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The idea had come to Peter one night. The network was 
looking for a new series. The old reality series was 
drawing to a close and they needed to replace it with 
something... the only question was with what?
A true to life series, the jungle... the Amazon... natives. Find a lost tribe, surely there must be a tribe of natives still out there that they could find and film. Make a documentary about them, live with them for a few weeks, follow their every move, let the people of the so called civilized world see what it was like to live day to day without all the home comforts that everyone had become accustomed to. When the board and film crew met the following morning he put the question to them. At first there were doubts about the project. "Nah don't think so Peter, god where you gonna find a lost tribe, emphasis on lost... could take you forever and still come up empty handed... all that effort for nothing." But Peter would not be deterred; he spoke long, hard, enthusiastically and with passion for the project and slowly the tide turned in his favor. After two hours he had them all as enthusiastic as he was. Now all he had to do was pick his crew. Stefan Browdie for one... good guy. Alan Sangster two, another great guy. Bill Pearce and Tony Stedman, plus himself, that was five, he could take one more, but who would that be. Rosalind Hardaker had approached him, she was most enthusiastic about it... but a women... hell no... it would be no place for a female... savages, snakes, creepy spiders... no real sanitation, no not a place for a female. But Rosalind or Roz to her friends and colleagues was not to be put off so easily, the team needed a woman on it and she was determined to be the one, besides none of the other women were keen to go anyway. She put her case just as strongly as Peter had put his case, plenty of passion and enthusiasm. "Besides there are women in the tribe, they live day to day with their husbands... you need a women to get along side these wives, they are more likely to open up to another female than a man, a females prospective of the day to day living habits." Peter thought long and hard, he'd thrown everything at Roz... telling her how hard life would be and all the dangers... but she did have a point... the woman-to- woman thing. "Ok, you're in," he said. "But don't say you weren't warned... you're on your own." "Oh come on Peter, I'm a big girl I can look after myself you know." Yes she was a big girl, but not over weight big, in fact she presented quite a nice healthy package, not the skinny type, a well-shaped and sexy body and big boobs, it was her boobs that had Peter's attention right now, with her blond hair and height she reminded him of an Amazon warrior, she would probably be at least as tall as the native men they were going in search of. It was now a question of putting it all together, organizing it. Peter was determined to make this one of the best documentaries he's ever made... this was going into the depths of the jungle where very few had ventured before. Everything had to be checked and double-checked. There was no dropping off at the local super market to pick up any forgotten item... he estimated two months, maybe three. As the day of departure neared, the excitement within each of the members heightened, their interpreter and guide finally arrived, there was no more waiting it was time to go. The only way to reach the tribe was via boats; there was no ready-made track or roads. It was a question of searching each and every inlet. The guide only had a rough idea where they would be. The heat was intense, the sound of wildlife from the forest as they passed by, chirps, screeches, monkeys and wild boar. Their first two weeks were spent on the search, camping near the rivers edge, guards keeping a nightly vigilance, sleep was almost impossible, hammocks preferable to sleeping at ground level. Morning would come and it was another day and another search. When a small canoe came around the bend in the river, it was their first lead. They told the guide that the tribe he was looking for was only another fifty miles upstream. Suddenly all their spirits lifted, they'd all but made it. Their elation was short lived, they saw the smoke coming from what they thought was the village, but instead it was but a few tribesmen rummaging the forest and river for food... however all was not lost, these were men from the village they sought, the only problem was that their boats could not go any further, the tribesmen would take them to their destination using their own boats ... more back breaking and sweaty work as they offloaded from one boat to the other. As night was closing in they decided to stay where they were and make the final part of the journey at first light. By mid afternoon of that day they finally arrived... to be greeted by men, women and children, smiling, laughing and shouting with excitement... visitors from the outside were few and far between. The men brown skinned and naked, a sight not lost on Rosalind as she tried to avert her eyes from staring at their penises and the women likewise, brown skinned and naked, showing all their femininity, bringing smiles to the male contingent of the party. "Well Roz... doesn't look like you'll be short of dick if you want any," Peter teased, smiling at her. "Shut up you bastard, you guys seem just as well catered for," she retorted. They had not expected such a jubilant reception a reception that was most friendly and welcoming. With help from the village men, the canoes were quickly unloaded and huts of straw were allocated to the crew, a separate one for Rosalind, it looked like hammocks were the way of sleeping out here, apart from one hammock there was little else in the hut. Spartan was a word for luxury. Crates stored and extra camera's unpacked, it was time to organize the documentary and how it was going to go down. Peter now saw the benefit in bringing Rosalind along, with so many women; he allocated her the job of getting to know them. The men, well the men would of course take care of the men -- get to know them -- how they worked, hunted and lived. The women folk of the village took an instant liking toward Rosalind, they milled around her smiling, laughing and shouting in a language she could not understand. It took the interpreter to tell her that they thought she was very beautiful and they wanted to adopt her as a sister whilst she remained at the camp. "Great, great idea," said Peter. "Just what we want in the doco... I'm getting some idea's here sweetheart... with the women taking such an interest, we can make it all about you... you be the star, living with the family on a day to day basis... its great, just great I'm liking this better all the time." "Just as long as you don't expect me to run around naked Peter, not with you horny bastards in tow." "Err no... no of course not. But it would look authentic wouldn't it?" "Yeh, and how many viewers are going to be watching me across the world when we go to air with it?" "This'll be great viewing Roz, authenticity will make a big difference, but I won't insist on it... whatever you are comfortable with, become an adopted sister first honey," holding up his hands in surrender. So the documentary was underway, there would be many hours and much footage... most of it edited out, leaving only that which was considered the best. Rosalind lived with the women folk, finding out about their duties around the village, not too dissimilar to the outside world; most of the menial and back breaking tasks, unlike back home she had no modern appliances to help her out. So far she had managed to keep most of her clothes on, although she had consented to facial and body painting. The village had, had an initiating ceremony, which lasted most of the day and when it was all over she was officially a sister, a member of the village family. Her new tribal name was now Palo. Each day her body paint would be brought up to scratch, applying new where needed, her eyes were framed like the mask worn by Zorro or Lone Ranger, it was bright yellow, red dots were placed inside this area like freckles, her arms were chris-crossed with stripes of orange yellow and white, yes she was a family member with sisters to look after her, the sisters next task was to get her out there... naked like a true family member. She worked hard alongside the other women, cleaning, washing and fetching. Edwan a fifty-year-old tribesman had taken to this strange young blond female. He was strong with long black hair hanging to his shoulders and he wore a head band, was a good hunter. What he did not have was a good wife, his original wife having taken off with another man from another tribe, yes this woman would do him nicely he thought. Peter could see how things were developing, he had a sense for these things. What would make good viewing and what didn't? The story was unfolding inside his head, far into the future, he just had to steer it, manipulate it. "You're doing a great job Roz, this is becoming a great doc and this is going to make you famous girl, you'll see. Just roll along with it and don't worry we'll stop when we think things are going too far... just do enough to make it look real honey, okay?" he asked. "Yeah, yeah I know. But it's easy to do, these people are so easy to get on with, so lay back, for all the hard work they do, they still enjoy life and a freedom we do not have back in civilization, no hours spent on freeways, no deadlines. Perhaps they don't have all the mod cons but they still survive and are happy." "Shit girl, you sound like you're one of them now. You're not going bush on us are you?" he joked. "Ha! Of course not, I'm just saying it's not what I expected. They're great people and happy people... you could do a lot worse in life... I guess that's what I'm saying." "Okay honey, okay if you say so, now let's get back to business. You ready to get your gear off yet?" "No, you can forget that Peter." ** The days passed and the camera followed Rosalind and the tribe around. The sisters were determined to get Rosalind out of her clothing and to participate as a true sister... the language was a barrier, but Roz was aware of their feelings, as a small concession she stripped down to bra and pants, which revealed much more of her beautiful body. At long last there was a smile on Peters face when she emerged from her hut that morning to join the other women folk. The camera took in the new images of Rosalind with suitable comments from Peter and crew. The sight of Roz had not gone unnoticed by the other male natives. In particular Edwan. "I will marry that woman," he said to his fellow hunters standing watching. "I will marry and make her my wife, she will make a good wife and give me fine children." The others nodded and murmured their agreement, "Yes indeed she will make you a fine wife Edwan," the nodded. Edwan wanted to please Rosalind... not with great affection... but by bringing her gifts. Of course the gifts weren't of fine expensive jewelry but small wooden carvings or the odd pig, goat or monkey, which she and the other women folk cooked over an open fire. Entering into the spirit of things was all part of Rosalind, trying new parts of meat she would have found disgusting back home. She was pleasantly surprised it did not taste quite as bad as she had thought. The more Rosalind worked at it the more the village people took to her; she was in their eyes one of them now, a family member. Edwan spent much time with her and brought her many hunting trophies. She in turn enjoyed his company, even though she could not speak his language. Peter and the crew kept to the outer edge, letting things develop, recording all for his documentary, so far he was pleased with it. It was all hard sweaty work for Rosalind, but she never wavered, never gave in. She was determined to show Peter and the others just how strong she was. She'd see this doc to the final edge. She went with the women and men into the steaming forests to hunt and scavenge for food, carrying and humping great heavy loads, if the other women could do it so could she. The more she tried the more intense Edwan's feelings became toward her. He kept telling the men and indeed the women also that he intended to marry and have her for his wife. She was a goodly woman and her looks were exotic and attractive. The women also thought she would be a good wife for him. "She is now part of our family Edwan and we want her to stay. You must marry her and give her children, then she will stay," was what they were telling him. The men nodded agreement, it should be so, they said. "It should be the day of the fertility celebrations, when we all prey for a good crop and continuing abundance of food. We will do it then," he said, all agreed and there was an air of excitement through the village. "I think the villagers are organizing a wedding," the interpreter said to Peter. "Oh who's might that be?" he asked. "Your woman Rosalind," he replied. Suddenly he had Peter's attention. "Say again?" he asked. The interpreter again told him what he had heard. Suddenly Peter could sense a great ending or even a great start to a series coming up. "Say nothing to the team, leave this to me. A wedding eh? It wouldn't be binding or anything like that would it... purely symbolic eh?" he asked. "Well yes... and no," replied the interpreter. "What do you mean?" Peter asked. "Well she could up and be off and no one outside this village would give a toss, but in the villagers eyes she'd be married alright. It would take a great deal to convince them otherwise." Peter pondered the response, "Hmm, yes well leave it with me and I repeat tell no one eh." The interpreter assured him he would not say a word. ** The women had eventually persuaded their sister to bath in the river instead of the make shift shower that had been set up for the "Civilized" city people. The river was known to contain certain nastys, that could eat or bight you, but bath in it she had. It was that night that the women had decided it was time for Rosalind to become just the same as them, naked. If she was to marry Edwan she had to "be" like them. As she slept in her hammock they removed all her clothing so that when she awoke the following day, there was nothing for her to wear. The women were quick to inform her in sign-language of their intentions. There was no way she was going out there without pants and bra... no way... famous last words? It was obvious to Rosalind; if she was ever going to leave the hut again she was only going to do it naked. Her sisters fussed and laughed around her, even though she could not understand them, it was obvious they were trying hard to persuade and assure her all was going to be all right. They were busily painting and adorning her naked breasts; her face and arms freshly painted and made up. A headband added and to help a little with her modesty, what best could be described as a brief G- string... it left absolutely nothing to the imagination... to all intents and purposes she was naked. Now all they had to do was get her outside, they knew once she got over this modesty feeling she would be able to embrace her new lack of, quite easily, after all, her sisters had been doing it for centuries and thought nothing of it. Surrounded by so many pulling and pushing women, laughing and giggling, bit by bit she was ushered out the door. "Bloody hell!" "Holly shit!" "Fuck me look at those tits!" It was her fellow crew members who stood gaping, opened mouthed at their female colleague... naked female colleague. "I'm getting a hard-on already!" gasped one. "You getting all this Sangster?" growled Peter. "Get this on camera you fucking moron... I want good close up of it... do you hear?" "Yeah, yeah, I'm getting it boss. I'm getting it." And he was, the close up of Roz's naked body was even better and his pants now bulged from the erection he now had. Strangely Rosalind didn't feel embarrassed in front of the native men, it came from the ogling eyes of her colleagues and she could see Sangster's bulging trousers. "You're a very lucky man Edwan, to have such a woman as your wife," said one of the village men. "Yes indeed I am," replied Edwan. "But she's not my wife yet," he added. "But she soon will be Edwan," he replied. Her initial embarrassment over, Rosalind moved around the village with the other women, carrying out her tasks. All the time the camera was focused on her, in particular her breasts and ass, these parts would be cut for private viewing, not the worldwide audience. She looked like all the rest, only difference she was white, not brown. Peter was pleased... very pleased; it was going just as he hoped it would, perhaps even a little better. "I think that guy, what's his name... err Edwan is that it... has the hots for you Roz," he said to Rosalind one day. "You should marry him," he smiled. Rosalind didn't like the way Peter always seemed to be putting Edwan down, but of course this was done to wind Roz up. "He's a good man Peter, he works hard, they all do... they're a great bunch of people. Probably a lot happier than some back home, even if they don't have as many worldly goods." "Wow! Are so gonna marry this guy Roz? Settle down and have his kids? Is that it Roz?" "Fuck you Peter, no its not... I'm just saying a girl could do far worse... he'll find an marry a nice village girl one day Peter and she'll give him kids... he deserves a nice girl." Peter smiled, "Well, you're now a village girl Roz, you're one of them now aren't you?" he said, his eyes running lustfully over her naked body. "Only for the purposes of the doc Peter, then its back to normal... and keep your fucking eyes up here, looking at my face not my tits and cunt eh?" Rosalind turned and stormed out of the hut. "Oh you look even better when you're mad." "And you have a nice ass as well sweetheart," he added to himself, smiling. Peter quickly sent for the interpreter. "You know, I think you may just have a willing bride at this wedding they are organizing." He then went on to tell him how much Rosalind was in love with Edwan and that she would be quite honored to be his wife, but they would have to organize it pretty soon as their time was almost up. They had already stayed a month longer than they should have done. The interpreter was quick to pass the news on to the villagers who were now eager and excited to get this wedding put together. "Do you think that was wise Peter?" one of the crew asked. "Don't worry, nothings going to happen, I just want it all to look realistic. We all know it's not legal. Rosalind gets married for the camera then we all leave... makes for great viewing!" They all looked at each other shaking their heads. "I don't know Peter I think you are taking a big risk... you don't really know these people... they're a friendly bunch but tampering with their feelings like this could have repercussions" "Oh you do worry so, Rosalind's a big girl, she told me so. She knows just how far to go," said Peter reassuring them all. In fact Rosalind had already consulted with Peter, she had heard the rumor that Edwan liked her and that he wanted to marry her, take her for his wife. "Peter just how far I am supposed to go with this? I think I should tell Edwan now that I cannot marry him. He's a nice guy, a very nice guy, if things were different and if I had to choose a husband I'm sure he would be the one... but I don't want to hurt his feeling... not Edwan." "Look, we're almost finished here, the doc is looking fine, white woman marries lost tribesman, it's got to be a great success, it makes great viewing. We'll get great reviews and besides Edwan knows it isn't going to work, he just likes the idea of marrying you, a show for the villagers. Believe me, you're doing a great job. Now don't worry, we're here for you... nothings gonna happen, okay?" "You sure?" "Yes, yes I'm sure, now go Palo, go join your sisters," He said "And by the way you do have a great ass," he added smiling. ** Fertility day was upon them. Men, women and children all prepared for this day, plus it was going to incorporate Edwan's wedding day, the marriage between Edwan and Palo, a double celebration. Most of the day would be taken up with celebrations. Pigs and monkey's were prepared as the meat, along with root crops from the forest. Another root crop made the alcoholic drink, a rather intoxicating mix. First the dress, here the women helped Roz or Palo, like all brides she must look her best for her future husband. Fresh facial makeup, fresh painted body parts, a headband adorned with flowers from the forest and she made and looked the beautiful bride. As the hour arrived to start the festival, her heart began to race and thump in her chest; it somehow felt like the real thing. The festival began, singing and chanting women paraded in front of the men folk, carrying forest flowers or home made gifts for the god of fertility. Edwan's heart was filled with pride as he watched his soon bride to be, parade past him. He smiled at her and she returned his smile ... his own heartbeat even faster. It was a day of much eating and much drinking the intoxicating liquid starting to take effect, Rosalind began to feel a little woozy, a time perhaps to slow up on the drink. The time had come for the wedding; the sisters pushed Palo to the front as they walked slowly toward the men. Edwan led the male villagers, and then they stopped and faced each other. Edwan said something to Palo. Stepped forward and placed a wood effigy at her feet, indicating she pick it up. This was the point that the village waited for... would she or would she not. The thing being Palo was completely ignorant at what it meant to pick it up. They held their breaths, and then she kneeled, took the little wooden effigy in her hand and stood up. A great sigh went through the crowd. She had accepted Edwan's proposal of marriage. The women smiled at one another, the men nodded their approval and Peter grinned... this was going better than expected. Palo turned the little wooden effigy over, put her hand over her mouth to stifle a laugh. Oh dear, the effigy was carved in the image of a man and it showed the man with a huge erection. The women already knew about the effigy and likewise joined in the laughter. Edwan's face was beaming, Palo and her were now husband and wife ... it was as simple as that... no long drawn out speeches... quick and to the point. The men and women encircled the happy couple. Edwan stepped forward and placed his arms around his wife, holding her tight, one sweaty body against another. Rosalind was just realizing what had happened, it was all over... in those brief moments she had been married and Edwan was now her husband and she his wife. Oh god she thought it should never have got this far... I should have put a stop to it right from the start. How was she going to tell this nice man that she was not really his wife and that she and the crew intended to leave soon? She was flattered by it all, she could have quite easily have loved such a man, but not here ... she had to leave, go back to civilization. Edwan held her close and pressed his lips against her lips, at first she pushed against him trying to push and fend him off... but guilt stopped her. The last thing she wished was to humiliate him in front of the village... she responded, the kiss lasting a minute or two... the thing was she enjoyed it and felt a certain arousal from it. The sight of the kiss and embrace was a joy to the villagers, smiling and clapping. The camera of course was catching it all. "White woman marries native... undying love... etc... etc." "Wow... she's certainly playing the part well," said Alan Sangster. "Oh yeah... who says she's playing?" replied Peter "Eh what do you mean by that Peter... you know something we don't?" He gave a wicked little laugh and said, "Let's just wait and see eh... let's just wait and see." Edwan put his arm around Palo's shoulder, held her close and led her to her hut. The crowd following... it was time to celebrate ... more food, more drink. With only the one hammock to sit in, this was used by Edwan and Palo/Roz, the rest stood or sat on the floor, which had been covered with woven grass carpets. As always the camera continuing to record the whole event. There seemed to be an never-ending supply of food and drink. The light slowly faded, oil lamps were lit allowing a dull glow throughout the hut. Now people were drifting away and the hut began to empty, until Edwan and Palo were left alone, lying together in the hammock. Edwan cradling Palo in his arms. It felt good to have a wife again, her hot naked sweaty body next to his, he already had an erection on. Palo/Roz could not see it but the bright light from the camera could. "This is the end of the celebrations and the wedding day... Edwan and Palo are now the married couple and we now take leave of them for the night" these were Peter's words for the camera... the light went out and the hut was plunged in total darkness. "Hey, where are you going Peter? Don't leave me here like this... Peter... Peter" but Peter had departed. He was grinning as he slowly felt his way back to the crews hut. It was dark and hot inside the hut. Edwan's naked body was pressed next to Palo/Roz... she could hear his breathing, excited breathing and the thumping of his heart. "Oh god" she thought "Oh dear god" what have I done. The hand that had held her waist now moved up to her breast and gently squeezed it. He was talking to her, but she could not understand. He was telling her how much he loved her and how he thought he was a very lucky man to have such a beautiful wife. He tenderly kissed her cheek and ear. The combination of his hand massaging her breast and the kissing sent a delightful shudder through her body... her breast was now firm and her nipple hard. "Shit... shit... shit!" she said to herself... this was getting out of hand. Then his hand slid quickly down between her thighs. Edwan touched her pubic hair, then the slit and then his fingers were buried inside her warm wet pussy. Her body stiffed, back arched upward and she gave a short gasp, "Ahhhh... oh god no... Edwan... no please stop!" His fingers continued to work her pussy, he was telling her how good it felt and how much he pleased her... but Roz didn't understand a word of it. For a moment she relaxed... and enjoyed the pleasure his finger was giving her. Oh... oh... oh!" she whimpered, with each thrust of his finger, her own hand gripping his arm tight. Then he slid his body on top of hers... she felt the fullness of his stiff erection pressing against her. "Oh god no... please Edwan no!" she pleaded and with all her strength tried to push him off, but trying to do so in a hammock was almost impossible. She could not understand what he was saying to her, had she done so she would have heard him telling her to open her legs, let him in. She felt his knee between her thighs, prizing her legs apart. Her right leg flopping over one side of the hammock and her left leg over the other side. "Oh god... oh my god... oh no... please no... ohhhhh... AHHHHH!" she screamed out loud as he thrust inside her. The scream pierced the silence of the camp. The women heard it, clasped their hands together, smiled and hugged one another... Edwan was consummating the marriage. The men nodded knowingly, took another puff on their pipes and declared. "It is good... all good." At the sound of Rosalind's scream the crew stiffened. "What the fuck...?" "God, what's happening? that was Roz, Peter we have to stop this... stop it now!" said Tony rising to go to her aid. Peter grabbed his arm. "No we don't, there's nothing we can do about it, you can't come between a man and his wife Tony, you know you can't." "But this guy is not her husband, it was a village marriage, it doesn't stand up in a court... you know that!" "Yes I do, but that's back home not here, here she is married to Edwan and as far as the village is concerned he's only doing what any husband and wife do, now if you want to play the hero and go out there, be my guest... if you want to poke a stick at a hornets nest you go right ahead." Tony sat back down; they all quietly looked at each other. "Oh come on guys... this is what Roz wanted, can't you see she's gone bush. Look at how she's dressed now, naked as all the other women, she' one of them, she's got what she's wanted... Edwan... she loves him... surely you can see that," said Peter. "Look she confessed to me today that she was going ahead with the wedding, that she wanted to live with them, she loves this style of living... you could all see that couldn't you." What Peter was saying now seemed to make sense; she was a different woman to the one back home. Her naked painted body and face said it all "But I thought all that was part of the doc, make it look real." "No she's got to like it, likes the lifestyle and has now decided to do it for real and for us to take it all back home, she wants to stay," he lied. "God who would have thought it eh?" In the mean time Edwan was continuing to thrust into Roz or Palo, as the village now knew her. The hammock rocked and swayed with each and every thrust. There was nothing she could do, no one was going to come and rescue her, not her colleagues not anyone. She lay there feeling his hard shaft as it moved in and out. His hot sweaty body on top of hers, his gentle kissing, his hot breath and the words he was saying to her, but could not understand. Her hands cupped his smooth rounded buttocks as he continued to thrust in to her. "Oh god," she thought, this could only finish up one way. Having not taken any birth control pills for some time, she felt there had been no need and Edwan and her were not using a condom, it was very unlikely Edwan would pull out at the last second, she was totally unprotected, which meant there could only be one outcome. She was about to become pregnant. Rosalind realized that Peter had set her up, encouraged her to mix with the villagers, especially the women. He'd manipulated and controlled every detail and she in turn had confessed to him how she felt about these people, hard working but loving and her confession that the man Edwan who had taken extreme interest in her. How she thought he was a lovely guy and that if she were a member of the tribe she would be honored to have him as a husband, but that did not mean she actually wanted it that way. It was only a woman's perspective about the people of the village and who she would pick as a husband if she were part of the village. Now she was left to ponder her future, soon Edwan's seed would be planted inside her. It was too late to stop that. By the time they had returned to "Civilization" the seed would have become an embryo and on no account would she allow it to be aborted, she would have the child no matter what, but if she did return home she would be depriving this lovely man... who had done nothing wrong apart from love her, the chance of seeing his child, she also felt she was betraying the women of the village who'd taken her in as a sister. She'd worked, lived and well for want of a better word, dressed like them, in all respects she was now one of them a sister to them all, once more she quietly cursed Peter. Rosalind realized she was moving in time with Edwan's rhythm. Her hips swinging up to meet his inward thrusts, her hands not just resting on his firm round buttocks but were gripping and squeezing them hard, pulling him in. His mouth and lips gently kissing her. His long black hair brushing her face and cheeks. "Huh... huh... huh... huh..." as he fucked her. She softly moaned in reply. The night was black and the heat intense, both were lathered in perspiration only the sounds of the forest animals and chirping of the crickets and the continuing "Huh... huh... huh... huh..." as he fucked and fucked and fucked her. The time was nearing, Edwan could feel it... it was now only moments away. He told Rosalind he was about to cum, but she could not understand his words, but she understood when he made that one final deep thrust and the cry that came from his lips. "Ohhhhh... ahhhhhhh!" he gasped. His semen spewing like a geyser from his cock. Once... twice... three times it squirted the warm fluid deep inside her, before he collapsed on top of her. The sound resonated throughout the village. Once again the women clasped their hands and smiled, some with tears running down their cheeks. The men continuing to puff on their pipes, nodding knowledgably saying, "It's done... it's good." The consummation was complete. The camera crew looked at one another in stunned silence. "God almighty," the only comment. "I think we all know what that means, don't we?" said Peter. "I'd never have believed it," said Stefan. "Before she turned bush I don't think any of us would," replied Peter. "But she's now got what she's wanted," he continued with a wicked grin on his face. "Yeh I guess she has," said Bill. "God, if that's what she wanted I'd have fucked her. I could just as easily have given her a kid," said Tony thoughtfully. "Yeh, well I think all of us would have liked to have done that," replied Peter. "Now let's get some sleep, we have a documentary to finish off in the morning," he added, lying back in his hammock feeling very self satisfied with himself. Rosalind stroked Edwan's hair and tenderly kissed his forehead as he continued to lie on top of her... even though it was stifling hot they held each other close... he remained inside her... not wanting to break the connection between them. He was happy and contented and spoke to Rosalind of love... his love for her, she may not have understood the words, but she understood his feelings toward her. She once more cursed Peter for placing her in this predicament. Edwan's capacity for sex was immense and she was given little opportunity for rest or sleep as time and time again he fucked her through the night. Come the morning and the light she was spent, tired and exhausted and somewhat sore down there between her thighs. Now Edwan had to present his new and now newly consummated bride to the village, only time would tell if the consummation had been successful or not, it certainly wasn't for the want of trying. The villagers had been waiting eagerly for them to leave their hut, as was Peter and the film crew. It was a smiling, proud and joyous Edwan, with his arm around his bride's shoulder that emerged. Rosalind felt somewhat embarrassed, knowing that they all knew what had gone on through the night. The sound of their lovemaking had been a joy to hear for the villagers. She forced a smile and waved to them... the camera catching it all. "See, now you tell me that is not one happy little lady," said Peter to the others. "Yeah, I bet his cocks sore right now, all that fucking," said Tony. "I'll bet her cunt is just as sore," quipped Stefan. Accompanied by laughs and sniggers. Rosalind could see the camera team standing a little way away, they were further away from the group than she expected, she really needed to see them, talk to Peter, how were they to solve this problem that they had created? The village women crowded around Rosalind, all excited and chatting to her, she could see the crew but couldn't get to them as the women folk pressed and pushed her toward the river, taking her further and further away. The water felt cool and refreshing after the stifling heat and torrid lovemaking from the night. For a while Rosalind relished the water and playful activity of the other women, then she saw her crew on the embankment, shouting to attract their attention she moved toward them. "Peter... we have to talk... we have to talk... please!" she cried. Peter either didn't hear her about the shrieks and shouting of the other women or he chose to ignore her. He and the crew did wave to her in acknowledgement. As she scrambled up the bank, the crew were turning away from her, walking back to the camp. Again she shouted at them, again no response, then an arm around her shoulder, she turned to see Edwan's smiling face, she turned back to look at the camera crew... only Peter looking back... a smile on his face and a wave. Edwan was leading her back to the hut. NO! NO! she had to get to Peter, talk to him, but Edwan's strong arm around her shoulder was holding her back, guiding her nearer and nearer the hut. He was chatting to her, she was trying to tell him she needed to see Peter... but he could no more understand her as she him. The hut entrance was there before them, she turned, taking one last look, saw Peter alone with the camera... he gave her another wave, and then she was inside alone with Edwan. Had anyone been near the hut, they would have heard Rosalind gasp. "Ohhhhh my god!" as Edwan once again thrust his hard erection into her. ** The newly weds were left alone, the villagers went about their daily tasks. From time to time food was left for them at the hut entrance, other than that there was no contact with them. Early next morning after another torrid night of heat and lovemaking, the couple emerged, a few of the villagers starting their daily rituals. Rosalind sensed something was wrong... different. She ran to the hut that had housed her colleagues, only to find it empty... abandoned. A sickly feeling came over her, oh god where are they where have they gone? She searched other huts; even the main maloka... but no one... no sign of them, then down to the river and now her heart sank and she thought she was going to be sick. The three big canoes had gone... which meant only one thing, they had left without her, abandoned her. She covered her face with her hands and wept, "Oh god! Oh my god, they left me!" Edwan's arm was around her shoulders, trying to comfort her, speaking to her softly. He could not understand the reason why; after all this is what she wanted... the man called Peter had said so. She buried her face in his chest, holding him tight; there was no one else to turn to. This was her husband and these people were now her family. He led her to the main maloka and it took a while for her to understand, this was where she would now be living, along with all the rest. The hammock that was stretched was hers and Edwan's as was the area allocated to them, from now on she would live, eat and sleep with all the others... one family, under one roof. Edwan handed Rosalind an envelope, in it was a note, a note from the crew. "We wish you all the best on your chosen life style. We are sure you and Edwan will be very happy and have lots of children. All the best, the team." All her former colleagues had signed it. ** Two months later she was in no doubt that she was pregnant. The first of five children she would have with Edwan. At the same time two of the younger women were also pregnant, courtesy of the crewmen... but which ones were never discovered. Rosalind or Palo as she was now, quickly learned the language and was able to understand what they were all saying. She worked and toiled just as hard as any other village woman. Edwan was always good and kindly toward her and as time went by she loved him as much as he loved her, she'd learned to go "Bush" as Peter put it and she could hunt, kill and prepare a wild pig as good as any man. Peter went on to make an award-winning documentary depicting a white woman who wanted to live with and marry a tribesman. No mention that she had been a colleague of his, and yes he promised to do a follow up one day.

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