Wednesday, 29 June 2016


This is the story of the best night of my life. My wife 
and I got married when we were 24 and we knew from the 
first week that we were meant to be together. My wife 
and I met at church, volunteering with the youth group. 
I had just started going to this church and she had 
just graduated college and moved home to start her 

The first time I saw her I was totally blown away: 
she's tall (about 5'8"), got shoulder-length brown 
hair, beautiful green eyes, slim (around 135) and has 
great tits and ass. She's really very beautiful... and 
my friends never let me forget it. After over a year of 
dating we got married and we're still very much in 
love. We're now both 26 and she's as hot to me as ever. 
This story is 100% percent true. Everything about it 
happened exactly as I am describing. 

One night we were in bed having great sex. You know the 
kind - the kind where you wake up in the middle of the 
night and are totally horny and you just start going at 
it. She was rolled over on her side like we're spooning 
and I was pounding her hard. I could feel how turned on 
she was. 

It was only the second or third time we had tried that 
position and we were both enjoying it immensely. In the 
throes of sexual bliss that's when it hit me: I had to 
tell her about my fantasy. It was more than a fantasy, 
really... more like a need. For months I had been 
fucking my wife while thinking about her being with 
another guy. It was totally weird for me. I have always 
been the jealous type. 

But with Beth - I've just always been overcome with the 
need to watch her with another guy. The problem with 
that has been that Beth is very conservative. Very 
conservative and very religious. I knew that there was 
no way that she would ever do it, but tonight I had to 
tell her. I had to get it off my chest and into the 
open. So as I was moving in and out, listening to her 
moan incomprehensibly, and feeling that she was very 
much out of control I leaned to her ear and said: 
"Beth, I have to tell you something. Can I tell you 

She was breathing hard as she replied: "Anything baby." 

Making sure I covered all my bases I said to her: "I'm 
a little embarrassed about it, are you sure I can tell 

She reached over, grabbed my hand and wrapped it around 
her body and placed it on her pussy and had me start 
rubbing. At first I was concerned that she wasn't 
paying attention. But then I started feeling her pussy 
and how good it felt to touch and I forgot all about 
it. I took my other hand from underneath her and pulled 
her closer to me with my arm and whispered in her ear: 
"Beth, I want you to fuck another man for me." 

I don't know how to describe this on paper and do it 
justice. But she immediately moaned as loud as I've 
ever heard her moan during sex calling out, "Oh my God, 
yes." The hand on her pussy was immediately soaked in 
her cum. She tensed up all over and forced me deep 
inside of her. 

Hearing, seeing, and feeling her reaction to my need 
made me as hard as a rock. As I kept pumping I asked 
her, "Will you do it baby? Will you do it for me?" She 
skipped a very slight beat and looked back at me. "Do 
you really want me to? Or are you just saying that?" 

I moved my hand up and grabbed her face, "I really want 
you to. I have to see it." 

Her eyes rolled back in momentary pleasure and she said 
she would. We continued on and she came again and then 
I finished. We fell asleep and the last thought I had 
was that I couldn't wait for tomorrow. 

The next morning came and we didn't really talk about 
it. It was a Saturday and we had breakfast and just 
hung out. Later on that evening we were watching a 
movie and there was a sex scene. I guess it has to do 
with us being so young but we still get the giggles 
when those scenes come up. She looked over at me and 
said, "Speaking of hot sex, what was up with last 

I smiled a little embarrassed and said, "Yeah it was a 
pretty great wasn't it?" 

She laughed, "Yeah it was great, but that's not what 
I'm talking about. Do you remember what you said? About 
other guys? Did you really mean that? Or were you just 

Uh-oh, I thought. Am I busted? "Well, I mean..." I 
guess I looked a lot like I was about to be in trouble 
because she immediately changed her expression to 
sympathetic and said, "It's ok if you meant it. I just 
want to know." 

Feeling a little better I told her I did mean it and 
asked if she meant that she would really do it. "Oh, 
um... well I don't know Mike. I mean - I thought we 
were just talking about our fantasies. I didn't think 
you really meant it. I'm not mad that you do, but I 
don't think I meant it." 

I should've seen that coming. I was pretty disappointed 
and I think my expression showed it. Beth moved over 
close to me and said: "Why do you want to do that? 
Don't you think there's something wrong with it? I mean 
- it's not very Christian." Not to be dissuaded I 
honestly replied that I didn't think there was much 
wrong with it. It's something I wanted and I couldn't 
help that. We talked for a little while about it and I 
asked her to just keep an open mind about it. She 
agreed and we didn't talk about it for a while. 

After a month or so it came up again and she seemed 
very reluctant. Beth had some serious moral hang-ups 
with the idea but she couldn't deny that she was really 
turned on by the idea. She even admitted to me that 
while she was in college she used to watch porn of two 
guys on one girl and get off to it. I knew it was in 
there... I just had to get it to come out. 

And then it hit me: if she wouldn't do it consciously, 
I could help her along behind the scenes. I know what 
you're thinking: it's not right to try to trick your 
wife into fulfilling your fantasy. I know. It was very 
selfish of me and dangerous. But I couldn't help 
myself. Anyone that has watched his wife or has the 
same desire knows exactly what I'm talking about. It's 

So I went online when she sleeping or gone and went to 
online forums and personal ad sites (you know the 
ones). I posted an ad in a bunch of different places 
asking for someone to seduce my wife. I got hundreds of 
replies. Most of them weren't worth mentioning but I 
got one from a guy in the area named Rob. We emailed 
back and forth and I explained the situation to him. He 
was down with it and he looked exactly like the kind of 
guy Beth would find attractive. He was also really 
intelligent as I could tell from his emails. So we set 
it up. 

A week later Beth and I went to a local bar. On the 
weekends they have live local bands (really good ones, 
too) and it's really packed and really loud. All of the 
young urban professionals hang out at places like this 
to hook up or enjoy the music. I don't drink a lot so 
when Beth and I go out she usually gets drunk and I 
drive. We got a little table and she was drinking mixed 
vodka drinks and I was having beer. When her fourth 
drink was low I got up and told her I had to go to the 
bathroom. I walked away from the table to the bathroom 
which was on the opposite side of the large bar. 

What Beth didn't know is that Rob was at the bar and 
was going to make his move. I waited a couple of (very 
long) minutes and peeked around a corner to see Beth 
sitting at the table with a new drink in her hand and 
talking to some guy. It was Rob. Her back was turned to 
me but I could see by Rob's expression that he was 
doing well with her. I waited about ten more minutes 
and made my way back to the table. When I got there Rob 
was still at the table and Beth was done with the drink 
he brought her. 

I saw Beth take something in her hand and put it into 
her purse. While she was bent over Rob looked at me and 
winked. While Beth tried to compose herself I said, 
"Hey man, what's up?" Beth blushed a little and said, 
"Oh hey babe. This is my friend Rob. I used to go to 
school with him and he came over to say hi. Isn't that 
crazy? I haven't seen him in years." 

I was absolutely floored. My wife was absolutely lying 
to me! As strange as it may be, it was so awesome to 
see her do that. Trying not to be too taken off guard I 
shook Rob's hand and introduced myself. He said a 
polite good-bye and left the bar. Beth didn't say a 
word about it from there on. We went home after a 
little while and went to bed. We had sex and I was 
thinking every bit as much as ever about Rob fucking my 

About two days later I got an email from Rob telling me 
what I anxiously wanted to hear. While I was gone he 
came over with a new drink. Beth was already pretty 
drunk and he told her that he'd noticed her for a while 
and saw that she was with someone, but wanted to bring 
her a drink and say he really thought she was 
attractive and put a business card on the table with 
his cell number written on the back. He told her that 
she should just take the card and throw it away later 
if she wasn't interested. 

That's the paper I saw her put in her purse. He said 
that she flirted with him all the way until I got back 
to the table. He also said he was surprised that she 
lied to me about them going to school together. We both 
had a good feeling she would call him. He said he would 
email me again if she did. 

It was about ten or eleven days later when I got 
another email from Rob. Beth had called him. He said 
that she called him to tell him thanks but no thanks. 
She had thought about it but wasn't going to take him 
up on the offer of getting together. He called her 
bluff and told her that if she really didn't want to 
get together she wouldn't have called at all. He 
convinced her to go out and have a couple of drinks 
with him at a little, out-of-the-way bar and just hang 

She agreed and it was set for the next Sunday night. I 
would be going to my buddy's house to meet up with my 
friends to watch football and she usually stayed home 
and had "me" time. When Sunday rolled around I told her 
I was going to Dave's for the game and she said she 
would go to Starbuck's and read. Another exhilarating 
lie! I was so excited I couldn't stand it. 

Rob had given me directions to his apartment in Uptown 
and said he would text me if they were going there. I 
left and waited for my wife to leave and went back to 
the house staring at my phone for almost an hour and a 
half. And then it happened! My phone buzzed with a text 
from Rob saying "Cum on ovr." I nearly burst out of my 
skin. My wife had agreed to cheat on me with another 
man and I was on my way to his apartment to watch! 

I drove to his place quickly and texted him back when I 
got there. As according to plan he left a key under his 
mat for me to let myself in. I put my ear up to the 
door and didn't hear any voices so I went in and snuck 
quietly to the back of the apartment where the only 
light was on. The door was open but the layout of the 
bedroom allowed me to look in without being noticed. I 
saw Rob laying on the bed next to Beth. Both of them 
still had their clothes on except for shoes. Rob told 
her that he was glad she came tonight. 

"Me too," she replied. "Look, I know it's none of my 
business, but what about your husband?" Her nervous 
response almost made me feel like she wasn't going to 
go through with it. "Uh, yeah. I know. You probably 
think I'm a bad wife because of this." He assured her 
that he didn't. 

"Mike actually said he wanted me to be with someone 
else but I don't think he meant it. And I don't think 
he'd be very happy with me if he knew I was here 
tonight." Oh how wrong she was! Not only was I happy, I 
was hard as a rock. 

"I've never done this before and I'm feeling a little 
nervous and shaky." Rob put his hand on her arm and 
said, "Don't worry. We'll go slow. I promise it will be 
everything you want it to be." He moved in and kissed 
her. I nearly came in my pants right there. 

They started to kiss and he put his hands on her, 
caressing her all over her back and arms and legs. Then 
he went in and touched her ass. She was wearing a 
forest green knee-length skirt and a short-sleeve top. 
He started to rub her ass slowly as they kissed and he 
then moved his hands underneath the skirt pulling it up 
so he could grab her bare ass. As the skirt came up I 
noticed that she was wearing the exact same panties as 
the night we got married! They had a matching white bra 
that I knew she had to be wearing. 

Thinking about her wedding night undies made me look at 
her hand for her ring. She wasn't wearing it. It was on 
the nightstand next to her. Wow... I couldn't believe 
this was happening! I still can't believe it happened. 
I was so excited and turned on. Then Beth started to 
take Rob's shirt off, exposing his very chiseled abs 
and chest. She started to kiss his chest and Rob got on 
his knees on the bed to give her room to take his pants 
off. As he got up he spotted me in the corner. 

He looked a little surprised at first but then smiled 
and winked. He started running his fingers through 
Beth's hair as she undid his belt and pulled his pants 
down. He didn't wear any underwear that night and his 
hard dick came flopping out. I heard Beth moan 
nervously, but she got over it quickly as she started 
kissing the head of his cock and then licking it and 
eventually put it in her mouth and began to suck it 

Rob groaned and moved her head back and forth holding 
her hair in a pony-tail. "Oh yeah baby. Suck it. That 
feels so good. Do you like it?" He asked as she was 
jacking him off while sucking his head. "Oh my God, 
yes. I love your dick. I really love your dick." She 
said as she put it back in her mouth. 

Rob put her hair down and started grabbing the bottom 
of her shirt and pulled it up over her head. I knew it! 
It was her wedding night bra. Her tits looked amazing 
in that bra. Rob looked down and started to undo it but 
he had some trouble so Beth reached back and unsnapped 
it. She let it fall to the bed and he brushed it to the 
floor. He picked her up and "threw" her gently onto her 
back and laid on top of her. He started sucking her 
nipples and licking all over her lovely 32C breasts. 

She started to moan louder and she put her fingers 
through his hair grabbing the back of his head. He then 
climbed up her body and started kissing her again. I 
could see him dry-humping her pussy while they kissed 
and she was breathing loudly with every thrust. He then 
pushed her skirt above her waist and pulled her panties 
down and threw them off the bed toward me. I wanted so 
badly to go and grab them but I stayed put to not be 
seen. He kissed her body slowly moving downward as with 
each kiss. Her skirt was still above her waist and he 
moved his face between her legs. I couldn't stand it! 

I quietly unzipped my pants and stuck my hand down and 
started rubbing myself. I was so hard it hurt. I can 
still remember how bad it hurt but in the best way 
possible. This man - this essential stranger - was 
going down on my wife and licking her pussy! She 
started moaning faster as he put two fingers in and 
started to finger-fuck her. "Yeah. Oh God, yeah. Don't 
stop. Make me cum, Rob." Hearing her say his name like 
that - it was so hot. So incredibly hot. He fingered 
her hard and fast while licking and sucking her clit. 

She was cumming. I knew it. I could tell that sound 
anywhere. I saw her start to tense up and then it 
happened. She yelled out, "Oh yes! Fuck me baby. FUCK 
ME!" She had an intense orgasm. One that rivaled the 
night I told her I wanted her to fuck other men. Rob 
reached into his nightstand drawer and pulled out a 
condom. "I'm coming Beth. I'm going to fuck you better 
than you've ever been fucked before." 

She grabbed the condom and threw it away. "You're 
already the best lover I've ever had, and I've only 
been with Mike. I want to feel your dick inside me and 
I want to feel you cum inside me." My wife was a 
complete slut for Rob. I'd never seen anything hotter 
than that in my life and nothing since. And it only got 
better from there. 

He grabbed his hard dick and guided it to her pussy. He 
slowly moved it in as they both moaned. "Oh yes. That's 
it. That's what I wanted. You feel amazing." She said 
to him in ecstasy. "I knew I wanted to be in your bed 
like this from the moment you walked over in the bar." 
He then began to start fucking her, slowly at first 
while kissing her and massaging her breasts. 

I could see their bodies move in rhythm with each other 
with each thrust. She looked so sexy. They looked great 
together. She looked up at him and broke off their kiss 
and said, "Rob, I want you to do something for me." 
"Whatever you want", he replied. "I want you to fuck me 
like a slut. Just like my husband wants me to be. Make 
me a slut for him." 

That was too much to handle and I came a little bit in 
my hand. I could feel the hot sticky cum on my briefs 
as I listened to my wife. He smiled and pulled out. He 
flipped her over on all fours and moved up behind her 
sticking his dick back in. He grabbed a handful of her 
hair and pulled her head back hard. I could see her 
back arch downward as he thrust himself deep inside of 
her. Beth moaned violently as she growled out "Oh, 

Rob spent the next fifteen minutes fucking Beth from 
behind and pulling her to the edge of the bed and 
bending her over from behind. And then he picked her up 
and walked her to the wall on the opposite side of the 
room. He put her hands up against the wall and fucked 
her from behind standing up until he came inside of 
her. Listening to the two of them cum almost together I 
let loose and came in my own pants. It was absolutely 

He turned her around and kissed her again. They laid 
down on the bed and rested for a minute. He asked if 
she was thirsty and she said yes. He got up and walked 
toward me by the door. I moved back into the kitchen 
area and he came out closing the door behind him. He 
saw me and smiled. "Well?" I'm sure I was beaming and 
beet red but I patted him on the shoulder and said, 
"Thank you dude. That was more than anything I've ever 
dreamed of."

I guess it was kind of awkward standing in the kitchen 
with him butt naked and my pants unzipped. But 
considering the context it was pretty normal. "What did 
you think?" I asked him.

He chuckled a little bit and said, "I'd like to make 
this a normal thing if you don't mind. She's amazing." 

I told him I didn't have any objection to it and made 
my way to leave. He told me he'd send her home in a 
little while and email me later. 

When Beth got home later that night, her hair was wet 
and she smelled fresh. If I hadn't known where she'd 
been, I probably would've suspected that she wasn't at 
Starbucks. But I didn't ask and she said her reading 
went well. We went to bed that night and I didn't 
mention anything about it until I got another email 
from Rob two weeks later. My wife said she was going to 
go window shopping at the mall. She got all the way to 
the door when she said, "I'll be back in a couple of 

I smiled and called back, "No problem baby. Have fun 
with Rob." 

Of course it threw her off and she freaked out. We 
talked it out for hours that night and I told her 
everything. At first she was embarrassed and mad, but 
then she calmed down and we worked it out. She's still 
seeing Rob every couple of weeks or so. He usually 
comes over to our place so I can watch more comfortably 
in our own room. But I'll never forget that night. It 
was the best night of my life... and still is. 

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