Monday, 24 October 2016


It was a Saturday night and the Daschel family was 
having yet another neighborhood party. Dave and Jessica 
invited my wife and me along with two other couples 
from the neighborhood for a night of poker and light 
drinking. My wife and I live right across from Dave and 
Jessica. The other two couples live on the same street 
as us and both on the Daschel's side. 

All of us were working couples looking to start a 
family now that our careers have been more grounded and 
established. Dave is around 35 and Jessica 32. My wife 
is also 32 with me a year older than she was. 

The night started out with a round of shots for 
everyone. Tequila was my choice of poison that night as 
so was Dave's. As the night progressed so did the 

The two other couples were your normal next door 
couples. With the exception of my wife and Jessica the 
other two women were simply vanilla in comparison. 
Jessica is a very lovely woman. Taller than my wife at 
5'7" and with brown hair and the two of the most 
magnificent hazel eyes I have ever seen. Her small 
frame that accompanied her long firm and toned legs 
stood tall with confidence in her every movement. 

Her husband Dave was packing a soft one around his mid 
section. He was a lush that night and apparently all 
the time. He would pass out from drinking too much or 
mixing alcohols. At one point every one was pretty much 
hammered except for my wife and I and Jessica. I was 
the designated bartender that night because of my mad 
skills at making exceptional drinks. I had a plan to 
get everyone drunk that night except for Jessica. 

I had no choice with my wife as she did not drink much. 
Her first shot of the night lasted her all night. But I 
knew she will be calling it quits early that night for 
she had a ladies golf tournament in the morning with 
the people at her firm. My tequila shots got lighter 
and slower and Dave's more and often. The other couples 
drinks were potent enough to get them to call it a 
night sooner than later while Jessica's drinks were 
just enough to keep her buzz going throughout the 

Jessica and I have been flirting every time we have 
this get together. It started innocently enough and 
openly in front of our spouses that we all merely 
dismissed it as simply playful. There was even a joke 
between all of us about it that everyone knew it was 
nothing. Everyone could not be more wrong. Jessica and 
I continued our innocent flirting from the first night 
of the weekly event party through to the next morning 
when we all met for breakfast and through that Saturday 
night I finally fucked her. 


It was about eleven at night when my wife decided to 
call it quits and headed back across the street to our 
house. The other two couple was on the borderline of 
being heavily buzzed to being hammered. With my wife 
leaving it gave an opportunity minutes later for one of 
the other two couples to leave themselves. As I stayed 
like I normally do, I kept feeding Dave and the other 
two couple their dosage of alcohol. 

Jessica finally caught on to what I was doing and 
pretty much knew something was going to happen between 
her and I that night. She became nervous and 
increasingly anxious as she became aware of what was 
happening. I had made a pretty strong drink for Jessica 
once I noticed her nervousness to calm her down. With 
my strong suggestion she gulped down the drink pretty 

Half an hour later, her husband passed out on the couch 
while the remaining couple made their way home to call 
it a night for themselves. As the couple said their 
goodbyes and thanks for the night's happenings, Dave 
started to snore. A heavy sleeper Dave was, I knew I 
was only moments away from entering his wife. 

As the door closed behind the other couple, the tension 
between Jessica and I became increasingly intense as we 
both knew the opportunity is right in front of us. 
Looking straight into her beautiful eyes I spoke to her 
with my eyes and she knew she was going to get fucked 
that night. I grabbed her hand and our fingerers 
interlocked with each other as I led her to the living 
room where her husband laid on the couch snoring away 
his consciousness. 

Thinking I was going to lead her to their bedroom for 
our deed to be done, I quickly stopped right in front 
of where her husband was laying. I turned around to 
face her and gently put her face in my hands as I 
leaned over to passionately kiss her. Our tongue was 
dancing in unison and our face locked to each other as 
she reached fro the back of my head only to embrace the 
moment we are creating. 

After a few moments of passion, a deep snoring sound 
came out of Dave and we broke our kiss. Still thinking 
we were going to go elsewhere, Jessica hinted on going 
to their bedroom but with my other intentions me 
quickly to hold of her waist and pulled her closer to 
me. Grabbing a handful of the bottom of the shirt she 
was wearing I quickly pulled them up and over her head 
exposing her perfectly rounded breast covered with a 
tan sheer see-through bra. As a response out of 
nervousness and anxiety she said, "Not here."

I can fell her getting wet as each seconds pass. Still 
standing over and next to her sleeping husband in the 
middle of their living room where moment ago they were 
entertaining their friends, I quickly took hold of the 
shorts she was wearing. In no time they were undone and 
unzipped and Jessica once again but pleading this time 
said, "No, not here."

With that I looked straight at her again for a second 
just enough to let her know my intentions and began to 
slip her shorts down her legs and onto the hardwood 
floor. She wore matching sheer see-through panties that 
night. As it became evident by my actions that I wanted 
to fuck her right next to her sleeping husband, Jessica 
gave herself to me. 

I knew at that point that she would be mine again when 
she stepped out of the shorts that are now on the 
floor. She stood there right in front of me barefoot 
and only in her under garments as I took my shirt of to 
prepare myself from making a mess of the beauty in 
front of me. On purpose I dropped my shirt right on 
Dave's body as he slept contently and obliviously from 
what was about to happen. 

Without a word said, Jessica dropped down to her knees 
and proceeded to unbuckle my belt to get into my jeans. 
With my help I pushed my jeans down to my knees leaving 
my underwear on only to be taken down by the beauty in 
front of me. Still on her knees, I called her name and 
as she looked up, I placed my already rock hard manhood 
in her mouth. 

I can distinctly remember her looking up at me with 
those beautiful eyes as I parted her lips with my cock. 
I watched intensely as I inched in her mouth. A part of 
me would disappear in her only to come back out so that 
more of me can go in. Each time she took more of me in 
her mouth I notice the trail of wetness she would leave 
on my shaft. Each time I went deeper, each time she 
took more of me all the while looking straight up into 
my eyes. Looking straight back at her I grabbed the 
back of her head firmly and as I did, she broke our eye 
connection and braced herself for the face fucking she 
was about to get. 

I rammed myself deep within her mouth and into her 
throat and as I did her gag reflex kicked in. Each time 
I would put myself down her throat she would make a 
gagging sound. 

As I built my rhythm and increased my speed I now was 
slapping by balls right on her chin as I completely 
face fucked her mouth. Her gagging sound was prominent 
and distinct from the snoring that was still coming out 
of her husband. It was as if they were competing who 
was the loudest. I was ready to cum as I felt increased 
tension in my loins. With that I pulled out of 
Jessica's mouth and watched her wipe the water that 
built up in her eyes from gagging with my cock in her 

I told Jessica to take off what she had on and to lie 
down on the floor and that she did like an owned wife. 
Her body was well defined and her stomach was tight. 
Her skin was smooth as silk and tanned evenly inch by 
inch. She was heaven to look at as she positioned 
herself to be taken. After completely taking off all my 
clothes I stood tall right on top of her looking down 
on the body I was about to invade. There she was, on 
her back with her knees bent and feet on the floor 
looking up at my hard on waiting to be split wide 

I lowered myself down to her shaved vagina and as I did 
she accommodated me by moving her legs apart further 
and placing her right foot on my shoulder. My nose was 
right at her entrance as I took in a deep breath to 
smell her womanly essence. I can feel the moisture that 
was continuing to build within her labia. Like a hungry 
animal I went to town eating her pussy like there was 
no tomorrow. I tasted everything from her lips and into 
her love canal and up to her clit over and over and 

I was lapping her clit like a dog in heat and in no 
time was she buckling uncontrollably and panting and 
gasping for what air she could breathe as she tensed up 
from the intense sensation she was being attacked with. 
Jessica could not hold it any more as she finally let 
loose the loudest orgasm I have heard. She cursed, she 
moaned, and she cursed some more in ecstasy as she 
begged to be fucked right next to her husband. 

I have since regained my composure from almost cumming 
as I moved up from my position directly over Jessica. 
Her legs spread even wider in anticipation of my grand 
entrance. I placed her right leg over my left shoulder 
as I pinned her other leg from her thighs with my right 
hand. I was rock hard again at this point as I moved my 
hips around using the tip of my cock to find the 
opening of her cunt. 

Within seconds Jessica's wet opening was parted and all 
of me have plunged inside of her. One swift movement 
and I have rammed my way up her tunnel. Her loud vocal 
moans indicated she did not care if her husband awoke 
to her getting thoroughly fucked. I was nailing her 
hard and fast and ferociously. 

Jessica was being pounded like a piece of meat that she 
was that night. I was pulling out as much as I can with 
out being out of touch with her pussy only to slam back 
down with all my weight and back in her cunt. I fucked 
her in that position for quite sometime before finally 
putting both of her legs over my shoulders to get a 
complete deep penetration. Jessica was extremely wet 
and I was slamming into her so hard that the sound we 
were making was louder than that of her husbands snore. 

Jessica knew she was being jack hammered roughly and 
she loved it as she came once more. Her body stiffened 
up and convulsed in pleasure as she held her breathes 
and her face turned red. I felt the slickness of her 
pussy tighten up during her orgasm as I kept pumping 
her pussy. I kept fucking Jessica hard and fast only to 
change pace to get a breather before fucking her the 
same way hard and fast again and again. I felt myself 
ready to explode and as I indicated to her I was ready 
to cum Jessica asked not to cum in her pussy. She 
wanted to taste me as she put it. 

So as my orgasm nears my body tenses and I drove myself 
deep within her with all my might holding my dominant 
position over her as I came in her well used cunt. I 
screamed in pleasure and I kept telling her I was 
cumming in her. I pumped stream after stream of my hot 
sticky seed in her womb. Each pulse my cock was 
emptying cum within her body. 

Jessica was quiet after I finished using her body. I 
pulled out of her cunt still semi hard as cum leaked 
out of her gaping hole. I quickly scooped the cum that 
was oozing from her pussy to her mouth as she only 
looked at me. With out saying a word she took my cum 
coated finger in her mouth and cleaned it off. 

We laid there on the floor next to her husband on the 
couch as we rested from fucking each other. She 
informed me she was not on the pill. I did not really 
care but I told her that if things were to happen I 
would see her through it. The next day I saw Jessica 
and she could not even look me in the eyes. Dave 
invited over me to watch football and of course I 
accepted happily. It was great that day knowing that I 
was hanging out with him in the same living room floor 
where a few hours ago I fucked his wife on. 

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