Thursday, 23 June 2016


Billy finished tightening the last bolt along the 
exhaust system of the freightliner. He was the best 
truck mechanic they had. Billy came up the hard way 
without having a formal education. He wasn't dumb by 
any means but he just wasn't good with books.

"Billy... Are you just about done working under that 
thing? I need you to bring that red truck inside before 
you go home tonight. I want to get a fresh start on it 
in the morning. I told Frank he'd have his rig 

"OK Mr. Jones... I'll be done here in a minute and 
bring it inside the building before I leave."

Billy wiped his hands thinking about Mr. Jones, his new 
boss. He was the first black man Billy ever worked for 
in his whole life. Mr. Jones could be a little pushy 
and demanding at times. Mr. Jones seemed to be pushing 
Billy at times, testing him.

Billy was good working on the trucks. He just had 
trouble reading books. He'd got his job five years ago 
when a good friend of his family hired him on to work 
for the company. Billy knew he wouldn't be able to pass 
any book tests, but they gave him a break and now he 
was their best truck mechanic.

Billy didn't hear anything and assumed Mr. Jones walked 
back to his office and slowly rolled the creeper out 
from under the truck.

Mr. Jones was standing next to Billy's tool box 
starring at pictures that Billy had posted of his wife, 

Billy got up from the creeper and finished wiping his 
hands as he watched Mr. Jones examining the two 
pictures of Daisy hanging from the tool box. 

"My Lord Billy! Tell me whom this pretty blonde in 
these pictures you have posted here? Is she your sister 
or something?"

"That's my wife, Daisy... Sir. We've been married for 
five years now!"

Mr. Jones pealed the picture off the tool box and took 
a closer look at the blonde woman in the picture. The 
picture showed Daisy wearing a black bikini when they 
visited the beach last summer. 

"You have any kids?"

"Uh... Mr. Jones... We don't have any kids yet. We're 
going to start trying really soon. We were hoping after 
my next raise."

Mr. Jones kept holding the picture of Daisy, taking 
note of her large breasts and long slim legs and the 
tiny waist she had. Daisy's long blonde hair which was 
enhanced by her black bikini.

"Billy... Would you mind if I take this picture back to 
my office? I'll put it back in your tool box before I 
leave tonight."

Billy was surprised as he wondered why Mr. Jones wanted 
Daisy's picture. He wanted to tell the man to put it 
back but he was afraid of losing his job and hesitantly 

"Yeah. That would be fine, Mr. Jones."

Billy watched the tall black man walk back to his 
office with his wife's picture in his hand. He figured 
the man never been with a white woman before and was 
going to fantasize a little before going home tonight.

Billy felt uncomfortable about letting him have the 
picture but figured it wouldn't do any harm letting the 
man get a few thrills. 

The very next morning, Billy checked to make sure Mr. 
Jones had brought back the picture of his wife and sure 
enough, it was hanging in the same spot again.

Later that morning, Mr. Jones called Billy over the 
intercom system to report to his office. Billy was 
smeared with oil from a bad leak he was fixing but 
crawled out from under the huge semi truck and wiped 
his hands off the best he could before entering Mr. 
Jones office.

"You called me? Mr. Jones?"

"Billy. I called your wife and she's on her way here 
with your lunch. I told her how you forgot it this 
morning and she was nice enough to bring it here for 

"Mr. Jones... Uh... I have my lunch in my tool box out 
in the shop. I didn't forget it."

Mr. Jones had a surprised expression on his face as he 
replied, "Billy. I think I got you confused with Ted 
out there. I'm really sorry about that. Well, your wife 
is on her way here with a lunch for you so we just 
won't tell her about the mistake I made and get her 

Billy didn't really know what else to say as he wiped 
the oil off his hands. He happened to glance down at 
Mr. Jones desk and saw a duplicate picture of Daisy in 
her black bikini.

Mr. Jones saw him looking at the picture and quickly 
came to his own defense. 

"Oh... Uh... Billy. I hope you didn't mind that I made 
a copy of this wonderful photograph of your wife. She 
is a lovely woman and thought I'd just make a copy for 

Billy could feel the anger building in his system but 
didn't want to piss off Mr. Jones and lose his job. 

Mr. Jones could see Billy's displeasure and quickly 
spoke in his own defense again.

"Billy... You know, we'll be talking about that raise 
you were expecting. I'm very pleased with the good work 
you have been doing here. We'll get together on that 
later this week. You can go back and finish what you 
were doing and I'll give you a call when your wife 
arrives here."

Billy didn't say anything, but walked out of Mr. Jones 
office with disapproval written all over his face.

Daisy pulled into the parking lot and combed her long 
blonde hair in the mirror. Daisy applied a fresh coat 
of lipstick and smacked her lips before getting out of 
the car and walking up to the office with the little 
lunch bag in her hand.

Daisy wore heels most of the time and today wasn't any 
different. Her hips swayed in her tight jeans and her 
blonde hair waved in the wind as the two men working on 
a truck tire smiled at her as she walked past them.

The tight pink sweater she was wearing made her boobs 
appear extremely large, which they were.

Daisy walked into the reception room where she found 
Mr. Jones waiting for her. Mr. Jones had a devilish 
grin on his face as he smiled at the attractive blonde 

"You must be Daisy! ....Billy's wife?"

"Yes... I'm Daisy! ....You must be Mr. Jones... Billy's 

"Yes... I'm Mr. Jones... Please: Come in and sit down."

Mr. Jones had his eyes focused on the beautiful young 
housewife as she sat in the chair in front of his desk 
holding the little brown lunch bag in her hand.

Daisy was beautiful. She met Billy while in school back 
in Alabama, and dropped out in the eleventh grade to 
marry Billy. Daisy could be any man's dream as a trophy 
wife as long as she kept her mouth shut.

Daisy was smacking gum in her mouth as she looked and 
smiled at Mr. Jones. She was naive about most things 
and in most cases, one would think she had a mind of a 

Daisy's body had twenty-two written all over! Mr. Jones 
sat in his chair and rolled it around the corner of his 
desk until he was faced directly in front of Daisy.

"Daisy, I would like you to call me Frank. I'm very 
glad I have this chance to meet with you concerning 
your husband. Don't get me wrong! ....He's a good 
worker and one of my best."

"Oh! What's wrong with Billy? Is he in trouble about 

"Well, it's not exactly his work that has been 
troubling me here lately. I was looking over your 
husband's employment records and it seems as though he 
never finished high school!"

"Oh Frank, Billy is a smart man and he knows everything 
about working on those big trucks you have here. Why, 
he can figure just about anything out, when it comes to 
those big engines."

Frank pulled out Billy's employment records from a 
drawer and scooted his chair in front of the desk to 
show Daisy.

"You see, Daisy... Billy never finished high school and 
I'm afraid our requirements state that our employee's 
must have a high school education. If this were to get 
out to the other employee's here or to people we turned 
away that didn't meet our requirements, well... All 
sorts of things could happen!"

Frank was starring at Daisy's tight pink sweater and 
could see she was wearing a black bra underneath it. He 
gave Daisy the papers to look at and his hand brushed 
against her soft hand when she reached for the papers.

"Frank, my husband can do his job and he's not afraid 
to go back to school if he has too."

"Daisy, I'm afraid I will have to let your husband 
go... I'm so sorry about this but I can't take a chance 
having someone find out about this mistake."

"Frank... My husband needs his job... What would we do 
for money if he lost this... My husband is a very hard 
working man... There must be something you could do to 
help him... Please... Frank... You can't let this 

Frank knew he had Daisy hooked but wanted her to 
swallow the bait, sort of speaking. 

"Daisy, I'm afraid that if this ever got out to someone 
we turned down for a job because of their schooling 
than I may face a lawsuit. Surely, you understand my 
position on this. I'm really sorry about all this."

Daisy began to cry as she leaned forward and put her 
hands to her face. She looked up at Frank with pity as 
she pulled a napkin out of her little purse.

"Please Frank... There must be something for my 

Frank looked at Daisy with pity in his eye's than got 
up out of his chair and took the little brown lunch bag 
she had been carrying for her husband and took it out 
to his secretary to give to Billy and told his 
secretary that he would be in a meeting and didn't want 
to be disturbed. He walked back into his office and 
locked the door.

"Daisy, will you follow me into my meeting room so we 
can talk?"

Daisy stood up and followed Frank back to the other 
room. It was dark except for a one-way window that 
faced the garage where the men worked on the trucks. 

Frank took Daisy's hand and walked her toward that 
window where she could see her husband just a few feet 
away working on a truck engine. 

"Billy! Frank... There is my husband out there working 
right now!"

"Yes, I see him but he can't see us and neither can 
Billy hear anything we say in this room. I put this 
window in last year so I could keep an eye on the 
garage whenever I please."

"Oh Frank, my husband is full of oil on his hands... 
See... He works very hard here on his job!"

Frank made a bold move and put his hand on Daisy's ass 
and gently rubbed his hand across her cheeks in the 
tight blue jeans.

"Oh Frank... I don't think you should do that, I'm a 
married woman... My husband is right out there!"

"Daisy, you do want to help save your husband's job... 
don't you?"

Frank gently slipped his hand up under the tight pink 
sweater until he unclasped the hook to her bra. It was 
tight and pooped free as Daisy gasped in shock at what 
Frank had just done. She quickly put her hands up to 
her tits and held the bra in place.

"My God Frank... Stop this right now! I-I can't do 
this, I'm a married woman!"

"Daisy, I thought you wanted to help save your 
husband's job? Let me help you remove your sweater so 
we can have a look at your tits."

Daisy was shaking and started to cry again as she 
looked at Frank with terror in her eyes. Frank saw the 
little diamond on her engagement ring glistening in the 
dark room which only turned him on even more knowing 
she was married to the guy right outside the window.

"Please... Stop this right now... I'm afraid of getting 
caught by Billy... "

"Don't be afraid... I'm not going to hurt you. Billy 
can't see in here so you don't have to worry about a 
thing. Cooperate with me and it will be over really 

Frank unbuttoned his shirt and tossed it on the table 
and unbuckled his pants and stepped out of them along 
with his shoes. He still had on his socks and red satin 
boxer shorts. His rock hard cock was sticking straight 
out from the material and pointed toward Daisy.

Frank stepped closer to Daisy and helped her lift her 
sweater over her head and she quickly held the black 
bra in place over her large tits as he tossed the 
sweater onto the table.

Daisy had never seen a black man naked before today. 
Frank was tall and slim and had played basketball in 
college. He was still in great shape for being in his 
mid forties.

Daisy was holding back from crying as she looked at 
Frank who was reaching out to her hands at that very 

"Daisy, allow me to help you remove this so I can see 
what you have to offer me for your husband's job?"

Frank reached out and took hold of the material of her 
bra and felt her hands trembling as he slowly pulled 
the bra away from her body and saw her nice full tits 
for the first time. They were large and natural and her 
nipples were hard as rock.

Frank tossed the bra onto the table along with the 
other clothes as he reached out and cupped her tits 
with his hands.

"Oh My... These are so nice and soft... I love feeling 
tits on a white woman... You have a lovely body and you 
should be very proud of yourself and the fact that your 
going to save your husband's job today."

Frank let go of her tits and reached down to unhook the 
snap on her jeans and waited as Daisy wiggled her hips 
allowing the tight material too slid down her legs. She 
stepped out of them and lost her heels at the same 

Frank was admiring her black thong she was wearing and 
stepped closer and put his arms around her until he 
felt her nipples pushing into his chest. Frank's cock 
was pushed into her navel at the same time as he began 
kissing around her lips and squeezed her nice round ass 

Daisy swallowed her gum as Frank kissed her on the lips 
and felt his tongue parting her mouth open. Frank 
kissed her on the mouth running his tongue deep inside 
her mouth mixing his saliva with her own making her 
swallow his along with her own.

Frank pulled his shorts down exposing his massive black 
cock for the first time to Daisy who was starring down 
at its massive size in terror.

"Oh God... No Frank! It's too big for me... I can't 
take anything that big inside me!"

Frank was quickly tugging on her little black thong 
until it slipped down her thighs and past her knee's 
and hit the floor below.

Frank gazed down at her pussy mound and saw that it was 
neatly trimmed into a V shape. Frank picked Daisy up by 
her hips and placed her on top of the table which sat 
against the wall in front of the window.

Daisy wasn't putting up any resistance at all. She 
figured she better get this over as quick as she could 
and try to forget that it ever happened. 

Frank was kissing her tits now than licking his way 
down her belly and to her thighs. He took his hands and 
pushed her back down on the table than started to kiss 
her thighs again.

Daisy had her feet resting on the table with her legs 
spread wide for him. Her eyes were closed as she tried 
not to think about the black man that was about to rape 

Frank leaned down and began sucking her pussy making it 
all wet with his tongue. Daisy was trying not to cry as 
she felt him licking her pussy sending chills down her 
whole body. She felt so afraid knowing that her husband 
was only a few feet away at that very moment. 

Frank worked his tongue on her pussy, rubbing her 
clitoris with his tongue until she actually began to 
respond by moving her hips up. Frank smiled to himself 
as he took another couple minutes to make sure she was 
nice and wet.

Frank stood up and portioned his thick black cock to 
the opening of her tight white pussy and moved the head 
of his cock along the slit a few times until he pushed 
and made it pop inside causing Daisy to tighten up and 
scream out at the same time.

Daisy was laying flat on the table with her eyes closed 
as Frank took her legs and laid them over his shoulders 
as he pushed his cock further inside her belly.

She was tight and very wet as he stroked his cock back 
in forth sending it inside her belly a little further 
each time. He positioned her ass on the table until it 
hung over the edge a couple inches and drove himself 
home until his body was touching her upturned ass 

Daisy started to cry as Frank pushed his cock inside 
her deeper. 

"Please... Frank... You should be wearing a condom. I 
don't want to get pregnant with a black baby!"

"Don't worry about a thing... I've had a vasectomy."

Daisy stopped crying when she heard Frank say he had a 
vasectomy. He was still grinning about the lie he had 
just told her. The truth was, he never had a vasectomy 
and his seed was still very potent.

Frank started to screw her with Rhythm now and the wet 
sounds of her pussy filled the room with each stroke of 
his thick cock. Frank was standing straight up as he 
sent his huge cock deep inside her belly.

Suddenly, Frank got startled to see Billy standing 
outside in front of the window looking in. Frank looked 
right back at him realizing that Billy couldn't see 
them. Billy was digging something from between his 
teeth as he looked into the glass using it as a mirror.

Frank chuckled to himself as he kept screwing Daisy 
with his big black cock and watching her husband making 
a fool of himself outside the window.

Frank almost died right in that spot as Daisy began to 
have an orgasm as he felt her legs begin to shake 
wildly and she let out a loud scream as she lifted her 
ass up off the table and squeezed Frank's cock.

Frank was watching Billy outside the window and saw the 
expression on his face. He knew that Billy heard 
something but couldn't figure out what it was with all 
the noise in the garage. 

Frank couldn't hold back any longer. It had been over a 
month since he had any pussy and couldn't hold back any 
longer as he shot his thick load of seed deep inside 
Daisy's white belly.

"Oh God! That's so good... Daisy, you have a tight 

Billy had walked away and gone back to work as Frank 
finished dumping his huge load of cum deep inside 
Daisy's pussy. 

Frank backed his cock out to the entrance and saw the 
huge puddle of cum forming inside her pussy and shoved 
his cock back inside pushing his seed deep into her 
white belly while he held her legs up lifting her ass 
off the table and held himself still for several 

Frank repeated this several more times giving his seed 
a chance to mingle with her eggs in her womb. Frank 
figured that at least she could do was have a kid with 
him if he was going to let that dumb husband of hers 
work at his garage.

Frank used her thong to wipe up his cum that was 
leaking out onto the table as he helped Daisy to her 

Daisy's pussy made a fluttering sound as air and the 
rest of Frank's seed dripped out of her pussy and onto 
the floor below.

Daisy quickly put on her bra and slipped into the wet 
thong and pulled her jeans back on and slipped the pick 
sweater over her head.

Daisy looked angrily at Frank as she adjusted her 
sweater and slipped into her heels. Frank was just 
pulling his pants up as she grabbed her purse off the 

Frank chuckled as he starred at Daisy. "Daisy... It 
looks' like you saved your husband's job for now. I 
want to see you here in my office next Thursday around 
noon. Only this time I want you to wear a short dress 
for me without anything underneath. Do you understand?"

Daisy was very angry as she walked toward the door 
without answering his question. She stopped for a 
second and turned to face Frank.

"I'll be here at noon!"

Daisy turned and walked out the door slamming in shut 
behind her as Frank laughed to himself while putting on 
his shirt. 

Frank hoped that she would use a douche when she got 
home if it wasn't too late. He laughed at himself again 
as he thought that he might already be a daddy.

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