Wednesday, 14 September 2016


Let me tell you about my wife and I. As of today we have 
been married for 24 years and it is a second marriage for 
both of us. When we were first married we purchased a 
house in a suburb of Chicago, with friendly neighbors, at 
the time I didn't know just how friendly. 

Like you I was away from one to three night's a week on 
business. And it all started with me having to leave in a 
hurry one day, and to my wife's annoyance not having 
fixed her car before I left. On leaving I told her to ask 
our neighbor's son would have a look at it. Being a car 
nut he could probably figure it out better than me 
anyway. He was your typical 18-year-old, full of himself. 

Anyway I rushed off to the airport and upon arriving at 
check-in, I received a message at the desk canceling my 
trip. Seems one of the company owner's had died and all 
business was off for the time being.

So starting back home. When I was driving up the street I 
noticed the garage door was open and Gary was looking at 
my wife's car. Not feeling like I wanted to get all 
greasy I drove by our house and went to the local 
Starbucks for a cup of coffee.

About an hour later I returned and the garage door was 
still open but the light was out, so I pulled up and 
walked in to the garage. Now when we had remodeled had 
installed a secret peephole into our den through the 
garage was. My pretty wife often liked to masturbate 
while she thought no one around, and having found this 
out I liked to watch her doing it.

A two-way mirror in the den that my wife had picked out 
and I bolted to the wall covered the peephole.

On my first look into the room the neighbor boy and my 
wife were sitting on the couch facing me and he was 
drinking a beer and she had a glass of wine in her hand. 
Wine always affects her so I continued to watch. Before 
long he pulled out a joint and lit up. The mixture of 
wine and pot were my wife's undoing.

I switched on the speakers and put on my earphones. Why 
would I have something like that you ask, well when she 
plays with herself she's very vocal and it makes me horny 
to hear her passion.

The joint was going good when my wife excused herself to 
go to the bathroom. When she came back it was clear to me 
that she had removed her bra because her nipples were 
standing straight out and pushing hard against her t-

Now all she had on were her short-shorts and a t-shirt. 
When she sat down next to the boy I noticed her leg was 
pulled up under her allowing Gary a nice view of her 

The talk soon turned to Gary and his girlfriend, which he 
admitted he'd just broken up with two week's before. 

"It was hard when she had to go away to school because we 
really liked each other and she was really good in bed," 
Gary said.

"Oh so you have had a lot of sex then, I wasn't sure 
since you're so young," my wife said in a low voice.

"Well not a lot just with her, you know, a few blowjobs 
and we were in bed three or four times," Gary said.

"What have you done since she went away? Two week's is a 
long time to go with out sex when you've been getting it 
regularly. Do you jerk of a lot?"

"You sure your husband wouldn't mind you talking to 
another guy like that?" Gary said looking around the room 
a little nervously.

"He doesn't know we're talking, so it doesn't matter. I'm 
pretty sure that you do jerk of because you're blushing, 
come on you can tell me," my wife coxed the teenager.

"Yeah okay, so what if I do. I'll bet you do too."

"Yes I do. And I'll probably do it tonight because my 
husband is away and I am very horny. That is unless you 
would like to fuck me now and make it so I don't have to 
get myself off."

"Are you kidding? What about your husband? You sure it 
would be alright," Gary said as he looked around the room 
again, expecting me to jump out of the wall.

"Just watch and then tell me what you think," my wife 
smiled at him and stood up in front of the boy.

Without a moments hesitation she was pulling her T-shirt 
off over her head then her shorts dropped and all that 
was left were bikini panties, which soon followed.

"You take your clothes of now," she said.

When he stood up my wife helped undress the bow and as 
soon as his cock came into view (I was glad to see it was 
not as big as mine) she was on her knee's in front of him 
sucking on it in only a matter of second's and as I 
watched it seemed he was shooting a big load of cum down 
her throat within moments. Most of which she swallowed 
but some ran down her chin as she kept on sucking till 
she had it all.

"Now it's your turn, lick my cunt and make me cum ad then 
when you're hard again we'll fuck."

Well, he was on his knees and licking away for he was 
worth within in a second.

"Just lick it slowly and I'll tell you what to do. Lick 
my hole first good, now move up and suck my clit. Oohh, 
that's it. Keep licking me there, now slide a finger in 
me and fuck me finger-fuck me, oh yes that's good. Don't 
stop until I tell you. Now put another finger in my ass, 
slowly now move both fingers in and out of my pussy and 
ass, yes that's great. Now suck my clit harder, harder. 
Hurt me with your teeth, yes, now just lick it, OH FUCK 
YES! I am coming oh god!"

I watched as she pushed her cunt hard into the boy's face 
and shivered while her orgasm rolled over her. As my wife 
was coming down and without any further instruction young 
Gary lowered my wife to the rug and quickly sank his cock 
into her very wet cunt.

As soon as he had sunk home she started to cum again. The 
boy started humping away on my wife, (One of the joys of 
youth is that you can keep cumming and fucking for a long 
time. Which I might add he did) he fucked her for a good 
30 minutes in just about every way he could, the wife 
seemed to be in a perpetual cum.

From my position at the peephole I could see the boy's 
cum running out of her cunt like water, finally she 
couldn't take any more and asked him to stop. This he did 
but when he pulled out he was still hard so she sucked 
him again until he came in her mouth for the second time.

About ten minutes later during which they talked a bit he 
got dressed and said he had to go because some friends 
were waiting for him. He asked if perhaps he could bring 
one them over with him later, his best friend.

My wife said she would have to think about and that her 
cunt was very sore from just him, but it was an 
interesting idea. She said.

When he went out the back door he didn't see my car so I 
was safe from being caught. I looked back through the 
peephole to see my wife lying on the couch she was 
spreading her pussy-lips, which I could see were very red 
and sore looking.

But not so sore it seems that she couldn't put a finger 
in herself and bring herself to one more climax. Then she 
got up and put her panties on and sat back down on the 

Not being able to stand any more I walked in the house 
and told her why I was home and how horny it made me 
seeing her sitting there in just her panties. She said 
that she was glad I was home and she would be glad to 
help me with my problem after a shower.

I wanted to fuck her just like she was and I grabbed her 
and lay her on the floor where her and her teenaged lover 
had just been. I pulled her panties off and the sight of 
her bright red well-fucked cunt made me want to eat her 
out like I'd never done before. 

Later I asked her why I'd tasted cum on her pussy when I 
hadn't fucked her yet.

As I continued to work on her flaming cunt, she told me 
the story about her and the neighbor boy. When we had 
finished she said her cunt was so sore that she wouldn't 
be able to fuck for a week. She was wrong.

We had a long talk about what had happened and both of us 
admitted that it had been very exciting. Then she asked 
about having the two young men over and I said that I 
thought it would be okay as long as she was sure they 
wouldn't tell the entire neighbor hood. And as long as I 
got to watch.

We started to plan my next trip away but this time I 
would be taking my video camera with me. 

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