Tuesday, 5 January 2016


The morning sun streaming through the window woke Sam 
up, she had not slept all that well, she tossed and 
turned most of the night, dreaming of the workman that 
had fucked and used her the previous evening. She hoped 
it was all just a bad dream and tried to put it out of 
her mind, as she got out of bed and put on a knee length 
blue satin robe. Entering the bathroom it all came 
flooding back the moment when she entered, it hadn't 
been a dream, it had been real. 

Sam wanted to get a shower but there was no water, the 
workman had turned it off. She had tried her best to 
wipe herself down with a towel the previous evening. Her 
legs and pubic hair were still encrusted with the 
remnants of his discharge. She realised that there was 
little point in trying to clean herself up as she 
remembered the agreement she made with him the previous 
evening and his parting words. 

She nearly leapt out of her skin when the doorbell rang. 
She left the bathroom and went and opened the door and 
it was him, The workman, without uttering a word he just 
walked in and closed the door.

Looking at Sam, "Just got up?" he asked, Samantha just 

"Go, get dressed and I'll be done shortly, then we can 
conclude our business arrangement, cant we," he said 
reaching out and quickly patting Samantha on her cunt.

"Yes," Sam said, quivering slightly. Samantha knew she 
was again going to be taking a very big risk. She had 
stopped taking the pill when Chris had deployed to Iraq. 
It was wrong what she was going to do. She was going to 
have to let this old man fuck her bareback again in 
exchange for doing the repair. She knew it would be 
useless to try to get him to wear a condom, no matter 
how much she pleaded with him. It was going to have to 
be bareback or no repair. 

Samantha knew that she could get pregnant, hell she 
might even be pregnant after yesterday, but the danger 
of it also excited her. She felt her start to cunt 
moisten at the thought of being used again by him again.

She turned and left him to make the repair and went into 
her bedroom to get dressed. Remembering his parting word 
to her from last night about how he liked his sluts 
dressed. She decided on a short black skirt, black 
nylons stockings, suspender belt and a pair of black 
lace knickers cut high on the thigh and a matching bra. 
As she dressed she felt butterflies in her stomach and 
her heart was pounding. She wasn't sure whether she was 
scared or excited with what she was going to do not, but 
continued to finish dressing anyway. Looking at herself 
in the dressing table mirror, Sam tried to see what the 
workman would see, did she look slutty enough or demure 
enough for him. She paced about nervously and after 
about half an hour he called to her.

"I've finished. Where are you?"

"Here," she called back faintly, "in the bedroom."

She heard his footsteps in the hallway. Her heart was 
beating faster now.

"Where?" he inquired

"In here," she repeated.

He didn't knock but just walked in. His hands were still 
dirty from the job he had been doing. His clothes were 
covered in dirt from this job and other previous jobs.

He looked at Samantha, smiled and nodded at her as if 
giving his approval seal of approval, and said "right, 
that's my part, now it's your turn." 

"Aren't you going to wash first?" she asked, taken aback 
at his dirty state.

"Nope, I don't have time," he replied undressing. She 
could see his cock was already hard and erect, pushing 
out against his work trousers in anticipation of fucking 

"Well I'm waiting for my payment," he said in a low 
gruff voice, 

"Ok," Samantha said meekly, and started undressing in 
front of him, she took of her blouse and gently laid it 
over the back of a nearby chair. He was undressed in 
seconds. She had only just taken off her bra and she 
still had on her skirt and knickers. As she was about to 
remove her skirt, he walked towards her saying, "come on 
you slut, don't fuck about, times a wasting."

He grabbed her and spun her around, and forced her 
forward towards the bed.

"Fucking kneel on there," he said.

As she did so, she felt his hands lift her skirt and 
throw it up onto her back. this revealed her skimpy 
black lace knickers and also her black stocking clad 
legs to his gaze.

"Nice, just how what I like my whores," he said, running 
his hands over her ass, he slid one hand between her 
stocking clad thighs and onto her panty covered cunt. 
His hand cupped her pussy lips and his middle finger 
pressed against her clit. Samantha let out a small groan 
as she felt his finger nudge her clit. Samantha knew he 
would feel her damp cunt and know that he would know she 
was his for the taking.

The workman smiled, "Your cunts wet, you little slut. I 
bet you've been wanting this since last night, wanting 
this old man's cock again, eh slut?"

Samantha moaned at his words, It was true, she was 
wanting it, she didn't care if he was old enough to be 
her father all she wanted was to feel like a women 
again, a real woman. Last night had been the first time 
for six months since she had been fucked, her plastic 
toys didn't count. 

He moved his hand back over her ass and started tugging 
at her thin lace panties, she felt them being pulled 
tight against her wet mound and start to slid over her 
ass. He Suddenly pulled harder and there was a tearing 
sound as the thin material gave way under his pulling. 
As her panties were ripped of her, Sam let out a small 
cry as he tossed her torn knickers onto the bed next to 
her, his calloused hands then roughly grabbed her hips.

"Open that cunt for me bitch!" he demanded. "I wanna see 
my payment."

Samantha reached back between her legs and slipped her 
fingers between her wet cunt lips, she used her finger 
to spread them open for him, allowing him to view her 
most intimate parts. She felt like she was opening 
herself for his inspection, presenting herself for the 
fucking that she knew was to come.

Samantha shivered when she felt his breath on her open 
and displayed cunt, glancing over her shoulder she saw 
that his face was only inches from her pussy, she heard 
him say, "Looks nice and wet, just like a good little 
whore should be."

Samantha let out a barely audible groan as he said this, 
knowing that it was true, she was a whore, she had been 
one since he had fucked her yesterday afternoon.

She saw him straighten up and then felt, the head of his 
hard cock poking between her cunt lips, searching for 
its target, her hole. He moved his cock till it was just 
at the entrance to her cunt and he paused for a second 
or two.

"Does my little whore want Daddy's cock?" he said, then 
his hands were on her hips, before she could even say 
anything. He just suddenly rammed his cock hard in her, 
not caring if she was ready or even if he hurt her in 
the process, he just wanted her hot cunt.

Samantha let out a loud squeal as she felt the pain of 
his cock slamming hard into her, stretching her tight 
cunt once again to fit his cock. Almost at once her cunt 
juices began to flow even more, his body slammed hard 
into her ass with each thrust, his thick cock pounding 
her cunt. Each stroke was forcing her to rock back and 

Her cunt was wet now, really wet and every stroke of his 
cock in her produced a wet squelching sound, that filled 
her bedroom. His fingers dug hard into her flesh, 
pulling her back forcefully on his cock every time he 
thrust forward into her.

Sam knew that this was going to leave bruises on her 
hips, like he was marking his property, but she didn't 
care, she was a whore now.

"That's it bitch, fucking give it to Daddy," he snarled.

Waves of excitement flooded through her, this wasn't 
love, this was pure unadulterated fucking. Her hair 
thrashed around as her body was rocked back and forth. 
He reached round and grasped her pert tits tightly. His 
fingers pinching down on her nipples causing her to let 
out moan.

"Fucking like that do you?" he said. "You're a dirty 
little bitch aren't you? I'm taking your cunt. I'm 
fucking having you. I've made you into my fucking 
whore... What are you?" he demanded.

She tried to reply but found it difficult with her whole 
body rocking and between her snatches of breath.

"What are you?" he asked again, this time pinching her 
nipples really hard, till they were nearly flat between 
his fingers.

"Your... your..." she stuttered, "Your f-fucking 

Saying the words only seemed to excite her even more. 
She felt beautiful yet somehow dirty at the same time. 
She felt a slut yet a beautiful woman. Waves of 
electricity flowed through her. She felt as though her 
brain was ready to explode from all the stimulation is 
was receiving from her body. Her cunt lips glowed. Her 
nipples were hard and erect from the abuse they were 

Samantha knew she was very close to cumming, and yelled 
at him, "That's it you bastard, fuck me harder! Give it 
to me!"

After two or three more thrusts she could control it no 
more. She screamed loudly and stiffened. Loudly enough 
for anyone outside her window could hear, as she 
orgasmed he still her pounded into her cunt, not letting 
up on her for even a second. Samantha couldn't believe 
what was happening to her as One, then a second and 
finally a third orgasm hit her like a tidal wave.

Subconsciously she reached between her legs and cupped 
his large plumb sized balls, she started massage and 
squeezed them trying to make them give up their gift.

"Fucking hell bitch!" he yelled out, at the unexpected 
stimulus Samantha was giving him, It sent him off on his 
own powerful orgasm. His fingers gripped her even 
tighter sinking deeper into the flesh of her tits. She 
could feel them like needles poked into them. He 
suddenly pulled her hard backwards, jamming his cock 
right up to the very top of her cunt, and went rigid. 

She could feel his cock kicking like a mule inside of 
her and she knew he was unloading his seed into her, she 
counted at least four very strong pulses from his cock. 
His seed was again being deposited right at the entrance 
to her unprotected womb. 

Samantha could feel the heat of his seed as it spurted 
into her only this time it felt different, deeper 
somehow, as if it was being placed just below her belly 
button. She knew he wasn't going to stop until he put 
every last drop he could in her, but she didn't care at 
that moment, she felt wonderful, sexy and very, very 

"That's it you whore, drain my balls, milk my cock," he 

Samantha continued to massage his balls as she slowly 
pushed herself back onto him several times milking his 
cock of the final drops of seed, before holding herself 
tight to him and onto his cock and leaving it fully 
embedded in her quivering body.

After a minute or two, the workman pushed Samantha 
forward and his now semi deflated cock slipped out of 
her well used full cunt. He stepped away from her 
breathing heavily after the hard fast fucking he had 
given her.

Samantha was shattered after the fucking she had just 
received from this old man, she didn't have the strength 
to stand so she just flopped over and lay sprawled on 
the bed, her stocking encased legs spread wide showing 
her cum filled cunt to the workman. Unconsciously 
showing him his conquest of her and wanting more. 
Samantha, moved one of her hands down and started 
caressing her cunt, slowly rubbing his cum, over her 
cunt lips and clit.

"What now?" she whispered in a low husky voice.

Turning round to her, "What do you mean? what now?" he 

"Where do we go from here, will I see you again?" she 

"Go? We go nowhere lady," was his reply, "I've done the 
job you wanted done and you've given me what was owed."

Samantha became angry at this and snapped at him, 
"Didn't fucking me mean anything to you? You came in me. 
I told you it wasn't safe?"

He looked down at her and calmly said, "No, not really. 
You sluts never learn, I don't care if it's safe or not, 
that's your problem, not mine." with that he continued 
to finish dressing.

Samantha, shouted at him, "Get out! Get out of my house 
you fucking bastard."

The workman laughed at her, turned and walked out of her 

Samantha heard the front door close as she lay on the 
bed. Now she really DID feel used. Now she felt like a 
whore. Not his whore but any whore. Like any common or 
garden slut, as she started to weep.

"Bastard!" she thought, even though she cursed him, she 
knew that she had agreed to his terms.

Samantha stripped off and went into the bathroom to get 
showered, she wanted to wash his odor off herself and to 
try to get rid of his cum that was leaking out of her 

After a good 10 minutes or so of intensive showering, 
she stepped out and looked at herself in the mirror. She 
could see that her tits were starting to display finger 
marks, bruises were starting to form where the old 
workman had squeezed them hard. 

She moved her hands over her tits but they were still 
very tender from his mauling of them, she then slid them 
down over her stomach, pausing for a few seconds, her 
subconscious mind was telling her that she could very 
well be pregnant with his bastard child. 

Moving further down she could see how much her cunt lips 
had distended from the hard fucking earlier, and more 
bruises on her hips. Samantha realized that he didn't 
even know her name, he had never asked her what her name 
was or that she had even given it to him, but she had 
given her body. Deep down she knew that she was just an 
object to him, a means to an end, a quick fuck and she 
started to cry. 

For the rest of the day she felt angry and used. Angry 
and used and yet her orgasms had been more intense than 
any she had ever known. Never before had she climaxed 
three times in a row when having sex. She was sure that 
had he been in her longer, fucked her longer she would 
have climaxed even more. Was it because he was old, or 
that she had been used as an object but whatever the 
reason, Samantha had never had sex like that before in 
her entire life.

That night lying in her bed she couldn't sleep, she was 
thinking about the other women he must have taken in the 
same way. Others who he had used, and maybe gotten 
pregnant. How many other, 20, 30 or more, she had no way 
of knowing, all she did know that she was now one of 

"Bastard!" she thought again.

Then her mind turned to the woman over the road. So many 
times his vehicle was parked outside. So many times he 
had done repairs to her place. How many times had he 
fucked her? was it every time he did a repair for her. 
Yet she still seemed to find more work for him. More 
reasons to open her legs for him, to let him fuck her.

"Bitch!" she thought.

With all these thoughts going round and round in her 
head, Samantha soon fell asleep, dreaming of him, her 
cunt still slowly leaking the deeply bedded cum in her 

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