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The telephone rang at 6am and startled him out of a 
sound sleep, something I didn't get too often since his 
wife had died of Cancer three years ago. He missed his 
wife so much, that life would have been impossible for 
him, if it hadn't been for his Daughter Debbie and her 
wonderful support. 

Debbie had been 18 years old when her Mother had 
finally succumbed to the dreaded big "C," but had coped 
admirably under the circumstances. 

Two years after his wife Jane's death, Debbie met John, 
and had married him three months ago. They moved to Los 
Angeles right away, where he was starting a new job.

I lifted the telephone receiver. "David Mains," I said 

"Daddy... It's me... Debbie," she sobbed. 

"What's wrong Debbie?" he asked, fear taking a hold of 
him in anticipation.

"Daddy, I've left John, Can I come and stay with you 
till I get my own place, please?"

"Of course you can honey. What's happened with you and 

"I'd rather tell you when I see you Dad."

"OK, Debbie we can talk about it later, but how do you 
intend to travel?" David asked

"I have my car, and I was wondering if you could fly 
out here, and drive back with me. I don't think that I 
could do it alone the way I am feeling."

"Sure Honey... I'll get the first flight out today."


David managed to get a mid morning flight from 
Philadelphia to Los angles, where Debbie was waiting 
for him. As soon as she saw her Father, Debbie rushed 
up to hugging him very tightly. 

He felt the warmth of her beautiful young body against 
his, and his cock started to come alive. He felt very 
guilty about it; after all, she was his daughter, and 
also his only child. 

David stood back and looked at this young Lady, who 
meant everything to him. She stood five foot eight 
inches tall in her stocking feet. Her height came from 
her Fathers side of the Family. David is six feet two 
inches tall, with a strong muscular frame. He was a 
very fit man, for his forty-six years. 

Debbie had the most luxurious red hair he had ever 
seen, a throwback from her mother's side of the family, 
although Jane had been a blonde. 

Debbie's Hair cascaded over her shoulders, and half way 
down her back. Her Eyes were green and her lips full. 
Her complexion was unusually clear for a redhead, with 
no freckles, which was the norm for most redheads. Her 
breasts were firm and high, a size 36C. Her stomach was 
flat, and as David looked at her he thought to himself 
that she could have easily been a top model.

"I have my entire luggage in the car outside, and I was 
hoping we could get started for home right away," she 

"No problem honey, we can eat when we stop for the 

On the road, they talked about everything but the real 
problem with John. David decided to let Debbie tell him 
in her own time. After about two hours she said she had 
to tell him what had happened with her marriage.

Tears welled in her eyes, as she told her father her 

On the first night of their honeymoon, John had told 
her that he was gay, and that he could never make love 
to her. He told her that he had to be married to get 
the new job. He said he did love her and that he wished 
he could change for her sake. 

This, of course didn't happen, and their marriage had 
never been consummated. Two days ago, she had come home 
early from work, and found John in bed with another 
man. This was the end for her, and she decided to end 
their sham of a marriage.

David was taken aback by these revelations. "Did John 
never make advances towards you before you were 
married?" David asked, amazed by the whole thing.

"No, he said that he wanted to wait till we were 
married, because he respected me too much, and I 
believed him."

"Look honey," David said. "You just have to put this 
all behind you and get on with your life. You know I 
will support you all the way."

Debbie put her arms around her father's neck, and 
kissed his cheek. "Thank you Daddy. I love you."

It was now getting dark and they decided to try to find 
a hotel. Just then the skies opened up and torrential 
rain pounded the car. 

They pulled off the main highway, and soon a small 
hotel loomed up in the dark. David pulled in to the 
parking lot.

When David asked for two rooms, the desk clerk told him 
that he only had one double left.

"But we need two rooms," David told the clerk. 

David looked at Debbie. "What do you want to do honey?" 

"We need a room dad and with the weather the way it is, 
we had better take it before someone else does."

David reluctantly agreed, and signed in.

The Clerk said that Dinner was now being served if they 
wished to go into the dining room. As they ate dinner, 
David asked, "Are you all right about sharing a room 

"Of course I am. After all, you are my father and right 
now I need you to be near to see me through this."

The room only had one king sized bed. David looked at 
it embarrassed. "I can sleep on the floor tonight 
Debbie. You can take the Bed."

"No you won't," Debbie scolded, "there is plenty of 
room for us both to sleep comfortably in the bed, and I 
won't hear another word or I will have to take the 
floor myself." 

After some persuasion, David agreed, and said that she 
should use the bathroom first, since she was so 

When she was finished showering, Debbie came out of the 
bathroom with a towel wrapped around her beautiful 
body. David felt that stirring again in his cock. He 
quickly moved into the bathroom to shower. 

He had stripped off all his clothes, before he realised 
he did not have his Razor with him. He put a towel 
around his waist and stepped into the room to retrieve 

David stopped short. His Daughter was drying her hair 
with a hair drier and did not hear him enter. The towel 
she had wrapped round her earlier had dropped to the 
floor, and she stood naked. 

Her body was incredible. Her breasts were firm and her 
pale pink nipples stood out, from the friction of the 
towel when she had been drying them. Her skin was very 
white and as David looked down to the junction between 
her legs, he noticed that she had an abundant patch of 
strawberry blonde pubic hair on her mound. David had 
never seen this colouring on a woman's pussy before, 
and it immediately gave him a raging hard on. He moved 
to go back into the bathroom, when Debbie caught the 
movement, and looked up at her father. 

As he tried to move away, the towel around David came 
loose and dropped to the Floor. Debbie's eyes dropped 
to his manhood. He was enormous. With his hard on, his 
cock was at least ten inches long, and nearly as thick 
as her wrist. She felt her cunt juices start to flow 
and her pussy felt as if it was on Fire.

"I'm sorry Deb's. I didn't realise you were naked. I 
just came out for my razor."

"It's all right Daddy. At least we know now that you 
really are a big boy," she joked.

After his shower, he came out to find his daughter in 
an old T-Shirt, which showed the bottom of her satin 
Tangerine coloured panties. 

"Well, I'm ready for bed," she chirped. 

"I always just sleep in my shorts honey. I hope you 
don't mind, but I don't own any pyjamas." 

"Look Daddy, stop worrying, there's no problem." With 
that they both got into bed and turned the lights out. 
Debbie leaned over and kissed her dad lightly on the 
lips. "Good night Dad." David could feel the softness 
of her breasts on him, which gave him another instant 
erection. "Good night honey." 

The events of the evening kept both of them from sleep. 
She couldn't stop thinking of her Father's beautiful 
cock; she had never seen such a large one. 

Although she had not had sex with John, she was not a 
virgin. She had made out with two boys during high 
school, but they were very small compared to David, and 
she wondered how it could fit into a woman. "Saying 
that." She thought. "Mum must have been able to manage 
it ok."

David could not get his mind off his daughter's 
incredible body, with that glorious forrest of red hair 
above her cunt. 

Daddy, are you still awake?" David was lying on his 
back. "Yes honey."

"I can't sleep; can we talk for a while?" She asked. 

"Of course," David replied.

Debbie turned on her side facing her father, and put 
her hand on his chest. David could feel the heat from 
her as she leaned lightly on him. His shaft was at full 
stretch by this time, and he fought to control it, 
without much success.

"I love you so much Daddy. You have always been there 
for me, and have never let me down." She gave her 
father a hug, and he could feel her breasts with their 
hard nipples pressing into his side.

"I love you too Deb's. You are everything to me," he 

Just then, Debbie lifted her leg and laid it across 
him, right on top of his raging hard cock. "Why 
Daddy... you're really hard down there."

I'm sorry Deb's, I can't help it."

"Did I do that Daddy?" Debs asked, coyly.

"You have to realise that yours is the first warm body 
that I have lain next to since your mother died. It's 
bound to affect me," pleaded David. 

"It's okay daddy. I feel very flattered that I can do 
that to you. It's so very big. It fascinates me. Would 
you mind if I touched it?"

"No Debs, we can't. I'm your father. It wouldn't be 

"Oh, please Daddy... pleeeeze. No one would know, and I 
do love you so."

David's cock had started to do his thinking for him. He 
hadn't had sex since Jane died, and now lying next to 
this wonderful sexy girl, his resistance was gone. "Ok 
sweetheart, go ahead." 

Jane put her hand down below the sheet and under the 
waistband of his shorts, grasping this beautiful dick 
for the first time. It was so thick that she could 
hardly get her hand round it. She started to work her 
hand up and down her Father's cock, feeling him move up 
to meet her slow masturbating strokes. David groaned in 
ecstasy as he felt her slim hand, work up and down his 

"I've got to see it," Debbie said as she pulled the 
sheet off him. She grabbed the waistband of his shorts 
and began to pull them down. Without thinking, he 
lifted his weight so that she could get them off 
completely. Debs put the light on, so that she could 
see him properly. There he was in all his glory, with 
his shaft pointing straight up at the ceiling like a 

Debbie kissed her way down his body until she came to 
his enormous dick. He looked down to see her red hair 
spread across his stomach like a glorious sunset. She 
kissed the massive purple coloured head, tasting the 
pre-cum and gathering it onto her tongue. 

Her mouth opened wide, and started to take the huge 
cock into her mouth, while massaging his large balls. 
It took her a while to get a few inches into her small 
mouth. She sucked on her father's cock as her hand 
pumped up and down his enormous shaft giving him a very 
expert hand job, due to the fact that there was so much 
cock left over. 

David couldn't control himself. He put his hands on his 
Daughters head, pulling her onto his cock as he started 
to fuck his daughter's mouth, holding her head in place 
on his cock. He could feel cum rising in his balls. 
"I'm going to cum darling, you had better stop or you 
will get a mouthful of my spunk."

Debbie just sucked and worked that cock faster, giving 
a muffled moan, until her father stiffened. "I'm 
cuminnnnnggg!" he groaned as his cock exploded in her 
mouth, shooting his baby seed down her throat. 

Afterwards his little girl looked up, cum running down 
the sides of her mouth. She scooped it up and put it 
back in her mouth where it belonged. She returned to 
his dick, licking up all the remaining sperm that 
seeped from his cock hole, as she admired the size of 
his fuck tool, with its large purple head. 

She crawled up his body and kissed him deeply on the 
mouth, her tongue darting inside to dance with his own. 
David could taste his sex on her mouth. It tasted good. 
He turned her over and pushed her T-Shirt over her 
head. She threw the garment on to the floor to reveal 
her alabaster coloured tits. He massaged her tits, 
taking the nipples between forefinger and thumb and 
rolling them gently between them. Debbie moaned and 
lifted her breasts up to him to work on. He sucked 
first one nipple then the other, savouring them. "Oh 
god daddy, that's wonderful. Suck on those big tits 

David put his hand down to the heavenly place between 
her legs, and felt the soaked crotch of her panties. He 
slipped two fingers under the leg of her silk cover, 
and came into contact with the abundant silkiness of 
her pubic hair.

"Take my panties off daddy. I want to feel you all over 
my cunt." David obliged readily, and those lovely silk 
tangerine coloured panties were discarded onto the 
Floor next to the T-Shirt.

David kissed his way down to his little Girl's cunt, 
and was once more amazed and enthralled with the 
glorious red carpet that covered the most beautiful and 
desirable cunt he had ever seen. His fingers ran 
through her red Bush, feeling its soft silkiness. He 
ran a finger down through her hair, to the slit of her 

With both thumbs, he parted the hair surrounding her 
heavenly gates, revealing her pale pink cunt lips, and 
her clit, that was now engorged and standing out a good 
inch. David ran his tongue over the full length of 
Debbie's pussy slit. She opened her legs wider to give 
him better access. He sunk his tongue deep into her 
hole, while breathing in her wonderful sex smell. 

"Ohhhh, please eat my cunt Daddy. Suck me dry. Do it. 
Do it, please."

David took her clit between his lips and started to 
suck and nibble on it, his tongue darting back and 
forward over her very sensitive clitoris. 

Debs went wild, grabbing at the headboard of the bed, 
as her body arched in pure sexual ecstasy. 

"Fuck Daddy... oh please don't stop doing that. Eat my 
pussy." With that she cried out, "Fuck! I'm gonna cum! 
Aaaayyeeee! Oh daddy I'm cumming! I'm cumming!" 

Her body arched a stiffly and she started to shake as 
the greatest orgasm she had ever felt, racked her 
superb young body. When her body relaxed, she smiled at 

"Oh god daddy, no wonder mum loved you so much. That 
was the greatest orgasm I have ever felt. I love you so 

"I love you too honey, but now I have the biggest hard 
on I have ever had in my life," David said, huskily. 

"We don't want to waste that now, do we?" Debs said 
with a smile. "You have one huge cock, and I have a 
pussy that wants to see if it will fit"

"Are you sure Honey? He asked, I don't want to do 
anything you don't want to"

"Daddy... I want you to fuck me. I want you to put that 
gorgeous cock in your little girl's cunt, and fuck me 
as hard as you can."

David moved up between his Daughter's thighs, which she 
opened wide to accommodate him. Taking his huge member 
in his hand, David rubbed the cum covered head up and 
down Debs wet cunt slit, feeling the juices that flowed 
from her, mix with his own.

"This may hurt honey if you are still a virgin, and 
because of my size," her father said.

I'm not a virgin, daddy. I've had a cock in there 
before but not one as beautiful as yours. Please put 
him in me. I'm desperate for you to fuck me." 

With that, David eased the head of his giant cock 
against the entrance to her love hole. Debs pushed 
forward and up and the massive cock head popped inside 
her pussy lips. 

Dave felt the tight wet heat from his little girl's 
pussy, as the walls of her cunt clung to the first four 
inches his fuck stick. Pushing forward, David fed 
another three inches into this cavern of joy. 

"Oh Daddy, it's fantastic. I love your big cock in me, 
it feels so good and I feel so full, but I want it all. 
Give it all to your little girl." 

Dave gave a hard push forward, and the remainder of his 
ten inches of pleasure giving rod, entered his baby. 
They both felt it enter her womb as it filled her 
completely. Debbie moaned as she thrust up to the man 
that meant so much in her life. She felt him withdraw, 
and in panic moaned, "Please, don't take it out, don't 
take it out... Keep it in. I love it." 

"Its ok honey, here he comes again." 

David had pulled out until the head was almost out of 
her fiery haired fanny, and then with one great thrust, 
he pushed it all the way in again. Now he settled down 
to a slow deliberate pounding of his Daughters cunt, 
feeling the slippery heat radiating round his shaft 

"I can't believe this. Here I am fucking my own 
daughter, and I can't get enough of her." David 
thought. "Something so good can't be all wrong." 

Debbie's body stiffened and her cunt walls grabbed her 
daddy's cock even tighter as she prepared for another 
giant orgasm. 

The tightening of her cunt brought David to near orgasm 
himself. "Honey, I'm going to cum. I'll have to pull 
out in case I make you pregnant" 

Debbie grabbed onto her Dad's ass cheeks pulling him 

"Don't pull out daddy, please... please, don't pull out 
now... I'm about to cum. Please, cum in me. Shoot 
you're cum deep into my cunt," she pleaded. 

Hearing this brought David nearer to climax, and he 
pumped that red hair covered pussy even harder. 

"Oh fuck! Oh fuck! I'm cumming! Fuck me Daddy! Fuck 
your little Girl. Give me your cum deep in my cunt. I 
need your cum right up in my womb. Make a baby in me. I 
want your baby. Oh god! I love your big cock."

With that, an enormous orgasm shook Debbie's body as 
her love juices flowed around her father's giant pole. 
At the same time, David's cock shot forth, what seemed 
like, an unending stream of sperm, as spurt after 
spurt, pumped into his beloved daughter's cunt and deep 
into her womb. David could never remember ever shooting 
so much sperm in his life before and now he had done it 
twice with his daughter.

As David pulled out of Debbie's cunt, gaping from the 
size of her father's oversized cock, he moved down to 
lap the juices flowing from this, the loveliest of 
cunts he could imagine. Her strawberry blonde pussy 
hair was matted with cum from both of them, and he 
licked it all clean, relishing the mingled salty taste 
of both their love juices.

"My turn," said Debbie, as she grasped his huge dick 
and went to work licking him clean, taking it into her 
mouth and sucking the last remnants of his cum into her 
mouth and swallowing it down gratefully. 

When she was finished, they lay in each other's arms.

"Daddy, I love you so much. I want to stay with you for 
ever as your lover."

"I want that too darling, more than you could ever 

David and Debbie weren't going to be alone again. 

They moved to a new State where no one knew them, and 
they lived as man and wife with their daughter who was 
the result of that night's passionate lovemaking. 
Theirs was a very happy and sex filled life together as 
a new family.

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