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I'm Mike and I want to tell you about a vacation I'll 
never forget. 

Usually vacations are relaxing or entertaining or 
educational, but this one was life changing.

We are in our early forties and married just about 24 
years. I'm 6'4,250 lbs. brown hair, pretty average sized 
dick. Courtney is just over five foot with a nicely 
curvy shape. Her buns and boobs are nicely filled out 
and her crowning glory is long red hair. Full and red 
down below too.

We, my wife Courtney and I, took our kids for a week at 
the Jersey shore. Our three bedroom hotel suite was high 
above the ocean with a big balcony off our bedroom. The 
three boys had their own space so we could have our 
private fun.

The weather was beautiful and we liked to sit on the 
balcony at night and listen to the ocean and watch the 
stars. The next door balcony was pretty close, close 
enough that we visited with the older couple who 
occupied that suite when they were outside too and could 
treat each other to drinks and snacks. 

Tony and Suzy were in their early sixties. Both were 
quite trim and personable. He was 5'10' with graying 
hair and beard. His wife was about 5' with short dark 
hair and a nice set of tits. 

It was basic vacation with the kids, doing holiday stuff 
during the day and screwing after the kids were asleep. 
Then the next to last night things suddenly changed.

It was late. There was a full moon and we went out on 
the balcony in our night clothes after the kids were 
down. I was sipping beer and Courtney was working on a 
second glass of wine. She doesn't drink much so this 
might mean she was loosening up more than usual and was, 
hopefully, horny. 

When we got on the balcony, not six feet away Suzy was 
bent over the railing and Tony was up tight behind her 
in a position that could only mean one thing! They had 
robes on too but it was obvious. 

They didn't seem a bit embarrassed but did stop moving 
as they greeted us. "This moon and the ocean sound sure 
is romantic, isn't it?" 

Courtney said, "I-I... I guess so." Her eyes were 
riveted on the couple.

I said, "Can I get you a drink?" We had taken turns and 
it was theirs but I didn't know what else to say.

Tony replied, "It's our turn. Be right back." He 
nonchalantly pulled out of his wife and with an 
impressive erection pointing out of his robe, went into 
their suite, emerging in a few minutes with four drinks. 
He toasted the moonlight with his pecker pointing right 
at Courtney, took a drink then lifted Suzy's robe and 
put his dick back in her.

Courtney had only seen one other erection besides mine. 
It happened when she was thirteen with a much older 
Spanish guy. She won't talk about it any further than to 
say she gave him a few blow jobs. This exposure of an 
erect male organ rattled her cage a little bit and she 
went through the drink rather quickly, as did I.

Tony wasn't shy. He finished the screw and refilled our 
glasses. Suzy said, "Don't let us stop you from enjoying 
yourselves like we just did. It's extra fun when you are 
being watched. Come on, don't be spoil sports."

I guess the challenge, on top of more alcohol than 
usual, tempted Courtney because she paused a long moment 
before shaking her head and murmuring, "I can't do 

We finished our drinks and I said I was feeling woozy 
and was going to bed. Courtney stayed behind. What 
happened next I didn't learn the details about until 
even after we returned home. This is what I was told:

Suzy said to Courtney that she had something she wanted 
to show her and to come over. She grabbed a key and left 
me sleeping. Suzy was waiting at the door and took her 
hand to escort Courtney to their suite. 
The older woman said she had a dress that was a bit big 
for her and that maybe Courtney could wear. Please try 
it on? Courtney was wearing a two piece floral pajama 
set and didn't know what to do. She wanted to be polite 
but being so tipsy made her judgment a bit off. Suzy 
said, "Don't worry about being naked. We'll take our 
robes off too."

Suzy didn't wait for a response. She just walked up to 
Courtney who didn't resist as her pajamas were taken 
off. The other couple dropped their robes. Courtney was 
fascinated and embarrassed at the same time. She felt 
blood surge to her pussy.

The older woman helped her put on a cabaret dress with 
lots of cleavage and a very short skirt. It was very 
snug and Suzy's hands on her body were stimulating in a 
way she'd not thought of before. She put on some heels 
and twirled around. 

"Honey, what do you think of this?" Suzy said to Tony 
who took a couple of pictures. Courtney noticed his 
pecker was half filled as it swung when he moved. Her 
pussy felt even more flush and wet.

Suzy started some music and Tony began to dance with 
her. The motion and feel of his body next to hers was 
incredibly arousing and she ground her belly against the 
now erect pole between them. In the full length closet 
mirror her pale skinned body was tight against the tan 
body of a naked man. She felt wicked for the first time 
in her adult life and it was great!

Suzy stopped them, peeled off the dress, and continued 
the dancing, their tits and bushes pressed together. 
Wow, this was something!  

Courtney's recollection got all run together after this. 
Like a sexy dream. There was the feeling that she was 
just a receptacle for their lust and helpless in their 
hands. She has flashes of Tony's long cock pounding her 
in different positions. Of Suzy sitting on her face as 
she was violated. Both of them sucking and licking all 
parts of her body. Of sucking Tony when Suzy was 
tribbing her or using a black dildo. Courtney thought 
that Tony had fucked her ass, something she'd always 
been reluctant to do for me. She remembered cumming and 

During all of this I had awakened to find Courtney's 
side of the bed empty. I got up to pee and heard noises 
from the next room. Fucking noises. Bed against the wall 
noises. I went out the balcony and the neighbor's door 
was open so I could hear moans that were clearly 
Courtney's. Suzy was directing the action and I could 
make out some of what she said. I jacked off twice over 
the railing as I listened to my wife getting the shit 
fucked out of her and apparently loving it.   

I was exhausted and staggered back to bed. Sometime 
later I heard the door open and Tony carried my now 
unconscious wife to our bed and gently laid her beside 
me. She was wearing a black dress I'd never seen before.

She didn't respond to my voice so I pushed the hem of 
the dress up and she wasn't wearing panties. I could 
smell lots of sex emanating from her crotch so I moved 
closer and gently spread her legs apart. She was still 
out like a light.

In the light from the bathroom I could see wetness 
shining on her pussy lips. I put out my tongue and it 
was semen. Certainly not mine after all this time. Damn, 
I wasn't going to miss this opportunity of a lifetime! 
The whitish cream tasted a lot like mine had the few 
times she let me eat her after screwing. My rod stood 
hard quickly as I lapped at the slit where our three 
children had emerged. I licked another man's seed from 
the hole I'd been the only visitor to for all her life.

My cock demanded its turn so I spread her legs a little 
wider and slid into the wetness that Tony had left 
there. His sperm were wiggling on my dick. Damn this was 
sexy! I've got to put my sperm in there too I thought as 
I shot a small load and rolled off to sleep.

When I woke up with a terrific hangover, Courtney was 
dressed and fussing with the boys. She hollered at me to 
get ready to go to breakfast so I didn't shave or 
shower. We showered together after breakfast and she 
asked me if we'd fucked. I said, "Yes, after you came to 
bed." I gave no more details, wanting to see what she'd 

She said that she didn't remember that because last 
night was kind of a blur after we went out on the 
balcony. I noticed that the black dress was nowhere to 
be seen.

We had a touristy day with the boys then after dinner 
something different happened. I was told, not asked, to 
entertain the boys while she "visited" with the neighbor 
couple. No further explanation except they had ordered 
her to come over. I had a difficult time entertaining 
our boys when I knew that, at that very moment, their 
mother, my wife, was getting LAID. 

It was near midnight when she let herself in to the 
suite. Naked in moments, she straddled my face and 
ordered, "Taste your wife's slutty pussy. What you've 
asked for years is yours right now."

We fucked off and on for much of the night. We were both 
wild with the idea of her wantonness. I'd fucked a 
couple of "easy riders" in high school but this was her 
first foray into being a "hottie". I told her I loved 
her and how incredibly desirable she was. She, in turn, 
said that she was so happy I liked her being a real 

The next morning we checked out of the hotel. Courtney 
said she had to return something to our neighbors. It 
was the black dress. I got a text and video of her naked 
and riding Tony's cock. We boys played a lot of 
miniature golf until she could join us.

On the drive back home the kids slept in the back seat. 
My hand was taken to a pantiless crotch where it was 
dipped in a well fucked pussy and then taken to my mouth 
for a taste.

She said, "Do I taste good?"

I answered, "You always do."

She replied, "When we get home I need to be cleaned out 
and refilled. OK?"

That's what we did. All night. More fucking than our 
honeymoon so many years earlier. Her pussy was 
indescribably sexier than ever. Amazing what a few 
hundred million strange sperm will do for one.

In the morning she looked me straight in the eye and 
said solemnly, "I never understood about the sexy stuff 
you wanted me to do. I do now and it's great and I love 
you more than ever." 

She had the contact information for the older couple and 
said that Suzy wanted to get to know me better.

I actually enjoyed cleaning the cum stains off the front 
seat of the van then next day. Good memories!

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  1. This was plagiarized from my posting on Kristen's Archive last year. I am the original oathor and should be given credit.

    Tony Tiger