Monday, 7 November 2016


As I increased the pressure on my mound and my strokes 
became faster I quickly began my orgasm, "Unh Unh Unh 

Oh God that was nice! I really needed that! 

I closed the blinds, laid down on the bed, massaged 
myself through my little aftershocks and took a quick 
shower before Tyler would come to the door to be paid. 

Pleasuring myself while watching Tyler working outside 
had become a regular Saturday ritual for me. Seeing the 
muscles in his arms, chest and legs flexing and the way 
his young, firm ass filled the back of his shorts always 
had my imagination going absolutely crazy and my 
unfulfilled body ready to orgasm within minutes.

At twenty six years old and being married for only two 
years, four months was far too long for me to go without 
becoming sexually frustrated. With my husband being a 
sales rep for a large pharmaceutical company he was on 
the road most of the time and when he was home he was 
either too tired for me or he wanted to spend his free 
time playing golf with his buddies or a potential 

Tyler lived a few miles out of town so I only saw him on 
Saturdays. From the first Saturday of this summer I had 
noticed how much Tyler had matured since he first 
started mowing our lawn just a few short years ago and 
he had grown into quite a handsome, clean cut young man. 
If I hadn't watched him take off his shirt and dive into 
our pool to cool off, I might have been fine but his 
young, muscle-toned body had had quite an effect on me 
and I've used his image for my pleasure ever since.

After noticing the way that Tyler would coyly steal 
glances of my body when he came to the door I began 
dressing a little more "suggestively" each time and 
started inviting him inside to dry off and have a cold 
drink while I tried to locate my "always elusive" purse. 
Today, I decided that I would allow his imagination to 
have an extra portion of "Mrs. Hart" to think about on 
his way home.

Before putting on an extremely short, white terrycloth 
robe I stepped in front of the mirror to see what made 
every man (with the exception of my husband) take notice 
of me.

I was very happy with my Mexican heritage having given 
me my jet black hair, large dark eyes and such thick, 
pouty lips. Four days a week at the gym had provided my 
five feet four inch 107 pound frame with just the 
perfect amount of muscle definition to keep my breasts 
high and firm, my calf muscles defined and my little 
butt with just the right amount of "bubble".

I tied and retied the sash on my robe while walking in 
front of the mirror to be sure that it would open just 
enough to show a nice portion of my well-toned legs and 
would still separate at the top, finally allowing Tyler 
a more than generous view of my excited breasts.

I have no idea of exactly what I had in mind. Maybe 
having to once again, stroke myself to satisfaction, I 
just needed for someone else to "stroke my ego" just a 
little bit and maybe that someone could be young, 
unsuspecting Tyler.

I had seen Tyler's girlfriend (Desirae) a few times when 
she would drop him off or pick him up and she was really 
cute, but right now I was wondering if she "took good 
care of him" or if he had to "take care of himself" as I 
had just done to myself.

I'm extremely nervous but this is something that I'm 
gonna' do regardless. Besides, I'm frustrated and it's 
just a little "harmless flirting". What's the most that 
could possibly happen? We both have vivid, new images to 
pleasure ourselves by?

Part 2 "Interviewing Tyler"

Tyler's eyes popped as I opened the door smiling and 
handing him a towel.

"Hi Tyler, the lawn looks great! "Come on in where it's 
cool...I'll get you a glass of ice tea."

His eyes quickly traveled up and down my body 
momentarily focusing on my breasts before nervously 
looking toward the floor and saying, "Oh...sorry Mrs. 
Hart, was this a bad time?..."I was finished know...the lawn and stuff and...."

I chuckled and said, "Oh no Tyler, come on in...I just 
finished showering, your timing couldn't have been 

After drying his face and arms I reached for the towel 
and said, "Here, let me get your back." I took the towel 
and taking my time, I softly dabbed the beads of water 
from his tanned, broad back.

I laid the towel on the counter, walked over opening the 
fridge and bending over just a little further than 
necessary to reach for the tea. I allowed a few extra 
seconds before setting it on the counter and reaching up 
to the top shelf of the cabinet to retrieve a glass, 
knowing that the robe was rising up enough to reveal 
just the very bottom of my firm, round cheeks.

Turning to hand the glass to Tyler, I saw his eyes wide 
and staring at my breasts. His nostrils were flared, his 
chest was rising and falling rapidly and he was 
flattering me with a massive hard-on (unequalled to any 
that my tiny body had ever experienced) pushing against 
the fabric of his shorts. 

He took a drink of the tea and a few beads of moisture 
dripped from the glass and down onto his broad chest. I 
chuckled, quickly grabbed the towel from the counter and 
began wiping the droplets from his chest, working my 
hand downward and just inside the top of his shorts. His 
body jerked and immediately became covered with 

Chuckling I said, "Are you okay?"

He replied, "Oh...yeah... uh, the water was just a 
little chilly."

I walked over to the sink placing my hands widely apart 
on the edge of the counter and looking out the window I 
said, "Say Tyler, would you like some extra work? "I'd 
like to move some of the bushes in the front flowerbed 
to the back yard and my husband won't be home to help me 
for a couple of weeks. "Come take a look and see what 
you think."

He sat his glass on the counter, walked over standing 
behind me and said, "Sure Mrs. Hart...which ones?" 
Pointing my finger I said, "Way over there... the ones 
on the far right."

He leaned in farther to see where I was pointing and I 
felt his rigid cock press against the small of my back 
sending chills through my body and making me realize 
that I wanted more than to just flirt...much more. I 
wanted his young, eager cock inside of me and I was 
going to try to do just that! I brazenly reached back 
taking his large hands in mine pulling them around me 
and inside my robe, placing them on each of my bare 
breasts. I could feel his hot breath on my cheek as he 
began to gently massage my breasts and he said, "Mrs. 
Hart I..."

I pushed my hips backward pressing him tighter against 
my body and his hands squeezed slightly firmer on my 
breasts. Deciding that it was time to just "go for it" I 
reached down behind me and began gently squeezing and 
releasing his cock feeling his body spasm with each 
motion. I unbuttoned the top of his shorts, pulled the 
zipper down letting them fall to the floor and wrapped 
my hand around his blood engorged, throbbing young cock.

He muttered, "Mrs. Hart..." and I stopped him, 
"Sssshhhh, don't say anything."

I raised myself up on my tiptoes, pulled his cock 
downward and slightly spreading my legs, I wriggled its 
broad topside between the lips of my womanhood and 
kneaded its head firmly across the tip of my excited, 
blood filled love button. Looking down, I pushed my hips 
backward until I could see three or four inches of his 
wide-bodied young cock, slick from my juices, and his 
huge, mushroomed cockhead protruding boldly from between 
my legs and throbbing with anticipation. I drew my legs 
back together and began sliding myself slowly back and 
forth its slickened length. 

We moaned in unison, "Ahhhhhh!"

Continuing my seduction I whispered, "Has Desirae been 
taking good care of you Tyler?" 

He moaned lowly and grunted, "Yeah... well kinda' Oh god 
Mrs. Hart... this feels sooooo good." 

Still sliding myself slowly back and forth on his cock I 

"Does she ever do this?" 

"Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh... No... never."

"That's a shame seem to really like this. 
Does she let you fuck her?"

"Yeah, well... Oh god that's nice Mrs. Hart... She never 
lets me... Ah... you know."

"You mean she never lets you fuck her without a condom?"

"Ahhhhh...Ahhhh... Oh god... No... Never!"

"That's a shame too Tyler... It's soooo much better 
without a condom..."Have you EVER had sex without a 

"No never, "Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Oh God Mrs. Hart... Ahhhh 

"Ever fuck a woman from behind Tyler?"

"Ahhh Ahhh Ahhhh... No."

I decided that it was time,

Part 3 "Planting New Seed" 

"I want you to fuck me Tyler. I want you to fuck me from 
behind without a condom."

"You do? Oh my god Mrs. Hart... I can't believe it... 
I've always dreamed of fucking you!"

"Yes I do, I want you to fuck me without a condom Tyler. 
"I'm on the pill... "You can fuck me bareback and you 
won't have to pull out. "You can cum inside of me much as you want..."When you come back to 
spend the night Tyler, you can fuck me any way you want 
and you're gonna' cum inside of me until your beautiful, 
young balls can't produce any more cum."

"You want me to come back and spend the night?"

Oh yeah Tyler, you're GONNA' come back and spend the 

He began pushing his hips rhythmically with mine and 
whispered, "Oh my God Mrs. Hart... but Desirae will be 
here any minute to pick me up."

Feeling his eager, young cock pulsating and having 
talked myself to the verge of orgasm I whispered, 

"Well then I guess we'd better hurry Tyler... This 

I raised up on my tiptoes and reaching back taking his 
cock in my hand, I wiggled its anxious cockhead between 
my pussylips and lowered myself back down popping its 
enormous, red-hot fleshy head just inside of my wet, 
hungry pussy. 

"Fuck me Tyler."

"Oh god Mrs. Hart, are you sure?"

Still gripping the edge of the counter I took a step 
backward extending my arms, and raising back up on my 
tiptoes, I arched my back presenting myself to him like 
an animal in heat.

"Oh yeah... I'm sure. Fuck me Tyler...Fuck me and cum in 
of me... right now."

He placed his hands on my hips and in an instant, pushed 
forward ramming the entire length of his massive meat 
deep up inside of me nearly raising me off the floor.


He hesitated and nervously asked, "Are you okay Mrs. 

"YES! OH GOD YES TYLER! OH GOD YES! Give me your cock... 
give me ALL of your beautiful cock! FUCK ME TYLER! FUCK 

Without a condom for the first time in his life and with 
practically no experience, he began feverishly pounding 
his enormous, uncovered babymaker deep up inside of my 
hungry little pussy with everything he had. As he 
pounded me from behind I raised my butt to give him 
total access to his newly found treasure. He began 
moaning and I could feel his cock begin to swell to an 
incredible size as we both began to orgasm.

Thrusting furiously, Tyler gripped tightly to my hips, 
his muscular, young body began to shake and he buried 
his cock deep up inside of me. His overly excited, solid 
manhood literally exploded between my legs sending 
enormous blasts of his red-hot, merciless cum slamming 
against my womb filling my little pussy to capacity and 
gushing down onto my legs while my body was being 
wracked with jolts of electrical shock- like pleasures. 

As quickly as our first orgasms had ended he immediately 
began humping in and out of me again, slapping his balls 
wildly against my backside and sending loads of his man-
juice up into me again and again until every drop had 
been buried deep up inside of my body and stretching the 
best orgasm of my life out to unbelievable lengths.

There was an awkward silence between us as he slowly 
pulled out of me, his huge, young balls temporarily 
drained but his cock still rigid and pressed tightly 
between my butt cheeks. I turned around and reaching up, 
I put my arms around his neck and pressed my lips to 
his, our tongues excitedly exploring each other's mouths 
while his vibrant cock pulsated against my chest. 

I broke our kiss, took his hand and led him to a chair 
at the table urging him to be seated. I straddled his 
hulking body, forced the underside of his cock deep 
between my pussylips and began sliding its length. It 
surprised me when he spoke, 

"Mrs. Hart, I'm sorry if I was too fast but you really 
had me excited and..."

I stopped him with a quick kiss and said, "Oh God no were perfect! "Absolutely perfect!" Leaning 
back and pressing my mound tighter to his cock I looked 
in his eyes and demanded, "You WILL find a way to get 
away for the night and come back here. "I've got more 
for you...well...more for US."

I rose from his lap and kneeled down on the floor in 
front of him. Looking up, I pulled his cock down to my 
lips and sucked its oversized, fleshy head into my 
mouth. His hands gripped each side of the chair and his 
hips pushed upward filling my mouth with cock and 
touching the back of my throat with much more meat than 
I had ever accommodated. 

Nearly gagging, I quickly wrapped my hand around its 
base and was able to fit the rest in my mouth, its girth 
barely leaving room for my tongue to caress its 
underside. Bobbing my head slowly, my lips reaching my 
hand and retreating back to the ridge of his cockhead 
numerous times, I felt him swelling and I stopped. His 
eyes looked at mine as though they were begging for me 
to continue. I pulled my head back popping his cock from 
my lips and quickly wrapped my right hand around its 
torso. I looked up at him and said,

"You've never had your cock sucked have you Tyler?" 

He rapidly shook his head... no.

I cupped his enormous balls in my left hand and began 
stroking his cock slowly with my right.

"Tonight when you come back to spend the night with 
me...and you WILL come back here tonight, I'm gonna' 
suck your cock until I can fit all of it in my mouth. 
"I'm gonna' suck your cockhead deep down to the bottom 
of my throat and swallow every drop of your delicious 
cum... every drop Tyler."

I began massaging his balls and rapidly stroking the 
length of his cock when we heard a car was 
Desirae. His hips began rising and falling as though he 
was trying to fuck my hand and I felt his anxious rod 
beginning to swell. I smiled, tightened my grip, and 
pointed his cockhead directly at my face.

I stroked furiously up and down the length of his cock 
and in a matter of seconds he erupted, sending stream 
after stream of thick hot cum across my face, cheeks and 
lips and dripping down my chin. The car horn sounded 
again and I quickly sucked his pulsing cock in my mouth 
cleaning up any evidence of it ever having been 
relieved. I picked up his shorts, handed them to him and 
as he was pulling them up around his waist he said, 

"I'll be back shortly Mrs. Hart...for sure."

Tyler's wages have increased more than ten-fold since I 
found myself "needing his help around the house" 
three... sometimes four days a week. 

All of the flowerbeds and bushes, (One bush in 
particular) have benefited greatly from young Tyler's 
determination, eagerness to learn and his ever 
intensifying "attention to detail". My husband has 
commented on how nice our lawn looks and he's totally 
oblivious to the fact that his inconsistent jumping on 
and off of me is finding both of us totally satisfied.

I guess you just need the right person for the right 


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