Monday, 20 June 2016


From the first time I had sex with a man I became 
addicted to feeling him shooting his cum inside my 
pussy. When I felt it would make me cum twice as hard. 
It's hard to believe I never got pregnant. I started 
having sex at 17. I was 23 when I had my first baby 
with my husband. Four years later we had another. Then 
three years later me and my sister's husband had 
another one. Yes my sister's husband.

I found that the more intense the man's orgasm, the 
more intense mine was. I didn't really care much about 
size as long as it was at least six inches. I found out 
young that almost all men like to cum inside a girl and 
get them pregnant. I love the feeling and the rush of 
possibly getting pregnant. So this is always how I had 

I found that some of the most intense orgasms men have 
is when I would have a boyfriend I would always have 
sex with another guy. Yeah I cheated! So what! Do you 
know how intense a mans orgasm is when your having sex 
with him. He knows I have a boyfriend and you tell him 
too shoot in you so you so he can get you pregnant. OH 
MY GOD!!! Intense!

I love my sister a lot but when she first introduced me 
to her new husband I have to admit my body temp went up 
and I got wet. Damn he was hot! I was really impressed. 
I thought for sure he could be a perfect candidate for 
my infidelity. But I wanted to be sure first so I got 
to know him slowly. After a while I flirted with him. 
He didn't seem to mind to I would go further each time. 

Eventually one night my husband and I and my sister and 
her husband went out to a club. Dancing and drinking. 
We got pretty loaded and I dragged him onto the dance 
floor. We started dancing together. I put my hands 
behind him and pinched his ass. He in return did it 
back. I turned around grinding my ass into his crotch. 
His dick was already hard and seemed a good size. I now 
knew he was mine.

It was a few months later I put together a party at my 
house and invited them to it. They came and we all got 
drunk. I tried to pace myself and hope Mike, her 
husband, didn't drink to much. It was late when my 
husband and my sister passed out. Mike was still up but 
said he was tired and was going to sleep in the 
basement on the couch. Sleep? Ha, fat chance.

I woke him up quietly whispering in his ear. "Mike, 
Mike wake up." He woke gently to see me standing over 
him in a bathrobe. "Shhhhh," I said as I dropped my 
bathrobe to reveal my 130 lb nude body. Mike looked in 
disbelief. His eyes wondered if it was real. I assured 
him it was as I kissed him on the lips. "Mmmmmmm," I 

He reached up and cupped my tits in his hands and began 
rubbing his thumbs over my hard nipples. I pulled his 
shirt off as he continued exploring my tits. I wanted 
him naked so I pulled his pants off also to reveal 
about a seven inch one inch thick cock. There wasn't 
enough room on the couch so I laid a blanket down on 
the floor and laid on it on my back. He lay down next 
to me kissing me and sucking on my sensitive nipples. I 
was hot and real wet. My mind was already starting to 
wonder what he was going to feel like when he started 
rubbing my pussy and my clit. I was getting off the 
charts with one orgasm already behind me almost ready 
for another.

He played with my pussy for a little while longer 
bringing me to another orgasm. I was his now for the 
taking. I was clay in his hands. He had complete 
control over me. I was ready and willing to take all 
his cock in me and feel him plant his seed in me. I 
orgasmed again.

He wasn't having putting his cock in me yet. You see he 
figured he was going to do his best work on me. He went 
down sticking his tongue in my swollen, dripping, 
pussy. Sucking my clit and darting his tongue in and 
out of my pussy got me two more right in his face. He 
tried to lap it all up but I knew it was impossible I 
came so much. I couldn't take it anymore and begged him 
for his cock. "Please put your cock in me now," I 

He pulled himself up until we were almost face to face. 
I felt his cock hot against my skin. "You want this?" 
he asked. 

"Yes put it in me," I said breathlessly.

He did just that. As wet as I was it had no problem 
sliding all the way inside me. It felt so good in 
there. It fit perfectly. Like it was made just for my 
pussy. He started pumping me slow for a while and 
slowly built up his pace to a steady motion. I lifted 
my ass off the floor to meet his thrusts and came 
again. I realized this was enough. I wanted to feel him 
cum inside me.

"Cum for me baby," I said.


"Cum in me Mike."

"But can't you get pregnant?"

"Yessss! I want to feel you shoot your sperm into me, 
into my tubes and to my fertile egg. Do it. Do it baby, 
do it now!"

"Are you serious?"

"Yes cum inside me, get me fuckin' pregnant, I want to 
have your baby!"

He started pumping in me little faster. His breathing 
got deeper. "Oh my god I'm gonna cum in you!"

He started to pull out. Fuck no he ain't! He's not 
pulling out. I'm getting every drop of it in me. I 
quickly wrapped my legs around him pulling him to me 
and putting the anaconda death grip on him. He wasn't 
going anywhere.

Then I felt it. The first spurt hit me like liquid fire 
inside. "UUUUgggghhh!!" He yelled out. Loud. 

I felt the second spurt. It was heavier than the first. 
The third spurt followed shortly after sending me to 
into the most intense orgasm I've ever had in my life. 
I blacked out for a while. He just kept pumping it in 
me. After the fifth spurt I believe my womb was full of 
baby making sperm and I would be pregnant with this 
man's baby. He collapsed on top of me spent just as I 
was. We lay there for awhile cuddling. 

We talked about baby names and that we would continue 
without ending our marriages.

We still have sex. Not as much. The baby came out 
looking like me so no suspicion was cast. I've had good 
sex since but nothing will compare to that night.        

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