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I had read many stories about young married men whose 
once innocent wives ended up being a slut to a well 
hung stud. I thought that they where just stories 
people made up It could never happen to me, could it?

Like all teenage boys I was a little self conscious 
about my body and my penis in particular. In my late 
teens and early twenties I had a few lovers mostly one 
night stands the odd month or two month relationship 
along the way. I never had any complaints about my 
performance but then again I didn't normally stick 
around that long to get any feedback. 

At the age of 23 I met my wife Rachel she was 20 at the 
time and one of a dying breed a 'traditional girl' From 
day one it was made clear to me that I would not be 
getting into her panties unless I married her. You know 
the next part of the story before I even write it. I 
fell big time for the young girl and within a year I 
was a married man. 

Rachel has was can best described as a classic girl 
next door beauty. She was around 5.3 in height and 
around 100 pounds. She had dark wavy hair and an 
innocent yet beautiful face. Her breasts are small but 
very firm and when she gets excited her nipples get 
very pointy.

Sex between us was very good, she had a great body and 
being a virgin she has a very tight pussy that seemed 
to fit me like a glove. We had what I thought was a 
healthy sex life we did it 3/4 times a week and even 
tried a few different positions. Rachel wasn't all that 
into oral but she gave it a go for a few minutes but 
never swallowed. She seemed very content with our sex 
life and she thought that I had a Large thick penis. 

From our discussion I knew that she had never seen 
another mans penis except for mine. When hard I guess 
my cock is around 5.5 maybe 6 inches and pretty thick. 
when relaxed it is normally around 2 inches.

So I was happy that my young wife thought I was big 
even though I knew that I was just an average sized 
guy. I remember the incident when my bubble began to 
burst. We where watching a documentary about nudists 
when the camera zoomed in on this naked old guy who was 
walking along the beach. "Wow his penis is huge!" my 
wife said. 

I found it pretty funny at the time because the guy was 
old and fat and his cock was only hanging down about 3 
1/2 inches. I didn't give the incident that much more 
thought until a few days later after sex my wife seemed 
to be examining my cock. "How big is your penis dear?" 
she asked me.

I told her it was about 6 inches and I thought that 
would be the end of the matter but she went on. "Is 
that big or just average?" She asked. I guess its 
average I replied. She asked me how much bigger than 
mine they got so I told her that some could be as big 
as 9 or even 10 inches but that was very rare. I added 
that I thought most guys where between 5 and 7 inches 
but that it was not so uncommon for a guy to have an 8 
inch cock. 

To my surprise she took a ruler from her desk and 
looked at the 8 inch mark and ran her finger along it 
and said that she didn't believe me. "A penis cannot be 
that big" she said.

We live in an apartment building in New Jersey and next 
door lives a much older couple married couple named 
Stan and Elaine. Stan and I had got quite friendly over 
the next year or two and being a young guy I often 
confided in him about my personal life. 

Stan was probably around 58 or 59 and his wife not that 
much older than him. I spoke to Stan a lot about sex, 
he told me that him and Elaine didn't do it very often 
anymore as she had lost interest. He also told me that 
I was a lucky guy having such a lovely young wife and 
that I should enjoy my sex life whilst she was still 
interested. I even told him about her size questions 
and he laughed saying it was just natural curiosity on 
her part. Stan asked me my size and I told him that I 
was about 6 inches he gave me a strange smile and said 
he was also 6 inches. 

Every summer Elaine goes to her mothers in Florida for 
2 weeks and Stan stays at home because he has to work. 
He confided in my once that he could get the time of 
but he prefers to stay at home rather than spend 2 
weeks with his wife's mother. 

One Sunday when his wife was away he invited us over 
for drinks and lunch. We had a nice lunch and probably 
two or three drinks each. It doesn't take a lot for my 
wife to get drunk and after her 3rd drink she was 
getting very relaxed. "I just got our new Hot tub 
installed," Stan informed us. It was actually my wife's 
idea that we all try it out. 

We all agreed that it would be fun, Stan joked that a 
Hot tub was best when everyone was nude. My wife 
laughed and said that us men could be silly and go nude 
but that she was keeping her clothes on. "Oh but I 
don't have a bikini" Rachel said. She had thrown away 
her old one when she had moved into our apartment two 
years ago when we got married and had never got around 
to buying one.

"just wear your underwear Rachel, its more or less the 
same as a bikini anyway" Stan said. "I don't know it 
doesn't seem right" she replied. "I tell you what why 
don't me and Jon (that's my name by the way) go in our 
underwear so that you don't feel weird" Stan suggested. 
She agreed and we all stripped down to our underwear. 

I was a bit embarrassed as I was wearing tidy whities 
and Stan was wearing boxers. I was very surprised that 
my conservative wife has agreed to go into the hot tub 
in her underwear especially when I found out that she 
was wearing a very sexy matching black silky set, but I 
guess that the alcohol had a big part in her losing 
some of her inhibitions. 

We continued to drink whilst while we where in the tub 
and the conversation became more and more sexual. Stan 
seemed to be flirting a bit with my wife but I didn't 
mind as I didn't see him as any threat as he was just 
the old man next door. He had commented a few time how 
sexy my wife looked in her underwear and how I was a 
lucky man. 

Rachel seemed to enjoy the 'harmless' flirting. 
Everyone was very relaxed at this point and Stan 
continued the sexual conversation telling us of his 
conquests as a younger man. He had also said on more 
than one occasion how he would much prefer to be naked 
in the tub as it was much more relaxing. Rachel 
eventually commented jokingly that as it was his tub 
that he could do whatever he wanted.

"Would you really not mind if I took my boxers of 
Rachel?" he asked. "It's your house Stan" she replied. 
"How about you Jon would you mind if I would get naked 
in front of your wife" he asked me. Now I was starting 
to think that he was actually serious and I remembered 
my wife's curiosity. 

I told him to go ahead, safe in the knowledge that even 
if he was not joking he had already told me that his 
cock was also just 6 inches. Stan then took of his 
underwear and threw them across the room. My wife and I 
laughed along with Stan. "this is so much better" Stan 
told us "why don't you take of yours too Jon" I said 
what the heck and threw mine across the room too. 

About half an hour later Stan walked out of the tub and 
to my wife's and my amusement walked with his naked 
backside to us across the room to get some towels. He 
came back with the towel across his waist standing by 
the side of the Tub. I went across as if I was going to 
get a towel but instead I jokingly tugged on Stan's 

Now I didn't tug very hard and I expected him to hold 
the towel up but instead Stan just let it drop to the 
floor and made not attempt to pick it back up again. I 
laughed for a few seconds until I looked at his naked 
body. Stan was standing naked by the side of the pool 
with his arms across his chest with a small grin. When 
I caught sight of his groin I nearly fainted. Hanging 
from our naked nearly 60 year old neighbor's body was 
the largest penis I could ever imagine. It hung down 
like a giant sausage and it was thick like a cucumber. 
I realized now that Stan had meant he was 6 inches 
soft, and not 6 inches hard like I had thought he had 

I turned around to see my wife staring at Stan's 
crotch. "What are you two staring at haven't you ever 
seen a penis before" Stan said breaking the silence. I 
didn't say anything my wife mumbled something about its 
size. Stan went on to say that we should both get out 
of the tub and that we could go and relax in the living 

Rachel got out of the water first and a still naked 
Stan passed her a towel. Stan was talking to my wife at 
this point and I could tell that she was struggling to 
look at his face and not his cock because she kept 
stealing glances at it every few seconds. I asked Stan 
for a towel and instead of giving it to me he told me 
to come and get it. I got out of the tub naked trying 
tall but I was very aware that my cock was very 
shriveled up at this point. Stan looked at my cock and 
smirked and passed me the towel saying, "Here you go 

Stan finally covered himself up and went to change. My 
wife and I didn't speak as we dried ourselves with our 
towels our clothes where in our own apartment where we 
had changed. Stan came back wearing a robe and he 
passed my wife and I bathrobes too. He suggested that 
we change into our robes and stick around and continue 
the party. 

I suggested to my wife that we got take a nap or at 
least change into some clothes. I was feeling kind of 
insecure about myself now and didn't feel like being 
naked except for a robe in Stan's apartment. 

To my surprise my wife said that the robe would be fine 
for her. Not wanting to be a prude I agreed, and Stan 
left the room for us to get changed. I noticed that 
when my wife stripped that her nipples where very erect 
as she gets when she's excited. It could have been my 
imagination but Rachel seemed to almost frown at my 
shrunken cock when I removed the towel from my waist.

Stan came back and we all sat down in his lounge area 
and he went to prepare some more drinks. My wife looked 
very sexy in her cream satin robe and I noticed her 
erect nipples through the fabric. I was still feeling 
very on edge at this point and if it had been just my 
choice I would have gone home. Rachel however seemed to 
be enjoying herself and I didn't want to ruin her fun. 

Stan came back with the drinks and he sat across from 
my wife and I. I could not help but steal glances at 
his groin every few minutes, I was still in shock at 
how big his cock was. Stan was again talking about his 
past sex life telling us about all his past conquests. 
He also told us that he had never cheated on his wife 
Elaine in all their 28 years of marriage. He went on to 
say that he found it harder and harder to stay 
faithfull of late because Elanie never wanted to have 
sex anymore. He told us that he was as horny as ever. 

My wife normally does not like to talk with other 
people about sex but today she was hanging on Stan's 
every word. To my even bigger surprise she started 
telling Stan that I had been her one and only and how 
she never saw the big deal about sex. I found this 
statement very shocking especially as I was in the 
room. I guess that Rachel being as naive as she was 
didn't see this as being something that might hint that 
my sexual performance was not up to par. 

Stan asked Rachel if she had ever had an orgasm and she 
answered no and that she didn't think she was capable 
of having one. Stan laughed and said that every woman 
was capable of having an orgasm and that the one's that 
didn't, have yet to meet the right lover. Stan seemed 
to suddenly realized what he had said and apologized to 
me saying "Oh I didn't mean you where a bad lover Jon"

I was becoming extremely uncomfortable by the 
conversation that was taking place and I also could not 
help but notice both my wife's glances at Stan's crotch 
and her ever increasingly erect nipples. I told my wife 
that I was tired and suggested we go nap, she seemed 
disappointed but was willing to leave. 

Stan said that I should take a nap here on his couch so 
that my wife and him could continue to party. Before I 
could say anything my wife agreed and I was given a 
pillow and told to go lay on the couch. I was in no 
mood to sleep really so I just played possum pretending 
to sleep on the couch while Stan and my wife continued 
to chat about sex. He continued to talk to her about 
orgasms and she wasn't making any attempt to change the 
line of conversation. 

To my shock he suggested that I should go down on her 
more as "my cock may be to small to bring her to 
orgasm" so oral sex may be the only way she would 
orgasm with me. He went on to say that he had made a 
few woman orgasm that had never had an orgasm before 
they had met him. 

"Is that because your penis is Large Stan?" she asked 
him quietly. "Is that why you went so silent when I was 
naked?" he answered. 

She told him that she had just been a bit shocked when 
she saw it as she had only ever seen my penis before. 
She went on to say that she didn't know that a penis 
could be so big. "Oh I am not so large really, maybe an 
inch or two over average. How big is Jon when he's 
erect?" he asked. 

My wife told him that I had told her that I was 6 
inches. "No way does that little cock reach 6 inches 
hard," Stan laughed. 

"Hey be quiet he may hear you," my wife replied. He 
told her that I was obviously drunk and deep in sleep 
and that an earthquake would not wake me. She agreed 
that normally when I went to sleep drunk that nothing 
would wake me. In fact I was wide awake and staring at 
them both, my stomach in knots, on one hand wanting to 
stop the conversation but on the other wanting to see 
it would lead.

Rachel asked Stan how big on average a penis was. He 
told her that he had heard that an average penis was at 
least 3.5 inches soft and 7 inches hard. "How big is 
yours Stan" she asked him. He told her that he had 
never measured his penis and that now she brought it up 
he was interested to find out. He asked he is she 
wanted to see him again. She said that she didn't think 
she should. He told her that it wouldn't hurt anyone 
for her to get a better look and that she had been 
staring at his groin the whole time anyway. 

She agreed that she would like to get a second look at 
his cock. (I had never heard say cock before this 
point) To my horror he now opened his robe revealing 
his huge soft cock to my wife's eager eyes. "Oh my god 
Stan it's huge," she exclaimed. 

"Do you like it Rachel?" he asked her. She told him 
that it was amazing and that she never imagined a cock 
so long and thick. He told her to come have a closer 
look. With no hesitation she walked over to Stan's 
chair and knelt on her knees no more than a foot away 
from him. 

I could see her staring at his penis is sheer awe she 
seemed hypnotized by it. He told her to wait where she 
was and he walked away with his giant cock swaying from 
his grey pubic hair slapping from thigh to thigh as he 
walked. He returned to his seat a minute later and 
handed my young wife a tape measure. He stood up now 
and instructed my wife to measure his still soft cock. 

She seemed eager to do so and despite her hand shaking 
violently she measured his dangling cock and told him 
that it was just over 6 inches. "Should we get his hard 
to see how much bigger he gets honey?" he asked her. 

Rachel just nodded her head, she seemed unable to talk. 
Stan walked near my wife and just let his cock dangle 
no more than half an inch from her face. He told her 
that he was not a young man anymore and that he would 
need a lot of encouragement from her to get hard. "Can 
you help me Rachel?"

She seemed to hesitate for just a second but told him 
"I will do whatever it takes to get you hard Stan, I 
have to see it hard, I just have too."

Stan told her to do nothing unless he instructed her to 
do something and that is she broke this rule he would 
get dressed again, "Do you understand?" he added. 

She nodded that she agreed to his terms. Stan told my 
wife to stand up again which she did and he told her to 
take off her robe. My wife glanced over at me and then 
seemingly satisfied that I was still asleep dropped her 
robe to the floor. I could not believe that my young 
innocent wife was standing naked in my old neighbor's 
living room. 

I had never seen her nipples so hard they seemed to be 
poking out about an inch. My wife's young breasts 
barely fill her 32A bra but her nipples really make up 
for them. Stan told her that he liked her little 
breasts. The scene before me seemed so wrong that I 
could not help but be aroused by it. Here was my young 
wife barely 23 years old (although when naked she 
looked just 18) naked with a 58 year old horse hung 
man. He told her to get on her knees and he began 
rubbing his cock all over her face. 

Without thinking she began kissing his cock all over. 
He pulled it away from her face telling her that he had 
not told her to kiss his cock. She looked at him with a 
hurt expression and begged him for another chance 
saying that she would be good. Stan laughed at my wife 
and told her that she could kiss and lick his cock as 
much as she wanted but not to suck till he told her to. 

I could see his cock grow as my young wife eagerly 
planted kisses all over his huge meat and began taking 
long loving licks all over his cock. "You like doing 
this don't you Rachel" he teased, she nodded. "You have 
been starved your whole life of a man's cock haven't 
you dear" he asked her and again she nodded. "My 
husband has nothing compared to this she told him.

The scene was incredible she was licking his cock up 
and down like a kid would an ice cream. He also began 
pinching her nipples and rubbing her breast as she 
licked him. I had always been gentle with my wife but 
he seemed to be pinching her very hard. 

My wife gave no complaints though and just seemed to 
get wilder and lick more and more. Stan's cock was by 
now fully hard and its size was something that words 
cannot describe. It was standing up like a huge 
cucumber and dangling down from it was a huge pair of 
hairy grey balls. Stan pulled away and told my wife 
that he was ready for her to measure him. I could tell 
that my wife had forgotten why she was licking and 
kissing his cock but she quickly picked up the tape 
measure and told Stan that "He was just about 10.5 
inches hard", she put down the tape measure and wanted 
to go back to licking his cock but Stan pulled away 
from her and told her that she had completed her task. 

I could see the hurt in my wife's eyes as she told Stan 
that she wanted to suck his cock. "But Rachel are you 
not a happily married woman? Because your talking as if 
you are some young slut."

"I'm not a slut," she told him, "its just that... mmmm, 
I've never felt this way before and I just cant get 
enough of your giant cock."

Stan picked up my wife into his arms and began to kiss 
her as he walked her into his bedroom. I turned to see 
Stan throw my wife onto his bed and walk back to me. He 
looked into my eyes and told me that I was free to 
watch in the bedroom if I wanted. 

I followed Stan into his room and my wife gasped in 
shock when she saw me. Stan told her to relax and that 
I had been watching the whole show and that as my 
little cock was poking throw my robe that I was 
obviously enjoying watching. 

Stan left the room again and this time returned again 
with the tape measure. he told Rachel to measure me and 
she did so telling him that I was just under 5 inches 
hard. "So what you are telling me Rachel is that I am 
not only over double your husbands' age but that I my 
cock is over twice as long and much, much thicker?" she 
said that he was correct. He told me to sit down on the 
chair opposite the bed and learn. My wife was on Stan's 
bed with her legs spread and she was obviously very wet 
and excited. 

Stan leaned in and spat a huge wad of spit on my wife's 
tight hole and began to rub his fingers into her pussy. 
"Oh my god, she is tight like a virgin Jon. I don't 
think this is going to work."

"I'm sorry Rachel," he told her, "you just don't seem 
to have the body for a big cock like mine. Maybe in a 
few years after you have children you may develop more 
of a woman's body and be able to accommodate me." I 
knew that he was just teasing her but she seemed to be 
buying his words. 

"I can do it!" she said. "I am a woman, try and put it 
in me."

"Ok I will try," he said. Stan now began to rub his 
huge horse long cock all over my wife's hole and 
stomach teasing her more.

"Please don't tease me Stan, please just fuck me," she 
begged him. To both our surprise Rachel grabbed Stan's 
huge cock and placed it by her opening and wrapped her 
legs around his body pushing him closer. "You're gonna 
fuck me and you're gonna fuck me now!" my once 
faithfull wife told Stan.

Stan gave in to her demand and began to push his cock 
into my wife. I was in shock to see that slowly but 
surely he seemed to be going in inch by inch. He was 
giving her a running commentary telling her how many 
inches she had left to take. "Just 5 more inches to go 
in honey," he told her, "I'm in virgin territory now 

"Something strange is happening to me," she said as she 
began to buck and shake on his cock. She orgasmed for 
the first time ever and he had not even began to fuck 
her yet. 

Minutes later he was all the way inside her and he gave 
her a few seconds to adjust to the new size. I couldn't 
believe that she had taken all that cock inside her 
tight pussy, Where did it all go I thought? 

He began to fuck her slowly now, teasing her sometimes 
by pulling all the way out and then slamming it all the 
way in. She was like a crazy woman going wild on his 
cock like she had never been with me. Stan fucked my 
wife three times that night in all kind of crazy 

Once he just bent her over the couch and fucker while 
slapping her ass hard and calling her a slut. He teased 
both of us as he was fucking her calling her a little 
slut and telling me that he was stretching her so much 
that she would never feel me inside her again. I would 
have never imagined that Stan could say such nasty 

Afterwards he apologized to me and told me that he had 
only said them things because he knew they where turned 
me on in a perverted way. He told me that he had read 
many stories about men like me. He told me that it was 
common for men with small cocks like mine to enjoy 
watching their wives get fucked by a well hung studs 
like him. The saddest thing about what he was saying 
was that I knew it was all 100% true.

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