Tuesday, 16 February 2016


Background: We had been married for 9 years, my mother 
in law had passed on a couple of years back. My father 
in law (Sam) and I were always close. He always 
complimented me and would say things like, "My son is 
lucky to have such a nice beautiful and sexy wife."  

He would lovingly slap my butt and say "Sure nice one 
there, baby girl." He always called me "baby girl." I 
just thought he was like most men, always looking at the 
women. I often suspected my husband played some but 
never had any real proof.


On this occasion, my husband, (Ron) informed me that his 
father was going to be in town for a company training 
course for a couple of weeks and invited him to stay 
with us. I was excited and agreed it was the thing to 
do. At this time I was a stay at home mom. Son was in 

Sam arrived mid-day and we hugged as usual and he 
pinched my butt and said, "You still have a nice one 
Baby Girl."

I giggled and said, "Bet you tell all the girls that." 

"Not really honey. I have tried being nice the last 
couple of years. I'm thinking of taking care of some of 
my manly needs pretty soon, though." 

We moved to the living room and continued our chat. He 
was saying that he wished he was young like me and I was 
not married and he would be after me. I giggled and 
said, "Dad, you are a good catch like you are. Bet you 
can still swing a mean stick."  We both laughed, and he 
said, "Well I wish I had someone to swing that stick 
with. It's been two years now without a woman."

The next morning I was up early and prepared  Ron's 
breakfast dressed in only my shorty-nightgown. (nothing 
underneath) After my husband left for work, I was on my 
way back to our bedroom when I saw my father in law's 
door was partly open and I peeked in at him. 

I did not know that he slept naked and he was laying 
there without anything on and his manhood was standing 
at attention. I stood there gazing at that beautiful 
hard pole. I remember what he had said about me and how 
he had not been with another woman in two years. 

As I stood there with my rambling sexual thoughts, I 
realized I was getting wet and horny for what I was 
looking at. 

I was rapidly thinking, does he want me? Will be take 
me? What should I do? I want him, yes I want him! Bet 
his balls are full and needs to be unloaded!

I Gathered my courage and slowly entered the room and 
sat on the side of the bed, making sure that my shorty-
nightgown was up high enough to expose my woman hood, 
(of course making it look like it was accidental) put my 
hand on his forehead and said, "Dad, are you OK? 

He opened his eyes, and looked at me and I saw him 
glance at my hairy womanhood. 

He paused and said, "Well I am better now that you are 
here," and laughed. He reached up and pulled me to him 
and gave me a sexual kiss. I kissed him back and knew 
then that there was no turning back as he pulled me on 
top of him and I could feel his pole as he slowly moved 
it into position to enter me. 

I offered no resistance as I was now so hot I would have 
given in to a homeless man on a park bench.

We held each other for a moment and I saw the tears come 
into his eyes as he said, "Oh Baby Girl, you are so good 
to me. I need you so bad."

I wiped his tears away and whispered, "I love you Daddy. 
I will be your lover." as I rolled over and he mounted 
me from the top and we started humping, squirming, and 
making love. 

He continued pumping on me and I met each of his stokes 
with a stroke of my own. He moaned out, "You are making 
me cum Baby Girl." as I felt him pulsating as he 
unloaded his balls. I started shaking and having an 
orgasm like none other I had ever had. 

I went limp and lay there with my new lover (father in-
law, or Daddy as I often called him)  on top of me, our 
sweat mixed and our bodies rested. 

We lay there for a long time saying nothing. Then he 
whispered, "Thanks Baby Girl, you have made me very 
happy," as he moved off and lay beside me.

I replied, "I am glad my daddy knows how to take care of 
his Baby Girl."

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