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Dot, along with the rest of her family, was much too busy 
with survival in post-war Germany. Social amenities for 
young teenagers were non-existent. Life for a mischievous 
and playful girl-woman was nonetheless exciting. But 
sexual awareness had not played a large part in this 
young girl's life till, much to her surprise, she learned 
she was to be an exchange student for the following 
school year.

Paris, France. Dot's father had made the arrangements. 
She was sort of looking forward to new surroundings and 
new adventures. Dot took the overnight train from 
Wiesbaden, Germany to Paris and her host family picked 
her up at the train station.

They seemed pleasant enough.... the parents, Claudia and 
Jean, were thirty-something. A typical French family, 
with three teenagers, they lived in a small but homey 
flat. The oldest, Charlize, was pretty and dark-haired 
like her mother. She was eighteen and did not have to 
share her bedroom with her younger, male siblings. One of 
her young brothers was to reside with Dot's family at the 
same time. For the following year though, Charli would be 
sharing her bed with the tall, slim German girl she 
nicknamed Dot.

Now that they had met, Charlize was looking forward to 
her new friendship. Charlize was promiscuous, but not 
necessarily by European standards. At her age she knew 
just about all she had to know about sex. She had a good 
teacher.... Claudia, her mother. Living in close quarters 
did not allow for much privacy around the house.

Seeing family members naked was pretty much unavoidable 
and they thought nothing of it. They had become 
accustomed to catching their parents making love. 
Charli's parents, never embarrassed and never stopping 
what they were doing, just shooed the children from their 

Charlize and Dot got along famously. Called Charli for 
short, she was an outgoing, fun-loving teenager. Dot, two 
years younger and impressionable, wanted to be just like 
her. Charli was so worldly.... so Parisian. And she was 
beautiful. A marvelous body that Dot loved to look at and 
didn't care why.

They filched Jean's cigarettes and would sneak off to be 
alone, smoke and talk. Charli's parents did not approve 
of their children smoking. Wine however was plentiful 
from breakfast to supper. Every evening at bedtime Dot 
would climb into a warm featherbed in a haze of red wine 
and Charli. And, Charli's pillow talk about her young 
sexual experiences was opening a whole new world for Dot. 

Charli told Dot about the young men she jerked off but 
wouldn't suck and about the ones she allowed in her 
panties but wouldn't fuck. And about what she had seen 
Claudia and Jean do on numerous occasions, describing 
Jean's penis as it penetrated Claudia.... several 
different places. Sometimes Charli would spy on her 
seemingly unaware parents and then run quickly back to 
her bed to masturbate furiously. 

Claudia, on the other hand, couldn't resist watching her 
daughter hiding in the darkened hallway spying on her and 
Jean's lovemaking. 

Although she had taught Charli to masturbate properly, 
thereafter Claudia gave her all the privacy she needed. 
Charli loved to play with her pussy. Since Charlize 
freely discussed sex with her mother, Claudia new about 
her limited experience and that she was still a virgin. 
And no experience with other girls. Yet. Charlizee was 
still exploring the wonders of a stiff cock.

Cuddled up together every night was lovely. Inevitably, 
the girls began to explore each other. Young Charli was 
thinking that she was indeed fortunate to have this 
beautiful blonde German girl all to herself and in her 
bed. This would be new to both of them. They had taken to 
playfully feeling and licking each other's young, not 
fully developed breasts. Charli would invariably end up 
fingering her pubes.

Dot watched in the dim light and was enthralled. Dot 
yearned to touch Charli's pussy. One night Dot placed her 
hand on Charli's busy fingers then positioned her own 
hand at her pussy to simulate what Charli was doing. 
Charli thought, "Now, we're getting somewhere!" It was 
her opening to explore Dot's opening. 

"Look, dummy, like this," said Charli reaching for Dot's 
crotch. Charli slipped her index finger between her 
friend's labia.  

"Ooooooh, Dot, you're juicy!" Charli's finger was doing 
something that Dot had never imagined was possible. She 
was about to experience her first orgasm. Charli removed 
her fingers from the young blonde's pussy to reposition 
herself and get comfortable for her task.

"No! Don't stop, Charli," Dot whispered as she wrapped 
her arms around Charli's neck to pull her back. "It's 
wonderful, please do it some more!" Charli pushed Dot 
back down on the bed then placed her head under her 
friend's knees better to see Dot's almost hairless pussy. 
A very fine, almost white down sparsely covered Dot's 
young, firm mons venerus. Charli resumed her diddling. 
Spreading Dot's labia with one hand she surrounded her 
clit with index and middle fingers. She made small, slow 
circles at first. Just like her mother taught her.

"She's learned her lessons well," thought Claudia 
standing in the darkened hallway. She and Jean had gotten 
used to the girlish cavorting every evening. This 
particular night Claudia had crept down the hallway to 
Charli's bedroom and could see her daughter and Dot in 
the moonlight from the window. She had already sucked-off 
her husband but a little too much dinner wine put him to 
sleep quickly. Claudia was left to her own fingers. While 
she was concentrating on an old fantasy she could hear 
the girls whispering and moving about on their bed. She 
wanted to see.

Claudia's bisexual experiences were many. Jean was aware 
and didn't mind his wife's occasional liaisons with her 
friends. He enjoyed her trysts, his trysts, their trysts. 
Claudia liked young girls. Claudia was about to enjoy her 
daughter's good fortune also.

I guess this lady was somewhat liberated. However, 
European sexual views have a whole different perspective. 
Claudia loved to eat pussy, young pussy. Well, she liked 
to suck cock too. Claudia was a very oral person. She had 
gone down on her own daughter while teaching her the 
finer points of self-pleasure for instructional purposes. 
Claudia, with her fingers slowing massaging her clit was 
jolted out of her reverie.

"Ch-Charliiiiize!" Dot thought she would wake the house. 
Then almost breathless, whispered, "Charli, I'm cumming." 
Dot had never heard the term, but at that moment she knew 
that's what was happening to her. She was going to cum. 
Charli's finger turned the trick. She was still 
trembling, "I want to do you, Charli," then she kissed 

Charli knew about kisses, french kisses. Charli first 
licked Dot's lips then inserted her tongue in her 
friend's mouth. Dot eagerly reciprocated. She again felt 
Charli's fingers squeezing and tugging at her pussy lips 
while they kissed then felt Charli's mouth at her pussy. 
Charli's mouth? She was thoroughly enjoying the kiss, 
Charli's soft hands gently pinching her nipples and the 
wonderful mouthing she was receiving at the same time.

Charli and Dot broke the kiss simultaneously and looked 
down to see Claudia skillfully bringing Dot's hips back 
to a quivering, involuntary humping mass. Dot felt like 
she was watching some other girl, somebody else, getting 
her young pussy thoroughly bathed by Claudia's mouth. Dot 
was surrounded by wonderful, warm, sensual pleasure. Her 
body was quaking, trembling, shivering, her arms tightly 
around Charli's neck sucking on her lover's tongue. But, 
she was on a cloud.... soft, warm, secure. And, she 
didn't want to get off. But she did.

Dot wondered at the taste of her own juices on Claudia's 
lips when the older woman kissed her and said, "I want to 
teach you girls how to have pleasure with another woman." 
Charli shrieked with anticipation.... and woke Jean in 
the other bedroom. Claudia instructed the girls to, "Lie 
down head to foot on your sides. Rest your heads on each 
other's thighs. Pretend that warm, loving flesh before 
you is your own, then make it feel good. Claudia knew 
both girls would forever love the taste of another woman.

With outstretched arms, Claudia's fingers were gently 
massaging both girl's pussies as they tentatively lapped 
at each other. She felt their tongues on her fingers 
trying to get past. Then she felt Jean's hard cock 
against her face. It was making her cheek wet. She opened 
her mouth and turned her face. His hand went to the back 
of her head. Jean watched the girls intently, slowly 
fucking his wife's mouth. Charli became aware of her 
father and what he was doing to Claudia. She had 
witnessed this before.

Jean was not allowed to fuck Dot and he was not one to 
fuck his own daughter. Claudia was adamant about 
returning damaged goods. Poor Jean. However, Claudia took 
the opportunity and the rest of the year to show the 
girls how to suck cock. Poor Jean.

Dot went home still a virgin, so to speak. She had found 
herself in more ways than one. She had learned to eat 
pussy and suck cock from one of the best. 

Dot began an apprentice job at a local sekt distillery. 
In France it's champagne. In Germany, it's sekt. It was 
there she found Goody. Gudrun. Too hard to say, we called 
her Goody, and she was Dot's best friend when I met them. 
After many years, I still remember the aroma of her cunt 
in my face and looking straight up and seeing John's dick 
in her mouth. I could see Dot's hands massaging Goody's 
wonderful breasts from behind. 

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