Friday, 11 March 2016


My wife had several things going for her, a 
cheerleader’s body: beautiful features, blonde hair, 
blue eyes and an olive complexion. While those 
attributes drew many a man’s attention it became even 
more so after we married. After marriage I found she has 
other characteristics that maintained my attention and 
complemented the others. She loved to fuck. 

Never in the years we were married did she decline an 
opportunity for sex and as the first several years 
passed she became better each year. She preferred the 
company of men and loved being the center of attention. 
She was adapt at flirting and would often flirt with 
whatever man was around. 

She was naive to a certain degree sometimes not 
understanding the effects she was having on men, or 
perhaps she did. She dressed every day to be appealing 
because she was vain and she craved attention. Susie 
knew that most men simply by the way they looked at her 
wanted to fuck her. Their admiration of her beauty and 
the attention her body drew turned her on. 

Combining Susie’s attributes and characteristics with 
the fashions of the day which called for short skirts, 
miniskirts and other clothes that showed a lot of skin 
she could leave an impression of being available. 

The first few years following our marriage I was at 
times concerned that she was too bold and sending the 
wrong message. She would only laugh at my concerns 
saying that no one took her serious. As time went by it 
appeared she was right or perhaps it was that I wasn’t 
that concerned as she appeared to me to be all flirt and 
no action.

We had another married couple as good friends and we 
spent a lot of time with them. Bob and Carol had been 
married nearly fifteen years and were older than us. 
Carol was in her mid to late thirties and Bob was over 
forty. We were early twenties. Most weekends we would do 
something together, whether it is a barbecue, going 
clubbing, dancing or just hanging around home talking 
and drinking. 

Everything between us was proper if you discounted the 
fact that Bob and I would both take any opportunity to 
stare at cleavage or brush a breast or allow our hands 
to drift down on our dancing partners butt. Carol was an 
attractive woman taller than most; large breasts, a good 
figure and like my wife blonde and blue eyed. My wife 
however was short barley over five feet tall with a 
slender frame and a very well-proportioned body barely 
weighing a hundred pounds.

We had been friends for years when my wife and I noticed 
a change in Bob and Carol’s behavior. My wife always 
astute at picking up signals was the first to notice. It 
seemed to us that there was a strain in their marriage 
as they were not as close as normal and even when we 
were together they just didn’t seem like the couple we 
once knew. There seemed to be a vague distance between 

Still, it came as a surprise when Bob asked me to stop 
by a lounge after work on a Friday to have a few drinks. 
He finally unloaded their marital problem and I was 
staggered at the depth of their problem. Carol, he said, 
was having an affair that had been going on for several 
months. He told me that he gradually became suspicious 
when she became less interested in sex. 

He told me that she had been buying more lingerie; 
wearing different clothes, had been dieting and 
exercising to lose weight, and with all the changes 
appeared to be a woman on the loose. He began to suspect 
that her and her boss where having an affair but didn’t 
know for sure. Carol was working as a real estate agent 
and had lots of freedom. 

He said he feared that if he confronted her it would 
ruin their marriage regardless if his sucispions were 
right or wrong. So he had let things slide hoping their 
life would improve but it had not. After some time sex 
between them came to a complete stop and they were like 
two roommates sharing a house. He complained to me that 
they had not had sex in three months.

On Wednesday of that week Bob told me he had to return 
home around lunch to pick up some papers he had 
forgotten. As he drove down the street where they lived 
he saw both his wife and her boss’s cars parked in their 
driveway. With an uneasy feeling he parked his car on 
the street and walked around to their bedroom window and 
peered in. They were there. Carol was on her back her 
blouse unbuttoned and open; her bra was missing and her 
pink nipples were jutting into the air. 

Her skirt had been pushed up and was bunched around her 
waist. Her legs were spread wide her ass on the bottom 
of the bed and a man kneeling at the food of the bed was 
eating her pussy. Carol’s eyes were closed and her face 
reflected the ecstasy she was feeling. Her lower body 
was pumping up into the man’s face matching each lick of 
her wide open pussy lips. 

Bob watched as his wife climax her head turning from 
side to side. He said the muscles’ in her stomach 
appeared to ripple as she shouted loud enough for Bob to 
hear through the window. The man stood and wiped the 
juices from his face as Carol moved back to put her head 
on a pillow. Now Bob knew that the man was her boss. He 
was short and half bald and his dick stood out straight 
and hard. 

The man’s dick was short and fat. He moved around the 
side of the bed and shoved his dick into Carol’s waiting 
mouth. Bob could see the man’s hips flex as he fucked 
his entire dick into Carols mouth. Each time he pulled 
it back he could see Carols pink tongue run a circle 
around the head. Bob knew from experience that the man 
could stand that only a short time as he suddenly pulled 
his dick from her mouth his dick glistening from her 

Bob watched as the man crawled between Carol’s legs then 
with his dick in hand he enters her open pussy and with 
one massive plunge buried his dick into Carol. Bob said 
he saw Carols head jerk back and to the side, her mouth 
opening as if gasping for breath her eyes were open and 
unseeing her every thought concentrated on her stuffed 
pussy. Her boss with his ass showing brightly between 
her tanned thighs was making strong strokes of his dick 
into her pussy. 

The man’s thrusts were so strong that Bob could see the 
headboard of the bed hitting the wall and watched as 
Carol’s large breasts quivered and shook with each hard 
thrust. Unable to turn away Bob was completely swept up 
in watching the two lovers. He saw Carol returning 
thrust for thrust raising her hips high off the bed as 
if by doing so she could get him in deeper. 

As Bob continued to watch the man’s strokes became 
shorter and faster and he saw Carol’s long legs which at 
first had been wrapped over his legs were now up and 
across his back. She was matching his every stroke 
pulling him deeper into her. The man then pulled back 
until just the head of his dick was inside Carol and 
then plunged into her and buried it deep inside her 
pussy. As their pelvis’s met he began to shoot his load 
of sperm deep into her waiting vagina. 

Bob watched spell bound, as with each spurt of cum the 
man was shooting onto his wife his butt cheeks clinched 
as he pressed hard against her pelvis bone. Bob saw the 
expression on his wife face change from passion to one 
of contentment. The fucking had not lasted long enough 
for her to climax but she was content with just the act 

 Bob stunned by what he saw turned and walked back to 
his car on rubbery legs and silently drove away. It was 
strange feeling, he said to me. I was hurt deeply by her 
cheating, yet I was so turned on by their coupling that 
my dick was so hard it ached. I had, he said, enjoyed 
seeing her being fucked.

Stunned from the story he recounted and moved by his 
honesty I caught my breath and asked him what he was 
going to do. He told me that he had moved out on their 
house on Wednesday the day he caught her and before she 
came home from work. He was staying with his mother. 

He had not talked with Carol but was sure he was going 
to divorce her. He told me that he wanted me and my wife 
to know what was going on as we were their closest and 
dearest friends. We left the bar a short time later.

Susie my wife was surprised and immediately sympatric 
with Bob as I knew she would be. She had always 
expressed sympathy for any man whose wife was rationing 
or refusing him sex. She said she couldn’t understand 
how any woman could deny her husband sex. She went on to 
say that we needed to have him over tomorrow because he 
would need help in getting through the weekend. 

I knew also she had many questions she wanted to ask as 
this was about exciting a situation we had experienced 
in several years. Talking about Carol fucking another 
man had made both of us hot and later that night I was 
to reap the benefits of Carol’s affair as Susie fucked 
me hard with only the intension of reaching her own 

After dinner on Saturday Bob came over and we began to 
drink and discuss the situation. I was sitting on a love 
seat directly across from a sofa where Bob and Susie 
were seated. He was repeating his story to Susie. I on 
the other hand having heard the details acted mostly as 
a bartender. Susie was very sympatric, confronting, and 
was asking countless questions. She wanted even more 
details then Bob had told me. 

I half listened and made drinks and only commented 
occasionally. I was watching Susie as she sit next to 
Bob; she had dressed as usual to attract attention 
wearing a short black skirt with a white short-sleeve 
blouse that hugged her breasts and outlined her taunt 
stomach. She had several drinks and was perhaps a little 

I suspected from her probing questions that his story 
was getting her hot. From my angle I could see her 
shapely legs up to and including a small strip of red 
panties at her crotch. Red I thought, red is her color 
for passion; she usually wears red when she intends to 
show them. She would often allow men brief views of her 

Miniskirts were ideal for that purpose and she would 
often bend forward enough to allow men to catch a 
glimpse of her panties and her well rounded butt. At 
other times she would slowly cross her legs which not 
only showed her crotch, but ended with her leg exposed 
up to her panties. 

We were drinking and getting high and with all the talk 
of sex it was exciting.

Somewhere during the evening I stretched out as best I 
could on the love seat and eventually I nodded off. I 
believe it was caused by the amount of alcohol I had 
consumed it certainly was not my intention. I awakened 
when my wife walked around the room turning off some 
lights and dimming others. 

I was lying in a position on the loveseat so that the 
sofa they were sitting on was directly in my line of 
view. Susie returned to the sofa and sat down close to 
Bob. Within a minute I saw Bob’s hand caressing Susie’s 
breast through her thin shirt. She was pushing the hand 
away and whispering for him to stop, saying

“He will wake up and see!”

I thought so that is why she dimmed the lights. At first 
I felt I should pretend to wake up and end whatever was 
going on but maybe for the same reason Bob had been 
turned on watching his wife fuck another man I was 
willing to lay still and watch while another man was 
feeling up my wife. I felt the blood surge into my dick. 
I was indeed aroused by their actions. 

They were much closer now than earlier in the night 
Susie had her right leg bent at the knee and it was on 
the sofa almost facing Bob. Her left foot was on the 
floor. This presented me with a good view of how high 
her skirt had risen up her leg. I’m sure Bob had a good 
view of her legs because her skirt was at least thigh 
level. Each time Susie pushed Bob’s hand away from her 
breast he would just move it back. 

I could see that he would squeeze her breast his large 
hand and long fingers surrounding her entire breast. 
Susie’s face was slightly red either from an internal 
heat or concern of being caught. Suddenly, instead of 
reaching for her breast his hand went behind her head 
and pulled her toward him pressing his lips fully 
against hers. 

For a second or two she did nothing, maybe she was 
surprised by the kiss but then she quickly pulled away. 
She again repeated to Bob that I might wake up and see 
them. I thought then that she was more concerned about 
what I would see than about what they were doing.

I think Bob had gotten the same message as he again 
pulled her into him kissing her and holding her close 
pulling her breasts tight into his chest. In seconds she 
seemed to relax into his chest and kiss. He moved his 
hand again to her breast and began to caress and knead 
her breast over her shirt. Bob shifted their position on 
the sofa and managed to tuck her arm behind his back. 

He then caught her other arm at the wrist with his left 
hand leaving her with no defense for his free hand. 
Susie gasped with surprise as Bob suddenly jerked her 
blouse up and out of her skirt. He again pusher her back 
against the sofa pressing his lips to hers and by doing 
so held her helpless against his free hand. As he kissed 
her he began unbutton her shirt. She would occasionally 
struggle to get free from her position which only served 
to raise her skirt. 

As he unbuttoned the top button he opened the shirt 
exposing her red bra that seemed to cover half her 
breasts. I knew the release for her bra was in the front 
and after fondling and squeezing each breast he pulled 
back from his kiss and quickly released the catch. The 
bra seemed to fly apart as her breasts explode from her 
bra. He caressed each breast and pinched and pulled each 
nipple until she grunted in pain. He continued his 
assault on her nipples until they had grown by half. Bob 
leaned over and took one nipple in his mouth and sucked 
loudly and bit her hard enough for her gasp in pain.

Bob then placed his hand on her leg and began to stroke 
her thigh from the knee up to the hem of her skirt. When 
she kicked to free herself the skirt was at her waist. 
When his hand dipped to the inside of her thigh I knew 
that if I didn’t do something now she was going to get 
fucked. I had in the past noticed that just by caressing 
the inside of her thigh she would become weak and 
malleable and filled with lust. This was such a hot spot 
for her that she would soak her panties in moments.

She was offering little resistance and I lay there 
watching my friend seduce my wife. I watched through 
barley opened eyes as his hand rode higher and higher 
pushing her short skirt up with each movement. He placed 
his hand over the crotch of her panties and she gave out 
a slight moan when he pushed his palm over her mound and 
rubbed her directly over her clitoris. He then took his 
middle finger and traced the outline of her pussy lips 
before taking his middle finger and began to stroke 
inside the pussy lips from the top to the bottom. 

It seemed that with each stroke her legs were opening 
wider. She now faced the front of the sofa with both 
feet on the floor, her knees wide apart allowing his big 
hand access to her. Up and down he went and with each 
stroke he would push his finger into the fabric of her 
panties and deeper inside her pussy’s lips. 

With each stroke her moans were getting louder. She was 
a loud lover and I wondered how she could control her 
natural instinct to get louder as she got hotter. My 
dick was hard and I took an opportunity to shift into a 
more comfortable position. With his finger pushing the 
fabric into her pussy the panties were becoming darker 
and darker as her pussy was releasing her juices.

Unbelievably, and pissed at myself for doing so I closed 
my eyes and again drifted off for a few minutes. I awoke 
quickly cursing myself for having too much to drink and 
missing out on a part of the most sexual experience of 
my life. I was not sure of how much time had passed but 
Bob was now on his knees in front of the sofa with 
Susie’s legs over his shoulders his face buried in her 
blonde hairy pussy. 

His arms were under her thighs his hands on her naked 
breast his fingers pinching and pulling both nipples. 
Each of her nipples was extended and the auroras around 
her nipples were crinkled giving evidence of her 
arousal. Her head was thrown back her eyes closed and 
her face twisted in pleasure. I could hear the sound his 
tongue made as he licked through her wet pussy. 

Susie had both hands on the back of his head trying to 
pull his entire head into her cunt. She showed no sign 
of resistance as he pulled her ass to the edge of the 
sofa and continued licking her pussy from top to bottom 
and bottom to top giving much attention to her clitoris. 

Occasionally he would stop at the entrance of her vagina 
and fuck her with his tongue. At other time he would 
pull her clitoris into his mouth suck on it and flick 
the little nubbin with his tongue. When he did this she 
would spasm, her legs and hips jumping pushing her hips 
off the sofa and into his face. He was naked now and 
they were at such an angle that I could see everything 
going on.

Bob slowly moved his face from her pussy and rising from 
his kneeling position took each breast in turn and 
sucked hard before covering her mouth with his. Bob was 
a large man when standing my wife could have walked 
under his out stretched arm. He reached down and picked 
her up like a doll and laid her lengthwise on the sofa 
and then climbed onto the sofa on his knees. It was then 
I saw the huge ugly shaped dick hanging between his 

My first thought was about Carol, she did not leave him 
because he didn’t have enough meat and that thought was 
followed closely by how is little Susie going to take 
that unusually large dick in her small tight pussy. His 
dick had an unusual large head but directly behind the 
head it was smaller it reminded me of a mushroom but it 
was long and got bigger as it neared his pelvic. 

Seeing that dick solidified the fact that I wanted this 
to happen I wanted to watch as he tore her pussy apart 
with his large dick. Watching my wife pushing and 
wiggling her hips into Bob’s face and seeing nothing but 
lust on her face had finished a growing erection and now 
I had a full hard-on that reached up near the top of my 

He positioned himself between her legs his large frame 
looming over her small body. He reached down and holding 
his dick he sought her wet and glistening pussy lips. I 
could see that he was trying hard to get the head of his 
dick inside her pussy and I watched as Susie’s hand 
grabbed his dick and helped position his dick just at 
her opening. 

After a couple of pushes his mushroom head spread her 
pussy lips enough to gain entrance. This was a massive 
but oddly shaped dick that far exceeded what I had been 
putting in Susie’s pussy for years. As the head slowly 
disappeared into Susie’s gaping cunt I saw Susie 
grimaced in pain and heard her sucking air in through 
her teeth as Bob pressed more meat into her. I knew that 
big head was stretching not only the opening but every 
inch of her vagina it passed. Susie grimace of pain at 
the head of his dick dove deeper into her pussy soon 
turned into an angelic expression as her pussy was being 
filled as never before.

Bob continued to push more of his old dick into her 
until he had every inch imbedded in her wet cunt. When 
his pelvic met hers I heard Susie give a grunt and a 
louder “ouch” I could well imagine what Bob was feeling. 
Susie was a small woman on a small frame never having a 
child she still had a very tight pussy. I knew he could 
feel every inch of his dick being compressed as her 
pussy muscles squeezed and massaged the entire length of 
his dick.

He began slowly. Holding her by her hips he moved his 
hips back and forth hitting the back of her vagina with 
each downward stroke. Susie lay still and grunted loudly 
whenever he hit bottom. Her face flickering moments of 
pain as he reached a depth never touched before and I 
heard her whisper, “It’s too long, too big.” 

But her discomfort was soon forgotten as he continued to 
fuck his big old dick in and out, pulling her hips 
forward to allow his dick full access with each stroke. 
I could see that her pussy seemed to come out from 
between her pussy lips clinging to his dick like a 
rubber, before being again pushed back inside her.

Susie’s legs that had been sticking out the sides of his 
thighs now came up in an attempt to encircle his waist 
but could only managed to press her heels into his butt 
cheeks. Using her feet she tried to pull him further 
into her. She was grunting with each thrust, her 
breathing was heavy. Surprisingly, Bob was practicing 
excellent control considering he had not had sex in 
several months. His rhythm was steady in and out in long 
consistent thrusts. Susie’s face was flushed and I knew 
what was coming but Bob did not and I knew he was in for 
a surprise. 

Suddenly their rhythm changed becoming faster and I 
suspected Bob was approaching climax. He was taken 
shorter, but harder thrusts and his speed had increased. 
Susie even in her awkward position was thrusting her 
hips upward to meet each intrusion. What Bob didn’t know 
was that whenever Susie would approach orgasm she would 
start repeating, “More! More! More!” in a constant chant 
until her orgasm was on her. It was as if she feared the 
man would finish before she had her orgasm. 

As Bob’s pace quickened she was soon into her full chant 
begging for more, more, more with each thrust and doing 
her best to whisper but getting louder with each stroke. 
I watched closely as she reached orgasm. Her body went 
stiff, her two legs that had been pressing against Bob’s 
butt now stuck straight out, her head was going from 
side to side as she yelled out very loudly, “Oh Shit!” 
as ripples of pleasure raged through her body. 

She was trembling with the force of her orgasm as her 
body jerked in spastic contractions. Yet, Bob continued 
his fast pace as she shuttered and quivered under him 
and thrust her hips back at him desperately and without 
rhythm. Her eyes that had been open and unseeing now 
rolled back in her head as Bob made a final thrust of 
his dick far into her pussy and began to pump cum into 
the depths of her vagina. 

“Oh Shit! Oh fuck! She cried out.

 They clung together for some time as minor movements 
caused little quakes of pleasure to run through their 
bodies. I knew Susie’s reaction to an orgasm was to 
close her pussy and grip and pull on his dick as if she 
was milking the dick. Bob feeling Susie’s constant 
milking of his dick began to slowly stroke into Susie 
again as she moaned with each stroke. Not used to 
hearing and seeing a woman continue to orgasm Bob’s dick 
began to harden inside Susie’s tight pussy and she 
became a woman who no longer cared about waking her 
husband as she began to talk into Bob’s ear. 

“Oh yes,” she said, “fuck me more, fuck me harder give 
me more of your dick, it’s so big, it hurts but it hurts 

I was surprised to see Bob stop and pull out of her. A 
stream of cum followed him but Susie was still moving 
pushing her hips up as if his dick was still inside her. 
Bob pulled her from the sofa and pushed her over the arm 
of the sofa her face and breast pressed on the cushion 
and her ass over the arm. From behind her Bob had to 
bend his knees to put his dick in her gaping open hole. 
Then using the strength of his legs he drove his donkey 
dick deep into her helpless cunt. 

Susie’s eyes flew wide open and a loud cry of pain came 
from her as she was now impaled on his shaft. This was 
no longer love making, this was a brutal fucking as he 
was hitting her cervix on every thrust. If anything Bob 
was now driven to have another climax as he pounded her 
harder bending his knees and driving his dick far into 
her. I could hear the slapping of his belly against her 
backside and the slurping sounds from her wet pussy as 
he slammed his dick into her as far as it would go. 

She lay there open and available fucked into total 
submission jolted by each thrust he made. In this 
position I know he was fucking her beyond the cervix. 
Bob stopped and adjusted himself closer to Susie then 
drawing back he again plunged his dick past her cervix 
into her womb. Susie fainted as his dick went further 
into her than any dick should.

Perhaps it was the pain or pleasure of his dick driven 
so deep into her small body that caused her to grunt, 
groan and whimper unaware of her surroundings or that 
she had a husband only a few feet away. She was only 
aware of the ripples of pleasure running from her pussy. 

Susie had been fucked into a mass of flesh constantly in 
orgasm. Bob aware that I might wake up from the sounds 
she was making just increased his speed trying now only 
to have his second orgasm. His need outweighed anything 
as he punished Susie’s little pussy with his massive 
dick. He was unaware that Susie was being fucked out of 
her mind.

After another fifteen minutes Bob’s back was wet from 
sweat and I could hear the sucking and slushing noises 
coming from Susie’s pussy as cum from Bob’s first orgasm 
and the continually dripping from Susie’s pussy was 
being forced out around his dick. I could see Bob’s ass 
getting tighter and his strokes even quicker and now Bob 
spoke for the first time without concern for my 

“Good Pussy! Good Pussy tight pussy.”

Suddenly he pushed every inch inside Susie’s quivering 
body and I could see his butt contract with each shot of 
cum he blasted into Susie’s womb. She was so packed with 
cum that when he pushed slowly back and forth into her 
their combined cum would bubble out around his dick, 
dripping down on the sofa and floor. It was then that I 
also came, grunting my pleasure. They didn’t notice me 
and then it was over.

I gave them time enough to complete their orgasmic 
shuttering and to see Susie regain some of her composure 
but then I stood up and announced in a loud voice “I 
guess I’ll go to bed”. It was a shock to both of them 
although I don't know why with Susie grunting, chanting 
and at the end almost yelling I don't know why they 
would think I was still asleep. Perhaps they thought I 
had passed out. I turned and started upstairs as both of 
them were quickly moving about finding their clothes.

Upstairs I cleaned up and undressed and went to bed, 
listening to the commotion down stairs. I heard Bob 
Leave and Susie entering and later exiting the powder 
room downstairs. She came into our room quietly and 
entered the bathroom where I could hear her showering.

Susie came out in her nightgown. This was the type she 
wore regularly that struck her about mid-thigh showing 
her splendid legs to great advantage. She climbed in bed 
and immediately said.

“I knew you were awake and watching me I though you 
would say something when Bob starting grapping and 
squeezing my breasts but you did not, you didn’t care 
you just went to sleep. You let him trap me and strip 
off my bra and suck and pinch my titties. 

"I then decided that if you didn’t care enough to stay 
awake I would let him fuck me, in fact I wanted him to 
fuck me. I saw you wake up as he was eating my pussy and 
it was so good I hoped you wouldn’t stop us and you 
didn’t. You just watched as he stuck that big old dick 
in me. You enjoyed that didn’t you; you wanted to see my 
pussy stretched. 

"Well I enjoyed it too. He fucked me so good, better 
than I have ever been fucked in my life and his dick was 
so big I thought my pussy would rip open. Just thinking 
about it makes me hot. Now I will give you a reward for 
letting Bob fuck me."

With that she rolled over on me lifted her gown and 
slowly lowered herself on my hard aching dick. Just 
before I entered her I could see the red enflamed 
swollen lips of her cunt as I slipped into her hot 
burning flesh. I expected to find her little pussy 
stretched because of Bob’s big dick which had just been 
inside her. 

As we both let out a moan of pleasure I was surprised to 
find her pussy was just as tight and hot as ever. She 
rode me fast and hard all the time telling me what a big 
dick Bob had and how good he fucked her. Soon again she 
was saying more, more, more, as I held back my climax 
until she yelled out a very loud, “Oh Shit!” and I 
spewed into her all that had been build up inside me 
watching my little baby fuck an old man.

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