Monday, 13 June 2016


My husband and I were both 25 when we got married. We 
came from Northern Wisconsin so it was quite a shock 
when Kevin's Company transferred him to Georgia. We 
moved to a suburb outside Atlanta and found ourselves a 
small one-bedroom apartment in a very nice complex 
while we looked for a house we liked. 

It was a nice community filled with mostly young 
professionals who were starting out or passing through. 
We were on the backside of our building at the bottom 
of the stairwell. Our door opened up to a little 
landing that was shared with the apartment across the 
way. A small pond with ducks and lots of frogs was just 
past the landing. It was part of the landscaping and 
was surrounded by small walking paths. I liked to stop 
and watch the ducks build their nests when I got back 
from errands or the gym. 

I didn't know anyone; we'd only been there about 3 
weeks. In fact I was really lonely. I'd thought about 
getting a job but Kevin told me that we would probably 
be moving again in 6 months so I said, "why bother". 
Each day as Kevin left I'd go to the door and give him 
a kiss goodbye and then try and find something to keep 
myself busy until he came home 12 or 13 hours later. 

Last Wednesday Kevin left very early. He had to go 
north of Atlanta so he was out the door by 5:30. I got 
up with him and followed him to the door. I kissed him 
goodbye, wished him luck and watched him go up the 
stairs to drive away. 

OK, I thought, another day in this place. Maybe I'd go 
to the pool or just do some laundry. It was really hot 
even at that hour. Georgia in the summer back before 
air-conditioning must have sucked. I watched the sun 
beginning to poke its head up over the trees and 
watched my friends the ducks swimming around. I saw one 
that looked to be chasing a frog and walked over to the 
edge of the landing to get a closer look. 

A warm breeze came along. Damn, I thought, even the 
wind is warm. Then I heard the bang. It took me a 
second to realize what it was. I spun around and my 
front door was closed. My stomach became all knotted 
and I swore out loud. I ran up to it and checked, yup, 
it was locked. Didn't I feel like a jerk. OK, Kevin was 
gone, I didn't know anyone and it was only 5:30 in the 
morning. What the hell do I do now? I paced around 
trying not to panic, or cry, and tried to decide what 
to do.

All right, I thought, I can't exactly just walk around. 
I was still dressed in my short VS pink bathrobe and 
some pink tap pants. Kevin always liked this robe. He 
said it showed off my legs. I did have pretty good 
legs, guys used to tell me that my legs and my ass were 
my best qualities. My breasts were kind of small but as 
long as my husband liked them who cared. 

I hadn't even put my blond hair up in my normal 
ponytail, which kept me cooler. No shoes and it kept 
getting hotter. I was starting to sweat. I could feel 
the heat coming from the sun and the felt the water 
drip down my back as the robe began to stick to my 

I heard someone coming down the steps and turned 
around. It was the guy next door. His name was Samuel. 
He was about our age and must have been a lawyer or 
something. He was always immaculately dressed in a nice 
suit and had hours that were often as long as Kevin's. 
He was never around. He must have just come back from 
an early morning run. His coal black skin was soaked 
with sweat. His sleeveless shirt clung to his body 
which I had to admit was very muscular. He stood about 
6 foot and must have weighed about 195. He had what 
looked like a tattoo of what looked like an Omega on 
his arm. 

"Problem?" he asked.

"I'm locked out," I said. "You don't know how to pick a 
lock do you?"

He raised his eyebrows and said, "Afraid not."

I explained what happened and he tried the door. He 
jiggled the door and asked if any of the windows were 
unlocked. I told him that as far as I knew they were 
all locked. 

"Well, I can offer you a cup of coffee while you wait 
for the office to open up," he said. 

I hesitated for a second.

"Or you can wait out here, I have to get ready for 
work," he added. "I make a mean cup of coffee." 

I agreed and he unlocked his door. I had a little pit 
in my stomach as I followed him inside. This was a 
little weird. I was following a black guy into his 
apartment. It was not what I expected. 

I'm not sure what I expected. He had a nice leather 
couch and lots of books. A computer sat in the corner 
along with a small weight machine. A TV and VCR and DVD 
sat in a very nice cherry cabinet. He went to the 
kitchen and poured me some coffee. He looked at me, 
smiled and said, "I have to take a shower and get ready 
for work. The remote for the TV is on the table." 

He walked back to his room and closed the door behind 
him. The coffee was very good. Strong and dark, it 
needed a little cream to mellow it out. I took another 
sip and sat down on the couch. The air-conditioning was 
on really high. The sweat from outside was cooling off 
and I actually felt chilled. 

I looked down and was a little embarrassed. My nipples 
were poking out under the thin robes fabric. I wondered 
if he had noticed. I picked up the remote and pushed 
the power button. The TV came on. Too many buttons. Too 
many channels and nothing on. Coordinated I was not. I 
flipped through a dozen shows looking for the morning 
news. Then my thumb hit the wrong button and the VCR 
began to play.

"Damn. Damn. Damn. Where in the hell was the stop 
button," I thought to myself. 

I looked up and froze. It took me a second to realize 
what I was watching. It was a porno flick. I'd never 
really seen one. My heart started beating very fast. We 
had joked about them in college but I hadn't ever 
actually seen one before. What if he came out and 
caught me. I'd die of even more embarrassment. I kept 
looking at his door and then at the movie to see what 
was going on, maybe I could just watch a minute of it 
then rewind it. Samuel would never know, besides I 
could hear the shower running. 

A good-looking blond dressed in a short dress looking 
out a window. A door opened and a black guy came in. 
Shit, it was an interracial film. My heart skipped 
another beat. I was getting really nervous but I 
couldn't bring myself to turn it off. 

The guy on the screen began to kiss the girl tenderly 
on the neck and then worked his way down her chest. 
Then he reached his large black fingers up and 
unsnapped her dress. It fell to the floor and he began 
to slide his hands across her stomach and her chest. 
Her head fell back and she looked like she was enjoying 
his touch very, very much. 

I was captivated by the contrast of his skin against 
hers. He was standing behind her and his hand slid down 
and disappeared between her legs. She let out a gasp as 
he slid in her. 

My mouthy was really dry as I glanced at Samuel's door 
to make sure he wasn't coming out. The couple on the 
screen had shifted so that the blond was facing the 
black guy. He sat down on the couch and she stood 
before him. The camera angle was from behind her. It 
showed his cock sticking straight up as she spread her 
legs slightly and he put his hands on her hips. She 
steadied herself by holding on to the couch by his 
shoulders and began to lower herself down. She gasped 
again as the tip of his cock touched her between her 

He was quite well endowed. I kept thinking, "It'll 
never fit."

Her head rolled back as the head disappeared inside 
her. She steadied herself and he slowly pushed down on 
her hips. Her head fell forward onto his shoulder and 
you could hear short gaspy breaths as that cock slowly 
impaled her. She did take it all. Soon all you could 
see were his balls resting under her ass. She rotated 
her hips as if she was grinding herself against him. 
His black hands cupped her ass as she began to lift 
herself up. She tensed and had what was unmistakably a 
very nice orgasm. 

I think I was slightly jealous. I was also slightly 
wet. Then he began to seriously fuck her. I swallowed 
another sip of coffee and watched her come again and 
again. She was bathed in sweat and close to exhaustion. 
The black guy was now on top with her knees up by her 
shoulders as he pounded into her. He leaned down and 
kissed her as he forced himself deep into her. His back 
tensed as I realized that he was filling her with his 
cum. A black man's cum.

I was now very wet. My legs were weak. I thought that 
was just a figure of speech but my knees were shaking. 
This whole scenario was way too weird. 

I wondered why he had this movie. Did he like white 
girls? God, what did he look like naked. Was he washing 
himself? How big was he. I'd never even considered a 
black man as a lover before. Hell, I'd only been with 
two other men before Kevin. I should go home. I wanted 
to go home. I wanted to have an orgasm, orgasms, like 
the girl in the tape. 

I looked over at the bedroom door. I still don't know 
why I did what I did. I turned off the VCR and walked 
over to his bedroom door. It was open a crack and I 
could hear the water still running. Steam was coming 
out of the shower. His running clothes were on the 
floor next to his bed, which was unmade. I pushed the 
door slowly and it creaked a little. My heart leapt 
again but the shower continued. I stepped inside. My 
whole body was shaking. 

"Stop, run get out," I told myself. But I didn't. I 
stood there. My throat was dry. My head was spinning; 
it was like it wasn't really me. I undid my bathrobe 
and let it fall to the floor next to his running 
clothes. I put my fingers into the waistband of my 
shorts and slid them to the floor. I stepped out of 
them and saw myself in the mirror. I wondered what his 
hands would look like on my body. I went into the 
bathroom. Swallowed one last time, grabbed the edge of 
the shower curtain and stepped through. 

He was a little bit shocked. It took him a second to 
realize what had happened. He sort of stood there in 
front of me with the water running over his head. He 
looked at me and smiled. I bit my lip and looked down 
at his cock, which, although not of legendary 
proportions, was bigger limp than Kevin's. I took the 
soap from him and said, "I thought you might need some 

I began to wash his body. I washed it from top to 
bottom although I'm fairly certain that he had washed 
it already. I was looking at my small white hand with 
my wedding band sliding over his muscled torso. My hand 
reached around his cock and gently washed it up and 
down. I could feel every vein as it began to grow.

I ran my hands up and down it wondering what it would 
feel like in me. He placed his hands on my shoulders as 
I played with his balls and he slowly got bigger and 
harder in my hand. He pulled me close and I felt his 
cock flat against my stomach as he kissed me gently on 
the lips. I returned his kiss with a deep kiss feeling 
his hands slide all over my body. His cock was going to 
go very deep.

He stepped back and began to wash me. His large hands 
and long fingers ran the soap over my shoulders and I 
closed my eyes as he held my breasts and lightly 
pinched my nipples. He turned me around and washed me 
from behind. I could feel his cock against my back as 
his hands slid down my stomach and spread my legs. His 
finger slid right in me. I was so wet and I let out a 
little gasp as he began to finger me. He slid into his 
second knuckle. 

My knees were getting weak. I was going to come on his 
finger if he didn't stop. But he did know when to stop. 
He turned me around and rinsed me off. Turning off the 
water he pulled the shower curtain aside and pulled out 
a clean towel and began to pat me dry like a prize. He 
dried himself and I watched. Then he took my hand and 
led me out of the bathroom and towards the bed. 

The cool air gave me goose bumps all over my body. This 
is it I thought. I'm about to be unfaithful to my 
husband. I'm about to be fucked by this black man in 
his bed while my husband is at work. Was it too late to 
stop I wondered, could I stop. Could I go through with 
it? He laid me back on the bed with my knees over the 
edge, and then he lowered himself to his knees in front 
of me. He put my hands on my breasts and lifted my feet 
up so that just my heels rested on the edge of the bed. 
He kissed the inside of my thigh, then kissed it again 
only higher. 

I realized what he was doing. I'd only let Kevin do it 
a few times but it was awkward and amateurish. Samuel's 
tongue must have done this many times before. His 
tongue was warm and talented. It darted in and out and 
ran up and down the soaking folds of my cunt. God it 
felt so good. I squeezed my breasts and played with my 
nipples as he quickened the pace. I could feel myself 
getting closer and closer to an orgasm. 

My back began to tense and my head turned from side to 
side. I bit my lip as I approached release. I'd 
forgotten where I was and now I was just concentrating 
on what was going on. Then it hit. I forced my hips up 
into his face as I held his head, my body exploding on 
his tongue. I was gasping for air as he kept gently 
touching my clit. I finally had to push his head away 
as I was getting too sensitive. I looked down between 
my outstretched thighs to see his black head look up 
and stare into my eyes. 

He stood up in front of me and I sat up on the edge of 
the bed. His cock head was in front of my face, a 
little bead of precum pooling on the tip. I swallowed 
again and opened my mouth taking the head in my mouth. 

I was afraid I would gag or wretch but it seemed so 
natural. I sucked him as deep as I could as he held my 
head. I heard him moan as I sucked his cock. His hands 
were tangled in my hair as I tried to get as much of 
him in my mouth as I could. I swear I was going to come 
again just from sucking on him. He moaned some more and 
I began to wonder what I would do when he came. I never 
swallowed Kevin's cum. 

I never had to decide. He suddenly pulled my head away 
and said, "Not the way I want to come." 

I'd thought for a moment that maybe we'd stop at a 
blowjob, but not today. He pushed me back on the bed 
and kneeled in front of me. He put his hands on my 
knees and spread me wide open. I watched almost in a 
sexual daze as a set of black fingers on each knee 
slowly pushed my legs farther apart. His cock was 
straight out in front of him covered in my salvia. 

He began to lower himself forward. I swear I was like a 
bitch in heat. I wanted this so bad. I tensed for on 
last moment. I felt the tip touch my opening and my 
hips involuntarily pushed up to meet him. He smiled and 
looked down at me.

"You like my black cock? Don't you?"

I nodded. I felt him thrust down with his hips. His 
cock began to slide in and disappear in me, now the 
weight of his body spread me apart. I could feel every 
inch of him slide in until the tip of his big black 
cock rested against the opening of my cervix. I had 
never had anything that deep. I closed my eyes as I 
adjusted to having him in me. 

He rocked from side to side and seated himself as deep 
as he could. I was totally impaled by his cock. His 
balls rested in the crack of my ass and I could feel 
them soft and heavy against me. I momentarily thought 
about the box of condoms in the dresser next to my own 
bed, they wouldn't do me any good now. 

I ground my pelvis against his and felt another orgasm 
building. I knew it wasn't going to take long before I 
came again. He reached down and ran his hands up my 
arms pushing my arms up over my head, his fingers 
entwined with mine holding me under him. 

"Look at me," he said. 

I looked up at his big brown eyes, and I came. The 
totality of what was going on caused my body to thrash 
under him. He smiled and began to slide slowly out 
until just the tip remained inside then he slid all the 
way back inside. I gasped again and again as he began 
to fuck me harder and deeper. The whole bed shook with 
the force of our fuck. His cock grew harder and bigger 
and I knew that he was going to come in me soon. That 
thought set me over the edge again. I had never come 
this way with Kevin. 

The danger of it, the tabooedness of it, the mental 
image of him screwing my white ass so completely set me 
into a continuous orgasm. I began to think about his 
balls forcing gobs of thick wiggling sperm deep into my 
unprotected womb, searching for an egg to spear. My 
heels dug into his bed but his hands held me fast. I 
looked up and his face was inches from mine and I knew 
he could feel the insides of my cunt contracting and 
sucking against his cock. He kept sliding in and out 
fucking away and I kept coming. 

Then he said, "Its time." 

I looked up at him as I felt him push as hard and deep 
as he could. His balls tightened up and squirt after 
squirt of his fluid began to fill my insides. I grabbed 
his head and pulled his mouth to mine as he filled me. 
I could feel him starting to leak out from around his 
cock and run down the crack of my ass on to his sheets. 
He collapsed and kissed me again as held my head. 

We rested for a few minutes. Every movement he made 
caused me to twitch as he deflated inside me. I let out 
a small sigh as he slid out and lay beside me pulling 
me over to rest my head on his chest. My small white 
hand playing with his soaked cock. He was literally 
flowing out of me making a puddle on the bed. I hoped 
it wasn't a bad time of the month for this. I slid down 
and began to lick him clean of our fluids. 

He tasted wet and salty as I cleaned off the 
combination of his and my illicit coupling. It didn't 
take long for him to get hard and I concentrated on 
making him come again. I felt the head swell and he 
held my head in his lap. He wasn't going to pull away 
this time. He groaned and I felt what was left in him 
squirting into my mouth. I closed my eyes and 
swallowed. It was like swallowing a hot raw egg. We 
both fell back on the cool sheets. 

Samuel looked over at the clock. "The repair man should 
be in by now." 

He called the office for me and one of the workers came 
over with the master key. The worker was an old black 
guy. He sort of just looked at us both, as I stood 
there in my bathrobe next to Samuel in a pair of clean 
running shorts. Samuels's hand rested on my ass. I 
could feel his cum running down my leg. The maintenance 
man look at Samuel, then at me then at my leg and 
smiled. I was suddenly very conscious of what I'd just 
done. The man opened my door and I stepped inside. 

"Thanks for the coffee," I said.

"Any time," he answered. 

I closed the door and went inside. On the counter there 
was a note from Kevin. 

"Hi. Came back because I forgot my notes. Where were 
you? See you tonight and you can tell me all about it. 

So now I wait. 

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