Tuesday, 8 March 2016


Last year my husband told me that he wanted to go to outstation to JB for a week. I didn't trust him anymore because he was a playboy. I did not think that he went to JB but he was in the town with his girlfriend.

That night i called my husband's friend Jack. Jack said that Ismail went to JB. I asked Jack to come to my house.

My two kids already slept when Jack arrived at my house at 10 pm.

"Are you sure your best friend went to JB?" I asked Jack who was five years younger than my husband.
"Yes Ani," he said.
"No. Let's go to the town and we look for him," I suggested.
"No need Ani. I trust him," he said.
"Why? Do you want to cover your friend?" I asked.
"No. Okay let's go," he said. I followed him to his car and I left my kids alone.

We went to every pub, karaoke to look for my husband. But we did not find him. At last Jack asked me to follow him to the hotel. He booked one room and he paid the room rental monthly. He told me that normally he brought his girl friend there fucking. Once a while my husband used the same room to fuck his girlfriend.

"So this is your operation room," I said while I sat on the bed. Jack sat besides me on the same bed.
"Hahaha," he laughed. Jack was 30 years old, a divorcee and a playboy too.
"We wait for Ismail. If he did not go to JB, he will come here tonight," Jack said.
"Okay. I am sleepy already. let me sleep here and you stay there watching tv," I said.

I slept on the bed while Jack was still sitting on the bed. One hour later, I woke up and watche tv.
Jack was still sitting on the bed.

"What do you watch jack?" i asked him
"Blue film. After 12 am, this hotel will show blue film," he said.
"No wonder you like to stay here while fucking your girlfriend, you can watch the film," I said.
"Do you like watching this?" Jack asked me.
"Like. Sometimes Ismail brought video tapes to the house and we enjoyed watching together," I confessed.
"After watching what do you do?" asked him.
"Fucking. Hahaha," I replied.

Jack held my hands and I let him holding my hands. I was horny because one week already my husband did not touch me. In the blue film, the negro fucked the white girl.

"Very big," I commented the negro's penis in the film.
"The bigger the better.Hahaha," Jack said.
"Yours may be big too," I said.
"I don't know. You touch yourself," he said while taking his hand to his pants. I felt his penis inside the trouser quite big.
"Open it," I asked.
He opened his trousers and his penis was already big. I touched his penis.
"yes very big," I admitted.
"Suck it," asked Jack.
I followed his instruction because I was already horny.And then he opened my blouse.

"Your tits is big too," Jack said while sucking my nipples. He opened my under wear and he sucked my vagina.

"very delicous Ani," he said.

We kissed and lastly he put his penis into my vagina. He fucked me harder until I reached my orgasme. We changed our position. Just now i was at the bottom, now I was on his body.

After that he applied doggy style to me. i enjoyed his long cock inside my vagina. I enjoyed his fucking. Twenty minutes later he sent me home. At that time, it was already 3 am. Since that night when ever my husband outstation, I went to see Jack at his hotel. We still have this affair until today without my husband's knowledge. If he can have girlfriend, I have my boy friend too, Jack his best friend.

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