Wednesday, 10 February 2016


Hi. My name's Cathy, and I'm a model. I model clothes, 
swim suits, lingerie, shoes, almost anything. I also do 
special photo shoots, including some nude stuff, but no 
X-rated stuff. I'm a tall, blue eyed, strawberry blond. 
I'm five-nine, and have a nice thirty-four, twenty, 
thirty-four inch body and a pair of perky C cup breasts 
with large nipples. A true hour glass figure. I keep 
myself in great shape, by swimming, running and working 
out. I'm also married to a great guy, Jeff. We can be a 
little kinky from time to time, and we have fun with it. 
But, he travels quite a bit for work, so the modeling 
keeps me occupied when he's gone.

My agent, Jackie, had called me one day, to come in and 
talk with her about a special photo shoot. So, I ran 
down to her office, and that's when this all started.

Jackie started out with, "Cathy. Someone has seen your 
modeling, and has requested you for a special shoot. 
You've never done anything like this before, and you may 
not want to once you hear all the details. But, it does 
pay very well."

"Oh," I said, "What's it all about?"

"There is a collector of erotica that enjoys certain 
kinds of pictures."


"This collector also dictates everything about the 
shoot. In the first part, which is both video and 
stills, would be you and a guy, both completely naked. 
You would start by giving each other a very erotic 
massage. When the massages are done, they would take 
various stills with the two of you in various erotic 

"That it?"

"No. The guy you'd do this with would be black. This 
collector likes interracial stuff."

"Black. I've modeled with black guys before, but never 
naked. No sex?"

"No sex. But, you would need to allow the guy to touch 
you in various places. And, you would have to touch him 
in various places. He wants both of you covered from 
head to toe in a special massage oil that stays slick 
and shinny until you shower it off. And, he wants it as 
erotic as possible, without any true sex. So, you would 
really have to get into it."

"This is getting to be a bit much."

"It pays five-thousand for the shoot."

"Five-thousand! I've never made that for a shoot. Not 
even a special shoot."

"I know. This guy is rich and will pay what it takes to 
get what he wants. Theirs is one more thing that he 


"He'd like your head shaved."

As I got up to leave, I said, "No way. I make money with 
my hair."

"Wait. I know. He thought that you might say no. So, I 
was given this envelope to give to you, as an incentive 
to do this, if you did say no."

Jackie handed me the envelope, I sat back down, opened 
it, and removed what was inside. It contained a hand 
written note, a business card, and a cashier's check. 
The check was made out to me, and it was for two-
thousand-five-hundred dollars. I handed it to Jackie, 
and said, "Is this for real?"

She looked at it, and said, "I think this guy really 
wants you to do this. What's the note say?"

"Note? . . . Oh. This note."

I opened the note, and read it out loud. It said, 
"Cathy, I've admired your modeling, and would really 
love you to do my photo shoot. You would look so 
wonderful posing with my choice for the man. His black 
skin and your white skin will make for a very erotic 
shoot. And, a woman, like you, with her head shaved 
smooth would be very erotic. And, I'd really love you to 
do this with your head shaved. The enclosed check is an 
incentive for you to shave your head, and do the shoot. 

"If you decide to not do the shoot, please destroy the 
check. If you decide to do the shoot, enjoy doing the 
shoot and the money. The business card is for the best 
wig stylist in town. If you decide to do this, go and 
see her. She will provide you with the best human hair 
wig that money can buy. And, it will be my treat. Also, 
she will take care of shaving your head for you." And, 
he signed it just, "M.O."

Jackie said, "This guy really wants you."

"I know. But, I don't know if I can shave my head. Jeff 
would kill me."

"It'll grow back. And, you can wear a wig until it 

"True. Do you know what this black guy looks like?"

"Yes. I have some pictures."

Jackie handed me some photos, and I looked at them. This 
guy was black. Very black. He appeared to be tall, and 
well built. With six-pack abs, broad shoulders, and slim 
waist and hips. His head was shaved, and it looked like 
the rest of his body was too. He had a great smile, and 
was really handsome. And, from the bulge in his shorts, 
was really hung.

I looked back through the pictures, and thought, Could I 
be naked with this guy? Probably. Could I let him give 
me a sensuous massage? Probably. Could I give him the 
same type of massage? Probably. Could I shave my head 
for this amount of money? I don't know. The money is 
great. But, losing my hair... 

I sat there in thought for a few minutes, then asked 
Jackie, "When do they want to do this shoot?"

She smiled at me, and said, "Day after tomorrow."

"That soon?"

"Yes. Something about the black guy's schedule."

"What's his name?"

"It's on the back of the pictures, but it's Maurice 
Robinson. Would you like me to be there?"

"Sure," I said with a grin, "You might as well earn your 
twenty percent."

"You are smooth down below?"

"Yeah. Have been for a long time. Jeff likes it that 
way, and so do I. And, it works better for some of the 
lingerie and swim suit shoots."

As I walked to my car, I figured that I might as well 
get it over with, so I called the number on the business 
card. I spoke with the woman for a few minutes, and 
forty-five minutes later I was sitting in her beauty 
shop chair. She was looking at my hair, and said, "You 
have lovely hair my dear, it's a shame that they want 
you bald for this photo shoot. But, I have a wig that is 
very close to your color, and you'll look fantastic in 
it until your hair grows back. Are you ready?"

A few minutes later, after enduring the sound of the 
hair clippers cutting my hair very short and then her 
lathering up my head and using a razor to remove the 
stubble, I was looking at my bald head in the mirror, 
and running my hands over it. It was very smooth. And, I 
was crying. She said, "Honey. Don't cry. I know it's a 
shock. But, it will grow back quickly. I have some nice 
lotion, that will retard re-growth for a few days."

She rubbed the lotion into my head, and allowed it to 
dry. Then she fitted and styled a very pretty strawberry 
blond wig for me, and it looked almost like my own hair. 
I looked at it, and was very happy with it. I was going 
to pay her, but she said that a gentleman had paid for 
everything. I also told her that she could use my hair 
for a wig if she wanted to.

That night when I talked to Jeff on the phone, I didn't 
mention anything about the shoot or my bald head. He'd 
find out soon enough.

On the day of the shoot, I showed up at the studio where 
the shoot was going to be done just before Noon. I'd 
been here a number of times for some fashion shoots. I 
was shown to a dressing room where Jackie met me. She 
looked at me, and said, "I thought you were going to get 
your head shaved."

I turned looked at her, reached up, took hold of the 
wig, and removed it. Jackie grinned, and said, "Now 
that's a really different look for you."

"No shit," I said, "I don't really like it."

"But, the pay's worth it. Isn't it?"

"I suppose."

I then undressed. Completely undressed. And, slipped on 
a robe. Jackie and I walked down the hall to the studio 
where the shoot was going to be done. There were a 
couple camera people, a sound person, the director, and 
a few other people. Which was typical for a video shoot. 
I looked around, and didn't see a black guy.

Jackie and I sat at a table with the director, and he 
explained exactly what he wanted. He wanted me to 
massage Maurice first. After he was through explaining, 
he added, "Just do what comes natural."

Just then the door opened and a tall black guy dressed 
in a robe walked in. His pictures didn't do him justice. 
He was really black. Very handsome. Very well built. 
And, maybe a foot taller than I am. He walked over to 
us, and the director introduced us, "Cathy this is 
Maurice. Maurice this is Cathy."

I reached up to shake Maurice's hand, but he took my 
hand in his large hand, and kissed it. Then he said, in 
a deep voice with what sounded like a British accent, 
"Cathy it is a pleasure to meet you. And, I'm very 
pleased that you agreed to do this with me."

"Thank you Maurice," I replied, "It's a pleasure to meet 
you too."

Jackie and the director left us alone to get acquainted. 
It seemed to me that Maurice wasn't at all nervous. In 
fact he really chatted me up, and I started to relax 
with him. I was even laughing at his jokes.

Twenty minutes after I met him, we were naked, he was 
laying on the bed, and I was sensually rubbing an oil on 
him. The oil smelled like cherries, and I found out 
later that it tasted like cherries. And, it was very 
slippery and shinny.

I rubbed the oil onto his left foot and slowly up toward 
his crotch. But, I stopped short of his crotch. Then I 
did his right leg. Again stopping short of his crotch.

At first I was noticing everyone else in the room, but I 
started to get into do this, and focused on making the 
massage as erotic as I could.

Then I started working my way up his six-pack abs. When 
I reached his nipples, I played with them a bit, then I 
bit them. That's how I knew the oil tasted like 
cherries. I continued on up, doing his head and arms. 
Then I kissed him. I don't know why, but I just did.

Then, as the director told me to do, I worked my way 
back down his torso to his crotch. His crotch was 
completely smooth. Not one hair. I love this. I started 
a sensual massage of his cock and balls. His cock. His 
cock is very large. It's much bigger than my husbands. 
It's thick and long. It's black as night. It's like a 
living ebony log. The knob at the end of the shaft was 
big. I used both hands to give it a slow sensual 
massage. I couldn't reach all the way around it. I 
noticed that I still wearing my wedding rings on. But, l 
thought, So what.'

When I was done massaging the oil into his cock, it 
shined like polished black marble. I also worked some 
into the tip, and was met by pre-cum. I massaged his 
huge ball sack, feeling his large balls. I spent a long 
time sensuously massaging his cock and balls.

He then rolled over, and I started massaging his back. 
More oil. I started at his broad shoulders and worked my 
way down towards his tight ass. I massaged his ass 
cheeks, then went to his ass hole, and massaged around 
his butt hole. Without even trying, one of my fingers 
slipped into his ass. And, he moaned for the first time.

Then it was my turn, I laid on my back, and he knelt at 
my feet. And, as he started massaging my legs, he sucked 
my toes into his mouth. God I love this. Just like I 
did, he massaged both of my legs up to my crotch, and 
stopped there. Then, he massaged my stomach, working up 
to my breasts. I watched as his big black hands massaged 
my breasts like they were loafs of bread. And, my 
nipples. He used his thumbs and forefingers to massage 
my nipples like they were two cherries and he trying to 
squeeze the pits out of them. It hurt, but it was 
delicious pain. Erotic pain. He spent a long time 
massaging my tits.

I didn't think there was supposed to be any sex with 
this. All I knew was that between giving him a massage 
and what he'd been doing to me, I was getting aroused. 
Very aroused. If he touched my pussy, he'd know how wet 
I was.

He worked up to my face, and his facial massage with 
those big hands was wonderful. But when he slowly 
massaged the oil into my scalp. There was something very 
erotic about this.

He worked back down my torso, stopping at my breasts, 
then across my belly towards my crotch. And, he was in 
such a position that his cock was right in my face. It 
was like looking at a big log of shinny ebony wood. I 
wanted to lick it, but I didn't. God, why was I thinking 
this way?

He reached my mound, and I spread my legs for him. By 
now I didn't care what he did to me. Then he hit my 
clit. Doing that sent a massive jolt through my body. It 
wasn't an orgasm, but fucking close. His fingers went 
down either side of my pussy, but never entered me. He 
had to have felt how wet I was. His massaging in this 
area had me on fire. I was always close to an orgasm, 
but it never came.

He rolled me over, and started on my back. He started at 
my neck and slowly worked his way down. When he reached 
my ass, he massaged my butt cheeks really hard, then I 
felt him massaging around my butt hole. And, like I had 
accidently done, I felt a large finger slip into my ass. 
But, I don't think this was an accident. He went too 
deep, and stayed too long.

I didn't want it to stop, but we were finally done. Then 
we did a number of poses. In one I was standing in front 
of him and holding his cock in my left hand. In another 
I was again standing in front of him, his one arm was 
across my breasts with his hand holding my breast. And, 
his other hand was at my crotch with his middle finger 
resting on my clit. In a another, he was carrying me in 
his arms.

But one pose was all most too much. I had jumped up, 
wrapped my arms around his neck and my legs around his 
waist, and we were just looking at each other. Then I 
felt something, and whispered to him, "Is that what I 
think it is at my pussy?"

"Yes," he whispered back.

"Please don't enter me."

"I'll try not to."

His, I'll try not to.' didn't sound to sincere to me. 
Actually I was so wet that I was surprised that he just 
didn't slip in.

When we were done, Maurice kissed my hand, and said, 
"You're a wonderful co-star. We need to do more 

"Thank you Maurice," I replied, "Maybe we will."

Maurice left, as had most of the crew. Jackie walked 
over with my robe, and as she helped me put it on, in a 
very low sexy voice, she said, "That was so fucking hot. 
You two doing that was so fucking erotic that I need 
fucked. I need fucked really bad."

I just smiled at her, but thought, Yeah. You luck bitch. 
You can go home to your husband and get laid all night 
long. I had everything, that you witnessed to get you 
worked up, done to me, and I'm hotter than hell. And, 
all I get to do is go home to my fingers and dildo. Fuck 

I then looked at the clock, Maurice and I had been 
working on this shoot for well over two hours. The old 
saying of, time flies when you're having fun, was sure 

I walked out of the studio and towards my dressing room 
to take a shower and get all the massage oil off of me. 
Maurice was standing in the hall talking with the 
director, who hadn't done much directing.

As I walked past them I heard Maurice excuse himself, 
and say to me, "Cathy. Can I speak to you."

I stopped, looked at him, and said, "Sure."

He walked up to me, bent down, kissed me on the cheek, 
then said, "I just want to thank you for being the best 
co-stars that I've ever had in one of my photo shoots. 
You were just fantastic."

"Wait," I said, "Your photo shoot?"

"Yes. I love collecting erotic photos and videos. But, I 
love it even more if I'm in them with pretty women. Do 
you mind?"

"No. Not really. I guess it doesn't matter one way or 
the other."

He reached into his robe's pocket, took out a business 
card, and handed it to me. Then he said, "Here's my 
business card. It has my private number on it. If there 
is anything, anything at all, that I can do for you just 

I accepted his card, looked at it, then at him. I was 
still on a major sexual high, and I thought for a few 
seconds, and then decided, What the hell. Why not.'

I then asked him, "Are you busy right now?"

"No," he replied, "Why?"

As I took his hand, I said, "Come with me and I'll show 

Then as I led him further down the hall, I saw the 
videographer that had done our massage shoot walking 
towards us, still carrying his equipment. And, I asked 
Maurice, "Is he still on your payroll?"

"Yes. Jimmy does all on my shoots. Why?" he replied.

I pointed to the videographer, and said, "You. Jimmy. 
Come with us. I want this recorded."

He looked at Maurice, and Maurice said, "You heard the 
lady. I don't know what's up. But, I'd do what she 

The videographer followed us further down the hall to a 
room where I knew there was a studio with a bed. I just 
hoped there wasn't anyone there.

We got to the room, I opened the door, and the room was 
empty except for the bed. I pulled Maurice into the room 
and the videographer followed. I looked at the 
videographer, and said, "Get setup. I want everything 
that happens in this room recorded."

The videographer said, "Yes ma'am."

The videographer was setup very quickly. When he was 
done and recording, I turned to Maurice, unfastened his 
robe, pushed it off his shoulder, and let it fall to the 
floor. Then I did the same to my robe. We stood there 
looking at each other's massage oil covered bodies. Then 
I said, "Maurice. I've never done anything like this 
before. My husband is out of town, and I'm so hot from 
what we did, that I need to be fucked. I need to be 
fucked right now. I need to be fucked hard, deep, and 
long. I need to be fucked by your big, beautiful, ebony 
cock. I need to feel you inside me. I even want you to 
cum inside me."

He looked at me, then said, "Cathy! I don't know what's 
come over you. But, I've never turned down a request 
like that, especially a request from such a pretty lady. 
But, why the videographer?"

"My husband. The bastard. He's been after me to have sex 
with a black man, and he won't believe I did it unless 
he sees it. But, I'm not doing this for him, but for me. 
I've always wanted to find out what sex with a black man 
was like. And, I almost let you screw me when we were 
doing the stills. But, now I want you to screw me, and 
show me what sex with a black man is like."

"Will I be your first black man?"


He smiled, and said, "I'm glad. I promise you that you 
are in for a ride that you'll never forget."

Maurice then looked at the videographer, and asked, 
"Jimmy. You rolling?"

"Yes sir," the videographer replied.

"Good. Be sure to get her wedding rings in a lot of the 

"Yes sir."

"Cathy. What's your husband's name?"

"Jeff," I replied.

Maurice looked back at the camera, and said, "Jeff. My 
man. Your lady needs to be fucked tonight, and you're 
not home. So, I get to fuck her. I get to use her as my 
bitch. I may even breed her tonight. All because she 
needs to be fucked, and you're not here to do it.

"No lady, this pretty, should ever be left in need. 
Tonight she'll have her first black cock, and believe me 
it won't be her last. In fact, every time I'm back in 
town I'll be fucking her. She'll spend all the nights 
I'm here with me, partying, and getting fucked. Think of 
her getting gang banged by a bunch of black cocks, just 
because you weren't here to full fill her needs. I want 
you to listen to her scream as I stretch her to take my 
cock. Enjoy what you're going to see. She's going to. 
And, I know I'm going to enjoy blacking your wife for 
the first time."

The videographer walked over to the door, and flipped a 
switch that turned on a sign outside the door that says, 
Recording in Process'.

I then dropped to my knees, and took Maurice's cock in 
my left hand, looked up at him, then looked at the 
camera, and said, "Honey. Remember how you've been after 
me to have sex with a black man. Guess what? You're 
going to get your wish. Look at this beautiful black 
cock. It's so big, so long, so thick, and so black. It's 
bigger than your cock. Much bigger.

"And, just think. In a few minutes it's going to be in 
my pussy. It's going to stretch me like no one ever has. 
It's going to go deep into places that no one has ever 
has gone. And, I just know that it's going to feel 
fantastic. I'll even bet that I'll have multiple 
orgasms. And, then he's going to breed me. He's not 
going to use a condom. I want to feel his cum deep 
inside me as he shoots spurt after spurt of his potent 
black seed deep into my womb."

I turned my attention back to Maurice's cock, I started 
stroking it with my hands and then started to kiss and 
lick it like it was the last cock on Earth. I made love 
to this cock. I was able to get a little of his cock 
into my mouth, and I finally tasted his sweet pre-cum. I 
then kissed my way down his shaft to his large ball 
sack, and I took each of his balls into my mouth one at 
a time, and used my tongue to play with it. Then I 
kissed and licked my way back to the head. I tried to 
work more of his shaft into my mouth, but he was just 
too big.

I finally stood up, looked a Maurice, and said, "I don't 
want you to make love to me. I want you to use me as 
your slut. Your whore. I want to be fucked. Fucked deep 
and hard. I want you to fuck me like a black man fucks 
his white slut."

God. Where did that come from. I've never talked this 
way before.

He grinned at me, picked me up in his arms, carried me 
to the bed, and threw me on it. Then he got on the bed 
and between my legs. I grabbed my ankles in my hands and 
spread my legs as far apart as I could. He moved closer. 
Held his cock at my pussy, and said, "I'm very potent. 
Are you sure you don't want a condom?"

"I'm sure," I replied, "I want to feel your cock against 
my pussy walls. And, feel your cum when you unload in my 
womb. If I get pregnant. So be it."

Then without another word, he pushed the head of his 
cock into my pussy. It hurt a bit as he stretched me, 
and I screamed, "Oh my God. You're so fucking big."

I watched as his black cock slowly entered my white 
pussy. It was like a large ebony log disappearing into a 
small hole. I could see my pussy lips, they looked like 
they were gripping his cock and trying to keep him from 
pulling out.

It did hurt, but also felt wonderful. He continued to 
push his cock deeper into me, and it wasn't too long 
until the pleasurable pain brought me to a screaming 

He then started a slow fucking motion. Pulling back a 
little. Then pushing in a little further than before. 
I've been fucked many times before, but not by something 
this big. And, it was stretching me. Stretching me so 
that I could accommodate him. He finally reached places 
that no one has ever been. And, I started feeling things 
that I've never felt. And, another screaming orgasm hit 

He continued his slow fucking motion, and going deeper 
Then his cock was touching all of those magical places. 
Places that no one had ever been before. My eyes got 
big, I clenched my teeth, and said, "Fuck. You fucker. 
Fuck me. God fuck me. Fuck me hard. Make me cum again."

He grinned at me, and said, "Slut. You've never had 
anyone this big or this deep in your tight white pussy 
before. Have you?"

I just shook my head no.

He continued with, "You've got the tightest pussy that 
I've ever fucked. I'm not all the way in you. But, I 
will be. I'm going to stretch you so that you can take 
all of my cock. You may never feel you husband's little 
white cock again."

He then pulled almost all the way back out, and slammed 
all the way back in. I screamed. I don't know if it was 
pain or pleasure. But, I loved what I felt. Then he did 
it again. And, again. And, again. And, again. Each time 
he did, I'd scream, "Oh fuck yes!"

His pace picked up, and it felt like he was a animal in 
a sexual frenzy. Like he was trying to breed his bitch. 
And, I'd swear he was going deeper and deeper. And, when 
I felt his ball sack start to hit my ass, I knew he was 
all the way in.

I couldn't believe any man could fuck as long and as 
hard as he was without cumming. But, he was. Then, all 
of a sudden he stopped, pulled out, looked down at me, 
and asked, "Are you my bitch?"

"God yes I'm your bitch. Please fuck me like one," I 

Then, as he laid his cock on my belly, he said, "Bitch. 
Look how deep this big black cock was in that little 
white pussy of yours."

I looked down, and it was almost to my belly button. I 
just looked up at him. 

"Now bitch get on your hands and knees, so that I can 
fuck you like the fucking bitch you are."

I wanted his cock back in me, so without hesitation I 
rolled over, and got up on my hands and knees. He moved 
behind me, slapped both of my ass cheeks really hard a 
couple of times, and shoved his cock deep into me. I 
instantly had the deepest, strongest, orgasm that I've 
ever had. I screamed, I saw stars, and almost passed 

He grabbed my hips and started pounding me really hard. 
It was like a dog mating with his bitch. 

He must have fucked me for a good and hand for a long 
time, then said, "Okay bitch. I'm going to breed you. 
I'm going to fill your womb with my black seed. So much 
seed that you can't help but become pregnant."

He shoved hard into me, held it, and growled . I felt 
the head of his cock pulse. And, I knew he was cumming 
inside my unprotected womb. He pulled back a little 
ways, shoved back in, growled, and came again. He did 
that again. And, again. Maybe eight or nine times. And, 
I knew that each time he did, he was squirting his cum 
into me. About the fourth time he came, I came too. 
Another deep orgasm. And, it continued long after he was 

When he was done, he held his cock inside me for a long 
time. It was like he was trying to keep his cum inside 
me. And, he stayed hard the whole time. Then as he 
pulled out, and slapped my ass again, he said. "Stay on 
your knees. I'm not through with you. I'm going to fuck 
you like black men really fuck their white bitches."

I did as he said. After he had pulled out, I felt a cold 
liquid on my ass. And, then a finger start to work it 
around my ass hole. I knew what he was going to do, and 
I was afraid that his big cock wouldn't fit, and I said, 
"Please no. Your too big!"

He slapped my ass, then said, "Remember my little slut, 
you wanted me to fuck you like a black man fuck his 
white bitch. And, this isn't about you, this is about 
you pleasing me, a black man. Yes. This will hurt a 
little, but you will end up loving it and wanting it 

I felt something slip easily into my ass. It was one of 
his big fingers. Then he whispered, "This massage lotion 
will help."

He finger fucked my ass for a while with one finger. 
Then added a second. Then a third. His finger fucking of 
my ass was actually beginning to feel good.

Then he stopped and pulled his fingers out of my ass. I 
felt something else press against my ass hole, and start 
to force it's way in. It started to stretch my ass, and 
it burned. I got tears in my eyes. But, I actually 
started to push back against his cock. Then all of a 
sudden, his cock head slipped past my stretched 
sphincter. And, the pain subsided. It didn't go away 
completely, but was tolerable.

He then started slowly fucking my ass hole. I'd been 
fucked there before, but not by something this big. He 
must have used some of the lotion on his cock, because 
it felt like it was going in and out fairly easily. But, 
it also felt like he was really stretching my ass.

As he started to pound my ass faster and faster, he 
whispered, "This is how a white bitch needs to be 
fucked. It teaches her who the boss. Who her bull is. It 
teaches her to do whatever her bull tells her to do. 
Understand slut?"

I was able to get out an "Uh huh."

He must have fucked my ass for a good five or ten 
minutes before he started to cum in me again. And, again 
it felt like he dumped a good seven or eight loads into 
me. And, I had never had an orgasm when I was butt 
fucked before, but just as he started to cum, so did I.

I collapsed on the bed. I'd been fucked really good 
before today. But, this fucking was amazing. It was the 
best ever. I've never cum so many times and with such 
strong orgasms.

Maurice laid down next to me, looked at me, kissed me, 
and said, "I've had good white pussy before. But, yours 
is fantastic. Your husband is out of town and I want you 
to spend the night with me."

I said, "But, I can't."

"Can't. Why? I'll make it the most pleasurable night 
that you've ever had."

"My husband always calls me every night. And, if I don't 
answer he'll be worried, and call one of our friends to 
check on me."

"Text him and tell him that you're going out tonight and 
won't be home, and you'll explain the next time you see 


"Tell you what, let's go out to dinner, and then you can 
decide if you want to spend the night with me or not."

"Let me think on it while I take a shower."

"Okay. I'll get one too. And, I'll meet you in the 

I laid there for a little while, then got up, slipped on 
my robe, and headed for where I left my clothes. As I 
walked down the hall I felt our mixed fluids flowing 
down my inner thighs, and I saw the videographer, Jimmy, 
and I said, "Jimmy. Can you get me copies of everything 
that we did today including the stills?"

"Yes miss," Jimmy replied, "I can. You signed the 
releases and that had a clause that you could have 
copies. I'll have a courier drop them off at your house 

I thanked him, and went to my dressing room. I sat on 
the toilet, and let as much of the fluids that were in 
me trickle out. And, there was a lot.

Finally, as I took my shower, I was thinking. I'd just 
had amazing sex with a guy, a black guy, a guy that I've 
never seen before, a guy that wants to spend the night 
with me, a guy that's not my husband. So, I've already 
cheated on my husband. But, he'd been pushing me to have 
sex with a black guy. Why I don't know. Maybe a fantasy 
of his that I didn't know about. 

Did I want to, or could I, start a relationship with 
this guy? How much control over me did he want? Could I 
give myself to a guy that wasn't my husband? What would 
my husband think or do? I couldn't answer these.

But, I could answer these. Did I like the sex that I had 
just had? Oh God yes. It was fantastic. Did I mind 
fucking a black guy? No. It was just sex. Actually great 
sex. Did I want more? Yes. Could I spend the night with 
him? Yes.

Then I thought back to the questions that I couldn't 
answer, and answered two of them. Could I give myself to 
a guy that wasn't my husband? Didn't I just do that? 
Yes. What would my husband think or do? You know, right 
now, this was about me and what I wanted, so right now I 
didn't care what he'd think.

But, God could I do this?

I finished my shower, got dressed, put on my makeup, and 
then the wig. I walked out of my dressing room, down the 
hall, and into the office. Maurice was there waiting for 
me, and when I walked in, he stood up, and asked, 

I smiled back, and said, "Your car or mine."

He grinned, and said, "Mine. Yours will be safe here."

As we walked to the car, I said, "I need to stop at my 
house and change."

"You look fine."

"If I'm going out to dinner, I want to look nice. 
Besides you're in a suit. And, it won't take me long."

We drove to my house, went in, and as he made himself 
comfortable, I ran upstairs to change. I quickly 
stripped, put on a fresh black pushup bra, and a thong. 
I slipped into a sexy little black dress. Then into a 
pair of killer heels. Added some jewelry. And, headed 
back down stairs.

As I got back down stairs, he looked over at me, and 
said, "Take the wig off."

Surprised, I asked, "Why?"

"Because you look so sexy with your head shaved."

"I don't know. What will people think?

"Do you really care?"

I thought. People will see me with this handsome black 
guy. Will they figure out what were going to do? Will 
having my head shaved make me stand out more.'

I looked over at Maurice. Reached up and removed my wig.

He grinned, and said, "There's my sexy white bitch."

I asked, "So, where we going for dinner?"

"To a quite little place that I know."

We got back into his car, and a few minutes later we 
were pulling into the Embers. It's a very expensive and 
exclusive restaurant. As we pulled up to the door, I 
asked Maurice, "You've got reservations here?"

He grinned, and said, "I know people."

The doorman opened my door and helped me out of the car. 
The valet opened the door for Maurice, and took the car 
to park it. Then, the doorman held the door open for us 
as we walked into the restaurant with me holding his 
arm. We were greeted by the Maitre D with, "Mr. Okoro 
it's so good to see you again. And, your lady also."

"Thank you Raymond," Maurice replied, "Do you have my 
favorite table?"

"Of course sir. Right this way."

I was puzzled. I thought his last name was Robinson not 

We were shown to a table in a secluded area of the 
restaurant. After he had seated us, the Maitre D pickup 
a bottle of wine, and as he opened it he said, "Mr. 
Okoro. I've taken the liberty to bring your favorite 
bottle of wine. I hope you approve?"

"Yes Raymond. As usual you're thinking ahead of me."

"We aim to please," Raymond replied as he poured each of 
us a glass.

As the Maitre D walked away, I asked Maurice, "Is it 
Robinson or Okoro?"

He grinned, and said, "Robinson is my, so called, 
professional name. Okoro is my real name."

I had noticed, as we walked in that a lot of people were 
really giving us a good look. It made me a little 
nervous, but I figured, what the hell.

After a very nice dinner, I excused myself to go to the 
ladies room. As I was freshening my makeup, someone else 
walked in. I didn't pay attention until a feminine voice 
said, "That is you Cathy. I didn't recognize you with 
your head shaved."

I looked over and it was another one of the models that 
I've worked with. So, I said, "Oh hi Danaka. Yeah. I did 
it for a special shoot."

"I hope they paid you a lot."

"They did."

 "I see you're with Maurice. Was the shoot for him?"

"Well. Yes it was."

She started grinning, "You little slut you. I know where 
you're going."


"Yeah. You're going back to his hotel with him, aren't 

"So, what if I am?"

"Oh nothing. Just enjoy it as much as I did."

"You and him?"

"Yeah. Only once. He wanted more from me then I wanted 
to give."


"He wanted to see me every time he comes into town. And, 
it was just too much."

"I see."

"Have fun."

As I walked back to our table, I again noticed a number 
of people watch me longer than normal. When I got to the 
table, Maurice had after dinner drinks for us. We sat, 
chatted, and enjoyed our drinks. And, I was thinking, I 
wonder just how many girls this guy has?'

As we left the restaurant, we headed into the downtown 
area, and to one of the most expensive hotels in town. 
It has an underground parking garage, and we pulled into 
it. There is a security guard at a booth just inside, we 
stopped, and the guard looked at Maurice, and said, 
"Good evening Mr. Okoro. Go right in."

The gate opened, Maurice waved at the guard, and we 
drove into the garage. We parked in a spot that was 
marked. "Reserved." Just who is this guy?

There was an elevator door right next to the parking 
spot, that said, "Private," he punched a code into a 
keypad and the door opened. We walked in, there were no 
floor buttons, only a key pad. He punched a code into 
this key pad, the door closed, and the elevator started 

Without a word, he took me in his arms, and kissed me. I 
felt his tongue probe my lips, and I slowly opened my 
mouth giving him access. I wrapped my arms around his 
neck, and accepted his deep kiss. We held this kiss 
until the elevator stopped, and the doors opened.

I looked out through the open doors, and didn't see a 
hallway, but a suite. The windows on the far side of the 
room, that the elevator opened into, showed a view of 
the city and river. He led me out of the elevator. I 
stopped and said, "Just who the hell are you?"

He smiled, and said, "I'm very rich. I, or really my 
company, owns over one-hundred high end hotels 
throughout the world. And, I travel, stopping randomly 
at various ones, to be sure they are running properly.

"And, as I told you. My only real quirk is collecting 
erotica. And, actually making some. As we did.

"I also love white girls. I love to show them what black 
sex is like. And, I have a very strong libido. A lot of 
girls can't handle me. But, when I find one, like I hope 
you are, I like to make her one of my girls. A girl that 
I can count on, when I'm in town, to provide me, or me 
and my friends, with some companionship. Maybe just 
accompanying us to dinners, or a party, or more."

"One of your girls. Are you a pimp? How many girls do 
you have?"

"A few in each town that I visit on a regular basis. 
But, no one here right now, unless it's you. No, I'm not 
a pimp. I just like to get people together who enjoy the 
same thing, good sex. Good interracial sex."

"So, I'd be your call girl. On call to come and fuck you 
or your friends?"

"I don't look at it as a call girl thing. I look at it 
as a partnership, a partnership between two people who 
love sex. Me, a black man that loves white girls, and 
hopefully you, that likes black sex, and hopefully wants 
to enjoy more."

"And, you want me to be that girl here?"

"I would love that. But, you don't have to make that 
decision now. I know that you have a husband, and have 
to take that into consideration. I don't want to break 
up a marriage. I guess you would need to find out how 
your husband, Jeff isn't it, would take his wife doing 
something like this."

"Yes Jeff. Oh shit. I need to text him."

"Go right ahead."

I sent Jeff a text that said, Jeff. I won't be home 
tonight. I've got a night time shoot, and I don't know 
when I'll be home. There's something about sunset shots 
and sunrise shots. It could be tomorrow sometime before 
I get home. I'll fill you in when I see you. Love Cathy'

Then I looked at Maurice, and said, "These friends. Just 
who are they?"

"They're black men like me," Maurice said, "They are 
rich. They travel. And, they also like white girls. 
Again, accompany them while they're in town. Maybe 
attending parties, and other functions."

"What kind of parties?"

"Some will be high end parties with a lot of people, 
food, and drinks. You would be accompanying them as 
their date. Others could be small parties, such as poker 
parties. Here in the suite, you'd serve drinks and food, 
and just look pretty."

"And, have sex with them?"

"Only if that works out. Some would expect it, others 
wouldn't. And, to be honest, there could be times where 
more than one of the men at the parties would want you 
at the same time."

"Oh. So, it is like a call girl. I'd be there to look 
pretty, and have sex with them?"

"I guess you could put it that way."

"How often would this happen?"

"It depends. I'm usually here every four to six weeks 
for a few days. And, you'd have use of this suite when I 
wasn't here. Your life, except when you're with me, 
would be just like it is now."

"So, I'd be your whore, your slut?"

"No. I want you want to do this. I'll not force you in 
any way, other than showing you what sex with a black 
man is like. Hope that you enjoy it. And, want to please 

"For the parties that I would want you to go to, I 
furnish your clothes, shoes, jewelry, anything you'd 
need. You would go to a store, they would know what I 
wanted, they would fit you, after the party you could 
keep the clothes, and I pay the bill.

"Some of these clothes would be very high end, like top 
of the line fashions. Others would be slutty, very 

As I walked over to look out at the city and river 
through the big windows, I said, "I've got to think 
about this."

What have I gotten myself into, he wants me to be a slut 
for him and his friends. I loved the sex we had earlier, 
but do I want to do what he wants me to do? Do I want to 
be a slut for his big black cock? Could I do it? What 
would Jeff think?

After a few minutes I felt him walk up behind me. He 
took my shoulders in hi big black hand, and said, "It's 
a very pretty view. Isn't it?"

"Yes it is," I replied. Then I asked, "Why did you pick 

"I've seen a lot of your modeling. And, you are very 
pretty and tall. You walk with the air of a princess. 
You have a wonderful body. And, after meeting you, 
you're a wonderful person."

Then I felt his hot breath on my neck. And, then he 
kissed my neck, nibbled on my ear, and, licked my 
shoulder. I laid my head back on his chest. Then he 
whispered, "You know, earlier you told me that you just 
wanted to be fucked. That you didn't want me to make 
love to you. But, now I want to make love to you. I want 
to kiss you all over, I want to suck on your breasts, 
and I want to fuck you. We'll make love all night long. 
You will feel things you've never felt before."

I felt his hands go to my breasts. He gently massaged 
them, while still kissing my neck. I turned around, and 
kissed him hard on the lips. He pulled me close to him, 
and we kissed for a long time. Then I felt his hand go 
to the zipper on the back of my dress, and slowly pull 
it down. Then his hands went to my bra clasp, and he had 
that undone in seconds.

I broke the kiss, and said, "No. Please don't do this. 
Please don't."

He kissed me again, I felt him pull my dress off my 
shoulders, and without breaking the kiss, I just let it 
fall to the floor along with my bra. He pulled me back 
tight to him, and we continued kissing. His hands then 
found my naked breasts, and he used his hands to make 
love to them.

When we broke the kiss, and he said, "Undress me."

"No. I can't. I can't do this," I pleaded.

He held my shoulders in his big hands, looked me in the 
eyes, and in his deep voice with his British accent, he 
quietly and slowly said, "You've had a taste of my black 
cock. You know you want more. You know that you love my 
black cock in your white pussy. You know you love the 
feeling of my black cock stretching your little white 
pussy. Undress me."

I gave into my desires. I kicked my dress and panties 
away. Then I did as he asked, I undressed him, and I 
finished up on my knees looking at his gorgeous ebony 
tool. Again I made love to it. I worked at getting more 
of it into my mouth, and I did. Maybe only an inch or 
two more than before. But, I did.

I knew we were in front of a big plate glass window, on 
top of one of one of the tallest buildings in town, and 
no one could see us. But, even if the world could see 
us, I didn't care. My desire was to give myself to this 
black man, let him use me as he wishes.

Eventually he picked me up off the floor, lifted me in 
his arms, and carried me to one of the bedrooms. This 
time he didn't throw me on the bed, but carefully laid 
me down on it. He walked over to the his dresser, and 
removed something.

He walked back to the bed, sat down, bent over, and 
kissed me. Then he took what he'd removed from his 
dresser, a black dog collar, placed it around my neck, 
and fastened the buckle. Then, he put a small lock 
through it. I heard the click of it locking.

Neither of us said anything, but at that point we both 
knew that he owned me.

Then he removed my shoes, and started kissing my toes, 
and said, "I have a confession. I have another fetish, 
other than erotic videos, I love a white girls dainty 

He again started kissing and sucking on my toes. And, he 
drove me completely insane doing it.

Then he knelt between my legs, and slowly removed my 
thong. Then began the longest, slowest, fucking best, 
pussy licking that I've ever had. His tongue was big and 
felt like a small cock in my pussy. And, he knew how to 
use it.

He used his finger to work my pussy for a little while, 
then he slipped them into my ass. Feeling his tongue and 
lips working my pussy, and his fingers in my ass, 
brought me to a very strong orgasm. Before he finished, 
he brought me to another orgasm just using his tongue 
and fingers.

Finally he stopped, carefully picked me up, so that I 
wrapped my legs around him. Then he whispered, "Remember 
when you asked me if my cock was at your pussy when we 
were doing the stills?"

"Uh huh," I mumbled.

"Where is it now?"

"Same place."

Then he rocked his hips and his cock entered me. I 
screamed. Then he asked me, "Now where is it?"

"In... In my pussy," I stammered.

Then, he slowly lowered me further onto his cock. There 
was no way to stop him. And, I didn't want to stop him.

He started using his strong arms to raise and lower me. 
His cock went deeper and deeper into me. Stretching me 
like he did before. It hurt so good. And, I wanted it. I 
wanted his cock deep inside my pussy. And, he did that.

I screamed, "Fuck me. Oh my God fuck me. I want your 
cock. I want to be your slut. Your bitch. I want your 
cum in my pussy."

We continued to fuck standing up for a short time, then 
he walked us over to the bed with his cock still deep 
inside me. He laid on his back, and said, "Slut. If you 
want to be my bitch. Ride my cock like you mean it. I 
want you to work my cock all the way in that white pussy 
of yours. I want to fill your white womb with my black 
seed. Show me that you deserve my black cock."

I started riding him like a woman possessed. I wanted 
all of him inside me, and I was determined to do it. I'd 
rise up until he was almost out of me then, then push 
back down driving his cock deep into me. I wasn't sure 
if I was getting any more of him in me or not, but I 
loved what I was feeling. He was stretching me, making 
me take his big black cock in my white pussy. I was his 

All of a sudden, as I shoved him deep into me, I felt my 
pubic bone hit his. I looked at him, he grinned, and he 
said, "You did it bitch. You got my cock all the way in 
you. Now, ride me until I fill you with my cum."

I did as he said. I started riding him in a very 
deliberate way, I slowly worked him in and out, and used 
my vaginal muscles to grip his cock. I knew it was 
working as he said, "Bitch. Your pussy is amazing. I 
don't know what you're doing. But, don't stop. I've 
never felt anything like this."

After another few minutes of fucking, he grabbed my 
hips, pulled me down tight against him, and started 
shooting his seed into me. I had another strong orgasm, 
and soaked his crotch. When he was done cumming, he 
looked up at me, and said, "Bitch. I've had some great 
fucks. I don't know what you were doing, but it was the 
best fuck ever."

I smiled at him and said, "I was being your bitch. I 
wanted to give you a good ride, and I did."

The rest of the night was nothing but crazy, wild, sex. 
I didn't know a man could have the stamina that he did, 
and perform so many times. We used more positions then I 
knew existed. And, my ass got reamed out twice. I never 
thought that I'd like anal sex, but I do.

We actually did get a couple hours of sleep in the early 
morning hours. He had a flight out and had to be at the 
airport at Noon, so we were up early, and in the shower. 
We washed each other, the he took me from behind in the 
shower. My pussy was sore from last night, but I just 
loved the feeling of his big ebony cock in my pussy.

As he took me to my car, he told me that he'd e-mail me 
when he knew when his schedule would allow him to come 
back in town and see if I made my mind to be his slut or 
not. When we got to my car, he removed the lock from my 
dog collar, and said, "It's up to you if you continue to 
wear the collar while I'm gone. But, when we get 
together, I want you wearing it."

Then he placed the lock and key in an envelope, sealed 
it, handed it to me, and said, "Along with the lock and 
key, there are two other things in this envelope. One is 
the instructions on how to access the hotel suite. And, 
you can park in the reserved spot. The second thing 
contains a list of things that I'd like you to do before 
I come back. You don't need to do them all, but it will 
give you some ideas of what I'd like. And, it will tell 
me what your commitment to me is.

"If you want, you can wear the collar, it'll show your 
ownership. By putting the lock in place, it will show 
your commitment to being my slut and bitch, and doing 
what your told without hesitation." 

When I got home there was an envelope by the door, and I 
knew what was in it. The first thing I did, was change 
clothes and put on something comfortable. I had a lot of 
thinking to do before Jeff got home tomorrow.

But, the first thing I had to do, was to go on-line and 
try to find out more about my black lover. And, I found 
out a lot. He was the chief operations officer of the 
Okoro Company, Ltd. Plus he was the majority stock 
holder of the company. And, this company owned or 
controlled a number of companies. And, he was married.

Then I remembered the letter he gave me. I retrieved it 
from my purse, and opened it. As he said, one page was 
instructions on how to access the parking deck, and the 
suite. The second page was a little shocking. He wanted 
me to get a tattoo. He listed a tattoo parlor, and said 
to tell them that he sent me and they'd know what he 
wanted. What about what I wanted?

The second item he listed was a tongue piercing. Body 
piercing was not my thing. Jeff had asked me to do this 
a few times, but I'd flatly refused.

He had other requests that he had listed as suggestions, 
a second tattoo, breast enlargement, more piercings, 
keeping my head shaved, etc. This guy must really wants 
to own me.

I looked at the clock, and since it was afternoon, I 
fixed myself a drink. I took my drink and the package to 
the den, took a long sip of my drink, and opened the 
package. The package contained three CD's. They were 
just marked 1, 2, and 3. I put the first one in the CD 
player, turned on the big screen TV, and pressed play.

I started watching the first CD, and it was uncut. It 
was the shoot where Maurice and I massaged each other. 
It was strange seeing yourself doing things like I did. 
But, it got me hot. The scene where I massaged his cock 
and balls, really got me hot. Then I watched the second 
CD, it was a slide show of our stills, and in black and 
white. Seeing his black body and my white body in 
various poses was very erotic. Especially the one where 
his cock ended up at the opening to my pussy. I hadn't 
realized the photographer had gotten a close-up of it.

I fixed myself another drink. I wasn't a heavy drinker 
and I never drank in the afternoon, but I needed them 
for this. I started watching the third CD, and I 
couldn't believe what a slut I was. The things I did 
just weren't me, but I was getting hotter and hotter. I 
watched a close-up of his big black cock entering me and 
stretching the hell out of me. I just couldn't believe 
that I could take him. 

After Maurice had finished fucking me, the camera zoomed 
in close as he pulled out. And, I couldn't believe how 
far my pussy was stretched, and how much cum flowed out 
of me. And, that it appeared to stay stretched.

The butt fuck session was also really hot. The way he 
treated me as his slut made me wonder about myself. And, 
again the close-up of my ass amazed me. Seeing his cock 
go in was erotic. And, when he was done my ass was 
really stretched open. It looked like a tunnel. And, 
after last night I really liked a cock in my ass.

Could I let Jeff watch these? Did I want him to know 
what a slut his wife was? Did I want him to know his 
wife was a slut for black cock? Did I want to let him 
know that a black guy wants me as his slut when he's in 
town? Did I want him to know that I really wanted to be 
a slut to this black guy?

I had a lot of decisions to make before Jeff came home 

I went and got the envelope that Maurice had given me, 
and read it all again. Then, I put the CD's and envelope 
away in a safe place. As I walked past the mirror on my 
dresser, I saw the dog collar around my neck. I stopped 
and took a close look at it. It was actually pretty. It 
was black with gold edging, and looked to have a few 
diamonds set in it on either side of a gold spade. I 
figured that I'd wear it today, but remove it before I 
picked Jeff up at the airport.

The next day, after a really good night's sleep, I 
picked Jeff up at the airport at two in the afternoon. 
We chatted about a number of things on the way home. 
Then, after he'd taken a shower, and gotten into some 
comfortable clothes, we settled in the den. I fixed us 
drinks. And, knowing that I usually don't drink in the 
afternoon, Jeff asked, "A little early for you. Isn't 

"Yeah," I said, "But, I kind of need it to tell you 
about what happened while you were gone."

"That bad?"

"I don't know. I'm still not sure about it myself."

"Oh. So, tell."

"You remember that I told you that I'd be gone on an 
overnight shoot?"


"Well... it was a lie."

"A lie?"

"Yeah. I lost control and things happened."

"Go on."

I went on to tell him about the special shoot that I'd 
done with Maurice. I didn't tell him that Maurice was 
black. He's only comment about what I told him about the 
shoot was, that it sounded really hot. Then I told him 
how I felt after finishing the shoot, basically that I 
was so hot that I needed fucked. His comment was, that 
if I was that hot that I should have fucked the guy.

I looked at him, and just said, "I did. And, remember 
how you've been after me to do a black guy. He's black."

"Black!" Jeff said. "You fucked a black guy. You told me 
that you'd never do a black guy."

"I know. But, between being so aroused, thinking about 
you trying to get me to fuck a black guy, and having 
this hot black guy right there. I couldn't stop myself."

"I don't believe you. You were so damned adamant about 
not having sex with a black guy."

"Maybe I was hiding my real feelings. Maybe I really 
wanted to, but was afraid."

"There is no way. Prove it."

I'd set up the first CD to play. So, I picked up the 
remote and pressed play.

I watched Jeff's reactions to the massage video. He just 
stared. When I was massaging Maurice's cock, he just 
said, "God is he so big and black. And, did you have to 
wear your rings?"

When the video ended, he looked at me, and said, "I 
don't believe that you even did that with him. It's got 
me hot just watching it. I'm surprised you didn't fuck 
each other at the end."

"There's more," I said.

I got up, changed the CD to the second one, pressed 
play, and said, "These are the still that we did."

We sat there, and watched the slide show. When we got to 
the one where I had my legs wrapped around his waist, 
and his cock was at my pussy, Jeff said, "God. His cock 
is right at your pussy. Now I'm really surprised that 
you two aren't fucking. How did he keep himself from 
fucking you?"

"I don't know," I answered, "I really wanted him to."

"He's got more control then I do."

I got up and put the third CD in the player, and as I 
pushed play, I said, "After this one, you'll believe 
that I fucked a black guy. And, probably hate me."

Again, I watched Jeff as he watched the CD. When Maurice 
said what he did in the beginning of the shot, Jeff 
looked at me, and said, "Just who in the fuck does this 
guy think he is?"

I didn't answer, and he went back to watching. When it 
was over, he looked at me, and said, "You slut. You 
fucking slut. I would have never believed that you could 
be such a slut for a black guy. You did things that I 
don't believe. He used you, and you let him."

Then Jeff got up, walked over to me, and I thought he 
was going to hit me. But, he took my hand, pulled me to 
my feet, and pulled me up to our bedroom. He literally 
stripped my clothes off of me, threw me on the bed, took 
his clothes off, and we had some really wild sex.

As we lay there, I asked, "So, me having sex with a 
black guy gets you turned you on?"

He got up on one elbow, looked at me, and said, "Yeah. 
Kind of. It opened my eyes to the fact that you can be a 
slut. A real slut. So, you like having sex with a black 

Without hesitation, I just said, "Yes."

"Going to do it again?"


"Why maybe?"

"It's going to depend on you."

"On me."

"Yeah," and I went on to tell him about spending the 
night in the suite with Maurice, what we did and what he 
wants me to do.

"Just who the hell is this guy?" he asked.

"His name is Maurice Okoro, and he's very rich."

"Maurice Okoro! You're shitting me?"

"No. I looked him up on-line and he owns a big company."

"No shit. It's a holding company, and it owns the 
company I work for."

"Oh God! I'll stop."

"Can you?"

"I don't know. When he told me that it would be four to 
six weeks before he was back, I actually wondered what I 
was going to do until he was back. I had a need for a 
black cock, and I didn't know if I could wait that 

"You're hooked. Aren't you?"


"Yeah. On black cock. On being a slut for black cock."

I started crying, and sniffled as I said, "Yeah. Yeah. I 
guess I am. But, you like it when I do it. Don't you?"

"It was hot watching that black cock pound your white 
pussy. And, you trying to suck his cock down your 

"So... So, you want me to do this with him?"

"Do you want to do it? Be his whore? Do you want to be a 
slut for his black cock? Do you want to let his friends 
use you?"

"Yeah. I do. But, he's your big boss. And, I'm your 

"I know. And, that makes it hotter. Knowing my boss is 
using my wife as his bitch."

The next day, after a night of wild sex including 
letting Jeff butt fuck me for the first time, we'd just 
gotten into the car, and Jeff handed me the dog collar. 
I looked at him, and asked, "Where'd you get that?"

"Where you left it. On your dresser."

"Why did you bring it."

"He gave it to you. Didn't he?"


"You belong to him. Don't you?"

"No. I don't belong to anyone."

"You want his black cock. Don't you?"


"You need his black cock. Don't you?"


"Then he owns you. Slut, put the collar on and admit 

I took the collar from him, and thought, God is he 
right? Do I belong to Maurice?'

Jeff said, "Go on."

I wrapped the collar around my neck, and fastened the 
buckle. Then Jeff held up something else. It was the 
little gold lock that Maurice had given me. "Where the 
hell did you get that?" I asked.

"Where you left it. With the collar," he replied, "Are 
you really committed to this black guy?"


"Put the lock on and close it. Admit you're his. His 
slut and bitch."

I took the lock from him. Looked at him. Looked at the 
lock. Then slowly reached up, placed the lock through 
the loop on the buckle, and clicked it shut. Then he 
held up the little gold key, and asked, "What do you 
want me to do with this?"

I just looked at it.

Then, he asked, "Well what? Throw it away? Put it in my 
pocket? Give it to you?"

If I told him to throw it away, would it mean that I was 
really giving myself to Maurice? If he puts it in his 
pocket, does that mean that maybe I wasn't giving myself 
to Maurice, and maybe I was going to let him decide? If 
I took it, maybe I wanted to be in control.

"Tell me what you want, you dirt slut?" he yelled. I 
could tell he wasn't mad, but wanted a decision. I 
looked him in the eyes, and sad, "Put it in your 

He did.

Then we drove to the tattoo parlor that Maurice wanted 
me to go to. The girl showed me what Maurice wanted. It 
was a fancy black and gold spade with fancy lettering 
above it that said, "Black owned. Black breed." above 
it. The girl then said, "He wants it just above your 

I looked at Jeff, and he said, "It's your call babe."

He was still having me make up my mind on this. How far 
was I willing to go? Right now, I didn't know.

After the girl finished with the tattoo, and had told me 
how to care for it, I asked, "Do you do piercings?"

"Sure," she replied, "What you looking to get?"

I looked at Jeff, then at the girl, and said, "My 

It didn't take her long to do the piercing, and tell me 
how to care for it. Jeff on the way home, asked, "Want 
to go out to dinner?"

"Funny," I slurred, "Not wif tis thng in my tong."

He laughed.

Over the next few weeks, things were normal for Jeff and 
me. Except the sex was better. I was willing to try 
anything that he want me to. And, once my tongue 
piercing healed, he loved what I did with it. I had also 
purchased a large black dildo and some good flavored 
lube, and worked on learning to deep throat a big cock. 
I got to the point where I could easily do Jeff, but the 
dildo was still giving me problems. I wore the dog 
collar most of the time. But, Jeff would remove it 
depending on who we were seeing or where we were going.

Then one day I got an e-mail from Maurice. He told me 
that he was going to be back in town at the end of next 
week, and that he needed me for the four days, Thursday 
thru Sunday, that he was going to be in town. On Friday 
he wanted me to go to dinner and a play with him, and on 
Saturday night that there was going to be a poker party 
in the suite. And, that he wanted me to go to two 
certain stores and get the clothes for the Friday and 
Saturday nights..

I took a trip to the stores. The first one was a store 
that sold some very sexy, very slutty, club clothes. 
When I told the girl who I was and who sent me, she 
grinned, and said, "It must be fun to be a slut for such 
a rich guy."

I kind of smiled, and said, "Yeah."

When I left there, I had a very short, very slutty, very 
reveling latex dress, and a pair of platform heels that 
I'm going to have to practice walking in. When I left 
the second store I had a very elegant evening gown, a 
great pair of sling back heels, some new lingerie and 
some fancy jewelry.

 Jeff was still in town, so I modeled the outfits for 
him. When I did the evening gown, he said, "That is one 
pretty dress, and the shoes a great too."

I told him, "They should be, they're Vera Wang."



Then I changed into the latex dress and platform shoes, 
and when Jeff saw me, he said, "Your boobs are about to 
fall out of that."

"I know. But, I don't think they're going to care. And, 
it's so short I don't dare sit down."

"No underwear?"

"Can't. The lines show. But, I have a feeling that it 
won't be on long."

"You really going to do this?"

"You know I am. There's something about his black cock 
that I just can't get out of my mind."

"Don't break your neck in those shoes."

"I'm going to practice wearing them until I get 
comfortable with them."

Thursday, Jeff was out of town, and Maurice was going to 
pick me up on the way from the airport to the hotel. As 
I was getting everything together, I placed the dog 
collar around my neck, and locked it on. Jeff had the 
key in his wallet.. When Maurice arrived, I put all my 
stuff in the trunk, and when I got in the car Maurice 
said, "Miss me?"

"Sure did babe," I replied, "It's good to see you."

"I see you're wearing the collar."

"Why wouldn't I?"

He smiled, then said, "Sure brought a lot of clothes 
with you."

"Enough for the four days."

"Bitch. When you're in the suite, you're going to be 
naked most of the time. Understand."


"And, when we're there you will call me daddy."

"Yes daddy."

Afar we were up in the suite, he said, "Now get your 
fucking cloths off, and fix me a drink."

"Yes daddy."

I went into the bedroom, stripped, then walked back out 
to the main room, and fixed him a drink. And, I took it 
to him. He took it and then said, "I love your tattoo, 
she did a good job. What else did you do?"

"I stuck out my tongue, and showed him my piercing. He 
grinned, and said, "Very good slut. Did you learn how to 
use it."

"Yes daddy."

"Did you tell your husband about us?"

"Yes daddy."

"What did he say?"

"It turned him on."


"Yes daddy. He loved the video."

He just grinned. Then he said, "Loose the wig."

I reached up, and took the wig off. And, he got mad. He 
yelled, "Who told you to let your hair grow in. I told 
you that I like your head shaved."

"Sorry daddy. But, I thought..."

"Don't think! Just get your ass into the bathroom and 
shave it smooth. And, then get back out here."

"Yes daddy."

As I walked past him on the way to the bathroom, he 
swatted my ass really hard. In the bathroom I found some 
shaving stuff. And, shaved off what had grown back in 
the past few weeks. And, I thought, Well. Jeff does like 
me this way.'

I walked back out to where Maurice was, and he was 
standing there completely naked. I walked over to him, 
bent down, and he rubbed my head, and said, "Much better 

"Thank you daddy," I said.

"What do you think your punishment should be?"

"Daddy. I . . . I don't know."

"Do you know what anilingus is?"

"No daddy."

"How about a rim job?"

I thought, Oh God no. he wants me to use my tongue on 
his ass.' Then I said, "Yeah."

"Yeah. What?"

"Yes daddy. I know what it is." 

He got down on his hands and knees, and said, "Get busy 

I got down behind him, and looked at his ass. God, I'm 
going to be sick. Then he said, "Bitch. I said get 

I moved closer, and looked at his ass. Then I kissed his 
one ass cheek, then the other. Then I slowly kissed my 
way towards his ass hole. Finally I was there. I kissed 
it. Then I brought myself to run my tongue across it. 
There was a little tangy taste to it.

Then he said, "You've never done this before. Have you 

"No daddy," I replied.

"Lick it good. Run your tongue around it. Then fuck it 
with your tongue. Go at it like your licking out another 
slut's pussy."

"Yes daddy. I'll try."

"Bitch. You'd better get used to it. Some of the 
brothers that will be here Saturday will expect a good 
ass tonguing from you."

At that, I sat back, started to cry, and thought, I 
can't do this. I can't be a whore for his friends. For 
Maurice, I can do anything he wants me to do, but only 
for him.'

"Bitch," Maurice said, "What the hell are you doing?"

"Maurice," I said.

At that, he turned, looked at me, and said, "What's 

"Maurice. I'll do anything for you. But, just you. I'll 
have my whole body tattooed . I'll pierce my nipples. My 
pussy. I'll have my boobs made as big as you want them. 
I'll have your baby. You can use my body anyway you 
want. My ass, my mouth, and my pussy, are yours to use. 
I will be your slut. Your bitch. But, I just can't do it 
with anyone else. I only want your black cock.

"What we did, a few weeks back, opened a door for me. A 
door to what sex with a black man is. And, I loved it. I 
love your big black cock deep inside me. I love what you 
do to me. But, I only want your cock."

"So, your saying that you won't party Saturday night?"

"I guess that's what's what I'm saying. I just can't 
bring myself to do it."

"But, you'll do anything with me that I want you to do?"

"Yes. Anything."

"What if I deny you my cock unless you do the parties 
that I want you to do?"

"I hope you never do something like that, but if you do 
I guess I'll just go home. Even if I have to walk. And, 
I'll feel very dejected and sad."

"You're serious."


Maurice got up, retrieved his cell phone from his pants, 
and made a call. As he walked into the kitchen, I heard 
him say, "Yeah. It's me." And, I didn't hear any more of 
the conversation.

A few minutes later, I heard him making coffee, and he 
came back into the main room carrying two cups. He 
handed me one, and sat down next to me.

"Cathy", he said, "I love your body. I loved what we had 
the last time I was in town. I love being seen with you. 
I love showing you off. And, I believe that you don't 
mind being seen with me, even in your home town."

"I don't mind at all," I replied.

"Some white girls that have a black lover, don't want to 
be seen with them. They're afraid of what people will 
say. But, you're an exception. You know what you want, 
and how you want it. You're a very strong person. 
Probably one of the strongest women I've ever met. And, 
you need to have some sense of control."

We continued to talk for about twenty minutes, and I 
think we came to an understanding. But, then I heard the 
elevator, I looked at Maurice, and he said, "Don't 
worry. I've invited someone here to help explain things 
to you."

Just as I started to say, "Who?" the elevator doors 
opened. I looked at the elevator, and instead said, 
"Jeff! What the hell are you doing here!?"

"I wanted him here," Maurice said, "We need to explain 
things to you."

I just looked at Jeff, and started getting mad. I said, 
"What's he know about all of this? How did he get up 
here? Just what the fuck is going on?"

Jeff, without saying anything, walked over to the bar 
and fixed himself a drink. Then he walked over to one of 
the overstuffed chairs across from the couch Maurice and 
I were sitting on, and sat down. Jeff took a sip of his 
drink, looked at me, and said, "First. You know that my 
job is that of a trouble shooter. But, the company that 
you think I work for, is a subsidiary of Maurice's 
company. But, actually I'm a trouble shooter for all of 
Maurice's companies. I've never told you, because it can 
be very dangerous, and I didn't want you to worry. I've 
worked directly for him for the past four years, and 
we've become friends."

I sat there dumb struck.

He continued with, "One day after a fairly tough day, he 
and I were sitting right here, having a drink. The TV 
was on, and one of your lingerie ads came up, and he 
commented that he thought that the model doing the ad 
was really hot. For some reason, my family life had 
never come up in prior conversations, and when I told 
him that the model was my wife, Cathy. He couldn't 
believe it. So, I showed him a few pictures of you that 
I had on my phone, and assured him that you were my 

"He apologized for thinking what he was thinking. I told 
him no problem, and that I thought those things about 
you too. Then he asked me, how in the hell I was lucky 
to land such a trophy wife. I told him how we met, 
dated, and married. And, he called me one lucky son of a 

"We continued to drink, and talk. Then another one of 
your ads came on. It was one of your sexy swim suit ads. 
Maurice just said that he'd really love to do you. I 
told him that I've wanted you to try a black guy for a 
long time, and that I knew that you had a fantasy about 
doing a black guy."

"You bastard!", I yelled, "I never told you that I 
wanted to do a black guy. Did you tell him all our 

"Baby. You did tell me. We were at a party, and you were 
fairly drunk. There were a couple black guys there, and 
you said that you'd love to fuck them. And, don't you 
remember the time we were watching some porn and part of 
it was a black guy and a blond girl that looked like 
you. Your were so hot, and I don't think you thought 
that I heard you when you whispered, God. I wish I was 
her.' And, that night you were an animal in bed. 

"And, no baby, I didn't tell him all our secrets. But, 
that night he and I hatched a plan."

"A plan. What, a plan to get me to let him fuck me. Give 
me your fucking drink."

He handed me his drink, and I just downed it. I thought 
about throwing the glass at him. But, I didn't. Then 
said, "What was the fucking plan?"

"Well, he really likes to do the erotic shoots, like you 
did with him. So, we tried to figure out how to get you 
to do one with him. And, we did," he replied.

"So, that whole special shoot was a set up!?"

"Yeah. It was. A very complicated set up."

"So, my agent, and everyone at the studio was in on 

"No. Maurice actually does these sort of shoots with 
white girls. He loves erotic interracial things. And, he 
really loved the one he did with you. Did you notice the 
picture over the bed in the main bedroom?"

I hadn't, so I said, "No."

"Go look."

I got up and went into the main bedroom. And, hanging 
over the bed was a large black and white picture of him 
and me. Both of us naked, with him standing behind me. 
His one hand was cupping my right breast, and his other 
was on my mound. I just stared for a minute, and 
thought, God that is hot.'

I went back into the main room, and sat down back down. 
Then Jeff said, "We set up the shoot just to get you to 
pose with him. But, you took things farther than either 
of us thought it would go."

"You didn't plan for him to fuck me?"

"No. You did that yourself. We thought that after you 
did the shoot, that maybe later on if you met him at a 
party or something, that you maybe would let things 


"He called me while you were in the shower. Apologizing 
all over the place for what happened. And, he told me 
how you acted and how you loved the sex. He thought that 
I would get upset, but I told him that I wasn't. 
Actually I was really aroused. Then, he told me that 
he'd suggested that you spend the night with him at the 
suite. And, that you had to think about it. And, he 
asked me how far we should let this to go. I told him to 
let you control how far it goes. And, we all know what 

"I guess I did make this happen. Didn't I"

"Yes you did," Maurice said, "I was totally surprised 
with how far it went. And, when you initially agreed to 
do the parties, I figured that you were going to be one 
of those slutty white wives that would let any black 
cock fuck them. But, tonight, when you told me that you 
wouldn't do the party, I knew I had a special girl."

"A special girl?"

"Yeah. You may be married to this lucky guy, but you 
also enjoy some wild sex. And, you know what kind of 
wild sex you want."

"I guess I do. So, you still want me?"

"Most definitely. As long as Jeff is still alright with 

Jeff smiled, and said, "I am. But, I guess Maurice is 
going to have to find another girl for Saturday night."

"There's always Danaka," Maurice said, "She'd do it in a 

"Danaka," I asked, "Is she a tall red head? Maybe a 
little taller than I am."

"Yes. And, she's also a model. She loves doing my 

"That bitch. She called me a slut. And, told me she'd 
only been here once."

Maurice grinned, and said, "More like a hundred times. 
So, Cathy, you still going to be my weekend girl? No 
parties, just some fun times with me."

"I won't have to share you with Danaka. Will I?"

"No. The brothers can have her. And, I'll save myself 
for you as long as Jeff doesn't mind."

"I don't mind," Jeff replied, "Besides I have Shanna."

"Who the hell is Shanna?" I asked.

"Oh just someone I hooked Jeff up with," Maurice 

"And, just who is she?"

Jeff grinned, and said, "Well you have your black cock 
to play with. So, Maurice decided that I needed a black 
pussy to play with."

"Really. When do I get to meet her?"

"She's down in the bar."

"Go get her. I want to meet her."

"If you say so."

As the elevator door closed behind Jeff, Maurice asked, 
"So, you really are willing to be my weekend girl?"

"Yes. Do you think I'd miss wearing that Vera Wang dress 
out to dinner and a show with you on my arm."

He grinned.

A few minutes later the elevator door opened, and Jeff 
walked out of the elevator with the cutest black girl 
that I've ever seen. Tall, thin, a great body, great 
tits, a great shag cut, and an ear to ear smile. They 
walked over and Jeff said, "Honey this is Shanna. Shanna 
this is my wife Cathy. And, of course you know Maurice." 

She reached out her hand to me, smiled, and said, "Hi 
Cathy. It's nice to meet you. And, I just love your 

That's when it hit me, both Maurice and I were sitting 
there completely naked. And, I know I turned twenty 
shades of red. Then Shanna said, "Don't be embarrassed. 
I've seen naked bodies before."

Maurice laughed, and said, "Shanna is use to seeing 
naked bodies. She works in one of my nude bars. But, 
she's the manageress, and gets to keep her clothes on."

I looked at Jeff, and asked, "How long have you known 

"We're still getting acquainted," Jeff replied, "I just 
met her earlier today."

"If Maurice doesn't mind. Why don't you join us 

Maurice said, "The more the merrier."

Jeff looked at Shanna, and, said, "Up to you."

"Sure," Shanna replied, and as she started taking her 
clothes off, she added, "And, we might as well get 

I cuddled up next to Maurice, and watched as Jeff and 
Shanna stripped. I was right, she had a nice hard body. 
With nice long, pretty, legs. Her breasts looked to be 
real, they were full and firm, with large acerolas, and 
big nipples. Both nipples were pierced, one with a loop, 
and one with a bar. She also had a real nice navel 
piercing. Her pussy was as smooth as mine. And, I 
wondered what else she had pierced. She had a real nice 
butt, with a very intricate tramp stamp across her lower 

We sat, talked, drank, and listened to music for a 
little while. Then I had to visit the bathroom, and 
Shanna got up and went with me. As I was sitting peeing, 
she asked, "You can really handle the big cock of 

"Yeah," I replied, "He really stretches me, but I can 
handle it. I didn't know black girls liked white guys?"

"I do. I like to be made love to, and I find that white 
guys are much better at it then black guys."

"I like that too, but I also like my sex a little on the 
rough side."

"Me too. I hope Jeff can do that."

"Oh he can. He'll start out nice and lovey-dovey, then 
you'll know that you've got a real man between your 

"Can he perform more than once?" 

"Oh yeah. We've pulled all nighters, and he can really 
keep up."

"Good. I like a good hard cock all night long."

"You haven't fucked him yet?"


"You'll get a good hard one."

As we walked back out, Maurice said, "I thought you two 
got lost. Shanna, fix us some drinks."

"Sure," she replied, "As long as you put on some good 

Maurice said, "I've got a really good one. It's the best 
one I've ever seen."

"Sounds good to me."

Maurice got up, took a CD out of a holder, and put it in 
the player, and sat back down. He picked up the remote, 
turned on the big screen TV, and as Shanna sat down on 
Jeff's lap, he pressed play. As I saw the first scene, I 
slugger Maurice in the shoulder, and said, "Brat."

"Well it is the best porn I've ever seen. The girl is an 
armature, and is so natural that it's actually 

"Wait," Shanna said, "That's you two guys."

"Sure is. It was our first time."

"And, you filmed it."

"It was Cathy's idea."

"Cathy. Why?"

"So that Jeff would believe I did a black guy," I 


In fact," Maurice added, "I'm thinking of editing it, 
and selling it. It'll be a best seller."

I punched him in the arm again, and said, "If you do . . 
. "

"And, just what in the hell will you do?"

"I'll cut you off. No more sex."

He reached over, grabbed my nipples, and squeezed really 
hard. Then using my nipples, pulled me to him, and 
kissed me. When we broke the kiss, I looked over at Jeff 
and Shanna, and it looked like Shanna had her tongue all 
the way down his throat.

We started watching the movie, and at about the time the 
movie got to the point where Maurice was doing me doggie 
style, I heard a moan from Shanna, then she whispered, 
"Oh God Jeffie. You feel so good. I want to ride you 
into oblivion." 

I looked over at Jeff and Shanna, and she was straddling 
him with her back to his front, and it looked like she 
was riding him hard. His hands were on her beasts 
playing with her nipples. The look on her face was pure 

Maurice whispered in my ear, "Ride me like she's riding 

I stood up on the couch, with a foot on either side of 
Maurice, then I bend down, took his cock in my hand and 
slowly lowered myself down onto his cock. I felt his 
cock head start to spread my pussy lips. And, I moaned. 
I was glad that I was as wet as I was, he was stretching 
me, and it felt fantastic. Maurice whispered, "Bitch. 
You're so fucking tight."

I whispered, "That's because daddy hasn't fucked me for 
a few weeks. And, I love to feel him stretch me."

"I'll make it up to you this weekend."

"Oh yeah daddy. I can't wait."

I slowly worked his cock deeper into my pussy, and he 
was really stretching me. I started riding him, slowly 
moving up and down on his cock. Forcing him deeper and 
deeper into me.

I glanced over at Jeff and Shanna, and she was really 
riding him hard. Her moaning was getting louder and 
louder. Then she shoved down real hard, and screamed, 
"I'm cumming. Oh God I'm cumming. Oh yes. God you feel 
so good in me. You're making me cum."

She then collapsed back against Jeff, and he kept 
thrusting his hips upwards. After another minute or two 
he then shoved into her really hard, and moaned. Then he 
did it again. And again. And again.

She got up off of him, grabbed his hand, pulled him to 
his feet, and then pulled him to one of the bedrooms. We 
didn't see them until almost Noon the next day.

Maurice said, "He's in for a real ride. She can be an 

"Does daddy want me to be an animal?" I asked.

"Can you be?"

"Take me in the bedroom and I'll show you."

He stood up with his cock still imbedded in my pussy, 
and carried me to the master bedroom. He lifted me off 
his cock, set me down, and said, "Show me the animal in 

I said, "Get on the bed on your hands and knees."

He did as I said, which surprised me a little. I got 
behind him, and picked up where we left off. With a rim 
job. But, this time I wasn't tentative. I licked and 
kissed his ass hole, and then used my tongue to butt 
fuck him. And, I really worked on him. I used one hand 
to play with his balls. And, in no time he was moaning. 
I stopped for a second, and asked, "Does daddy like his 
rim job?"

He moaned, "Yeah. You're one freaky slut."

"I'm daddy's freaky slut."

I went back to work, but he couldn't take it very long. 
He turned around, grabbed me, threw me on the bed, 
pushed my legs apart, and shoved his cock deep into my 
pussy. I screamed, and yelled, "Fuck me you black 
bastard. Fuck me hard. I've missed your cock. I've 
missed your big black cock in my white pussy. You feel 
so fucking good."

He hammered me long and hard. And, I had three orgasms 
before he pumped his first load of the night into me. 
When he was done, he whispered, "Slut. I've missed that 
tight cunt of yours. But, by the time I'm done my cock 
will fit in you like it belongs there."

"It does belong in me baby. I want to feel you fill me 
to overflowing with your baby making seed. I want to 
feel your baby grow in my tummy. Fuck me. Make me yours. 
Make me a breeding slut for your black cock.."

"Bitch. I haven't fucked anyone in two weeks. I saved up 
all my cum for you. I will make your little white belly 
fill up with my child. You're belly will become huge 
with a black baby."

"Yeah. Do it. Make my breasts swell with milk for your 
child. I'll look good breast feeding a black baby."

"Who does your pussy belong to?"

"You daddy. My pussy belongs to you."

Over the next few hours we fucked like rabbits, and I 
know he pumped a lot of cum into me. And, I didn't know 
there so many positions. I know we both collapsed and 
fell asleep, but I had no idea what time it was.

I woke up to the smell of coffee, and looked at the 
clock. It was almost noon. I crawled out of bed trying 
not to wake up Maurice. My pussy was so sore that I 
could hardly walk, but I made it to the bathroom. I sat 
on the commode, and a lot of fluids flowed out of me. 
When I thought I was done, I got up and took a quick 

Then I slipped on a robe and wandered into the kitchen. 
Jeff and Shanna were sitting there drinking coffee. Jeff 
got up and got me a cup of coffee. Shanna looked at me, 
smiled, and said, "Girl. You're walking a little strange 
this morin'"

"You would too if you'd been fucked like I have."

"Maybe I have. You were right about him. He can really 

"I should be jealous. But, he deserves a good fuck too."

 "You guys were really noisy."

With a smile, I replied, "Sorry about the noise. But, it 
was so good, I just couldn't help myself."

Jeff looked at me, and said, "You are a real slut for 
his cock. Aren't you?"

"You know it lover."

"So, if you're not doing the party, that'll mean that 
mean you won't be here, but home on Saturday night."

"Yeah. Probably around six."

"Shanna was going to spend the weekend, but I'll run her 
home around five on Saturday."

I looked at Shanna, smiled, and said, "No need. It might 
be more fun if she stayed."

Shanna looked at me, I saw a grin appear, and she said, 
"Yeah. That could be fun."

Jeff just shook his head, and gave me his, whatever you 
want look.

That evening Maurice and I went out for a nice dinner 
and the play. I loved wearing the Vera Wang dress and 
shoes. I did wear my wig, but we got some interesting 
looks because I was with Maurice. But, I ignored them. 
Of course when we got back to the suite the sex was 
again hot and heavy.

Saturday afternoon I was leaving Maurice's suite just as 
Danaka arrived. I looked at her, and said, "Keep your 
hands off of Maurice. He's mine!"

She sneered, and said, "Don't worry slut. There'll be 
enough black cock here to keep me happy."

"And, you call me a slut. Slut!"

Maurice came between us, or fur was going to fly. As, I 
kissed him good bye, he looked at me, and asked, "I'm 

"Sorry daddy," I said, "But, I just don't want her 
touching you."

"Don't worry. She very old history. But, you belong to 
me. I don't belong to you."

"I know daddy. But, she doesn't. See you on Sunday."

We kissed again. And, I headed home.

When I got home, it looked like no one was there. But, 
then I heard noises from our bedroom. I went up, and 
opened the door. Shanna was riding Jeff in a reverse 
cowgirl, and I watched her gorgeous black breasts bounce 
as she rode him. She was looking at the door, so she saw 
me, grinned, and said, "God he is good."

"I know," I said, "Mind if I join you?"

"The more the merrier."

I walked into the room, up to the bed, and looked down 
at Jeff. He looked up at me, smiled, and said, "Hi 

I smiled at him, bent down, and gave him a deep kiss. 
Then I stood up, stripped, climbed on the bed, straddled 
his face, and lowered my pussy on to his face. And, he 
started eating me out, as I reached around Shanna and 
started playing with her tits. She laid he head back, 
and I started kissing and licking her neck. I've never 
liked girls this way, but there was just something about 

And, there was something that I didn't tell Jeff until 
later. Maurice and I had a real heavy round of sex that 
afternoon, and I probably still had some of his cum in 
me. But, when I told Jeff later, he just said, "Oh well. 
It was worth it to just eat your sweet pussy."

Shanna was the first to cum. I felt her tense up, start 
shaking, and then scream, "Oh my God. You two do 
unbelievable things to me. I'm cumming."

I came next and covered Jeff's face with my juices, and 
probably some of Maurice's. Shanna then climbed off of 
Jeff, turned around, took his cock in her mouth, and 
actually deep throated him. He didn't last long, and she 
took his load in her mouth. Then she got up and kissed 
me. We tongue kissed, and shared Jeff's cum.

Later that night, I found another of Shanna's piercings. 
She has her clit hood done. I also had my first lesbian 
sexual experience, and I liked it. Shanna knew how to 
make love to a girl, and she taught me a lot of things. 
And, Jeff loved watching us go at it.

The three of us slept together, and it was a long, 
pleasurable, night. As Shanna and I were showering 
together early Sunday afternoon, I was playing with her 
nipple piercings. And, she said, "You know girlfriend. 
You need your nipples pierced."

"You think?" I asked.

"Sure. Maybe even a clit hood."


"Uh huh. I know I love the feeling of them being played 
with. And, I bet you will too."


"I know just the place."

A few hours later, Shanna and I were walking out of a 
tattoo parlor. I'd had both nipples pierced with a 
straight barbell, but saw some really cute piercings 
that I may get later and change the look. I was also 
going to have my clit hood pierced. But, when the girl 
was getting ready to do my genital piercing, she 
examined me, and told me that I could have the creme 
dela creme of female genital piercings. 

She said it was called a triangle, and only a few women 
are suited for it, and it really provides some intense 
stimulation. So, she did the triangle piercing on me. I 
opted out , at least for now, getting a naval piercing. 
And, the only thing that I didn't like about the 
piercings was the amount of time that I had to wait to 
have them played with. But, Shanna said, "Girlfriend. 
The wait will be more than worth it."

The girl grinned, and said, "She ain't lying."

When I was back with Maurice later on Sunday, I showed 
him the piercings, and he loved them. But, when I told 
him that we couldn't play with them for a while, and 
that I shouldn't have vaginal sex, he was a little 
upset, but then he grinned, and asked, "Did you get 
another tongue piercing?"

"No," I replied.

"Did you get your ass pierced?"

"Of course not."

"Well then you've still got two holes that I can use."

The rest of the time Maurice was in town, my ass got 
really used. And, I had a break through, I was finally 
able to deep throat him. It still wasn't completely 
comfortable taking his cock down my throat. I couldn't 
keep it there long. But, I'll work on that.

I did get to wear the slutty latex dress, and sky high 
heels. Late on Sunday Maurice took me to a club. It was 
a club that black guys and white girls use to hook up. I 
was really surprised on how many black and white couples 
were there.

And, from what I heard, Maurice isn't going to share me. 
I saw a couple brothers walk up to him, and asked if I 
was available for a party. He told them that I was his 
property and he wasn't sharing me. They just walked 

Then, I saw her. I was really shocked to see a really 
good friend there. I'd know Sheila since grade school, 
and had been a brides maid when she married Peter. 

I really scared the hell out of here when I walked up 
behind her, tapped her on the shoulder, and said, "Hi 

She turned around, her eyes got big, and she stammered, 
"Cathy! Hi. What are you doing here?"

"Obviously the same thing you're doing here." Then as I 
pointed to Maurice, I added, "I'm here with my daddy."

She looked at him, then said, "My God Cathy. You're with 
him. He's a real catch."

"Yeah. He is. I spend long weekends with him when he's 
in town. Does Peter know about this?"

"He does. In fact he's the one that got me started with 
black guys."

"You're shitting me. Straight laced Peter got you hooked 
on black guys. How?"

"Not as straight laced as you think. We play a lot of 
games. If you know what I mean. And, for my last 
birthday, he told me that he had a special surprise for 
me. He had me go to our bedroom, strip, put on a 
blindfold, and get on the bed on my hands and knees.

"We've done this before, and he's always had me think 
about it being a black guy fucking me when he did. I've 
always gone along with him, because of my fantasy of 
having sex with a black guy. It was fun and with my 
vivid imagination, I got into the mindset that it was a 
black guy fucking me. Peter would lick my pussy, and 
then fuck the hell out of me.

"Well on my birthday, I expected the same thing. So, I 
did as he asked. I was on the bed waiting for him. 
Someone walked up behind me, and started licking my 
pussy. And, gave me a really good licking. I thought 
that Peter was giving me the best licking that he'd ever 
given me. But, something was a little different, but my 
mind was working on my sexual fantasy, and it felt so 
good that I didn't care.

"He stopped licking, and moved behind me. I felt his 
cock start to enter me, and it was bigger than Peter's, 
but in my mind set I didn't care. The cock going into me 
was really stretching me. It hurt a little, but felt so 
good. I yelled something like, Oh God fuck me with that 
big black cock.'

"Then I heard Peter say, Take the blind fold off.' I 
did, and Peter was standing by the bed with our video 
camera in his hand, I looked over my shoulder, and there 
was a big black guy with his cock buried my pussy, 
fucking the hell out of me

"This guy brought me to three orgasms before he came in 
me. Then he spent the night with me, and we fucked like 
crazy. And, I was hooked on black cock. But, I still 
don't know his name.

"Does Jeff know about you?"

"Oh yeah. He knows. And, in a very convoluted way got me 
started. And, he's got himself some black pussy on the 

"You let him have pussy on the side?"

"Sure. She and I are also into each other."

"You didn't like girls back in school. So, you've really 

"Actually she's my first."

"We need to get together and share stories."

"Sure can."

I became Maurice's regular and only girl in town. And, 
he actually moved the parties to another suite in the 
hotel, so that I didn't have to leave when he hosted 
one. He actually talked about me traveling with him, but 
I really did need my Jeff, and yes Shanna, time. So, I 
opted out of that.

Maurice and I continued to go to the best restaurants 
and clubs in town. Also, plays, operas, and other 
things. He still buys me the clothes for these outings. 
And, I still get to wear slutty stuff when we go to 
interracial club. And, it still surprises me who I see 

Shanna and Jeff still get together for long weekends 
when I'm with Maurice. And, Shanna and I also still get 
together. And, of course Jeff loves to join us for 

The piercings, and especially the one on my clit, are, 
like Shanna had told me, fantastically sensitive. And, 
anytime anyone plays with them, it just drives me crazy.

Now, I'm pregnant. And, I've told both guys that I am, 
and that I'm not sure who the father is. And, don't 
care. Jeff wasn't upset at all, in fact he was happy 
that I was pregnant. Maurice, being Maurice, told me 
that he didn't care if the baby was his or Jeff's, and 
that the baby wouldn't want for anything. He even set up 
a trust fund for the baby's college education.

I love what I have. A white husband, with a high libido, 
and a big cock. A black lover, also with a libido, and a 
bigger cock. And, a cute black girl, who's bisexual, and 
loves to make love. And, you know I never want to go 
back to the way it was.

Oh yeah. 

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