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Eighteen year old James Morgan was sitting across the 
desk from an attractive middle aged lady who was 
explaining to him that there was no accommodation in the 
Halls of Residence at the University of the Arts in 
South London.

James had been delayed on his return to England after 
holidaying with his parents by striking French farmers 
and fisherman who had blockaded both the Channel Tunnel 
and the ports until their demands were met.

Mrs. Heather Talbot was explaining that this year saw an 
above average intake to the university. James was trying 
to concentrate on what she was saying but it was 
difficult as his eyes kept wandering over to her 
exceedingly large breasts. This didn't go unnoticed by 
Heather either.

She thought she would have some fun with the young man 
so she stood up and moved behind her seat to bend down 
to pick a file from the bottom drawer of her filing 
cabinet. She knew James would see her bottom clad in her 
tight grey pencil skirt and the seams running up her 
grey silk stockings. She was sure she heard James inhale 

Heather Talbot was a forty seven year old divorcee and 
had worked at the university ever since she and her 
husband had divorced nearly ten years ago.

She was attractive woman with dark hair, today tied up 
in a bun, and dark eyes. Her large breasts pushed up 
against the white silk blouse she was wearing. The 
glasses perched on the edge of her nose gave her just 
the look she wanted.

'I'm sorry James,' she said as she sat back down. 'I'm 
afraid there just isn't anything available.'

'Oh no,' James replied. 'What am I going to do?' 

Heather had an idea but she wanted to be sure he was the 
type of person that would be suitable for what she had 
in mind.

She wheeled her chair over to another set of draws and 
reached in for a slip of paper. Instead of going back to 
her desk she stopped beside it so James could see her.

'Well there is one possibility,' she said crossing her 
legs. She loved the sound her stockings made as they 
rasped together. 

Heather looked over at James and was pleased to see his 
attention had been drawn to her long legs and her shiny 
dark grey high heels. She was also pleased to see James 
was trying hard to hide his erection.

'Ye..yes what is it,' James stammered when he realised 
what she had said.

'There's a lady who has taken students in previously, 
she may let you board with her. She is a widow and only 
allows one person stay with her.'

James thought that it sounded promising.

'She does have certain rules I'm afraid,' said Heather. 
'And if you break them she will punish you.'

She could see James squirming in his chair and she was 
sure his erection got harder.

'Would you like me to contact her?' she asked.

'Pl..please,' answered James.

Heather looked at the number and dialed even though she 
knew it off by heart.

'Mrs. Aston? It's Heather Talbot here from the 
Accommodation Administrator at The University of the 
Arts. Yes. Hello. I have a young man here who has just 
arrived and I'm afraid he's missed all the rooms on 
site. He's new to London and doesn't really know where 
to look. I was wondering if you could see yourself 
allowing him to board with you? Yes, same terms as 
before. Yes he's a quiet young man. I'm sure you won't 
regret it. Thank you so much.'

She put the phone down. 

'You're lucky, she's agreed to meet you. Be polite and 
I'm sure she'll let you stay. Here is her address. Her 
name is Penelope Aston. She said to go round right now 
as she's going out soon. It's only in Wandsworth so you 
should be there in fifteen minutes.

James thanked Mrs. Talbot and twenty minutes later was 
ringing the bell of a large imposing three storey 

The door opened and a statuesque lady with short grey 
hair stood looking down on him. James thought she looked 
formidable. A handsome woman, not pretty but still 
attractive. He guessed she would be in her mid fifties, 
five feet ten inches tall, slim but with large breasts. 
She was wearing a red satin blouse tucked into tight 
black trousers which in turn where tucked into brown 
leather boots that came up to her knees.

'You must be James,' she said. 'Please do come in.' 
Penelope turned and walked back into the house giving 
him a view of her well padded bottom in her tight 
trousers. He hoped he wasn't going to embarrass himself 
in front of her and get another hard on.

They sat down in the parlour and chatted. Penelope 
telling him that she had been a widow for over fifteen 
years but her husband had left her extremely well off 
and she only took in boarders for company. He told her 
about his life in the north of England and how he was 
looking forward to starting his media course at the 

Penelope warmed to the young man. 'Did Mrs. Talbot 
mention the rules that I like to impose?'

'N..not really. She just said you had some.' he replied.

'They are very simple. Keep your room clean and tidy, no 
excessive noise, no drunkenness and no females in your 
room overnight.' 

'That sounds fine,' said James.

'Oh and one more thing,' said Penelope. 'If you break 
any of my rules I will punish you. I will put you over 
my knee and spank your bare bottom.' She paused to give 
time for James to realise what she had said and could 
see him blushing.

'Do you still want to live here?'

'Ye..Yes please,' James almost whispered.

'Good,' said Penelope standing up and going over to a 
cupboard. 'Here's your keys. One is for the front door 
and one is for your room. You'd better follow me 
upstairs. I'm sure it will be to your satisfaction. I've 
never had anyone complain. Yet!'

James followed her upstairs and marvelled at her rear. 
He was imaging being put over her knees and getting a 
spanking when they arrived at his room. James couldn't 
believe his luck. Unlike the rest of the house the room 
was modernly decorated with a big brass double bed and a 
flat screen television that was connected to a computer.

Penelope pointed it out. 'This should help you with your 
studies so no surfing the web for porn. If I find any 
stains on your sheets you won't be able to sit down for 
a week.'

James blushed even harder.

'Where are your bags?' she asked. 'They're in a luggage 
store at Euston Station.' he answered.

'Right if you go and get them I'll just pop out but I 
shouldn't be long so I will help you settle in and show 
you where things are.'

After James had left Penelope called Heather. 'Hello 
Sis, I think you're right, he does have submissive 
tendencies. Leave him with me for a few weeks until I 
get him where we want him then you can join in the fun. 
Ok. Bye.'

James settled into Penelope Aston's home quickly and was 
enjoying living there. He was enjoying more of the fact 
that he saw Mrs. Aston in her tight skirts and blouses. 
He had a hard on almost permanently.

Penelope was being patient, she knew he would slip up 
and slip up he did.

It was at the end of Freshers Week when the new students 
hold parties to get to know each other. Penelope heard 
the front door bang and looked at the clock beside her 
bed, three in the morning. She then heard James stomp up 
stairs and go into his room. Two minutes later she heard 
is door fly open and then the bathroom door slam open 
before she heard James retching into the toilet. Ten 
minutes later he quietly climbed into bed and passed 

The next morning James made his way downstairs and 
walked into the kitchen to make himself a drink. 
Penelope stared at him. 'I think we need to talk!,' she 
said. James murmured in agreement.

'After you've drank that go and have a shower and meet 
me in the sitting room. I need to change.'

Twenty minutes later a nervous James walked into the 
sitting room to find Mrs. Aston dressed in a tight 
leather shirt and wearing a cream silk blouse.

'Stand in front of me young man. That's it. Now, before 
you moved in we discussed the rules of the house didn't 

James nodded silently.

'And if you remember I said that if you broke my rules 
then I would punish you.'

Again James nodded silently.

'In the early hours of this morning not only did you 
wake me up with your excessive noise, you threw up in 
the toilet due to heavy drinking, isn't that correct?'

James looked up at her and said, 'yes, I'm very sorry.'

'Sorry isn't good enough. I said I would punish you and 
punish you I will. You young man are going to get a good 
spanking on your bare bottom..'

Penelope beckoned him forward and started to undo his 

'Nooo, please don't,' he begged. He'd never been spanked 
before and to be spanked by a sexy mature woman filled 
him with both excitement and dread.

She slipped his jeans down his legs and he was told to 
step out of them. Penelope could see the start of an 
erection through his boxer shorts. She smiled to 
herself. When she took hold of his underpants and 
started to slide them slowly over his hips he closed his 
eyes and moaned 'Oh God!'

James automatically went to place his hands over his 
groin but a sharp rebuke by Mrs. Aston made him drop 
them to his sides. He was standing in front of his 
mature landlady in only a t-shirt that left nothing to 
the imagination.

'Right now, get over my knees,' she ordered. James 
lowered himself down and gasped as the cold shiny 
leather came in contact with his cock and balls. Lying 
there half naked while a mature lady stroked his bottom 
prior to a hand spanking James had never felt so turned 
on. Penelope could feel his now hard cock through her 

'This is no good. Stand up,' she ordered. James 
reluctantly rose to his feet well aware she would see 
his erection.

Penelope shifted around on the sofa and pulled her 
leather skirt up to her waist before sitting down. James 
groaned as he saw the tops of her black stockings held 
up by suspender clasps. 

'Right, let's try again shall we?'

This time when James placed himself over her lap she 
opened her legs so his hard cock slipped between her 
stockinged-thighs. Suddenly she closed them trapping his 
cock in nylon. 

'Ow!' shouted James as the first blow landed on his bare 

'Ow! Ow! Ow!' he shrieked as the spanking continued 
getting harder with each slap. It wasn't only the spanks 
that were getting harder, his cock was too as it rubbed 
between her thighs. He was almost fucking her thighs 
when the spanking stopped.

'Stand up,' she said. James did and he automatically 
started to rub his bottom leaving his cock bouncing in 
front of Penelope's eyes. She thought it was a lovely 
tool. Nice and thick and about seven and a half inches 
long. She also liked it was uncut. Mrs. Aston sat up and 
straightened her skirt then took hold of his cock and 
pulled him so he was standing at her side without 
letting go.

'I think you enjoyed your spanking a bit too much young 
man,' she said as she gently stroked his hard cock with 
her closed hand. James was in heaven as she told him 
what a naughty boy he was. She peeled back his foreskin 
and started to rub the crown of his cock with her thumb. 

'Oh God, I-I'm going to...' he whimpered as he started 
to cum. Penelope aimed his cock at her skirt as rope 
after rope spewed from its end. After the last drops 
were squeezed out she told him to fetch a damp cloth 
from the kitchen. James wobbled off to do as he was bid.

'Now you know why I wear this skirt when I spank naughty 
boys,' she said as she wiped away James cum. 'I rather 
think I'll be wearing it quite a lot with you staying 
with me.'

It took a couple of weeks until she had to wear it 
again. One morning she could hear James rushing about 
upstairs then he sprinted down the stairs and out of the 
door. She assumed he was late for lectures.

Penelope wandered upstairs to his room and using a spare 
set of keys let herself in. She was aghast at the state 
it was in, clothes were strewn on the floor, empty crisp 
packets and cans everywhere but it was the scrunched up 
tissues that drew her attention the most. She picked one 
up and sniffed it. It had an odour that she knew too 
well. James had been wanking and hadn't had time to 
destroy the evidence. 

That night when James got back from university Penelope 
called him into the sitting room. James heart sank when 
he saw she was wearing her black shiny leather skirt. 
'Go upstairs and shower then come back here. I want you 
to wear the robe that is hanging on the bathroom door,' 
she said.

Fifteen minutes later James walked back into the room, 
his mind all a whirl.

He was scared yet excited at the same time. Penelope was 
sitting in an armchair and indicated that James take the 
other. She crossed her legs and James felt a rush to his 

She went on to explain what she had found and explained 
the rules to him once more.

'So I want you to take off the robe and kneel on all 
fours on the sofa.' 

James noticed there was a towel placed over the seat of 
the sofa. He quickly stripped off his robe and did as he 
was told. 

Penelope walked over to him and began to caress his 
bottom with her right hand and took hold of his cock in 
her left. 'You've been a very naughty, dirty boy,' she 
said as he began to get even more aroused. When he was 
rock hard she reached behind her to take a wooden paddle 
that was on the coffee table.

'Oh please. Not that. Ouch!' James yelled as the brush 
landed on his bare buttocks.

'You won't learn will you,' Penelope taunted as she 
landed another blow. She was still holding on to his 
cock that pistoned in and out of her fist as she spanked 

After six hard spanks James bottom was bright red and 

'Don't move,' she said, as she went over to a cupboard 
and took out some soothing gel. She rubbed some on her 
hands and poured some over his bottom letting it drip 
between the crack of his arse. James shuddered as the 
cold gel dripped down onto his balls.

Penelope took hold of his cock again with her slimy left 
hand and slowly peeled his foreskin back as she rubbed 
her hand very slowly up and down its length. With her 
right hand she gently rubbed over his hot and throbbing 

'This will make you feel better,' she said as she slowly 
wanked him. James could only moan in pleasure.

She let her middle finger of her right hand slide 
between the cheeks of his bottom and rub over his little 
bum hole. 'Oh God,' moaned James. So she did it again. 
He was practically fucking her left hand but any time 
she thought he was getting too excited she released her 
grip slightly.

'Oh please,' he begged as he neared orgasm only for her 
to deny him what he  needed.

She kept teasing his hole and he kept pushing his bottom 
back onto her finger.

'Please Mrs. Aston, please... I need to cum.'

'Do you?' she replied speeding up her left hand. 'Oh yes 
please, don't tease me,' he begged.

'Well, cum then!' she said, as she slid her finger deep 
into his arse. James yelped and shot rope after rope of 
cum onto the towel beneath him.

'Be a good boy and put the that towel in the washing 
machine will you. Oh, and tidy your room,'

Over the next few weeks James became infatuated by 
Penelope. She knew this and was always asking him to do 
little things for her which he duly obliged.

One Saturday after she had returned from shopping she 
slumped down on the sofa opposite to where James was 
sitting reading the newspaper.

'Be a darling and massage my feet for me will you please 
James?' she asked. James jumped out of his chair and 
slipped off Penelope's high heels and began rubbing the 
soles of her feet.

'Oh that is so delicious, thank you darling,' she said 
as she lent back and stretched her legs out and widened 
them. James worked hard at massaging her feet and moved 
up to her ankles.

'Oh yes, so good,' she exclaimed. Opening her legs a 
little more she said, 'higher,' James was now massaging 
her calves and he realised he could see right up her 
skirt to the top of her stockings and beyond. Penelope 
pretended to have her eyes closed reveling in the 
pleasure but she could see he was looking up her skirt 
and that he could probably see her tight white shiny 
silk panties. 

'James, are looking up my skirt?'

'Err, Mrs. Aston,' James stammered.

'I think you were. Stand up!'

James stood up and couldn't hide the tell tale bulge in 
his jeans.

'You naughty boy. Off with your trousers.' she ordered.

James stripped to his boxers and stood waiting to be 
told what to do now.

'Go and fetch a tea towel from the kitchen, I can't be 
bothered to get changed.'

When James got back Mrs. Aston had taken off her skirt 
and was standing in her high heels, tan coloured 
stockings held up by a beige coloured silk girdle. He 
almost fainted but soon found himself over his 
landlady's lap where he received a dozen hard spanks on 
his bare bottom.

Staring at Penelope's legs and girdle his subsequent 
masturbation didn't last long at all. When she opened 
her legs and he saw her tight white silk panties that 
were snug on her pussy and where he could see the 
outline of her lips he was soon groaning as his spunk 
soaked the tea towel she was holding.

The following week Penelope met her sister Heather 
Talbot for Sunday lunch.

'So how's our little friend these days? Have you worked 
you're magic on him yet?' asked Heather. Penelope 
laughed and said that he was following her around like a 
little puppy dog since his last spanking.

'He's infatuated, do you think I should move on to phase 
two?' asked Penelope. 'If you think he's ready,' said 
Heather. 'The sooner you do the sooner I can play with 

'Okay, I'll do it on Wednesday. He comes back a little 
earlier from Uni on that day,' replied Penelope.

Penelope decided to dress as provocatively as possible 
that Wednesday.

She wore a black quarter cup satin bra that pushed her 
large breasts up with a matching thong. She dressed in a 
tight black satin pencil skirt with a black see through 
blouse. Almost black silk stockings held up by a wide 
black silk suspender belt and ridiculously high black 
heels. After a squirt of heady perfume she was ready for 

She was standing in the hallway waiting for him as soon 
as he walked in the front door. She smiled as James 
gasped upon seeing what she was wearing.

'It seems you approve of my attire. Take your stuff 
upstairs and come back down and meet me in the sitting 

A nervous James gingerly walked into the sitting room to 
find Penelope sitting on the sofa. 'Come here James, 
come and sit beside me,' she beckoned.

James sat next to her and she moved closer to him so 
their thighs were touching.

'You like older women, don't you James?' she said as she 
placed a hand on his thigh. 'Y-yes,' answered James.

'You like older dominant women, don't you James?' she 
said moving her hand towards his crotch. James could 
only nod.

Placing her hand directly onto his erection she gave it 
a squeeze and James moaned. 'Oh I think you really like 
older dominant women you naughty boy.' she said as she 
unzipped his jeans and took out his hard throbbing cock.

'Can you imagine if I was to dominate you all the time 
instead of only when you were naughty,' she said, as she 
stroked his cock up and down. James was looking at her 
large creamy breasts falling out over her bra as she 
said this.

Oh God, w-what do you mean?' he moaned.

Penelope leaned towards him and whispered in his ear 
seductively 'Well I would make you suck on my extremely 
large nipples, kiss my breasts and force you to do other 
things that I enjoy,' she replied still stroking him.

'I would force your face between my thighs and order you 
to pleasure me if I were to be your mistress.' James by 
now was practically hyperventilating.

'Do you think you could do that James?' James was a 
whisker away from cumming.

'Maybe I would tie you to my bed naked and... rape you!  
As she said that she gently bit his ear. James cock 

When James had calmed down she told him to put his cum 
soaked t-shirt in the washing machine and follow her. 
She led him up to her bedroom.

'Take off the rest of your clothes, that's a good boy!' 
James did as he was told. Penelope stood looking at his 
naked body.

'You want this don't you?' she said. James nodded.

'Good,' she said as she unzipped her skirt and let it 
fall to the floor. James groaned inwardly at the sight 
of her underwear. Next she slowly undid the buttons of 
her blouse and let it drop beside her satin skirt. James 
marvelled at her large breasts in the satin bra. She 
teasingly slipped that off to let her breasts hang free, 
her large nipples erect.

'Come here boy,' she ordered. 'Kneel.'

Penelope pulled James head between her thighs and 
ordered him to smell her sex. 'Take down my panties,' 
she asked. James peeled them over her thighs and down 
her long legs. She sat on the edge of the bed with her 
legs open.

'Come on then, you know what to do!'

James nervously moved towards her sex. 'Lick it boy!' 
she said.

James began to lick the older woman's pussy while she 
gave orders to where and how hard she wanted his tongue. 
Soon he was licking her to her satisfaction and when he 
found her clitoris it sent her over the edge and she 
came all over his face. 

When she recovered she walked into her en suite bathroom 
and returned with a little blue pill and a glass of 
water. 'Take this James, it's going to be a long night.'

Soon James was on his back with his dominant landlady 
riding his hard young cock. Penelope had numerous 
orgasms especially when she laid back and made James 
fuck her, Finally after taking her from behind they both 
came in unison and collapsed on the bed. James crawled 
exhausted to his own room and immediately fell into a 
deep sleep.

The next few days were relatively quiet for James as 
Penelope only made him service her once. On Sunday 
morning she told him that she would need his services 
that afternoon and he was to report to her bedroom at 
two o'clock, naked!

James knocked on the door to find a fully clothed Mrs. 
Aston standing by the bed with a blue pill and a glass 
of water which James duly swallowed. He was told to lie 
on the bed where Penelope tied his wrists and ankles so 
he was unable to move. Just then the doorbell rang and 
she went down stairs to answer it. A panicky James 
wondered who it could be and hoped that Mrs. Aston would 
get rid of them soon as his cock had began to grow hard.

Suddenly he heard two sets of footsteps on the stairs. 

When the bedroom door opened Mrs. Aston walked in with a 
lady wearing a long cream coloured raincoat.

'You remember my sister don't you James?' asked 

'M..Mrs. Talbot,' gasped James.

'Hello James, you look...' said Mrs. Talbot as she 
stared at his thick hard cock. 'Good enough to eat.'

'Have fun darling. That cock should stay hard for 
another four hours. I'll see you later,' said his 
landlady as she walked out of the bedroom and closed the 
door behind her.

'Well, what am I going to do with you, young man?' said 
Heather as she loosened her coat and slipped it off. 
James gasped when he saw what she was wearing 
underneath. Mrs. Talbot was wearing a tight black silk 
corset that came up to below her naked breasts. It held 
up shiny black stockings and she was wearing black high 
heels. James noticed she wasn't wearing panties and her 
recently shaved sex was glistening with her juices.

She sat on the bed next to James and took hold of his 
hard cock.

'I knew as soon as you walked into my office that you 
were a submissive little slut. It didn't take my sister 
long to break you. Now you can't live without her 
dominating your whole existence. Well the good news 
young man is that you won't be short of mature ladies 
that will use and abuse you.'

She was slowly wanking James hard cock and she felt it 
swell as she said that.

'Now I think I need to cum all over that pretty little 
submissive face of yours,' said Mrs. Talbot as she 
climbed on the bed and straddled his face. 'My sister 
tells me you know what to do!'

Heather fucked his face hard as his tongue sought out 
her wet pussy lips and her clitoris. It didn't take long 
for her to moan and groan as her orgasm built when 
suddenly she came with her juices squirting all over his 

'Good boy. That was very nice. Now let me try that cock 
of yours,' she said as she slid down the bed and impaled 
herself on his erection.

As she started to ride him she said, 'You will be used 
by both me and my sister as long as you get good grades 
on your course work. However if you don't you will be 
looking for other accommodation. Is that clear?'

James groaned and nodded. He was staring at her large 
breasts as they heaved in front of his face.

'And if you are a really clever boy some of our more 
mature friends will pay you a visit and some can be 
extremely demanding.'

James laid back and thought he was in heaven as Mrs. 
Talbot kept on fucking him until she came once again. 
The thought of being used by the two mature sisters made 
James shoot deep inside her.  

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