Wednesday, 23 November 2016


My husband and I went on a fishing trip with a couple 
that we knew casually. All of our fishing was done by 
boat at night using lanterns to attract the fish. 

On the second trip out the man's wife didn't feel well 
and stayed ashore. We always had booze and pot aboard, 
that always made for great trips.

This particular night we anchored in a cove off the main 
lake. We put out the lanterns on the front and rear of 
the boat. After a while we were not having a lot of luck 
up front so my husband moved to the rear of the boat to 
try his luck there. 

I was feeling no pain after partaking in a lot of pot 
and booze. John, the guy with us, said that sitting here 
with me in my skimpy outfits had made him really horny. 
He boldly said his wife would let him fuck her because 
the camper was two small and you would know what we were 
doing. She would be embarrassed. 

I said we were reluctant to fuck also. Then he said, 
"Why don't we get each other off right here? We can't 
fuck because we would rock the boat but, we can use our 
hands and mouths. Then he said, "If you stand up you can 
see your husband's head and if he starts this way I can 
stop what I'm doing to you.

By now all this talk about lack of sex and his offer to 
pleasure me without actually fucking me had put me in a 
daring mood. So without a word, I stood up and looked 
over the small cabin and saw my husband's head about 25 
feet away. I smiled and took Jon's hand and put it on my 

John pulled my bikini bottoms down and  rubbed my pussy 
slit up and down a few times and then eased down on to 
his knees in front of me and began licking me like a man 
starved for sex. He would run his tongue into my hole 
and wiggle it around. He sucked my clit and pulled my 
entire pussylips into his mouth. 

I was doing all I could not to moan, but my body was 
responding to Jon's efforts and I felt my legs becoming 
wobbly. I started to cum like a fountain! It was all I 
could to not scream in pleasure. It wasn't just the 
pleasure I was receiving but the perverted kinky thing 
we were doing, so near my unsuspecting husband.

I let Jon suck me until my pussy was too sensitive to 
touch, then after I pushed him away, he sat me down in 
my chair and Popped his erect cock out of the leg hole 
of his swim trunks. This time while he watched for my 
husband, I took nice sized cock - it was drooling pre-
cum - and began to licked the head and all up and down 
the shaft. I took it as deep in my throat as I could and 
let him fuck my mouth with gentle strokes. 

He pulled his beautiful cock from my mouth and reached 
down and grasp his balls and brought them up to my 
mouth. I licked them too, I sucked each one into my 
mouth and rolled them around. In a bit he pulled them 
out and put his cock back in my mouth. 

After more mouth fucking, he leaned over and whispered, 
""C'mon Fran, let's fuck. I want to come in your pussy. 
Stand up and be still."

I hadn't planned on this but I should have known that 
once I got going I wouldn't be able to stop. I stood 
with my back to him and he guided his cock in to my 
pussy. He began squeezing my tits and playing with my 
nipples. I could feel him flexing his cock in my pussy. 

In short order I felt him shoot his cum in my pussy. I 
had an intense orgasm at that, which left me with weak 
knees. We stood there for the longest moment savoring 
what we'd just done. But once we recovered a bit, he 
pulled out of me and sat back down as if nothing had 
ever happened. 


When I awoke the next morning I was unbelievable horny. 
I wanted to get fucked again and did not care who knew! 
I spooned my husband reaching around and took his cock 
out and slid it into my pussy. He whispered, "You are 
really wet this morning."

I whispered back, "I had a really hot dream last night."

About that time I could feel the camper moving in a 
rhythm of someone fucking. I smiled and thought, 'you 

I had an orgasm almost immediately! My husband promptly 
spurt his morning load in me. 

He never knew the reason I was so wet that morning was 
that he was getting sloppy seconds. After that I 
declined every attempt from John to meet for another 
fuck. We never went fishing with them again either.

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