Tuesday, 21 June 2016


These incidents took place last year, and I am still in 
a state of shock after losing my new wife to superior 
black cock. I have lost all confidence since she left 
me, and have not been able to find a new girlfriend. My 
ex-wife, on the other hand is living in the house next 
door, having a fine time with her new black lover. I am 
sure she is fucking not only him but also his friends.

It all started when we were offered a cut-price week in 
Majorca by our next door neighbour Dermott. I had been 
looking forward to a well-earned holiday with my new 
bride, Sara, and I had been working hard at my factory 
job, putting in extra hours on the production line to 
pay for the trip. Even so, my job only paid minimum 
wages and we were struggling to afford a decent 

Sara is a natural blonde of 27 with a slightly large 
nose, plump arse and muscular thighs. She works part 
time at the local riding stables, and with her short 
blonde hair, oversize tits and strawberry-sized 
nipples, is considered very pretty by most men. 

Being 38, overweight and quite ugly myself, I 
considered her to be a great catch. I knew she had had 
plenty of boyfriends before me, but her parents were 
close friends with my mother and father, and had 
exerted a lot of pressure on her to accept my 
proposition of marriage. 

Things could have gone better since the wedding. I was 
both in love and in lust with her, but unfortunately I 
was suffering from premature ejaculation. Her slutty 
bedroom antics were too much for me, and I would 
usually come before entering her. 

To make matters worse I was diagnosed as being 
infertile, and had to break the news to her that I 
could not give her children. Whereas at first she was 
sympathetic to our problems, she had recently become 
more scathing, openly questioning whether she had made 
the right decision by marrying me. 

Dermott, a muscular black man in his early thirties, 
was living next door, and to be honest I was a little 
scared of him. He never treated me with any respect, 
and the only time I complained about his music, he told 
me in no uncertain terms to "Fuck off ya piece a' 

He was always having visitors round late at night, and 
I suspected he was involved in crime in some way. I was 
made more resentful by the fact that he would flirt 
with Sara in my presence, and to my annoyance and anger 
she had recently been encouraging him, stopping to talk 
to him on the street and even waving to him through the 

Well Sara must have mentioned our financial problems to 
him because next thing I knew he was offering us a 
couple of tickets to Greece at less than half price. It 
seemed that two of his friends had pulled out of a 
package holiday, and he was hoping that Sara and me 
would make up a foursome. I was in two minds about 
accepting pointing out that I had never got on well 
with Dermott. But Sara was sure we should accept the 
offer: "We'd be stupid not to," she said. "Deep down, 
I'm sure Dermott is a nice guy. He wouldn't have 
offered us the tickets if he wasn't." 

I had been hoping that our holiday would revitalise our 
love life. If I could relax, I reasoned, my sexual 
problems might go away. But I didn't know if I could 
relax sharing the holiday with Larry and, no doubt, one 
of his white sluts, in tow. But Sara was too was keen 
to back down, and eventually I agreed to take the 
tickets. On the day of departure I got the shock of my 
life. The doorbell rang and there stood Dermott 
together with another black man -standing well over 6' 
and even more muscular than Dermott. "This here's 
Larry," he said. Bro, this piece o' shit is Peter, guy 
who don't like rap." 

"Yeah, I've heard about you," said Larry, not bothering 
to shake hands. "You'd better not come out with any of 
that "turn the music down" shit in the hotel, we're 
liable to kick yo lilywhite ass." They both laughed. 
Then Sara turned up, wearing tight, thin blue shorts 
and a red halter-top. I saw her give a quick glance at 
both men and lick her lips. "Who's this?" she asked, 
looking at Larry with a little-girl surprised voice. 
"Larry, pleased to meet ya," Larry replied, and the 
smooth bastard kissed her hand, making her pretty 
cheeks blush with embarrassment before explaining that 
he would be sharing a room with Dermott in the hotel. 

We made our way to the cab and Sara sat in the back, 
wedged in between the two big black men, while I sat in 
the front. I was beginning not to like the way this was 
heading. On the plane journey I kept mainly to myself 
while Sara chatted to our black travelling companions 
and drank beer. She was certainly revelling in the 
attention of the two handsome guys, while I was 
silently fuming with jealousy. When we arrived at the 
hotel room a major row began to brew. 

"Jesus, Sara, just stop it now," I said angrily. 
"You're my wife, unless you've forgotten. I saw Dermott 
with his hand on your knee on the plane. We have to 
steer clear of them, they're bad news." 

"You boring little fuck," she retorted. "I've had just 
enough of you and your pathetic sulks?" Just then we 
were disturbed by loud rap music coming from the next 
room. I walked onto the balcony and saw Dermott and 
Larry on the adjacent balcony listening to the music 
and smoking a reefer. The heavily muscled coal black 
men were both wearing only shorts, and their bodies 
were rock hard and perfect.

Dermott had the physique of a heavyweight boxer and 
Larry was also heavily built. He had tattoos on his 
shoulder and neck. "Hope the music's not dissing you," 
said Larry to me "Well, as a matter of fact," I began 
"Because you better get used to it, shithead." He was 
about to say more but just then Sara poked her head 
around the door. "Hi guys" she said. "Is that Cypress 
Hill? I love it." She started to move her ass to and 
fro to the music. 

I stomped back into the room, leaving Sara on the 
balcony swaying and chatting about the music. She 
obviously preferred talking to them than talking to me. 
Then, after five minutes of moping in the room, I heard 
giggles and then screams coming from the balcony. I 
walked back out, just in time to see two strong black 
hands lifting my Sara over the rail separating the two 
balconies. Laughing, she ended up on Larry's lap on the 
other side. "What's going on?" I asked. 

"Bitch prefers black men," retorted Dermott. "She 
dumping yo sad ass." 

Sara was laughing. "I just came over for a smoke," she 
explained, taking the joint from Larry's mouth." 

"Well you can damn well come back this instant." I 
ordered angrily. I stomped back into the bedroom 
expecting Sara to follow. She did not, but I could make 
out snatches of Conversation coming from the balcony. 

I heard Sara sigh, and then say "Boring? never any 
fun." Then I made out one of the guys saying: "We're 
not boring, look." then Sara shrieking with laughter. 
Then silence, then Sara again "God, how did you get a 
body like this? Fucking hell Derm?" Then: "Yo like that 
bitch?" "yeah, like every girl's dream - god, look at 
those muscles..." "Not like yo wimp ass husband, 

Not able to stand any more I walked out of the hotel 
room and down to the bar. I bought a stiff drink, and 
sat down by the pool, where I had a view of the balcony 
40ft above. Sara appeared to be sitting on Larry's knee 
with her feet in Dermott's lap. 

I couldn't believe my darling wife was flirting 
blatantly with these uncouth men. After a few minutes 
they rose and vanished into their room. I gulped my 
drink down and set off back upstairs. I was determined 
not to lose my wife to these two black men. I entered 
our bedroom and pressed my ear to the wall. I thought I 
heard something, so I pressed a glass against the wall. 
It was thin, and I could clearly hear what was going 

"Yeah, suck it slut" (SLURP) "Like em big like this, 
bitch?" (SLURP, SLURP) "You like to suck brothers' 

"Ooh yeah," I heard my wife breath before her voice was 
replaced by more slurping sounds. 

"Yeah, suck on it ya fucking white tart." (SLUUUUURP!!) 
I couldn't stand it any more and in a rush of blood I 
stormed round to their front door and began hammering 
on it. After a couple of minutes the door was flung 
open and Larry stood there. 

He was naked, and making no attempt to conceal a thick 
11' cock, which appeared to be covered in salvia. "What 
can I do for you? He asked, laughing. "Have you come to 
complain about the noise from wife suckin' our dicks?" 
From inside, I heard Sara laugh. 

"Please," I said, "Can't I just speak to her for a 

"Sure, be my guest," he said, and gestured for me to 
walk past him into the room. The sight I saw inside 
shocked me to the bone. Dermott sat naked at the side 
of the bed, while Sara, the slut was on her knees using 
both hands to slowly wank the biggest black dick I had 
ever seen. It was absolutely huge, jet black, the 
length of a wine bottle and very, very hard. 

"Bitch!" I yelled and slapped her, hard in the face. In 
an instant both black men were on me, and the beating I 
received was merciless. 

First they battered my face, then held me on the floor 
and punched me hard on all over my arms and legs Until 
I was bruised everywhere and pleading with them to 
stop. Then Dermott pulled me up and held my hands 
securely as Larry began to bitch-slap me." 

"She yo our bitch now." (Slap) "She done told us you 
can't give her no baby. What kind of man is that?" 
(Slap) (Slap)

Sara, still in her tight shorts and halter-top, was 
sitting on the bed watching my humiliation intently. 
"How's it feel, whitey? (slap) She loves nigaz, (slap) 
you can't do nothin' bout it!" (slap) You tuch her 
'gin, we'll kill you. How do ya like that? Yo wife out 
of bounds, now, dickface." 

Dermott then tugged me by my hair and threw me on down 
the bed beside Sara. She glanced at me with scorn, then 
punched me square on the nose. "If you fuckin' try to 
slap me again, Peter, you're dead," she said. "I want a 

The men then pushed me out of the room and locked the 
door. As I began to crawl back to mine and Sara's room 
I heard my wife's throaty laugh. That night was the 
worst of my life. The thin walls meant that I could 
hear my darling wife being soundly sexed by the two 
black men. I didn't get a wink of sleep, and I counted 
nine of her very vocal orgasms before dawn. 

As I lay there I could only imagine her being passed 
from man to man, treated like the whore she has 
obviously become. The next day she returned, but only 
to carry her suitcase next door. I tried to persuade 
her to stay and talk to me, but she simply said, "Do 
you know anything about biology, Peter? Didn't you 
study it at school?" 

When I remained silent, she continued "Well I do. I'll 
give you the facts." She looked me right in the eye. "I 
am a beautiful, fertile woman, Peter. But you are a man 
who cannot produce fertile sperm. A runt, if you like." 
she added, cruelly. 

"Dermott and Larry, on the other hand, are very, very 
fertile men. Did you know they have fathered thirteen 
children between them? They are both what is known as 
alpha males, Peter, and now they have selected me as 
their mate. They want to breed me and you know what? I 
am very, very grateful for that. I am honoured. I will 
do anything they ask to get the sperm from their big 
dicks into my womb. I will be their slut for as long as 
they want me." With that, she swirled on her high heels 
and left the room. I was left in a state of shock. 

The rest of the holiday was hell for me. The next night 
I tried to leave to avoid the racket from the next 
room, but Dermott and Larry dragged me back into their 
room, where they took great pleasure in forcing me to 
sit in a chair and watch while they bred my sweet wife. 

The rougher they treated her, the more she seemed to 
enjoy it. She especially liked slurping on Dermott's 
massive pole while staring at me in the eyes. As I was 
not allowed to wank, my cock was swollen to bursting. 
As she sucked Dermott's black cock, she was very vocal, 
saying things like. "I love feeling the weight of your 
massive black fuck-stick, darling, it's perfect for 
breeding me." "You little whore," Dermott said. "What 
about your husband's cock?" 

"My ex-husband, don't you mean," she replied between 
slurps. Still staring into my eyes, she continued: "You 
know I'm in love with you now and worship your massive 
black dick (slurp). It's fuckin' huge. How could I go 
back to that impotent little shithole? Your pole is so 
fucking massive, Dermott, perfect for breeding black 

"You hearing this impotent little shit?" asked Larry, 
who was standing next to me. He cuffed me across the 

"Yes, that's it, beat him up," said Sara, still 
slurping Dermott's oversized cock obscenely. "Smack the 
WIMP up. Hey WIMP, how does it feel to be single again? 
(sluuuuurp). How does it feel to watch your wife 
sucking a superior black dick? 

Sara then swayed over to me, sat on my lap and started 
licking and kissing my face, then she rubbed her 
breasts against me and put her hand on my crotch. 
"Sorry darling," she breathed in my ear as she jiggled 
on my knee. "I just don't need you any more." 

She kissed me sensually on the lips before continuing 
"Not as a lover, not as a provider, and not as a 
husband. You're out of the picture, Peter darling." 
Larry and Dermott then stood at either side of her with 
their hard dicks out, right in front of my face. As I 
watched, my wife began to give them both a slutty blow 
job just inches from my face. I tried to close my eyes, 
but Larry slapped me again, saying, "Keep watchin' 

I was in tears long before - much to the amusement of 
Sara - Dermott forced me to lick his huge pole. It 
almost made me choke as he shoved it into my mouth and 
shot his massive load down my throat. Both men 
proceeded to fuck my wife hard on the bed while I was 
forced to watch. Sara rubbed salt in my wounds by 
acting like a complete whore, begging them for their 
stiff cocks, and urging them to breed her and give her 
a baby. 

When I was finally allowed to go back to my room I knew 
that my wife was lost forever. By the end of the 
vacation Sara was really revelling in my torment. They 
dragged me to a tatooist where they made me have "sissy 
white wimp" etched on my butt, while Sara had "black 
cock slut" on her arm, much to the amusement of the 
other customers. When we arrived home she wasted no 
time in moving in with Dermott. 

My wife has now become a breeding bitch for my black 
neighbour and his friends, and makes no attempt to hide 
the fact. On the contrary, most days I see her parading 
her swollen belly on the streets still wearing tight 
dresses and high heels like a common whore. 

Despite her pregnancy of six months, I know she is 
still sexually active. I can clearly hear her fucking 
next door, and nowadays I pray for the loud music to 
drown out the noise. 

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