Friday, 12 February 2016


Tanya and I had recently been discussing swinging. The 
topic came up a year ago and our past adventures lead to 
this discussion. We knew it was not possible to do this 
back home in Pakistan but was possible during one of our 
vacations. After a lot of planning and arranging 
alternatives for our parental duties, we decided to go 
on a 2 week vacation to the Caribbean. 

Before the vacation I sat with Tanya and told her how 
she had worked so hard in raising our kids and taking 
care of the family and that she I wanted her to have 
total freedom during this vacation. I told that she 
could do whatever she wanted, however she wanted to do 
it and that I would accept whatever she did.

Tanya kissed me and thanked me. I knew my wife loved 
only me and that she really appreciated how I wanted her 
to enjoy life. 

The day finally came when we landed via a connecting 
flight at our destination. We checked into our hotel 
which was lifestyle exclusive. Our hearts were beating 
fast when we entered the hotel but we were quite 
surprised that the lobby area was like any 5 star hotel. 

After the check-in formalities were completed the 
receptionist handed us brochures detailing various 
activities hotel had planned for the next week. We got 
to our room and starting looking at the material. 

Tanya pointed to an event, which in a couple of days 
where all the participants have to wear masks. These 
masks were to be provided by the management as they 
didn't want even the spouses to know who was who. Tanya 
held my hand and said, "This our opportunity to have a 
free night and live our wildest dreams." Her excitement 
turned me on and I immediately agreed. I wanted to have 
sex with her right then and there but she said no and 
reminded me that we had agreed not to have sex with each 
other, but only strangers, for the whole vacation. 

Part 1

The resort had a few rules which we had discussed and 
were comfortable with. All participants had blood tests 
for STDs prior to registration and the hotel guaranteed 
our safety. All men and women were required to shave 
there privates, or wax, in the case for women. Our blood 
samples were taken and we expected the results back the 
next day. We had already gotten tested and knew we were 

We went to sleep after that and the next morning went 
for breakfast. Tanya pointed how women were not wearing 
anything other than a sarong and men had only a towel 
wrapped around their waists. We went back to the room 
and changed accordingly. Tanya wore a pink silk sarong 
which was see-through. She looked great, she has a very 
athletic body and you could tell as she looked 
practically naked through the thin silk material. She 
had worked on her body and it was impossible to know 
that she's had 2 children. 

We sat next to a couple who had also checked in the 
night before. They were from Italy, the guy's name was 
Andreas and his wife Melissa were about our age. Andreas 
was a surgeon and Melissa was a teacher. We introduced 
ourselves to them and we got along straight away.

After breakfast we were called to the reception area 
where we were told that our blood tests were back and 
that everything was fine. Andreas and Melissa also met 
us there and informed us of their good news. We were 
very happy to hear this and decided to relax on the 
beach together and have dinner later that night. 

Tanya told me that she really liked Andreas and would 
like to have sex with him. I was surprised by her being 
so upfront about it but Tanya was really ready for this 
vacation. Secretly I always have had a desire to see my 
Pakistani wife fuck other men and specifically non 
Muslim men and even have a group sex. Although I never 
told her this, but it was to happen in this trip. 

We got to the beach, Tanya wore a bikini and I wore 
those tight European swimming trunks. Soon Andreas and 
Melissa came to the beach as well. I was quite shocked 
to see Andreas wearing a Speedo and Melissa had her 
sarong wrapped around her waist like a sash, bearing her 
torso and breasts for the world to see. We felt overly 

I nudged Tanya and asked her to take her bikini off, she 
gave me a stare and told me that she would when she felt 
a little comfortable. After our whispers, I thought I 
should go grab some drinks for all of us. 

I walked off, after a few steps I heard Melissa calling 
my name. I turned back and she had reached me by that 
time, she told me that she would help me with the drinks 
while Andreas and Tanya got introduced properly. She 
winked at me. 

I understood and smiled back at her, and we started 
walking towards the bar. Melissa was a gorgeous woman, 
she was about 5 feet 8 inches with an amazing body, 
Andreas was about 6 feet tall and with an athletic 
built. One noticeable thing about Andreas was that his 
cock seemed quite big when I saw him in Speedos. I also 
saw Tanya giving it look too. 

Melissa and I reached the beach bar and grabbed a few 
drinks and beer. On our way back Melissa walked very 
close to me, my hands were full of the drinks, but she 
stepped in front of me and put her small hands on my 
bare chest to stop me in my tracks. Then giving me a 
naughty look she got down on her knees and undid my 
swimming trunks and took them off. 

We were in the middle of the beach area so that anyone 
looking our way could see my condition. I wasn't able to 
do anything because my hands were full and it was all to 
sudden. When she stood up in front of me she kissed and 
gently squeezed my cock. I was so crazy turned-on and my 
cock stiffening and straining, but then there were so 
many people all around us that I had to really try to 
control myself. I smiled at her and she took her sarong 
off. She had a stunning body, ample breasts and a 
gorgeous ass. Her pussy lips were pink and fully clean. 

I was amazed and told her she looked gorgeous. She 
smiled back and thanked me. We started making our way 
back to the beach, stiff cock swinging back and forth 
with each step I took.

From a distance I was amazed to see what was happening. 
Tanya was fully naked now and so was Andreas, he was 
feeling her breasts and she was laughing. As I watched 
he then moved his hands to her ass and was gently 
groping her ass-cheeks while saying something in her 
ear. My cock was rock hard now and all control I had was 
lost. I could see Tanya was so turned on, her nipples 
were stiff and extended, I knew she was wet Andreas.

When we reached our spot, Tanya looked up at me and 
smiled. Andreas immediately said that Tanya had the most 
amazing breasts and that he thought that they were 
implants and was making Tanya prove they weren't by 
letting him check them out. I started laughing and told 
him that her ass was also natural, that I was on to 
them. We were all having good fun. We had a few drinks, 
after that Melissa and Tanya were chatting about going 
shopping and what they like to do in their spare time. 

An hour or so later Andreas asked Tanya if she wanted to 
grab a drink and some snacks? He said since Melissa and 
me did the first round they should do the second round. 
Tanya agreed and they both left hand in hand. I told 
Melissa that they were up to something naughty.

She smiled at me and winked and said, "Let's go watch, 
it might be fun." 

We slowly followed the pair. Then observed them entering 
the bar and after checking the menu and speaking to the 
waiter, they both walked towards a cover of some trees. 
This was the signal for Melissa and me and we started 
walking hand in hand towards the trees too. When we 
reached the tree line we started looking for our sneaky 

A few minutes later we reached a small clearing and saw 
Andreas and Tanya standing in the middle of the clearing 
kissing. They looked like animals on heat trying to 
crawl down each other's throats. Andreas was also 
rubbing Tanya's pussy and his hand and I noticed that 
she was dripping with her juices.

I immediately started getting my erection back, Melissa 
noticed and gripped hold of my cock and started stroking 
it as we watched the couple in front of us. I started 
playing with Melisa's breasts and nipples. By this my 
wife Tanya was on her knees and sucking Andreas's 8-inch 
uncut Italian cock. It was fully erect and Andreas was 
forcing it into Tanya's mouth, face-fucking her and she 
was gagging but managed to suck his cock for a couple of 
minutes that way.

Then both Melisa and I heard him asked Tanya to bend 
over. She obliged and took the support of a tree, as he 
got on his knees and started eating her ass and pussy 
and with his powerful hands parted Tanya's legs to get 
more access. He kept eating her pussy and occasionally 
inserted his whole tongue in her asshole. We had never 
had anal sex and I was afraid that he would take her 
anal virginity. 

After a few minutes Andreas got up and positioned his 
cock at the entrance of Tanya's pussy, he pushed her 
back to the tree and started rubbing his swollen cock 
against her entrance, lubricating her with the tip of 
his cock. 

I could see that Tanya was going crazy and was 
repeatedly telling him to fuck her in a gasping hoarse 
voice as if she'd been running a marathon. In a few 
seconds, he spun her around and pushed into Tanya's 
pussy from behind. He did it in one swift stroke he was 
in her. I heard a loud moan from my wife, but Andreas 
was not letting her rest and with a very powerful 
thrusts was in and out of her fully. 

Tanya let out a loud moan of pure pleasure as he was now 
fucking her slowly but with deep thrusts, taking 
advantage of his full length and driving his cock in and 
out of her pussy. He was relentless and kept fucking my 
wife. Tanya was moaning loudly urging him on to fuck her 
harder. She probably had had couple of orgasms by then.

Andreas groaned and forced his cock balls deep in my 
Pakistani wif's sopping pussy. I could tell from his 
strangled groan that he was emptying his ball in her. I 
thought fleetingly that it was good that she was on the 
pill otherwise she could have become pregnant. 

Melissa meanwhile was sucking my cock as I stood there 
watching her husband enjoying my wife's body. After a 
few seconds Andreas withdrew and Tanya knelt down and 
sucked his cock clean while he cleaned her draping pussy 
with paper napkins he had taken from the restaurant. A 
lot of cum had oozing out on to Tanya's inner thighs, 
but Andreas wiped it all clean. 

Neither Andreas nor Tanya had looked over our way. We 
were undiscovered peeping toms. As soon as my wife and 
Andreas they left to - I assume - go to the bar, I 
grabbed Melissa and started kissing her she furiously 
returned my kisses. I pushed her down and ate her pussy 
until she orgaamed, groaning with pleasure. I then laid 
down on the grass and pulled her atop me so she could 
ride my cock. 

It was such an amazing sensation, she was very quick and 
eager, going up and down like a sex machine, trying to 
orgasm again as quickly as possible. Melisa was so wet 
that our fucking was making slurping noises. I was 
reaching my orgasm too soon, she was so sexy looking 
riding me with her beautiful eyes scrunched closed 
concentrating on the sensation of my cock impaling her 
that I couldn't hold put another moment. I grabbed a 
hold of Melissa's hips and rose up hugging her, with my 
throbbing cock inside her as blast after blast of my cum 
coated her insides. She squealed in delight when she 
realized what I was doing. Both of us were orgasming 

Afterwards, we lay there in our embrace to catch our 
breath. Then we quickly cleaned each other up and rushed 
back towards our spot on the spot. When we got there 
Andreas and Tanya were still picking up food and drinks 
from the bar. We sat there like nothing had happened 
with silly satisfied grins on our faces. I noticed that 
Melissa quickly wiped my cum from her thighs and pussy. 
I gave her a kiss and a smack on her ass as well.

Andreas and Tanya joined us in a little while, they had 
brought some sandwiches, we all ate together and joked 
around, Melissa asked them why it had taken them so 
long. Andreas started posturing, but Melissa said, "You 
must have be fucking Tanya to take that long, you cad." 
Then she started laughing. 

Tanya was blushing. I asked her, "You were, weren't 
you," and winked at her. She smiled impishly back at me 
and winked and started laughing too. We finally told 
them that we'd spied on them and who sexy they looked 
screwing each other like porn stars.

Later we decided to chill out at our room and Andreas 
and Melissa joined us. Once there we decided to take a 
shower together. Tanya went to see if the toiletries 
were there. I asked Andreas if he was up for double 
penetrating my wife with me. I asked Melissa for her 
help too, they both agreed. 

I explained that we'd made a pact not to have sex with 
each other, but just with other guests, but that I was 
actually worried that during the duration of our stay 
Tanya may have to do anal with someone else and I didn't 
want that, I wanted to be the first to take her anal 
virginity. Andreas and Melissa agreed to follow my lead. 

When Tanya came back, Melissa called her to the bed 
side. I immediately walked towards the toilet. When I 
came back Melissa was kissing Tanya and undressing her 
while Andreas was taking his trunks off. Soon all of 
them were naked and I followed their lead. I tossed KY 
jelly to Melissa when Andreas decided to kiss Tanya 
while her back was turned towards me. 

Andreas was now on his back on the bed and Tanya was on 
top of him. She went down on him and started sucking his 
big meaty cock. While all of this was going on Melissa 
started eating Tanya's ass and pussy from behind. Tanya 
was dripping but Melissa didn't stop. Meanwhile Tanya 
was sucking Andreas's cock like a pro. 

Melissa now squeezed out some KY jelly and gestured to 
Andreas. He pulled Tanya on top of him and started 
kissing her passionately. I moved towards Tanya and 
Melissa, Melissa took a handful of jelly and rubbed it 
on the Tanya's butt hole. Tanya was a little shocked but 
continued to kiss Andreas. Andreas now hugged and locked 
her upper body in his arms. He then told Tanya to put 
her weight on her knees, she obliged. He then put the 
weight of his lower body on his feet and entered her 

Tanya squirmed but she was locked in his embrace, 
Andreas started fucking her slowly from below. This was 
Melissa's cue and she inserted two fingers soaked in 
lube into Tanya's asshole. Tanya was shocked and looked 
back behind her to see what was going on but still  
didn't say anything. I think she wasn't expecting what 
was about to happen. When Melissa's fingers had lubed 
Tanya's asshole sufficiently she grabbed my cock and 
sucked me rock solid, then put generous amount of lube 
on it and told me to mount Tanya. 

Andreas was slow fucking Tanya and from her groans of 
passion I could tell that her orgasm was building. I 
meanwhile had moved behind Tanya who for me was in a 
doggy style position. I positioned my cock towards 
Tanya's butthole. I think Tanya realized what was about 
to happen, she shouted and swore that I make sure it 
didn't hurt. I totally ignored her pushed cock in to her 
anal opening. 

As I gently pushed in, Tanya squirmed and let out a 
groan. I pushed deeper and gave a small thrust. I was 
maybe 3 inches in her, but she was tearing up and asked 
me to take it out. Melissa shushed her moved towards her 
and started kissing her, telling her that it was 
alright, that it would soon feel good, if she just let 
it happen, Melisa waved for me to hurry up and do it. 

In one big thrust I was 8-inches deep in her asshole. I 
heard a loud muffled groan as Melisa kissed my wife even 
harder, reaching under me to pinch her sensitive 
nipples. I kept my cock in her and Andreas was fucking 
her still from beneath. 

After a few moments I started fucking Tanya's asshole, 
slowly at first, I was so excited that I was soon 
pounding in her asshole. Tanya was soon groaning and 
moaning with ecstasy with one cock swelling in her cunt 
and another in her asshole.

Soon my wife was hit by waves and waves of orgasms. 
Melissa was now behind me and licking my asshole as I 
thrust into my wife. Her well lubed fingers were soon 
knuckle deep in my asshole and rubbing my prostate. It 
was a strange feeling having a wiggling finger inside me 
as my cock swelled and suddenly blasted my cum like a 
jet fighter shooting bullets.

This was the most I had cum in my life, I almost passed 
out, my orgasm was so intense. As soon as I was done, 
and could go no more, Andreas moved from under Tanya, 
pushing me to one side and entered Tanya's sloppy ass 
and pumped her for another minute or two. He too emptied 
his load in Tanya's behind. 

We both were exhausted meanwhile, Melissa was eating 
Tanya's ass and eating up all the cum like a cream pie.

We left Tanya on the bed to take a rest and the rest of 
us went into the palatial bathroom to take shower. In 
the shower Andreas and I both fucked his wife Melissa. 
We sandwiched her between us and ate her pussy and ass 
to return the favor. We were soon joined by Tanya and 
her gaping holes. We left the girls in the shower where 
Melissa and Tanya made out. 

After this we discussed the masquerade party that was 
coming up tomorrow. Andreas and Melissa told us that 
they were looking forward to it and had also registered.

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