Monday, 10 October 2016


I had been away on a business trip for two weeks. It was 
one of those trips where you go out with the guys for 
dinner and a few laughs, then back to the hotel bar for 
and drink or two, then back to the room to be bored out 
of your mind. 

This was one of those trips where you look for ANYTHING 
on TV that has sex, grateful for the peace and quiet, 
yet sorry to have left home where there is a sexy body 
to cuddle up to and of course, make love to. While the 
'guys' may be good for a few laughs, they do not make up 
for the lack of the one you love cuddling up to you.

When I entered the room, she was waiting for me, 
standing back to give me enough room to get inside the 
door, yet close enough to pounce. I put my bags down and 
opened my arms to her. We held each other tight and 
kissed. We must have kissed for at least 10 minutes, as 
I ran my hand down her back and gently squeezed the 
bottom of her butt, then up the outside of her thigh, up 
her side and along the side of her breast. She shuddered 
at my roaming touch. 

I stood back just a bit to look into her eyes where I 
saw that shine in her eyes. I gently ran the back off my 
hand across her cheeks and finger tips along and around 
her lips. I wanted her, she wanted me. We could have 
made passionate love there in the hallway, but that was 
not to be... yet!

I took a step back from her. I said, "Go get the ropes." 

She looked at me in disappointment, but quickly went 
into the bedroom. I followed. In the bedroom, she opened 
our 'toy' box and pulled out a handful of neatly folded 
lengths of rope. 

"Lie them on the bed," I said. 

She complied. 

"Stand at the foot of the bed, facing out." 

As she stood there, arms at her sides, at the foot of 
the bed, I walked over to her and stood in front of her, 
facing her, gazing into her eyes. I began unbuttoning 
her blouse, kissing her neck and chest with each button. 
When I finished unbuttoning her blouse, I pulled it off 
her and tossed it onto the chair in the corner. 

She stood there embarrassed, even though we had been 
together several years, in just her bra and skirt. Her 
bra was a thin stretch bra gently cupping her small yet 
firm breasts. I could see her nipples through the shear 
fabric. She knew this was a turn-on for me. 

As I reached around to unhook her bra, I rubbed my chest 
into her breasts and pushed my crotch into her thigh. I 
let her know that I was excited too and more was to 
come! I pulled the bra down her arms and tossed it on 
top of the blouse. Next, I unhooked the waistband of her 
skirt and let it drop to the floor around her ankles. 
She was wearing French cut shear panties that fit her 
very nicely. 

I cupped her crotch in my left hand as I began licking 
and kissing her chest and neck and breasts. Circling her 
nipples with my tongue and very, very lightly rubbing 
her lips through her panties. I could feel her hips sway 
ever so slightly to my touch. Her chest heaving forward 
to meet my mouth. I even heard a little moan! 

She started to put her arms around me, part automatic 
reaction and part to get more sensation. 

I pulled my head back and said, "No, just stand there 
and took my other hand to hold one hand to her side." My 
tongue was sliding up and down her chest, between her 
breasts and around the bottom where it meets her chest, 
then in back and forth movements, back to her nipples. I 
put a little more pressure on my fingers on her crotch, 
working between her lips and barely touching the clit. I 
could feel that her lips had swollen with desire and she 
was slightly damp.

I then took a step back from her and said, "Take off 
your panties."

She did not need to be asked twice! She quickly removed 
her panties revealing her bikini trim and remaining 
pubic hair at 3/4-icnh, to my specifications. 

She instinctively moved her hand to her crotch to both 
over herself and stimulate herself. 

I grabbed her hand and said, "No, not yet!"

She gave me a dirty look and moved her hand back to her 
side. She said, "Please, I want you now." 

I replied, "All in good time."

I took a length of rope and doubled it. About two feet 
from the loop end, I tied a knot, making a loop. I put 
the loop over her head with the knot just below her 
breasts. I then tied another knot at just about waist 
level. With the loose end, I passed it between her legs. 
I massaged her lips and made sure the rope was between 
her lips as I pulled it up her back, between her cheeks. 

I took the loose ends, one each side, and wrapped them 
around her waist and threaded them through the ropes 
hanging in front, just above the knot. Then I pulled 
them back to her back and tied them off. She let out a 
little 'gulp' and came up on her toes a bit as I pulled 
it tight. I then tied her wrists, crossed together, to 
the ropes at her waist. She was now unable to react to 
my stimulations, yet could move enough to stimulate 
herself by pulling on the rope in her crotch. 

We both knew it was not the stimulation she wanted or 
needed. She also knew that her stimulation was 
controlled by me. If she were to go too far, I would 
stop her, not letting her cum until I was ready for her 
to cum.

I took another length of rope and doubled it. This time 
I wrapped it around her back and across the middle of 
her breasts, at the nipples. I pulled it tight so that 
breasts were almost bisected. I tied it off at the back. 
Then I separated the twin ropes at her nipples so that 
the ropes were pinching her nipples. I caught a little 
squirm as I did this. 

I moved back to the edge of the bed and helped her lie 
down on her back. I helped her scoot back until the 
backs of her knees were bent over the edge of the bed. I 
began lightly running my hands along the inside of her 
thighs, and just touching her swollen lips surrounding 
the rope. She shivered in delight at my touch, and 
started rocking in motion. 

Then, I started running my tongue up and down her 
thighs, pausing occasionally at her crotch, licking and 
sucking on her lips. She squealed when I did that, then 
would cry for me to continue when I stopped.

I stood back from her and just looked at her for a few 
minutes. I could see the look in her eyes that said 
"More" but she said nothing. She watched as I took off 
my clothes very slowly. It was with a wanton look. 

When I was undressed, I pushed her knees apart and 
kneeled on the bed between them. I bent over and gave 
her a reassuring kiss, softly biting her lower lip as I 
pulled up. 

She gave me her 'sad' look, but I knew she was glad for 
the stimulation. I moved my head down and started 
licking her nipples protruding from the rope. At the 
same time, I reached down and began caressing her 
crotch; massaging her lips between my fingers. 

She closed her eyes and moaned. This delighted me. I 
started biting and pulling on her nipples with my teeth 
and pulling on the rope to rub her clit. Her moans 
became groans and she began rocking her hips to my 

I felt her quiver ever so slightly so I stopped. She 
moaned, thrashing under me, "NO, please don't stop!" 

I got up and got her favorite vibrator and slipped it 
under the rope between her legs and between her lips, 
making care not to let it touch her clit. I turned it on 
and just stayed there between her dangling legs. After a 
few seconds, she began rocking, swaying, trying to get 
her legs together so she could get more stimulation.

"Please," she begged, "It's not in the right place, I 
need more!" I held my ground; she was turning and 
twisting, squeezing me desperately trying to get more, 
to make herself cum! I just watched her like that for 
what seemed a very long time, but was in reality just a 
few minutes. 

She tried pulling on the ropes from behind, but the 
vibrator kept the ropes from stimulating her clit, which 
she desperately wanted. She was in a total state of 
frustration. But I knew she also loved it! We both knew 
from experience, it would send her into another world 
when the time came! I turned off the vibrator and pulled 
it away! 

She again moaned 'No!" But I played with her now very 
wet lips and slipped the rope to one side. I used the 
vibrator to play with her lips and clit. She started 
moving her hips up and down and into my movements. She 
produced a gutteral moan as I slipped the tip between 
her lips and inside her, just about two inches and just 
held it there. She screamed, "More! PLEASE MORE!" the 
after a moment quietly begged, "Please?" Then she cried 
out, "I want you! I want YOU inside me! NOW! PLEEEZE!"

I pushed it deep inside her. I think she sighed and then 
she gasped! I moved the rope back to hold it in place 
and then turned it on. She almost went into a frenzy! 
Jerking on the ropes and twisting her hips. She started 
quivering and shaking! I let her cum, but just to the 
very edge! I turned off the vibrator and pull the rope 
away from her clit. 

She screamed again and again, "NOOOO!"

While she was still reeling, I pulled her so that her 
crotch was at the edge of the bed. I knelt on the floor 
between her legs and moved the rope to the side of her 
lips. I spread her lips, vibrator still inside, with my 
fingers and began licking her lips. Licking her clit. 
Her love juices covering my face. I took her clit 
between my lips and began sucking on it. 

She Screamed even louder this time, "YES! MORE, DEAR GOD 
I WANT MORE!" As I sucked, I began moving the vibrator 
in and out of her with my other hand. She began to push 
her crotch into and away my face as she moved her hips 
in motion to the vibrator. As she moved her hips 
downward, my sucking pulled even harder on her clit. She 
was squirming in total ecstasy! Moaning, crying, 

Suddenly, I stopped. I pulled away and pulled out her 
vibrator. This time her "NO!" was something between a 
cry and a whimper. 

I stood up and rolled her onto her stomach. I undid her 
bonds at her wrists and removed the rope from her 
crotch. I rolled her back onto her back and undid the 
rope from her chest/breasts. I helped her kinda wiggle 
fully on the bed. As she lay on her back, she put her 
arms around me as I leaned over her. I rubbed my cock on 
her belly and thighs as I rubbed my body against hers. 

She whispered, "I want you! I want all of you. I want 
you inside me." 

I kissed her softly on the lips as I supported my weight 
on my elbows and tried to hold her at the same time. I 
moved so that my cock was poking at her lips. I started 
moving so that I could enter her. 

She helped by moving her hips to me, to help me, to 
encourage me. I pushed my hips forward and entered her, 
but just a little. She tried to get more by pushing her 
hips into me. I pulled back to keep her from going too 

She screamed wildly, "NOW! FUCK ME NOW!" With that, I 
pushed hard and deep inside her! She took in a quick, 
deep breath and starting gyrating her hips as I 
continued to push and hold deep inside her. I pulled out 
very slowly and then rammed back inside her. Another 

I started pumping hard in and out of her. She went into 
a frenzy! Screaming! Moving in time with me. Her body 
shaking, quivering. I could feel her body go into wave 
after wave of orgasm. Then suddenly, I explode with my 
own wave of orgasm, exploding inside her, filling her 
with my love juices. I continue to move inside her, 
still stiff until my own exhaustion causes me to slow. 

For a while, I just hold her, still inside. We are both 
very satisfied, sated. Then we move so that we are on 
our sides, spooning. My arms around her, kissing her 
neck and back. Running my fingertips softly along and 
around her body. I can feel her breath soften and 
steady, her heart slowing. As I drift off, I hear her 
say, "You're a meany making me wait like that!" 

I replied, "I know." And we both fall asleep... content.

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