Friday, 26 August 2016


A childhood trauma was still giving nightmares to my 
lovely wife. In the middle of the night she would get 
up like a jolt of lightening had struck and then 
perspire and stare at the blank walls. She would start 
mumbling and groaning. It was driving both of us nuts 
and I narrated this to a drinking buddy. He looked 
shocked and said that it was a coincidence that his 
wife too had seizures similar to this. They, like us, 
had tried every possible medication and prescription. 
Even psychoanalysis didn't help. But he told me that 
eventually she was able to overcome the irritating 
behavioral problem with help from a hypnosis 
practioner, an experienced old man who had many years 
of experience at this kind of a thing. He gave me the 
contact of the guy whose name was Dr. Slammer.

My wife is a homemaker so without even asking her I 
took an appointment with Dr. Slammer. When I told her, 
she was really appreciative. On the appointed day, a 
bright sunny Sunday morning, we went to meet Dr. 
Slammer at his clinic which was also his home. He met 
us at the door, dressed in shorts and sandals, and 
escorted us to his counseling room. He was very tall 
and gaunt, very gentle and fatherly; grandfatherly I 
should say, with his grey frizzled crew cut hair and 
hunched back and long, rather skinny limbs.

He made us comfortable and offered us some exotic tea 
which was indeed very calming. He paid some compliments 
to my wife and started asking some questions which 
could lead to him diagnosing the problem. Finally, he 
said he was ready to try hypnosis to see what deep 
emotions were troubling my wife. My wife was nervous 
and held my hand tightly but the gentle old black 
doctor patted her reassuringly. He asked me to sit by 
the side and not interrupt the proceedings as doing so 
could have dangerous psychological consequences on the 

He then took out an old shiny silver medallion and 
started swinging it in front of my wife's eyes. "Relax, 
my dear, and concentrate on the coin," he said in a 
very soothing, comforting voice, the baritone voice was 
even making me sleepy. "Your eyelids are heavy with 
sleep... you are entering a dark, warm tunnel, there's 
a lovely fountain, the sound of which is so pure, so 
beautiful... you have no choice but to fall asleep... 
my dear, we all love you so much... all you want to 
right now is to fall in a deep sleep...yes, darling, my 
love... you are on your way to a deep sleep... go on... 
hmm... sleep, dear sleep... yes, there you are. Now I 
am going to ask you a question and you must respond as 
best you can. Are you asleep?" I rolled my eyes.

"Yes," I heard my wife's heavy sleep-laden voice.

"Okay, now I will count to three and you will slump in 
your seat comfortably and will not remember anything 
that happens before I snap my fingers three times. Once 
I snap my fingers you will wake up and will not 
remember anything at all. Is that clear?"


"One. Two. Three." I had heard how hypnosis worked but 
I was still surprised when my wife actually slumped 
exactly the way she does when she falls asleep. "Can 
you hear me?"


"Now I will ask you some questions. You must answer all 
my questions honestly. What is my name?"

"Dr. Dick Slammer." Dick, how she knew his first name, 
I wondered as even I didn't know this...but then my 
eyes rested on a name plate on his desk saying Dick 

"Why are you here?"

"Mmm, I don't know. I often get restless at nights and 
gets fits."

"What kind of fits?"

"Hmmm, like, like a yearning for something."

"What do you yearn for?"

"I don't know..."

"Is it something that you desire? Like some material 
tangible thing?"

"No. I am very content with all the things my husband 
provides for me." My chest swelled with pride.

"What do you yearn for, then?"

"I don't know. It's like a dull ache in my body. Like I 
am incomplete."

"Is it some sexual desire?" Dr Slammer shifted in his 

"I don't know. Maybe it is."

"Are you happy with your sex life?"

"Yes. I wish it was more than just once a month though. 
But I know my husband works hard and may not be in the 
mood all the time."

"Do you want to have sex with him more than once a 
month? Have you told him?"

"No way. If I told him I want sex everyday, maybe even 
few times a day, he would think I am a whore."

"So you want to have sex everyday and prefer more than 
once a day?" "Oh yes. Please. I want sex all the time. 
I desire so strongly to stuff myself with something all 
the time, especially when I am all alone in the day."

"So do you stuff yourself with things when you are 

"Hmmm, I... I..."

"I asked you to be honest with every answer. Please 
answer me. Do you stuff yourself with things when you 
are alone?"

"Err..hmmm, yes, I do."

"What exactly do you stuff yourself with?"

"I have tried different things. Like pens, paper 
knives, the handle of my husband's golf clubs, 
cucumbers, bananas, egg plants, beer bottles... oh... 
everything... that... ah... makes me feel good."

"Why does stuffing yourself with these things make you 
feel good?"

"When I do not have anything in 
feel empty. The walls of my pussy feel itchy, like they 
want something to rub against them, scratch them, 
caress them... oh... my... god..."

"Are you feeling okay right now?"

"Yes... no... no... I am feeling the same as I feel in 
the middle of the nights... empty. I feel like I need 
to fill me up...with something hot and thick and very 
long... argh... argh..." I was getting a bit 
overwhelmed as I noticed my hypnotized wife's fingers 
slowly inching towards her pussy. Oh sweet Jesus!

"Tell me, have you ever thought of having sex with 
someone besides your husband?"

"No..." I was relieved till she added in a low, pitched 
whisper, "yes... yes..."


"Because I do not like to stuff myself with dead 
objects. I want a live real penis... I mean cock inside 
me, scratching the itch in my burning pussy."

"Have you had sex with someone besides your husband?" 
Dr. Slammer looked uncomfortable, like he had trouble 
sitting still, and he looked at me with some amused 

"Not willingly. With my husband's father. But I didn't 
want it. He stayed with us for one month and one day, 
when my husband had to go out of town for business, we 
drank till we were senseless. I actually don't remember 
him fucking me, but the next day when I woke up, I 
found him sleeping naked in my marital bed and I found 
that my pussy was full of something creamy, which, when 
I tasted, I realized was sperm. He must have fucked me 
when I was blacked out. But I pretended I was still 
asleep when he woke up, cursed himself and quickly 
disappeared from my room. We both pretended like it 
didn't happen. But my restlessness disappeared for a 
couple of weeks."

"So you fucked your husband's father only once?"

"Err, actually no. I coaxed him to get drunk in the 
afternoons when my husband was at work, and almost 
everyday, I pretended to pass out. Most of the times I 
wore short dresses and no underwear. I passed out 
exposing my pussy or ass or tits and he almost always 
fucked me raw with his humongous uncut cock. Once he 
called the dirty black man who works as janitor in our 
building where we lived that time and made him fuck me, 
he thought I had passed out and didn't know 
anything...but I knew it because the dirty black 
janitor smeared his smelly cock on my lips and fucked 
my mouth a little bit before fucking me with his 
horsecock. much he came inside my horny 
pussy... oh... I wish he was here right pussy 
is on fire."

"Okay. So it was just your father-in-law and the black 
janitor who fucked you besides your husband?"

"Well, there was this time when my husband invited his 
gym buddies for a barbeque at out current home. We were 
all drunk and by 10pm my husband had passed out. I saw 
his friends Aditya and Jesse pissing in the backyard. 
Although I was very pissed at such silly behavior I 
couldn't take their long hard cocks out of my mind. 

"Anyway, I knew they were drunk so I quickly lied down 
in the grass behind them pretending to have passed out 
and sure, I must have looked convincing because the 
next I knew, they both took turns fucking my brains 
out...Jesse's uncut cock was really smelly like he had 
not had a shower for three days and he is in the 
construction business and after a hard day at work he 
had come to the party straight from work... oh Dr. 
Slammer was he funky? But I loved the way he smeared 
his cock cheese at my mouth and pushed it inside with 
his smelly rock hard cock, his uncut skin sliding over 
my lips. 

"Aditya's black cock was also funky, like he had just 
fucked his sister's big ass... but between both of 
them, they left enough potent sperms inside my pussy to 
make about a million babies. Luckily I took the morning 
after pill the next day otherwise surely I would have 
pair of twins - black and white - by now. Oh dear... 
what a thought it is? How horny is it making me to 
think of some strange smelly cock leaving its smelly 
potent cum inside my fertile pussy... oh god... my 
pussy is hungry... oh Dr. Dick are my 
doctor isn't it? Do something. Give some hot black 
salami food to my hungry pussy."

"Err, I am sorry that is not very professional, my 
dear," Dr Slammer was stammering, his forehead was 
shiny with perspiration and his shorts were 
uncomfortably tented with a huge hard-on. He was trying 
hard to hide it from me.

"Dr Dick Slammer... oh what a name... slam your dick in 
my hot, burning pussy doctor... don't be nice to me 
like my husband... he is too soft... I want it hard... 
from a real man who can reach the depths of my lusty 
pussy... come on doctor light my fire... the moment I 
entered I saw the outline of your black cock... it 
looked like it would do the job brilliantly... oh 
fuck... Dr Slammer... slam me... with your big black 
cock... do it now... before my husband comes in... I 
promise I will make him suck your cum out of my 
steaming creampied pussy like I made him do before... 
he never found out when he sucked his own father's seed 
from my pussy... or even the black janitor's... Aditya, 
Jesse, Ronald, Jason, Leroy, Manoj, Santosh... oh fuck, 
what a nasty woman am I, to have fucked all his buddies 
and to have made him suck their baby-making sperm 
straight from my hot over."

My wife was delirious. It was exactly like the fits she 
got in the middle of the night and I was 
terrified...and excited beyond any porn. Dr. Slammer 
was rubbing the large lump in his shorts. Finally, he 
grunted and unbuckled his shorts and let them drop to 
the floor. His skimpy white underwear was bursting to 
contain the monster confined inside. He pulled his cock 
out but the force was such that combined with the force 
and because of the shorts lying at his ankles, he fell 
down. I rushed to grab him but ended up hitting the 

In the tangle both of us fell on each other, his 
massive, heavy black hairy balls landing on my face. 
The musky and sweaty manly smell was so strong that I 
felt a bit weak in the knees. We lay there for a few 
minutes as his cock hardened some more and dripped some 
pre-cum sauce on my forehead. Then, smiling, he got up 
and in doing so his long and fat cock rubbed more pre-
cum sauce on my face. Its uncut tip kissed my lips and 
left a sticky slimy train in its wake.

My wife was still writhing. In her induced state of 
sleep, she had ripped her own panty apart and was 
brazenly fingering her pussy like a slut. She was 
uttering obscenities at Dr. Slammer and calling him to 
fuck her burning pussy brainlessly. Dr Slammer, 
finally, obliged. He didn't waste time in rubbing his 
purple cock head along the pussy slit. He didn't waste 
time in fucking her mouth (or my mouth). But he went 
straight for the bull's eye - her puckering, winking, 
inviting sloshing pussy. 

She calmed down just as the 10-inches of Dr. Slammer's 
fat black meat hit base. She purred like a content 
kitten and started milking Dr. Slammer's fat cock with 
her pussy lips and muscles. Both of them were so 
overworked that the fucking didn't last long. In five 
nasty minutes of brutal, no-nonsense pure animalistic 
fucking, Dr Slammer defied his age of 70 and showed he 
was more virile than a breeding stud. He fucked her 
with the energy of an 18-year-old. And then he came. He 
came buckets... thick, smelly, lumpy, yellowish cum of 
an old black geezer like him... he collapsed on top of 
his patient for a while and then pulled out. A sticky 
slimy flood started dripping out of my wife's beaten, 
red, swollen, and puffed up pussy.

"You better suck it clean otherwise she will know she 
was fucked by me after the session is over," Dr Slammer 
said in a professional voice, at the same time rubbing 
the knobbly ugly black deflating cock on my face. I 
gave a few sucks to his cow's teat like cock and then 
got to work at sucking his fresh sperm from my wife's 
still steaming pussy. Once she was dry, I rearranged 
her clothes and hair as best as I could. Dr. Slammer 
then snapped his fingers thrice. Tch. Tch. Tch. And lo 
and behold, my slutty wife was transformed into a shy 
demure faithful wife polishing her wedding band with 
her skirt's fabric. "Thanks doctor," I said, "What 
would be the follow up now?"

"Well, I would recommend we continue the therapy and 
you better observe her behavior at nights. If the fits 
recur, call me and I shall arrange for a house call," 
he said and winked at me before adding, "But I 
sincerely hope you don't mind if I bring a friend or 
two because they are learning the tricks of the trade 
from me."

My mouth went dry when I said, smilingly, "Sure, no 
problem Doctor."

Just when my wife shyly said, "Thank you Dr. Slammer," 
and turned around to leave, I noticed that Dr Slammer 
had forgotten to wear his shorts, they were still 
laying at his feet, his long black cock still dripping 
the remnants of sperm from its wrinkled tip. My eyes 
rolled heavenwards and the Doctor grinned ear to ear 
realizing our folly. But I don't think my cock-crazed 
and cum-hungry wife noticed anything at all. I left 
hoping she would get a fit soon. 

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