Monday, 21 November 2016


Agreeing to be an exchange student sponsor for the 
local college seemed like a noble thing to do and our 
exchange student turned out to be a nice young black 
guy from Africa, a charming good looking young man of 

After a few days I noticed that he was paying special 
attention to me and was complimenting me on my looks 
and would give me hugs and soon started kissing me on 
the lips when he left or came home from his classes. I 
must admit that I was enjoying the attention and 
wondered if he was having thoughts of other things 
regarding me and the attention became more touching and 
squeezing and I started to noticing a bulge in his 
front at times when he was around me.

One day my husband said we needed to talk and told me 
that our student (Alex) had confided in him that he was 
sexually attracted to me and wanted to know if it was 
OK for him to approach his wife. I was shocked at this 
but listened as my husband said that it was not unusual 
in his tribe for the men to offer their wives to 
another male friend who was visiting for a long period 
of time in his home. I was amazed at this and asked my 
husband if he really thought it was something for us to 
consider, acting shocked.

My hubby said that he was shocked at first but 
understood how he must feel being away from his tribe 
and at his age, he must surely have some strong 
feelings especially when in my presence, with all my 
charms. I smiled and expressed my appreciation for his 
compliments and that of the young black guy from 
Africa. I asked my hubby if he was asking me to take 
care of the sexual needs of the young black student. He 
replied that it was a thought that if I wanted to 
consider it that he would leave the decision to me. I 
was shocked that he would even consider this and said 
that I would think about all this as it was a surprise 
to me.

The next morning, I noticed that Alex was especially 
happy and attentive as he hugged me and pinched me on 
the bottom with a certain amount of extra zest and 
kissed me passionately before he left for school.(I 
could tell he had a big erection). I thought that 
perhaps my hubby had told him that I was considering 
the matter of my pleasing him. (darn him, Oh well he 
must want me to take care of Alex or he would not have 
discussed that matter with me)I admit that I had some 
very erotic thoughts and was horny most of the day as I 
thought about it and reached my decision. 

Yes, I will do it! I want to do it! My hubby wants me 
to do it! Alex above all, wants this 44 year old white 
ass to take care of his black pole and I am going to 
take care of him. He is such a nice guy and I want to 
see what I can do with that black joy rod he has 
between his legs, pumping his black seed into my white 

When Alex came in that afternoon, he gave me a hug and 
kissed me on the lips as I pulled him to me and pushed 
my dress covered dark curly wet mound of hair into his 
hard cock and said to him, "If you need me tonight, I 
will come see you." He kissed me hard and said, "Yes, I 
will be waiting." As we parted he rubbed my butt and 
pushed his erection hard against me. 

When my hubby came home I informed him that I had 
decided to help Alex and sleep with him when he needed 
me. My hubby kissed me and said that he was happy that 
I had decided to help our student as he was such a nice 
guy and that he wanted me to share my experiences with 
him. I could tell that he was breathing rapidly and was 
aroused by my announcement.

That night as I prepared to go to Alex, I asked my 
hubby to help me dress. He suggested my black lacy 
shortie night gown with nothing under and some perfume. 
When I was ready, Hubby kissed me and felt all over my 
body and played with me, and felt my honey pot where 
the honey was already running. 

He said, "I think you're really turned on by this." I 
replied that I was and that I hoped that Alex liked me. 
I went into Alex's room where he was studying, and 
announced my presence. He stood and his eyes got huge 
and he just starred at me and said, "Good, good, good, 
you are more beautiful than I dreamed." He grabbed me 
and suddenly we were grabbing each other frantically as 
we both hurriedly undressed him. 

I saw his black rod and wanted to suckle it immediately 
and as I did he moaned with pleasure and fell back onto 
the bed, as I moved above him and straddled his black 
cock and moved my wet hungry pussy over and down onto 
his black shaft, pulling my gown up around my waist. He 
mounted loudly and pulled me to him as he started 
thrusting very hard against me and I was meeting every 
thrust as we locked our mouths together. We then rolled 
over and as I did I caught a glimpse of my hubby 
standing just outside the open door observing 
everything we were doing. 

I was too hot and involved to object to his presence 
and actually it gave me a unexpected boost to my 
horniness as my black lover pushed his black love rod 
home and slammed his black ball sack against my white 
bottom as I felt him explode with his black seed deep 
inside me as I stiffened and shook and became limp. He 
collapsed on top of me and we lay there a few minutes. 
He said, "My dearest lover, I am so satisfied and thank 
you for being mine tonight."

I kissed him and said that it was my pleasure and I 
surely wanted to keep him happy and would be glad to do 
so any time he needed me. He was soon asleep and I went 
to my bed and my hubby was awake and was as horny as I 
had ever seen him.


My husband started playing with me and as I was telling 
him of my earth shattering experience and how much I 
had enjoyed it. I was again aroused. My hubby slid into 
me and quickly reached his orgasm. I had one again too.

We later decided that all three of us could sleep 
together on our special nights. I can assure you that 
sex with a young black lover and an understanding hubby 
is something to be experienced.

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