Monday, 26 September 2016


I am sharing one more true story with you, it happened 
in the month of December 2003.

Mahu is little plump and very fair girl. She is just 27 
years old and recently married. She hails from Eastern 
part of India and has chink eyes. She is sexy and even 
though she is just 5’ tall, she has vital stats as 36-
30-36. She is very bold and friendly. She gets along 
with everybody well and makes friends easily. I got in 
touch with her from her joining in our company and we 
became good friends immediately. 

We have shared private thoughts and feelings with each 
other. She is bold and open and likes to experiment. 
She is not afraid of anything. We have sat together 
many times and have shared and talked on sex and good 
adult films. 

That day I was travelling back to home in the late 
evening and was passing by her home. I decided to drop 
in for chat. I rang her doorbell. She took little more 
time in opening. For a moment I thought nobody is at 
home. She opened with big smile. "So you took out time 
to meet your friend" She said. I had no answer because 
after giving several dates and promises this was the 
first instance in last year to visit at her home. 

I walked in. She was wearing short but tight white 
cotton top and tight mini skirt. I had never seen her 
in such attire. She is very fair and was looking very 
sexy in the mini skirt. I thought that she was not 
wearing panties as panty lining was not visible. I was 
able to see her nipples through her white top. 

"Do not look at me like that... have you not seen any 
girl in mini skirt," she grinned. 

I nodded and said, "Yes, but you look killer in this 
skirt." I sat on the reclining chair. 

"Hold on for a while and I will join you," she went 
into kitchen.

She came out with beer glasses and some eatables. She 
sat in front of my chair. She raised her glass and said 
cheers. We started sipping and chatting. I came to know 
that her hubby had gone abroad for tour and is expected 
back next week. We talked on few things. While talking 
she was flapping her legs and I could see her bush as 
she was not wearing anything under her skirt. 

The smooth ivory white thighs and view of her pussy 
lips gave me a hard-on. I tried to look at other places 
but my mind was forcing me to look at her thighs and 
her pink pussy. I have a nine inch long and more than 
two inch thick dick. I was unsuccessful in hiding my 
hard-on. It has created a tent like bulge and was most 
visible. It was twitching inside.

She suddenly looked at me and found my bulge. "Oh, oh, 
my boy you have a hard-on." She walked to me. 

"Yes, sorry, but you are looking great and your mini 
skirt is not hiding that you are not wearing panties, 
your shaven bush gave me hard-on," I said. 

"Hmm, let me see." She bent and opened my zip. She 
pushed her hand inside my briefs and pulled out my 
dick. It was swollen with blood and pulsating in the 
cool air. She was amazed looking at the size. She 
cupped it both the hands. "Fudi, you have a giant 
here!" She exclaimed. She moved her fingers on my rim 
of little larger cock head. 

"You know, I never wear anything below my clothes when 
I am at home. In fact I just wear the mini skirt and 
move topless. I love that," she said.

"But people around your flat must be looking at you?" I 

"Yes, I do not care. In fact, there are two young kids 
who stay opposite to my kitchen. They love my boobs. 
They are always in the balcony and watching me. I act 
as if I do not know that somebody is looking at me. 
They hide in the balcony and watch me. While cooking I 
play with my nipples or breasts just to tease them. 
Some time I wear just the cotton top and move with bare 
bottom, the boys play with their dicks and many times 
they end up coming in their pants, the younger one has 
a good thick cock." She said. She was playing with my 
dick. She kissed the head and bathed it with her 

"Mahu, stop I want to eat you first, let me taste your 
pussy," I suggested. I lifted her and put on the hand-
resting bars of the sofa. She rolled her skirt upwards. 
I kneeled in her legs and went for the pink treasure. I 
kissed her lips and inserted tongue inside her. Her 
body jerked. I rolled my tongue and darted in and out 
like a small prick. She loved it and let out noises. 

She was testing sweet and the smell was really 
arousing. I sucked at her clit and licked the oozing 
sex juices. She writhed and opened her legs to allow me 
to go deep." You know I want to suck those tiny 
cocks... I wish some day I will call those kids and 
suck them and eat them till finish," she was telling 

I went deep inside her and found her clitoris and 
sucked hard at it. She cried loudly. I pulled her 
clitoris in my mouth and played with it tongue. She let 
out weird sounds. "Oh dear, suck it little harder... 
It’s a great... I can’t hold more..." 

I went for her inner walls and rubbed my chin on her 
mound. She was shaking her head and her inner walls 
were vibrating. I knew that she was about to come. I 
licked more roughly and lapped her sex juices. The 
taste was little pungent but sweet like nectar. She 
pushed my head into her and clamped her legs tightly on 
my head. She came like fountain. She had closed her 
eyes very tight and enjoyed the orgasm.

I removed my pants and released my shaft from the 
briefs. It stood out proudly. The head was glistening 
with pre-cum. White clear liquid was oozing out and 
skin rolled back. I take lot of efforts on my dick. I 
massage regularly with olive oil and do some wet-towel 
lifting exercises to keep it fit. The dick was swollen 
with blood and jutting out vertically. I lifted her and 
turned her back to me. "What are you doing?" She asked. 

I did not bother to answer her. I put her on my lap and 
adjusted her on head of my shaft and released her 
slowly on my shaft. She was well lubricated and my 
shaft slid in with little efforts. 

"Oh my god. Fuck me, fuck me... I am on fire... your 
size has filled me totally... come on... fuck me!"

She started rising and falling on my dick. My dick was 
almost coming out. She was using my full length of nine 
inches. My shaft was vanishing in with big plop every 
time. I was giving her hard push from the bottom. She 
liked it and asked for more force. 

I rolled her cotton top up and played with her boobs. I 
clamped my finger on her small but bold nipples and 
twisted with force. She yelled and gave me solid up-
down strokes. I was feeling her breasts and her flat 
stomach muscles. I nibbled at her smooth ear lobes, 
which turned out to be her erogenous zone. She was 
mumbling in her mother tongue and furiously fucking me. 
I started massaging her ass hole and applied her juices 
inside her. I finger fucked her ass hole. She was 
crying with pleasure. 

"Ohhhh god, I am coming once again Fudi, give me 
more... give me more!"

I put my hands on her waist and helped her rising and 
falling down on my shaft. I was giving forceful thrusts 
from the bottom. In few minutes she came with big bang. 
Her head sank to her knees. She was gasping and looking 
for more air. Our thighs were wet with her juices.

She rose and slept on the sofa. I bent down and kissed 
her full on lips. "How about you? Did you come?" She 
asked me. 

"No dear, I am waiting you to recover a bit and then," 
I said and removed my shirt. I helped her and removed 
mini skirt and top. Both of us were nude. 

"Fudi, you are real hunk. I never thought you have such 
well muscled body..." She looked at me with lust. 

I do lot of weight training and take care of my chest 
and legs well. I have good stamina and can retain my 
hard-on for long time. I turned her and made her 
sitting on the sofa. I put her legs on my shoulder and 
went for her cunt. I put my dick inside and started 
pumping with force. I was thudding myself against her 
thighs. She was throwing her head backwards and the 
breasts were swaying with the strokes. I was pushing my 
shaft little upward while coming out to add rubbing to 
her clit. She was letting out noises with each stroke. 

"Oooh, ooh, my god, you are killing me, dear, use more 
force, be brutal to me and tear me apart..." She was 
talking to me continuously.   

I was holding my breath and using all my might in 
fucking her. My dick was like a hot steel rod. Her 
pussy lips had reddened with the constant beating. I 
put a pillow below her to change the angle of entering 
and continued with fucking. I changed the method of 
strokes, most of the time shallow and in between some 
full length strokes. I was kissing her and biting her 
bold nipples. 

It was like life coming to an end. Both of us were 
striving to get best from each other. She had clenched 
her teeth and eyes closed. I knew that she was on the 
verge of coming. I speeded up and put my hands on her 
buttocks to hold her at place with my down strokes. The 
thumping noises had filled the room. 

"Come on Fudi, I can’t wait anymore... you monster... I 
want more... fuck me hard!" She kept on telling me. 

Now I was withdrawing my dick only for few inches and 
hammering down. The climax was building. She came with 
big noise and shouts. I feared that her neighbours 
would come down to see what was happening. I kissed her 
and muffled her shrieks. Within few more hammering I 
also came like bomb explosion inside her. I closed my 
eyes with the great orgasm and saw exploding stars in 
the dark. 

She remained clamped on my waist with her legs and I 
kept on holding inside her and releasing loads of come. 
Both of us were gasping and perspiring. I straightened 
her and made her lie horizontally on the sofa and took 
her in arms. Both of us were kissing and caressing each 

It took another 15 minutes to subside the zing in our 
mind. I helped her in putting on clothes and put on my 
clothes. We again sat for sipping beer. She was sitting 
next to me cuddled in my arms. I was gently kissing her 
and fondling her body. "Such things should not come to 
an end..." I said. 

"I know dear, but we need to part to meet again," she 
said grinningly. 

I nodded and thanked her kissing on her lips and 
forehead. She patted by back with love and gestured me 
towards door. I got up and walked to the door. 

"See you next week, Fudi, keep some strength for me," 
she said. 

I waived at her and walked out.  

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