Friday, 15 January 2016


I was going to stay at friend Todd's house for the 
weekend but my friend was sick so his mom said we'd have 
make it some other weekend. 

When I called home it went to voice mail, so I just let 
a message that I was coming home and that Todd's mom was 
driving me. 

When I got home I used my key to open the door thinking 
mom and Rick must have gone to the movie they were 
talking about before I left. With dad out of town 
working, mom was going a little nuts from boredom. I 
mean, not nuts, but she was always hugging us and 
kissing us a lot more than normal and I even saw her 
grab Rick's ass when she didn't know I was in the room 
and when she saw looking she turned kind of pink with 
embarrassment and laugh it off. 

I knew Rick was always around mom after dad had gone out 
of town on business - he didn't even hang with his 
buddies as much, and I was starting to think he maybe a 
mommy's boy. 

Anyway, I went into the living room and turned on the 
TV, thinking my show might still on, but I had missed 
it, so I said, "Screw it, I may as well go up to my room 
and play a game on my x-box."

As I got to the second floor landing I heard a sound, it 
almost sounded like someone was hurt, then a moan... a 
female voice. I stopped died in my tracks and listen to 
see if I could hear where it was going from. 

After a few seconds I heard what sounded like mom 
saying, "Don't stop! Don't ever STOP!" and then "Where 
did you learn to eat pussy like that," and then a bunch 
more moaning. 

Being little more than shocked I wondered if dad had 
come home early and no one had told me. Then I knew 
there was no way dad could be home because I talked to 
him that morning, not more than 3 hours before and he 
was 3000 miles away on some mountain I'd ever heard of. 

Then in heard a male voice say, "Mmmm, you taste like 
candy," and that he loved having her cum in his mouth. 
It sounded like Ricky my 15 year old brother. 

I went to Ricky's bedroom door, which was open a few 
inches and got the shock of my life. There was my 
brother with his face between mom's spread legs. She had 
her hands on his head holding him there. A few seconds 
later mom yelled to the top of her lungs that she was 
cumming again. 

As I stood rooted in the hallway as Ricky rolled over 
into a sitting position and Mom eagerly knelt in from oh 
him, between his legs and moved her face down to the 
raging hard-on that was poking out between my brother's 

I could see the back of mom's head bobbing up and down 
and Ricky leaning back with his eyes closed, obviously 
enjoying himself immensely. I couldn't believe what I 
was seeing, but I did notice my own cock was hard as a 
rock watching Ricky and mom going at it the way I 
thought only a man and wife would.

After a bit I looked at the mirror off to one side and I 
could see mom had almost all of Ricky's cock in her 
mouth and seemed to be loving it. I couldn't move, I 
knew I should make my presence known, but then Ricky 
pulled mom's mouth off his prick and said that he wanted 
to be inside of her. 

Mom just rolled on to her back and spread her legs wide 
saying, "I'm all yours baby, as long as you put that 
condom on. I don't want to get knocked up. That would be 
a little hard to explain to your dad since he had a 

That's when Ricky reached into his night stand and 
pulled out what I guessed must be a condom in a foil 
packet. I watched as he held the tip of the condom like 
they showed us in heath class at school.

Then Ricky eagerly moved between mom's spread legs and 
lined up his cock with her pussy the pushed himself all 
the way in. 

Mom just groaned and started bucking her hips yelling" 
"Fuck me stud! Fuck your mother the way a good son 
should do!"

Ricky screwed mom for long time until he started moaning 
things like, "Don't you wish I was fucking you bareback 
mom so we could have our own kids? Don't you wish I 
could be shooting my babymakers into your womb so we 
could make a family of our own?"

I was surprised when mom seemed really into the things 
he saying, and she was moaning back things like, "Maybe 
next time you can fuck me bareback and fill my pussy 
with all your little babymakers baby."

Sometime later heard Ricky breathlessly say that was 
about to cum and that he was going to fill her womb with 
his babymakers. That seemed to sent mom off and her body 
jerked violent underneath Ricky's humping one. It almost 
looked like mom passed out for a bit. 

Ricky pumped his cock into her as hard as he could than 
with moms legs over his shoulder he stopped, shoving 
himself deep into her and moaned  and groaned. Mom put 
her hands on his ass and pulled him in even deeper. 
Ricky held mom ass off the bed for a good long time. 

I could tell that they had really enjoyed what they'd 
just done and they stayed like that for maybe 5 minutes 
as I continued to look through the door. Finally mom 
started saying she needed to go to the washroom. Ricky 
let her down and pulled out of her. The way he did it he 
made sure mom would see his dick with a broken condom on 
it. Mom just looked at it open mouthed, "Oh my god what 
have we done?! Your condom! Look at your condom! It's 
broken and you've filled me with your sperm! What if I 
get pregnant, what about your father, what's he going 

Mom started to cry then and I ran in to the room because 
I just couldn't stand to see my mom cry, not ever.


What happened after that? Well mom did get knocked-up by 
Ricky that night. Dad and mom are going to court make it 
final. Mom never would tell him who the man was who'd 
done the deed. 

Now we are going to live with mom. She was stern about 
me not to telling anyone what I'd seen that day. Let's 
just say that Ricky's not the only one who is enjoying 
mom in more ways than one theses days. I told her I want 
the next baby to be mine. 

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