Monday, 3 October 2016


About five months ago my husband and I shared a cabin 
with my sister and her husband for a week. 

On the first night we were there we all got very drunk 
and started playing strip poker. This was unusual since 
we are normally pretty conservative, but we were having 
such a good time we just said, "Why not." 

It took a some time but we all got down to just our 
underwear and my brother in law actually ended up 
losing the last hand and had to get naked, exposing his 
wonderfully big cock for all to see.

I had always been a little curious about it since my 
husband is only average size and from talking to my 
sister I knew it must be bigger. My brother in law has 
always had a reputation as a ladies man and has even 
tried to flirt with me on several occasions.

I know he saw me staring at his penis, which made me 
turn red and also saw him ogling my breasts, which are 
somewhat bigger than my sisters. We giggled and talked 
about it for a while as it was all completely innocent, 
and then retired to our separate bedrooms to be with 
our own spouses. 

Well my husband needs about half a beer to get drunk 
and he fell asleep within a few minutes after retiring 
much to my disappointment. I was horny from all the sex 
talked we'd been doing while playing strip poker and 
because of my brother-in-law's big cock, and was really 
annoyed that my husband had deserted me. I even tried 
to masturbate, without success.

Finally I went to the kitchen for a snack, still in my 
panties, and while I was bent over looking in the 
fridge my brother-in-law came up behind me and put his 
cock right up against my ass. 

I jumped a foot, turned around to see naked. He put a 
finger to his lips and went, "shhhhhhhhh."

My eyes were drawn to his penis hanging there. And 
while I just stared at it he suddenly bent down and 
kissed me on the lips.

It must have been the alcohol because for some reason I 
responded and kissed him back not making a sound or 
thinking about the consequences of what I was doing. I 
was really surprised at myself for reacting this way 
because I've never considered being with anyone other 
than my husband, let alone my brother-in-law.

As we stood there in the darkness with our tongues 
intertwined he reached up and started lightly caressing 
my naked breast. I moaned in delight and touched his 
penis in return, moving my hand along its length. At 
that point I never imagined anything more would come of 
it thinking what we were doing was still completely 

Suddenly, he stopped and pulled me along with him into 
the living room and pushed me down onto the sofa.  
Kneeling next to me I gasped as his hand ran across the 
shiny silk of my panties and tightly cupped my pussy. 

'Oh, God,' I thought, 'I'm so hot!'

His fingers slid up and down between the folds of my 
cunt and my hips began to undulate slightly. 'So good, 
so good, please don't stop, please, please!'

He reached under the waistband of my panties and found 
that I was very wet, he began rubbing my clit in 
circles until I was gasping for more. I can't remember 
ever feeling so hot before and forbidden aspect of what 
was going on, knowing what we were doing was wrong made 
me even more excited. The fact that our spouses were 
just on the other side of the hall made me hornier than 
ever and I became lost in the sensations.

Before I realized what was happening he'd moved between 
my legs, tugged my panties to one side, and had started 
pushing his now very hard big cock into me.

When I realized he intended to fuck me right there and 
then I was shocked and began to protest and tried to 
push him off. I knew that this was going too far. 

Unfortunately, I was very wet by then so when he 
pressed the big head of his monster against my slick 
opening he just sunk into me easily with a quick thrust 

"Nooo!!" I tried to whisper in his ear, but I was 
pinned under him against the couch. I just couldn't 
stop him and froze as he continued pushing and working 
himself in and out of me. Finally I felt his pubic bone 
grind firmly against mine and realized his big cock was 
completely buried inside me.

"Oh Laura -- I just want to feel myself inside you for 
a minute -- Oh god you feel so good! Oh yeah!" he 
whispered into my ear as he started thrusting into me 
completely ignoring my protests.

At that point the feeling was just too good to stop him 
as immense pleasure flowed between my legs as I had my 
first orgasm. I was so turned on I couldn't protest any 
more. I was finally getting what my body needed.

He was thrusting in and out of me and I realized I was 
responding and fucking him back by rocking my hips and 
pushing back up to meet each thrust. We fucked without 
a sound until we got into a rocking rhythm that I can 
only describe as incredible. It was a wonderful feeling 
to have such a large cock inside me for the first time. 
I came several more times within a few short few 
minutes from our first contact and the orgasms were 
just as intense as the first time.
I was dripping with perspiration beneath him almost 
unable to breathe. Eventually his thrusts quickened and 
I knew he was going to cum. Then he grabbed my hips and 
his body stiffened, pushing firmly against my pubic 
bone for maximum penetration. I reached up grabbing his 
ass and closed my eyes. 

Groaning softly, I felt his body shudder as he began 
ejaculating his sperm inside me. It actually startled 
me when he let go because I could feel his penis pulse 
and then a strong spurt causing a pressure sensation 
against my cervix.

Only then did I think about the fact that my husband 
has always taken care of our birth control by wearing a 
condom. I have never had to even think about it. To 
make matters worse I was probably at the worst time in 
my cycle and realized I could easily get pregnant by 
our little affair. But it was too late.

I just froze, marveling at the feeling of what was 
happening inside of me. Each time he spasmed I could 
feel him release another flood deep into my belly 
making my vagina immediately go slick with our mixed 
fluids. It was indescribable. I couldn't believe there 
was so much of it.

For a full thirty seconds I felt his pulses while he 
grunted, pumping his load into my womb before finally 
collapsing on top of me with his cock still buried deep 
inside me.

As the waves subsided, I lay there in a dreamlike state 
feeling the heat of his sperm spreading out into the 
depths of my body. After a few more gentle thrusts he 
stopped, panting rapidly from the exertion. Finally he 
pulled his shrinking penis from me and it was over as 
quickly as it had begun.
We kissed lightly and each slipped quietly back to our 
rooms without a word. 

As I carefully slipped back into bed next to my 
sleeping husband I immediately started feeling guilty 
about what I had just done and also realized I now had 
a river of semen literally pouring from my open vagina 
into my panties, running down the inside of my thighs 
and puddling on the bed beneath my bottom.

My sister had mentioned to me when her husband 
ejaculates he squirts a big load making quite a mess to 
clean up afterwards. And boy was she right. Now I could 
feel his wetness all over inside me and pouring from me 
as I lay there and realized I had millions of another 
man's sperm swimming inside my fertile tummy, perhaps 
already starting a new life there that should have been 
reserved for my husband.

My God, I'd just mated with my sister's husband at the 
peak of my cycle without protection, what had I been 
thinking! Even gravity in the position we were in bent 
over the couch increased the odds of conception. 

Needless to say I ended up crying myself to sleep that 
night thinking about the possible outcome of our 

The next morning I had to quickly change the sheets to 
hide the evidence before my husband noticed.

Now five months later the only proof that these events 
even happened is my bulging tummy, now very pregnant 
with what I know is my brother-in-law's baby. I still 
cannot believe that I did it. Whenever I see him now he 
just pats my growing tummy and gives me a sly wink. He 
knows I'm having his baby from that night and I think 
he's actually proud of it since my sister is now 
pregnant too.

The only thing I can do is hope our baby looks like my 
husband. It would kill him if he knew that I'm really 
pregnant by another man. I didn't mean for it to 
happen, it just did. 

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