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I am Mahesh, a motherfucker from the Indian state of 
Tamilnadu. I was very normal son to my mother until I 
was 18 and my mom was about 37. From my childhood I 
spent a lot of my time with mom as my dad was away to a 
town due to his job. I spent most of my childhood in 
the village house of my maternal uncle (called Sharma 
mama). It was quiet later, when I started to go to 
college that dad took mom and me to town and we started 
living with him. Due to the smallness of the house it 
was arranged between us that my mom, and me would sleep 
in one room while dad would sleep in the other room. 

I never thought about my mom sexually till one night I 
awoke from a bad dream and found that mom was not in 
the room. Where was she? I became curious and went to 
search for her in the corridor outside the room. I was 
about to look towards the washroom when I heard a sound 
coming from my father's room. I peeped there and saw my 
dad pressing my mom's bare breasts. She was murmuring 
something but her voice was almost inaudible. 

That hit me like lightening as I never saw anything 
like that before. I was excited and nervous at the same 
time. It was lust mixed with guilt, I wanted to go back 
to bed but in reality I kept watching. It was pure 
pleasure. First time in my life I was watching a live 
female completely naked. Shiver went through my spine 
and my cock sprang into action with abundant joy. It 
took about half an hour for me to watch until my 
parents reached their climax and detangled their bodies 
from each other. 

I went back to my room and soon mom came back there 
too. After a while she fell asleep deeply but it was 
hard for me to go to sleep again. I kept looking at her 
female form in the dark and felt excited. After some 
time I started to masturbate inside my dress and soon 
ejaculated on in my hand. After cleaning myself in the 
washroom I fell asleep too. It was the story of that 
night that changed my attitude towards my mom.

For next few days I felt very guilty but then the pure 
lust took over my sense of guilt. Like a horny Oedipus 
I started fantasizing about my mother. She had very 
fair skin, very big eyes, very long hairs, very 
prominent breasts, and very big ass. In the daylight 
she glowed like an angel of love and in the night she 
beamed like a goddess of sex. Every time I peeked at 
her beauty either be it her breast cleavage or her 
exposed belly or her bare legs I eventually ended up in 

With the passage of time my guilt was completely washed 
away by my lust. I would barge into the toilet as soon 
as my mom came after her bath and grasped her dirty 
dresses and start licking her blouses, bras, panties, 
sarees, and petticoats, left by her. I rubbed my penis 
against them; masturbated and ejaculated my thick semen 
on them imagining as thought my penis was inside my 
mom's beautiful CHOOT (cunt). 

One night I got the courage to touch one of my mom's 
breasts over the clothing. She was deeply asleep so she 
did not react. It's encouraged me and I started to play 
with her tits a little. From that day I became habitual 
to touch mom and play with her tits. Once I tried to 
put a finger into her pussy, but suddenly mom wake up. 
I pretended to be sleeping and as if don't know any 
thing. Mom called my name but I kept quiet and after 
some time she again went to sleep. 


Next day I pretended as if nothing happened in night, 
but mom was unhappy and did not talked to me the entire 
day. I feared that she might tell something to my dad 
but no such thing happened. That incident kept me away 
from her body for a couple of day but then I started 
touching her again.

Finally I thought I should take my affair a step 
further by entering my mom's cunt for real. One day my 
father announced that he was going to another town for 
a day. I waited for night to fall and for my mom to 
sleep. As soon as she dozed off, I went near her. I 
started licking her toes slowly going to her pinkish 
soles, licking them like a dog, going to the top of her 
feet and moving up to her calves. I stopped when I 
sensed her moving a little bit. Then I placed my face 
right at the level of her saree and petticoat covered 
cunt and nudged her cunt underneath and said,

"Oh holiest of holy hole of a goddess please accept me 
inside you".

I slowly rose to her belly and placed my face and 
kissed her on her naval. Thereafter, I placed my face 
on her breast and started to press them with my face. 
My penis was erect like an iron rod. I slowly kissed 
her neck and started to kiss her lips too. My body was 
fully pressing against hers and my penis was pressing 
against her cunt covered in saree and petticoat. 

I was beyond all control, I clang to her like leach and 
started to suck her lips and pinning her hands with my 
one hand across her both shoulders I was pressing her 
nipples. I used that free hand to lift her saree and 
petticoat in one jerk and placed my cock forward and I 
was very lucky for my mom did not wear any panty and my 
cock was bracing against her silky cunt. As I entered 
her she was awakened and realized that her son was 
trying to fuck her. She started shouting and tried to 
throw me away from her body.

"Stop you mother-fucker, I thought you are a very good 
boy of mine but you have betrayed my trust... Anybody 
help me please … OH PLEASE?"

I was about to silence her by my hand and ram my penis 
unto tilt into her vagina when I heard a big bang and 
everything blacked out for me.


When I regained senses my head was paining. I saw my 
mother crying and my dad saying hot words to her. I 
understood immediately that I was not successful in my 
attempt to fuck my mom. My dad had come home earlier 
than planned and banged a wooden bat in my head. My mom 
was inconsolable, she kept crying continuously and my 
dad kept abusing me continuously, I heard him say 
'Madhorchod, Demon, Bastard, Hellish creature, A dog 
etc.', I could not have the courage to face any of my 
parents so I kept my face buried in the pillow. 
Infuriated, my father placed another blow on my face 
and I ran from my house. 

It was almost daybreak when I left the house. In the 
evening I received the message to come home. I gathered 
the courage to go home and face my parents. To my 
surprise I saw my maternal uncle Sharma sitting there 
with my mom. Seeing him I turned pale thinking now he 
too would beat me but I was wrong. My maternal uncle 
received me warmly and started comforting me by saying 
"oh boy what a father you have got. Because you got low 
marks he has beaten you so much. Can't believe it, 
don't worry I would take care of you. Now you can be 
safe in my house".

Now I understood that my mom did not reveal my sexual 
miss-adventures with her to her brother. She simply 
told him that I was not doing well in the studies and 
my father has beaten me. She requested him to look 
after me. Within no time I packed my luggage and moved 
with my uncle. It was a big relief for me to leave my 
house and reach my uncle's home. There I was greeted my 
beautiful aunt and her daughter who was only a year 
younger than me. 

As my aunt heard that my father had beaten me up for 
not getting good marks she immediately hugged me and 
placed my face over her breasts and consoled me. The 
touches of her prominent boobs made me feel very much 
comfortable. If only my uncle and aunt knew the real 
reason of my beating they would have like to roast me. 
Believing that I hardly took any interest in studies my 
uncle asked me to help him in his farming. Soon he 
taught all the skills of farming to me. 

Living there I was aroused by my cousin Sujata's 
beauty, as she resembled to my mom aa little. Whenever 
I looked at my cousin my thoughts started wandering off 
to of my mother. The pinkish tinge on my mom's cheeks, 
her beautiful shaven cunt, pinkish feet, beautiful 
belly and naval kept haunting me. My life was hanging 
on balance and in one wretched act my parents had 
thrown me off and I did not want my uncle to throw me 
too. I was extra cautious. I restricted myself to 
masturbating only for next three years. 

After three years my fate has taken another turn. My 
uncle decided to marry his only daughter to me. In the 
marriage my parents also came but anyone could judge 
they were not on good terms with me. On the marriage 
dais they came reluctantly. I had to wash their feet 
along with my bride. My parents came and stood there on 
the dais my father lifted his dhothi (lower garment) a 
little bit and my mom raised her saree and petticoat a 
little bit so that they did not get wet by the washing 

This immediately caused a hard on in me. I was very 
near my mom and her feet were very fair with pinkish 
tint, as they were three years earlier. Now in front of 
all I had the chance to touch her feet in the garb of 
washing them. My cock was throbbing with this 
unexpected opportunity. My mother did not like this at 
all as she knew what a wicked son she had, a son who 
could have entered her cunt with his penis three years 
ago. She was squirming on my touch. 

I prayed, 'Oh god if ever I had any wish or would have 
one that is only one that is to lift my mom's saree and 
petticoat and lick her yoni (cunt) and enter it with my 
penis and cum inside her. Oh I do not have any love for 
my bride who is sitting with me here, my only real love 
and lust is for my mom. Please god unite us as one.'

At that moment I heard a bell ringing from the nearby 
temple, which I took as good omen for my prayer. Soon 
my marriage ceremony was over. After watching my Mom's 
pinkish feet, smooth calves I hardly had any feeling 
towards my wife. In the first night of my marriage I 
rewind my memory to three years back and brought back 
beauty of my mom in my mind and thought as though my 
wife was my beautiful mom and I fucked her. In fact 
every day I fucked her only after imagining her to be 
my mom. 

It was after one year of my marriage that I heard the 
news of the death of my father. He died in a road 
accident. My parents in law and me rushed to console my 
mother. My mom, however, was not consolable. I 
pretended to cry very much in front of people but in 
reality I was happy. I took this opportunity to embrace 
my mother but she immediately withdrew from me and went 
away. Soon after the cremation of my father my mom 
faced the problem of living, as the house that my dad 
and mom were occupying was a rented house. One of the 
elders of my dad's family asked my mom that as her son 
would take care of her needs so she should live with 
him from now onwards. 

My mom immediately shouted, 'No I will not go with him 
at any cost. I would better be with you people.' 
Obviously she knew from my feet washing at my marriage 
ceremony that my lust for her had not diminished a bit, 
but only had risen. My father's relatives were 
surprised by mom's refusal. They immediately thought 
that this showed her love for her husband. They all 
pleaded with her, 'We know that as a pativratha nari 
(faithful woman) you would want to stay with your in-
laws, but you must allow your son to fulfill his duties 
to you, to take care of your needs and more over our 
financial position is not as good.' My mom tried to 
argue with them but nobody heard her point of view, 
hence, she had no other choice but to come and stay 
with my wife and me. 

Now I had the chance to fulfill my dream of filling my 
mother's yoni with my semen and possibly impregnating 
her. As my mom came and joined us I hardly had any care 
or love for my wife or the child she was carrying in 
her womb. My only love, lust, care, affection, 
erection, were all for my mom. But the big question 
mark was to how to fuck her. My mom completely avoided 
me. I instructed the servant to cook food with lot of 
spices, chilly, small onion and the magic root, which 
acts as an elixir for sex so that my mom would get 
sexually aroused. 

I brought so many cattle and tied them in the 
visibility of my mom and got them fertility injection 
by the veterinary doctor so that they would all get 
into heat and fuck in the presence of my mom. Besides 
the normal channel feed of T.V. in my mom's room I 
arranged a special video feed which showed all sleazy 
and double X-rated movies. Three months had passed 
since dad's death but my plan was working only 

I was continuously wanking myself looking at her. To my 
surprise my mom maintained her body still the very same 
because she was only 41 or 42. I could see that she was 
aroused very much but behaving as a good widow. Now I 
had to do something very fast to move her towards me. 
As first step I bought a lot of sex books and out of 
them I selected only that of incest stories and bound 
them and placed them in my mom's bedroom so that she 
would take notice. I watched her reaction through a 
secret computer camera. 

At first she latched on to the sex book seeing the nice 
pictures it contained but once she saw that it 
contained only incest stories she immediately throw the 
book down. But every day I saw that my mom would take 
the book in her hand just pass few pages confused 
between lust and repugnance she would throw the book.

I paid my maidservant to take care of my mom by talking 
to her the way I told her. The servant would talk to 
her about the cow and bull. She would innocently tell 
my mom that how the young bull mounted his mother. When 
he had sex with her he show more rigor and vigor than 
with any other cow etc., How the calf born to this 
Mother cow and son bull was much healthier and 
stronger. The maidservant would innocently ask my mom 
whether such mom and son fucks are possible in human 
beings also and if animals are producing healthy off 
springs why should not human beings could do that also. 

In the meantime my mom was slowly casting away her 
repugnance for mom-son incest stories and starting to 
read them. All along I was secretly showing sex films 
to my mother in the name of normal T.V. channels. Next 
I broadcasted the mom-son incest video program I got 
hold of with lot of secret relation between mom and 
son', 'son fathering mother's child' etc. My mom got 
very much interested in the program and she sat for the 

The start of the program showed how god of love Kama 
was the husband of goddess Rati from whom Kama born 
again and married his mother. How Arjuna was lured to 
sex by one of the celestial dancer who was actually his 
mother in relation to him etc.

Finally to cap it all it showed some real mom-son 
lovers, couples, some real mom-son family with their 
kids. In one of the program the a mature lady said, 'I 
was happy to see my son on his birth and at that time I 
planted a kiss on his cock out of love but now a days I 
kiss my son's penis out of lust. Nothing has changed 
between us. It is the same penis and the same mouth. I 
only feel that it is natural for any mom to suck his 
son's cock. I have fucked many male in my life, but the 
feeling of fucking my son is the greatest.' My mom was 
visibly hated it but one by one when the couples told 
their experiences my mom seem to have reduced her 

It was almost midnight and every body in the house was 
fast sleep. My mom was very much aroused and excited. 
She was masturbating continuously but to no 
satisfaction. My penis was erect and shivering at the 
prospects of fulfilling the task left by me incomplete 
four years ago. I slowly went to my mom's room. The 
door was locked and it was automatic door, which locked 
once my mom closed the door. Only hitch was that I had 
another key to the door. Hence I slowly opened the door 
and in the dim light I could see my mom lying in the 
bed half sleep. 

I slowly pulled the door in and it got locked without 
any noise. My penis was hard as an iron pole. My mom's 
saree had got astray and exposed her blouse covered 
boobs and belly completely and her thighs were also 
visible. Now my penis was popping and pre-cum was 
oozing. Whether the wait of four years would be 
fruitful. Everybody was fast asleep. I can't wait for 
another decade as my mom would have become old by then. 
Now with determination I pounced on my mom on the bed 
and lay flat on her with immediately cupping her lips 
with mine, my hands on her breasts and my legs pressing 
against her. 

My mom opposed vigorously and tried to shake and throw 
me off. She struggled to avoid my kiss but I held on to 
her. Once I finished kissing her she just released 
herself from me and ran to open the door. By the time 
she held on to the door lock I ran towards her and 
grabbed her by the waist with one hand and the other 
hand caught her hand attempting to open the lock. 
Finally she spoke "Why are you doing this to me!" 

I told her "Because I want to and you're the sexiest 
women in my eyes," while struggling to hold on to her. 

"But I'm your mother," she said, tearfully twisting and 

"You ruined my life four years ago mom had you kept 
quiet I would have simply fucked you and kept quiet and 
it would have remained between us. Luckily I was taken 
care by the uncle. Mom please let me tell you I do not 
love any woman in this world. I do not consider any 
woman as beautiful as you. For that matter I fuck my 
wife thinking that I am fucking you."

My mom's eyes widened on hearing that but still she 
resisted me. I held on to her waist and quickly I fell 
down my short my cock sprung out stiff. She looked my 
cock and then dragged her eyes to look me in disgust. 
Before she could talk anymore, I grabbed both her 
wrists, pulling her towards me. Then I twisted so she 
turned around, her back to the bed. I then pushed her 
on to the bed as she lay on her back. 

She screamed as she fell on the bed while still crying. 
"What do you want from me?" she sobbed. 

I said, "The beautiful woman hidden in you," and just 
stood there enjoying her underwear covered body. She 
started to get up - I think to get away from me again 
but I grabbed her petticoat to pull it towards me. She 
must have worn an old one as it started tearing away 
along her waist where she tied her petticoat with a 

It took me several pulls between my mother's cries to 
tear her petticoat as it was giving way. It tore 
finally, and came away, leaving her naked waist down in 
just her petticoat piece tied around her waist. I got 
her cunt bare a forbidden part for a son to see. Her 
bush between her legs appeared to me like a place of 
enjoyment rather than a place of respect. 

"If you stop now I will forget any of this ever 
happened!" She managed to scream out. Seeing me silent 
she started crying, "This is not fair for you to do 
this to your own mother, at least for the sake of god 
leave me right now," as I moved on to her as she was 
struggling and twisting sideways to cover her 
womanhood, pushing me to try to get me off her, pulling 
up her knees and using them to hide her body. I did not 
listen to her cries. 

In fact I liked her cries. I liked her tries to resist 
me! And I said to her that "god only has given me this 
golden opportunity to have you on bed tonight, so 
without any struggle make me feel the enjoyment of 
fucking my own mom you also feel that joy" after Some 
more struggle and again she was flat on her back, with 
me standing over her, enjoying just looking at her.

She said, 'My son this is the biggest crime on earth. 
Do not fuck me Please. What ever you want I would do. 
You should not enter my yoni.' 

Now that looked interesting to me. 'Then you would 
allow me to do anything other than putting my penis on 
your cunt.'

She cried and nodded. Now that was a partial victory 
for me. I immediately disrobed her completely and then 
licked her like a dog from her toes to her head. I 
pressed her boobs. I sucked her nipples. I licked her 
cunt. She resisted and said we have an agreement not to 
touch my cunt. 

I told her keep quiet mom you only restrained me from 
my putting my penis on your cunt. My treasure hole my 
mom's cunt was right before me. So I put my tongue on 
her cunt and sucked on her lips thereon and sucked on 
her clitoris. 

She started to squirm on the bed. Her legs she pulled 
from side to side. Her hands pinched against my back 
and head due to ecstacy of my giving her nice 
cunnylingus. In a few minutes she started to ooze cum 
from her cunt. She started shouting " aah ahh ouch" I 
did not leave any of them and licked them dry. Now I 
placed my penis on her mouth and commanded her to lick 
she hesitated. I told her now I have favored you hence 
you have to do the same to me. Then I told her that I 
would go back on my promise and try to rape her. 

Immediately she took my cock in her mouth and started 
to lick her. She was an expert in it she did a great 
job as she twisted and twirled on my cock. I was on 
heaven. I could not believe this. My own mother giving 
me a blow job. As she gave me blow job I pressed her 
boobs with my hands and wandered my hands to her belly, 
ass and kept on pressing them. Soon I climaxed and 
ejaculated in my mom's mouth and she immediately spat 
my cum. 

Now every night this had become our daily routine. I 
was enjoying with my mom in all ways except putting my 
penis in her cunt. One night I was sucking my mom's 
cunt very hard and she was very much enjoying it I 
slowly raised my mouth to her nipples and started to 
suck and bite them very hard. I licked, and sucked both 
the breasts. It was a great experience preying on my 
dear old mother's wonderful and juicy breasts. 

She was perhaps having an orgasm and without her 
knowledge I took my cock, and began to guide it towards 
her cunt. As I reached her entrance I paused and 
touched her entrance my tip of the cock mom moaned 
'AHHH!' I expected my mom to fight back and throw me. 
To my surprise she was moaning and kept quiet and I 
pressed hard and my penis entered her vagina. I felt 
shivers along my spine as I union with my part of my 
mother's flesh with her flesh again and she started 
moaning more and more as 'Ahhhh.'

I rammed against her inner walls and she gave out a 
loud shrill. I said, "Mom you don't posses a cunt... 
you posses a gateway to heaven."

Her vaginal walls were making wave movements as the 
sensation in her were raising. These waves were 
continuously pressing my penis and causing a sensation 
in me. I bit hard on her nipples and took turn to kiss 
on her lips and her cheeks. She shouted, "OUCH!"

I was ****ing the same cunt my father used to quench 
his lust from. I was spreading the same legs my father 
had spread before. I managed to make the same woman my 
wife my dad made his wife. I am squeezing the same 
breasts my dad squeezed and my mother used to feed me 
as a baby. I slowly raised my hips and bringing my 
penis out of the vagina and against with full force 
rammed it into her and she shouted my name.

"Son... yes... My son... YES!" For the first ever time 
she embraced me with her hands fully and kissed me very 
violently on my face, lips, chins etc., and was 
thrusting her hips up and down. I now had my mom under 
my control. Now I rammed her in and out like a machine 
for fifteen minutes and pre-cum was flowing out of us 
both like river and thereafter I reached my climax and 
ejaculated my sperm jets after jets into the place from 
where I came. 

Our sexual act is complete as I laid on my wonderful 
mother fulfilled and gasping for my breath. I could 
hear my mother too is breathing hard. Our naked bodies 
still connected together with my chest firmly pressing 
her naked breasts. We were in tight embrace for another 
hour. My penis had gone limp but still was inside my 
mom's cunt as we were holding each other very tightly 
without leaving any gap even for the wind. As we got up 
my mom smiled at me and blushed. I felt like complete 

I held her chin with my hand and embraced her again and 
kissed her on the lips and started to fuck her again. 
What a sight it was, my beautiful mother on my dick 
hopping up and down, causing her big sexy tits to flop 
all over the place. Once I climaxed I told her to lie 
down beside me. The thing she feared most was now a 
reality, the son she had loved and cared for since 
birth was now her husband, and she was his sex slave. 
Before leaving her room I pounded her good and hard 
again until it was morning. 

This went on about two months and then my mom called me 
one day in into her room through the maidservant. I 
felt mom wanted to have session in the day and I 
immediately rushed to my mom and embraced her. She was 
crying and weeping. I felt pity and asked her why mom. 
She told that she was pregnant. 

My worries turned into broad cheers and lifted my mom 
to the air and kissed her on face and lips hundred 
times and told her that was my dream come true. My mom 
told me that how she would face the world. I 
immediately sat to think. Immediately I had an idea. I 
booked ticket for my mom and myself to kasi and other 
north Indian places and told my mom and servants that 
we had g0 to kasi for doing the rites of my father as 
the only son and dissolve the ashes of my father in 
Ganges. Every one believed it. 

I took my mom to Kasi and dissolved his ashes in Ganges 
and prayed him to keep my mom and me hail and healthy 
for a long time and to give birth to many children. 
Hearing my prayer blushed like a new bride. I got 
aroused and lifted her to our room and romped her. I 
took her to many hill stations and we had sex like 
rabbits and it was our honeymoon. 

I left my mom at a woman's hostel in Shimla and came to 
our uncle's house and told my wife that my mom had 
become a Sanyasini as she does not like worldly living. 
She believed me. Every week I went by flight to my 
mom's and fucked her like hot dog. First my wife gave 
birth and later my mom gave birth at Shimla. Now I am a 
happy husband of two wives one at Shimla and one at my 

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