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Chapter One

This is the first letter I have ever written to a 
website of this type, but I had to tell my story to 
someone. My wife Ellen and I had been married for about 
fifteen years. I had always been faithful to her and I 
thought she had always been faithful to me. I was stuck 
working on graveyard shift for about six years with 
Mondays and Tuesdays off. 

I noticed that Ellen had become distant, secretive and 
never stayed at home. Ellen liked to roller skate and 
she would take the kids to the local skating rink 
almost every Friday and Saturday night. This was fine 
for awhile and then she started going on Thursday's 
nights too by herself, as this was adults only night. 

I offered to start skating with her on my days off, but 
she insisted that this was her leisure time and would 
like to do this alone. I agreed to give her space, but 
when she started going to the rink almost every night 
except my days off, I really started getting 

Ellen was always hot in bed and even at age 34 and 
after two kids, she still had a terrific figure. Ellen 
has red hair, a pair of 34D breasts, which were still 
perky even after having two children, a nice flat 
tummy, full round hips and a pair of wonderful legs 
from all the skating she did. She also has the 
brightest red fur covering her always hot and tasty 
snatch. After fifteen years of really great sex we were 
down to having sex about 2 times a week. After Ellen 
started her nightly trips to the skating rink we were 
down to about once a week, if that. 

This is another reason why I suspected that she might 
have a boyfriend or lover on the side. The few times I 
did go to the rink with Ellen, she would hang around 
with a few women about her age, but no men were hanging 
around, except the manager of the rink who was about 
twenty years older than her and me. 

I got to know Bob and he seemed friendly enough and 
kept an eye on our kids while they were at the rink. 
After about nine months of this Ellen said that Bob and 
his wife Nona wanted us to come to their house before 
Christmas to help decorate their tree and have some 
special cookies his wife makes for Christmas. We did 
this and eventually became friends with them. 

Ellen started going over to their house more often and 
even brought the kids with her at times. I thought that 
this was fine and everything was normal at first. Ellen 
came to me one day and told me that Nona was going back 
east for a few weeks to visit her and Bob's daughter. 
She said that Bob wanted to clean out the basement and 
remodel it while Nona was gone. 

Ellen said that Bob would pay her to do some painting 
and cleaning and that it would take just a few days. I 
agreed this would be a nice surprise for Nona and I 
gave her my wholehearted support. 


A few days became a week and Ellen wanted me to come 
over and see what a good job Bob and she had done on 
the basement before Nona came home. The walls were 
repainted all the trash and old junk had been removed 
and new lighting had been installed. I did notice 
however that Bob and Ellen seemed to be more friendly 
than they usually had been, but I assumed this was 
because of good job they had done on the basement. 

Ellen's and my sex life continued to dwindle and to 
spice things up a little I rented some X-rated movies 
and took her to an adult book store where she picked 
out a few adult toys. I also started buying adult 
paperback books and we would both read them and then 
have some pretty hot sex. Ellen was still seeing a lot 
of Bob at the rink and I started getting more 
suspicious even though he was more like a father 
because of his age. 

Some of the stories I read in the adult books dealt 
with husbands who liked to watch their wives having sex 
with other men. I don't know what it was, but these 
stories seemed to turn me on more than some of the 
others. I started fantasizing about Ellen having sex 
with other men while I watched her. 

About a month or two after starting these fantasies I 
finally got up the courage to show her this one story I 
liked to read and had her read it. After Ellen read it, 
I asked her what she thought and she said it was 
interesting. We then had some of the best sex we had 
had in months, which left us both completely drained. 
Because of the way Ellen had gotten off after reading 
that story I thought I would try for once and all to 
find out if there was anything between her and Bob. 

My plan was to take her to our favorite adult book 
store in the next town and get her tuned up for what I 
was going ask her. We got to the bookstore and I rented 
a private booth and got a video. This video was about a 
husband that comes home and finds his wife fucking the 
neighbor and joins in instead of getting mad. We 
watched the movie for a few minutes. 

When the action on the screen started to get hot, we 
both got naked and down on the carpeted floor and 
fucked our brains out. When the movie was over we 
straightened up as best we could and returned the video 
to the clerk. I knew right away that he suspected what 
we had done, as he had a big shit-eating grin on his 

On the way home, which was about 20 miles, we talked 
about what we had done and the movie, which had two men 
and one woman. I asked her if she ever thought about 
having two men at once. Ellen reluctantly told me she 
fantasized about that some times when she masturbated. 
I asked her if she would like to make it a reality 
someday. She said that she wasn't sure and besides she 
said we didn't know anyone who could join us. When we 
got home we got into bed and we started kissing and 
hugging again.

After a few minutes I was hard a rock again and I had 
her get on top of me. Usually when she would get on top 
of me she would ride me like a wild horse in a race. 
But this time she just slid down my pole very slowly 
and then would pull back up until just the head of my 
prick was ready to pop out. Ellen did this for about 
ten minutes and then asked me if I was serious about 
what I had said about having a three-way. 

I assured her that I was willing to try anything, 
especially with what she was doing to my prick at this 
very moment. 

I said, "Are you sure you haven't been fucking around 
on me with someone?" 

She said, "No." 

I said again, "Are you sure you haven't been screwing 

She said, "Maybe." 

All the while we are talking she is still going up and 
down my shaft with her red hot, tight, pussy very 
slowly. This is driving me crazy and I am now hot 
enough to fuck a wildcat. 

I then said, "It sounds like maybe you have been a bad 

She said, "Yes I've been a bad girl." 

I said, "With who?" 

She said, "With Bob." 

I asked her what she had been doing with Bob. She told 
me that when they remodeled the basement when Nona was 
out of town that she had given Bob a blowjob on the 
second night Nona was gone. She also told me that she 
didn't want him to fuck her, because she was afraid I 
could tell if she done that. 

I asked her if he had big cock? She said for a little 
guy that he has pretty big cock. I asked her if it was 
bigger than mine was? She told his was longer, but not 
as fat as mine was. I said, "Do you like sucking his 
cock?" She said, "Yes, but you cum more than he does." 

I couldn't believe it, here I was talking with my wife 
of 15 years about her sucking another mans cock and my 
dick was as hard as a diamond. I asked her if we could 
get together sometime with Bob and have a three-way. 

She said she wasn't sure if Bob would do it. I told her 
to ask him, as I wanted to watch his dick slide into 
her red haired beautiful pussy. She said she still 
wasn't sure. I asked her to think about it and tell me 
everything about what her and Bob had done. 

She said that they were cleaning out the basement on 
the second night Nona was gone and that she had spilled 
some of the cleaning water down the front of her 
blouse. She said that the water was cold and the 
material was shear and her nipples were sticking out of 
the material like two erasers. She said that Bob 
noticed this and made a comment to her. She said that 
she then took off her blouse, but left her bra on and 
had Bob put it in the dryer. Ellen said that they 
continued working, but Bob wasn't getting much work 
done and he had a huge lump in the front of his pants. 

Ellen said she bent over in front of Bob and purposely 
backed into his crotch and pressed against Bob's hard 
dick that was straining to get out of his pants. Ellen 
said when she did this Bob then reached around her and 
grabbed two handfuls of her tits and started fondling 

She said after that she stood up and turned around and 
kissed him and then pressed her tits into his face. 
Ellen said they did this for awhile and then she 
unbuckled his pants and pulled them down with his 
shorts. She said his cock sprang out at her like a 
switchblade and even though it wasn't as big around as 
mine was, it was good eight inches long. Ellen said it 
looked just too good not to touch and when she put her 
hand around it, it jumped. 


Ellen said she jacked him off for a few minutes and 
then got on her knees and put the tip of it in her 

She said he wasn't circumcised and the head was small 
and pointed when she unsheathed it. Ellen said he was 
clean though and there was no odor, so she put as much 
of him in her mouth as she could. She said that it only 
took him about dozen or so pumps in her mouth and he 
was cumming into her throat. 

Ellen said that he then pulled her jeans down and 
pulled her panties off and licked her dripping, tasty 
snatch until she came all over his face. Ellen said Bob 
wanted to fuck her too, but she said that she was 
afraid that if I wanted sex when she got home, I could 

Ellen said that her and Bob for the next two weeks did 
everything a person could do sexually just short of 
fucking. She said that she sucked and jacked off Bob 
five times one night and he was so sore that he could 
not go to work the next day. Ellen said that Bob would 
eat her pussy for hours and she would cum until she was 
ready to pass out. 

Ellen said one night while they were painting with 
latex paint they got naked and had a paint fight. She 
said he gave her a nice long hot bath after that and 
pissed all over tits and pussy as she lay in the tub. 

She also told me that after the night I came over to 
look at the basement, that when I left for work they 
watched a porno movie and she let him fuck her in the 
ass with one of her dildos while he ate her pussy and 
she sucked his cock. While Ellen was telling me all of 
this, she was still going up and down on my cock very 
slowly. When I would get ready to cum, she would stop 
and not move and tell me some more of her and Bob's 
dirty little secrets. 

Finally when I could take it no more, I had one of the 
best orgasms I had ever had in my life. I could hardly 
move and Ellen did not get off until I was completely 
soft inside her. We laid there and hugged and she cried 
and said she was sorry and would not see Bob again. I 
told her no, I thought it was great as I had had sex 
with lots of women before we were married, but she had 
been a virgin. I told her that it would be just fine, 
but only as long as she told me everything and held 
nothing back from me. 

Ellen agreed to this and I asked her if the last time 
she had sex with Bob was when Nona was out of town. 
Ellen said no that her and Bob had been sucking each 
other off in the front seat of his big old Buick in 
dark parking lots. 

I asked her when was the last time she had given him a 
blowjob and she said two days ago in the skating rink 
parking lot. She said he came all over her tits. I then 
told her that the next time he came on her tits to not 
wipe them off and come home to me and show me. She said 
she would the next time she saw him. 

It was a day or two later when Ellen went skating and I 
was on my days off and stayed home with the kids. It 
was around midnight and the kids were sound asleep and 
I went to the bedroom and started reading one of the 
many adult books we had in our secret library. 

Ellen came home about 1:00am and came into the bedroom 
with a big grin on her face. I asked her what was going 
on. She said that she had been a bad girl and had a 
surprise for me. She slowly undressed and threw her bra 
at me. 

I caught it and it had damp spot on one of the cups and 
had the pungent odor of cum to it. I smelled it and 
told her she was a bad girl and to get in bed with me. 

I turned the bed lamps on their highest settings and 
looked at her breasts. The left breast had a dried 
whitish substance around its nipple and towards the 
middle cleavage. I looked at her and we kissed and 
hugged for a few seconds. She asked he if everything 
was OK. I told her everything was fine and I kissed her 
left breast and licked it clean of her lover's deposit. 
We then had some of the hottest sex since the night she 
told me about her and Bob's little sex secrets. 

The next morning when the kids were off to school we 
sat around and talked about what had been happening and 
were we should go from here. I asked her if she had 
told Bob yet that I knew about their fooling around. 
She said not yet, but she was waiting for my OK before 
she did. I told her that she could go ahead and tell 
him. I also told her to tell him that it was OK with me 
and that I wasn't opposed to a three-way with him or 
whatever he was agreeable to. 

The next night she went out again and met with Bob. 
Ellen said that when she told him, that he almost had a 
heart attack and was worried about me hurting him. She 
said that she told him I was the one who suggested it 
and everything was fine as long as he was willing to 
continue to see her. 


 The next morning I got a phone call from Bob. He 
started out apologizing for his and Ellen's affair and 
said he would end it immediately if I wanted him to. I 
told him I was OK with the situation the way it was, 
and would like to get together with him and Ellen 
sometime for a three-way, or even just to watch them 
have sex. Bob said he would think about it and get back 
with me. About a week later Ellen came home late again 
while I was on my days off. 

She told me that she had been with Bob again that 
night, and that she had been a really bad girl. I asked 
her want she meant by being a really bad girl. She said 
she let him fuck her tonight and he left a really big 
load of cum in her pussy. This got me harder than I had 
been since I was sixteen. 

I said show me you bad little girl. 

She pulled her skintight jeans down over her hips and 
let them fall to the floor. She stepped out of them and 
spread her legs. I could see a damp spot in her pink 
bikini underpants. She did a little seductive dance and 
slowly pulled the panties down and wadded them up and 
handed them to me. I smelled them and they smelled of 
her and sex. 

I had her get into bed with me and we hugged and kissed 
for a few moments. I then told her to get on top of me 
in a 69 position and had her turn the lights up. She 
inched her beautiful backside towards my face and could 
see that some of her beautiful red fur was matted down. 
I took my fingers and gently spread open the lips of 
her lovely pussy and saw that they were a little puffy 
and red. They were also very moist. 

While I was doing my exam of her she was giving my dick 
some really good sucking and licking. I pulled her 
close enough so that I could get a really good look at 
her pussy and almost touch it with my tongue. I got 
close enough to inhale the pungent odor that was coming 
from her freshly used love hole. I spread her wide 
enough now so I could see the remains of her lover. 

I then stuck my tongue out and started licking her lips 
and then buried my face fully into her pussy. She was 
going nuts on my cock. Sucking and jacking it to the 
point I thought I was going to cum. But at the last 
minute she backed off. I continued to explore that 
freshly fucked pussy of hers with my tongue that was 
filled with her and her lovers cum. It was an odd taste 
and a really heady aroma, but it was making me hotter 
than a pistol, especially with what Ellen was doing to 
my dick. I finally came after Ellen had cum about three 
times on my face and tongue. 

We laid in bed and hugged kissed for awhile and talked 
about what we were going to do in the future. She told 
me Bob had agreed to have a three-way with us and that 
the kids were going to an all night skating party this 
coming weekend and if I could get Saturday off we could 
have our first threesome. I got Saturday night off and 
we made plans that after Bob got off work at midnight 
he would meet me and Ellen at our house. 

Ellen and I restrained from having sex for the next 
four days with anticipation of Saturday night 
activities. Ellen took the kids to the skating rink and 
said she would be home around 11:30pm and Bob would 
meet us around 12:30am. Before she left she gave me a 
real wet kiss and grabbed my semi-hard cock and gave it 
a squeeze. 

Ellen came home around 11:45 and said Bob would be 
along shortly. We talked again about what we were about 
to do. Ellen said she was fine with it as long I didn't 
have a problem with it. I reassured her that I wanted 
to do it and was ready to do anything as long as we 
both agreed to it. Ellen then prepared herself for the 
nights activities. 

She had a pair of black lace crotchless panties she put 
on and then put her silk robe on over it without a bra. 
At 12;45am the doorbell rang. I answered the door and 
there was Bob with a bottle of Jim Beam in one hand and 
an envelope in the other. I welcomed him in and offered 
him a seat on the sofa where Ellen was sitting. Ellen 
got up and poured us all a drink and then we started 
making small talk.

Bob handed me the envelope and told me these were some 
of the photos he had taken of Ellen. Photography was 
one of his hobbies and he had a darkroom in his 
basement. Photography was also a hobby of mine and this 
is one other thing that we had in common besides Ellen. 

I opened the package and pulled out the photos, there 
were about 50 or more of them. The first one was of 
Ellen at what looked like the beach and she was totally 
naked. Bob told me that he took her to one of the local 
nude beaches one Sunday afternoon and took the photos 
there. I went through he photos which were making me 
very hot as they were very suggestive poses of Ellen. 

While I was going through the photos I noticed that 
Ellen had slid over on the sofa next to Bob and was 
rubbing the crotch of his pants, which by now had a 
very large lump in it. There were two sets of photos 
and the second set was of Ellen in Bob's basement. 
These were hotter than the beach photos and Ellen had 
brought some of her adult toys over there to use as 

There was one where she had one of her large dildos 
stuffed up her pussy and she was pinching her nipples. 
I looked up and told Bob that these were good photos 
and asked him if I could have a few. I also noticed 
that Ellen had unzipped Bob's pants and had fished his 
cock out. She was right it was monster for a guy who 
was only five foot four and weighed only about 150 

It must have been all of eight inches long and had a 
sheath covering its head. Ellen was working the sheath 
back and forth over the head of Bob's cock and was 
smiling at me. I put the photos down as who needs them 
when you have a live show going on just six feet away. 
I pulled my cock out of my jeans as it was just about 
ready to bust through the material anyway. 

I watched as Ellen gave Bob a big kiss and then lowered 
her head down to his lap and took Bob's prick into her 
mouth. Bob looked over at me as to check for my 
approval. I think when he saw that I had my dick out 
and it was hard as a rock and I was stroking it, he 
knew everything was OK. 

I watched Ellen suck Bob for a few minutes and then 
suggested we all get naked and proceed to the bedroom. 
We went into the bedroom and we were all naked in about 
30 seconds. Ellen lay down in the middle of the bed and 
patted the bed on either side of her as an indication 
for us to get on either side of her. We did as 
instructed and she gave us each a kiss and then offered 
each of us a breast to kiss. Bob took the right one and 
I took the left one. Bob and I each sucked on a breast 
and Bob also started feeling Ellen's pussy. Ellen in 
the mean time was playing with both of our cocks. 

We did this for a few minutes and then I said to Bob 
that he was the guest so he could have first crack at 
Ellen's hot red pussy and I would watch. Bob crawled 
onto Ellen in the missionary position and sank his 
eight inches all the way into Ellen. She let out a moan 
with Bob's big cock in her pussy. 

While they were fucking I leaned over and kissed Ellen 
on the mouth and sucked on her breasts. She must have 
cum three times before Bob finally arched his back and 
dumped his load of cum into Ellen's pussy. While Bob 
was pulling out I gave Ellen a big kiss and asked her 
how she felt. She said it was wonderful and wanted me 
next. I hopped on and drove my cock into her. 

I went into her so easy after Bob having deposited his 
load of cum in her. It was almost too wet and sloppy to 
get any feeling, but it was great. Bob in the mean time 
put a porno movie in the VCR and watched it while Ellen 
and I screwed. It didn't take me long to cum, and Ellen 
had two more organisms before I finished. I came and 
mixed my load of cum with Bob's into Ellen's hot pussy. 
When I pulled out Ellen's pussy had more cum than it 
could hold and it came running out on the sheets. 

We all lay back on the bed with Ellen in the middle and 
cooled down and watched the porno movie Bob had turned 
on. I played around in Ellen's soupy pussy with my 
fingers and Ellen played with Bob's cock which was 
already starting to come back to life. When Ellen had 
Bob back to full hardness he got up and straddled her 
face and fed his cock into her mouth. I watched and 
Ellen played with my cock. 

It took Bob about ten minutes before he came. He didn't 
cum in her mouth, but pulled out at the last minute and 
covered her face and neck with his cum. I don't know 
what happened, but after he got off Ellen I leaned over 
and kissed her fully on the mouth, face and neck 
tasting Bob's cum mixed with her saliva. 

I then lay back down and Ellen straddled me with her 
ass and pussy towards my face and she started sucking 
and licking my cock. She had her rear positioned just 
inches from my face and I reached up and opened her 
pussy lips. There was still traces of Bob's and my cum 
in her and it looked just too inviting not to taste. I 
sucked and licked on her moist hole for what seemed to 
be hours while she sucked and licked on my cock. 

While she was sucking on me I felt a strange hand on my 
cock a few times. Bob must have grabbed my cock while 
Ellen was sucking on my cock. This only heightened the 
pleasure and feeling. I finally blew off into her mouth 
and she turned around and gave me another wet mouthed 
kiss and said thank you. By this time we were all 
pretty well worn out and Bob got dressed and left for 

Before he left though we all agreed that this would not 
be the last time we would get together. A few months 
went by and Ellen continued to see Bob at the skating 
rink and then go out with him and fuck, suck or do 
whatever they could in his Buick. She would then come 
home to me and tell me what they had done and we would 
fuck and suck ourselves to sleep. I especially liked it 
when Bob would fuck her and she would come home with a 
load his cum in her pussy. I would eat her until she 
had about three or four climaxes. 

She came home one night about two in the morning and 
woke me up. She said that Nona was out of town again 
and that she and Bob had been bad little boys and 
girls. This woke me right up and my cock too. I asked 
how bad and she said that she let Bob fuck her in the 
ass and he left a present in there for me. 

Ellen got undressed and we got into a 69 position on 
the bed with her on top. I turned up the bed lamps and 
looked into her puckered up little rosebud. I wet my 
finger and stuck it in her ass and worked it around a 
little. I then pulled my finger out and replaced it 
with my tongue. I licked and poked at her asshole with 
my tongue and could make out the taste and scent of her 
lovers deposit. This gave me one hell of an orgasm, 
which I shot into Ellen's willing and eager mouth.

Chapter Two

It had been about two months since our first three-way 
with Bob and we finally had the opportunity to get 
together again. Ellen took the kids to an all night 
skating party and Bob was to meet us at the house again 
around midnight. Ellen again prepared herself for our 
night of fun by putting on some sexy underwear and had 
a few drinks to relax before Bob arrived. When Ellen 
has a few drinks she pretty much loses her inhibitions 
and will do most anything sexually. 

Bob arrived at 12:00am as planned and we had a drink 
with him first and made some small talk. Ellen again 
sat with him on the couch while I sat in my recliner. 
While we were talking Ellen started rubbing Bob's 
crotch and pretty soon he had a huge bulge in his 
pants. Bob told me he couldn't believe how fortunate he 
was to have met Ellen and had never dreamed that he 
would be having a three-way with her husband too.

I assured him again that I was cool with the 
arraignment as long as Ellen still loved me and would 
not ever leave me and the kids. I told him it was only 
sex and I still loved her very much. I told him that if 
it ever started to affect our relationship I would have 
to ask her to stop seeing him. He agreed that he didn't 
want to come between me and Ellen, or cause our 
breakup. He said to let him know if it ever came to 
that point and he would back out.

Because Ellen was stroking Bob through his slacks he 
was getting pretty turned on and he started playing 
with Ellen's breasts. The lacy underwear she was 
wearing had crotch less panties and a nipple less bra. 
Bob started sucking on Ellen's nipples while she 
continued to rub his hard-on through his slacks. This 
scene was really making me hard too and precum was 
leaking out of my dick like a faucet causing a wet spot 
in the front of my sweatpants. 

Ellen then unbuckled and unzipped Bob's slacks and 
fished out his eight inch monster. Precum was leaking 
out of its foreskin and she rubbed the skin up and down 
over the head. Ellen then bent over and started sucking 
on Bob's cock and looked over at me and winked. When 
she did that I pulled my sweatpants down and let my 
cock free and gave it a few strokes while watching her 
suck on Bob. 

After a few minutes Ellen suggested we go to the 
bedroom and get more comfortable. We all went to the 
bedroom and undressed. I asked Ellen what she wanted to 
do first She told me to lay on the bed first and then 
she crawled on top of me in a sixty-nine position. She 
then started sucking me and I started eating her very 
wet pussy. She then told Bob to get on the bed behind 
her and told him to fuck her doggy style. 

Bob got on the bed and positioned his self behind her. 
When I looked up I got a close-up view of Bob's cock 
just as he was starting to put it in Ellen's hot little 
pussy. I moved my head down from Ellen's pussy and he 
started to slowly ram his huge cock in and out of her. 
Ellen was still sucking on my cock and the view of Bob 
pistoning in and out of her cunt was really getting me 
hot. After a minute or two I put my mouth on her clit 
and started sucking and licking it trying to stay away 
from Bob's cock. 

Because of the way we were all positioned occasionally 
my nose would rub against Bob's cock. I was really 
getting off on this arraignment and I finally let my 
tongue lick on the underside of Bob's cock a few times 
while it was sliding in and out of Ellen's pussy. I 
then finally stopped giving Ellen's clit any attention 
and just rested my tongue on the underside of Bob's 
dick as it was sliding in and out of Ellen. 

Ellen had cum twice already and then Bob started 
picking up the pace and I knew he was ready to blast 
off too. He finally let out a moan and then rammed it 
home one more time and left it there. He left his cock 
buried in Ellen and jerked and few times and pulled 
out. When Bob's cock plopped out, it landed on my mouth 
and left a small amount of his cum on my lips. 

Also a few seconds later Ellen's pussy spasmed and a 
large wad of Bob's and hers secretions came out and 
landed on my face. I licked this up and then buried my 
face into Ellen's freshly fucked pussy. I licked her 
for a few more minutes which gave her another orgasm 
and I blasted off in her mouth too. 

When then rested for awhile and watched a XXX video. 
While watching the video Ellen played with our now soft 
dicks and we sucked on her breasts and kissed her. 
After about 30 minutes Bob and I were again ready for 
some more action and so was Ellen. I asked Ellen if she 
would like to try a double penetration with us and she 
said she would like that. 

Because I am larger physically, I got on the bottom and 
Ellen straddled me and I penetrated her pussy. Bob then 
got behind her and after lubing up his cock penetrated 
her ass. She let out a scream up not a scram of pain, 
but of shear delight. We worked up a rhythm but because 
Ellen was so worked up she kept pulling off of my 
shorter fat dick and banging hard onto Bob's cock in 
her ass. It must have taken up a good twenty minutes 
before I came and then Bob shot off in her ass a few 
minutes later. Ellen was panting and crying out, 
"Harder, fuck me harder." the whole time. 

Bob pulled out of her ass after a few seconds and then 
she clasped on me and gave me a big kiss. I told her to 
turn around that I wanted to see what damage Bob had 
done to her ass. She turned around with her ass 
sticking in my face. 

Her poor little rosebud was all red and puffy and a 
little bit of Bob's leavings were starting to dribble 
out. I put my face up to her ass started tonguing and 
licking her well used hole. It had a different taste 
than what I have been eating out of her snatch, but it 
was still heady and pleasant not the less. 

After I cleaned up her ass and crotch with my tongue we 
all hopped in the shower. While in there we all peed on 
each other while standing under the warm water. Ellen 
and even took a drink from each of our dicks and then 
spit it in our face. If not for the fact that we had 
already cum twice we probably would have had another go 
at her. But we were too tired and Bob had to be getting 
home to Nona anyway. 

Bob thanked us for the good time and we agreed to get 
together again soon. Ellen gave him a big wet kiss and 
squeezed his dick through his slacks and he left.

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