Sunday, 16 October 2016


Being newly weds and short of money, my hubby 
encouraged me to take a job at a local department store 
to help with the living expenses. We had been married 
about 6 months at this time and it was the Christmas 
season. One Saturday the store had their Christmas 
party after closing. There was food and plenty of 
spiked punch. 

Everyone was having a good time it seemed and it 
appeared that I had gotten the attention of my 
supervisor Zak. He was a middle-aged very handsome 
black man who seemed to be more attentive this evening 
than usual. I had carefully chosen my dress for the day 
to look like Christmas and to present a nice neat look. 
I wore black lacy undies (as if anyone would see them, 
but it made me feel good) and a red knit dress that 
clung to my 5'-9" nicely shaped body. 

I knew that Zak appreciated it as I could see it in his 
eyes as they would move up and down my body and stop at 
my 34-c white lobes. I could almost read his mind I 
thought. Periodically he would move near me and whisper 
things like, "You look very striking today, Molly," or 
"That is a nice dress you have. I really love red." 

I don't know if it was the drink or the attention that 
was getting to me, but I went to the ladies room and 
wiped the sweat off my forehead, took a deep breath and 
watched in the mirror as my breast rose and fell. I 
pushed on them, as they felt full and swollen, as if I 
were lactating which I knew was not the case. I 
realized that Zak's attention was sending them a subtle 
message. I noticed that my black lacy bra was peeking 
out along the neckline of my dress. I decided to let it 
show and give Zak something to look at. 

Returning to the party, Zak moved near me again and I 
could see his eyes were glued to my breast as we 
chatted some more. I knew that I was drinking too much 
as my head was dizzy and I was getting giggly. I took 
the opportunity to look up and down Zak and wondered 
what that black body of his looked like in the nude and 
I giggled with my evil thoughts. Zak asked me what I 
was thinking about and I told him that it was a little 
personal moment that I best keep to myself.

As the evening wore on, people left the party and as I 
looked around, there was Mary, a white divorcee and two 
black guys from the storeroom sitting on the couch 
chatting. The music was still playing, and Zak asked me 
if I would do him a favor and dance with him. "Of 
course," I said and we went into each other's arms. 
"After all you are the boss and hold my future in your 
hands," as I giggled. He gave me a squeeze as we moved 
slowly to the music. "I was thinking of holding 
something of yours in my hands but..." he never 

My thoughts of Zak and his black body were causing me 
to breath deeply and I was perspiring heavily. I was 
now feeling a bit vulnerable and knew that I was having 
thoughts that I should not have. I was thinking of what 
I had heard about black men and how they liked white 
pussy and how they especially liked the married ones. 

I could feel Zak's now hard rod gently brushing against 
my tummy as we danced. Zak's hands were now on my butt 
gently pulling me closer and closer and I offered no 
resistance as if he had cast a spell over me. Zak was 
whispering, "Oh baby, Oh baby, you feel so good". "But 
Zak," I protested. "I am married and me and my husband 
are both southern county people and we... welllll, 

Zak interrupted and said, "Go ahead and say it. Where 
you came from, white women don't take to the black 
guys. I know. I was raised in Alabama."

"Oh Zak, I am not that way, I have always wanted to 
know, well you know, I was a virgin when I married 

"Oh baby I understand. You would like to try it but you 
think your husband would not approve," as he chuckled. 
"I don't think we will tell him, do you," as he 

I was thinking about how wise Zak was and how naïve I 
was, I was thinking of what my mom always said, "Those 
black guys want white women so watch out. All they want 
is some pussy and they are gone." Well I though, so 
what. Women want cock too. My husband was not a virgin 
and I was when we married. It is only fair that I have 
a fling. I knew that this black stud was closer to 
getting into the panties of my husband's white wife.

I laid my head on his shoulder and closed my eyes as I 
visualized us moving in unison gently felling and 
touching, as the fires grew ever more intense. I knew 
that I was getting very wet and ready for Zak to take 
me from my red neck husband for this night. 

I suddenly looked to see who was watching, but my fears 
were ungrounded as I spotted Mary and her two black 
friends sitting on a couch making out, her dress was up 
around her waist and one guy had pulled her panties 
aside and was sampling her juices and the other was 
nursing like a baby on her white boobs. I could tell 
they were not interested in what we were doing. I knew 
that I wanted to do more than just dance with Zak and 
there was little doubt that he wanted to get some from 
a white man's wife.

Zak took me by the hand and led me to his back office 
and we sat on the couch I knew that it would soon be 
our love nest. I was really nervous and horny now as I 
freed one white lobe and offered the hard nipple for 
Zak to suckle and nibble. I closed my eyes and let my 
mind wander into space as I fantasized that Zak was 
relieving my swollen lactating breast. I then freed the 
other breast from my bra to relieve the pressure. Zak's 
hand were now feeling up under my red dress and 
fingering my swollen wet lips. 

I moved my hand down and felt his chocolate rod through 
his pants. I wanted to feel the veined flesh as I 
frantically unzipped and unbuckled his belt. I could 
now feel his rod peeking out of his boxer shorts. We 
both stood and finished removing each other clothes. I 
kissed his chest noting the black kinky hair as I moved 
lower to see for the first time his black swollen cock 
peeking out from his black kinky hair. 

I gasped as I saw the beauty knowing it was going to be 
mine. Our clothes laid strewn over the floor as he 
pushed me to the couch and knelt before me and moved to 
my puffy clit to suckle and lick me all over. My lips 
were swollen as well. My curly black hair was matted 
and wet as he sniffed and licked driving his tongue 
deep inside me with a thrusting motion driving me 

I could wait no longer, as I had to see and feel his 
black cock. As I pushed him up, I went down to worship 
Zak's rigid pole standing there for me to have and to 
hold. I reached out and felt the veins, the head, and 
then licked the clear liquid from the end as it seeped 
out from the slit. I knew that this was one damn nice 
stud and my white ass was going to make him mine. 

Yesterday I was just a sales girl and tonight I am 
going to bust the bosses black balls. I played with his 
balls as they hang there in his manly sack begging me 
to open my legs and let them do their duty. I knew that 
they were full of his black seed and they would soon be 
planted in my husband's womb. 

I fell back on the couch and blurted out, "Damn you! 
I'm your bitch! Take me you fucking black stud." 

With that Zak moved above me and I grabbed his black 
rod and guided it into my white pussy as he shoved it 
until it hit my cervix, then he started thrusting as I 
moved my hips around locking my legs around his waist 
so he would not get away (as if he wanted to). 

I wanted him to know he was mine! I had my hands on his 
back digging my fingernails into his skin as his hands 
held my butt close pounding me hard and fast. I wanted 
my black stud to see what a young white wife could do 
to him. We were both now sweating as our sweat mixed 
together as our bodies fought to take all we could from 
each other. 

I could feel his black balls knocking on my back door 
wanting to leave their load. I could feel the tension 
building in Zak and knew he was about to empty those 
balls into my womb. As I pulled him closer, I felt his 
throbbing cock empting his balls deep inside me. 

I was now shaking and jerking with my own orgasm as Zak 
let out muffled groans as his balls gave up their last 
drops of black seed. He gave one final thrust and held 
it deep inside me. He then relaxed and laid on his 
white bitch as we gently kissed and savored the moment. 
Zak said, "Thanks you Molly for accepting me as I am, 
just someone who admires a very sexy woman."

I thought for a moment and replied, "Zak, I consider it 
an honor to be your white bitch. I knew I could bust 
those black balls of yours. Bet no black woman has ever 
given you a fucking like this." and giggled. 

I went home and went to bed and thought of what I had 
done. I justified it by telling myself that being that 
my husband was not a virgin when we married, that I was 
due a bit of fun. I felt between my legs and realized 
that some of Zak's black seed was oozing out on the 
sheets. I giggled as I thought of my husband coming 
home from his night shift and wanting to have sex. Yes 
I would like that as I felt the tingle coming back. 

True to form, my husband came in and started playing 
around. I opened my legs as he kissed me from my breast 
down to my puffy lips. He licked and sniffed and licked 
and sniffed some more. He finally moved up to take me 
and whispered in my ear, "You sure smell like sex 
tonight, Wow it makes me so hot. You smell like a bitch 
dog in heat and I love it. You were very juicy and 
tasty tonight as well."

I chuckled to myself and said, "Oh, honey I have been 
horny most of the night. Glad you like it." I knew that 
my hubby was turned on by my black cum filled womanhood 
and thought how nice it would be to give him an extra 
thrill every now and then, "Hummm Zak, you don't really 
know how you have affected the sex life of these two 
southerners. I wonder what my hubby would think if he 
knew he was turned on by the smell of a black stud 
having sex with his wife?"

Just then my hubby exploded with his own seed mixing 
with those of my black stud. Needless to say I was 
exhausted and went to sleep knowing that I had entered 
a new phase in my sex life. 

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