Monday, 8 February 2016


Ryan and I had been dating for over a year and now that 
we had the summer off from school we'd been talking 
about taking our relationship further. He'd told me he 
had bought some condoms and I played the good girl and 
explained how I wanted to wait until I was older but at 
the same time I was enjoying the thrill of planning for 
our first time together. 

It was the first weekend in July and his father was 
going to be working out of town for the month and his 
mom was going to be leaving to do work for her 
university. She was going to go to New Guinea and work 
with some tribal people and try to document their 
language before it faded away and she'd be gone until 
September. Ryan was seventeen and old enough to be on 
his own so his parents were going to let him stay at 
home. For a whole month. 

My parents were divorced and they never talked to each 
other except through their attorneys. My father was 
distant and wrapped up in his job at a venture capital 
firm and my mom was equally distant and busy with her 
interior design business. 

Naturally, Ryan and I got the bright idea to tell my mom 
that I'd be with my dad for most of July and to tell my 
dad I'd be with my mom for most of July! We'd have 
almost the whole month together and it would be so 

As our day got closer we texted back and forth a lot and 
when we saw each other we were both pretty crazy for 
each other. 

Finally, it was July 2nd! I had my bag packed up and I 
kissed my dad on the cheek as I was leaving and he 
didn't miss a bit in his conversation with some guy in 
Singapore. He wasn't going to miss me at all and I 
realized he'd be happy to have me out of his hair for 
the month so he could focus on business. 

I caught the bus and instead of going to the train 
station like I'd told my dad I switched buses and was 
shortly at Ryan's house. I rang the front door and he 
didn't answer so I went around back and found the 
kitchen door open so I went in. I called out for Ryan 
and he didn't answer. I figured he must've gone out to 
get something and he'd be back so I went up to his room 
and put down my bag. 

Figuring to get comfortable and to get myself ready for 
the momentous occasion I changed out of my bus clothes 
and got into a comfy terry cloth halter-top sundress. I 
skipped the bra because it just didn't look good with 
the sundress and, besides, I wasn't planning to keep it 
on very long once Ryan got home! I also swapped my usual 
panties for a sexy thing I'd bought that had ribbons 
that tied at the hips. Barefoot, I padded down to the 
den and turned on the TV to wait for Ryan. 

I watched a movie for a while and then started to wonder 
where Ryan was. I texted him and he replied that he'd be 
home in about an hour. It was weird how he wrote because 
he wrote everything out instead of texting his usual, 
"Cya n 60". I made myself comfy and after about an hour 
I heard his car pull into the garage. I thought about 
running out to see him but then decided to just let him 
come to me and scoop me up and love me! 

I heard him come into the house and I could hear his car 
keys as they dropped on the kitchen counter. My heart 
beat faster as I heard him walk towards the den. I was 
all set to explode with joy when he came into the 

"Mr. Morris!" It was Ryan's father.

"Hi, Alison. I take it you were expecting Ryan? Well, 
sweetie, he's on his way to New Guinea with his mother 
right now. See, I found out about your little plans and 
decided I didn't want my boy getting tangled up with 
you. He's going to go to Harvard and I'm not going to 
have you ruin that for him."

I was shocked but I had to defend myself, "I'm not going 
to ruin anything for Ryan, I promise!"

He put his hand up, "No, Alison, he'd fall in love with 
you and then skip Harvard so he could be closer to you 
and that's just not going to happen." He smirked a 
little, "So I bet you're wondering how I found out about 
your little tryst, aren't you?" 

I looked down at the floor in shame. 

"See, he uses a phone I pay for so I have it set up so I 
can monitor his activities. When I found out you two 
were planning to make a love nest out of my house I set 
it up to send him off with his mother. From his point of 
view this was a last-minute thing. I think he expected 
you to bail out of here the second I showed up. I kind 
of did, too."

"So now you've got no one who's going to miss you for 
the next month and I suppose I'm going to have to decide 
what to do with you."

It wasn't my thing to cry but I'll admit I was pretty 

"How old are you now, Alison?"

I tried to stand a little taller as I replied, "I'll be 
seventeen in September."

"So you're sixteen." He said it more to himself than to 

He just stood there for a minute. Maybe two. I could see 
he was doing some heavy thinking and I felt it best to 
just leave him alone. Myself I was thinking I was going 
to be in some deep shit at home but that in a few 
minutes I'd be changing back into my bus clothes and 
heading back home. 

Instead, Mr. Morris surprised me. 

"Well, before we decide what to do with you, let's have 
something to eat, shall we? Maybe you can keep me 
company in the kitchen while I do some cooking. I'll be 
back in a minute."

Dinner? And WTF? Mr. Morris' whole attitude changed like 
he'd just flipped a switch in his head. He went from the 
stern father concerned about his son to being one of my 
friends. When he came back he was wearing a pair of 
exercise shorts and a polo shirt and he had me follow 
him to the kitchen. 

It was as if the whole mess was forgotten as he made 
small talk with me and started getting some sort of 
pasta dish going. He opened a bottle of red wine and 
poured some in the sauce and then poured two glasses. I 
didn't argue when he passed one of the glasses to me and 
I didn't argue when he refilled my glass again before 
the dinner was ready. 

The dinner was pretty good and Mr. Morris kept the wine 
coming while we ate and even after we ate. I'm not sure, 
but I think he had two bottles going. 

After we put down our plates he filled my glass one more 
time and had me join him back in the den. We sat at 
either end of the sofa and talked. He asked me a lot of 
questions about my plans for the future and he was not 
so happy when I let him know I didn't really know what I 
wanted to do. He asked a bit about Ryan and how serious 
we were and he kind of spun my head around when he got 
me to thinking that I was more serious than Ryan was. 

When he stood up and said it was time for bed I looked 
at the clock and saw that it was after nine. I guess 
that was bed time for Mr. Morris and with the wine I was 
ready to go, too. He took me by the hand and led me 
upstairs and everything was okay until he led me past 
Ryan's room. 

"Um, Ryan's room is back there!" I said. 

He nodded, "Yeah, of course."

"Isn't that where I'm sleeping?"

"Of course not. You're sleeping with me tonight. I enjoy 
your company and I'm not going to have you wander around 
this house all night so you're coming with me and that's 

He held my hand tighter and when we entered his room he 
closed the bedroom door and to my ears the sound was the 
same as a prison door slamming shut. 

There was one bed. Queen size. 

"Um, can I go get my pajamas? They're in Ryan's room."

Mr. Morris thought about this for a moment. "No, I don't 
think you'll be needing them tonight. Maybe tomorrow 
morning you can put them on."

My mind absolutely refused to process all of the 
information I'd just heard. It must've been the wine. 

"Mr. Morris, what am I supposed to wear to bed? I've 
just got this dress and a pair of panties on is all."

"Then take off the dress and get in the bed. I'll get 
the lights."

If I'd been sober I would have been running out the door 
but with the wine clouding my judgment and my being the 
kind of girl who'd never argue with an older man I 
waited for the light to go off and then I dropped the 
dress and slipped into the bed. 

The bed sagged on the one side as Mr. Morris sat on it 
and then swung himself into it. 

I rolled away from him only to have him scoot up to me 
and wrap his arms around me. 

"Mr. Morris! Please! I barely have anything on!" 

"Yeah, I know. You feel wonderful, Alison."

His hands were all over me and I tried to keep my 
modesty but then he pulled my one shoulder over and got 
me on my back. 

He looked me in the eye. "You're a pretty girl, Alison. 
I can see what Ryan sees in you." And with that he 
kissed me full on the lips. It was a soft and gentle 
kiss that surprised me but at the same time I tried to 
push him back. Pushing him back meant my hands were no 
longer protecting my breasts and now his lips sought 
them out. 

It was at this point that I started to cry. I was scared 
and frustrated that there was nothing I could do to stop 
Mr. Morris. 

"What's this, tears? Are you afraid of me?"

I nodded. 

"Well, I can't blame you." He got up from me and got 
onto his knees and reached for something at the 

"I didn't think I'd need these but maybe they'd make you 
feel better."

I had no idea what he was talking about but I was 
enjoying my momentary reprieve from his attention as he 
fussed with whatever it was at the headboard. The next 
thing I knew he took one of my hands up over my head and 
I felt him put something soft but tight around my wrist. 
And then he did the same thing with my other wrist. 

"There, that's better."

When he pulled the sheet back to expose me was when I 
realized he'd put some sort of restraints on me. He 
leaned in and suckled my nipple as my tears started 
again. His hands wandered over my body and down my sides 
and when he found the ribbons on my panties he pulled at 
the ties and then tossed the panties off the bed. 

Almost instantly he drove a finger inside me where 
nothing, and I mean NOTHING, had ever been before! Not 
even a tampon! 

I shrieked and screamed and that was when he slapped me, 
just once, to silence me. 

"None of that! Don't make me have to slap you again, you 
hear me?"

I nodded, "Yes."

"No, Alison, say, 'Yes, sir' "

"Yes, sir." 

He spread my legs and gently lay himself on me. He 
kissed me again and ran his hands all over, dwelling on 
my breast and playing with my nipples and making them 
tickle. I could feel them harden as his fingers ran over 
them and the sensation made my toes tingle. 

When he drifted a hand back down between my legs his 
finger slid into me again but it wasn't a surprise this 
time so I just let it happen. He ran it in and out of me 
until it was slipping in and out without much 
resistance. It was more comfortable and even a little 
bit pleasurable. 

His kissing got more intense and when I felt his tongue 
at my lips I yielded. I wasn't a stranger to a French 
kiss and the familiar feeling helped me relax to where I 
didn't even notice when he started to grind himself 
against me. We were in the midst of a very deep kiss 
when I felt his cock wetly slide between my lower lips 
and I tried to pull my hips back from his probing flesh. 

He was patient and he just kept kissing me and exploring 
me and gently grinding into me. I imagined for a moment 
that this was what I'd been planning on doing with Ryan 
and now here I was with Ryan's father instead. 

I kept trying to picture Ryan as his father molested me 
and then I felt his father's grinding change from a 
grinding movement to a push. He pushed at me a few times 
and then I felt him get himself *just* inside my body. 

He stopped for a moment and looked me in the eye. 

"Alison, I want you to look at me. Don't take your eyes 
off of me. Understand?"

I nodded yes as he pushed himself into me. My eyes went 
wide as I felt him move into me, pull back, and then 
move deeper into me. I caught my breath as I felt a 
pinch inside me and then he started kissing me again. 
The wonder of the fullness inside me was all I could 
think about as he kissed me and then, slowly, he started 
to move in me. 

"There, see," he said, "it gets better and you'll like 
it soon enough. You'll be doing this the rest of your 
life and you'll always think of this moment when you 
do." He punctuated each sentence with a thrust into my 

I allowed myself to get lost in the feeling. My whole 
universe was reduced to the many sensations of this man 
on me, touching me, kissing me, feeling me, and 
satisfying himself in me. 

I didn't even notice when he undid my hands. I'd wrapped 
them around him before I consciously realized he'd even 
freed them. 

He pulled back from kissing me to look at me and run his 
fingers through my hair. For some reason I did the same 
with him and was rewarded with seeing his eyes close as 
he pushed himself deep into me. 

My hands wandered down his side and I realized just how 
big he was. He was much bigger than his son the track 
star. Jeff was built more like a football player than 
the lithe boy I'd originally planned on being with this 
evening. My thoughts drifted back to Ryan and all the 
things he'd done to prepare for our romantic first time 
together. I thought of how bashful he must've been 
buying the condoms. 

The condoms! 

"Mr. Morris, are you wearing a condom?"

He didn't stop his rhythm as he replied, "No, of course 
not. Sex isn't nearly as good when you have to use those 
damn things."

"But I'm not protected!"

"It's too late to worry about it now." He kissed me 
again to silence me and his thrusting took on a new 
urgency. It was pointless for me to try to push the big 
man off of me but I tried anyway and he responded by 
holding me even tighter. "Mmm, gonna come soon..." 

I pushed back at him again, "Please, Mr. Morris! No! I 
can't get pregnant! Not like this!"

His one arm wrapped around me and held onto a shoulder 
while his other arm went round my waist as he pushed 
himself deep into me and then held himself there. 

I felt his cock throbbing inside me and felt the silent 
'tick!' 'tick!' as his seed shot into my unprotected 
womb. He pushed into me again and I felt the 'tick' as 
yet more of his seed sprayed into me. 

He gently kissed me as we both started to calm down, his 
cock lingering inside me for a while until my body 
forced it out. 

He rolled off me and took a tissue from his bedside 
table and handed it to me. 

"You're going to need that. Now go to the bathroom and 
clean up."

I held the tissue to my pussy and felt a little moisture 
as I made my way to the bathroom. I flipped on the light 
and looked at myself in the mirror and saw a girl who'd 
been made a woman. My hair was a mess and so was my 
carefully applied makeup. I was naked and holding a 
tissue in my crotch. I'd never be the same. 

I sat down on the toilet and let the tissue drop into 
the water. I took a moment to just get a sense of how 
everything felt and then I tried to pee. The moment I 
relaxed I felt thick fluid streaming out of me and I 
looked down to see it drain from my body. I was hoping I 
wouldn't get pregnant. 

He gently knocked on the bathroom door, "I've got your 
bag here in case there's anything you need. Except your 
phone. I put that away for safe keeping."

I could hear him brushing his teeth and then he spit and 
was gone. When I finally was satisfied that no more 
fluid was going to come out of me I wiped and flushed. 
Going into the main bathroom I stopped to brush my teeth 
and then stood there wondering what to do next when he 
answered my thoughts. 

"Alison, come to bed."

I flicked off the light and did as I was told. 


The light was just peaking in the window as I woke up. 
Jeff was asleep but he had a large hand on my chest and 
a leg over mine so I couldn't move without waking him. 
The effects of the wine were mostly gone and I was 
instantly and wide awake as the events of the evening 
replayed themselves in my mind. 

My hand wandered to my pussy and found it feeling sore 
but also feeling like it had always felt before. 

He stirred and I looked into his eyes. 

"Good morning, sweetheart! How're you doing?" He said 
this as if everything was just fine! 

Of course, what did I say? "I'm fine."


With that he got up on an elbow to look down at me. 

"You're even more beautiful this morning, you know 

I looked away in shame. 

He rolled onto me and I thought for a moment he was just 
going to get up on the other side of the bed. I was 

"One secret I'm going to let you in on, Alison, is that 
most men always wake up with a hard on. Typically it's 
because we need to pee. But before I do that I'm going 
to see what else I can do with it."

He pushed at me and things were tender down there.

"I'm really sore. Do we have to do this?"

He smiled, "Yes, (as he slipped into me) we do!"

It wasn't like the night before when he took his time. 
This time he just started on me and I was just beginning 
to feel more comfortable as he caught his breath and I 
could feel him emptying himself in me. 

"There! That's the way you say good morning!"

He got off me and took me to the shower and cleaned me 
up. Modesty didn't really matter now, did it? Afterwards 
we went down to have breakfast, him in his shorts and 
the polo and me in just the sundress. 

After breakfast I asked him if he had to go to work that 
day... which was a coy way of asking when I'd be able to 
leave. He shook his head as if he were about to tell me 
something that should've been obvious all along.

"Alison, I took the month off so you and I can enjoy 
some quality time together!" 

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