Wednesday, 12 October 2016


My name is Ali; no last name and a no nonsense view of 
life. What I crave; what I must have is white pussy. I 
don't desire white women that I can have at the drop of 
a hat or more appropriately the drop of my pants. 

My ten inch rock solid black cock will seduce any white 
bitch who comes near the monster. Its length and 
thickness (nearly that of most women's forearms) will 
by itself seduce most white wives; wives whose husbands 
have developed the twenty second standard rutting 
routine of white husbands. Those wives are desperately 
searching for a once in a lifetime journey; that I and 
other black males can give them. 

But those desperate wives are not my intended 
conquests. The ones that are allowed to have my black 
rod inserted into their wet and willing chambers of 
love are those that I am able to rip from their 
husbands. The ones that at first do not want to be 
unfaithful. The ones that are unfulfilled; unsatisfied; 
that have a deep craving for sexual ecstasy. 

That sexual fulfillment is not being met by their wimp 
ass husbands. The wives that I search for, have a 
burning desire just under the surface to be forcefully 
seduced by a man that can light their unlit desires; 
their unforeseen fantasies. It is at that point that I 
enter their lives and take what belongs to me... their 
tender white bodies. 

After I have seduced the pretty playthings I discard 
them. I only seek and enjoy the initial seduction. Once 
I have made the white bitches my play toys I quickly 
tire of them. During the period that I take their 
precious tight bodies I insure that their husbands feel 
my power. 

The power of taking their wives; and the power that I 
feel when I leave them at my feet soaked in my black 
cum. The second most important aspect in my domination 
is that the white boy husbands know that their wife is 
my plaything; to be used as I see fit. I often make the 
wife prostitute themselves for me; or make them fuck my 
black friends in front of their impotent husbands. 

Now that you have what I do let us continue the 

Although I am only twenty six years old, I am one of 
the "rising stars" of the pro boxing circuit in Boston. 
Boston is the birthplace of many famous boxers; most 
with Irish surnames and white skin. Several weeks ago I 
was matched against one of the white "rising stars"; 
namely one Gerry McDonnell. He had thirteen straight 
victories until that cold winter night. He was the 
great white hope. The next Jack Dempsey. 

The arena seated nearly four thousand patrons; and was 
evenly divided between his Irish followers and my black 
brothers. Everyone had placed their wagers on the great 
white hope. As I entered the ring, the only thing that 
was of interest to me was the stunningly tall beautiful 
red haired beauty that had climbed into the ring to 
give her "man" a good luck kiss. 

The long red hair cascaded to her shoulders; her supple 
34B breasts pressed against her white silk blouse; the 
hardened nipples making a very noticeable presence. I 
could tell that Mrs. Kelly McDonnell was excited by the 
charged atmosphere. Her long legs were encased in 
shimmering nylon hose under her white leather mini 
skirt. She covered the beautiful gams with knee high 
white leather boots with four inch spiked heels. 

As she looked around the ring I caught her looking at 
my hard black body. My wash board stomach reached to my 
heavily muscled pectorals and I gave the curious beauty 
a shy smile. Looking into her dark emerald eyes, I 
could sense the instant excitement. 

Our eyes were transfixed on each other for nearly a 
minute and then she broke the gaze and meekly looked to 
the ring mat. It was at this brief instant that I 
realized the Mrs. Kelly McDonnell would be my next 
acquisition. I could feel my long black cock twinge as 
I could see the beautiful young wife on her knees 
worshipping my black manhood. 

As the announcer screeched his introductions reality 
came shooting back. Before I could taste the sweet 
nectar of my latest target I would have to beat the 
confident husband; no, not beat the husband but totally 
dominate the smug fighter. 

I walked over to the fighter as the last of the 
announcements were being made and while the beautiful 
wife was kissing her husband one last time rubbed my 
gloved paw along her tight leather covered ass cheeks. 
The startled Kelly's quickly turned as her husband 
realized what had transpired. "After tonight the bitch 
is mine," I sneered. 

The poorly planned swing missed a mile as I danced back 
to my corner, screaming, "The bitch is mine. She's 
going to feel black cock in her tight pussy you club 
boxer," I mocked. 

Gerry McDonnell, normally a good fighter could not 
control his rage. I had mocked his manhood; slandered 
his beautiful wife. He lunged at me like a madman and 
fought like a club boxer. My sharp crisp strikes sliced 
his reddish white face with deadly accuracy. 

In only three short rounds his face was bruised, 
bloodied and his eyes were nearly swollen shut. Once 
when he desperately tied me up, I yelled in his face; 
"Your bitch is mine. I will sink my black cock in her 
tight pussy and make you watch," I mocked. 

The Irish fighter broke away and again flailed 
harmlessly trying to get at his tormentor. After each 
pitiful jab, I landed solid body blows against his 
damaged torso. The next three rounds I continually 
cracked his stomach and ribs with solid punches. At the 
end of round six, blood was dripping from his mouth. 
Gerry McDonnell, the great white hope was literally on 
the ropes; but I had not totally destroyed him as a 

During the next round I continually lured him to his 
corner where I mocked the seated and helpless wife. 
"Promise to suck my black dick and I won't hurt your 
husband any more little tramp." 

The seated beauty was squirming and totally distraught. 
Here was a black boxer pummeling her heretofore strong 
and powerful lover and enticing her with sexual 
entendres. As she desperately sought out someone to 
help her battered husband, the short tight leather mini 
skirt was pushed up her delightful legs. Her face was 
twisted in agony, as I pounded her husband who could 
barely defend himself. "Please, oh God, Stop this 
fight," she begged someone; anyone. 

Turning to the battered husband I continued my mocking, 
"Aren't you man enough to fight me man to man?" 

His courage was admirable as he motioned for his corner 
to not stop the fight. Courage alone was not enough to 
stop the fight as I landed another hard blow to his now 
crushed stomach. 

As her husband fell against the ropes I again walked in 
front of his beautiful wife and forced her to 
acknowledge the black man who had badly beaten her 
husband. "Wouldn't you like to feel my long black cock 
shove its way into your dripping pussy? Hell, after 
three inches I will be in virgin cherry territory." 

As the broken fighter pushed himself off the ropes and 
lunged towards my hard black body, it only took one 
more blow to his battered face to put him on the 
canvas. As the referee was yelling the numbers to 
acknowledge my victory I strolled over to the 
frightened white beauty, "I'm at the Fillmore, Room 
1425. Meet me there tomorrow afternoon and I'll let you 
sample some black cock." 

As my invitation reverberated around ringside many of 
the blacks in the audience around the trembling wife 
took up my chants. As she scrambled to the ring to be 
with her husband who was being attended by doctors the 
crowd yelled repeatedly; "Fuck the white bitch. Make 
her suck your black cock." 

The great white hope was carried out on a stretcher to 
the locker rooms, which were merely down the hall from 
each other. As both he and I exited the ring another 
group was making their way to the ring for the next 

I sat alone on the dressing table in my room, thinking 
of the beautiful red haired wife when suddenly the door 
burst open. Mrs. Kelly McDonnell had in haste twisted 
the handle to my room, while bringing her battered 
husband several wet towels to soothe his bruised and 
battered face. I had taken off my gloves but the white 
tape was stilled wrapped around my fingers. My hard 
ripped body was soaked with sweat and blood from 
Kelly's battered husband. 

Kelly stood totally still as the automatic door closer 
swung the heavy door shut. I could see her breathing 
rapidly and again our eyes met. Although she tried to 
contort her beautiful face to one of hatred the hard 
look faded. 

When her dark emerald eyes slowly fell from my eyes to 
my chest and then to my stomach, and finally to my 
crotch, I let my taped hands drop to my waist band and 
then very, very slowly pulled the tied string apart. As 
the pretty wife continued watching my every movement I 
pulled the string apart. The elastic band held the 
boxing shorts up until my thumbs were inserted into the 
waistband and nudged the satin cloth down.

I watched the twenty three year old wife as her 
breathing became more and more labored. Her eyes never 
left the satin boxing shorts and I continued to let the 
constricting shorts drop. A smug smile crept across my 
face as I stared intently at the heaving breasts of the 
wife of my latest boxing victory. Her nipples were 
pressing against the white silk blouse and her tongue 
was toying with the red coated lips. 

"No, NO, I must go," she moaned, not to anyone in 
particular but more to herself. 

The boxing shorts finally made their final journey and 
I kicked them across the room. My semi hard black cock 
brought a gasp from the intently mesmerized young wife. 
Only then did her searching emerald eyes rise to meet 
my glare. 

"Bring me the towels," I confidently asked. 

Mrs. Kelly McDonnell started to shake her head but as 
she was shaking her head, the long booted legs were 
slowly moving towards where I was standing. As if in a 
trance, she slowly shuffled the few feet separating us, 
until she was directly in front of me, still transfixed 
to my now hardening black woman pleasure. 

As she stared at my long black weapon, her delicate 
hand reached out and grasped the sweat soaked organ. 
She became startled as she finally realized that her 
small hand could not encircle the life giving organ. 
Only then did she again look into my eyes and my eyes 
seemed to bore into her brain. 

Her right hand; then her left hand gripped my hard 
black cock and started stroking the hard tube. As she 
milked the organ her tongue absently coated her lips 
again and she started to tremble. I let my huge black 
hand brush her long red hair from her face and roughly 
pulled her head backwards so that her aroused eyes were 
staring directly into mine. My left hand rubbed the 
outside of her white silk blouse coating it with sweat 
and making the turgid nipples push against the wet 
covering. I could feel her grip tighten as I caressed 
her tight heaving breasts. 

Her breathing intensified and I could see the arousal 
in her eyes as she struggled to milk my black organ. As 
my black cock became rigid, I felt her rub it against 
her thrusting hips; masturbating herself against the 
solid black organ. A soft gasp escaped her throat and 
she tried to pull me against her tight body. 

Marshaling all the willpower I possessed I looked into 
her eyes and softly spoke, "You better go to your 
husband Mrs. McDonnell. I don't think I want to fuck 
you right now." 

It took several seconds for her to grasp what I had 

A pitiful, "No," escaped from her throat. Her arousal 
was well past the boiling point. Her trembling 
increased and she attempted to pull my black cock even 
closer to her tight leather covered pussy. 

Now, in complete control I rolled the hard nipples in 
my fingers as I again emphasized my domination. "I 
think the little tramp should go be by her husband. I 
may fuck you later; but I don't want your worthless ass 
now Tramp." 

As I pushed her away, I could see the burning arousal 
in her eyes and her aroused and quivering body. "Maybe 
I'll fuck you tomorrow. You be at my hotel room at 3:OO 
PM and dress like the whore you are. Now go to your 
husband and tell him how you are his loving wife." 

Shuddering she turned and started to the door. When she 
reached the door I gave her, her last command of the 
evening. "Before you leave I want you to give me your 

As she turned back towards me I can see the fire in her 
eyes and the anger in her face. However, when she 
looked into my hard unforgiving face, she meekly 
reached down and slowly lifted her leather skirt trying 
to seduce me with her wantonness. 

As the tight skirt made its short journey up her 
succulent thighs I could feel my cock drip it's pre cum 
down my legs. She gracefully slid the black lace 
panties down her long legs revealing the clean shaven 
lips of her sex. Only a small wisp of red covering was 
visible at the top pointing the way to the treasures 
below. Sensuously she swayed towards me with the soaked 
woman covering in her outstretched hand. 

As she handed the fragrant lace to me she softly spoke, 
"I better get to my husband. What you passed up he will 
be eager to have." 

Angrily I grasped her chin in my hand pulling her 
against my hard body. "You don't fuck unless I tell you 
to fuck. Do you understand me you little whore?" 

Startled; confused; aroused; Mrs. Kelly McDonnell 
submissively answered her new black master, "I won't 
fuck my husband unless you give me permission." 

The smile returning to my face, I pushed her away. Just 
as she opened the door, the manager of her husband 
pushed open the door looking for his fighter's 
delinquent wife. As he stared at the nipple hardened 
wife pushing her way out of my dressing room his eyes 
quickly focused on my still hard black cock and 
disheartened he backed from my room. 

As the pre cum continued to drip from the tip of my 
hard black cock my sore muscles reminded me that the 
broken white fighter did in fact land some punches. 

I leaned against the dressing table and let my eyes 
fall shut. Tomorrow the previously arrogant white wife 
would begin her initiation into black cock worship. 
Yes, it was hard to push the desirable wife away but 
tomorrow would bring the final fruits. Her passion was 
be twice as burning tomorrow when she entered my hotel 

I had always heard that red heads made the best anal 
partners. My mind focused on the tight ass cheeks 
covered in white leather that had hurriedly made their 
exit. Yes, my black cock would have a tight fit in the 
warm anal passage of Mrs. Kelly McDonnell. Her 
squealing would be music to my ears as the huge black 
trainer forced its way into the constricting sphincter 
muscle. I closed my eyes and let my mind float free. 

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