Tuesday, 20 September 2016


I answer the door of our hotel room and allow the 
waiter to enter with our dinner tray from room 
service. I reach for my wallet to give him his tip, 
when he says, "I'll take my tip another way."

I look up and cry out in surprise as he pushes me 
against the wall, grabbing my wrists and holding them 
high above my head. I look frantically to my husband 
who is sitting in the chair pointing his video camera 
to capture every second of my predicament. I realize 
this is a setup and there will be no help from him.

I turn my attention back to my attacker to assess the 
situation. He towers over me, wide in shoulder, very 
handsome and strong. I think to myself, this might 
get interesting, though my heart is beating 
erratically and I am finding it hard to breath. 

The 'Waiter' leans down and starts whispering in my 
ear all the things he plans to do to me. His hot 
breath caressing my neck and sending chills down my 
spine. His free hand is running through my hair, 
pulling my head back to accept his kisses across my 
cheek, eyelids and finally connecting with my mouth, 
crushing my lips with a passionate kiss, forcing me 
to open my mouth to allow his tongue to sweep inside 
and play a tango with mine. 

I am quivering by now, my panties wet in 
anticipation. I am pressed against the wall with my 
hands still above my head and I can feel his erection 
pressing into my stomach. My head is swimming and I 
can't think straight. The Waiter uses this to his 
advantage to flip me around so my face is to the 

The Waiter reaches into his back pocket and pulls out 
a length of silk and ties one end to my right wrist. 
He then expertly pulls both my arms down behind me 
and ties the other end of the silk to my left wrist, 
leaving a length of silk between which allows me to 
put my arms almost to my sides.

With my back to The Waiter, he reaches around and 
starts teasing my nipples, pinching and twisting them 
through my sundress, making me melt inside, 
increasing the wetness between my legs, making my 
knees threaten to buckle. He caresses my shoulders, 
pulling the hair off my neck, kissing his way back to 
my ear. He whispers, "You will be my slave for 
tonight. I can and will do anything I want to your 
body and you will love it. You are not allowed to say 
anything but 'Yes Master' to anything and everything 
I ask. Do you understand me?"

I shake with the expectations the night will bring 
and start to cum with the anticipation of it all. 
Whack! I am brought back to reality with the pain of 
his hand smacking my butt. "I asked you a question, 
Slave, answer your Master!"

I try desperately to control my thoughts. I sputter 
unintelligibly, too emotional to put two words 
together. Whack! Again, his hand smacks my already 
burning butt cheek. I let out a cry of pain, swallow 
my pride, and say, "Yes! Yes, I understand!"

Whack, Whack, Whack!!! The Waiter grabs my hair, 
pulling my head back towards his chest and says, "I 
will only tell you this one more time: You are not 
allowed to say ANYTHING but "YES MASTER" to anything 
and everything I ask. DO YOU UNDERSTAND ME!"

"Yes Master," I manage to get out, sealing my fate 
for the night.

The Waiter slowly unzips my dress down the back and 
pulls the shoulders down along my arms, baring my 
breasts. The cool air of the hotel room helps soothe 
the intense fire in my nipples for a moment, before 
his hands are back tormenting them. I feel the 
liquids practically gushing into my panties, 
completely soaking them. 

"You love me touching your nipples, don't you, 

"Yes Master!"

"Are you getting wet for me, Slave?"

"Yes Master!"

The Waiter whispers into my ear, "I will see if you 
are telling me the truth!" His hand moves downward 
over my belly, slipping between my dress and panties. 
He feels the dampness he has created and rewards me 
with kisses on my neck. His hot breath caresses my 
ear as he tells me what a good slave I am!

He rubs his hand across the wetness. "Spread you feet 
out, Slave!"

"Yes Master," I say as I try to make my legs work to 
obey his command. 

Whack! I cry out as his hand connects with my sore 
bottom. "When I tell you to move, Slave, you had 
better be moving. I will not tolerate hesitation!"

"Yes Master." I spread my legs for him and his hand 
completely covers my mound.

He roughly starts kneading and rubbing my pussy 
through the panties, making me shiver in ecstasy. 
"You like it a little rough, don't you, Slave?"

"Yes Master!" I pant truthfully.

He finds my clitoris, which shoots an electrical 
shock throughout my body, making me twitch and moan. 
He seeks that response again and again, making me 
feel like a puppet in his hands. My head is in the 
clouds, my thoughts have escaped me. 

I am thankful my Master did not demand anything of me 
at the moment but the show of emotions he was 
producing. It was like he was playing an instrument 
and getting closer and closer to a crescendo. Lights 
started bursting against my eyelids as I completely 
commit myself to the most intense orgasm of my life. 

My knees buckle and The Waiter allows me to crumple 
before him where I continue to twitch and moan as my 
orgasm slowly abates. 

After what seemed an eternity, I become vaguely aware 
of movement in the room. I try to get up to see what 
is going on, but with my hands tied, I am only able 
to get up to my knees. I see The Waiter and my 
husband digging through the bag of toys my husband 
had brought with us. They are discussing quietly 
their plans as they lay the whips, dildos, vibrators 
and nipple clips out in a row. 

The men notice my recovery and turn their attention 
to me. I become very apprehensive and excited about 
what is to happen now. They apparently like the way I 
am looking, on my knees with my dress around my 
waist, my breasts presented for their inspection, the 
flush of my recent orgasm making my face glow. 

They both come over and my husband leans down and 
tells me what a good little slut I was and that I 
should continue to obey my new Master for the rest of 
the night.

The Waiter shrugs out of his uniform top, baring his 
well-toned abs. He slowly, for my pleasure, unbuckles 
his pants and provocatively lowers the zipper. 
Watching him pull his long legs out of the tight 
jeans was making me hot all over again. He stands 
before me with just a tight pair of briefs that 
barely conceals his erection, which from my vantage 
point was very impressive. 

The Waiter walks over to me and takes a handful of my 
hair so he can guide my face toward his crotch, 
rubbing his rock hard erection across my lips. "Lick 
and praise the true Master," he says. 

I extend my tongue and feel the soft, yet rough 
texture of the material, running my tongue the entire 
length of his cock. I glorify in the reaction I get 
from him as his cock jerks from the pressure of my 
tongue. I open my mouth and try to suck the head of 
his cock through the cotton, getting the material as 
wet as my panties. 

The Waiter suddenly pulls back and steps aside to 
allow my husband, who has also stripped down to his 
briefs to mimic The Waiter, pressing my mouth to his 
crotch also. I enjoy his excitement and lovingly 
caress the cock I have known and loved for over 25 
years. I want only to increase his pleasure as I soak 
his briefs with my mouth. I take the top of his 
briefs in my teeth and start to pull down to uncover 
the object of my obsession, but he pulls away. 

They both stand before me, each holding a riding crop 
in their hands. I knew what was coming, yet still 
yelped in surprise as the first strike lands on my 
nipple, followed closely by a second strike on the 

The strikes were just hard enough to cause a sting 
but not to create too much pain. The sound of the 
whips hitting my breasts became a rhythm that matched 
the beating of my heart. My breasts were becoming red 
with the abuse and the nipples were becoming hyper 
sensitive. Each time a whip happened to flick a 
nipple, I couldn't help but yelp! 

By now, The Waiter was on my left side and my husband 
was on my right. They stopped with the whips, 
thankfully. They each take one of my arms and lift me 
up so I could stand between them. My husband reaches 
down and puts his hand up underneath my sundress to 
feel my panties to make sure they were properly 
soaked. They lead me over to the bed and have me sit 
on the edge. They each sit beside me, fondling a 
breast and twisting the nipples mercilessly. 

My husband whispers, "Spread your legs wide." 

Which I do without hesitation, scared of the 

This invites The Waiter to slip his hand up 
underneath my dress to explore my pussy, at first 
over my panties, but then finally he pulls them to 
the side and slides his fingers into my slit, making 
contact with the heat and juices that have been 
building. He slides one, then two fingers deep 
inside, while using his thumb to rub my clitoris. 

Meanwhile, my husband is administering to my breasts, 
since he knows how sensitive they are. We had often 
referred to my nipples as the remote controls to my 

With all the attention I am receiving, I am moaning 
and squirming around, which is just what the guys are 
after. My husband is sucking insistently on my 
nipples, jumping from one to the other. 

The Waiter kneels between my knees and pulls my 
panties down and casually tosses them across the 
room. He then pulls my hips closer to the edge of the 
bed, wrapping his arms around my thighs which brings 
my pussy up to his lips. I can feel his hot tongue as 
it plows through my dripping pussy. He finds my clit 
and sucks lightly while flicking it with his tongue. 
I arch my back as another intense orgasm hits. 

My husband reaches for the nipple clamps and attaches 
one to my nipple, making me cry out in pain. The pain 
just intensifies the contrast of the pleasure I am 
receiving from the Waiter. As the pain hits my other 
nipple, The Waiter inserts four fingers and pumps 
them in and out faster and faster, making me forget 
about the pain in my nipples and cry out instead with 
my third orgasm. 

We take a break and my husband helps me sit up and 
holds a glass of wine to my lips. I gulp as much as I 
can, trying to quench my thirst and wet my throat 
that is dry from all the panting and moaning. My 
husband looks into my eyes and silently asks if I am 
ok? I can see the love and lust in his eyes, and nod 
almost imperceptibly, appreciating his concern. 

The Waiter instructs me to get into the middle of the 
bed, kneeling with my head down on the pillows and my 
ass up in the air. I do as he wishes, feeling 
extremely self-conscience, though with my dress still 
around my waist, I could feel that it was covering my 
most vulnerable area, but it was also blocking my 
view of what the men are doing at the foot of the 
bed. I can feel the mattress moving and hear light 
whispering between them, but nothing more. 

I feel like I have been in this position for hours, 
when I finally feel my dress being lifted up and 
flipped over my back, completely exposing my nether 
region to the men. I feel hands touching me, rubbing 
my ass, probing my pussy, pulling my ass cheeks 
apart, rubbing up and down on the inside of my 
thighs. I can't tell which hands are my husbands and 
which are the Waiters. 

I don't notice when one hand leaves, but I do notice 
when it returns with a vibrator that is inserted into 
my vagina. This particular vibrator has a rather 
large bulb at the tip, followed by a small section 
that increases in size again to the end. As the 
vibrator is thrust in and out, I melt into the 
pillows, my hands clench and claw at the air trying 
to get a grip on reality as my world is yanked away 
and replaced with only the feeling of the vibrator 
going in and out, in and out. 

Nothing else matters to me at this moment, until I 
feel pressure on my anus. I suddenly crash back to 
earth, knowing what was about to happen, not sure I 
really want it to continue, but too caught up in the 
moment to say no. I tense up. I feel the cold drops 
of lube as they are dripped into my ass crack, the 
tip of a small dildo spread through it, coating the 
head of it which is then pressed into my ass. It 
takes my breath away as I try to relax and accept 
this new intrusion. 

The vibrator in my vagina starts moving again, making 
me temporarily forget the pressure of the dildo, 
until that starts to move also. Having both moving at 
the same time, explodes my mind. I am thankful for 
the pillows that are muffling my screams of ecstasy, 
as I collapse into yet another orgasm. 

Whack! I try desperately to figure out why I was 
being punished. I don't remember any instructions 
that I had missed. Whack! Then I realize that they 
are just using my up-turned ass for their pleasure, 
giving me a whack on one ass check, then using the 
dildos to give me pleasure. It is an emotional roller 
coaster they are creating, making me pant one minute, 
drifting away with the sensation of an orgasm rising 
within me, then yelping with the pain of a not-to-
gentle hand whacking my ass. 

This was making me so frustrated, in which I would 
almost achieve an orgasm, but then have it yanked 
away, making me want more and more, looking forward 
to the next session of pleasure but anticipating the 
pain. This went on for some time, never once did the 
guys allow me to melt completely into an orgasm. 

Being so frustrated has made me super horny. I would 
practically do anything at this moment for the 
release of an orgasm, but the guys have other ideas. 
They have pulled the dildos out and left me in the 
middle of the bed, still with my ass in the air and 
my head buried in the pillows. 

With my head in the pillows, I can't hear what is 
going on. I'm still frustrated, but starting to get 
nervous as to what my husband and the waiter have in 
mind for me now. They finally come over to the bed 
and help me sit up. As my eyes try to adjust the 
brightness of the room, I see a video camera set up 
with bright lights focused on the bed, when suddenly 
a blindfold is pulled down over my eyes, placing me 
into complete darkness. 

They pull me over to the hard wood desk chair and set 
me on it with my back against the tall back of the 
chair. With my hands tied the way they were, with the 
length of silk between them, my hands hung 
comfortably down each side. 

My husband whispers in my ear, "Are you ok with 
this?" I give him a nod of assurance, feeling his 
love for me helps me to relax.

I can feel hands running through my hair. With the 
blindfold, I can imagine that it is just my husband 
and me in the safety of our bedroom playing our safe 
little games, then I realize that there are too many 
hands. One hand tightens its hold on my hair, pulling 
me forward. I feel something hitting my cheek, moving 
closer and closer to my mouth. I am not sure which 
man was expecting me to give him a blow job and I 
guess I was beyond caring also. 

I opened my mouth and allowed the head of the penis 
in front of me to enter. I circle the head with my 
tongue, finding the little slit and licking my way 
through it. The hand presses harder, urging more and 
more into my mouth. 

I am just getting into it, when it is pulled 
completely out and replaced with the other. I am 
still not sure who's penis is who's, but I have never 
experienced anything like this. Sucking one, then the 
other, over and over. 

While I am sucking one, I can feel the hands of the 
other on my breasts, keeping me on the edge of orgasm 
the entire time. I have never been able to 'deep 
throat' my husband and he has never pressed the 
issue, so I sorta knew which penis I had in my mouth 
if I was being pressed to go further than I had ever 
gone before, making me gag a little and tears well up 
in my eyes from the uncomfortable pressure in my 

They swap again, making me think it is my husband in 
my mouth, yet the insistent pressure of the hand on 
the back of my head never relaxes, and I find myself 
trying to deep throat my husband (or at least I think 
it is my husband). I try to relax my throat and allow 
him access, as I have always wanted to give him this 
particular pleasure. My lips reach the end of the 
penis in my mouth and my nose is buried in hair that 
tickles my nose. 

I can't breathe, but I hear the moan of someone above 
me, the pressure of the hands on my head increase 
even more as he pumps in and out. He buries himself 
completely into my throat and I feel the tell-tale 
jerking of his penis that makes me anticipate the 
warm gush in the back of my throat. 

As I try to swallow all the cum, I feel someone near 
my ear saying, "Take it all! Swallow every little 
drop, Slave!" Recognizing The Waiters voice, I 
glorify in the fact that I had just successfully deep 
throated my husband for the first time. I concentrate 
harder on swallowing and sucking even harder to give 
my husband as much pleasure as I can give. My husband 
finally pulls out, completely drained.

I sit there panting for breath, anticipating a repeat 
of the process, not sure I would be able too, with my 
jaw still hurting from the intense workout it had 
just received, so I was pleasantly surprised when The 
Waiter said it was time for a break and I felt a 
glass placed at my lips. The sweet, cool wine soothed 
my throat and helped quench my thirst.

After a short breather, The Waiter announces that it 
is my turn to give a show for them. He takes off my 
blindfold and helps me stand up in order attach the 
suction cup of a large dildo down to the wooden seat 
of the straight-back chair. 

He then instructs me to position myself over it with 
my back to the chair and my legs to each side. In 
this position, I am stretched wide open which gives 
the guys an unobstructed view of my pussy as I impale 
myself with the dildo that is 9" long and 6" in 

I am thankful for the few drops of lubricate that The 
Waiter had put on the tip of the dildo, which helps 
ease it into me. I slowly slide down the length of 
the dildo, not only to create a better show, but to 
help stretch myself around it. With my hands tied 
loosely, I am able to get a grip on the back of the 
chair to help me with the leverage I needed to move 
up and down.

I move slowly up and down, starting to feel that 
incredible melting inside. Moving at my own pace, I 
am able to quickly bring myself to that wonderful 
place where I am no longer in that hotel room, but 
floating in the clouds. I am still trying to give a 
good show, but getting too caught up in my own 
satisfaction to really notice what the guys are 

My husband is getting some good close-ups of my pussy 
wrapping around the dildo. Getting sucked up inside 
as I sink down on the dildo and how my pussy lips 
seem to stretch out when I rise up. The video also 
captures my moaning and almost crying as my orgasm 
overtakes me, as the picture depicts the juices 
lathering the dildo and my pussy spasming around it.

I collapse on the chair still impaled by the huge 
dildo, completely spent. My mind has been completely 
blown this evening. Never have I had such intense 
orgasms, yet it wasn't over. 

The Waiter doesn't give me much time to recuperate. 
He tells me to get up and move to the bed. I try, but 
my legs are just too weak yet. Using my hands to help 
pry myself up, I finally succeed to pull myself free 
of the dildo, leaving an empty feeling inside. I 
manage to stumble the few feet to the bed. The Waiter 
is there waiting for me and stops me before I have a 
chance to collapse on the bed. 

He turns me to face him, cups my neck with his hands 
and kisses me. A long, passionate kiss, that in my 
disbelief, stirs something new inside. This was more 
than just the building of an orgasm, it involved 
tenderness and passion, which brought out different 

The Waiter whispers that I have learned my lessons 
well and I deserve a reward. He gently lays me down 
on the bed, using his knee to spread my willing legs, 
he positions himself and with one mighty thrust, he 
enters me. Using long, powerful strokes, he starts 
pounding in and out. 

That is all there is in the world now, the feeling of 
his cock inside me, nothing else exists, or needs to 
exist, but that awesome feeling of a cock buried deep 
inside me. 

I forget to breathe, I'm beyond moaning. I seem to be 
on the edge of a very high precipice about to take a 
swan dive off, not knowing or caring what was below. 
I gasp for breath and scream as I fall into the 

The End

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