife but couldn't even imagine what sort of scene 
that would cause.

Earl listened to Janice as she whimpered under the big 
fellow above her and hollered out as her body shook 
again. She was having another orgasm as Clyde hammered 
away inside her tight pussy. 

Earl thought he would dye when he heard Clyde begin to 
grunt and yelped out like a child being beaten. "Oh 
God... I'm going to cum... Oh god... Here it is, 
baby... Take it..."
Earl watched as Clyde slapped his massive legs into her 
upturned ass a few more times and sunk his cock inside 
her until his large balls slapped against her ass one 
last time and stayed there as he emptied his seed 
inside her womb.

Earl could hear Clyde as he tried to catch his breath. 
A few moments later he heard them kissing again until 
Clyde rolled off her body. The only sound that could be 
heard was of them trying to catch their breath. 

Earl thought about crawling back out but was worried 
about being caught and stayed down low to the floor 
until he heard Clyde talking.

"Why don't you get on your knees down on the edge of 
the bed and hold onto the railing."

Earl began to panic. He could hear them moving around 
on the bed and luckily started to kiss. That gave Earl 
just enough time to look around and think. There seemed 
to be enough room under the bed. He quickly moved his 
legs around and tucked them under first. He wiggled his 
body and moved further underneath the bed in the nick 
of time.

Earl listened as he heard them moving and noticed a 
full length mirror on the wall directly across from the 
edge of the bed. Earl looked up at the mirror and saw 
his wife's face. 

He saw her smile and heard her laugh as she held onto 
the edge of the footboard. Earl could see her large 
breasts dangling freely as she giggled and seemed to be 
waiting for Clyde to do something.

Earl carefully looked up into the mirror and saw 
Clyde's face above her body. Earl wondered what he was 
doing until he saw and heard Janice yelp out as her 
body jerked forward. 

Earl had his answer! Clyde was going to fuck her doggie 

"That's it... Careful, baby."

Janice purred like a kitten as Clyde began rocking into 
her pussy. A few moments later and Earl could see her 
body rocking as her tits swung freely below with 
Clyde's thrusts. 

Earl could see his wife's face making little pouting 
motions with her lips as Clyde fucked her hard. Earl 
panicked again when he saw Janice stare into the 
mirror. She was watching herself being screwed by her 
black lover. 

Her eyes seemed to be focused on watching how her tits 
swayed as she whimpered and groaned as Clyde banged her 

Earl kept his eyes focused on his wife's face until 
Clyde finally started to groan and grunt and slapped 
his body into Janice one last time and came. Earl 
watched Janice close her eyes and smile as she felt 
Clyde's sperm filling her pussy.

Earl watched the expression on her face and saw her 
lips move and barely caught the words she said, "It 
feels so hot coming inside me."

Janice stayed in that position as she closed her eyes 
while Clyde leaned down and kissed her back and 
shoulders. Earl saw him reach around with both hands 
and cup and massage Janice's huge breasts. He was 
apparently still lodged inside her and began to fuck 
her again.

Earl could see that Janice was pushing her ass back 
against Clyde as she giggled and said, "How can you 
stay so hard after two orgasms?"
Earl listened for Clyde's answer and heard him say, "I 
haven't had any pussy this good in a long time. I might 
just fuck you all night!"

Janice giggled as she pushed her ass back against 
Clyde. Earl kept watching the lust on her face and knew 
Clyde was giving it to her good.

Earl watched them fuck until Janice finally turned 
around and spoke to Clyde, "Honey, why don't you come 
over here and let me try something with you."

Earl saw them moving on the bed and waited to see what 
she wanted to do. Earl scooted around and put his hand 
on the foot board and watched as Janice lay on the bed 
and positioned herself so she could suck on his cock.

Earl could actually see her stroking the thick shaft in 
her hand and starring up at it like she was worshiping 
it. Earl watched as her face moved closer then saw her 
open her mouth and take the large head inside her 

Janice kept sucking and licking around the head. There 
wasn't anyway possible a woman could ever get such a 
huge shaft inside her mouth. What Earl saw next 
surprised him for all it was worth.

Earl watched as Janice opened her mouth and seemed to 
position her head in a manor in which his cock would 
slid down into her throat. Earl watched and listened as 
Janice took it inside her mouth.

Clyde's big black cock kept disappearing inside her 
mouth until her throat made a sound as if she were 
choking. She quickly pulled it out and licked the head 
then repeated the same moves with her head.

Earl listened to Janice as her throat made sounds as if 
she were going to choke again. She actually was able to 
get his cock all the way inside her throat on the third 
try. Earl could see the tip of her nose touching his 
hair around the shaft and was actually amazed at how 
she did that!

Janice sucked on Clyde for several minutes and took it 
out long enough to plead for Clyde to shoot his load. 
Janice quickly went back to sucking it down her throat 
a few more times until Clyde began to grunt.

Earl watched Janice as she lovingly sucked Clyde's cock 
as he shot his load into her mouth. She licked the head 
making sure that every last drop was cleaned off his 
cock and lovingly played with it with her hands as she 
starred up into Clyde's eyes.

They moved back near the pillows and began kissing 
again. Earl laid his head on the floor and listened as 
they began to fuck again. Earl was too tired to get up 
and just glanced up at the mirror and saw Clyde's feet 
moving around. 

He raised his head up far enough to see Janice was 
lying on her side with her ass pushed back against 
Clyde. He was lying on his side and fucking her from 
behind now.

Earl rested his head on the floor and almost fell 
asleep while the couple fucked above him on the bed. 
They stopped moving after awhile and Earl figured that 
Clyde must have pumped another load into his wife. 

He slowly got out from under the bed and slipped across 
the floor and looked up over the edge of the bed. They 
appeared to be sleeping but still in the position that 
they were screwing. 

Early looked close and saw that Clyde's cock was still 
shoved inside Janice's pussy as they slept. Clyde's 
hand rested on her hip. Earl tried to imagine how messy 
his wife's pussy must be right now with all of Clyde's 
cum inside it.

Earl decided he would get out of the room while they 
slept and slowly crawled along the carpeted floor until 
he reached the doorway. Earl peeped back inside the 
room and thought he saw Janice move and quickly walked 
away from the doorway.

Earl went into the bathroom to pee hoping that nobody 
heard it splashing into the bowel. He carefully cracked 
the bathroom door open after turning the light off and 
started to walk into the dark hallway and got startled 
when he heard Janice let out a terrified yelp.

Early quickly covered her mouth with the palm of his 
hand. She tried to fight him for a couple seconds until 
she realized who he was. Her body went from stiff to 
more relax as he lowered his hand away from her mouth.

She whispered, "What are you doing here, Earl?"

Earl grabbed her hands and pulled her into his room and 
quickly but gently closed the door. 

Janice started to say something but only got his name 
out when Earl put his lips onto hers and pulled her 
body against his chest. He kissed her passionately as 
she circled her arms around her. 

Earl kept kissing her until she was responding back and 
after a few moments he pulled away long enough to look 
into her eyes.

"You don't know how much I've missed being away from 
you these eighteen months."

"I miss you too, Earl. I wanted you to move back home 
months ago!"

"I know you did and I was a fool for letting it get to 
this. I'm sorry we had that fight and love you very 

"I love you very much too, Earl."

Earl kissed her again and pulled her ass against his 
body. He was rock hard and wanted to fuck her right 
there in the middle of the floor but pulled her toward 
the bed.

Janice allowed him to pull her near the bed but let out 
a verbal objection. "Clyde is going to hear us in here. 
We better stop now!"

Earl kissed her again as she kissed him back. "I don't 
care what Clyde's hears. I want to fuck my wife!"

Janice allowed Earl to push her back on the bed and 
quickly get between her legs. Earl kissed her thighs as 
she stretched out her legs into the air above his 
shoulders. Earl was hard and didn't waist much time 
poking his cock into her still wet pussy lips.

He aimed his cock into her slit as he kissed her ankles 
and pushed forward until his cock hear popped inside 
her. She didn't flex and stiffen as she had done with 
Clyde a short time ago. She was still stretched out 
from the massive thickness of Clyde's big black cock.

Earl held her legs as he drove his cock in and out of 
her pussy. She felt hot and wet but not very tight as 
he remembered her to be and wondered if Clyde were the 
only man she was screwing. 

Earl also didn't notice until a few minutes later that 
her pussy had been shaven bald. She was definitely out 
hot to trot tonight! He'd never remembered Janice ever 
shaving her pussy for all the years they were married. 

Janice was moving her hips to Earl's movements and 
reached out and took his hands while they screwed. Earl 
looked down into her beautiful dark eyes.

He was trying to vision how Clyde had just aid on top 
of her and stretched out her once tight married pussy. 
Earl picked p speed and leaned forward as Janice gave 
him verbal encouragement. 

She wasn't too sure if she had enough energy to have 
another orgasm right no. She knew her husband wanted to 
cum and enticed him with kisses as he labored to cum. 
It only took a couple more minutes before Earl started 
to send his load of hot seed deep inside his wife's 

Earl collapsed on the bed next to his wife and pulled 
her close so that he could hug and kiss her as he 
caught his breath. Earl stroked her hair as he starred 
into her eyes.

Janice kissed him back but said, "I have to pee really 

Earl kissed her one last time before helping her off 
the bed and gave her one last kiss before she walked 
out toward the bathroom. Earl waited for his wife to 
return but heard Clyde talking in the hallway.

He must have waked up! Earl quickly walked toward the 
door and peeped through the crack and saw Clyde 
standing in the hallway kissing Janice on the lips.

"Let me go pee and I'll be right in there."

Earl watched Clyde go into the bathroom and shut the 
door. He opened the door wide and looked around the 
corner at Janice.

She quickly walked to him and held his arm and 
whispered, "I better get back before he comes out and 
finds out we're married."

Earl was getting frustrated and nervous. "Janice!"

Janice squeezed his arm and gave him a kiss on the 
cheek and whispered, "We'll talk later."

Janice quickly turned around and walked back into 
Clyde's bedroom leaving Earl standing in the dark 
hallway. The bathroom door opened and Clyde came out 
and saw Earl standing there naked.

Clyde whispered, "I hope we didn't wake you up!"

"No at all. I was just coming out to use the bathroom."

"Have a good night!"

Earl watched Clyde walk into his bedroom and close the 
door. Earl used the bathroom while he was up and turned 
off the light. He saw the light under the door and knew 
they were probably screwing again. 
Earl lay on the bed starring up at the ceiling and 
listened as he heard his wife whimpering. She was being 
screwed again. 

He thought about getting up and checking them out but 
was so exhausted that he fell asleep.

"Good morning, Earl! Are you going to sleep all day?"

Earl opened his eyes to see Clyde poking his head 
inside the room. He turned and glanced at the time. It 
was eleven-thirty and looked back at Clyde. 

"I'm getting up right now."

Earl stood up and grabbed a robe off the hook and 
wrapped it around himself and walked out into the 
hallway. He wasn't sure what he was going to find as he 
peeped around the corner and saw Clyde cleaning his 
shoes on the edge of the bed.

The bed was all neatly done and Earl wondered where 
Janice was. "Where is your lady friend this morning?"

"She said something about a lunch date with one of her 
friends and left about an hour ago."

Earl thought to himself that he forgot about his date 
with Janice for lunch and quickly returned to his 
bedroom and called her cell phone.

"I'm sorry I'm late. I'll meet you at that little café 
in front of the hotel near the pier as soon as I get 

Janice said she would wait and Earl quickly got into 
the shower and dressed. Clyde was still cleaning his 
shoes as he walked past his room. He decided to ask a 
couple questions about Janice and turned around and 
walked into Clyde's room.

"Who was the woman you had here last night?"

Clyde laughed as he put on of the shoes down on the 
floor. "I was going to tell you about her but never had 
the opportunity. I met her several months ago at the 
club downstairs."

"You mean to tell me you've been seeing this woman?"

Clyde laughed again. "I'm really sorry I didn't mention 
anything before tonight. We've met several times 
whenever she can make it down from Tampa. Let me tell 
you how hot that woman is in bed!"

Earl stood listening as Clyde gave him all the details.

"She surprised me this weekend by shaving her pussy for 
me. Can you beat that?"

"I guess I can't. How many times have you screwed her?"

Clyde sat counting on his fingers. "This is the seventh 
time we got together and it gets better every time."

"Is she safe? Is she taking something for birth 

Clyde laughed. "I told her I had a vasectomy after the 
fifth time. I think she takes the pill though."

Earl felt disgusted and said, "I have to go and get 
something to eat. I'll see you later."

Earl closed the door behind him and took the elevator 
down. He didn't know what he was going to say to Janice 
but he wanted to come home. 

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