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The promotion represented a great opportunity for Beth, 
but there were two problems: the new assignment meant 
very long hours and she had heard some rumors about her 
new boss. A young and rising star in the company, J.T. 
Walters was reputed to be something of a womanizer. 
Already there was friction in her marriage. She wasn't 
sure she wanted to invite more trouble.

Beth's looks and open personality brought her lots of 
attention. She was pretty but wholesome-looking: 5'6" 
tall, slender, leggy, dark brown hair falling to her 
shoulders, and large, light brown eyes that gave her an 
innocent look. She liked compliments for her appearance 
as well as her smarts. Since every male supervisor had 
hit on her during her two years with the firm, she 
figured Mr. Walters would, too, though she hadn't met 
him yet. It just seemed to go with being a woman 
working her way up the corporate ladder.

Not surprisingly, her husband urged her to accept the 
promotion. He was a graduate student who seemed in no 
great hurry to finish his dissertation, and he thought 
they could use the extra money. Beth felt her 
resentment growing again. When was he going to take up 
his share of the household budget? He seemed to have 
ample time to flirt with the co-eds in his class. Why 
couldn't he find the time to get his degree? Annoyed 
with him and confident she knew how to deal with the 
J.T. Walters of the world, she decided to accept the 
new position.

Two days later she moved into her new office, a sunlit 
space on a higher floor. After a quick tour and 
introductions to the staff, she was ushered into Mr. 
Walters office. She was momentarily taken aback: J.T. 
Walters was black (which she hadn't known), very 
handsome, and a few years older than she was. 

When he stood up to greet her, she also saw that he was 
tall and athletic. As he shook her hand, it seemed to 
disappear in his large grip. The old joke about how big 
hands meant a big dick flashed involuntarily across her 
mind, and she quickly suppressed it. Still, her pulse 
quickened at the brief touch.


Beth soon settled in at her new job. She wanted to 
impress her colleagues and her boss, so she put in 
extra time, including on weekends. Her husband was 
asleep when she left for work and she was too tired for 
conversation when she came home. Their sex life 
virtually ceased from lack of time, and they quarreled 

Mr. Walters – or, rather, J.T., as he insisted she call 
him – seemed very appreciative of her efforts. He 
praised her work and gave her more important 
assignments. These added to her time in the office and 
more than once the two of them were the only ones on 
the floor. 

On weekends, he would dress casually, and she could see 
and admire more of his muscular build. She took to 
wearing more revealing clothes, too, and from the 
corner of her eye she caught him checking her out. That 
pleased her. "No harm in a little innocent flirting," 
she thought.

It was after one of these overtime weekends that the 
first gift arrived, a small box left discreetly on a 
corner of her desk. Inside was a pretty black choker 
and a card that read, "Thanks for all your hard word. 
Warmly, J.T." 

For a moment Beth hesitated. She had always refused 
personal gifts from male supervisors before, part of 
her method for thwarting their unwanted attentions. 
This felt different, though. She put the choker on and 
admired how it stood out against her pale neck.

J.T. noticed it immediately when she entered his office 
an hour later. "I thought it would look good on you," 
he said. "I love the contrast of black on white." Beth 
blushed, then stammered a polite thank you.

After that, other gifts arrived. At first they were not 
very personal – a bottle of wine, a certificate for 
dinner for two – and she shared them with her husband. 
But then J.T. began to mark the completion of a project 
with special tokens of a more intimate nature: a 
bracelet, perfume, a ring with a black gemstone. 
Although Beth sensed a turn in their relationship, she 
didn't know what to do about it or even whether she 
wanted to put a stop to it. She wasn't used to losing 


The holiday season arrived and with it a round of 
office parties. J.T. threw one for his staff, and Beth 
wore a tight skirt and clingy, sheer blouse for the 
occasion. She knew he'd be watching her. They slow 
danced together. She drank more than she should have 
and didn't notice people leaving. Finally only she and 
J.T. remained.

He escorted her to her office so she might retrieve her 
coat, then he walked her to the car because of the late 
hour. He was being so nice that it seemed right to hug 
him. Then she decided to give him a little kiss on the 
cheek. But as she tilted her head upward, he turned his 
head slightly and their lips met. A brief hesitation, 
and then they met again. 

Beth found the sensation electrifying. She had never 
kissed a black man before. She felt J.T.'s tongue 
against her lips and she parted them to welcome it into 
her mouth. Now their tongues danced together, far more 
intimately than their bodies had during the party. With 
his powerful arms wrapped around her, she found herself 
incredibly aroused.

But her conscience also stirred: she was a married 
woman and this was her boss. She drew back. They both 
smiled in embarrassment.

"I'm sorry," he said. "These holiday parties can get a 
little out of control."

"I'm afraid I had a little too much to drink tonight," 
Beth answered, her eyes looking away. "I should be 

"You're a very sexy woman, Beth. I think about you all 
the time."

Beth swallowed hard and smiled at him, then she left 
and headed home. As she drove her mind drifted back to 
what had happened with J.T. Where was this going? "I'm 
married," she told herself over and over. "I love only 
my husband." But he was such a disappointment. When he 
made love to her now, she felt nothing unless she 
fantasized she was with J.T. Then she came in wrenching 
orgasms. Afterwards she felt guilty and confused, and 
her husband found her sullen.


Two weeks later J.T. invited Beth to accompany him on a 
late January business trip to Florida to meet with an 
important client group. Other than him, she was the 
only one from their unit to attend. He said how much he 
looked forward to the trip because she was going, too. 
She sensed that J.T. meant for something to happen 
between them.

A few days before the trip she again found something on 
her desk: a large manilla envelope with her name on the 
front, written in his handwriting, and a small gift 
box. She closed the office door and opened the 
envelope. Inside were two graphic pictures. In one J.T. 
stood naked, with his erect cock sticking out. She was 
mesmerized by the sight of it – a thick, powerful tool 
of pleasure, bigger than any penis she had ever seen. 

She felt her breath quicken as she imagined tasting it 
and pleasuring him with her tongue, the feeling him 
split her as he entered her. Her pussy began to moisten 
as she fantasized. In the other photo J.T. lay naked 
between two pretty and very pregnant naked white women, 
smiling contentedly in his embrace. Both of them wore 
wedding rings. But so far as Beth knew, J.T. was 
single. So who were the women? She turned the picture 
over and read the inscription:

"Beth: See how happy I made them? This could be us. I 
adore you. J.T."

Beth sat down, forgetting all about the gift box. She 
felt her world spinning. Not only did J.T. want to take 
her to bed, he wanted to make a baby with her. She 
hadn't considered this. For the rest of the day, she 
scarcely left her office, and she did no work. She 
turned it over in her mind. She found him more 
desirable than any man she had ever known, yes, but she 
was only 24 years old. She was too young to have a 
child, and she was married to another man! He was white 
and everyone in her conservative Jewish family would 
know he wasn't the father. 

The idea was crazy, insane, ridiculous – but it 
wouldn't go away. The image of a light brown, cafe-au-
lait infant nursing at her nipple popped into her mind 
and left her with a strange, warm glow. "Our baby would 
be beautiful," Beth said aloud to herself.

Amid this daydream Beth realized someone had been 
knocking at her door. She composed herself and called, 
"Come in." J.T. entered, perhaps the one person she was 
least prepared to deal with at that moment.

He saw at once that she had opened the envelope, so he 
closed the door behind him. Then he smiled at her, the 
smile that had melted so many reluctant white women. 
For as Beth now understood, she was not the first; no, 
indeed, J.T. Walters always played for high stakes. 
What she did not know yet, however, was that he had 
never failed in his peculiar quest.

"I know what you want," Beth said softly, her eyes 
dropping, her voice barely audible. "But I'm not sure 
I'm ready for this. Those other women...what about 

"Listen, Beth," J.T. answered, "I'll be more honest 
with you than any man you've ever known. I'm not going 
to pretend I'm going to be with you forever. I plan to 
father as many mixed-race children as I can. In the 
long run in this country the answer to race hatred is 
to wipe out race lines, blur them until no one knows – 
or cares – who is black or white or anything else. I've 
been fortunate to find women, white women, who want me 
enough to help me make that vision begin to become 
real. I leave each one with a gift of our sexual union, 
a wonderful light brown child, to love and cherish. The 
two women in that photograph support each other in 
raising their children, and I help, too. I don't 
pretend not to be the father."

"And their husbands? They're both married."

"That's right," J.T. continued. "All of the women I've 
impregnated are married. Usually their husbands accept 
what they've done, but not always. Those two in the 
picture, Cathy and Robin, are both separated from their 
husbands and share a house." He paused for a moment. 
"And they have room for another mother and her baby."

Beth trembled at the words. J.T. advanced and swept her 
into his arms. He whispered, "Next week when we're away 
at the meeting, I want you. I want to possess your body 
in every way possible. And I want to leave you with a 
new life growing inside you, for both of us." Then he 
kissed her, deeply and passionately.

She could feel his power. The bulge in his pants, hard 
as steel, spoke of his desire. She felt herself 
weakening, tumbling into an unplanned future, caught 
between deep desire and sheer terror at what he had 
proposed. Finally she pulled free of his kiss.

"Did you open the other package?" J.T. asked her.

"No, not yet." Then she smiled and laughed softly. 
"I've been a little distracted since I saw those 

She picked up the small box. Inside was a pretty Seiko 
watch, with a shiny black leather band and a small, 
round white face in a goldtone case. "Thank you," she 
said. "This is really lovely. But what's the occasion?"

"It's a symbol, the union of black and white. It 
represents us and what we can make together. When you 
are ready to give yourself to me, to let me father your 
baby, then wear it."

"I have to think about all this," she mumbled, and she 
fled her office before he saw the tears of confusion in 
her eyes.


The night before the trip Beth packed her travel bag. 
She and her husband weren't on speaking terms after yet 
another fight, so he was working in the university 
library until closing time. That was a relief. She had 
some decisions to make, big decisions.

Beth went into the bathroom. In the medicine cabinet, 
next to her toiletries, was her diaphragm case. It 
would be so easy to take her diaphragm and use it – 
J.T. would not know. But was a quick fling all she 
wanted from him? Or did she really want what he did, 
the baby she had been thinking about incessantly for 
the past several days? Suddenly Beth knew what she 
wanted, what her real purpose as a woman was. The 
diaphragm stayed on the shelf.

Beth packed her business casual clothes for the client 
meetings, then some sexy outfits for the evenings. J.T. 
said there would be dinners with company people and a 
party to attend. She stood in front of the mirror for a 
moment and admired what she saw. She wanted him 
drooling over her pale, smooth skin and shapely legs. 
She made sure to pack the choker and ring he had given 
her, along with the perfume. The last thing she placed 
in the travel bag was the watch.


The meeting on the first day had been a great success, 
and the clients were clearly impressed with the 
presentation J.T. and Beth had made. Before dinner Beth 
changed into a short party dress that fastened over one 
shoulder, leaving the other bare. She dabbed the 
perfume he had given her behind her ears and put the 
choker around her neck.

Talk with the clients became more relaxed over the 
meal. Beth and J.T. sat next to each other. She was 
aware of how often he stared at her, which she found 
exciting. Early in the meal, his hand brushed against 
her bare thigh; during the main course, he began to 
stroke it and she made no move to stop him; by desert 
she had responded by gently brushing his crotch and 
feeling his enormous cock begin to stiffen. Beth knew 
how to tease, too. But J.T. noticed that, although she 
wore his other gifts, she still had on the silver watch 
she wore every day to the office. What sort of game was 
this white bitch playing?

When dinner ended, Beth quickly said goodnight to 
everyone and excused herself to prepare for tomorrow's 
meetings. J.T. spent a few more minutes with the 
clients to confirm arrangements for the next day, then 
went back to his room. The message light on the phone 
was flashing. He dialed for his messages and heard 
Beth's voice. "Call me." Nothing more. He dialed her 
extension. She seemed to be waiting for his call. "Why 
don't you come to my room?" she breathed into the 
phone. "I have something to show you."

He was down the hall in a flash, knocking on her door. 
"Beth, it's J.T." Her voice called out for him to come 

Beth stood before him, naked, her arms folded across 
her breasts. On her wrist she now wore the watch he had 
given her. He looked her over, head to toe and all 
places in between, and whistled appreciatively. "Oh, 
Beth, honey, you are one beautiful woman."

Beth's smile lit the room. "Wouldn't you like to kiss 
the mother of your baby?" she asked. A grin of triumph 
burst out on J.T.'s face.

J.T. locked and bolted the door and then moved to 
embrace his white lover. He towered over her and she 
seemed tiny in his muscular arms. All her anxieties 
gone, Beth now felt warm and secure in his powerful 
grip. Their lips met and their tongues swirled together 
in a kiss of infinite lust and desire.

J.T.'s hands roamed across the firm white cheeks of her 
ass, then cupped her breasts. He lowered his tongue to 
brush her nipple, then sucked it into her mouth. It 
stiffened. A low moan escaped her lips. Holding her 
close with one arm, he reached beneath her to finger 
her cunt and test her arousal. One finger, then a 
second slipped in easily – yes, his bitch was hot, 
ready, and willing.

J.T. paused to unbutton his shirt and Beth helped him 
to strip off his clothes. They embraced again. Beth 
inhaled his aroma and thrilled at the sharp contrast of 
their skin tones, ebony and ivory. She had never 
imagined that a coupling with a man could be so 
visually exciting.

She dropped to her knees, her eyes fixed on his cock, 
the dark tip peeking out from his foreskin. Her husband 
and her lovers in her single days had been Jewish and 
circumcised. J.T.'s was her first uncut cock. She 
gently slid the hood back and tongued the tip, wet with 
his pre-cum. 

Ordinarily she did not care for the taste of semen, but 
this was different, and it seemed to intoxicate her. 
Opening wide, she drew several inches into her mouth 
(all she could manage), then began to bob her head to 
let his cock slide in and out, while she gently pumped 
the shaft that swelled in her small hands. The photo 
did not do it justice! She had never imagined a penis 
could be so large, so powerful, so dark. And it was 
huge around, too, especially at the head.

J.T. knew that in just a few more moments he would 
explode in her throat. But wonderful though her moist 
and eager mouth felt, he did not want to waste a load 
that way tonight. No, indeed, he was a man with a 
special goal, and every drop of his cum was destined 
for her cunt. He pulled away from her, ignoring her 
protest, and lay on his back on the bed. "Lower your 
pussy onto my meat, baby, so you control how fast I get 
inside you. This can hurt."

Maybe. But not for Beth on this night. She squatted 
over his long tool. Then she guided it toward her cunt, 
placing her other hand on J.T.'s chest to balance 
herself. She thought she would have to ease down very 
slowly and waited for a flash of pain as the black knob 
split her pussy lips. 

To her delight, though, she was so eager and lubricated 
that his dick penetrated her easily, making a soft, 
slurpy sound on the way in, and she slid down on him in 
one smooth motion until their hairs brushed together. 
"Wow!" she gasped when she felt him fully embedded 
within her. "This is incredible." A sensation not 
unlike a mild electric shock coursed through her 
quivering flesh.

She eased herself onto her knees and began to rock 
forward and back, impaled all the while on his shaft. 
When she came forward, her boobs hung close to J.T.'s 
face, and he brought her nipple into his waiting mouth. 
New sensations exploded within her. She felt her orgasm 
begin to surge.

 She grabbed his hands in hers, their fingers 
interlocked, and began to bounce up and down on his 
dick. Moments later she threw her head back in loud 
gasping moans as she soared to a place beyond time and 
space. Half conscious, she collapsed forward on his 
chest, lost in a dreamlike state, still spitted on his 
stiff cock.


When Beth became alert again, J.T. sat up with her atop 
him, then swung his legs over the bed. "I bet your 
husband never made you cum like that." Beth giggled and 
shook her head. "And I bed he's not strong enough to do 
this." Still buried inside her, J.T. stood up and 
carried Beth over to the mirrored closet. She wrapped 
her legs around his waste and her clasped her hands 
behind his neck. 

They looked at each other in the mirror – she marveling 
at his powerful thighs and buttocks, which carried her 
weight effortlessly, he admiring her pale round ass. 
Her round bottom cheeks fit so perfectly in his hands. 
He began to fuck her while he stood and held her up. 
Slowly he humped her, each slight inward thrust drawing 
a gasp from her throat. "I am completely in you power," 
she cooed, and they kissed deeply.

Next he laid her on the bed beneath him, never slipping 
all the way from her cunt. He began long, deep strokes. 
Beth's eyes rolled back in her head. She could feel her 
second orgasm start to well up from her toes. She 
rubbed her hands across J.T.'s rock-hard chest and 
chiseled abs, then up his arms. Her eye caught the 
pretty watch he had given her, and the thought of what 
would result from this union sent her over the edge. 
She had never appreciated how different – how much 
better – sex to make a baby would feel.

Catching her breath, Beth remembered that J.T. had not 
yet cum. "It's you turn, J.T. Fill me with your seed. I 
want to feel it."

He pulled out and turned her over. "This is the best 
position for it," he insisted, not very convincingly . 
"Sends them in the right direction." Beth wasn't 
fooled. She had noticed how he liked to fondle her ass. 
But she liked doggy-style fucking, too, so she 
positioned herself on all fours. J.T. entered her in 
one powerful thrust, and for a moment Beth was sure his 
cock would go right through her and come out her 

The one thing Beth missed when she was being fucked 
from behind was being able to kiss her partner. But 
J.T. was so tall that all she had to do was turn her 
head to the side and their tongues could swirl 
together. J.T. understood what she wanted, too. 
Sometimes he would pause at the end of his inward 
thrust so they could exchange soul kisses. 

His hands grasped hers. He admired the contrast of the 
black watch band and her pale wrist. He liked the fact 
that she still wore her wedding ring – he had made 
another beautiful honky cunt break her marital vows. 
Her infidelity made his conquest that much sweeter.

Soon his thrusts became faster, more urgent, finally 
almost violent. Both their cries filled the room, two 
rutting animals in heat. "I'm his bitch now," Beth 
thought, "and we're about to mate."

J.T. made a final plunge and a roar escaped his throat. 
His balls slapped loudly against Beth's cunt as his 
load filled her, and with little warning she came 
again, too. He let his weight fall upon her. Beth's 
arms collapsed under her, her face pressed against the 

"Do you feel it, Beth, going inside you, making a 
beautiful baby?" 

"Yes, yes, I do!" she cried, tears of joy streaming 
down her cheeks. "I want that. I want your baby more 
than I've ever wanted anything." They lay that way for 
a long while, as his jism began the unimpeded journey 
toward her ovaries.


Beth lost count of her orgasms, but by morning J.T. had 
cum five times. She had not known it was possible for 
one man to have so many orgasms. They slept little, 
only enough to recover their strength.

Somehow they managed on adrenaline alone to get thru 
the meetings of days two and three with the clients. 
Their second night together and the last one were as 
passionate as the first. By the time they returned 
home, Beth was convinced she was pregnant. Still, just 
to make certain (and because they were both horny all 
the time) she and J.T. arranged a couple of intimate 
meetings at hotels or his apartment. She realized 
people at work were beginning to notice so she arranged 
a transfer to another unit. J.T. was disappointed but 
he understood it was best for both of them.

When Beth's period was late, she went for the test. 
Sure enough, it came back positive. J.T. was ecstatic 
at the news. Beth decided she was through with her 
marriage, so she told her husband the truth, packed her 
belongings, and moved in with Cathy and Robin and their 
toddlers. They were like older sisters to Beth. They 
helped her cope with the morning sickness and shared 
their maternity clothes. 

J.T. was a regular caller (and lover to all three of 
them). In her ninth month, Beth posed for her picture 
with J.T., the one he would show his next partner. She 
learned that J.T. had eight mulatto children already. 
Her beautiful son, who looked so much like a lighter 
version of J.T. (but was darker than Beth had 
expected), made nine.

In the next few years, Beth had three more mixed-race 
babies, two by J.T. and the third with Walter, her new 
husband. She is now twenty-eight years old and 
blissfully happy. It is true, she muses sometimes, that 
once a girl tries black she never goes back.

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