Wednesday, 24 August 2016


Sometimes when I get a bit horny I like to write about 
one of my sexual encounters. This is one of those 
times. Of course I even get hornier when I write about 
it, so hopefully you will have the same experience as 
you read this story.

I am a married white woman and at the time was 40 years 
of age. A mature white wife, as they say. I was working 
in a large store at the time. I knew when I first met 
Tony I was drawn to him by some mystical power and as 
time passed he seemed to be attracted to me as well. 
Tony was a young, handsome, muscular, black guy with 
very black skin and a beautiful smile that showed his 
pearly white teeth. His eyes danced and twinkled in a 
very sexy manner. As time passed, I found myself day 
dreaming about he and I being lovers. Of course I knew 
that I was older and he was surely attracted to the 
younger, sexy, and more attractive women. We often 
talked in the lunchroom about different things. One day 
he mentioned that he would like to have some little 
extra jobs to make some more money. He mentioned yard 
work, painting, and general things that he might do. I 
kept that in mind as I pondered the thought of him 
doing some things around our house. My husband (Paul) 
had rather be fishing or golfing than mowing the lawn, 
or painting, or washing the cars. 

My thought process was working trying to determine if 
Tony would be interested in doing my lawn, hummmmm, 
well, maybe my husband would be happy for him to do 
some things in order to free him to do some of the 
things he enjoyed. Perhaps Tony might just like to help 
my hubby's wife, hubby had not been taking care of her 
very well lately. I felt a warm tingle in my thighs as 
I thought of Tony and him having his way with a white 
wife, after all, most black men want to get into a 
white wife's panties as a matter of bragging rights 
among their brothers. I became obsessed with the idea 
and one day asked my husband if it would be OK for Tony 
to do our yard on Saturday's so he could have more time 
fishing or golfing as I knew how much he enjoyed them. 
(I was thinking of how I would be enjoying my Saturdays 
doing what I love, if it worked out).

Paul said, "Gee Honey, that is a great idea. I could 
use the time to relax and do some enjoyable things 
after a hard weeks work. Sure get Tony to help around 
here if he wants to. He could help us a lot I am sure. 
Of course you could relax some as well."

At lunch the next day, I said to Tony in a quite voice, 
"How would you like to do some things for me on 

I did not realize how it sounded but Tony got a slight 
grin on his face and leaned over the table toward me 
and said in a low voice, Sure, Brenda, I am available 
for anything you need."

I blushed and said, "Oh Tony, I mean for money."

"Well, he said, "If you insist," and chuckled. 

"Tony stop it now. Do you want to do our yard work? 
Paul likes to play golf or fish on Saturday so we could 
use the help."

"Sure! I could use the extra money," as he grinned and 
looked me with his dancing mischievous eyes, reaching 
under the table and squeezed my leg as he got up to go 
back to work. "See you Saturday, Brenda."

I was speechless as I nodded approval, still feeling 
his touch as my loins warmed and I took a deep breath 
wondering if he really wanted me or was I reading too 
much into his teasing words. 

Now I had a few days to plan my moves for Saturday. If 
he wanted me I was going to make sure that he did not 
miss any signals on my part. How to act, what to say, 
what to wear etc were all in my mind as I thought of 

That evening, I showered and as I toweled off, I looked 
into the mirror and saw my 5 foot 9 inch frame as I 
turned and looked at my still perky 36-c breast 
wondering if Tony would like what he saw. I knew that I 
was 40 but I still had a nice firm body. I ran my 
fingers through my black pubic hair as I thought of how 
Tony would feel the moisture and spread my lips, that 
is, if he wanted to... I was day dreaming about this 
hard bodied young stud thinking of how eager to breed a 
white wife he would be... yes I would submit to his 
sexual needs and take him like a bitch in heat. Yes my 
young stud, while the main dog is away, this old bitch 
will let the young stud dog breed her. 


Saturday came and Paul departed with a kiss on the 
cheek and said, "If Tony does a good job, have him 
back. Have a good day and see you later this evening."

"OK, Darling. Have a good time. I will keep a check on 
Tony's work."

Tony came as planned and got the mower out of the 
garage and went to work. As planned, I had on my sun 
top showing some nice milky white cleavage, and some 
clinging knit bottoms without panties, that showed my 
nice round butt and shapely legs. I watched as Tony 
mowed without his shirt on, his muscles rippling under 
his jet-black skin. I looked at his chest covered in 
kinky hair, as he started to sweat making his body look 
like polished ebony. I was thinking of how I would like 
to walk up to him and run my hand all over that body 
and perhaps get a feel of his butt. I knew my juices 
were already starting to flow. 

Taking a pitcher of ice water out to the patio, I 
called to Tony to take a break and have some ice water. 
He come over and sat at the table, and as he sipped, I 
noticed his eyes moving up and down my body as if to 
say, "Damn woman, I want to get some of your ass."

I found my self smiling and asked Tony, "I was just 
wondering, Tony, at my age if I am still attractive? 
You know how women are. They are always concerned about 
keeping their youth."

"Brenda, you really are a sexy woman I must say. You 
sure turn a lot of heads at work. I must admit that you 
have an affect on me."

"Oh, Tony, Cut it out now. I just wanted some 
reassurance. You know I am married, well, it is nice to 
have a young man tell you these things, it is good for 
a woman's ego," as I giggled. 

"You are a very sexy woman in my book. I know I would 
never have a chance with you, being black and all, and 
you being married, but if I had the chance, well, I 
could be influenced, if you know what I mean."

I giggled again, and said, "Tony, you are making me 
feel like a teenager. You need not be concerned about 
being black as if I had the chance I would not hesitate 
to rub that black body on mine, of course I know, well 
you know, oh, damn it Tony, uhhhhh!"

"Brenda, I think I better finish my work here before I 
get carried away and I go too far, well you know what I 

"Go ahead and finish the yard work and I will have you 
some more ice water," as I smiled and gave him a peck 
on the cheek. As I rose up, I notice that his eyes 
traveled to my crotch, which make me aware that I was 
wet down there. It was obvious and I was sure he had 
not missed it.

I sat in the house and watch every move that Tony made, 
getting more and more horny by the minute. I wanted his 
black ass and I was certain that he wanted my white 

Tony finished and put the mower in the garage and came 
into the breakfast nook and accepted the cold water I 
offered him.

"When you finish your water, I have you a bath ready in 
the whirlpool tub," I informed him.

I directed Tony to the bathroom and waited until I 
heard him get into the tub, then I entered and walked 
over to the tub and asked, "Room for one more?"

To that Tony smiled replied, "Sure, come on in!"

As Tony watched, I slowly removed my sun top, then my 
shorts, standing for a moment as Tony looked intently 
at my body and mumbled, "Damn, you are a hot momma. 
Come to yo sugar."

I stepped into the tub and we immediately went to each 
other frantically exploring each other's bodies. I 
moved my hand to his crotch and captured his now erect 
manhood, which told me that his mind was already 
planning to get him some white wife ass. I knew that he 
was not going to have to beg me, as I was shaking all 
over with anticipation of having that hard black pole 
in my sweet honey pot. I felt like a teenager again, 
about to loose her cherry to a horny young impatient 
stud. I knew I was a 40-year-old married woman but I 
could not help but feel like a teen again. 

We got out and toweled each other off, then Tony pulled 
me to him in a lovers embrace, parting my lips and 
running his tongue into my mouth as I eagerly accepted 
my young admirers advances. 

I whispered to my young black lover, "Yo Momma is ready 
to take care of her baby." Let's move to the other 
room. We moved to the bedroom where I had the covers 
pulled down revealing white satin sheets. We both 
lunged together in a lovers embrace, as we pulled each 
other tighter and tighter.  I could tell that Tony was 
totally aroused as his hard cock was pushing hard 
against my pelvic region knocking on my door asking to 

Tony then moved down trailing kisses until he reached 
my clit where he circled it with his tongue. He slurped 
my juices, which were now flowing like a fountain. He 
was driving me crazy with his tongue as it circled and 
plunged in and out and licked my juices over and over 
again. He moved his manhood around to be over my mouth 
as I cuddled his black balls and licked the slowly 
seeping nectar from his cock head. He moaned and 
trusted into my mouth almost chocking me. As I caressed 
his balls in their sack, I knew that I would make him 
empty them into my white womb very soon.

Tony then moved above me as I opened my legs as a 
welcome sign as he used his black cock to party my wet 
lips and entered my waiting white hole. His lips met my 
eager lips as he plunged deeper and deeper into my 
husband's private playground. I knew that I was giving 
his wife's white ass to a young black stud.

"Oh Tony, Baby, I'm all yours. Take me. I want you 
Baby. I need you."

"Yes, I'm going to take care of my Momma. I'm so 
fucking hot for your white married ass. I'm going to 
make you my white bitch." 

Tony was not pumping deep and hard as I eagerly met 
every stroke with sheer horny lust. I wanted this young 
black stud. I was giving him all I had and he was 
giving me all he had. We were now sweating and slipping 
as we clung to each other trying to not miss a stroke. 
I could feel his fully loaded black stud balls knocking 
on my back door telling me that they were going to 
explode in me. My womb was now starting to contract in 
anticipation of the final moment when my young black 
stud would shoot his load deep inside me. 

I could tell we were both on the edge as I dug my nails 
into Tony's buttocks and screamed out, now sugar, now, 
Momma is going off."

To this, Tony thrust deep and hard and stiffened as I 
felt his cock pulsating pumping his black seed deep 
inside my womb as the cervix tightened around his pole 
keeping every drop as his black balls emptied into me. 
I was now shaking, and then I relaxed as we slumped 
into each other's arms gasping for air knowing that we 
both had exploded in harmony. Tony laid on top for a 
few minutes as his manhood deflated, then he slip off 
and we laid side by side in each others arms without 
saying a word giving each other a little kiss now and 
then and caressing each other as two spent lovers would 
do, drifting into sleep. 

We must have gone into a deep sleep as I awoke to 
notice that it was mid afternoon and Paul would be home 
soon. I looked over at Tony and admired the young 
handsome black man, knowing that I had been up to the 
task and had busted his black balls good. Even his 
deflated manhood was beautiful, as it lay limp in a 
patch of kinky black hair, matted in juices form both 
of us.

I woke Tony with a kiss on the cheek and a whisper that 
it was time to get up and out before my husband found 
us together like this. Tony smiled and said, "Yes 
Momma. Anything you say," and laughed. "I sure wish I 
had me a hot Momma like you".

I replied, "My young black stud, You now have my 
husband's hot Momma any time you want her, well at 
least when he is not looking... You know, it is like 
the pack of dogs, when the Alpha dog is not looking, 
the young stud dogs get some of the momma dogs ass."

We both laughed and Tony dressed and kissed me and as 
he left he pinched my ass and said, "Keep it hot for me 
Momma. Yo young black stud will return."

Need I say that I reported to Paul that Tony's work was 
outstanding and that I invited him back to take care of 
everything again? 

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