Saturday, 10 September 2016


My wife, Nicole, was 5 months pregnant with our second
child when she returned to our hometown to visit family
and friends while she was still physically able. I
stayed home with our first born child in order that
Nicole could be free to catch up with relatives and
friends without having to deal with a 3 year-old.

She decided she would stay with her dad, Frank, and
step mom, Carol, since they had a spare bedroom and
were centrally located to other people she wished to
see. Her dad is a life-long carpenter and is in good
physical condition. His downfall is that he drinks beer
frequently over the weekends.

When Nicole returned home from her trip, she wasn't
quite herself. After a few attempts at inquiring what
was on her mind, she told me the following incident in
order to ease her conscience:

She arrived at her dad's house from the airport Friday
evening at 8 PM. Her dad was already in bed, so she
unpacked her bags, ate leftovers with her step mom, and
told Carol she would spend time with him on Saturday.
Carol said she would be gone all day Saturday to help
her daughter move into a new apartment, but that would
give Nicole and Frank plenty of time to catch up.


Saturday morning was a typical Midwest day with gloomy
skies and drizzle. Nicole woke up around 11 AM and ate
some breakfast with her dad who had gotten up earlier.
They moved to the living room where Nicole gently sat
her pregnant self on the couch while her dad sat in his
recliner with a beer. After several trips to the fridge
for a beer refill, he sat beside his lovely daughter
and rubbed her shoulder and neck as she discussed her
career, the progress of our first child, and other

She listened to him mention his troubles with job
security, financial issues, and concern that he was
missing out on his grandchildren's lives. He said that
his new wife wasn't giving him the kind of love she had
years earlier which caused his first divorce from
Nicole's mother. Nicole sat and listened, but now that
she was talking and he was stroking her neck and
running his fingers through her hair, she felt at ease.
This was, after all, her father who she loved and who
had made sure she never went without a care.

He made her feel comfortable as he sat beside her with
his caressing touch. He got up to get another beer, and
Nicole excused herself to go shower since she hadn't
taken one since she arrived and the Midwest humidity
was getting to her.

While she stood in the shower, the cool water cascading
over her had puckered her nipples and brought
goosebumps over her skin. She watched the water run
over her slight bulge of a pregnant belly and placed
her hands on it wondering if the cool water would make
our baby kick. She closed her eyes and had a wicked
thought. She decided to shave her body smooth.

After the shower and shave, she looked at herself in
the mirror of the bathroom and realized she would
follow through on helping give her father what he had
been missing. Still naked, she retreated to the guest
bedroom where she lay naked on the queen-sized bed. She
hadn't seen nor heard her father since he got up to get
another beer, so she called to him saying she needed to
see him. As he entered the room with a beer in hand,
his eyes lit up at the sight of his young pregnant
daughter laying on her back wearing only a smile.

Without a word, Frank left the room and ran to his own
bedroom. Nicole thought she may have frightened him
off, but in less than thirty seconds, he was back in
her bedroom with a condom wrapper in one hand and his
empty beer bottle in the other. He was wearing only his
white brief underwear now. He walked over to the edge
of the bed and was shaking with excitement.

Nicole tugged down his briefs and firmly grasped his
penis in her left hand as her right hand grabbed his
ass cheek. Frank's eyes looked down at his daughter
holding him and stroking his 6-inch cock. Nicole had
two nasty thoughts, but didn't tell me what one was
until later. The other thought she had was to suck her
father's cock, knowing it was the same one that made
her twenty-three years earlier, but since he hadn't
showered she decided to just lick the tip and smile up
at him. That drove him crazy! He rubbed her bare breast
between his fingers giving the nipple a slight tug.
Nicole gasped and gave him a devilish grin.

Quickly, he opened the condom wrapper and stepped back
to roll it down his shaft. He went to the foot of the
bed and climbed up between his daughter's spread legs
ready to penetrate her with his rubber-covered prick.
As he was about to gain entrance to my pregnant wife's
vagina, she stopped him by grabbing his dick. She
looked up at him and said, "No, Daddy. You don't need
one of these this time. I want to feel my Daddy's cum
in me."

Nicole unrolled the condom and tossed it over the side
of the bed. She guided him into her and closed her eyes
feeling her father's warmth enter her. He kissed her
breasts which were growing larger preparing for milk.
She just remained focused on feeling him thrust his
baby maker in and out of her freshly-shaved cunt.
Nicole smelled the beer on his breath as he leaned over
to kiss his daughter's lips. She kissed him back
knowing she was making him happy and loved.

Within five minutes, Frank was ready to put his sperm
into his daughter's already pregnant womb. He looked
down at her and asked, "Are you sure I can do it inside
you? You really don't mind having your dad's sperm in

"Give it to me, Daddy. Give that same sperm that made
me. Fuck your baby girl! Cum inside me and knock me up

That sent Frank over the edge and he began spurting his
spunk deep inside Nicole, covering my unborn baby in
her grandpa's semen. Nicole said she felt the sperm
shooting into her womb and then revealed to me her
second nasty thought. She wanted her dad to get her
pregnant. She said it must just be natural for a girl
to want to breed with her dad because it felt so good
and wicked. She never gave a thought about how I would
feel while she lay under her dad filling her with life-
giving sperm. She only felt a desire to have him again,
and she did.

After he had pulled out and got up to get a towel from
the bathroom, she reached down to grab some cum running
out of her well-fucked cunt. She tasted her pearl-
coated fingers and showed Frank his sperm on her tongue
as he returned with the towel. He couldn't believe how
sexy his daughter had become. She swallowed his cum and
then sucked his cock. Nicole said she wanted to taste
it straight from the source.

Frank took a quick shower and they had a second round
of consensual incest on the living room floor with her
getting pounded by her daddy doggy style as she rested
on the couch. She loved having her father fuck her from
behind and fill her bred body with his bare penis
emptying his seed into his little girl.

They had just cleaned up from their second round when
Carol was opening the garage door. Apparently, she was
oblivious to the smells and looks on her husband and
step daughter. Either that or she just didn't care.

Needless to say, Nicole wasn't anxious to tell me what
happened. She thought I may leave her or beat up my
father in-law whenever I next saw him. However, she
didn't realize that I found it a major turn on. I told
her that I was going to have a vasectomy after the
birth of our second child, but if she wanted more
children, she knew where to go. She smiled at me and
was happy to know I wasn't mad.


Now, two years later, as we are making love, I think
about that visit she had and how she didn't care that
her own father was pouring his seed into her. She knows
what it does to me and whispers, "Cum in me, Daddy.
Knock me up again." I wonder what will happen when he
comes out to visit us. Can I watch?

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