Wednesday, 26 October 2016


It was a very memorable weekend.

It all started with a ski trip to the Copper Mountain
Ski Area in Colorado about three years ago. Actually, I
guess it really started earlier... and reached the high
point in the mountains of Colorado. Tim and I had been
married just over 8 years then.

I met Tim while we were both in college at Colorado
State College in Fort Collins, Colorado. I was from
Omaha, Nebraska, and Tim grew up on his family's ranch
in northern Wyoming. We had both had our share of sexual
exploits before meeting, but nothing particularly
unusual for those early 80's years in college.

When we started dating, I fell madly in love with Tim...
and he with me. After several months of dating, we moved
in together, even though our parents were less than
supportive of the idea. Shortly after we graduated, we
got married, and moved into a small house on Tim's
parent's ranch where Tim went to work for his dad. Tim
had always planned to be a rancher, and one day he hoped
to take over his father's cattle ranch.

We have always had a great life together... particularly
in bed. In our first three years we had two kids, a boy
and a girl. That pretty well kept me at home, but I
managed to develop a home business designing specialized
software programs for some of the local merchants.

At night, Tim and I would make love into the wee hours
at least three nights a week... often more. On cold
winter Wyoming nights we would build a fire in the
fireplace, throw blankets on the floor in front of the
fireplace, and cuddle in each other's arms. Tim loved to
nibble on my ample breasts... and work his lips down to
my pussy where he would grasp my clit between his lips
and suck as his tongue darted in and out of my pussy.
This would usually bring me to a series of orgasms
before he would put his beautiful cock into me to join
me for a final orgasm before we drifted off to sleep.

While we were back in college I had discovered how much
I enjoyed sucking his cock deep into the back of my
mouth as I played with his scrotum and tickled the area
behind his nuts until he got rock hard. Then I would bob
up and down on his cock until he would shoot his load.
In the early days I would pull my mouth off his cock and
let him shoot into the air or onto my hand. Other times
as I felt he was almost ready to shoot, I would straddle
his cock and let him shoot inside my pussy.

After we had been married for about three years, I
discovered by accident that I enjoyed the taste of his
come, and began encouraging him to shoot directly down
my throat as I gently squeezed the last of his seed from
his nut sack.

Over the years we experimented with virtually every
conceivable position and variation two people could try.
Sometimes he could come in from the fields mid-day, grab
me away from the kids, lift my skirt, spread my panties
and enter me from behind as we stood in the kitchen or
the bathroom. We have both always enjoyed wild,
spontaneous sex.

Whenever we traveled into the bigger cities, we would
pick up magazines like Forum or Variations or
Penthouse... and at night we often read each other
stories as the other lavished oral sex on the reader.
Sometimes we brought home some of the more outrageous X-
rated videos to play in the privacy of our bedroom as we
made love.

The stories and the videos often depicted a woman being
serviced by more than one guy. That really turned me
on... but at first I didn't tell Tim how these stories
got my juices flowing. Finally, I think he began to
notice how I would get extra receptive to his advances
after hearing about or seeing such situations.

One night as we lay in bed on our sides... with Tim
behind me and his cock buried deep in my pussy... he
reached around and cupped my breasts.. and softly
whispered in my ear... "How would you like to be having
some other guy nibbling on your clit while I am buried
inside you like this?"

The verbal picture sounded very good, but I didn't say
"yes" or "no." I just released a satisfied moan and let
my pussy muscles squeeze Tim's cock as he tried to pull
it back on an out-stroke.

He continued to gently stroke in and out of me while a
glow settled over me. Then he said, "Imagine that this
cock inside of you is attached to another guy, and I am
laying on the other side of you... necking with you and
playing with your breasts."

With that, I went over the top in a highly satisfying
climax as he buried himself deeply within me and held
his cock there until my climax sucked a climax out of
him. We rolled over and both quickly fell asleep.


During the next few days I had a hard time focusing my
mind on my computer work. I took care of the kids, fixed
the meals... and my mind would repeatedly drift to the
verbal pictures Tim had painted in my mind. These
pictures would mix with the scenes from the videos or
the stories we had read in the various magazines. I had
to admit, the notion of having two guys being attentive
to my body... at once... was beginning to sound VERY

Keep in mind that since meeting Tim, I have never been
with another man. And, I haven't even entertained the
idea of an affair. That has just never interested me.
BUT, if there was another guy joining Tim and me in our
lovemaking... and I was the center of that doubled
attention... WOW, that had possibilities.

The next night we made love like wild jackrabbits... but
nothing was said about Tim's earlier comments or my


The following week Tim had to travel to Denver to make
arrangements to sell some cattle. The night he returned
we got the kids to bed and he opened a package he had
brought back. He had toured a few adult bookstores and
had picked out magazines, books and videos that each
contained stories about women who were experiencing
simultaneous sexual pleasure at the hands of two guys.

Some were coarse, one video was a sensitive treatment of
the experience, showing the woman giving most of her
attention to her husband (with kisses, caresses, oral
attention, etc.) as the second guy lay between her legs
nibbling on her bud and diving his tongue deeply into
her. When she came, she was looking straight into her
husband's eyes, and he gently kissed her forehead as she
closed her eyes and gasped in pleasure.

In another scene, she was on the bed, on all fours,
taking her husband's cock into her mouth as he lay
beneath her, kissing her pubic mound and caressing her
ass cheeks. He motioned for the other guy to move over
to the end of the bed and insert his cock into his
wife's pussy as he watched from below. He lay his head
back on the bed and watched the action above him as his
wife rocked back to meet every thrust of their bedroom
guest... and as she continued to lovingly suck her
husband until he exploded in her face.

With that, she simply lay over on his body and seemed to
enjoy the strange cock as it explored the inner recesses
of her pussy. She appeared to have had several orgasms
before their guest increased his pace and exploded
inside her.


That night Tim lay on his back as I sucked him to a
raging hard-on. Then I straddled his hips and let my
pussy slide down and engulfed his cock with my very
moist pussy. I pumped up and down a few times as we
lovingly looked into each other's eyes.

Suddenly Tim stopped me, looked me right in the eye, and
asked if I had enjoyed the video. I had to say yes...
because, I had. But I quickly went on to say that I
doubted that such situations could be put together
without jealously getting in the way.

He started moving his hips so his cock moved within me
again. Then he asked if the notion of having two
respectful guys at once might have some appeal to me...
that is, he and some other guy... if I could be assured
that jealousy would not be part of the situation. About
that time my climax hit hard, and I screamed out, "Yes,
YES! YES!" ... although not intentionally responding to
his question.

I collapsed into his arms and Tim kissed me as his cock
resumed its movement within me. Again, he asked if I
might enjoy having the attention of two guys at once. I
pulled my head back and smiled into his eyes as I asked,
"Are you serious?"

"Yes," he said, "and there is no reason that jealousy
need be the result. I would love to see my lovely wife
experience such increased pleasure... while being a part
of it."

I grinned at him and said, "Sure, what woman would turn
down such an opportunity?" We talked on into the night
about all the possibilities... and how Tim might be able
to put such a situation together. Finally he said, "Just
leave it in my hands. Some weekend soon we will travel
to Denver... or to the mountains... and have a weekend
of fun."

Later I learned that he had also brought a local
swinger's publication back from Denver. Among other
things, it contained lots of ads from single guys who
enjoyed meeting couples for threesomes. After our
conversation, he also obtained a local post office
box... and he began anonymously corresponding with some
of these guys.

During the next month we enjoyed more videos which
featured two guys and one gal... and we continued to
read related stories from various Forum and Variations
magazines Tim had brought back from Denver. This gave us
occasion to talk more about how things might go if Tim
had a second guy to join him in giving me pleasure.

I found myself giggling and laughing a lot as Tim
painted erotic verbal pictures... and I let myself see
myself as the woman getting such sensual attention.

About a month after our first conversations about having
another guy join us, Tim came home with an announcement
that the following Friday we were going skiing at Copper
Mountain in Colorado for a long weekend... and that I
should bring my sexiest undies and dress with me...
because in addition to skiing... we were going to

I grinned, knowing that he must have put something
together. At the time, I didn't ask any questions... I
just started to play over in my mind some of the video
scenes we had seen, and Tim and I had great sex together
every night that week.


On Thursday, we sent the kids over to Tim's folks for
our long weekend, and about noon we headed toward
Denver. Along the way Tim showed me a couple of the
letters he had received as a result of placing an ad in
Denver's Rocky Mountain Oyster newspaper... a tabloid
that specializes in adult stories and explicit personals

He told me he had actually received over two dozen
letters... but had settled on these two guys. He had
even spoken with both by phone. "John will join us
tonight," he said, "tomorrow we will head to Copper
Mountain to ski... and if all goes well tonight, we can
consider getting together with Mel on Saturday."

"Wow," I thought. "Tim is moving ahead full steam!" I
leaned over and gave Tim a big wet kiss and put one hand
on his lap. He really had a hard-on! Then I proceeded to
open the envelopes. The one from John had two photos
inside. One was a full frontal nude shot of the guy...
and the second was a close-up of a rather large cock
entering some woman's pussy.

"Is this really him," I asked. "That's John,' replied
Tim. John appeared to have a good crop of hair on his
chest... running all the way down to his crotch, and on
down his legs. He appeared to be in his late-20s...
about our age. He was clearly in good physical shape.

"He says the photos were taken during a swing party at a
Denver area motel," noted Tim. The accompanying letter
gave John's personal description, and stressed that he
enjoys getting together with couples for a "doubled
focus on the lady." He also stressed that he is not "Bi"
or "Gay."

The second letter had one photo... a side shot of a guy
standing at the end of a bed, a lady on the bed who had
her backside upward as she crouched over a second guy
who was laying face up (she appeared to be giving him a
blow job). The first guy had his cock buried in the
lady's pussy. A felt tip pen had been used to circle the
first guy... with a note saying "That's me... Mel." He
had kind of a shit-eating grin on his face, and his
hands were on the lady's hips, seemingly pulling himself
deeply into her.

Mel's letter said, "I live here in Summit County... love
skiing... and after a day of skiing I thoroughly enjoy
giving a full-body massage to a lady, eating her to
orgasm, and then alternating with her husband in filling
her cunt with hard cock meat until she comes again and
again." Mel appeared to be a few years older than John.
His letter confirmed this. He said he is "a 35-year-old,
professionally-employed, college grad, currently
separated from his wife." The letter went on to
highlight some of the experiences he has enjoyed with
couples... particularly "couples who are new to MFM

My mind raced with a variety of thoughts about what we
were about to do... with some anxiety... and some eager
anticipation. With a smile on my face... and my hand
back in Tim's lap, I looked at him and asked, "are you
sure you want to do this?" "Absolutely," he said... as
he reached over to pull me closer to him. He reached
around my shoulders and cupped my right breast.

"I really expect this to be a special weekend with
highly enjoyable experiences for both of us," Tim went
on. "I can't wait for the opportunity to hold you in my
arms while one of these guys cuddles against you from
the other side... and then watch your eyes as he slides
his cock into your wonderful pussy.

"At some point I want to have my face down by your hips
so I can watch as the cock of another guy drives into
your pussy... and so I can feel your body respond."

With that, I just gave him a hug... and decided to enjoy
whatever the weekend brought.

Soon we were pulling in to a motel on the north side of
Denver. Tim checked us in... and we took our bags to the
room. He barely had the door locked when I climbed all
over him. I removed his pants and shorts, and had him
lay back on the king-size bed as I used my hands to
stroke his nuts, and I gave him a really good blow job.
It did not take him long before he shot his pent-up load
down my throat.

I laid on the bed next to him, and as he recovered, he
informed me that we were going to meet John in an hour
at a nearby restaurant. We were to have dinner together
before returning to the room... "to play!" I decided to
use the time to take a shower, re-do my make-up, and get
changed into the sexy black dress that I had brought.

Tim took a mini-nap while I got started, then he
showered and got dressed. Forty-five minutes later we
were ready to walk out the door. "Wow," said Tim, "you
look like a million bucks in that outfit." I'll have to
admit, I didn't look bad. The neckline was low... but
discrete, and the hemline was high... but tasteful. That
dress is made of chiffon with some silk insets in just
the right places. I also wore my highest hi-heals, and
black nylons attached to a lacy garter belt.

The restaurant was dimly lighted, and John was already
at our table. As we approached, he stood up (taller than
I had expected), and produced a small bouquet of three
roses (hmmm... appropriate I thought). As he handed the
roses to me, he bent over to give me a discrete kiss on
the cheek... and then stuck his hand out to shake hands
with Tim.

Our table was in a back corner, and surrounded on three
sides with a circular booth. I slid in to the middle,
and Tim and John slid in on either side of me. The
waiter took our drink order as the two guys exchanged
small talk.

When the waiter left, John asked, "May I kiss your
beautiful wife, Tim?"

Tim nodded his approval, and John leaned over to give me
a passionate tongue-on-tongue kiss. During the kiss, Tim
reached under the table and put his hand on my nearest
leg. He had barely done so when I felt John's hand on my
other leg. Apparently their hands touched.

As John broke the kiss, he smiled at Tim and said, "I
guess we both had the same idea."

I blushed... but didn't take any action to move their
hands. The table had a table cloth that went down far
enough to hide the two hands that were now playing their
way up and down my upper legs. I smiled at Tim, and
opened my legs slightly... just as our drinks arrived.

As the waiter left again, the guys picked up their
drinks with their free hand, and lifted them into the
air as Tim said, "a toast to my beautiful wife." John
added, "... beautiful and SEXY wife!" As they both took
a drink, I reached up for my drink, raised it, and
decided to offer my own toast. "Well... please... let me
drink to the pleasure of being accompanied by two great
looking... and obviously 'hot'... guys." With that I
took a drink and simultaneously moved my legs a bit
further apart.

John took the cue and moved his hand under my skirt and
up toward my pussy. He must have felt how wet I already
was, because he smiled and said, "I'm glad to see you
left your panties at home. I just blushed.

"Did you really," asked Tim... "that's the spirit!"

We hadn't ordered yet, and I was already very hot from
this unusual setting and all the attention I was
getting. "I don't know if I can wait through dinner...
to get you two guys back to the room," I blurted out.
"Besides, I am so nervous, I don't know if I can eat."

 Having heard that, John and Tim looked at each other,
and Tim said, "What do you think John, shall we postpone
dinner a few hours?"

"Sounds good to me," replied John.

With that, we each finished our drinks and got up from
the table. John told the waiter we had decided against
dinner at this time... and he paid the bill. Tim
suggested that John just join us in our car to go back
to the motel. "We can get your car later," he suggested,
"or we may even come back to eat later."

When we got out to the car, Tim suggested that John and
I ride in the back seat. I was surprised, but I accepted
Tim's suggestion and hopped into the back seat with John
right behind me. Before Tim had the car out on the
street, John had pulled me into a close embrace, and
gave me a gentle kiss... as one of his hands began to
cup one of my breasts. Gawd I was HOT!

John and I necked all the way to the motel as Tim
watched us in his rear-view mirror. "Having fun back
there?" Tim asked. I broke the kiss just long enough to
say yes. "Your wife is absolutely delectable," said

As soon as Tim parked, we quickly headed to our room. I
was first into the room, and I spun around to draw Tim
into a tight embrace. I whispered into his ear, "I love
you! Thank you for what we are about to do." Then I
quickly went into the bathroom to remove my clothes and
replace them with the sheer negligee I had brought with
me... and to rinse my now-sopping pussy. After touching-
up my make-up, I came back out to find that both guys
had already removed all their clothes except their
shorts. They had music softly playing on the motel

Tim took me into his arms and planted a kiss on my
lips... as John came up from behind, reached around, and
cupped both of my breasts as he pressed me against Tim.
I could feel that both guys already had hard cocks...
and they were both being pressed into me. When Tim broke
the kiss, they carried me to the king-size bed and
placed me in the middle.

Tim snuggled in next to me, and John went around to the
end of the bed. He laid over the end of the bed and
spread my legs as Tim gently placed his lips on mine for
another brief kiss. John crawled up between my legs,
pulled the negligee aside, and began kissing his way up
one thigh... and then the other... until he reached my
pussy. As John began to explore the outer lips of my
pussy with his tongue, Tim whispered into my ear, "Lay
back, relax, let your mind float off somewhere... and
let us play all kinds of sweet melodies on your lovely
body." I smiled, closed my eyes... and did as Tim said.

It was not long before I could feel that Tim had fully
opened my negligee and exposed my full breasts. He held
one as he began sucking the nipple on the other breast.
By this time, John had begun to dart his tongue in and
out of my pussy. Then he used his lips to clamp down on
my clit as his tongue gently tapped on the top of my
bud. The simultaneous sensual attention to my breasts
and my clit felt sooooo good!

They were gentle, and slow. With my eyes closed, my mind
began to focus on the over-all feeling of contentment
that I was experiencing. It wasn't long before I began
to feel involuntary contractions deep within my groin...
and I experienced my first orgasm of the night. First of
what proved to be MANY!

As my orgasm subsided, John crawled up next to me... on
the side opposite from Tim, and Tim moved up next to me.
All three of us were laying on our backs as Tim used his
hand to turn my face and bring my lips to his. John
moved in tighter against me. I reached out both of my
hands until I had both of their hard cocks firmly in
grasp. As I kissed Tim, I slowly stroked both of their
cocks, and John began to gently kiss and nibble the back
of my neck.

John reached between my legs from the back, and again
started playing with my pussy. With that, I turned on my
side to face Tim... and we continued to neck. My turning
caused me to let go of John's cock, and he used his now-
juice-covered hand to lubricate his own cock with my
pussy fluid.

As Tim and I continued to neck, I felt John press his
lubricated cock between my ass cheeks toward my pussy. I
responded by pressing back, and he slid right into my
pussy with one quick thrust that pressed me harder
against Tim. He stopped and held himself there... deep
within me.

I whispered into Tim's ear, "John's cock is inside me
Tim... and it feels VERY good. Hug me tight... and press
me back into John's hairy chest."

Tim did as I requested. Then I felt my husband reach
down between us to the juncture between my legs. I could
feel him playing with my clit and around my pussy
lips... as we continued to kiss and look deeply into
each other's eyes. John began to slowly stroke in and
out of me.

I am sure Tim's fingers could feel John's hard cock as
it backed out of me... and the bulge of John's cock
within my tummy when he pressed back in and filled me.
Still looking into my eyes, Tim grinned. "How does it
feel, babe?" he whispered.

"I can't begin to tell you how good it feels to be
sandwiched between you two guys... with you hugging me,
and with him inside my pussy," I replied.

John began to pump me more vigorously. Tim then used
both of his hands to hold my head with my face directly
in front of his. "Oh, honey, I think I am going to cum
again!" I whispered to him as my eyes began to close and
my pussy muscles began their involuntary clutching at
the invading, pumping male meat between my legs.

This time my whole body shook as a giant orgasm exploded
within me. I shuddered as Tim again held me tight to his
chest and John continued to pump. I opened my eyes to
find Tim smiling and studying my face. Within moments,
my body was again wracked with another series of smaller
orgasms and this time I kept my eyes open as much as I
could... looking directly into Tim's eyes... as each
contraction sent waves of pleasure through my body over
the next several minutes.

John stopped pumping, but left his hard cock buried deep
inside of me as the final spasms of this last protracted
orgasm continued to wash over me. When I regained
control, Tim took one of my hands in his and guided it
down between my cunt lips so that I could touch and play
with John's cock as it was still spreading them wide
apart. Tim moved back slightly, allowing me to bend

I parted my legs slightly, and my hand slipped between
my legs until I could cup John's nut sack as he held his
cock tight within me. Tim moved up a bit, putting his
cock within reach of my tongue. He was rock hard. I
licked the head of my husband's cock as I played with
John's tight ball sack.

If someone had been watching us from above, we would
have looked like a series of pretzels... or a Chinese
puzzle... as we coupled at strange angles on the large

I had already enjoyed several very pleasurable orgasms,
and neither guy had yet cum. I decided it was my turn to
make sure they both enjoyed this as much as me. While
one of my hands continued to play with John's tight
scrotum, I used my other hand to draw Tim's entire cock
into my mouth. As my mouth clamped on Tim's cock, my
hand moved back to cup his nuts and to stroke the area
just behind them.

I fluttered my tongue around Tim's cock and vibrated my
throat muscles against the head of his cock as my head
began to bob up and down on his tool. Meanwhile, John
increased the rhythm of his short thrusts in and out of
my pussy, and I began to squeeze my pussy muscles around
his cock on each out stroke.

Soon I found myself gently squeezing the nut sacks of
both guys in the same rhythm... and Tim used that pace
to slide his cock in and out of my mouth... just as John
seemed to pick up on the same pace as he slightly
withdrew and then firmly drove his cock back into my

At first, I was intent on bringing both guys off... not
thinking I was ready for another orgasm. The unexpected
happened. My pussy involuntarily started to tighten
around John's cock as another orgasm began to build
within me. I found myself gasping around Tim's cock...
and I let out a loud pleasure-filled moan. About that
time Tim exploded into the back of my mouth... and as I
regained my senses, I began slurping his seed down my

I hadn't finished swallowing when I became aware of an
increased urgency in John's thrusts into my pussy. I
lost hold of his balls, and he started to drive hard
into me. He seemed to push his cock right into my womb.
By this time Tim had moved down on the bed to watch John
slam into my crotch from behind. Then he moved back up
and he pulled my face to his. As he was planting a
gentle kiss on my lips, John's balls released their load
and he shot it deep inside of me.

"Wow... that was neat," declared Tim. "Are you OK John?"
I turned to look into John's face as he recovered from
his explosion. "Man... I think your lovely wife just
drained every ounce of cum I had in me," replied John
with a tired grin. With that, we all three fell back on
the bed to rest and regain our breath.

As I lay there, I couldn't help feeling a certain
euphoria... knowing I was laying between two guys who
had just given me a VERY high level of pleasure and
satisfaction. I reflected back on the look in Tim's eyes
as he watched me being filled with another man's cum. It
was a look of shared pleasure... a look of joy in seeing
me experience levels of fulfillment I had never known
before. It was clear that he was taking pride in having
given me this "gift." With these thoughts, I snuggled
under his arm and kissed his chest.

We lay there quietly for a while. Then, in a voice that
evidenced renewed vitality, Tim said, "Anybody for
dinner?" 'I'll have to admit that all that play left me
with a hunger and a thirst," replied John.

I popped up out of Tim's arms and said, "I get the
shower first!" I climbed over Tim and ran for the
bathroom. Fortunately I had put a shower cap over my
hair, because within moments both guys crowded in to
join me in the shower... and water was splashing
everywhere. John had a bar of soap, and Tim had a wash
cloth. They began soaping and scrubbing me all over. I
noticed that my breasts got well washed as the guys took
turns necking with me under the shower spray.

Finally I said, "Hey, are we really going to get ready
and go out? If so, you better let me finish." They
hopped out and I finished up. As I took a few minutes to
restore my make-up, they showered. Then we all dressed.
Each guy had to help me put on one of my nylons... each
planting a kiss on my freshly-scrubbed, bare pussy as
they attached the nylon to my garter belt.

We drove back to the same restaurant and were pleased to
be ushered to the same table. We ordered light meals and
shared a bottle of red wine. For the most part, we
behaved ourselves in the restaurant this time... but we
laughed a lot. I told John how good it felt having him
pump so vigorously into my pussy... and having him shoot
off against the walls of my womb as my husband kissed

He told us he has enjoyed being the extra guy with
numerous couples, but that this had been one of the most
relaxed and satisfying times for him too. Several times
he commented on the obvious love and respect that Tim
and I share.

By this time it was after 11 PM, and John said he would
have to leave us since he had to work in the morning. We
walked him out to his car in the parking lot, and he
asked if he could kiss me one more time. I smiled, and
Tim said, "Sure!"

He started at the base of my neck, kissed his way down
to the top of my breasts... broke away for a smile...
then kissed his way back up to my lips as Tim held me in
his arms. I started to get all tingly again.

"My sincerest thanks for allowing me to introduce you to
the special pleasures of a two-guy, one-gal threesome,"
said John. "I hope you will allow me to join you again
sometime in the future."

Tim and I thanked him, and assured him that we would be
in touch again, and with that, John drove away and we
drove back to our motel.

Upon entering the motel room, Tim put his arms around me
and drew me close. "I really... really love you babe,"
he said as he smiled into my eyes.

I immediately pressed my lips to his as I reached into
his pants to play with my husband's cock. I knelt down,
undid Tim's pants and let them fall to the floor as my
hands released his cock from his shorts. As my hands
guided his cock across my lips, I looked up to watch his
expressions. He was hard again within seconds.

He removed his shirt and tie as he watched me minister
to his manhood. I had pushed his shorts to the floor and
he lifted his feet out of them as I continued to suck.
Then he bent down, raised me up and began removing my
clothes. We kicked our shoes off and dove onto the
rumpled bed.

I resumed my oral ministrations, but this time I
straddled Tim's body and lowered my wet pussy onto his
waiting mouth. We gently serviced each other this way
for several minutes. Then I turned around, slid my
sopping pussy down over his cock until it bottomed-out,
laid down on his chest and began moving my hips as I
kissed him full on the mouth.

I broke the kiss, leaned up away from him a bit, gave
him a devilish grin and said, "As we came in, you
reaffirmed your love for me. I had no doubt about it all
evening... and never sensed any jealousy on your part."
I used my pussy muscles to contract around his cock to
emphasize my words as I went on... "I LOVE YOU VERY MUCH
BABY! ... and I sincerely thank you for the
extraordinarily sensual experience you allowed me to
enjoy this evening."

With that, Tim rolled me over and drove his cock into me
time after time until I began to convulse in yet another
orgasm. He kept pumping... and my orgasm just seemed to
go on and on... until Tim exploded, driving me even
deeper into orgasmic pleasure.

We fell asleep in each other's arms.


The next morning we checked out and headed for the
mountains. We arrived at Copper Mountain about 10 AM and
checked in at a ski lodge where Tim had reserved a room.
Tim excused himself to make a phone call, and I changed
into my ski outfit.

Soon we were on a ski lift, heading up the mountain. We
got off mid-way up the mountain, and selected a trail
for our first trip downhill. After two more runs, Tim
suggested we grab a bite to eat. It was already after 1

We locked up our skis and clomped into the restaurant
building. After getting a tray of food, Tim led me
toward a back corner where we could watch the skiers
come down the hill. We had just begun to eat when a guy
approached our table. His face was red from a morning of
skiing. He just walked up with a very pleasant look on
his face and asked, "Are you Tim and Jennifer?"

That's when I recognized him as the man in the photo...
Mel... the man whose cock (in the photo) was totally
buried in some woman's pussy as she gave a second man a
blow job. Obviously Tim had called him to let him know
where he could meet us... but he hadn't told me.

Based on the letter and the photo, I had expected Mel to
be rather arrogant. He wasn't! He sat down and drank his
beer while we ate... and we got acquainted. Since we
were some distance from others in the restaurant, we
told him we had experienced our first MFM threesome just
the night before. "Did you enjoy it?" he asked. I kind
of blushed... and mumbled a "yes." Tim was bolder. "It
was a great night for both of us... a really special

"Good" said Mel. "It is very important that your
earliest experiences leave you both with favorable
memories. Sometimes couples are unfortunate enough to
find themselves in bed with a self-serving guy who 'cums
and goes' and leaves the couple feeling used. That is
especially bad when it happens in one of your earliest

We talked more, and we were able to get Mel to reveal
that he had been the extra guy with a lot of couples...
couples of all ages and races. It seemed to be his
favored form of sexual pleasure. He claimed a special
preference for couples new to such experiences.

"Enough of this talk," he suddenly exclaimed... "let's
hit the mountain for some fun on the slats. I'll show
you some trails that you will really like.

We each retrieved our skis and got in line for the ski
lift. The chair held all three of us... with me in the
middle. As we rode up the mountain, the afternoon sun
motivated me to unzip my ski jacket. This tended to
reveal my ample breasts, covered only by my sweater. I
hadn't worn a bra. Tim reached in and cupped my nearest
breast as Mel watched.

As the chair lift slowly moved up the mountain, I kissed
Tim, and I felt Mel follow Tim's example. His hand slid
under my sweater and gently squeezed my other breast. I
evidenced my approval my laying one hand on each of
their crotches. It was more symbolic than anything
else... because their heavy ski pants kept my hands some
distance from their cocks.

As we reached the top, they removed their hands and I
adjusted my sweater before we had to get off the ski
lift. Mel skied down the ramp ahead of us and yelled
back, "Follow me." We did, and soon we were sailing down
a back trail. It seemed that no one else was using this
trail. Midway down the hill Mel turned in between some
trees and stopped. "Time for a drink," he said as we
skied up to him.

Mel produced a wine skin from under his jacket. We took
off our skis and sat on a log as we shared the red wine
in the bota bag. As we drank, Mel noticed that my ski
outfit was one with a series of zippers which allow for
going potty without full removal. "May I?" he asked as
his hands moved toward the zipper that release the
crotch from the midsection. I smiled my approval toward
him as Tim unzipped my jacket. As Mel undid the several
zippers, my crotch was suddenly open to his view...
hidden only by my very brief briefs.

By now Tim was standing behind the log I was sitting on,
and had his arms around me as his hands slid my sweater
up over my bare breasts. The cool air instantly made my
nipples hard. Tim gently massaged them as he bent over
and kissed me. Meanwhile, Mel had knelt on the snow in
front of me, and had buried his face in my crotch. He
used a finger to move the fabric away from my pussy
lips, and he was quickly sucking my bud.

Now we were 15 or 20 feet off the main trail, but I felt
like we were much closer as I noticed two guys zip past
on their way down the trail. I am sure they didn't see
us, but it was kind of a rush to feel totally exposed...
to have my breasts played with... and to have a man
nibbling on my pussy while I sat on a snow-covered log.
What a setting. More people whizzed past along the
trail... just a few yards away.

Other than the sound of Mel's slurping between my legs,
the mountainside was quiet. Tim kissed me again. Another
group of about five skiers came by... and we could hear
that they all stopped just around the bend out of sight.
We could even hear them talking. Sounded like a group of
college guys and gals.

By now Mel's tongue was driving its way past my pussy
lips and I leaned back against Tim as I spread my legs.
Tim held me as I whispered up to him, "This is weird...
we have never had any kind of sex out in the snow. It
really feels good. My thighs and tummy are cool, but my
tits are quite warm and my pussy feels like it is on

No doubt Mel heard me. His licking and nibbling got more
aggressive. The skiers below us had apparently moved on
down the hill... we couldn't hear them anymore. Then it
hit. A warming orgasm washed through my body as a couple
of Mel's fingers joined his tongue within my pussy. I
couldn't help it. My legs started to wrap around Mel's
head and I let out a loud moan of pleasure. Tim held me
tight to his chest and he kissed my forehead.

When I regained my composure, I zipped up and we resumed
our assault on the hillside. Mel led the way, I
followed, and Tim brought up the rear.

After each of the next three trips up hill, Mel guided
us down new trails... each with its own mogels, twists
and steep places. It was a fun afternoon.

By 4:30 we were all beat. We removed our skis and Mel
joined us as we walked back to our lodge. Tim had rented
a lodge unit that had its own private balcony...
complete with a hot tub. "That's what you need after a
day of skiing," announced Mel, "a leisurely soak in that
bubbling hot tub, followed by a long full-body massage
for milady."

Having experienced Mel's oral services earlier in the
afternoon, I felt totally at ease with him. As the guys
stripped their skiwear away, I did the same right in
front of them. I was nude first, and decided to hit the
bathroom for a quick pee before going into the hot tub.
His back to me, Mel stepped to the glass sliding door
that led to the deck and hot tub... and opened it. He
stepped outside and pulled the lid off the tub.

He was already in the water when Tim stepped out and
flipped the switch to activate the pumps. I stepped in
before Tim, and sat on the same side as Mel... looking
out across the snow-covered valley. Tim slid in next to
me, opposite Mel.

The cold air on our shoulders and heads felt
invigorating as our legs and bodies were warmed and
massaged by the churning hot water. I hadn't really seen
Mel as he stripped naked and stepped into the water.
While we sat there, I began to feel a bit aggressive.

So, I reached out under the water and took Tim's cock in
my hand while winking at Mel to get him to move closer.
When he did, I reached under water for his cock. Was I
surprised! I found myself holding onto an already-semi-
hard cock that seemed to be very long and fat.

"What do you have there," I asked as I ran my hand up
its length and back down along its underside. "Let's
just say it's my pride and joy," quipped Mel. Nothing
more was said as we leisurely soaked. My body and leg
muscles began to relax.

After about thirty minutes Mel suggested that it was
about time to get out so he and Tim could give me a
memorable full-body massage. He stood up, and for the
first time Tim and I both saw Mel's cock.

I gasped and looked at Tim. He just grinned.

"I am glad your hands and mouth make my body feel good,"
I announced to Mel, "because there is no way that thing
could fit in my pussy." "Don't worry about that,"
replied Mel, let's just focus on giving you a very
special massage.

Again, our room had a king-size bed. Tim had done some

I laid face down on the bed... right in the middle. My
body was still warm from the water.

Tim crawled up next to me, and Mel retrieved a bottle he
had carried into the hot tub. We hadn't even seen him
put it there. We learned later that it was a special
massage oil with an almond oil base. He wanted it to be
warm before he used it on me.

"Tim, hold out your cupped hands over Jennifer's back,"
Mel directed. I looked over my shoulders to see a large
quantity of oil poured into Tim's hands. I turned back
over and pulled my hair up away from my shoulders.
Apparently Mel poured a large quantity into his hand too
before he set the bottle on the night stand. I felt four
hands glide gently over my back... seemingly moving in
all directions at once.

Mel took control. "Tim, you watch and follow my hand
motions on that side of Jennifer's body as I massage
this side." I closed my eyes and felt Mel place his
hands together on one of my shoulders... then Tim's were
on the other shoulder. As Mel's hands and fingers moved
down my back and side, I could feel Tim tentatively
follow Mel's lead. They stroked and pressed... oiled and
stroked the sides of my breasts... and they took turns
running their hands down the center of my back.

After several minutes, Mel got some more oil, and the
two of them were working on my buttocks and legs. Their
hands worked the outsides of my thighs... then the
insides of my thighs as they gently pulled my legs
apart. Their hands glided down between my legs and their
fingers frequently massaged my pussy and the skin
directly between it and the area around my rear hole.

I felt one of Mel's oily fingers slide into that hole,
wiggle around a bit, and withdraw. Then I could tell Tim
was inserting two of his fingers where Mel's finger had
just been. Tim knows that as long as he is gentle, I
enjoy being stimulated there. Occasionally I invite him
to screw my rear hole as I play with myself. While this
is not a big part of our sex life, I find it
pleasurable... and a good variation.

In this case, their well-oiled fingers easily slid past
my sphincter muscles. As Tim worked my backside, Mel
reached one hand under me to play with my clit, and he
inserted two or three fingers of his other hand into my
pussy. Tim told me later he could feel Mel's fingers
through the thin membrane which separates my rectum from
my pussy.

After a long, un-rushed massage of my backside, they had
me turn over. Mel and Tim wiped their hands... and Mel
poured more oil. Again, I closed my eyes. Again they
started at my shoulders and they worked their way around
each breast as they moved down to my tummy and stopped
short of my pubic area. Back to the top they went. This
time they spent lots of time massaging each breast. It
sure felt wonderful!

Then I felt a tongue licking the nipple on Mel's side.
Then a tongue licking my other nipple. My body seemed to
be getting even warmer than when it was in the hot tub.

As the tongue action continued on my nipples, their
hands moved to my upper legs and the guys pulled them
apart as their oily thumbs began working my pussy lips.
I could feel my pussy juices flow.

I felt the bed move, and I peeked enough to see that Mel
had placed one of Tim's hands on the breast he was
leaving... and he moved to the end of the bed. I closed
my eyes again. I felt the bed move again as Mel crawled
between my legs. His hot breath was blowing on my pussy.
It shot tingles through my body.

Then his hands began to massage my tummy as his face and
tongue descended on my pussy. As his hands pressed
gently on my tummy and worked in circles, his thumbs
were alternately flicking my bud. By now Mel's tongue
was well into my pussy channel.

This kind of "massage" must have gone on for at least 15
minutes. Tim kept playing with my breasts, and Mel
continued to worship my pussy with his tongue, lips and
fingers. A feeling of deep contentment began to wash
through me... followed by a tensing in my groin. Before
I knew it, a kind of warm, flowing orgasm began to
overtake me.

I could feel my pussy trying to clench Mel's tongue...
and then he would move up to firmly suck my bud. My
breathing got deeper. I caught myself moaning. It just
seemed to build from plateau to plateau. Eventually my
body wrenched and I raised my legs to encircle Mel's
head to draw it in tighter to me.

I let out a long moan of pleasure as ripples of orgasmic
reaction started within my groin and radiated throughout
my body. By this time Tim had moved so he was laying
next to me, face adjacent to mine. As my orgasm began,
Tim started placing tiny kisses on my neck, across my
face, across my forehead... and finally my tongue met
his in a passionate kiss as the orgasm continued.

He told me later that he really enjoyed watching my face
contort and squirm in reaction to the many waves of
pleasure that washed through me both before and after
our passionate kiss.

When I was finally drained of energy, I noticed that
Mel's tongue was still working... but I was getting
ticklish and sensitive down there. I used my hand to
lightly push his face away. He crawled up next to me,
opposite Tim. As I opened my eyes I noticed that Tim and
Mel were grinning at each other.

Mel jumped up. "I'm going to call for a pizza delivery.
I'm hungry." I heard him use the phone to place the
order, and I hugged Tim while again whispering into his
ear, "Thank you, thank you... that felt wonderful."

Mel climbed back in bed. I reached down and stroked his
cock. "Look at this thing Tim, I said... "it's huge!" I
slid down on the bed to examine it more closely... and
to play with it. It was oily from all the massage oil
the guys had been using. While holding Mel's cock, I
bent over Tim's crotch and took his cock into my mouth
for a protracted kiss and suck.

"Tim, would you mind if I kiss Mel's cock?" I asked. "Go
for it babe," Tim replied. Then I used one hand to
stroke Tim's cock as I bent to plant a kiss on the tip
of Mel's cock. My kiss seemed to make Mel's cock get
harder... and it was getting wider and longer. "That's
amazing," I said, as I cupped his nut sack and planted
more kisses along the underside from the tip to Mel's

We played like this for quite a while... the guys
stroking my hair... and me playing with their now-rigid
cocks. Soon we heard a knock at the door. I started to
jump for the covers, and Mel said, "Don't worry. It's
probably the pizza delivery boy. Give him a treat... let
him see that great body of yours."

I hesitated a bit, then decided that since we were a
long way from home, I would be a bit of a daredevil. I
jumped out of bed, went to the door and asked, "Who is
it?" A male voice came from the other side. "Pizza

Standing behind the door, I opened it and let the guy
in. As soon as he was inside, I closed the door and
said, "Here, I'll take that." In all my nude glory, I
walked toward him, took the pizza, and laid it on the
bed... bending over to let him see my well-oiled crotch
and pussy lips from behind. When I stood up and looked
back, I noticed that the guy had a wide grin on his face
as he appraised my nude body.

A nude Tim had gotten up to get money to pay the guy.
"Here's your money," Tim said. The delivery guy couldn't
seem to take his eyes off me as he put his hand out to
accept the money. When he left, all three of us laughed.

We grabbed our beer and a slice of pizza and had a
picnic right there on the bed. When we were done, John
got up and put the bottles and pizza box away. By the
time he got back to the bed, Tim had me in his arms,
giving me another great kiss.

I was on my side, facing Tim. John slid in behind me and
began to stroke my back and shoulders. I felt his cock
laying against my buns. I reached back and began to play
with it as Tim and I continued to neck. John's cock
quickly got hard and full. It felt so big in my hand.

Just for the nuts of it, I decided to raise my leg and
let John lay his large rod between my thighs. He took
the cue, and I lowered my leg to trap it there. He began
stroking back and forth. I took my husband's hand and
led it down my body to where John's cock was poking

Tim broke our kiss and leaned back far enough to look
down to watch the action. He told me later that John's
cock looked huge as it glided through my thighs, against
the remaining oil, and poked its upper length through in

"Let him press part of it between your pussy lips,
babe," Tim whispered to me. Already again turned-on by
the scene, I lifted my leg a bit, and used my hand to
aim the head of John's stiff dick up against my pussy

John got the message. He gently pressed his huge cock
against my pussy... and withdrew. He did this several
times as Tim cuddled me to him. Finally, John pressed
against me a bit more firmly, allowing the head of his
dick to slide part way into me. He held it there. "Feel
OK?" he inquired. I hesitated a bit. Then I said,
"Actually, it feels very good."

John resumed his mini-strokes... each time pressing a
bit more of his thick meat into me. "Please tell me if
it get uncomfortable," John whispered. I did not reply.
I could feel wonderful `tingles' begin to build within
me. He kept up a slow pumping action, gradually
inserting more and more of himself into me.
Surprisingly, the extreme fullness within me felt
great... I mean REALLY great!

Tim asked, "Are you OK hon?" I assured him I was, just
as a mini-quake passed through my body. When it
subsided, I took my husband's hand and held it against
my pussy mound... so he could share the feeling I was
experiencing as John's cock filled me so full with each
gentle stroke. "I can feel him within you babe!" Tim
proudly whispered to me.

With that, Tim pressed himself more tightly against the
front of me (his hand still pressing against my lower
tummy and public mound), thus pressing me more tightly
against John. John reached around and cupped one of my
breasts... while pressing his cock even deeper within
me. More strokes. Gawd... my body was on fire! It felt
SO good to be so full... and to be pressed between my
husband and our new friend.

John slightly increased the pace of his strokes, and my
body wrenched as an orgasm passed through me. "Still OK
babe?" Tim inquired. "Yes... Oh YES. It really feels
good," I assured him.

"Tim, would you like to get underneath and watch?" John
asked. I heard my husband reply, "Yah, that would be
cool." To my disappointment, John withdrew his cock from
me. He suggested that Tim turn around, placing his cock
near my face, and his face near my crotch. Tim did as
John suggested.

Then John nudged my body to roll up onto Tim's. I did
so, and began to play with my husband's stiff cock. John
got up, when to the end of the bed, lifted my buns so
that I rested on my knees over Tim's face. Then I felt
the head of John's cock again pressing against my pussy
opening. I heard Tim say, "Slide it in John."

I felt that wonderful fullness return to my groin as
John gently slid several inches of his cock back into
me. He held himself there as I adjusted to his size
again... and resumed my oral ministrations to my
husband's cock.

Soon John was again slowly stroking in and out of me.
The words, "Honey, that looks really neat!" came from
between my legs as my husband watched another man's cock
fill me. "It is cool the way his cock is spreading your
pussy and slides in and out of you Honey."

Then I felt my husband lift his head and lick my clit a
few times. "Would you like more of him babe?" Tim asked.
"He is still holding three or four inches outside."

Without verbally answering, I began to press myself back
further onto John's cock each time he pressed forward
into me. He was really filling me now. I had to release
Tim's cock from my mouth as my breathing got heavier. I
used my hand to stroke it as my mind focused on the
sensations coursing through my lower body. It felt Sooo

Soon John and I were slapping against each other. I knew
he was now burying all of that huge cock inside me with
each pounding stroke. I could even feel his ball sack
slapping against my crotch with each driving plunge. My
head was spinning in pleasure. I began to moan... and
then get louder, as involuntary contractions squeezed
John's cock within me.

"Give her all that you've got," Tim instructed our new
friend. With Tim watching from just inches below, John
began to screw me like a teenager... fast and furious. I
could feel him hitting deep inside of me on each hard
drive. I totally forgot Tim's cock as I clutched to his
legs and reveled in the sensations within my pussy. By
now, orgasm after orgasm was coursing through me... each
one better than the last.

When I finally felt John expand within me, I knew he was
about to explode. That knowledge caused my body to
quiver, twist and contract against the hot tool within
me. I shouted out my extreme pleasure just as John
squirted his hot juices into me. Tim told me later that
he had to cover his face to keep from getting bathed in
the mixed juices squirting out of my pussy, around
John's cock.

John lifted of me, and I rolled off Tim. Tim moved up
and took me in his arms to give me another gentle kiss.
He gave me a few minutes to recover, and then lifted my
legs so he could insert his still firm cock into my
over-heated pussy. Tim just grinned down at me as he
slowly enjoyed the sensations of my still-tingling pussy
that was filled with John's juices... and still hot from
his friction within me.

"What are you grinning about?" I asked him. "I am just
amazed by what I have just seen, and my cock is enjoying
the oven-like walls of your pussy as I coat myself in
the pleasure-goo you two just created. It feels
incredible!" he replied.

I started to laugh at him, but the feel of his cock
(quite different than John's), in this changed position
(facing him and watching the satisfaction on his face),
my pussy began to respond again. Soon Tim and I were
sharing our own moment of bliss as orgasms hit both of
us at virtually the same time.

After Tim and I recovered, we all three showered, and
fell across the bed together. We talked with John for
some time, hearing about some of the other couples he
had been with, as we played with each other's bodies.
John screwed me one more time that night... this time
with him on his back and me sitting on his re-hardened
cock... allowing me to watch both guys' faces as I
slowly let my pussy engulf his cock. In this position, I
was able to use one of my hands to press against my
lower tummy, to feel John's cock probing deep inside me.

Tim got up on his knees and necked with me and played
with my breasts as John slowly worked himself within me
until he shot another load into me. By now, I had cum so
many times that the sensations within me were more of an
on-going glow than an explosive orgasm.

I stood up and let John's juices drip from my spread
crotch... dripping right back down onto John's crotch.
We showered again, and John left for home.

The next morning I awoke to pleasant memories of the
previous night, and began to suck Tim to hardness. He
awoke, turned me over on my knees, and gave it to me
doggy-style and talked to me about the previous night
with John, until we both had rewarding orgasms of our


All the way back to Wyoming we talked about various
aspects of our unusual weekend. I never did sense any
jealousy on Tim's part... and I found that my memories
consisted of nothing but pleasant, stimulating thoughts
about what Tim and I had done together.

That first weekend in Colorado was three years ago. Tim
and I have had a half dozen so similar away-from-home
adventures, and all have given us memorable, sensually-
stimulating experiences that we often re-live during our
private love-making.

We still read the stories of other people's adventures,
and occasionally view porno flicks together, but they
are mostly for remembering our own real life

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