Thursday, 18 February 2016


I was walking down the beach when I spotted her. I knew 
my husband had not seen her. He can sometimes be in his 
own world. I don't mind. When his mind is off, he is 
usually thinking of me. He is just enjoying being with 
me, thinking of what he'd like to do with (or to) me, or 
thinking of things he can do for me. He is amazingly 
good to me. I am madly in love with him and would do 
anything for him. 

I watched her for a moment. She looked to be in her late 
20s early 30s. She had long brown hair past her 
shoulders to the middle of her back. Her face was girl 
next door pretty. At about 5'2" she probably thought she 
was about 20 lbs overweight. Well, at least up until 5 
about months ago. She was obviously pregnant. She still 
had a great ass and hips. You could clearly see the soft 
curve of her belly. 

She was wearing a string bikini that sat below her 
belly. She had on an orange gauze cover-up. It was 
practically see through and did not cover up anything. I 
smiled to myself and nudged my husband. 

My husband had always told me he found pregnant women 
sexy. I thought it was weird at first, but after reading 
a bit I realized it was quite common. It was especially 
common among men whose mothers were pregnant during 
their formative years. My husband had 3 siblings all 
born within 7 years. His mother was pretty much pregnant 
from the time he was one till he was seven. 

This is a second marriage for both of us. We met 10 
years ago. We already had children and decided not to 
have more. My husband's first marriage was not happy. He 
told me when his wife was pregnant she would not let him 
touch her. It was a true irony that when I was pregnant 
I was horny as hell and my husband wouldn't touch me. 

When I nudged my husband out of whatever world he was 
visiting. He looked at me. It's always funny. He looks 
at me like a big dog who thinks he's a lap dog. He wants 
to know what I want and what he can do to make me happy. 

Don't get me wrong. He is not a wuss. He is a big, 
strong decisive man. People look up to him. When I need 
something he is my rock. Just as he worships me, I 
worship him. He is definitely the man of our house. He 
gives me the safety to be a woman. 

This time I tilted my head in her direction. It's a game 
we play. I often point out things or people I know he 
finds pretty or sexy. I am very confident in our love 
and know there is no need to be jealous. He finally 
realized which way I was pointing and looks. He noticed 
her too and commented that she was beautiful. 

I laughed and said, "I am so good to you."

He kissed me and told me I was amazing. We kept walking. 
As we went by he took one more look. He is so cute.

We were on vacation staying at a beach hotel. We took a 
nap, got dressed, and went to dinner. As we were eating 
the young woman came in. She was by herself. She was 
seated not far from us. I offered to switch seats with 
my husband so he could get a better view. He just 
laughed, looked at me and said the view was perfect. 

He wasn't looking, but I checked her out a bit more. She 
was just as pretty as I thought. She was wearing a white 
sundress that made her look like she belonged walking 
barefoot through a field. She sat by herself. She did 
not look around much. She ordered, ate slowly, and 
looked at her plate. She seemed like she had a sadness 
about her. Her shoulders hung like she had a great 
weight on her. 

We finished dinner and headed to the patio bar. It was a 
great place to watch the sunset and there was a guitar 
player entertaining. We sat there chatting, holding 
hands, enjoying the moment and sipping our drinks. 

As we sat there she walked in. She took a seat by the 
railing about 2 tables from us. She still looked sad. 
She was sitting there just gazing into the distance. I 
did not think she was even watching the sunset. She just 
seemed lost in thought. 

Curiosity got the better of me. I walked over to her 
table. I said I could not help but notice her lost in 
thought, she was alone at dinner and now, and I asked 
her if everything was OK. She looked up at me and 
smiled. She thanked me for being so kind as to be 
concerned but assured me she was alright. I said that my 
husband and I were also staying at the hotel and were 
sitting right over there. I said if she wanted company 
she could join us. She thanked me, but she did not want 
to intrude. I told her that was nonsense and picked up 
her drink. She followed me to our table.

I introduced my husband and myself. She said her name 
was Sharon and sat down. My husband immediately started 
chatting with her. He is great at making conversation. 
People tend to trust him and like talking to him. We 
found out she was 29 and here with her fiancé. They 
lived together and she was expecting in 4 months (my 
guess was right on). 

We asked where he was. She was not sure. They had 
planned this vacation 8 months ago, but since they got 
here he had played golf every day. He had met some guys 
while playing golf and had been spending most of his 
time with them. We both said that was ridiculous and 
that she was way too pretty to be left alone. She looked 
at us and smiled at that. We commented that her fiancé 
must be crazy. 

She told us that she had not intended to get pregnant. 
She was on the pill and was just part of the 1%. My 
husband said that happened to his sister. He said on the 
plus side, he had an amazing niece. That made her smile 
again. She went on to say that since she got pregnant 
their life had changed. He did not want the baby but she 
could not give it up. He was mad at her but did not 
leave her. When this vacation rolled around, she had 
hoped it would be a chance to set things right. So far 
it did not seem that way. 

As we talked we described what we were doing the next 
day. Sightseeing, shopping, a boat excursion. She said 
it sounded like fun. She looked like she needed fun. I 
invited her along. At first she said no, but I insisted. 
She agreed to meet my husband and I in the lobby at 9 
am. We said goodnight and walked to our room. 

On the way I teased my husband asking him If he thought 
he could keep his hands off her for a whole day. I asked 
him if he wanted me to call her and tell her what to 
wear, after all, I knew exactly what my husband liked. 
He just laughed. He pulled me close and kissed me. He 
said, he is lucky if he could keep up with me. We got to 
our room, made out like we were on our honeymoon, made 
love, and fell asleep in each other's arms. 

We got up the next day and I tried to decide what to 
wear. My husband loves me in sundresses. He loves flirty 
and feminine. He has a favorite. It's a mid calf length, 
gauzy, white and purple sundress that buttons down the 
front and hugs my waist. It has a sort of peasant type 
neckline. I put it on. Truthfully the dress is a bit 
thin. At home I would never wear it without a slip, but, 
we were on vacation and nobody knew us. I could afford 
to give my husband a thrill. I found a cute thong and 
bra set. They were also white and purple. 

I got dressed and checked myself out in the mirror. Not 
bad for 48. My husband loved my hair long. Sometimes it 
was down to my waist. Sometimes shoulder length. Right 
now it was between my shoulder blades. I have Latin 
heritage, so my hair was dark and thick. I have always 
cared for my skin. Between my hair, my skin, and the 
fact that I am barely 5' tall I am often mistaken for 20 
years younger. I had a little extra padding, but my 
husband told me he loved my curves. 

Last year I did a boudoir photo shoot for my husband. 
During the shoot the photographer looked at the proof of 
one pose with her assistant. Her assistant was about 20. 
The assistant looked at the proof and blurted out "oh my 
god, I hope I am 1/2 that hot when I am her age." 

I looked at what I was wearing. If you looked hard 
enough you could definitely see my bra and thong, but, 
as I said, no one knew us here. I took a moment with the 
buttons trying to decide how much to show. I know my 
husband likes me to show off a bit. He likes it when men 
notice me. I have to admit, I like it too. I went all 
out. I only buttoned the buttons from my bra line to 
just below my panties. I showed a lot of cleavage. Not 
that I have a lot of cleavage, but a push up bra can do 
wonders. When I stood still it was fine. When I walked I 
flashed a lot of leg. 

My husband got out of the shower, took one look at me, 
grabbed me, and kissed me. He commented on how gorgeous 
I was and grabbed my ass and pulled me in. I reminded 
him we had plans and that he could ravish me later. He 
made me promise. 

We went down to meet Sharon. She was just as pretty 
today, except she was smiling. She thanked us again for 
inviting her and told us she was looking forward to it 
all night. I made a mental note that I did not have to 
call her and tell her what to wear. She was wearing a 
short yellow sundress with a halter top. It was 
lightweight and with the sun behind her you could see 
all her curves. My husband was looking. 

I kissed him and quipped "made to order."

She actually asked us if she was dressed OK. My husband 
said he could not wait to be seen with two such gorgeous 
women. We grabbed a cab and set out. 

We toured the sights and generally chatted and had fun. 
Often times she or I would see something girly, we would 
grab the other ones hand and we would run to check it 
out giggling and laughing. My husband just enjoyed 
himself and the view. At one point I caught her looking 
at me. I asked her if something was wrong. She commented 
on how pretty and sexy I looked. She said she loved my 
dress but her fiancé would never let her wear something 
so revealing. 

I told her my husband loved the way I looked and 
actually liked men looking at me. She said she liked 
being looked at, but being 5 months pregnant she felt 
fat and ugly. She told me that her fiancé had not 
touched her since she got pregnant. 

I hugged her and told her she was gorgeous. She pulled 
her face away, and looked at me. Her nose was inches 
from mine. She probed my eyes and asked if I really 
thought she was pretty. I told her yes and kissed her 

I then said, "Don't take my word for it. Ask my 

My husband caught up with us, and I said, "Sharon says 
she's fat and ugly."

You could literally see the look of shock on his face. 
He asked if I was kidding. I said no. He looked at her 
and told her that next to me she was the hottest thing 
he has seen on this vacation. He said that if he were 
single and 20 years younger she would get no sightseeing 
done because they would only get out of the bedroom to 

She laughed, hugged him, kissed his cheek and said thank 
you. She came back to me, hugged me again took my hand 
and said, "This is so fun, you guys are great."

We were finished sightseeing and were wandering through 
shops. Sharon saw a dress she liked in a window. She 
said she would come back tomorrow as she was sure my 
husband would not want to watch her try on dresses. 

I told her she did not know my husband. He and I always 
went shopping together. He had great taste in clothes 
and would pick out stuff to try on. Some of it was a bit 
too sexy, but I always tried it all on and showed it to 

I took her arm and we went into the store. My husband 
followed. She and I grabbed the dress from the window 
and headed for the dressing room. My husband went into 
his normal mode of looking for dresses for us to try on. 
She and I got to the dressing room. 

She untied her halter and stepped out of the dress. She 
was braless. She had perfect breasts. I told her I 
remembered when mine looked like that. She laughed and 
said she bet mine were gorgeous. 

She was wearing a pretty yellow thong with ruffles 
around the waist. She looked adorable. I told her that 
my husband would die if he saw her in those panties and 
said they were his favorite style. 

She said, "really?" 

I unbuttoned one more button on my dress and pulled the 
sides apart to reveal mine were almost the exact same 
style just a different color. 

She fake scolded me and said I should not be wearing 
something so slutty and then said, "Who am I kidding you 
look hot." She then said she bet we would give my 
husband a heart attack if he saw us both now. 

I told her he would definitely be happy. 

She put the dress from the window on. It fit her 
perfectly. She asked if she should show my husband. 

I said he'd be mad if she didn't. We stepped out of the 
dressing room just as my husband came up with an armful 
of dresses. He told she looked great. 

She smiled and said, "I'm glad you like it." She did a 
twirl for him and the bottom flared out from her legs. 

My husband just said, "Perfect." He handed us each a 
bunch of dresses he picked out for us. 

Sharon looked at her pile, looked at me and said, "Wow 
he does have great taste." 

She kissed him on the cheek and said thank you. 

We went in the dressing room and started trying on 
dresses. With each new dress we went out to show my 
husband. He could tell which worked and which didn't. I 
always enjoyed trying on clothes for him. 

Sharon was having a blast. She would try something on, 
step out to show him. She would thank him each time for 
his opinion. As it went on and my husband kept bringing 
us dresses, Sharon would open the dressing room door, 
hand him what we were done with and take the new ones. 
She seemed to forget what she was wearing. 

At first she would stand behind the door peek around it 
and make the exchange, but she got bolder and bolder. At 
one point she just opened the door topless in her 
panties. I was standing there in my bra and panties. 

He just looked at us and said, "Fucking gorgeous." 

Sharon smiled turned around, wiggled her ass and shut 
the door. 

When we were done, we had a couple new things to wear. 
Sharon put her arms around the 2 of us and said, "You 
guys are amazing. I have not felt this good in months." 
She kissed us both and said, "thank you." 

This time it was a quick kiss on the lips for both of 
us. Watching Sharon get excited, watching her change, 
watching her flirt, I was starting to get a little hot. 
I am not bi. I had never been with a woman. I had always 
thought women were beautiful. Hanging around with Sharon 
I was starting to feel something else. I was getting 
horny and it was directed towards her. 

I whispered to my husband, "She's making me horny."

He said, "Me too." 

The next shop was a lingerie shop. Sharon asked if we 
could stop in. 

My husband said, Ok, but the rule is you have to model 
everything you buy." It was a constant joke between he 
and I. 

Sharon's eyes lit up and said, "Really? This should be 

My husband and I just looked at each other. 

Sharon went around the shop picking out panties, 
teddies, and nighties. She kept bringing them to my 
husband and I for approval. We noticed she kept going 
for the skimpiest and sheerest. I knew my husband loved 
that stuff.

She made her choices and came back to show us. She asked 
what we thought. We told her they were hot. 

She said, "Wait till you see them on." 

It was getting late and time to head back to the hotel 
for dinner. Sharon asked if she could join us. We said 
sure. She said she'd meet us in our room after she 
changed. A little while later she knocked on our door. 
She was wearing one of the new dresses. This one was a 
wrap that tied just below the bust and stopped about 2 
inches below her ass. If she were not pregnant it would 
have fallen around her different and been longer. As it 
was, it was just barely closed in the front over her 
belly. Still she looked gorgeous and we told her so. 

She pulled up the dress to reveal a tiny sheer thong and 
said, "See new panties too."

We told her they were also gorgeous. 

My husband threw in, "With an ass like that, anything 
would be gorgeous." 

She turned with her ass towards the mirror, pulled her 
dress up again, and looking over her shoulder said, 
"You're right. I do look good." 

We headed down for dinner. We were given a corner booth. 
The kind everyone has to slide into. I sat on one side 
of my husband, Sharon on the other. As she slid into the 
booth it was obvious her short dress was too short to 
sit on. Her ass was directly on the seat. Also, because 
the way the dress tied, the front fell open under her 
breasts and exposed her belly. The table blocked anyone 
else's view, but to my husband and I she was pretty much 
sitting there in her top and panties. I knew my husband 
was enjoying the view. As we ordered my husband's hand 
fell to my leg. I looked over and Sharon's hand was 
resting on my husband leg. 

We ate and then headed out to watch the sunset on the 
patio. My husband and I shared a bottle of wine. Sharon 
could not drink. I was starting to feel warm. I always 
felt that way towards my husband. Add in wine and 
sunset, and I am ready to go. 

I said to my husband, "Why don't we go to our room?"

Sharon said, "OK."

We were not expecting that. We took the elevator up. I 
had no clue what was going on. I knew my husband was 
completely lost. Sharon held my hand on the way up. She 
kept telling us what a great day she had and what 
wonderful people we are. 

We got to our room and Sharon said she did not think the 
day could get much better. She put her arms around my 
neck and hugged me. I could feel her body next to mine 
and smell her perfume. She pulled her head back and 
kissed me on the cheek. She pulled back again, and this 
time kissed me on the lips. It was short, but it was a 

She saw the look of confusion on my face and then burst 
into tears. I hugged her and she hugged me back. I said 
it was OK. She said she had never done anything like 
that before. She'd never kissed a girl. She said she did 
not plan it. It's just that we made her feel so special 
it just happened. I was hugging her and saying it was 
ok, and that I'd never kissed a girl either. She pulled 
her head back, looked at me and kissed me again. This 
time I knew what was going on. It felt good and I kissed 
her back. 

She turned and looked at my husband. With one arm around 
me she held out her other hand to him. She pulled him 
into our embrace. She told him that he was amazing too. 
She then kissed him on the lips as well. 

He pulled back and looked at me. She was right he was 
amazing. I just smiled at him. 

He stepped back, always the voice of reason, he said to 
Sharon, "You've been going through a hard time. We've 
all had a great day, but we do not want you to do 
anything you will regret later, or get carried away."

She looked at me, she looked at my husband. She said, "I 
am 29 years old and completely sober. I have not been 
touched in 5 months. I had a great day and now I am 
feeling sexy, loved, and horny as hell. No one is taking 
advantage of me. In fact it may be the other way 

With that she turned her face to me again. This time it 
was not a tender kiss it was a passionate kiss. I could 
feel the heat and could not help but respond. I felt 
that warmth in my pussy I get whenever I feel sexy. 

Keeping one arm around me, she grabbed my husband's 
shirt, pulled him towards her and gave him the same 
kiss. I watched their lips together. He pulled back. I 
thought to myself that this is what she wants, I knew I 
was feeling it, I also remembered how hot my husband 
found pregnant women. Hell, he deserved this. I pulled 
him to me and kissed him hard. I then turned to her and 
kissed her again. 

I gave my husband a sexy smile and said. "You're turn."

I watched them kiss. It was hot. Who would have thought 
watching another woman kiss my husband could be so hot. 
My arm that was around Sharon's back slid down her back. 
I had been looking at her ass all day in the dressing 
room. Now I realized I wanted to feel it. My hand 
slipped under her dress and onto her ass. She moaned, 
smiled at me and kissed me again. 

On a whim I reached down and touched my husband's cock 
through his pants. It was rock hard. I pulled back from 
Sharon's kiss, looked at my hand and said, "Someone else 
is enjoying this too."

She followed my gaze, put her hand over my hand and 
said, "I'm glad. I plan on putting that to good use 
tonight. But first." 

She kissed me again. She wrapped both arms around me. 
She said, "I've been looking at your gorgeous body all 
day and it's time to get you out of this dress." 

She undid a few more buttons and pulled the dress over 
my head. Oh my god. I had never been undressed by a 
woman before. The anticipation was killing me, next she 
unhooked my bra and let it drop to the floor. She looked 
at my tits and bent over and took one in her mouth. I 
leaned my head back and moaned. It felt so good. I 
opened my eyes and saw my husband watching. I pulled him 
to me and kissed him while she played with my nipples. 
Her tongue felt amazing. A woman's touch is so 
different. It's softer. I liked it when my husband 
sucked my tits. I liked this too. 

I let go of my husband and turned my full attention to 
Sharon. I reached over and pulled the tie of her wrap 
around dress. It fell open. I pushed it off her 
shoulders and it fell to the floor. As she sucked my 
tits my hands fell to her ass and I pulled her in. She 
again kissed me on the lips. We pulled each other to the 
bed, once there we started kissing again. I looked at 
her tits and started sucking them. She moaned. Her hand 
traced my belly and slid into my panties. She stroked my 
pussy and slid 2 fingers inside me. I came immediately. 

She smiled and said, " That was easy" brought her 
fingers to her lips and licked them. 

I rolled her on her back, straddled her hips and said. 
"You're nowhere near done". 

She laughed and kissed me again. I slid down her body 
now my face was right above her panty covered pussy. I 
grabbed her thong and pulled it off. I could smell the 
sex in the air. Her legs were spread in front of me. I 
could see her perfectly shaved pussy was already wet. 
This was new territory for me, but it was fucking hot. I 
leaned forward and ran my tongue down her pussy. 

I had tasted pussy before. Mine. Either on my husband's 
cock, his lips, or fingers. He sometimes made me play 
with myself and lick my own fingers. I liked the taste. 
She was delicious. I started eating her the way I knew I 
liked it. Well the way I liked it hard, there is also a 
way I like it soft. She squealed, moaned and grabbed my 
head. I felt her orgasm. I

I said, "That was easy."

She laughed and said, "More."

This time I swung my legs and ass towards her face. She 
grabbed my panties and pulled them off me. She pulled me 
over her face and started eating me. For someone who had 
never done this before she was amazing. Meanwhile I used 
my hands to bring her to another orgasm. Between 
watching her cum and feeling her tongue on my clit, I 
came again. 

I looked up. I realized my husband was sitting on the 
edge of the bed watching us. I told him to get those 
clothes off and get over here. I watched him undress. He 
does not have a perfect body, neither do I, but I loved 
every inch of his. His cock came into view. He is not a 
freak, but he is definitely longer and thicker than 
most. I thought of how that cock felt, how it tasted, 
how it filled me up. 

I got off of Sharon's face and we made him lie between 
us. We both reached down and started playing with his 
cock. We took turns kissing him and sucking on each 
other's tits. 

Sharon looked at his cock and said to me, "It's 
beautiful. You get to fuck that all the time?" 

I nodded. What an odd feeling. Another woman, playing 
with my husband's cock and I was not jealous, I was 
proud of him. 

I teased her and said, "I bet you can't get it all in 
your mouth". 

She laughed and immediately started sucking him. The 
head of his cock is big and it stretched her mouth to 
get over it. I always told him it was intimidating at 
first. She attacked it like a champ. My husband rarely 
cums from a blow job. Today was no exception. After a 
few minutes of being stretched she looked at me and 
said, "You win". 

I kissed her again. I liked the taste of my husband's 
cock on her lips. Meanwhile my husband had been playing 
with my pussy. She placed her hand on his and she slid a 
finger in me right on top of his. Another orgasm hit me. 
That was just so wrong, but so right. 

I grabbed her hair playfully and said, "Lie down on your 
back you little slut, now you're going to get it." 

She squealed in mock horror and did what she was told. I 
straddled her face and said eat me. She dived right in. 
I reached down, grabbed her legs and held them apart. 

"Slut, mmmmmm," she said. 

I looked at my husband and said, "Fuck her. Show her how 
you can fill her cunt."

I knew the words that he liked to hear. This was so hot. 
I could feel her hold her breath in anticipation. My 
husband knelt between her legs. I grabbed his cock and 
guided it into her. I heard her gasp and felt her body 
shudder as she came. She started licking my pussy with a 
fervor. My husband kept fucking her. As he did he leaned 
in and kissed me. I came. I didn't just cum, I CAME. My 
whole body shuddered. I am known to be a squirter and I 
soaked her face, hair, the bed. 

She pushed me off her and said, "That was the most 
amazing thing I have ever felt." 

I kissed her lips. I could taste my juices all over her 
face. I then kissed my husband so he could taste them 

Sharon started moaning and fucking my husband. She told 
me she hated me. She said it was not fair I got this 
cock all to myself. I told her to enjoy it while she 
can, because tomorrow it was all mine again. 

I kissed my husband again. I whispered in his ear, "I 
know what you want, you want to cum in her slutty little 
cunt and make me eat your cum out of her." I kept going. 
"Give her that cum. Fill her up. Cum on her cute 
pregnant little belly. I am going to eat every drop." 

I thought for a minute. I leaned back in and whispered, 
"Not every drop. Some I am going to feed to her." 

Out loud I said, "Make her cum. Show the little slut 
what a good fuck you are."

I saw her face, I heard her grown. She came. He said he 
could feel it pulsating around his cock. I said, "That's 
it. Fill the little slut up." 

That did it. I could see his orgasm build. As he came he 
pulled out of her. There was cum in her pussy, on her 
pussy, and on her belly. 

He rolled over beside her. He looked like he was trying 
to breathe. I kept my promise. I stuck my tongue in her 
pussy and started cleaning up every drop. I scooped it 
up from her belly and brought my fingers to her mouth. 
She sucked them clean. As she did she came on my tongue 

We were done. We all lay panting. Sharon got up. She 
looked at us both and said, " Thank you. You two are 

She threw her clothes on. Kissed us both one more time 
and left. 

We looked at each other, we smiled. Our hands went to 
each other as we embraced. We kissed. This time it was 
that loving kiss. Not the one that says I want you. The 
one that says I am yours forever. We fell asleep holding 
each other. 

We did not see Sharon after that. 6 months later we got 
an email. It was from Sharon. She said when she got home 
she broke up with her fiancé. She felt more confident. 
It must have shown at work. Just before she went out on 
maternity leave her boss called her into his office. He 
said he did not know a vacation could be so good for 
someone. Everyone had noticed her increased 
effectiveness since she returned and she was being 
promoted immediately. The promotion came with a big 
raise. They told her to enjoy the baby, and could not 
wait for her return. The baby was a girl. Healthy, 
happy, perfect. She named her after me. 

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