Saturday, 20 February 2016


Not long ago my husband started asking me if I wanted to 
have sex with another man sometime. I always said no but 
secretly I was interested especially if it could be a 
black man. (as you guessed I am a white wife) I had 
always wanted to have sex with a black. One night I 
mentioned that when I was young and single I wanted to 
have sex with a black guy but never did.

My husband suggested we blindfold me and that we 
fantasize about who is having sex with her. He said I 
could imagine that he was a black guy and we enjoyed 
that for some time. We would talk dirty and I would make 
sexual comments relating to a black man having sex with 
me, like; "I'm going to make you may baby's momma," or 
"You going to get your white ass fucked good and bred by 
my black seed." Etc

One night I was blindfolded and we started playing our 
game. Unknown to me, my husband had a young black 
waiting in the closet for the signal. When it was time 
for my husband to get between my legs and start the 
breeding part, I was welcoming a hard cock into my white 
pussy and was really enjoying it when my husband said, 
"Take off the blindfold." 

I took the blind fold off and looked into the face of a 
young black guy. I said, "oh my God you did it!" I 
pulled the young guy to me and said, "You fucking black 
stud, you can breed your Momma." 

I was so excited I was squirming and fucking him as hard 
as I could and he was pounding my pussy good, My Husband 
was saying, "Fuck her good you damn black-cocked stud. 
Make her your bitch and breed her."

Oh it was sooooo gooood and then I screamed out, "You 
black-assed stud, you are making me cum, fuck me hard," 
as I dug my fingernails in his black hide. He let out a 
deep groan and said, "You white bitch you are getting my 
black seed now." 

I felt him explode in me as he pumped me full of his 
black cum.

I went stiff, shuttered and fell limp as I had a series 
of climaxes and was spent.

My black stud soon rolled off and laid there naked as I 
looked at his muscular body and was feeling proud that I 
had busted his balls good and he had made this woman 
climax like never before.

His seed were still draining out of me the next morning 
when I got up.

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