Wednesday, 28 September 2016


This is a story about one of those times not long ago. 
It would seem unlikely that a young black male would be 
interested in a middle aged married white woman, 
however apparently I tickled ones hormones just right 
at the company picnic. (I am 5'-9," 140 lbs, nice 
figure, brown hair and brown eyes, and my breast tend 
to bounce and my butt wiggles.)

My hubby had recently been promoted to supervisor in a 
local plant where mostly guys worked. He was interested 
in making a good impression so we both chose our dress 
for the occasion with some care. I chose a pair of good 
fitting black slacks, a thin pullover white satin top 
with an opening down to reveal my breast that were held 
in a sheer white bra. 

As we moved about at the picnic chatting with the guys 
and their families (those who had families), I noticed 
two young black guys who were looking me over pretty 
good. Every time I looked their way they seemed to be 
looking my way. This peaked my interest somewhat as I 
really love to be admired by any male at any time. It 
makes my day and I really feel that I am a sexy 
desirable woman even at my middle age. 

Finally we made our way to the two black guys who 
appeared to be with one black girl. Hubby introduced me 
to them as Randy and Tim and Tim's girlfriend, Rose. I 
thought, randy is a nice sexy name as I turned to him, 
smiled and took his hand gently squeezing it and said, 
"Randy, I am pleased to meet you. I hope you are 
enjoying the picnic," as I gave his hand a second 

I could see that he was nervous and I wondered if I was 
having an affect on him. (I was surely hoping so, as I 
was now having some very sexual visions about this 
handsome young black man, thinking of him as a real 
stud needing to place his black pole in this white 
woman's sweet spot.

Getting together would be difficult. First it would not 
be easy to just give him my phone number, or for me 
call him or whatever. (My mind was racing as we moved 
on to meeting others. Did he really want me enough to 
take the risk and me him enough to take the risk?) 

I did not know what my husband would do if he found out 
about any of my little cheating episodes. I only knew 
that from time to time my hormones took control of my 
mind and made me do some things that others would 
probably never do, especially white married women who 
would not dare be caught with a black lover in our 
snooty society, even thought they may secretly have a 
burning desire to take a black lover.

I kept glancing back at Randy and each time I saw that 
he was looking at me, which stroked my ego that much 
more and made me want to find some way to talk to him 
in private and see if perhaps my suspicions were 
correct, that he was having sexual thoughts about me. I 
knew that if this was going to go any further, I would 
have to do something to move the action along. 

Later I observer that Randy was alone and my hubby was 
talking bout hunting and fishing with his boss, so I 
walked over to Randy and said, "It looks like we both 
need someone to chat with. I hope you don't mind."

"Of course I don't mind. Thanks for offering," as he 
moved his eyes up and down my body showing his 

"It seems to me that a handsome young man like you 
should have a girl friend, or do you," I remarked. 

"I had one in Louisiana but we broke up when I told her 
I was going to Texas to work. Things in my home town 
are rather slow," Randy replied. "She wanted me to stay 
home and not leave her but money was short so I had to 
get a job. I am just out of high school with no car so 
I needed money."

"I am sure you miss her very much, however I am sure 
you will find another girl friend soon. There are 
plenty of young ladies around who appreciate a hard 
working handsome man like you. You are no doubt the 
best looking guy here at the picnic," I said, as I gave 
him the once over, smiling and emphasizing my words 
about him being handsome.

"If I may say so, you are the most beautiful woman here 
as well," Randy said in a nervous low voice. "I hope 
you don't mind me saying that".

"That is sweet of you, Randy, and no, I am pleased that 
you think I am that lovely. It is not often that I get 
compliments like that and it is especially good from a 
young guy half my age. I could kiss you for that," and 
giggled. (I felt sure that he was reading my mind now, 
as he seemed to become more nervous and seemingly 
uncomfortable yet wanting to continue with the little 

Randy looking at me, said, "I would like that very much 
from such a lovely lady. I am sure it would make my 

"Well," and I giggled as I continued, "I would like to 
think I could make your day. I uhh... well... if this 
continues, I may need to see how good I can make it," 
as I lowered my voice to a whisper, "I hope I am not 
making too much out of this little chat, but would you 
like for me to give you a sample kiss sometime?, and 
giggled again. "I can not believe I said that, Randy, I 
am twice your age and here I am acting like a teenager 
looking for her first date." 

I could see now that Randy was breathing heavy and his 
mind was in a real mess trying to think and say 
something, as he blurted out, "You are one sexy woman 
and I think I can handle it." 

I smiled back at Randy and said, "So when I get my 
situation in order to where we can have some time 
together and you have had time to think about this some 
more, where can I contact you"? Randy carefully wrote 
his telephone number on a piece of paper and slipped it 
into my hand. I winked at him and moved on to rejoin my 
hubby who was still talking about hunting and fishing. 
I frequently glanced at Randy from time to time and 
judging from the expression on his face, had really 
kindled his desire for this middle aged white wife.

That night me and hubby were making love and he 
remarked that I was especially quick to arousal and 
seemingly enjoying our lovemaking especially well. I 
told him that I was thinking of all the second glances 
I got at the picnic and had especially enjoyed them. He 
told me that I was the best dressed and sexiest lady at 
the picnic.

I thought he would really be shocked if he knew I was 
thinking of Randy's young black cock going deep inside 
his wife's white pussy planting those little black seed 
in his garden. Oh Well! I will never tell him what I 
was thinking. (I suspect that my husband has planted 
his seed in other gardens. I have never seen a man who 
did not cheat now and then.)

My opportunity came a few days later when my hubby came 
home and announced that the company was sending him to 
a purchasing and contracting school for two weeks in 
some distant city. I was immediately scheming to get 
together with my new found black admirer and get that 
hot young muscular body next to mine and enjoying his 
hard thrusting hard pole. A few days later I took my 
hubby to the airport on a Saturday for his flight, 
kissed him goodbye and rushed home to call Randy.

Randy answered the phone and I said, "Hi, this is Pam, 
remember me?" 

"Sure do Pam. I have gone to bed every night thinking 
of you. You are really on my mind," he said. "Good to 
hear from you. I already know about your hubby going 
away for two weeks. Does this call mean that we are 
going to have a secret date?"

"Randy, you make me so happy that you are thinking of 
me and I have thought of you a whole lot and can hardly 
wait to see what our date will be like. You can back 
out if you want. You are taking a big chance with me 
being your boss' wife and all. Are you sure you want to 
do this?"

"Yes Pam, anyone in my shoes would be crazy for not 
wanting you and taking the opportunity to have a date 
with you. I have never felt this way about anyone 
before, and I have never had a white girl friend 
either. I can't wait to see you!"

"We have to be careful you know so I will pick you up 
tonight if you are free and we will go to my house and 
have the whole night together if you want," I hastily 
told him that he was making me feel like a high school 
girl who is making a date to loose her cherry, and 
giggled. "Oh sugar," I said, "I can hardly wait to get 
you into my arms and please you."

"I am free tonight Pam and will be waiting and watching 
for you. I already know you drive a white SUV."

I drove up to Randy's apartment that he shared with Tim 
and I saw this handsome young black guy walking toward 
my car knowing that he was about to get one hot white 
wife. He entered the car and leaned over and kissed me 
on the cheek as I placed my hand on his hard muscular 

Driving into the driveway, I opened the garage door 
with the electronic opener and drove into the garage 
and closed the door behind us before we got out of the 
car, (can't be too careful in a nosy neighborhood). We 
entered the house by the side door and as I closed the 
door, Randy took me into his arms kissing me 
passionately on the lips and whispered to me, "I did 
not think this would ever happen, gee... I am the 
luckiest "Black Boy" in the world. 

I kissed him back and pulled close to him and said, "I 
am the lucky one, sweetie. You will never know how much 
I wanted this to happen."

We moved slowly into the house kissing and hugging and 
moving our hands over each other. I said, "Randy, I 
noticed how you looked at me at the picnic and I felt 
that you really liked what you saw but I had clothes on 
and still do. Should I show you what the real me looks 
like. His black eyes twinkled and he said, oh yes baby, 
I would love that," I started removing my blouse, and 
bra exposing my nice firm breast with their hard 

Randy looked momentarily and then gently squeezed my 
breast as he kissed down my neck and to the nipples, 
taking them in his mouth one by one gently sucking and 
rolling them in his mouth. I was running my finger up 
his neck and into his hair with my head back making 
throaty sounds as he was moving my arousal to a higher 
point. His fingers were already unzipping my skirt as 
it fell to the floor and his hands found my hair mound 
in my panties. 

I started unbuttoning his shirt and removed it as we 
sank down on the couch. I began kissing his chest and 
nibbling on his manly nipples surrounded by his kinky 
hairy chest as I unbuckled his trousers and pulled them 
down revealing his white jockey shorts covering his now 
erect manhood. 

He pushed me back on the couch and moved on top kissing 
me as he removed his pants and started pushing against 
me with the only barrier being my panties and his 
shorts. I knew that we were well on our way and needed 
to move to the bedroom where I would willingly give my 
white love hole to his demanding and searching black 

Taking Randy by the hand, I led him to the bed and 
turned and pulled of my panties and said, "Now you can 
see what you are going to have tonight, my black lover. 
I have a hot wet white pussy for you to take care of."

"Hummmmmmmmmmmmmmm baby, I love that white pussy with 
the black curly hair hiding you sweet thing," as he 
moved his head down gently spreading the hair and lips 
to kiss my waiting clit. I thought I was going to have 
an orgasm right there, it was so good. I quickly 
removed his shorts and looked at the beautiful black 
cock with its clear precum oozing from the slit. I 
licked it off and kissed my lovers pole all the way to 
his black jewels and back. 

I moved onto the bed opening my legs to receive my 
lover, the one I wanted to take me to the heavens and 
back. Randy was as excited as I and quickly moved above 
me to cover his new mistress. I felt like a young mare 
receiving her black stallion. I knew that this black 
stud was going to make me scream with joy.

Without words, just moans and groans and hands moving 
all over each other, holding tight and meeting every 
thrust with a thrust of my own, I was taking my black 
lover who was driving me crazy satisfying my sexual 
appetite like never before. Randy was sweating all over 
me and he was slipping and sliding as we both held on 
as if our life depended on it. 

Just as I felt his manhood start throbbing pumping his 
black seeds deep inside me, I started the greatest 
orgasm I have ever had, as I hollered out to Randy, 
"Take me, you black stud. Breed me! You are making me 
wild! Hold me tight! Oh baby, I'm a goner.

Randy was uttering some words like, "You are the 
hottest bitch in the world, you are mine! You are 
making me... oh... I'M CUMMING! Oh Baby!"

We fell apart and sank into each others arms exhausted. 
Kissing and kissing and gently rubbing each other. I 
softly asked Randy, "Are you glad we met at the 

"Yes baby," he replied. I am glad that you took a 
liking to me also. I feel so good right now. You are 
even better than I had imagined. Honestly you are 
better than the black girl I left at home. If all white 
wives are like you, it is no wonder black guys like to 
talk about getting the white wives."

"Thanks, Randy," I said. "I am glad this old woman 
still has what it takes to make a man happy. I was 
hoping you wanted me as much as I wanted you. I don't 
have any regrets and hope you do not either. I am 
really glad that I pleased you so well, as you did me 

Randy chuckled and said, "I hope that we can do this 
again before that white red neck hubby of yours gets 
back". I just smiled and winked my approval knowing 
that we would do it again soon as we both drifted off 
into a deep sleep in each others arms knowing that our 
sexual desires were well satisfied for the moment.

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