Thursday, 6 October 2016


Sammi and I had a lot in common, we were married, kids 
in college, and husbands working in foreign countries 
to make the "big bucks". We were hungry for 
companionship not only for the social reasons but for 
our sexual needs which were not being met with our 
husbands being gone. As we sat one morning chatting 
over a cup of coffee, the talk turned to sex and I 
mentioned that I was getting very frustrated and missed 
sex very much. 

Sammi sort of got an evil grin on her face and with a 
twinkle in her eyes said, "Why, Molly? Can you keep a 

"Yes, Sammi, we have known each other for a long time 
and I have always felt that I could confide in you and 
you in me with secrets to be kept."

"Well, Molly, I have a secret lover. I know it's wrong 
and cheating, but it is so good and I need it till 
Roger gets home."

"Oh my dear Sammi, Who? How? What is going on? Tell me 
all about it."

Sammi replied, "OK Molly, but you must keep this to 
yourself. One day while driving near the college campus 
I had a flat tire on my car and as I was trying to 
figure out what to do, this nice young college student 
offered to help and I welcomed the help. As he worked 
we chatted and I noticed his muscular well shaped body 
and was thinking how nice it would be to wake up with 
that in bed with me some morning."

"Oh Sammi, you are bad, really bad but I love it. Go 
on, tell me everything."

Sammi continued, "He said he was 19 and on the college 
football team and was looking forward to the fall when 
he could be playing again. When he finished I offered 
to pay him and he told me that it was not necessary as 
he looked at me from head to feet and I got a weak 
feeling in my knees and my hear started spinning. Not 
knowing what else to say I said I would treat him to 
dinner sometime and he said that would be great and I 
got his phone number and name, Reggie, and promised to 
call him and make good on my promise. I thought about 
this for a couple of days and knew that I was wanted to 
be bad really bad, and Reggie was in my thoughts almost 
constantly. Finally I decided to make a move and called 
him and asked if I could pick him up Saturday night to 
come to my house for a special home cooked meal, He 
said that would be great. I knew I could not let anyone 
see me bring him home being a married woman, and 
neighbors do gossip so I drove into the garage and let 
the door down and we entered into the house from the 
garage. I had a nice dinner prepared and after dinner 
we had some drinks and, the rest of the story is sex. 
sex, sex".

"Sammi you are bad", I said. "I wish I could be bad, 
bad, bad. You are having more fun than me for sure and 
I wish I could have fun like you."

"Molly, maybe that is possible, Sammi replied. Reggie 
has a room mate football player and he might be 
interested. Do you want me to check for you? I am sure 
Reggie is discrete as he does not want any problems 
either. I have not met him but his room mate's name is 

"Oh Sammi, would you do that for me? I am so excited 
now I don't know what to do. Oh my gosh a young college 
footfall player with muscles and a hard body! WOW! 

"One thing I have not told you yet, both are black 
guys. Is that OK with you.?"

"Oh, that is so evil and erotic, I think you are really 
bad now my dearest friend. Yes, Yes, Yes, I want him. I 
can't wait. I hope he will like me, after all I am 
twice his age."

The deal was made and Sammi said she would bring Willie 
by Saturday night for dinner and whatever I had 
planned. And she suggested I leave the garage door open 
so she could let Willie in the back door out of the 
neighbor's sight. I was so excited I could hardly sleep 
that night knowing they I would be seeking sexual 
gratification the nest night. I planned the dinner 
complete with candles and wine, and a red knit form 
fitting dress to show off my curves and breast to their 
maximum advantage. 

I heard a faint knock on the back door and I rushed to 
let Willie in who greeted me with a kiss on the cheek 
and a long slow deep, "You look lovely lady and your 
red dress sure displays you in a very favorable 
fashion", as he place a red rose in my hand. 

"Thanks Willie", I nervously replied, "this is a lovely 
rose and from a great looking man". 

We had dinner and moved into the living room to sip 
some wine as he moved to me and placed his arm around 
me and gave me a squeeze, and said that he was very 
concerned about meeting me however after seeing me he 
felt very rewarded and fortunate. I could feel heat 
rising in my lions and knew he was very excited also as 
we kissed and moved our hands over each others body. I 
noted that he was well muscled, with a hard body and 
was midnight black. My skin looked snow white against 
his black face, arms, and hands. I knew that I wanted 
to get my hands on is sexy black muscular body and 

We had reached a point where we knew we needed to get 
more comfortable and intimate and without a word moved 
in the master bedroom and continued out hot passionate 
kissing and feeling as he removed my dress and me his 
pants and shirt. I kneeled down and removed his shorts 
and saw his erect ebony love tool standing for my 
inspection of which I quickly approved and engulfed it 
with my mouth moving my tongue around the head as it 
seeped precum. I knew he was close to an orgasm and 
moved to lay on the bed as he removed my panties and 
started sipping my nectar and gently kissing and 
nibbling my swollen clit and massaging my puffy white 
lips. I moaned as he stoked my fires and knew that I 
wanted him more than I had ever wanted anyone, 
including my husband. 

I whispered, "Come to me my young black lover. I need 
you to stoke my fire with your black hard poker."  With 
that he moved above me and gently drove his black shaft 
into my waiting white pussy. I opened wide  and took it 
deep and pulled him to me holding tight as he started 
to increase his rhythm and soon was shooting his load. 
The throbbing and pulsating black cock drove me into 
the most intense orgasm I had ever experienced. As we 
lay there in each others arms, I knew that I had just 
experienced the most sensational sex I had ever had and 
wanted to keep this young black stud to myself. I knew 
that I would be his for as long as he wanted me and 
also realized that one day my husband would come home 
and reclaim his white wife who had been totally 
satisfied by a black stud and that his wife had 
accepted black seed from a nice hard bodied black guy. 

Needless to say, Willie and I had many more Saturday 
night secret meetings and we managed to avoid the eyes 
of the neighbors by being careful and discrete. Even 
when me and my husband are having sex, I often 
fantasize that it is my black lover pounding his black 
balls against my white butt and shooting his seeds from 
his black cock deep inside me. I have the most intense 
orgasms this way and my husband has remarked that I 
seem to be somewhat better in bed these days. I wonder 

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