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This story really began long before my wife died. She 
passed away at age 48. She developed a fast acting 
cancer and was dead within 6 weeks of it being detected. 
I, our son, my son's estranged wife, and my two grand 
children were devastated.

I had been very lucky with my investments and was able 
to retire a year after she died. It helped that we also 
had a large insurance policy on her. While I am not 
rich, I can live comfortably on what I have coming in 
each month. My son had moved 500 miles away due to his 
job. He was making a decent living. He was able to pay 
the monthly bills. 

However, Janice, my granddaughter, was born shortly 
after they moved and when Elsie, my daughter in-law, got 
out of the hospital, she filed for and received a legal 
separation. Not a divorce, but as close to it as you can 
get. It made her free to do as she wanted and Clint, my 
son, could say nothing about it. But neither one was 
technically free to remarry. They also share custody of 
Bill, their son, and Janice their daughter who was 3 
years younger.

My wife Toni and I were devastated, but there was 
nothing that we could do about it. When Janice was three 
years old, we started picking her and Bill up and 
bringing them back to our home for two weeks each 
summer. This continued until Janice was 9. At that time, 
we started bringing them down one at a time, so we could 
spend more time with each one of them. This worked out 
very well and we became even closer to the grandkids 
than we had been. Both of them looked forward to coming 
down each year.

After Toni was buried, Elsie asked, “Do you still want 
the kids to come down this summer?” 

I answered, “Of course, I want to keep things as normal 
as possible and I enjoy their company. Elsie only wanted 
them down because I wanted them. She loved them dearly, 
but she was never good around children, even when Clint 
was small, our only arguments were about how she treated 
him. She felt that children were just small adults and 
should do as she said, regardless of what they wanted.”

Just before Elsie and the kids left for home, she palmed 
me a note. I just put it into my pocket, and forgot 
about it. Clint left with them, as they had all come 
down together, they split the cost of the trip and made 
it easier on both of them. It is remarkable to me that 
they get along so well, but can't live together. 

Anyway, the next day I was getting ready to do the 
laundry and I found the note in my pocket. I opened it 
and it read, “Dad, this time when you come up to get 
Bill, instead of staying with Clint, please come and 
stay with us. Let me know for sure, and when you are 
going to cum (her spelling, not mine).” It was signed, 
“With all my love, Elsie.

This really surprised me, in that in all the other years 
since they had split up, she had never invited us to 
stay with her and the kids. Not knowing what to say, I 
called Clint and asked him if he knew what she was up 

“I don't know, she's said nothing to me about it,” he 
replied, as mystified as me.

I then asked, “If I do, will you get upset? You know I 
love her like a daughter, but you're my son and you come 

“I say do it dad. We'll never find out what she's up to 
if you don't.” 

“That's what I thought also," I replied, "but I wanted 
to know how you felt about it. That means that I'll not 
see you on that trip, but I will let you know what 


Two weeks before I was to go to pick up Bill, I called 

“I think I'll take you up on your offer and spend a 
couple of days with you before Bill and I leave to come 
back here. Is there something that you have in mind? Or 
is it just being part of the family again?” 

She answered, “Actually it's both, but I'll tell you 
about it when you get here. Thank you for being so 

“Elsie, you know I have always tried to treat you like 
the daughter I never had," I re3plied. "To me, you and 
Clint were made for each other, and I've never 
understood what happened.” She just said, “Things 
change. I have to go now, Janice is having a fit. Bye, 
Love you,” then she hung up the phone.

I then called Clint, and told him word for word what 
Elsie had said. He said, “I am not sure what is going 
on, but if there is a problem with Janice or Bill, she 
hasn't said anything to me and she usually does, as I do 
most of the discipline.” 

“Well, I guess we'll know in a couple of weeks. With 
Bill here, I may not be able to call you, but I'll let 
you know as soon as I can, after I see what is going 


On the appointed morning, I got up early so I could be 
on the road about dawn. I would stop after an hour or 
so, for breakfast. I always like to start early, so that 
it is not to late when I get where I am going.  About 5 
pm, I stopped for gas, and I called Elsie, and said that 
I was going to find a place to eat and that I would be 
there in a couple of hours. 

She asked, “If you drive straight through after you get 
gas, what time would you get here?” 

I thought for minute, “It would probably take me an hour 
to an hour and a half from now. Why?” 

She said, “Do that, and I'll have a nice dinner waiting 
when you get here. The kids are getting worried that 
you'll not get here until after they're in bed asleep.” 

“I guess I can do that," I said, "it's been a long time 
since I've had one of your meals.” The gas pump shut off 
about that time, and I said, “Look for me shortly. I'll 
be on my way in about a minute. Love you.” I hung paid 
for the gas and was on the road in about 30 seconds.


I arrived at Elsie's home about an hour and 10 minutes 
later. Both Bill and Janice were waiting outside when I 
arrived. They practically drug me into the house. Once 
inside, Elsie came over and gave me a big kiss on the 
lips, something she had never done before. I didn't say 
anything about it, but I enjoyed it greatly. 

I might say at this time, that Elsie was several pounds 
overweight and had been since I had known her. Clint 
always did like them a little plush. However she has a 
very beautiful face and a great personality. She had me 
sit at the head of the table, with the kids on either 
side and facing her.

Several times while we ate, she would lean over and I 
could see that she wasn't wearing a bra and the top 
three buttons on her blouse were not fastened. I had 
never seen her that casually dressed. 

After the meal, Elsie had the kids do the dishes and she 
and I went into the living room. I sat on the couch, and 
she sat down beside me. She said, “After the kids go to 
bed, I want to have a talk with you.” She then laid her 
head on my shoulder and said, “Thanks, for coming to 
stay with us this time. I really appreciate it.”

I looked at her and smiled, “You're my favorite daughter 
in-law, and I'm glad to make you happy.” 

She giggled and said, “I am your only daughter in-law, 

I kissed her lightly on the cheek and said, “Well you 
don't have any competition there.” 

About that time the kids came in and Janice jumped onto 
my lap and Bill sat beside me. I felt really great, 
three of my four most favorite people treating me like I 
was somebody special. Janice had just had her 11th 
birthday a couple months ago, and Bill would be having 
his 14th birthday in another 3 months. Elsie, was 32 
last December.

After a while, Elsie told Bill to go take his shower and 
then go to bed. “What about Janice?” he whined.

Elsie said, “She's going to use the shower in my bedroom 
and then she's going to bed also.” 

“Oh Poo,” said Janice, but she got up and went to take 
her shower. Bill did likewise, but since his bedroom was 
also downstairs, he gave his mom a kiss on the cheek and 
hugged me and said, “Good night grandpa.” 

Elsie said, “Stay here, I am going to check on Janice, 
and I'll be right back.”

A few minutes later, she came out of her room, wearing a 
shear nightgown. The light in her bed room made it 
appear that she had nothing on. She came back to the 
couch and sat beside me. A few minutes later, Janice 
came out totally nude. 

Elsie said, “What have I told you about coming out of 
the bathroom with nothing on?” Janice's answer was, “But 
mom, I wanted to show grandpa something.” She then 
walked over to me and took my hands and put them on her 
breasts and said, “Grandpa, I want you to see and feel 
my tits. They're growing aren't they. Someday I'll have 
big ones like mom.” With that she rubbed her nipples 
with my hands and I could feel some puffy growth, barely 
enough to feel. 

I said, “Sweetie, they feel very nice, but do you think 
you should be showing them to me and letting me feel 

Janice replied saucily, “Yes and when I start growing 
hair on my pussy, I want you to see that too.” 

Elsie, grabbed her arm and pulled her away, saying, 
“Enough of that, get to bed NOW!” And swatted her little 
behind. Janice started to cry, and I said, “Don't cry 
like a baby, she didn't hit you that hard. Please do as 
your mother says. I'll see you in the morning.”

Elsie said, “I'll be in to check on you, after I check 
on Bill.” She then went down stairs. Five minutes later, 
she came back up and checked on Janice. Then she laid on 
the couch with her head in my lap. “Bill wanted to pack 
his stuff tonight but I told him that he had all day 
tomorrow to do that. Janice is still upset that she 
couldn't let you play with her nipples.”

My cock was getting hard when I felt her move her head, 
as it was resting on my cock. I asked, “You said you had 
something to talk to me about. Care to share it now?” 

“I am going to tell you a story," she replied. "Please 
do not say anything until after I have finished. Then we 
can discuss what I've said. Is that all right with you?” 

I answered, “If that's what you want, ok go ahead, I'll 
not say anything until you tell me you are finished.”

She said, “You have always wondered why Clint and I 
parted. It was because of you and his mother. Now I am 
not saying either of you did anything directly to cause 
the break up. In fact you really had nothing to do with 
it.” I started to say something, but she shook her head 
no, and touched my lips with her forefinger before she 

“Clint told me that when he was a young teenager, while 
you were working nights, Toni started teaching him about 
sex, with practical demonstrations. He told me that 
eventually Toni got pregnant by him. He wanted her to 
keep the baby, but she was afraid that you would leave 
her if she did, so she got you to take her to the 
hospital, for a 'routine abortion'. 

"He was very upset that she did that, but he couldn't 
say anything without letting you know that it was his 
kid. I then told him that I thought that it would be 
best if I had your child, kind of like he fucked your 
wife and knocked her up, and you would fuck his wife and 
knock me up. 

"He didn't like that idea at all, saying that it 
wouldn't be fair to his mom. I asked him, why not and he 
said you didn't know about it, and she would have to 
tell him. When we moved away, I told him that until I 
had your baby, we were through. He didn't like that but 
we decided that if we just got a legal separation, that 
someday, we could get back together again someday. I 
still feel the need to balance everything by having your 
baby. And if I do, I'll even things between you and 
Clint. Now you can say what you think of me. Am I a 
slut? I will take what you say to heart.”

I said, “That is quite a confession. However it has some 
holes in it. First of all, I knew that Toni was going to 
teach Clint with hands on experience. We had discussed 
that several times, so it's not shocking to me that she 
ended up pregnant by our son. She never told me about 
it, but I knew it was being done. 

"Second, she had 3 more abortions after his. I know as I 
took her back to the hospital for the three times after 
that, and even though I never let her know, I knew that 
she had those 4 abortions, and I know at least 3 of the 
fathers, now that I know who the first one belonged to. 
I don't blame my son, or his mother, for that one, but 
the other three, hurt me deeply.”

I paused for a few seconds, and Elsie started to say 
something, but this time I shook my head no, and then 
continued. “The other three, were the result of our one 
time talk about swinging. We agreed that we would do it, 
but it had to be together. That is, she couldn't get 
laid whenever she want to, nor could I, but that we 
would be together when it happened. 

"Elsie brought a friend over one evening, with her 
boyfriend. She told me before hand that they were primed 
and ready for some fun and games. We had a nice meal and 
then went to the pool (we had one at that time). I took 
off my clothes in front of them and jumped into the 
pool. The guy did also, and shortly Toni did the same. 
Her friend who was “primed and ready” jumped in, in just 
her bra and panties. Her boyfriend got her bra off of 
her, but couldn't get her panties off. He then took Toni 
to the shallow end of the pool, she put her arms on the 
side of the pool and opened her legs. He moved up to her 
and started fucking her in the pool. All I got out of 
that night was some smooching and feeling-up time with 
Toni's friend.

A while later we all went back into the house and he and 
Toni climbed into our bed with the boyfriend to fuck. I 
was in the living room trying to talk the 'friend' into 
letting me fuck her. I asked her that why she came if 
she had no intention of swinging? Her answer was I 
thought Toni had been joking.

“I then sat on the couch next to her and put my arm 
around her, and tried to play with her tits. She got up, 
took her clothing and said, 'When he gets through 
fucking your wife, tell him I'm in the car.' I went into 
the bedroom, took my clothing off, and said. “I guess we 
will have to both take her at once." Toni told me to get 
out of the bedroom and let her fuck him.

“After that, she started going out with the 'girls' once 
a week. Something that she had never done before and I 
knew she was seeing some guy. One night I got home from 
work about 15 minutes early and I saw a good friend's 
truck in the driveway, but there were no lights on in 
the living room. I entered the house and saw that the 
bedroom door was shut, so I turned the living room 
lights on and then the TV. 

"When they heard the TV, they knew I was home. The next 
thing I saw was my 'friend' with his clothing in his 
hand heading out the door. A minute or so later, Toni 
came out of the bedroom with just her bathrobe on. When 
she sat down she said, 'please don't be mad, it just 
sort of happened. He came over to see you and I was in 
my bathrobe and you know what a slick tong he has. 

"He had me in the bedroom before I knew what was 
happening. I just asked her one question. 'Did you enjoy 
it?' She said, 'we just got started, so nothing really 
happened.' However I could see his cum running down her 
thigh. We got by this incident, but she continued to 
find guys, no matter what shift I worked. I felt that it 
was partly my fault, so I stayed with her. Now you can 
say what you want to.”

With that Elsie stood up, took my hand and said, “Let's 
go make a baby, and it'll not be aborted I promise you.” 
In the bedroom, as she was undressing me, I asked, “Are 
you sure that this is what you want?” 

Elsie's answer was, “Dad, I was never more sure in my 
life. It'll be doing to Clint, what he did to you and it 
might heal the problems between us.”

I pulled her nightgown off of her shoulders, and let it 
fall to the floor. Her magnificent tits looked as good 
as I had ever imagined. I said, “Once you get on the 
bed, there will be no turning back.” She then backed up 
to the bed, sat down and rolled into the center of it 
and laid with her legs open and her hands inviting me to 
come to her.

I laid on the bed next to her, and started french-
kissing her, using a lot of tongue. After a few minutes, 
I started kissing her neck and shoulders. Then I 
proceeded down her chest, stopping to kiss and tease 
each nipple. I lightly bit the nipples and pulled them 
out until they pulled out of my teeth. Then I did it 
again. After a few of these, I continued kissing down 
her stomach, and when my head got to her hips, I put one 
knee on each side of her, and it put my cock very close 
to her mouth. 

“You need to move your cock, it is trying to get into my 

I answered, “That's exactly where it is suppose to go. I 
want you to give me a blow job while I work down here on 

“No,” she said. 

I said, “When you got on the bed, you gave me dominion 
over you and you'll give me a blow job.” 

“I can't,” she said, “I don't know how.”

I replied, “Just lick it like a lolly pop, and then take 
it into your mouth and keep licking it all over. You 
will then lightly suck on it. When I cum, you will 
swallow it.” 

Elsie said, “I will try.” 

I said jokingly, “There's no try, there's only do or do 

“Now you sound just like your son.” 

“No, he sounds like me.” Then I started sucking on her 
clit. It was still hiding behind it's hood, but with my 
tongue licking it and a little suction on it, it finally 
started to come out of hiding, and she had her first 
orgasm of the night.

I continued playing with her clit until she had two more 
orgasms, then I started licking inside of her slit, from 
her clit to her vaginal opening. I began to think that 
she might bite my cock off, she was putting a lot of 
teeth pressure on it when she came. I finally told her 
that I was going to cum, and for her to be ready to 
swallow all the cum, and if any escaped her mouth, she 
was to lick it up and swallow it as well.

My cock never softened up. So I now turned around and 
then had her get on her knees, with her head down 
resting on her arms. I then started fucking her doggie 
style. I entered her slowly, so that she could adjust to 
me, and then started increasing my speed, until my balls 
were slapping her on her clit every time I hit bottom. 

Since she had just emptied my balls, I was able to keep 
stroking her for about 10 minutes, before I hit bottom 
and stayed there. About half a second after I hit 
bottom, I shot one of the biggest loads I have ever had. 

She squealed with delight, feeling my cum force its way 
into her womb. We laid there with my cock blocking the 
sperm in her, until my cock slowly retracted to its 
normal size, and popped out of her pussy.

She pulled me close, and said, “If you wake up during 
the night, I want you to fuck me again even if I am 
asleep. Just force it into me and make sure I get 
another load in me. I am sure that we will make a baby 
tonight as it is my most fertile time.” 

She then said good night, and turned the light out.

I awoke a couple of hours later, and had a hard on. I 
rolled her over onto her back, and got between her legs, 
and shoved my cock into her pussy as hard and fast as I 
could. I knew it was hard because I needed to pee, but I 
thought I might as well take advantage of the situation. 
After fucking her for about 20 minutes, I did get to the 
point where my system changed its mind, and I blew 
another load into her. I then went to the bathroom and 
spent half an hour before I could pee.

In the morning, I was awaken by the kids. Elsie had sent 
them in to get me up for breakfast. They both wanted to 
know where she had slept, and she said, “the couch was 
just too hard for grandpa, so he slept in my bed. She 
never really answered their question, but they thought 
she had.

Elsie was wearing the same nightgown that she had worn 
the night before. Evidently she wore it often around the 
kids, as they did not seem to think it strange that 
their mom was almost naked in front of them and me. 
Knowing I would be there all day, they went out to play. 
Bill was told that he had to pack after lunch, as we 
would be leaving early in the morning. 

After the kids left, I asked Elsie about the nightgown, 
and she said, “Most of the time, I never put anything on 
until after they leave for school. They see me nude a 
lot, and I hope you will also. Now I think that we 
should have another go at making that baby before they 
get back.” 

It was almost an exact repeat of last night, except that 
she took my cock into her mouth without saying anything, 
and did a better job this time. After we were finished 
we both showered together, and played with, and washed 
each other. More fun than I have had in a long time.

That evening Janice, did a repeat of the previous 
evening, in that she came out nude to make sure that I 
could see that her tits were getting bigger. We put the 
kids to bed early, so that Bill would be fresh for the 
morning, and we spent another evening fucking. 

In the morning, we let Janice sleep, while Bill and I 
loaded the car. Once we were ready to go, we went back 
inside to say good bye to Elsie, and she and Janice were 
both standing nude waiting for us to hug them goodbye. 
Both of them made sure that I felt their tits rubbing 
against me.

The drive home was uneventful. For two weeks Bill and I 
had a great time, swimming, fishing and just hanging 
out. Bill never complained. He was always up for 
whatever I had planned for the day.

Elsie called once to talk to Bill, and Janice had to 
talk to me. All she wanted to talk about was how her 
tits were growing and how she wanted me to see them as 
they grew.

When I took Bill home, I dropped him off at home, and 
told Elsie that I had to talk to Clint before I took 
Janice back with me. I then headed to Clint's place.

When I got to Clint's place, he was chomping at the bit, 
wanting to know why Elsie suddenly invited me to stay 
with her. I said, “Let me relax for a few minutes, and I 
will let you know. I need a drink, do you have any JB on 
hand?” He said, “You know I keep some just for you,” 
then he brought me about 3 fingers of it, which I downed 
in one swallow.

Once I had relaxed a short time, I pulled a tape 
recorder out of my pocket, and said, “She did not know 
that I recorded this, but it will explain exactly what 
she wanted.” I then turned the tape on for us to listen 
to. I asked him not to ask questions, until we had heard 
the whole thing.

Once the tape stopped, Clint was red in the face, and 
sweating. I asked him if he knew that I had known that 
he was fucking his mom, and he said, “No, I did not know 
that you knew, and I also did not know that you knew 
that she aborted the baby.”

“Did you know about the other three abortions?” I asked.

“No,” he answered. 

“One more question,” I said, “is it true that you two 
split up because you wouldn't let her have my kid?”

He answered, “Yes, because I knew mom would find out 
about it sooner or later, and blame me for everything.” 

“As you heard on the tape, I knew about you and your 
mom, in fact I encouraged for her to teach you. If you 
had been a girl, I would have been the one teaching 

“You are not just making that up, to make me feel 
better?” he asked.

I said, “No it is the truth.” 

“Where do we go from here?” he asked.

I said, “After you get off of work tomorrow, meet me at 
her house, and the three of us will talk about where we 
go from here. In the mean time, you think of where you 
think this should go, as will I.”

In the morning, Clint left for work, and I headed to 
Elsie's. By the time I got there, the kids were at the 
swimming pool next door. I could hear them yelling with 
their friends. Elsie opened the door dress in a casual 
house dress. When she saw it was me, she grabbed my arm 
and pulled me inside and kissed me. As she was kissing 
me, I unbuttoned her dress, and was not surprised that 
she was nude underneath. 

Her dress was dropped to the floor, and she led me to 
her bedroom. She got on the bed in the doggie position 
and said, “Get your clothing off and fuck me please.” 

I was more than happy to accommodate her. Once I had my 
cock fully inside of her, she said, “Please make my tits 
happy, pinch, and pull them until the hurt. I want to 
cum when you do and that will help.”

Being the type that tries to accommodate, I grabbed both 
nipples and pinched them very hard, and pulled on them 
like they were the reigns of a horse. I pulled and 
pinched and after her nipples were raw, I grabbed hold 
of her tit flesh and started squeezing as hard as I 
could. She was having an orgasm every few seconds. 

When I told her I was ready to cum, she said, “Keep 
squeezing my tits, like you are, but even harder.” 

I must have squirted at least 8 times into her womb. We 
collapsed onto the bed, and laid there until my cock 
slipped out of her. She then turned around and started 
giving me a blow job, saying, “One more time, before the 
kids get home.”

This time we got into the missionary position, so I 
could kiss her and again mall her tits, while she played 
with my balls. It had been so long since I had my balls 
played with, that I came immediately, but she would not 
let me stop there, she kept pulling me tight into her, 
and with her playing with my balls, I came again three 
or four more times.

Once I was out of her, she laid there with a smirk on 
her face, and I asked her, “What are you so happy 
about?” Her answer was, “I did a home pregnancy test 
last night and congratulations, you will be a father 
again in about 9 months.” 

I then asked, “Does that mean that you and Clint will be 
getting back together?” 

“I guess that it will be up to him.” 

I said, “He is coming here after work today. I told him 
last night what was happening, so you can tell him your 
news, in front of me, and we will see what happens.”

We both got into the shower, and played with and washed 
each other. We dried each other as well, and I said, “I 
don't know too many men get to fuck and clean up their 
daughter in-laws.” 

“I hope we can do it more in the future, with Clint's 
approval and maybe the two of you can make a sandwich 
out of me now and then.”

I asked her, “Do you like being fucked in the ass?” 

“I have never done it, but with the two of you, I will 
do anything. I want both of you to be very happy, and 
sexually satisfied.”

Shortly the kids came home for lunch, and I told Janice 
that she should get her things packed, as we would be 
leaving in the morning. She and Elsie disappeared into 
her room, and a little while later emerged with her 
suitcase ready to go. I had her put it in the car, and 
then for the afternoon the 4 of us played board games, 
waiting until Clint arrived after work.

Elsie had supper almost ready, when Clint arrived. He 
asked if he could use her shower, and said that he had 
brought clean clothing to put on after he cleaned up. 
She said, “By the time you get showered and dressed, 
supper should be on the table.”

After we had finished supper, the kids were put to 
cleaning up the table and kitchen. Clint told Elsie, “We 
need to talk, in your room with the door closed. The 
kids should not hear this conversation. Dad, will you 
keep the kids occupied while we talk?” 

I said, “Sure, take your time.” I smiled a little 
thinking that they might end the conversation with his 
cock buried inside of her pussy.

When they finished their “talk” it was about time for 
the kids to go to bed. Clint kissed them good night, and 
told Janice to “have a good time with grandpa.” He then 
left to go home.

Once the kids were in bed, Elsie said, “Dad, why did you 
tape our first conversation?” 

I answered, “I did not know just what you wanted, and 
since Clint was not privy to it, I felt I needed some 
backup for what might transpire. If it offended you, I 
am sorry, but I think it helped me explaining things to 

Elsie said, “No I am not offended. In fact I agree it 
was a very good idea. It made our conversation tonight 
go a lot smoother that I had imagined.” 

“Very good,” I said, “and just what was the 
conversation, and the outcome?” 

“Apparently, you didn't tell him that we had fucked. He 
was very surprised when I told him I was pregnant with 
your baby. He was a little upset at first, but when I 
told him that he was welcome back as my husband, and bed 
mate, he settled down somewhat. While he was fuming, I 
removed my clothing and started stripping him. 

"Once he realized what was going on, he asked, “You 
really want me to fuck you now?” I told him yes, what 
better way of saying it was okay to get pregnant by your 
father, and I do intend to fuck him again in the future. 
Hopefully with you either present and/or with your 

She continued, “By the time you are ready to bring 
Janice home, we should be in a larger place, together. I 
also told him that you would be sleeping with me again 
tonight, and he said I guess it is ok now. I know that 
mom cannot be hurt by it.”

Early the next morning, Janice and I were on the road 
home. After the long drive, we ate at a restaurant, then 
went home. Shortly after we got home, a thunderstorm 
came up. I Put Janice to bed, in the spare bedroom, and 
went to bed. I normally sleep with an old bathing suit 
when the kids are here, but nude when they are not. This 
night I was tired, and forgot to put the bathing suit 

About midnight there was a very loud crash of thunder. 
It woke me up, but I rapidly went back to sleep. When I 
awoke in the morning, Janice was in bed with me, 
snuggled up to me and was nude. She woke up as I was 
trying to get out of bed. She smiled at me and said, 
“Good morning, Grandpa.” I answered, “Good morning, and 
just what do you think you are doing in my bed, without 
any clothing on?”

She said, “I was afraid of the thunderstorm, and came in 
here for protection. I did not stop to put my panties 
on, and I notice that you did not have anything on 

I said, “Young Lady, it is not proper for you to be nude 
in front of a man, meaning me, your dad, and your 
brother. I know you are proud of your body, but it is 
not proper for you to show yourself to everyone.” 

“I don't show it to everyone,” she said, “I only show it 
to mom, dad, brother and you. Mom and dad seem to think 
it is ok for me to do so.” 

I replied, “I guess that if you parents let you do it, I 
guess I will have to accept it. I do like seeing you, 
but I want you to be very selective as to who does see 
you, like this.”

“Now, put your bathing suit on, and after breakfast, you 
can go to the pool with the other kids.” I fixed 
breakfast, and Janice appeared with just her bottoms on, 
and I said, “Where is your top?” 

“I don't need one yet.” 

I answered, “Yes you do, now put it on, or you do not go 
to the pool.” 

“Ok but I still do not need one yet.” She then went and 
put it on.

The first week she was with me, we spared like that 
almost every day, and whenever she would wake up at 
night, she would crawl naked into bed with me, then 
cuddle up to me.

On Monday of the second week, Elsie called and asked if 
I could keep Janice another week. She explained that she 
would be moving, and it would be better if there was one 
less kid trying to help. 

I said, “No problem, but I do have a question. Janice 
wants to be nude all the time in the house, and to sleep 
with me nude at night. She said that you allow her to do 
that at home. It is a constant battle, so I thought that 
I might see what you have to say.” 

Elsie said, “Right now, I would say to indulge her. It 
won't be long before she will want to be doing it with 
boys her own age, then she will leave you alone, as an 
'old fogy'. Also we will talk about it when she gets 
home. Is that satisfactory?” 

I answered, “I guess that will work, for now.”

Another week with Janice nude and sleeping with me was 
driving me crazy. It was all I could do not to fuck her. 
Near the end of the week, she started playing with my 
cock. I tried not to cum, but it was useless. The little 
mink didn't realize how close to being raped she was. 

The first time I spurted cum, she asked what that was 
and I told her that it is what makes babies when 
injected into a woman's pussy. She thought about it for 
a second and asked how such a large thing could be put 
into her little pussy. 

I told her that she was to young yet, but that in the 
near future, her body would change, and then it will 
allow a man's cock to slide into her. I also told her 
that she should be asking these questions of her mother, 
and not her grandfather. 

Her answer was, “She always tells me to talk to you when 
I want to know something about my or my brothers 

“I will talk to her and see what she says about it, when 
we take you home.” 

“Okay,” she answered.

It was about 8pm when I finally got Janice home. It was 
the same house that Elsie and Clint had lived in before 
the separation, which surprised me. I asked about how it 
came about, and was told, “When we have our talk 
tomorrow, you will know everything, but not tonight. The 
kids will be spending a couple of days with my mother, 
and we will be able to talk without interruption.”

I had a good night's sleep. I did not have to worry 
about Janice, with her mom and dad there. It was not 
that I did not appreciate her, but one not yet fully 
into puberty, could get me in a lot of trouble, 
especially since she was my granddaughter.

After a good night's sleep, I felt better. Elsie's mom 
picked the kids up and took them for the day. Once they 
were gone, Clint and Elsie were ready to talk to me.

Clint said, “Most of this I think you know, but at the 
time, I did not know that you knew, and therefore did 
not say anything, because Mom told me that you would be 
quite upset if you knew. I loved mom very much and tried 
not to say anything that would upset her. 

"Not that I don't love you the same way, but you never 
put pressure on me to keep something secret. Anyway this 
whole mess started on my 14th birthday. If you remember, 
you were working evenings, and it was a Saturday. We had 
my party at lunch time, before you went to work.

“About dark, mom put on some music, and started dancing. 
I was a little upset, as she had turned off my movie, 
but as she danced, she started stripping. By the time 
the song was over, she was nude in front of me for the 
first time, but not for the last time. She said, that I 
should never tell you that she was teaching me, as she 
would be using the hands on, and demonstration method, 
which you would never approve. 

"Once I had confirmed that I would not tell you, she 
said that if you ever said anything about sex to me, I 
was to play dumb and let you 'teach' me. Again after I 
had greed, she said that this lesson was dancing, and 
that she would be nude, so that I could see her bodies 
reaction to the dancing.

“I could feel her nipples getting hard as we danced, and 
she seemed to get short of breath. She then started 
kissing me on the mouth and then showed me how to 
french-kiss. Now her breathing was getting very rapid, 
and she said that it was enough for tonight.

He continued, “A couple of days later, I came home from 
school and she was laid out on the couch. She told me to 
take off my school clothing and come to her with nothing 
on. This day, she had me sit in your chair, and she got 
between my legs and gave me a blow job, my first. She 
said that I should hold off as long as I could, but when 
I did cum, I was to unload it all in her mouth. That 
amazed me that she would swallow my cum, but she said it 
was quite tasty.

“The next thing she taught me,” he said, “Was to make 
her cum, by just playing with her nipples and clit. I 
complained that she was getting all the enjoyment out of 
this, and she said that by learning how to pleasure her, 
it would make what I wanted, much better, and that we 
would get to it in due time. She was always stressing 
that I should never tell you about it, saying that you 
would not approve. But from the conversation you had 
with Elsie, I understand that she was lying to me, so 
that she could control me.

“Once we finally got to me fucking her, she seemed to be 
happier that I had seen her in a while. I guess I was 
doing a good job. But again she stressed that no one 
especially dad was to know what was going on between 
us.” He paused for a short time, then continued. “When I 
was 15, mom confided in me that I had gotten her 
pregnant. I asked what dad would say, and she said that 
he will never find out, that she had a plan to take care 
of that problem. I asked her what about me, it is my kid 
also? She said that I was too young to worry about a 
kid, and to leave it to her. A couple of weeks later, 
you took her for a 'routine cleaning', which was really 
an abortion. I was shook up, but she assured me that you 
did not know it was anything but a routine thing women 
went through now and then.” 

I interjected at this point, “I knew at the time it was 
an abortion, but did not say anything, I was just 
wondering who the father had been. I knew she was 
fucking someone, but did not know who.”

Clint then said, “Shortly after that, you went back on 
to second shift, and your friend Ken stopped by one 
evening to see you, and when he found that you were at 
work, mom sent me to my room, and I heard her say, 'now 
we can do what you asked me about a few weeks ago.' I 
then heard the sliding door to your room close. 

"For the next month, once a week Ken would stop by and 
they would disappear into your room. Then I heard mom 
tell you that she needed to go in for another 'cleaning' 
session. I guess that Ken got her pregnant as well. 
After that he only came around when he knew you were 
home. Not long after that, mom took a night and went 
'out with the girls' and again a few weeks later, you 
again had to take her for 'cleaning' session. I don't 
know who the father was this time, but as you know, she 
opted to have her tubes tied at the same time, thus she 
would not have to worry about getting pregnant again.

“All this time, she was still fucking me at least once a 
week, and did until I moved out of the house. She never 
forgave me for doing that, but I needed some space, and 
wanted a place where I could bring a girlfriend home 
without problems. I noted that you never said anything 
for or against the idea, so I assumed that you 

At this point, I interjected, “I had no problem with you 
moving out. You were about the same age that I was when 
I got my own place. For a while your mom started letting 
me fuck her again, because she was lonesome, I think.”

Clint said, “When I went to mom and told her that Elsie 
and I were going to get married, she had a fit. She 
brought up all kinds of objections, none of which were 

Elsie then said, “Once when we were alone, she told me 
that it would never last, and that he would leave me 
high and dry. I answered her with, if that happens, it 
will be because of you.”

He continued, “As you know mom was almost civil to Elsie 
after we were married, and when Bill was born, she 
fawned over him when you were around, but if you were 
not there, she would hardly look at him. When we found 
out that Elsie was pregnant with Janice, I started 
looking for a better job, and found it here. 

"We bought the house before we moved. Just before we 
moved, mom came to us and gave her ultimatum, either we 
split up, or she was going to charge me with rape, and 
incest. We put our heads together, and told her that 
after we moved, and the baby was born, we would split 
up. We got a copy of a friends legal separation papers 
(which was on onion skin paper), figured out what we had 
to change to make it look real, then typed a new one, 
with an onion skin carbon copy. 

"We had our friend sign it and it looked very real. That 
is what you and mom saw. We then got separate places and 
lived as single people so that mom would never find out. 
As we got together several times a year, we devised a 
plan that if you were to pass on, we would just move 
back together and let her try to do what she said. 
However, if she went first, we would first of all let 
Elsie get pregnant by you, to make up for me getting mom 
pregnant. Then we would move back together as a family 

“So what you are telling me is that the past 11 years 
have been a lie, because of your mom? If you had called 
her bluff, she would have backed down in an instant, 
because she knew I would never let her pull that off,” I 

Elsie said, “Yes you would have helped us, but we did 
not know that you knew Clint was fucking his mom, and 
she had us convinced that she would carry through with 
her threats. I love you as much or more than my own 
father. I certainly would not have given myself to him 
to impregnate, like I did you, and I would do it again 
with you if I felt it necessary.”

I said, “Elsie, I love you like the daughter I have 
never had. I just hope that Clint understands what 
happened between us.” 

Clint said, “Dad, I was the one who talked her into it. 
And I'm happy to say that we'll all be better off now 
that everything is out in the open.”

“Not quite,” I said, “there is still the matter of your 
daughter wanting to be nude around me all the time, and 
even sleeping in my bed naked. You know I love her to 
death, but she can drive me to distraction. I might just 
forget how old she is some night. Then what'll she say, 
and how would you ever forgive me?”

Elsie said, “Blame me for that. When she asked why I let 
you sleep with me, I said, so that I could have your 
baby. She said, that she wanted to have your baby too 
and if she was to sleep nude in your bed, could she have 
your baby. I said no, you're not old enough to have a 
baby yet. She said, "Then I'll sleep with him until I am 
old enough. I can only guess that's why she's doing it. 
You know how willful she can be.”

I answered, “What do I do now?”

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