Friday, 24 June 2016


Gosh I have been having weird dreams lately. It was not 
until recently I found out why. Now my dreams have 
stepped into reality.

Let me explain: Twelve years ago the lady of my dreams, 
my wife, died in childbirth. I was left with our daughter 
Eleanor in my care for all these years. Raising her has 
kept me from having any kind of sex life except my video 
collection I would watch once Ellen went to bed.

Lately I was having dreams about my wife Helen (yes Ellen 
is named after her). What is weird about that is that I 
have not had dreams about her in a decade. Further 
strange is that in my dreams we actually have sex and I 
end up cumming. Normally if I have sex in a dream, I wake 
up before I get very far. I even woke up right after one 
of these dreams and found cum on my belly.

So that is my life lately. I find myself hoping for the 
end of the day so I will be re-united again with my one 
love in my sleep. Every night she comes and visits me and 
we have wonderful sex.

Tonight I find myself in bed as usual and like the past 
week, I do not even bother to put on a porno flick to 
fall asleep to after whacking off. I pass into dreams 

I am laying on a hotel bed, a very seedy place, pictures 
are screwed to the wall, bed covers look like they have 
not been changed in a couple of months, and there is a 
place on the night stand to put in quarters to activate 
the vibrating bed. I have been here with her before in my 
dreams. Once she comes out of the bathroom, nothing else 

Then I hear it. A slow creak as the door opens. I try to 
look over at her as she walks in out of the bathroom, but 
as happens in a lot of dreams I have, I find it hard to 
look directly at something. When I do manage to look in 
her direction, there is a bright light surrounding her 
that makes it hard to focus on what she looks like, but I 
can see she is moving towards the bed.

Not a word is spoken between us, there never is. Then I 
feel her getting onto the bed and like a shade is lifted, 
I can see her face. She is as young and angelic as I 
remember her. She wears such a smile on her face that 
even her eyes look like they are smiling. 

She carefully climbs up and straddles me. I feel the open 
wet lips of her cunt welcome my cock in. In only a moment 
I am buried to the hilt in her pussy and we start making 
love. I want this moment to last forever.

I look down at her amazing body; she is wearing a 
delicate see through negligee that only just covers her 
breasts, and I can feel it touch my skin occasionally as 
she moves up and down on me. Her breasts are small by 
most standards, but to me they are perfect. They stand 
firm and erect from her body pressing against the 
negligee tightly. Her abdomen is tight and muscular.

I always hate the next part of this dream and I feel it 
approaching. This is where I cum in her. Why do I hate 
this part? It means our lovemaking is nearly over. There 
is not even any cuddling after in these dreams. But 
suddenly something is different. She lifts her body off 
of me before I cum and she leaves me hanging on the edge 
of ecstasy.

As I watch her, things become fuzzy. I see and feel her 
shift around some, but the details start to become hard 
to see. Then I feel her take my cock in her hand. This is 
a new twist I think to myself. She is going to give me a 
hand job.

But suddenly something is wrong. I feel a pain at the tip 
of my prick. It is like she is smashing it against 
something. The pain subsides for a moment and then starts 
again. The pain, though not excruciating, is enough to 
draw me out of the dream. The pain comes with me to my 
awakened state.

Once again the pain starts then suddenly changes, I feel 
like someone has put my dick in a vise, a warm, wet, 
tight vise. I am still not fully awake, but the pain is 
subsiding and I am starting to enjoy the feeling.

Just then the vise moves all the way down my dick and I 
hear a muffled moan. I open my eyes and see sitting on my 
dick my wife. Same youthful face, same small breasts, and 
a nightgown that clings to her body showing me her 
beautiful form.

"Oh, Helen!" I hear myself cry out. This is the first 
time I have ever actually been able to say anything to 
her in my dreams.

I look straight in her face and she looks startled for a 

"Daddy?" It is my daughter, not my wife that is impaled 
on my dick.

She looks confused for a moment, then starts to cry.

"Eleanor, what's wrong?" A daughter crying can distract 
you from nearly anything; right now I nearly made me 
forget that I was in a forbidden position with my 

"Y-Y-You are going t-t-t-to be mad at m-m-m-me," she 
stammered out.

Involuntarily, my dick flexed and reminded me of what I 
was to be mad at her about, for some reason, I wasn't. 
"Honey, sweetie, it is okay, let's talk about it."

"I-I-I snuck into your room l-l-last week." She started 
explaining to me. "I-I-I know I am not supposed to b-b-
because of your."

She broke off for a moment and then motioned towards the 
wall containing my porno collection.

"I know you do not want me watching." She continued after 
a loud sniffle. "B-b-but there was a loud thunderstorm 
and I was scared. And, well, you were asleep, and well, 
they were doing stuff on the screen. I tried to ignore 
it, but it made me feel all funny."

At this point I noticed that on purpose or just 
involuntarily, little Ellen's hips started grinding 
against my groin. The feeling was remarkable. I looked 
down at our coupling and saw her pussy bulging with my 
invading member and a small trickle of blood that had 
been her maidenhead only a short time before.

"Well, " She said after a short pause, "it looked like 
the guy in the film was enjoying it. I wanted to try it 
on you, so I sucked on your..."

She paused for a moment, though still grinding her pussy 
up and down me then said it like a forbidden word, 
"Cock!" She then giggled a moment sending wonderful 
vibrations down her lithe body and directly into my dick.

"You seemed to like it, uh!" her explanation was 
punctuated with a grunt. "So I kept coming back each 
night to do it. Eh!"

I found myself pushing back at her grindings, not fully 
involuntary. I knew it was my daughter I was fucking, I 
knew how wrong it was, but at that moment, I did not 

"I snuuuuck in tooooday while you were at woooooork to 
get new ideas." She was no longer stammering, but moaning 
as she spoke. Her body, no longer just grinding against 
me, but lifting itself off of me and then sucking me back 
into her again as she would rise and fall upon her 
daddy's dick.

I looked down at our coupling, her pussy engorged with 
the same cock that went into her mom to make her. If I 
was not careful, I could be getting Ellen pregnant as 
well. Somehow though, I was not worried about that. I saw 
a small trickle of blood between us that once had been my 
daughter's maidenhead.

"I saw them dooooo this and it looooooked like they 
boooooth enjoyed it." I could feel her pussy flexing 
wildly on me. Her fucking started to become erratic. I 
could tell she was as near completion as I was.

"I thoooought I would try..." My beautiful daughter did 
not finish her sentence. She went suddenly erect and 
started moaning and yelling incoherently. At the same 
time I filled her pussy with my incestuous seed. When her 
orgasm subsided, she collapsed onto my chest.

"Thank you daddy for not being mad." I heard her whisper 
as she fell right to sleep on me with my cock still 
buried in her cunt.

I finally got my cuddling.

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