Tuesday, 2 February 2016


One day at work Jake, my black friend and I were 
talking. The subject got around to sex. He had divorced 
some six months before after 20 years of marriage. He 
said he had always fantasized about having sex with a 
white woman something he had never done however he had 
always wanted to do it. I asked him for some attributes 
of the white woman he had dreamed about.

He said a tall one with a nice rear end and brown hair 
and eyes, and about his age.

"Well, something like my wife," I asked. "She is 5' 9" 
and has brown hair and eyes, nice rear end and about 140 

"Yea, I've seen your wife and she is a hot looker. 
Something like that would do me really good." 

I started imagining my wife with Jake and wondered if 
she would enjoy his hard black cock going deep inside 
her white love canal. Jake is about 6 ft, very dark 
skinned, nice build and good shape.

"Jake I will look around and see if I can find you a 
white woman to run your black snake into."

"Hey man! That's great! You are a real friend. I'm ready 
anytime. I am really getting horny since my divorce."

That night my wife Linda and I were having sex and I 
paused and kissed her and said, "Honey have you ever 
thought of having sex with a black man?"

"Uuuuughh, Well of course I have. Most women have those 
thoughts according to what I have read."

She gave me a few bumps and said, "It sounds hot. Why 
did you ask?"

"Honey you know Jake, my black friend at work. He told 
me today that he always wanted to have a white woman and 
as he described what he liked in a white woman his 
description fit you perfectly. It made me wonder if you 
had ever thought of it."

"Are you suggesting that I have sex with Jake? What 
makes you think he would want me?"

"Oh I was just thinking. Oh I think he would like to get 
his black pole in your sweet loving womanhood."

"Today when we were talking, I told Jake that he 
described you very well when he was talking about having 
a white woman and I noticed that he got a big bulge in 
the front of his pants when I said that. He also said 
you were a hot woman."

Linda said, "Are you suggesting that I take care of 
Jake's desires?"

"Well, I actually was just telling you what happened 

I could now feel a surge of juices start flowing and 
Linda was squirming against my manhood, moving her hips 
around some as we talked. I knew then that the thoughts 
of having sex with Jake was making her have some very 
erotic thoughts and was making her very horny.

I said to Linda, "I believe the thought of having sex 
with Jake is making you hot as hell. Is It?"

"Damn you," Linda replied. "You know it is getting me 
hotter and I think you want me to do it with Jake or you 
would have never brought the subject up. You want me to 
do Jake! Don't You?"

"Honey, Jake is my friend and I think he would like it 
very much if you showed him what a hot bitch you are in 
bed. I have no problem with it if you want to do it."

"If Jake wants me, I will bust his black balls good. I 
will make him feel so good he will want more of me." She 
laughed and said, "Can you handle that?"

"I guess so as long as you save some of you hot ass for 

I could hardly wait for Monday to come and I would talk 
to Jake again. Monday arrived and at the morning break, 
I said to Jake, "Are you ready for some hot sex with a 
white woman?"

"Damn right I am. I am ready for some ball slapping sex. 
Do you have something lined up for me?"

"Yes I do but you may be surprised as to who it is. When 
I tell you who it is, if you don't want to it is OK."

Tell me! I'm ready and willing to give some white woman 
a good dicking with my hard black snake."

"Jake, I was telling my wife about your desires and she 
became very interested and wants to help you out. You 
don't have to do it. She just offered and I agreed as 
you are my friend."

"WOW, Steve, I would love to have Linda. She is one hot 
woman. Any man would be flattered to have her." 

I could see that Jake had a raging hard on in his pants. 
"OK, Jake Saturday night is it. She will be ready. Just 
come to our house at 9 PM and I will leave and go to a 
movie or something and let you two have some privacy."

"Oh Steve you do not know how much I appreciate this and 
I am can hardly wait to get up between her white legs 
and give her some of my black baby juice.

Saturday came and Linda dressed in black lacy panties 
and half bra, wrapping it all up in a red sheer shorty-
gown, and topped with a white sheer house robe. She was 
anxious and ready long before 9 PM. I kissed her and 
wished her a good time and left the house. I was driving 
around some when the thought came to me to spy on the 
two having sex.

I went back home and stopped down the street and walked 
to the house. I entered the house through the garage 
door and hid in the kitchen listening to the two of them 
in the living room. Linda was giggling and talking as 
Jake played his usual charming self, telling her what a 
hot bod she had and how much he was looking forward to 
being her lover for the night. She said, "Let's go to 
the bedroom and see what we have for each other."

They went into the bedroom and closed the door. I moved 
to the door to listen. I was wishing I had a camera or 
something to see them. This was going to be good I 

I heard Linda say, "Oh my, what a beautiful black pole. 
Oh my how hard it feels. You must really want me to be 
so hard. Oh Jake I want you. I want to make you my black 

Jake replied, "I'm so hot for you baby, I want to make 
you my Momma. I want to empty my black ball in you, that 
white pussy is going to know I am in there and making it 
feel sooo gooood."

"I know sugar, I'm already so wet in anticipation of you 
shoving that black snake in my white snake hole," as she 
giggled and giggled.

There was a long silence which I assumed they were 
licking it up some, then Linda said, "You fucking black 
lover, your black cock is making me so hot. My honey pot 
is flowing with wetness, fuck me good daddy."

I heard Jake say, "You hot bitch you are mine now, I'm 
going to fill you with my black baby seed."

Then all I could hear was his balls slapping my wife and 
she was moaning and screaming, "YES, FUCK MEEEE DADDY! 
I'm all yours. Cum in me. I want your black seed so 

This went on like this for about an hour then no noise 
and things were silent. 

I went back to my car and drove around some and stayed 
gone about an hour then returned home and entered the 
house. I didn't hear anything so I opened the bedroom 
door and laying in be side by side were the two spent 
lovers. I could see cum seeping out of Linda and Jakes 
black snake was limp as a noodle. I left and went to bed 
in another bedroom to wait for the morning...

This is what my wife and black friend did. They both 
loved the hot sex.

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