Monday, 22 August 2016


The sound of the doorbell startled her, she was not 
expecting anybody. He was in his thirties, tall and well 
built and she knew from his short haircut that he was 
from the Military. He had a couple of parcels in his 
hand and he smiled at her as she stood looking blankly 
at him. "Pete asked me to drop these by." He said.

Pete was her husband and he was currently serving 
overseas. "Th-thanks," she responded as she stretched 
out a hand.

"There is a letter as well; Pete said you may want to 
read it in my presence," he told her.

She looked suspiciously at him again but invited him in. 
"My name is Steve, by the way." He told her holding out 
his hand.

She struggled momentarily with the parcels before 
putting them down on the kitchen table and took his hand 
and gave it a limp squeeze. "Beth," she said.

"Yes I know," he replied. "Pete talks a lot about you."

She saw him smiling and felt his eyes penetrating her. 
She knew the look of lust when she saw it. Nervously she 
turned away and picked up the sealed envelope.

My Darling,

Missing you as always. I love you, you know that don't 

I hope you like the pressies. I got them from the PX 
Store here. I know you like Chocolates and I also know 
how much you like silk stockings. Put them on and send 
me a picture please.

There is also another present for you, if you wish to 
take it. His name is Steve. I know we have often talked 
about it in the past, you fucking another man and I know 
you are missing sex as much as I am. It is okay with me 
if you want to sleep with him. He's a good bloke, 
divorced and like me horny as hell. He's been out here a 
bit longer than me so he will be champing at the bit.

I have been frank with him and told him your likes and 
dislikes so he has been primed. He is not averse to 
dishing out a spanking to naughty girls either and he 
says he can be quite dominant in bed. I have checked him 
out in the showers and I don't think you will be 
disappointed as far as that is concerned.

So darling, it's all down to you. Don't feel pressurised 
to do anything you don't want to. Yes, I would love you 
to fuck him and hear all about it afterwards; even maybe 
get a pic or two, but it's up to you. He will understand 
if you want to say 'no'. So will I.

Anyway I will let you get on with your decision. Chat to 
you tomorrow night with our scheduled call.

I love you



Beth didn't know what to say. She clung on to the letter 
and read it over again. She felt embarrassed more than 
anything else, standing there with a complete stranger 
who had been sent to fuck her. "It's okay if you want to 
say 'no'." He told her.

"Yes. I mean no. I mean thanks." She replied in her 
state of confusion.

He smiled at her. "Pete's put you on the spot hasn't 

She nodded.

"Well before you throw me out he did say there would be 
a cold beer waiting for me in the fridge and I could 
really do with one."

She glanced at the fridge freezer standing in the 
corner. Yes, there were beers in there that he had 
bought just before he went off. She went and took a can 
and handed it over to him. He said nothing as he pulled 
back the tab and lifted it to his lips. She watched as 
he gulped down almost the whole contents. "That is 
good." He exclaimed. "You don't know how long I have 
waited to do that." He told her, before finishing it 

She smiled at him.

"Just two things, well three things, left to do now." He 
told her as he handed her the empty can.

"Three more beers?" She asked with a laugh.

"No." He told her with a smile. "A soak in a hot bath 
and a lie down in a soft bed."

She noted that he only said two things. She didn't need 
to ask what the third thing was.

"Pete did say I could take a bath here if it was okay 
with you." He told her, putting her on the spot again.

Beth was still reeling from the fact that Pete had 
actually sent him to have sex with her. She didn't want 
to. Well she did want sex; she was desperate for it. It 
had been three months now; three months of fingers and 
three months of her trusted vibrator. But what she 
really wanted was a cock; she was desperate for cock. 
Not this way though.

Steve was still waiting for her answer.

"W-well if Pete has okayed it then..."

"Are you sure?" He asked.

She wasn't sure; she was confused but she nodded.

She knew the hot and hard conditions that these men 
worked under. She felt sorry for him. She told him that 
she would go and run a bath for him and he asked her if 
it was okay if he brought his kit bag in from the car. 
She felt awkward again. He must have come prepared to 
stay the night with her. She felt that she could hardly 
refuse him and she agreed. A couple of minutes later he 
found his way to her bedroom, where the en-suite 
bathroom was. He put his bag down on the floor by the 

"The bath is running." She told him nervously. "I will 
go and get some towels for you."

By the time she came back he was already stepping out of 
his boxer shorts. She felt embarrassed at his nakedness 
and even more so when her eyes lingered longer than they 
should have on his cock. Yes, he was quite big.

"Hope I haven't embarrassed you." He told her as he took 
the towels from her nervous hands. "You get used to 
being naked around other people in our line of work."

She said nothing as he walked into the bathroom.

"I could murder another beer." He told her with a smile.

He was lying back in the water when she reappeared 
again. "You'll never know just how good this feels." He 
told her.

"Yes, Pete is always saying that is one thing he 
misses." She told him as she handed him the can.

 For a brief moment their hands touched as he took it 
from her. It was too brief even to measure but all the 
same it was a touch. Naked flesh against naked flesh. 
She glanced down at the soapy water and noticed the 
effect it was having on him. His cock was standing erect 
out and it's bulbous head poking above the water line.

"Thank you." He told her.

She knew that he knew that he had seen the look on her 
face; that look of lust. She felt embarrassed again and 
made her excuse to leave him too it. Beth knew that 
staying any longer would probably mean her getting in as 
well. He gave her a smile as she left.

It was fifteen minutes later when he called out her name 
and she went back up stairs to find him sitting on her 
bed. He had dried himself and had a towel around his 
waist. "Is it okay if I have a lie down?" He asked her. 
"Pete said it would be okay."

She knew that she should say 'no'. She knew that should 
tell him to go but she couldn't bring herself to do it. 
She wanted him. "Yes." She told him.

Suddenly his hand reached out and took hold of hers; 
gently but firmly he took hold of it and looked her in 
the eyes. "I know that it is embarrassing for you but 
your husband has asked me to fuck you."

She nodded. "Yes I know," she said softly trying to 
avoid his gaze.

"But first I would like to take your panties down and 
give you a spanking before fucking you." He told her. 
"And I think you would like that too wouldn't you Beth?"

She turned away and tried to pull her hand away.

"It's no use being in denial Beth," he said. "I know all 
about you. Pete and I have talked for hours and hours 
about you. I know exactly what you want and you know 
what I need Beth, don't you."

She said nothing.

As quickly as he had taken her hand he let it go again 
but both of his hands reached quickly out for the side 
of her skirt. He was so quick that her buttons were 
already undone before she could do anything. "It's no 
use struggling Beth." He told her as her skirt started 
to slide down to the ground.

It had hardly touched the floor when he hands were on 
the waistband of her white panties. "That's a good 
girl," he said, as he slid them over her hips.

Moments later she found herself standing in front of him 
naked from the waist down.

"Now Beth," he said. "Pete tells me you have been a very 
naughty girl. A very dirty girl was well." He added as 
his fingers touched her mound.

She said nothing as she stood there and let him stroke 
her mound.

"I am very disappointed though Beth." He suddenly told 

"Disappointed? Why?"

"Pete told me you shaved your cunt. He used to tell me 
how smooth it was and how pretty it looked without hair. 
I so love to see shaved cunt and I was so looking 
forward to seeing yours." He told her as he ran his 
fingers through her tight curls.

"S-sorry." She found herself saying apologetically. "I 
was letting it grow back until he came home again."

It suddenly dawned on her that she was discussing 
intimate parts of her body with a complete stranger and 
she began to feel embarrassed.

"I want it shaved off now Beth." He told her.

She looked down at him. His eyes were piercing and there 
was a serious look on her face. She knew she should be 
telling him to go but she could not help herself from 
following his orders. "Sorry. Yes." She told him.

Moments later she was in the bathroom with one foot 
resting on the edge of the bath soaping her mound ready 
for the razor. As she ran the razor blade across herself 
she noticed he was standing there watching her. She 
looked up at him and her eyes fell on the thick brown 
leather belt in his hand. It was doubled and gripped 
tightly ready for use. It looked threatening and so did 
his cock. It was fully erect now, long and thick with 
veins bulging. It looked angry. She felt her legs wobble 
as she realised it was for her; it was waiting for her; 
waiting to get inside her; waiting to penetrate her 

"Don't be long," he said.

He was rushing her now; there was desperation ion his 
voice. She gulped as she continued to strip her mound of 
all hair. No man had wanted her like this before. She 
felt afraid; wondering what exactly was in store for 
her. Was he just going to fuck her or was he going to 
beat her and fuck her? Her legs wobbled again not just 
in fear but also with sexual excitement.

He stood watching her for over five minutes; watching 
her remove every shred of hair. When she had rinsed 
herself down with the shower hose he came up to her and 
examined her for himself. His fingers ran over her mound 
and then between her swollen lips. "That will do," he 
said. "Now get your top off and get in the bedroom."

It had been a long time since Pete had ordered her to 
her bed to fuck her; she had been so excited then. She 
was more excited now. This was not Pete; this was not 
her husband but a man she had met less than half an hour 

He was waiting by the edge of the bed when she came back 
into the room; standing there at her husband's side of 
the bed waiting with the belt in his hand and his cock 
firmly erect. She stood in front of him with her head 
slightly bowed as he spoke. He was much taller than her 
and she felt so small in his presence. "You know I have 
to thrash you don't you Beth?"

"Yes," she responded softly, still not looking up at 

"Six strokes of the belt for being a dirty and 
disobedient girl," he said. "And then you are going to 
open your legs nice and wide for me Beth, just like a 
whore, so I can fuck you."

"Yes," she sighed as she felt her legs giving away 

"Bend over the bed Beth."

She brushed past him to lie across the bed and his cock 
touched her; touched her side; touched her flesh. She 
wanted to take it in her hand; she wanted to caress it; 
wanted to kneel and take it in her mouth. She wanted to 
worship it but instead she did as he had ordered and lay 
on her stomach across the bed with her legs dangling 
over the side and feet touching the floor.

She had done this before for Pete; lain across the bed 
for him to spank her; lain across the bed for a few 
slaps of his hand on the soft flesh of her bottom. She 
had loved every moment of it; loved the pain and the 
humiliation of it all but this was going to be 
different. She knew that. This would not be soft hand 
slaps; this would be hard strokes of the belt; hard and 
painful strokes, hard humiliating strokes as a prelude 
to being fucked like a whore.

He knelt on the edge of the bed with one knee and placed 
his left hand on the centre of her back to hold her down 
firmly. She glanced up at the dressing table mirror just 
in time to see his raised hand bring the belt firmly 
down on her bottom. She cried out; she yelled; she 
sobbed and she pleaded with each stroke but he did not 
stop. He did not hold back; he gave her six hard strokes 
of his leather belt.

Her bottom stung and she sobbed but she still turned 
over when he had finished and opened her legs wide for 
him. As he positioned himself between her thighs she 
looked up at him and swore. "Bastard!" She yelled.

He said nothing but smiled; smiled as he pushed the huge 
bulbous head of his cock against her cunt lips and 
smiled again as he gave a heavy thrust of his hips. Beth 
cried out and found herself automatically wrapping her 
arms around his shoulders and her thighs around his 
waist. She had never felt anything so long and thick 
inside her before but it did not hurt her; Beth had been 
well lubricated even before she had rolled over on her 
back for him.

Their fuck was fast and furious; he wasn't interested in 
her satisfaction; he wasn't interested in waiting to 
ensure she came as well; he couldn't care less whether 
she climaxed or not. Steve reached under her bottom with 
his hands and pulled her tightly against him and began 
to pound away at her.

But Beth did also not want a long drawn out fuck; she 
wanted to feel his thick manhood satisfying itself 
inside her. She had her legs wrapped around a beast; a 
beast who had just beaten her; a beast who had called 
her a whore; a beast who was treating her as an object 
of self-satisfaction. Her pleasure alone would have been 
sufficient in just that but when he kept calling her a 
whore and telling her to move her ass as his pounding 
got heavier and faster she was ready for him. As he gave 
one long groan as his cum gushed from him deep inside 
her she climaxed.

It was some time later before she managed to compose 
herself and get her breath back. She lay with her head 
resting on his shoulder, a thigh intertwined with his 
and her arm around waist. She could not remember the 
last time she had ever felt this satisfied. She could 
still feel her bottom stinging; she could still sense 
the stretching of her vagina but she could also feel his 
cum oozing from her. She felt like a woman again; she 
felt like a woman who had at long last been satisfied by 
a man.

"I wasn't too rough on you was I?" He asked her quietly.

She looked up at him and smiled. "Was that roughness?" 
She asked him as she kissed him.

He smiled.

"It was just what I needed thank you." She told him as 
she settled back against his strong shoulders.

"I have waited a long time for that," he said. "A fuck I 

"Well I hope you are not going to leave it at that." She 

"Well I was hoping to stay the night and come back again 
on my last night of leave." He told her.

Beth felt disappointed.

"You have somewhere else to go?" She asked.

"Well I was planning to see my parents for a few days 
but Pete and I only agreed to two nights."

She ran her hand down to his groin. He was wet and 
sticky from their juices but she felt his soft flesh 
beginning to stir. "And in between seeing your parents?"

"See a few mates," he replied. "Not really thought about 

She continued to stroke him and he continued to stiffen. 
"Thought you might really like to help Pete out and look 
after me properly." She said as she reached up and 
kissed him.

He returned her kiss and his cock stiffened even more. 
"I would love to." He told her. "But we agreed on just 
two nights."

He was fully erect now and ready to fuck again and she 
mounted him. She sank down upon his cock filling herself 
once again, stretching her vagina once more. "Well if 
that's the best you can do." She whispered in his ear 
before kissing him.

"I do want more but..." he responded.

She began to move slowly up and down on his manhood. 
"Just two nights of fucking me when you could be fucking 
me for a whole fortnight," she whispered. "Two weeks of 
having your own personal whore instead of two nights." 
She added as she kissed him.

He groaned and thrust into her letting her know he was 
succumbing to her invitation. "I am sure that you could 
teach me such a lot as well," she said softly as she 
increased her rhythm. "You are so much bigger than Pete; 
so much better than him and I bet you could show me lots 

He groaned again and began to meet her thrusts. "That's 
it Steve fill your pussy; fill your cunt."

"Yes! yes!" He called out as she moved up and down on 

She kissed him as they surrendered themselves to each 
other and continued long into a session of mutual 


Steve was still there the following night when Pete 
called. They were sat up in bed together relaxing after 
another long session of sex.

"Did you get your pressies?" He asked her nervously.

"Hmmm. Thank you darling," she said. "I am actually 
wearing them now."

"Ooooooh!" he replied.

"And Steve?"

"Yes." She replied. "He is the best present ever."


"Yes. He is still here." She told him.

There was silence for a moment. "We... we, agreed on 
just the first and last nights." He told her.

"Yes I know Darling," she replied as she reached with 
her free hand and took hold of Steve's erection. "But I 
thought it was such a shame to leave so early."

Pete was silent again for a moment. "Is he there now?"

"Yes," she said. "Right beside me in bed."

His sigh was quite audible.

"Well it is something we have talked about isn't it?" 
She said to him.

"Yes I know but..."

"He will have lots to tell you about when he gets back 
and I will soon have some pictures for you." She told 

"What sort of pictures?" He asked, already knowing what 
he was likely to get.

"Well I thought one of me in those nice stockings you 
bought for me and a very special one for you." She 

"A special one?"

"You will see later tonight when I email it to your 
mobile." She told him.

There was a long silence before he spoke again. "I-I... 
look forward to it."

Half an hour later she lay back on her bed with her 
thighs apart. Steve's dog tags were resting on her mound 
and his cum was slowly trickling from her freshly fucked 
pussy. Steve held her mobile phone in his hand adjusting 
and focusing its camera on her open thighs. "Say 
cheese," he said.

Beth giggled from behind the pillow that covered her 
head as the camera clicked away.

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