Tuesday, 16 August 2016


Dawn had taken the day off work. She'd arranged for an 
engineer to service her gas boiler before the autumn 
arrived. She hated being cold in winter and ensured 
that her heating system was fully functional before the 
season turned.

It was a pleasantly warm day and, other than the 
engineer calling, she had no other plans. Her husband, 
Paul, was out of the country on business and had 
already been away for almost 2 weeks, with another 2 
weeks still to go. Dawn was feeling horny as she had a 
very high sex drive. She recalled on their wedding day, 
in the Rolls Royce going from the church to the hotel, 
they'd had sex in the car, much to the annoyance of the 
chauffeur, fearful that his expensive car would be 
stained with their love juices.

But with Paul out of the country, there was little she 
could do. She'd put on her skimpy bikini and shades, 
poured herself a long cold drink and sat on the sun 
lounger in the back garden, reading a magazine and with 
the radio tuned into her favourite music.

She'd been reading an article in her magazine about how 
virile younger men can be, and what men find attractive 
in women. The article confirmed that their survey 
showed that although things like hair colour can be 
important to men, a sexy bust and trim legs tend to 
arouse them more than blonde hair.

Interesting though this may be, she kept thinking about 
Paul. He was a lovely man, athletic, rugged features 
and a cute tight arse. But he was several thousand 
miles away working on a project in a different 
continent. Damn, she felt horny.

Her thoughts were interrupted by the doorbell so she 
put her drink down and went to answer the door.

There stood the gas engineer. A young lad of about 20, 
very good looking and a similar height to Paul, about 

"Gas engineer" he stated in a robotic fashion, showing 
his ID which was on a lead around his neck. 

"Sure. This way," Dawn said and lead the way through to 
the utility area where the boiler was located. He had 
followed her through the house, watching her tight arse 
wiggle in her skimpy bikini. He was a young lad and 
found her very attractive. As she turned to talk to 
him, he blushed. This was not wasted on Dawn and she 
began to plot out a plan in her mind.

He confessed he had only just finished his 
apprenticeship and he was relatively new to the field. 
He told her the work may take a little longer to 
complete and she nodded appropriately. He set to work, 
watching her bum wiggle as she left the utility room. 
She returned after a short while with a cold drink for 
the lad.

"What's your name?" she asked.

"Pete," he replied, his eyes fixed on the ample 
cleavage visible through the bikini top. 

"I'm Dawn," she said, extending her hand and the shook, 

He blushed a little as she took a little longer than 
normal to release his hand. He regained his composure 
and asked lots of questions about the heating and so 
on, and Dawn noticed that his overalls were trying to 
contain his erection. Bless him, she thought to 
herself. At the tender age of 29, Dawn was no stranger 
to guys being attracted to her, her bosom was 38C, and 
that was enough to turn many heads. Add to that, her 
cute bum, well trimmed legs and long dark hair (she had 
been blonde for a year at college but she got too much 
stick for being dumb!). Yes, she was what you might 
call a stunner. A definite 10. The bulge in Pete's 
overalls confirmed this theory.

She left him alone whilst he set to work and she 
returned to the sun lounger. She peeled off her bikini 
top and placed it on the table next to her by her 
drink. She sat back and closed her eyes, basking in the 
warm sunshine.

Pete had been working for about half an hour when he 
went in search of Dawn. She was not in the house and he 
saw the sun lounger out on the patio. He went to 
approach her before he noticed her bikini top on the 
table. He blushed even though there was no one there to 
see it. 

He stepped out on to the patio and approached the sun 
bed. Dawn had her eyes closed but Pete could not tell 
with her shades on. She was facing away from him and as 
he approached the sun bed, first her feet came into 
view, then her legs and bikini bottoms, then her torso. 
He caught his first glimpse of her tits and they were 
lovely. Covered in sun lotion, her breasts moved in 
rhythm with her relaxed breathing as she basked.

He so wanted to go up to her and touch her, feel those 
tits in his hands. He could feel the lump in his 
overalls increasing in size and his arousal made him 
embarrassed. He crept back inside and decided to make 
some noise before he went out on to the patio, to make 
it look like he was looking for her and to give her 
time to cover herself up. 

He went back to the utility room and called her name, 
making lots of noise as he stomped through the various 
downstairs rooms looking for her. Dawn heard his calls 
and stood up, not bothering to cover herself up. 

"Out here," she called to him. He stepped out onto the 
patio and stopped dead. There, in front of him, was 
this stunning woman standing before him, topless. He 
could not take his eyes off of her breasts.

"What's up?" she said, not realising the statement had 
other implications.

"A couple of things," he began, his eyes transfixed on 
her tits. Dawn could see what those couple of things 
might be.

"Yes," she said, interrupting his thoughts.

"Oh! Yes, I need to check something," he said and took 
her back into the utility room. She confirmed that a 
stop valve was located behind a dusty built in unit and 
he set to work again. 

She left, shaking her head in amazement. She found Pete 
very attractive but he was too shy. Her plan to attract 
him by being topless had resulted in him being more 
embarrassed. She wanted him before he left that day. 
The only thing was, how would she do it? How could she 
engineer it (excuse the pun) so that they ended up 
having sex together.

She sat on the sun bed reading. 10 minutes later, Pete 
reappeared confirming the job was complete. She stood 
and turned and noticed he was covered in soot and dirt. 
He'd taken his overalls and shirt off, but his under-
trousers remained on, still sporting a bulge in the 
crotch. His torso, which was relatively athletic and 
quite hairy, was covered in filth. Dawn thought 

"I think you'd better have a shower," she said to him.

"No, it's OK, really, I'd better...."

"Nonsense" she said, ushering him back into the house 
and pointing towards the stairs, "This way." She lead 
him to the bathroom and turned on the shower before 
leaving to find a clean bath towel. When she returned, 
he was trying to undo the button of his trousers with 
his thumbs. 

"My hands are dirty," he said by way of explanation. 
Dawn saw her chance. She knelt in front of him and 
unbuttoned his trousers, then slowly, oh so slowly, 
unzipped his fly. His embarrassment grew as big as his 
erection as he looked down and saw this beautiful 
topless woman undressing him. 

He moved his eyes to different parts of the room, 
trying not to accept what was going on. His eyes, kept 
returning to the scene before him, however, and he 
gulped as she lowered his trousers to the floor. Before 
he could resist, she hooked her fingers under the 
elasticated waist band of his boxer shorts and pulled 
them down in one swift movement. He was now naked and 
incredibly aroused, his cock oozing pre cum from the 
very tip.

Dawn stood up and looked him in the eyes. His eyes 
darted from hers to her tits and back again.

"The water's ready," she said and she helped him into 
the shower cubicle. He turned to close the cubicle door 
but found Dawn stepping in with him, his hand 
accidentally touching one of her tits. He blushed some 

"All in good time," she said and she reached for some 
soap. She got up a lather and began to soap Pete all 
over. She paid particular attention to everything, his 
back, his shoulders, arms, chest, neck, abdomen, hips, 
arse, legs calves, thighs, ending around his pubic 
area. This was also soaped and washed and rinsed and 
soaped and washed and rinsed. She did this several 
times not because it was dirty, because Pete found it 

She turned the water off and stepped out, handing Pete 
a towel. She found herself a towel and began to dry her 
hair first, her hands above her head and shaking from 
side to side. Her breast movements made Pete's erection 
feel stiffer than ever.

She wandered over to Pete and sank to her knees again, 
using her towel to dry his legs, cupping his balls in 
the soft fluffy towel material. Pete sighed in 

She stood up and removed her wet bikini bottoms and 
made a point of drying her self provocatively in front 
of him. He watched in awe as she dried her inner thighs 
before running the towel through her dark pussy hair. 

Dawn reached for his hand and she told him that the 
laundry basket was in her bedroom. He followed her as 
though in a trance, his eyes never leaving her body.

Dawn placed the towels in the laundry basket, leaning 
over so Pete had a good view of her arse. He could see 
the lips of her pussy under her anus and he noticed the 
glistening of moisture, even though she had just dried 

She returned to his side and sat him on the bed next to 
her. She reached forward and kissed him gently on the 
lips a few times before using her finger to pry his 
mouth open. She inserted her tongue into his mouth and 
curled it around his tongue, licking his teeth and 
gums, sucking on his tongue whilst her hand reached 
into his crotch, taking his firmness in her hand, 
feeling the stiffness, feeling the length. Pete was 
blessed with a reasonable size and she knew he could 
make lots of women happy if he tried. For now, she 
wanted him to make her happy.

She kissed him and wanked him, his breathing increasing 
in intensity but his nervousness stopped him from 
reciprocating. Dawn released his cock and moved her 
hand towards his hand, before placing his hand on her 
left tit. Pete did not need any further encouragement 
after this.

He returned her kisses, sucking on her tongue so hard 
she caught her breath. He delicately felt her tits, 
gentlemanly almost, his hand soft but not tentative, 
very definite but easy with it.

Dawn's masturbating him made him groan with pleasure 
and she guessed he might be inexperienced and he may 
not last long. She laid back on the bed, pulling Pete 
towards her, spreading her legs in the process, 
reaching beneath her and taking his erection in her 
hands. She guided it into her waiting pussy and it 
filled her, deep. 

Pete sighed in pleasure and Dawn sighed in relief. She 
had a cock in her and it felt good. Sorry Paul, but 
needs must, she thought to herself.

Pete began to thrust himself deeper into Dawn and she 
responded, thrusting herself into him as he rode her. 
She was a very experienced lady, having had a different 
bloke every night when she was a holiday rep in Ibiza 
in her early twenties. Pete was a novice but his size 
caused her to reach climax before Pete. Dawn reached 
orgasm with Pete still inside her and he began to pant 

He withdrew his cock and spewed his load onto Dawn's 
flat and beautifully tanned belly, milking every last 
drop out with his hand, not wasting a drop.

"Why did you pull it out?" Dawn asked.

"I didn't want you to get pregnant," he replied. Pete 
was no longer blushing.

"Oh, I wouldn't worry about that," Dawn smiled. "I've 
taken precautions." With that, she took a handful of 
his warm sticky sperm and spread it over the outside of 
her pussy lips, allowing her fingers to penetrate 
herself, her fingers covered with Pete's little 

She got some more of his spunk on her fingers and 
spread some of his semen over her nipples, licking her 
fingers clean of his slightly salty sperm before using 
the remaining semen to smother the length of his shaft. 
She rolled laid him down so he was on his back and she 
mounted him, his sperm covered cock buried deep inside 
her. She leaned towards him so her nipples were in 
front of his face and he greedily sucked at them, 
tasting his own cum. His arousal remerged and his cock 
was no longer softening but stiffening. 

"God, you're horny," he said to her.

"You're not so bad yourself," she said. He reached for 
her neck and pulled her towards him, his tongue eager 
for hers, one hand reaching out for her soft, supple 

"Tweak the nipple," she whispered between kisses and 
Pete obliged. She moved her hand down to her pussy and 
rubbed herself, her motion on his cock becoming more 
vigorous. He moved his hand from her tit and began to 
stimulate her clit with his knuckles, and Dawn groaned 
out loud.

"Fuck me," she whispered. "Fuck me slowly." His 
movements were slow and deliberate. "Mmm, that's nice," 
she said, seductively.

"I love your tits," he told her, his eyes watching them 
as they swayed with her movements. 

"Suck me and fuck me," she said, increasing the speed 
of her movements, "This slut wants you to fuck her 
hard." His young masculine body responded, his hips 
pushing up into hers and she swung her head back, her 
dark hair falling over her shoulders making her look 
almost gypsy like.

"How come you're so horny?" he asked.

"My husband is away on business and I'm missing his 
cock inside me," she smiled with an evil twinkle in her 
eye. "I needed some cock and yours is just what I 

"Husband?" Pete said, almost stopping. She saw the fear 
in his eyes and she smiled.

"Relax," she said. "We have an open marriage. He is 
away for a month and I can't expect him to be well 
behaved and if I crave some male attention, then I'm 
allowed," she said, pushing back on the bed and riding 
his cock. She leaned her body forward so her hair 
dangled over his mouth. 

"Umm, are you sure?" he said, not particularly 
convinced but not wanting to stop.

"Bring me to climax and I'll tell you," she said. Pete 
suddenly felt an urge to give this stunning horny tart 
all he had. He sat up and lowered her deep into his 
lap, his cock deep within her. He rode her like that 
before rolling her over on the bed and withdrawing. He 
was beginning to take control and she was loving it.

"Tell me how you want me, horny stud," she cooed.

"I'm gonna fuck your arse off," he said and he turned 
her around, thrusting himself first into her pussy then 
into her arse. She squealed in delight and pleasure as 
he plundered her every orifice. She climaxed several 
times, as did Pete. No more did he squirt on her belly 
but in her belly.

Satisfied totally, she collapsed on the bed. Pete 
disappeared and re-emerged a few moments later with 
some cold drinks.

"Enjoy that?" she asked, regaining her breath. Pete, 
until an hour or so ago was merely an apprentice, both 
in engineering and also in sex, seemed confident he had 
passed his apprenticeship. And with his confidence came 

"Not bad!" he joked. "You could use some more practice 
though!" She looked at him with disdain for a moment or 
two until his smirk gave him away.

"You rotten sod, teasing me," she joked, prodding him 

"I'll show you teasing," he said and he buried his head 
in her bush. She playfully tried to resist but 
submitted almost immediately as his tongue hit her clit 
and her arousal reawakened itself.

Downstairs, Pete's mobile received another text 

"Ring the office now else you're fired." Upstairs, the 
sound of Dawn giggling drowned out the sound of the 
text alert.

"Have you the right tool for the job?" Dawn teased.

"Just the right tool for banging and screwing," Pete 
replied, his erection entering her pussy again.

"You gonna fuck me again?" Dawn asked, her legs spread 
wide for him.

"Yes, I'm gonna fuck you again," he said, then paused 
for a moment before continuing "...and again, and 
again, and again..."


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