Sunday, 14 February 2016


Although my wife never knew it, she pushed my daughter 
and I together. Here is how!
My wife (Elizabeth) and I (George) had been married for 
16 years, and had a 15 year old daughter (Julie). 
Unknown to me or my daughter, my wife had a gambling 
problem. She was placing bets with off track bookies. 
Not a problem you say? It is when she was losing lots of 
money. To cover it she had been cashing in life 
insurance policies, that I had paid up in full, on her.

When that money ran out, she convinced the bookies, that 
she would be able to pay at a later date, but she kept 
loosing. Finally the bookie had a big tough man come to 
the house when I was at work and my daughter was in 

He gave her the choice of paying the money, which she 
did not have, or to start making porn movies for the 
bookie. He gave her a week to decide which. She did not 
say anything to me or my daughter. We were completely in 
the dark. When the week was up, she asked the man, how 
the porn would be used, and just what she would have to 
do, and for how long?

She was told that for what she owed, she would have to 
make 30 movies, and that she would have to do anything 
sexually that the director told her to do. Once the 30 
movies had been made, she would be fee of debt, but the 
bookie would no longer take her bets. She asked if she 
could still make bets while she was making the movies, 
and was told yes, but the more you owe, the more movies 
you will have to make.

Can it be done without my family being aware of it? She 
asked. To do so, she said, it would have to be done 
Monday through Friday, and between the hours of 10AM and 
3PM. This would give her time to get the family off to 
school and work, and be home before they were.

Then she asked, can I get a free copy of each movie? I 
would like to see what the public sees, and I do not 
want my face to be seen so that I can be recognized. You 
are not in any position to demand things, but I will 
check and see. Tomorrow I will call and if I say "is 
Jack home" the answer is yes, and if I say "Jack has 
arrived" it means no. This way if I get your answering 
machine, no one will know but what it was a wrong 
number. She agreed.

The next day she got the call. "Is Jack home? If he is, 
tell him to be at the Sunshine Motel at 10AM on Monday 
room 214."

For some reason, she put all of this in a letter, sealed 
the envelope, put my name on it and placed it in our 
safety deposit box at the bank. I always had her go to 
the bank, so I never went into the box.

On Monday, she at 10am she appeared at the room in 
question. Once inside, she was told to do a striptease 
while it was filmed. She did, and they were impressed 
with her looks, she was a 36D 28 34. They had her kiss 
several guys, still filming, and then she had to give 
them all blow jobs. She asked about the script, and was 
told that this was just an audition, to see if she would 
look ok on film. Then she was laid on the bed and a very 
large black man came in. His cock was 14 inches long and 
4inches in diameter. He told her that they had to see 
how she looked with a cock in her pussy, and he had been 
selected to work with her.

She said that he was too big for her, he said not to 
worry, that he had been inside every pussy that he had 
tried, but first let's see if you can give me a blow 
job. She was able to get the head started into her 
mouth, but it would not go past her teeth, he then said 
to jack him off with his cock where it was. She did and 
when he came, he filled her mouth and she had cum from 
her mouth down to her pussy.

He let her clean herself up and then he said time for 
the pussy assault. He put his dick head at her pussy, 
and it was ever worse than she had thought, but he told 
her not a problem. Just lay back and relax. Suddenly he 
put all of his weight on top of her and her pussy 
expanded beyond its limit, and she started bleeding, but 
his cock continued into her tunnel and hit her cervix. 
He lunged again and it opened her cervix and entered her 

She felt it also hit the womb wall and he still had 2 
inches to go. He kept pushing until he somehow got the 
whole 14 inches inside of her. She was crying in pain 
from the tearing of her opening. He kept pumping into 
and out of her until he came. When he did cum, he was 
blowing cum hard against the wall of her womb. All of 
this was on the tape, including her bleeding. He said, 
"Well we can just pass that off as you being a virgin, 
and it was your cherry bleeding."

"Be back tomorrow at the same time for some more 
filming. Oh! If you are on birth control, stop taking 

"But I could get pregnant," she said. 

He told her that that would be her problem, and that 
they would be doing blood tests now and then to make 
sure that she was not taking the pills. If she was, her 
debt would be due in full immediately.

She went home, and took a long hot bath. Then she put 
antiseptic on her torn pussy lips. When her husband got 
home, she told him she was having female problems, and 
could not have sex for a few weeks. This kept me from 
wanting to fuck her for a while.

On Tuesday, when she arrived, she was handed a DVD. She 
asked what it was, and was told that it was a very short 
teaser, that would introduce her, and start her career. 
On the disk she was billed as Connie, Bower, housewife. 
Her face was obscured, but only on her copy, of course 
she did not know that. The DVD had been put together in 
segments, with a voice over telling what was going on, 
and that they would see more of Connie Bower in the 

When she told them of the problem of her opening being 
split open, they said that they had figured she might be 
from the blood yesterday, and determined that they 
should get someone with a little smaller cock for her, 
and they would give her a week to heal, before doing 
anymore of the fucking scenes. Today they would be 
taking still pictures of her in various outfits, for 
publicity. Again she asked that her face be blurred, 
they said it would be. She spent the whole day being 
photographed in and out of various costumes and parts of 
costumes, most designed to show off her tits, ass and 
pussy. There were even some with dildos in her ass. 

On Wednesday, they gave her copies of the stills, with 
her face blurred again, and again only on her copies. 
This time they were taking video's of her being disrobed 
and her tits being sucked and played with, again in 
various settings and costumes, saying that they would be 
used in various movies. This continued the rest of the 

At home she acted normal, but was very uptight, afraid 
that she might say something to compromise her marriage. 
She had never been very close to her daughter, so that 
was not a problem, but she was afraid her husband would 
discover what she was doing.

This continued until school was out, and they convinced 
her that her daughter should be sent to a summer camp 
that lasted for a month. Then they started filming her 
at home. She was afraid that someone would recognize her 
home, but they convinced her that their friends would 
not be watching porn, so she would not have that 
problem, but they really did not care if it happened or 

Each time a film was complete, she would get a copy, 
with her face obscured, it never occurred to her that 
they could not market a film with the leading lady not 
having a face. But each DVD was taken to the safety 
deposit box at the bank, and added to the envelope with 
her husband's name on it, and each time she added 
something the envelope, she would add commentary of what 
had been happening to her.

Several times they changed leading men, but most of them 
were black. It was more to humiliate her than anything 
else. She got to the point where she sometimes told the 
"director" that she thought that the shots were not 
good, and suggested better ways of shooting the scene. 
They usually changed, as the more of her that the film 
showed the better, people would want to see her being 
fucked and her sucking the guy. Seeing the guy playing 
with her tit, while fucking her was also included. In 
the 69 position, they would go back and forth, from 
showing her pussy being eaten, and her sucking cock. 

It was coming up on summer again, and she one day asked 
how they were going to handle this year, as her daughter 
hated the camp last year and refused to go again. She 
was told not to worry, as things were going, she would 
be done before school was out.

She now had 28 films on DVD in the safety deposit box. 
Last summer, while they were filming at the house, they 
had searched (without her knowing it) the house looking 
for the DVD's and could not find any of them, so they 
figured that she had destroyed them after looking at 

On Friday, they said that this would be the last week, 
and that she was free after they shot today's scenes.

The first scene was of her again undressing, smiling and 
talking to herself about how happy her lover made her. 
The next scene was with her masturbating, with her 
fingers of one hand in her pussy, and the other playing 
with her tits. She was told that at the end of the 
scene, her lover would come in, they would fuck, and it 
would end the movie and her commitment.

The film was rolling, and the door opened, the guy that 
came in, was the big black man that had ripped her open 
on her first day of a fucking scene. He came in nude, 
and proceeded to get on top of her, she tried to move, 
but his weight kept her pinned down to the bed. She 
started to scream, but he put one hand over her mouth. 
Once he had his cock in position, he did as the last 
time, he forced it into her ripping her open again. This 
time, once he had put it all the way in, she was 
squirming, and trying to get him off of her. She was in 
a lot of pain.

He kept his hand over her mouth and said, no one welched 
on a bet with me and gets away with it. "Today, you are 
done, after I have my fun." He kept a hand over her 
mouth so she could not scream, and brutally forced his 
cock into her again and again. When he felt that he was 
ready to cum, he took both hands and put them around her 
neck, and started squeezing. Shortly she was dead, and 
he came in her. When he pulled out of her, he said, 
boys, clean up everything but her. 

"Leave her here for housekeeping to find. But make sure 
not to leave anything else behind, not even her 
clothing. This snuff film will make us a lot of money." 
He got up and left, dressing as he went out the nearest 
exit. The men then wiped down the room to make sure that 
no fingerprints were left behind.

All of this except the last day, was recorded on paper 
and placed in the safety deposit box, in the envelope 
with her husband's name on it.

On Saturday, George called the police and reported 
Elizabeth missing. He told the police that she had not 
been seen by anyone since he, and his daughter had left 
for work, and school, on Friday morning. Since it had 
been over 24 hours, a description of her was taken and a 
bulletin was sent out about her.

On Sunday morning George and Julie went out for 
breakfast. When they returned, a police car was sitting 
in front of the house, in a car. When they got out of 
the car, they came to the house and asked if it was 
George. I said, "Yes, have you found my wife?"

The cop then asked if they could go inside to talk, 
which they did. The cops asked Julie if she would step 
outside, as they thought she should not hear what they 
had to say. Julie said, "If it concerns my mother, I 
want to hear it." I then said, "Yes if is then she 
should hear what you have to say, then I won't have to 
repeat it to her."

They said ok, when someone disappears, usually, but not 
always, someone in the family knows more than they are 
telling. "We hope that is not the case here, but there 
are questions that we must ask."

I asked, "Why didn't you ask them yesterday?"

The answer was, "Yesterday we had just received the 
report. While we put out a bulletin, we also had to 
start a file, and do the paperwork, to get to this 

"First, what was the relationship between you and your 

I said, "We had a good relationship."

"How was your sex life, any problems there?"

"No," I answered. 

"Any domestic problems?"

"No," was the answer. 

"Any financial problems?"

"No and where are you going with this line of 

"I am sorry," the cop said, "but these are questions we 
must ask, for the reasons stated earlier."

They then turned to Julie and asked, "How did you and 
your mother get along?" Julie looked at her dad and he 
said to tell them the truth. She then said, "Mom and I 
didn't get along to well. She treated me more like a 
slave than a daughter."

"Then you harbored some resentment against her?"

"Yes," she stated. "But why are you asking me these 

"As we said earlier, usually someone in the family knows 
more that he/she is telling. What you have just stated, 
leads us to believe that you know more than you are 

I spoke up, "Are you accusing her of something?"

"No," he said, "but her answer, makes her the prime 
suspect in the murder of your wife."

"What are you talking about? She is missing, now you're 
saying that she was murdered. And accusing my daughter 
of doing it."

"Last point first, we're not accusing her, but we will 
be looking into her whereabouts on Friday."

"I was in school all day, and I can prove it," Julie 

"I am sure that you can," the cop said, "but we have to 
check, it is part of our job, to rule you out as a 
suspect. Also George, can you prove your whereabouts, on 

"I was at work all day, and the foreman can vouch for me 
in addition to the time clock. Now will you tell us what 
happened to my wife?"

"Yesterday about noon the housekeeping staff at the 
Sunshine Motel found her body, in a room there. They 
called the police, and the investigators went out. This 
was before we got your call, and she was in the morgue 
before her description was sent out. Since she was just 
missing, we did not think to check the morgue, until the 
detectives, put the report through. They had to wait 
until the Crime Scene Investigators had finished their 
work. They then released her name found in her purse. 
That's when we knew it was you wife.

"Have you any idea why she would be at that motel, since 
she lives so close to it?"

"I have no idea," both George and Julie said. 

"Is it possible that she had a lover, and she met him 

"Not as far as I know. She was always home by the time 
Julie got home from school, and she never went out of 
the house at night unless we were together."

"How was she killed?" I asked. 

"She was strangled," the cop said. 

I then said, "That leaves Julie out, she is not strong 
enough to strangle anyone."

The cop then said, "Yes, but she could have hired 
someone to do it."

"What would I pay that person with? I have no money, 
except what little mom would let dad give me."

"Are you a virgin?"

"Yes, and that is none of your business!"

"Yes, it is, you could have used sex to get someone to 
do it for you, and I am NOT accusing you of doing it, I 
am trying to rule out all the possibilities. Would you 
voluntarily submit to a doctors exam to prove that you 
are a virgin? And let me remind you that we could get a 
court order to force you to."

I spoke up, "No you can't, that would be a violation of 
her fifth amendment rights against self incrimination."

Julie looked at her father, "It's ok dad, I'll have 
whatever doctor they want to examine me. I'm a virgin 
and that should settle the problem."

The cop said, "That is the answer I wanted to hear, 
unless someone higher up than me says differently, it 
will not be necessary. I believe you, but I have to ask 
these types of questions. Unless you have any further 
questions of us, we will be going."

I spoke up and said, "When can we see my wife's body and 
be able to get things ready for burial?"

"Glad you brought that up, I forgot. I can take you to 
the morgue, now for positive identification, then I can 
bring you back."

"It would be easier if I drove," said I. 

"Going, probably," the cop said, "but coming back, is 
another matter."

As they were walking to the police car, several 
neighbors tried to talk to me, the cops, said, "Please 
hold you questions, they will be back shortly, then 
it'll be up to them if they feel like talking."

At the morgue, they were shown the body, and confirmed 
that it was Elizabeth. Julie, put her head on my chest 
and started crying. She looked at me and said, "I didn't 
like her, but she was my mom, and I didn't want to see 
her dead."

I stroked Elizabeth's hair, and asked the cop, "Do you 
think will we ever know just what happened?"

"We just do not know," he said, "we will try to find her 
killer, but we do know that she was raped, and then 
killed, but please don't tell anyone that. If that gets 
out we know that the killer or killers, may just melt 
away, and never be found."

When we got back to the house, we asked the neighbors to 
select one person to come in and talk. That person then 
can tell everyone what is going on. I asked the cop if 
he would see that only one person came in and then we 
would lock the door. He agreed. A few minutes later, the 
door opened and Dan from next door came in. I thanked 
the cop and then locked the door.

Dan went in and said, "I know that something tragic has 
happened. You're friends to everyone in the 
neighborhood, and we would like to help if we can."

I said, "Thank all of them for us. Elizabeth was 
murdered sometime Friday, or Saturday. She was always 
home when Julie came home from school, until Friday. On 
Saturday morning, we filed a missing persons report on 
her. She was found in a motel room, nude, and no 
clothing. Whoever done it must have taken her clothing 
with them. At this point, that is all we know, other 
than for now I and/or Julie are the prime suspects."

Dan said, "How can they even think such a thing?"

I then told him that in missing persons cases, and 
murder cases, most times someone in the family is 
involved. The cops we talked to believe we are innocent, 
but they do not have the last word. "However I can 
assure you the neither Julie or I am involved. I am sure 
that on the news tonight there will probably be 
something. Maybe they will release information that we 
do not know, but I doubt it."

Dan said, "I will go now and tell the others, just 
remember, we are your friends, and we will help all we 

I said, "Thank you Dan, we appreciate it."

As they were walking toward the front door, a news van 
pulled up out front. I said, "Dan, why don't you go out 
the back door, that way they won't know that you have 
talked to us, and we do not want to talk to them."

Julie went around and closed all the draperies, and 
pulled down the window shades. I took the phone off the 
hook, knowing that sooner or later, someone would try to 
call them. Before I did that though, I called 
Elizabeth's mom, and told her the bad news, and asked 
her to call both families and let them know before they 
heard it on the news, she said she would.

Every now and then Julie and I, would hear shouting 
outside, but did not look out for fear that the news 
people would see that they were home and descend upon 

When the news came on, we saw a lot of people in front 
of our house, but there was a yellow rope around the 
house about 30 feet from the house. The reporter was 
saying that the neighbors had put up the rope and a big 
sign, which they showed. It said only police beyond this 

The reporter said that she had tried to go under the 
rope, and was told that the people inside the rope were 
armed and would take out anyone who went under the rope. 
We called the police and they told us that they were 
protecting their neighbor and had that right. The only 
thing we have determined, is that the dead woman's 
husband, and daughter are inside the house.

I called the school, and left a message that Julie would 
not be in school for at least a week, due to the death 
of her mother. I then called the police station and 
asked what she would need tomorrow, as she was scheduled 
for her driver's test at noon. He was told that she 
needed her birth certificate, and a car to drive. He 
thanked them and hung up, then took the phone off the 
hook again.

About 10pm we both went to bed. Around midnight, I was 
awakened by Julie. She asked if she could sleep with me, 
as she was having nightmares about her mom. She was in 
just her panties and bra, and climbed into bed with me. 
I held her until she went back to sleep, and then I went 
to sleep again.

In the morning we got up and went to our separate 
bathrooms to shower and get ready for the day. By the 
time it was 9am, we were ready, so I put the phone back 
on the hook, and immediately picked it up again, then 
dialed the police station. I asked for the cop that had 
been there yesterday, and they put him on hold for about 
5 minutes, before he came on the line.

I told the cop that I needed to go to the bank and get 
Julie's birth certificate out of the safety deposit box, 
for her driver's test at noon, but we were afraid to 
open the door due to all the news people outside. The 
cop said, "I and my partner will be there in 5 minutes." 
I then hung up, and immediately picked up the receiver, 
and laid it down on the table again.

Six minutes later there was a knock on the door. I asked 
who it was, and the cop told me his name. Julie and I 
then opened the door, went outside, then made sure that 
the door was locked again. When we reached the rope 
barrier, the cop told the people to open a corridor for 
them. The neighbors started pushing people out of the 
way and stood shoulder to shoulder out to the police 
car. There were 3 other police cars, and they were 
parked so that the news van could not move.

Once inside the police car, we were told that the news 
van would not be released until we were far enough away 
that they could not see where we were going.

One of the cops went inside with me and Julie. I 
explained to the vault officer, that my wife had been 
murdered, and that I wanted to put Julie on the list to 
get into the safety deposit box. The officer said, "This 
is irregular, we need a certificate of death to do 
that." The cop said, "It has not been issued yet, but 
this is the people, and I am here to see that they are 
able to get what they need." The vault officer, got out 
new signature cards, and made them out. Then he said 
only one person at a time, then I told him, I have to 
take her with me so that she know what to do and what is 
in the box. The cop said, "Let them in."

When the box was taken from its place and put on the 
table, the vault officer left. I opened the box, and saw 
the envelope with my name on it and the wording in case 
of my death. I told Julie to go get the police officer. 
When they came back in I showed the officer the letter 
in the box, I also said I had not touched it yet. "I 
think that you might want to see it, it is as if she 
expected to die."

The cop took the envelope out with just touching a small 
portion of the flap, and put it into a larger envelope. 
Then we saw all the DVD's. I told the cop, I that I'd 
never seen them before, and I could think of no reason 
for DVD's to be in a safety deposit box. 

They got a small box to put the DVD's in, and carefully 
placed them in the box. Then they found the birth 
certificate, and took it.

When the box was back in its place and locked again, 
they went out, and the cop told the vault officer, that 
he wanted to see the last 3 years of entries for that 
box. It took a few minutes, and there were no signatures 
on it except for Elizabeth's. He then had copies of 
those records made, and added them to the pile.

At the police station, the first stop was at the license 
bureau. There he took one of the younger cops who were 
doing the testing, aside, and told him that he was to 
personally test this young lady, then when it was over 
he was to hand walk her application through the system, 
and no mention of her name is to be above a whisper. No 
one is to know who she is, except you and you will tell 
everyone that I will put anyone who disobeys that order 
on permanent foot patrol, is that clear? Yes sir he 
answered. He looked at Julie, and said go with him, do 
not tell anyone your name, until you get back to my 

The cop also said to the rookie, "This is the key to my 
car, use it for her test."

He then looked at me and said lets go. In his office, he 
closed the door and said sit. We will look at the letter 
first, then at the disc's. But first lets go to the lab 
and see if they can get finger prints from any of this. 
It may be that there is only your wife's prints, but 
there may be more.

On the letter and envelope, they only found prints of 
Elizabeth. On the DVD cases, they found several prints 
that were not Elizabeth's. The lab was told to see if 
they could find any match's to those prints.

Back in his office, the letter was opened and read. It 
told of her gambling, and how she had come to owe the 
bookie over $60,000. In it, she explained how she was 
going to pay it off, but she said that she also did not 
trust the people who worked for the bookie, and that she 
had never met the bookie himself.

She also said, in the letter that the DVD's were her 
copies of the films that she had made. Her last entry 
was the week before she died, and stated that one more 
week and she would be clear.

I asked if they could make a copy of the letter, and 
when asked why, I stated that I wanted Julie to read it, 
to show her what can happen if you get some type of 
addiction, whether it be gambling, drugs, or anything 
else. I also said I would like to see all of these DVD's 
as well, for the same reason. I know that you need them 
for evidence, but if copies could be made, it will be a 
great object lesson for my daughter.

The cop said, "I see your point. There is no problem 
with the letter, I can have a copy in a few minutes, the 
disc's will take a little while, but I will bring them 
to your home when I have them all copied. I just advise 
you to not let too many people see them, outside of you 
family. "She was apparently a very well liked lady, and 
there is no reason to hurt her image."

"That's true," I said, "but if those play at a porno 
house in this town, everyone is going to know anyway."

"Dammed if you do and dammed if you don't," said the 
cop. But if it comes to trial, it'll all come out in the 
open anyway."

A few minutes later, Julie came in with a big smile on 
her face. Without even asking, both me and the cop said 
congratulations. She asked how I knew. I said, "With 
that smile on your face it was just like you said, 'I 
did it."

While they were talking, I had a thought. I asked the 
cop if he knew where Elizabeth's car was? He said it was 
either either in the impound lot, or still at the motel, 
and asked why? I said that if it could be released, it 
would give Julie a car to drive when things quieted 

I was told that it would be checked out, and if 
possible, the car would be delivered to the house before 
nightfall. Julie, then started jumping up and down, with 
excitement, saying 'Oh thank you daddy.' After she had 
done that for a few moments, she suddenly got quiet, and 
said, "I am sorry daddy, I meant no disrespect to mom."

"I know kitten," I said.

By Wednesday, the news van was gone, and by Thursday, 
the cops gave the ok for me and Julie, to be able to 
move around. On Friday, Julie took her first solo, in 
her (moms) car. Things were getting back to normal. 
Except that Julie was still sleeping in my bed. She 
still however was wearing panties and a bra to bed, and 
I was still wearing boxer's.

I called the cop, and told him that there were three 
strange cars cruising up and down our road. I have seen 
the same 3 cars several times, I think that someone is 
casing our area. Julie and I are going to stay with 
Elizabeth's mother tonight, and I have alerted my 
neighbors that we will be gone, and about the strange 
cars. If you get a call, you might want to come without 
sirens on, so they are not alerted.

Bob, the next door neighbor, said that he would be 
watching and listening for anything unusual, and so 
would a three others, if one of us thinks something is 
happening, he will call the others and we will surround 
the house, armed.

Around midnight, Bob alerted the others, that he heard 
glass breaking, then called the police station. When the 
police arrived, Bob told them that there was someone in 
the house, and they could see a flashlight now and then. 
Bob then gave them a key to the door, so they could go 
in quietly. Once inside they could see the flashlight, 
and slowly closed in on it. 

The intruder, was in the living room, tearing the 
furniture apart, looking for something. When asked what 
he was looking for, the intruder, said, "Nothing, I got 
lost and thought this was my friends house."

"Do you always tear up your friend's furniture?" The cop 
asked. "You are under arrest for breaking and entering, 
and anything else we can find. My boss will bail me out 
he said, let's go."

At the police station he was fingerprinted, and they 
matched some of the prints on the DVD cases. In the 
interview room, he smugly, said, "You got nothing on me 
except B&E, that will get me 30 days and I can do that 
standing on my head."

The cop said, "That's right, but can you do 20 to life 
standing on your head?"

"What do you mean?" he growled. 

"The disc's you were looking for, your fingerprints are 
on the cases, and that says that you are involved with 
last week's murder of a woman in the Sunshine motel. I 
don't think that you are smart enough, or big enough to 
have killed her, but unless you open up and tell us what 
happened, and who else was involved, you will be charged 
with the murder."

"You are bluffing," he said. You got nothing."

The DA spoke up then, "I will start the paperwork, 
you're going to be tried for premeditated murder in the 
first degree. That's an automatic life sentence, without 
parole, and it could be the death sentence."

"But I didn't do it," he said.

"Well since you are not willing to tell us who did, you 
will be the one convicted.

Tell us what we want to know, testify for us, and we 
might drop the charges on you to accessory before and 
after the murder, that will only get you 20 to 40 years. 
The choice is yours."

"Ok you win," he said, "she was killed by Blacky the 
Horse Cock."

"Why?" he was asked.

"She owed him $60,000 in gambling debts, and couldn't 
pay him."

"Not true," he was told, "we know that she made a deal 
with him to make 30 porn movies, to pay it off, and she 
did that."

"All I know," he said, "is that he told us that he would 
finish up the last scene in the last movie, he came in, 
and rammed his Horse Cock into her pussy, and split her 
open again, then as he rammed his cock in and out of her 
he took his hands and strangled her, saying that this 
snuff movie would make more that all the others put 

The DA then asked, "What do you mean, again, did he 
"split her open" before?"

"Yah, on her first film, and then the story, was that 
she was a virgin and that he had just taken her cherry. 
That accounted for the blood in the film."

"How many films was he in with her?"

"Just the two, and then only for a brief time, but his 
face wasn't shown."

"Was her face blurred, in the released versions?"

"I don't think so, but she was told that it was. It was 
blurred only on the copies that she got."

The DA then said, "I want the names of all the people 
who were in the films, on the camera's and anyone who 
had anything to do with her filming." He gave several 
names, and just as he left, the DA told him, "You know 
that it was a double murder."

"How so?" he asked.

"She was 4 months pregnant, so the unborn child died, 
shortly after she did, that makes it two murders."


It took almost a year before the trial started. Neither 
I, nor Julie had to testify, as we had no direct 
knowledge of the murders. The trial lasted 3 weeks.  
Blacky the Horse Cock got the "chair" and the rest of 
the people involved, got 40 years and no chance for 
parole for 30 of them.

Once everything had been settled, we sold our home, and 
moved away. In our new home, we live as man and wife, 
and Julie gave me 2 girls and 3 boys. As the 5 kids grew 
up, we encouraged them to play with each other and 
eventually the 2 girls were pregnant, by their brothers, 
and Julie was also pregnant by one of our sons.

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