Monday, 6 June 2016


Ralph was eighteen years old and so glad that he 
graduated from college. But Ralph was also shy around 
girls and was still a virgin. But if they only knew what 
he was packing in his pants he would have lost his 
virginity when he was fifteen. He was six feet tall and 
lanky with short blonde hair and blue eyes.

Ralph lived alone with his mother Tammy. She was forty-
one years old and divorced her husband when Ralph was 
only two years old. He would beat her and she decided to 
stand up for herself. Then luck have it to where two 
years later, her ex-husband wrecked his Harley on the 
Interstate doing ninety miles an hour. He didn't win 
against the hard pavement and she was actually happy.

Tammy was five feet ten inches with shoulder blonde 
hair, blue eyes and was a full figured woman. Her eyes 
and pouty lips made her very attractive even though she 
had a chubby ass and small tits.

But Tammy didn't date much as she devoted all of her 
time to raising Ralph. 

It was Friday morning and Ralph was sound asleep in his 
bed. But he had a dream. 

In Ralph's dream, he was naked and on top of a sexy 
chubby woman with blonde hair. He had a boner and the 
tip of his cock was at her wet hole of her pussy.

The female voice called, "Time to wake up!" in his 

Ralph looked at the woman and was about to push his cock 
into her pussy when he woke up.

Ralph looked around his room and was a little dazed. It 
took a few seconds for him to realize that he had a 
dream and it was back to reality.

Ralph flipped his covers off his body and got out of 

Standing in his bedroom doorway was his mom, Tammy.
Tammy looked at Ralph and saw that he had an erection in 
his sweat shorts. "I see you have a morning wood," she 

Ralph looked down at his shorts and saw the pump tent. 
He should have been embarrassed but he wasn't. In fact, 
this was sort of a turn-on thinking his mom saw him with 
an erection.

"Get ready for work," she said then walked away.

Tammy smiled over the thought of Ralph having an 
erection and she could tell by the size of the tent in 
his shorts, that he was well endowed.
She headed off to the kitchen.

After breakfast, Ralph got dressed in his Kroger uniform 
and headed off to his part-time jog. Today he was going 
to help stock shelves.

Tammy got dressed in her business suit and headed off to 
her job as a bank teller manager.

Friday evening rolled around and Ralph spent most of the 
night in his bedroom on the Internet. And of course he 
was looking at porn. His favorite was MILFs that loved 
to fuck younger guys.

Tammy was in the family room and relaxed on the Futon 
and watched some movies on Netflix. In fact, she slept 
on the Futon as her current bed gave her backaches. She 
planned on buying a new bed in four months. She wasn't 
in any hurry, as the Futon was extremely comfortable for 

For bed, Tammy always wore a tee shirt over her bare 
chest and white panties. Seeing her like this always 
gave Ralph and erection.

Ralph always went commando under his grey sweat short 
and was topless. Tammy liked that because often she 
could see the tip of his cock bouncing around under 
those sweats. 

It was ten at night and Ralph woke up thirsty.
He got out of bed and headed into the kitchen.

From the kitchen you could see the family room, as the 
eating bar separated the two rooms. 

Ralph walked inside the kitchen and started to head to 
the refrigerator. But some moaning from the family room 
caught his attention. He looked at the family room and 
saw his mom on her back on the Futon, head on her pillow 
and blanket shoved down to her feet. 

Tammy moaned louder and that peeked Ralph's curiosity so 
he gingerly walked to the eating bar.

His eyes widened when he saw that his mom had her right 
hand at her crotch. She's masturbating. He said in his 
mind. She's rubbing her pussy. He said in his mind and 
smiled at this sexy sight.

"Ahhhhh!" Tammy cried out and arched her back, while she 
frantically rubbed her pussy having an orgasm.

Ralph's cock was rock hard at the sight of his mom 

"Ahhhhh!" Tammy cried out again, having another orgasm.

Ralph thought she might see him so he gingerly walked 
out of the kitchen.

Ralph went back to his bedroom and got under the covers. 
All he could think about was seeing his mom masturbating.
He wanted to jerk off but a nasty thought popped in his 
head. He decided to save it for later. He closed his eyes.

Three hours had passed and Ralph woke up. It took a few 
seconds for him to recall what he saw earlier. He was 
curious so he got out of bed.

Ralph walked out of his bedroom and headed off to the 

He was cautious when he entered the kitchen and gingerly 
walked to the eating bar.

He could tell that his mom was sound asleep on her back, 
her face facing the back of the Futon, with her blanket 
still down at her feet. But something caught his 
attention and it was something he didn't see earlier. It 
was her white panties on the floor by the Futon. 
Ralph gingerly walked into the family room and over to 
the Futon.

He glanced down at his mom and something else caught his 
attention. His eyes widened at the sight of the black 
patch of hair above her pussy. Seeing that gave Ralph a 
rock hard erection. 

He stood there and stared down at her pussy hair for a 
few seconds. More nasty thoughts ran through Ralph's head
and he started to get excited and out of breath. 

He dropped to his knees. He looked at his mom's shapely 
thighs and always thought they were sexy.

The more he looked at his mom, the more nasty thought 
flooded his head. Why not. He said in his head then he 
lowered his sweat shorts down to his bent knees. 

Ralph grabbed the shaft of his rock hard cock and slowly 
moved the head toward the outside of his mom's right 

He brought it a half-a-inch from her skin and stopped. 
Should I? he thought. What the fuck. He thought and let 
the tip of his cock touch the bare skin of the side of 
his mom's right tight. It was such a huge turn-on. He 
lightly rubbed the tip of his cock on the outer side of 
her thigh. She didn't wake up. 

While he rubbed his cock on her thigh, he couldn't 
resist that sweet patch of black pubic hair. "Mom, I 
want your pussy," he said in the lowest voice he could 
muster, yet possibly loud enough to where it might wake 
her up. 

He couldn't resist. He reached out with his left hand 
and lightly ran his finger tips through her hair. 

Doing that for a few seconds was causing Ralph to get 
out of breath and he was so horny. Why the fuck not. He 
thought so he stood up, lowered his sweats to his feet 
and stepped out of them. 

Ralph reached down and picked up his sweat-shorts and 
tossed them into the kitchen. He was now bare ass naked 
in front of his sleeping mom.

He moved back to the middle of the room and started to 
stroke his cock while he looked at his mom. This was so 
erotic for Ralph that it didn't take long for him to 
spurt out globs of cum all over the family room floor. 

Tammy stirred on the Futon and that made Ralph nervous. 
He turned around and went into the kitchen, picked up 
his shorts and headed off to his bedroom.

Ralph decided to sleep naked while he thought about his 
mom on the couch and the sight of her rubbing her pussy 

Saturday morning arrived and Ralph woke up at ten.

He got out of bed and slipped on his sweat shorts then 
left his bedroom.

He went into the kitchen and didn't see his Tammy. 
"Mom," he called out.

"I'm in the family room," she said.

Ralph walked to the eating bar and saw his mom, in her 
bikini, cleaning up a spot on the floor of the family 
room. He knew that spot very well from last night.

"Be careful with food or ice cream in here. Someone 
spilled something and the floor was sticky," she said 
then stood up with a wet cleaning rag in her left hand 
and a dry rag in her right hand.

Ralph looked at Tammy in her bikini and always loved 
that sight. He always thought she looked sexy even 
thought she hated her pouchy tummy. 

"I found it on the floor after I came in from a few laps 
in the pool," said Tammy while she walked into the 

Tammy had a pool installed in the backyard when Ralph 
was eight years old. But what Ralph didn't know was that 
since the backyard had a privacy fence, she would slip 
out in the middle of the night and go skinny dipping. If 
he ever saw that, he probably would be stroking his cock 
raw thinking about the sight of her naked body.

Tammy glanced down at Ralph's sweat-shorts and she could 
tell by the bulge that he liked seeing her in her 
bikini. She walked over to the eating bar. "Rub my back 
for me. Cleaning the floor gave me a bit of a back 
ache," she said and stood with her tummy pressed against 
the bar and her back facing Ralph.

He walked up and stood behind his mom. He glanced at her 
bare back then down at the backside of her bikini. He 
loved seeing part of her ass cheeks protruding out from 
her bikini.

He started to massage her back. 

After a few up and down strokes, Ralph had a rock hard 
erection and couldn't resist. He slowly inched his 
crotch toward the rear of his mom's bikini.

"Feels good," said Tammy while Ralph's hand went up and 
down her back.

Ralph got so many nasty thoughts about his mom that he 
didn't realize that his crotch of his shorts was 
touching his mom's rear.

"Feels good," she moaned out.

Ralph decided to take a chance. While his hands rubbed 
up and down his mom's bare back, he pressed his crotch 
harder into the crack of his mom's backside. She didn't 
say anything or move away. She did in fact moan.

Ralph knew she was accepting this so he decided to take 
it a step farther. He started to rub his crotch against 
her rear end. 

"Mmmm," she moaned out.

So there was Ralph, rubbing his mom's back and rubbing 
the crotch of his shorts against her butt. And to his 
surprise, she didn't move away. She likes it. He said in 
his mind and that made Ralph even more hornier and 

Ralph moved his hands off her back and grabbed the sides 
of her hips. 

Tammy pushed her butt into Ralph's crotch and he knew 
this was his invitation for some nasty fun. So he 
pressed the crotch of his shorts harder into the crack 
of his mom's butt. She moaned.

So there he was dry humping his mom's ass in the kitchen 
and she was moaning louder.

Ralph then decided to take another chance. He removed 
his hands off his mom's hips and reached around her 
front. He quickly cupped her bikini top and started to 
grope her A-Cup tits.

Tammy didn't shoo his hands away instead she moaned. 

To Ralph's surprise, Tammy reached around and untied the 
back of her bikini top. Once Ralph saw that, he removed 
his hands and let her bikini top free his mom's tits 
from their covered prison. 

She reached behind her neck and untied the rest of her 
bikini top. Her top fell down to the top of the eating 
bar and she was now topless.

Ralph reached back around and started to fondle his 
mom's bare tits. She moaned. He played with her erect 

"Feels good, baby," Tammy moaned out and always loved 
the feeling of a man's fingers all over her nipples.

Tammy turned around and glanced in Ralph's eyes. She 
planted a kiss on his lips.

Ralph couldn't believe that his mom was kissing him and 
now her tongue was darting into his mouth. I'm French 
kissing my mom! He cried out in his mind. 

While they French kissed, Tammy reached down and started 
to grope Ralph's crotch.

She's feeling me up! He cried out in his mind and loved 
the feeling of his mom's hand squeezing his hard cock 
through the material of his shorts.

Ralph reached out and untied his mom's bikini bottoms. 
They dropped to her feet and she scooted them away. She 
was now bare ass naked French kissing her son.

Tammy moved her lips off of Ralph's lips and grabbed the 
waist band of his sweat shorts. She lowered them down to 
his feet.

He stepped out of them and scooted them away.

Tammy looked down and a huge grin grew on her face. 
"What a sweet cock," she said while she saw the nine 
inch thick meaty cock that was arched out for some 

Ralph was proud that his mom loved his big cock. Then he 
watched while she dropped to her knees in front of hm. 
He knew what she was going to do and this would be the 
first time for him.

Tammy grabbed the hard shaft of his cock and stroked it. 
She looked at his hairy balls. "I'll have to do 
something for you later today," she said then she opened 
her mouth and started sucking on the head of his cock.

Ralph moaned and couldn't believe that his mom was 
sucking his cock. Her warm mouth felt so good wrapped 
around his cock.

After a few seconds of sucking on the head of his cock 
like it was a Popsicle, she took his cock deeper into 
her mouth.

Ralph moaned and tried not to cum in her mouth.

Tammy moaned while she sucked on her son's cock.

"Yes, yes, yes," moaned out Ralph. "Suck my cock, mom!" 
he moaned out louder.

After a few seconds of Tammy performing her magic with 
her mouth, she pulled it out and stood up. "You're a 
virgin. Right?"

Ralph felt ashamed while he nodded in agreement with her 

"Well, I'm here to take care of that," said Tammy then 
she turned around and pressed her tummy against the edge 
of the eating bar. "Come fuck your mother," she said and 
wiggled her ass cheeks at Ralph. "I know you know what 
to do. After all, you watch porno on your computer," she 
said and gave it away that she know Ralph watched porno.

Ralph did know what to do and it was like he was in a 
dream when he stared at his mother's wide ass cheeks. He 
grabbed his cock and brought it to her backside.

Tammy reached around, and repositioned her rear end 
while she guided his cock to her pussy lips.

Ralph moaned while she guided the head of his cock into 
her wet pussy hole. The head of his cock slipped inside 
her pussy and Tammy moaned. He couldn't believe that he 
finally had his cock inside a woman's pussy. It felt so 
wet and beautiful.

"Fuck me. Ralph. Fuck your mother," she cried out.

Tammy spread her feet farther apart and moaned when 
Ralph's nine inch cock went deeper into her pussy. It 
had been fourteen months since she had been fucked and 
she was in dire need of some cock.

Ralph had his cock deep into his mom's pussy and his 
pubic hairs were now pressed against her butt cheeks. He 
started to pump.

"Yes, yes," she moaned out while her son pumped her 
pussy. "Fuck me," she cried out.

Ralph picked up his pace and the sound of his crotch 
slapping against her ass cheeks was so hot. He heard it 
so many times on those porno videos that he was now 
experiencing it for real.

"Yes, yes, yes," Tammy moaned out while Ralph's cock 
fucked her pussy.

"I'm fucking my mom," cried out Ralph. "I'm fucking my 

The thought of being fucked by her son was too much for 
Tammy. "AHHHHHH!" she cried out and had an orgasm.

"Fuck me, I'm your whore!" she cried out wanting another 

Ralph pumped her as fast as he could and the sound of 
his crotch slapping against her wide ass cheeks was 

"AHHHHHH!" she cried out having her second orgasm.

This was too much for Ralph. "I'm going to cum!" he 
cried out.

"In my pussy!" cried out Tammy.

Ralph was too horny to disagree so he continued to pump 
her pussy. "AHHHH!" he cried out and glob after glob of 
cum spurted out of his cock into his mom's pussy.

After a few seconds of slowly pumping her pussy to make 
sure all of his cum shot out, Ralph pulled his cock out.

She turned around and planted a kiss on his lips. They 
French kissed for a few seconds. She pulled her lips off 
his lips. "We better go clean up," she said and grabbed 
his hand and walked him out of the kitchen.

Tammy walked Ralph into her bathroom and insisted that 
they take a shower.

Ralph loved the feeling of his mom's soapy hands running 
all over his naked body. And he loved running his soapy 
hands all over her naked body.

Tammy then soaped up Ralph's hair balls, she took her 
razor and proceeded to shave his balls.

Ralph loved the feeling of having shaved balls after she 
was done. He saw so many of the guys in the porno videos 
with shaved balls, he now knew he would stay this way 
for a long time.

After they were done in the shower, they got dressed and 
went off into the family room.

"Now, for this entire weekend, you're my lover," said 
Tammy while they sat on the Futon.

He cuddled next to him mom and they watched a movie on 


Tammy and Ralph cuddled and fell asleep on the Futon 
during their third Netflix movie.

Ralph woke up in his mother's arms with his head rested 
on her breasts. He smiled while he recalled losing his 
virginity with his mom earlier this morning. He got 
another erection thinking of his cock inside his 
mother's wet hairy pussy.

He leaned over to her left ear. "I want you to suck my 
cock," he whispered in her ears.
Tammy stirred in her sleep.

"Suck my cock," he whispered in his mom's ear.

Tammy stirred in her sleep.

Ralph reached down and started to rub the crotch of her 
panties. "Mom, suck my cock. I know you're a good 
cocksucker," he whispered in her hear.

Tammy smiled then opened up her eyes. She looked at 
Ralph. "Does my baby want his cock sucked?" she said.

"Suck me," said Ralph then he pulled down his sweat-
shorts and revealed his nine inch boner to his mom.

Tammy smiled. "My pleasure," she said then she got off 
the couch and dropped to her knees. She grabbed his 
shorts and pulled them down Ralph's legs to his feet. He 
stepped out of them.

Tammy ran her tongue all around Ralph's recently shaved 
"Mmmm," feels good he said.

Tammy ran her tongue around the base of his balls. 

"Mmmmm," that's the spot he said.

Ralph moaned while Tammy ran her tongue up his balls and 
up his hard cock shaft. She ran the tip of her tongue 
all around the head of his cock. Ralph moaned.

Tammy opened her mouth and started sucking on Ralph's 
cock like it was a Popsicle. 
"That's it, suck my cock, mom," Ralph said.

Tammy moaned and loved the taste of the head of his 
meaty cock in her mouth. She then moved her head farther 
down and soon Ralph could feel the tip of his cock 
pressing against the back of her throat.

"My mom's a cocksucker," yelled out Ralph while Tammy 
worked her magic mouth on his cock.

Ralph grabbed the side of Tammy's head with his hands 
and started to fuck her mouth. He loved the feeling of 
his cock in his mom's warm mouth.

"That's it mom. Suck me, suck me, suck me," he yelled 
out while he fucked her mouth.

After a few minutes, Ralph couldn't hold back any longer 
and he wasn't going to give her any warning. He arched 
his back and let it go. Spurt after spurt of his hot cum 
filled up his mom's mouth. She accepted his hot load and 
it was what she wanted for a long time. A mouth full of 
her son's sweet cum.

After Ralph's cock was finished, he pulled his cock out 
of her mouth.

Tammy opened up her mouth to show Ralph the prize she 
just won. She then swallowed.

"How was I?" 

"You were great, mom," said Ralph then he planted a kiss 
on his mom's lips and his tongue darted into her mouth. 
He could taste some of his cum residue still in her 

After a few seconds of French kissing, they cuddled on 
the Futon with Ralph staying naked.

Later that night, Tammy opened up the Futon and made a 
bed for her and Ralph.

Tonight she wanted them to sleep naked to see where the 
night takes them.

It was four in the morning and Ralph woke up horny. 

He looked at his mom who slept on her back. "Mom, I want 
your pussy," he said.

She didn't move.

Ralph reached down and rubbed the slit of his mom's 
pussy with his right hand. 

After a few rubs, Tammy stirred and her eyes opened. She 
looked at Ralph. "Does my son want some pussy?"

"Yes. I want your pussy, mom," he said and slipped his 
middle finger into her pussy. 

"Mmmm, your wet," he said while he lightly finger fucked 
her pussy.

"Horny for my son to eat my pussy," she said.

Ralph pulled out his finger and sucked off her pussy 
juices. "Tastes good."

"Eat your mother's pussy," she said and positioned 
herself to where her ass cheeks were on the edge of the 

Ralph got off the Futon and dropped to his knees in 
front of his mom's opened legs. He leaned in and rubbed 
the tip of his tongue up and down her wet pussy slit.

"That's it baby," she moaned.

Ralph shoved his tongue into her pussy.

"Feels good," she moaned and loved it when a guy tongue 
fucked her pussy.

Ralph pulled his tongue out of her pussy and ran it up 
to her clit. He circled the tip of his tongue all around 
her erect clit. Tammy moaned and draped her legs over 
his shoulders.
Ralph sucked on her clit.

"That's it. Suck it. Suck my clit," Tammy cried out.

Ralph continued to suck on her clit and it drove her 

"Eat my pussy!" she yelled. Tammy grabbed Ralph's head 
and pressed his mouth hard to her clit area. "Eat me. 
Eat my pussy," she yelled out.

After a few minutes of him sucking on her clit, she 
arched her back. "AHHHHHH!" she moaned out and had an 
orgasms all over his mouth.

Tammy pulled Ralph's head away from her pussy. "Fuck 
me," she said with an air of authority.

She repositioned herself on the Futon and Ralph knew she 
wanted him on top of her.
He got on the Futon and climbed on top of his mom.

Tammy grabbed his cock and guided the tip to the hole of 
her dripping wet pussy. She moaned when his nine inches 
of thick meat slipped inside her pussy.

Ralph started humping.

Tammy wrapped her legs around his waist. She moaned. 
"Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me," she moaned out loud.

Ralph picked up the pace and Tammy shot her legs up in 
the air. "Yes, yes, yes," she cried out.

Tammy and Ralph kissed for a few minutes while he humped 
her pussy.

"I'm your whore," yelled out Tammy with her legs still 
up in the air. "I'm your whore!"

"Yes mom, you're my fucking slut," he moaned out and was 
out of breath. "My mom's a slut," he yelled out.

"Fuck your mother!" she yelled out and reached around 
and grabbed her ass cheeks and assisted with his 

"AHHHHHH!" Tammy cried out and her toes pointed up at 
the ceiling while she had an orgasm.

That was too much for Ralph. "AHHHHH!" he cried out and 
globs of his hot cum spurted out of his cock and filled 
up her pussy.

His stroking slowed down and when he felt he was done 
spurting out his cum, he pulled out his cock.

"That was fucking great," said Tammy while Ralph got off 
of her and cuddled to her side.

"You're a great fuck, mom," said Ralph then he started 
to suck on her left nipple.

Tammy and Ralph cuddled naked on the Futon and fell fast 

The sun rose for the start of another day in the sexual 
training of Ralph.

After breakfast and a shower, Tammy had something 
special in mind for her son. Something she hadn't done 
in a while and longed for that special nasty deed.

Tammy on Ralph's bed when he wasn't in his room.

"Mom, where are you?" called out Ralph from the kitchen.

"I'm in your room. Come here. I have something for you," 
she called out.

After a few seconds, Ralph walked into this bedroom and 
saw his mom on her hands and knees with her ass facing 
the bedroom door.

Ralph smiled at the sight of her chubby ass staring at 
him. "What do you want? Want me to fuck you doggie style 
he said while he walked to the bed stroking his cock.

"No," she said and wiggled her ass at him.

"Then what?" he said when he got to the bed.

"Lick my asshole," she said and placed her head down on 
the bed and arched her ass up at him.

Ralph saw porno videos where lesbians would lick each 
other's assholes and that always had him jerking off. 
He's always wanted to lick a woman's asshole, so why not 
let his mom's ass be his first.

He leaned in and circled the tip of his tongue all 
around her butt hole.

"Mmmm," moaned out Tammy. "Lick my ass," she cried out.

Ralph ran the tip of his tongue all around her butt 

"That's it," moaned Tammy.

Ralph liked the taste of a woman's asshole and licked 
and licked and licked. His cock was now hard as a rock 
and he wanted to fuck her.

He removed his tongue from her ass and ran the tip of 
his cock up and down the slit of her pussy.

After a few seconds of rubbing his cock on her pussy, he 
slipped the head into her pussy. She moaned.

Ralph pushed the entire length of his cock into his 
mom's pussy. She moaned.

He started humping her.

"Take it out," she said after a few pumps.


"I want you to fuck my ass," she said.

Ralph wondered if he heard her correctly. "You want me 
to fuck you in the ass?" he said.

"Yes, fuck your mother's ass," said Tammy and she 
reached behind her, grabbed her ass cheeks and spread 
them opened. "Spit on my asshole for lubrication," she 

Ralph had also jerked off to guys fucking women in their 
asses and that was something he really wanted to try. So 
he leaned down and spit on her asshole.

"Stick it in," she moaned.

Ralph ran the tip of his cock around her asshole for a 
few seconds. He pressed the tip of his cock against her 
tight hole and it slipped inside.

There he was, his mom on her knees and the tip of his 
cock was inside her asshole. He never thought this day 
would come and now it was here. 

"Deeper. Slide your cock deeper in my ass," she moaned.

Ralph pushed his cock and it slid deeper into her 
asshole. It slid in with ease and it felt like her ass 
was self lubricating itself.

"Fuck my ass! Fuck my ass!" cried out Tammy.

Ralph started pumping faster. Tammy moaned. The faster 
he pumped her asshole the louder she moaned.

"I'm fucking my mom's ass!" yelled out Ralph.

"Yes, fuck my ass, son. Fuck your mother's ass!" yelled 
out Tammy.

Ralph soon had the entire length of his nine-inch cock 
buried deep in his mother's ass. 

"Yes, yes, yes," she cried out and reached underneath 
and started to rub her clit. "Fuck my ass!"

After a few minutes, Tammy's body shook. "AHHHHH!" she 
cried out having another orgasm.

That was too much for Ralph. "AHHHHHH!" he yelled out 
and started to fill her asshole with his hot cum.

"Yes, yes, cum in my ass!" yelled out Tammy.

After Ralph was done filling up her asshole with his 
cum, he pulled his cock out.

Tammy felt nasty so she got off her knees and sat on the 
edge of his bed. She grabbed his cock and sucked on it 
to taste her ass on his cock. She hadn't down that it 

After she cleaned his cock, they cuddled on his bed and 
fell fast asleep.


For the new week, Tammy and Ralph fucked like rabbits.

It was now Thursday night and Tammy and Ralph cuddled 
naked on the Futon while they watched a Netflix movie.

"Oh, Ralph, your grandparents are coming for the 
weekend. They should be here first thing in the 
morning," she said.

Ralph loved his grandparents but was disappointed. He 
knew that if they were here, he could fuck his mom. But 
he knew there would be days where she couldn't be his 
whore so he accepted it.

Friday morning arrived and Ralph's grandparents, sixty-
one year old Nancy and Rodney arrived. They lived one 
hundred miles away and often spent the weekend with 
Tammy and Ralph. Rodney had thinning brown hair and 
Nancy had shoulder length blonde hair. They both were in 
excellent shape since they always rode their bikes and 
took daily walks. 
Tammy took the day off to greet her parents.

Friday was boring for Ralph while he went out with his 
mom and grandparents to the mall.

They ate dinner at Outback then went home.

It was a quiet evening and Ralph soon retired to bed 
topless in his sweat-shorts. Hours had passed it was 
now two in the morning. Some noise woke up Ralph. He 
listened for that noise that woke him out of a sweet 

"Fuck meee!" cried out his mom and it sounded like it 
came from the family room.

"What is she doing?" said Ralph while he got out of bed. 
He was afraid his mom was playing with her pussy on the 
Futon and his grandparents would hear. He knew that 
would be an embarrassing moment.

He went out of his bedroom and down the hallway.

He stopped once he hit the doorway of the kitchen. His 
eyes widened in shock with what he saw. His mom was on 
her hands and knees naked on the Futon. Behind her on 
his knees was his grandpa naked with his cock in his 
mom's pussy.

"Fuck me daddy. Fuck me, cried out Tammy while Rodney 
pumped his pussy.

Ralph couldn't believe it yet it was such a turn-on and 
it gave him a rock hard erection.

"Ahhhh!" cried out Tammy having an orgasm.

"He's been fucking Tammy since she turned eighteen," 
said a female's voice from behind Ralph.

He turned around and there was his grandmother Nancy and 
she wore a man's white dress shirt, white panties and 
bare feet.

Nancy glanced down at Ralph's shorts and saw his boner 
poking out with a sweet pump tent. "I see you need some 
attention," she said then reached out and grabbed his 

Ralph was speechless while he saw his grandmother 
groping his cock.

Nancy leaned in and planted a kiss on Ralph's lips. He 
accepted as he always his grandmother was a sexy woman 
for her age.

"Come fuck your grandmother," said Nancy then she walked 
Ralph down the hallway and took him into his bedroom.

Nancy walked Ralph to his bed then immediately dropped 
to her knees. She grabbed the waistband of his shorts 
and slid them down his legs to his feet.

Ralph stepped out of his shorts and was naked in front 
of his grandmother.

She smiled at the sight of Ralph's nine inch cock. 
"Sweet," she said, then grabbed his hard shaft and put 
the head of his cock into her mouth.

Ralph stood there in disbelief that his grandmother was 
sucking his cock while his grandfather was fucking his 
mom in another room.

"FUCK ME DADDY, FUCK ME!" yelled out Tammy from the 
family room.

Nancy moaned with a mouthful of Ralph's cock and while 
her right hand fondled his shaved tight ball sac.

Ralph grabbed Nancy's head and fucked her mouth. "Suck 
my cock, grandma," he moaned out while he pumped his 
thick meat in her mouth.

Nancy just moaned with a mouth full of cock.

Nancy took Ralph's cock out of her mouth. She stood up 
and unbuttoned her shirt and removed it.

Ralph looked at her A-cup tits that were now a bit saggy 
but still sexy.

Nancy lowered her panties and slipped out of them.

She tossed them to the floor.

"Come fuck your grandmother," said Nancy while she 
strutted to Ralph's bed.

She got on the bed and was in position on her hands and 
knees. "Fuck me," she said and wiggled her ass for his 

Ralph got on the bed on his knees and got behind his 
grandmother. He felt like a pro now and ran the tip of 
his cock up and down the slit of her pussy. 

"Shove that cock in my pussy," moaned out Nancy.

Ralph pressed the tip of his cock into her pussy hole. 
It slipped in and he could feel she was already wet and 

"That's it baby, fuck me," she moaned out while Ralph's 
cock slid in and out of her pussy. "Fuck me."

Ralph picked up his pace and pumped her faster. It 
didn't take long for the sound of his crotch slapping 
against his grandmother's ass cheeks to be music in his 

"Ahhh," moaned out Nancy and loved the feeling of her 
grandson's cock pumping her pussy. 

"Yes, yes, yes," she moaned out in rhythm to his 

Nancy placed her head on the bed and arched up her ass 
to Ralph. 

"AHHHHH!" cried out Nancy gripping the bed covers with 
her hands while she had an orgasm.

That was too much for Ralph. "AHHHHH!" he cried out and 
his cock started pumping globs of his hot cum into his 
grandmother's pussy.

He slowed down his pumping and after he finished 
depositing his cum into her pussy, he pulled it out.

"I'm going to have to have my grandson fuck me more 
often," said Nancy while she lay on her back on the bed. 
She patted the bed next to her left side. "Come sleep 
with me," she said.

Ralph lay next to his grandmother and they cuddled and 
fell asleep naked.

So now Ralph was introduced to the family secret. His 
mother Tammy and grandmother Nancy would now become his 

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